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I wonder how many here have seen a UFO but had no pic/proof ?

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posted on Feb, 24 2009 @ 02:05 PM
Just wanted to thank everyone for sharing their experiences. What you have experienced is valid. It's much more interesting to hear about regular folks without the back and forth bickering that so often accompanies these forums.

I've not seen a UFO, but I have friends and relatives who have. My father relayed the following account to me after I asked him to, once I learned he'd seen a UFO when he was 18. It was the summer before he was to go to college where he eventually earned his Doctor of Law degree. He didn't prepare this statement, rather fired it off amidst an exchange of emails. Here you go:

"I had a trip every Tuesday night that midnight. The truck was a small truck-loaded with lots of sausage product-but carried a big payload (about the size of a standard pickup truck but a lot wider). I’d leave here around midnight and if making good time I’d stop at a truck stop for breakfast and....unload my truck and then “back track” on my way back to...deliver to any stores he was “short” on product.

That night was a very clear and warm night. I had the radio on but don’t recall the station. It was probably at least around 3:00 a.m. or later. Nothing remarkable but at some time the radio was acting strange. Would seem to have lots of static; then nothing; then clear as a bell. That probably happened for about 5 minutes or so and as I was looking around I noticed something out the right side window.

As I said, it was not something you could clearly see, but it was like a saucer with lights on the outside. I don’t want to dramatize this but I think the fact that the object didn’t streak across the sky brought its attention to me. It sort of hovered along side of me but some distance away. When you see a plane at night you see the port and starboard lights (one on the tail, one on bottom and one on top-normally red, and strobes on the wing tips). Back then I don’t know that there was any where near that kind of marking on aircraft so white lights would not have been a concern.

All I knew was that it did not look like a traditional plane nor did it act like a traditional aircraft. It was like a cigar (saucer) shaped based on the lights. Nothing on top or bottom to define height. Seemed to spin but not fast but that may just have been the motion because the movement of the lights was not fast. Hard to explain. Don’t recall any noise. Just seemed to hover while along side and then disappeared (and that may be dramatic).

Obviously I had to concentrate on the road so I don’t know what way it went but it was quick-like the lights just went off and it was gone, but then again, since I didn’t stare at it I can’t tell you how long between glances. At the time I figured we had some experimental stuff that we weren’t supposed to know about (and that may still be the truth) but it was strange. Not at all scary, but not something one expects to see. Up north with no major cities, the skies are always beautiful. I’d almost always see shooting stars and at time would just pull off the road and admire God’s creation."

posted on Feb, 24 2009 @ 02:15 PM
Years ago, I saw a black triangle travelling down rt 93 in late daylight, going real low and slow. No camera. But a lot of other people witnessed it too, and it ended up on the news.

Last night around 11pm, I was standing outside on our porch trying to see the new green comet. I couldn't spot it, but what I did see looked like a black silouette, blocking out the stars in the shape of a giant airplane wing. It wasn't moving, no sound either. I have a camera, but it can't even take pictures of the stars, let alone silouettes in the night sky. So I have no proof. If it was a ufo. I couldn't make out what it was.

posted on Feb, 24 2009 @ 02:19 PM
You guys have got some excellent stories. Quite a lot of sightings indeed.

Like you, I was also unprepared to snap pictures when I saw my first sighting. I think I had a sighting when I was 10, but I'm not sure if it was a dream...or real. It happened on my 10th birthday(the dream/reality). lol

The first sighting, that I know was indeed a reality, was on my 16th birthday(Yeah, that surprised me too).

The following sighting is on ATS, and it's under my previous username; sdrawkcab.

Place: San Fernando, Trinidad
Time: Approximatey 11:30pm
Year: 2003

I was walking with my father, heading back home, after purchasing some chinese food.

My father pointed up and asked me if I'm seeing what he's seeing. I looked up, and saw a nearly perfect ball of white light. It was shaped like a nearly perfect compact disc. Holding a compact disc in your hand, about a foot away from your face will give you a decent idea of what size it was to us. I'm guessing it was fairly large, but it seemed to be quite near, under the clouds. I really have no real guage or way of estimating exactly how near to the ground it was.

The strange thing about it was that the light did not scatter. The edges of the light were sharp and precise. Not scattering into the atmosphere. I've never seen a light behave like that. There was no sound, and what was even stranger, was the fact that it followed me for a few feet(This is why I also think it was fairly near to us). I told my father to stand still, and I ran forward a few meters and as I did this, this light followed me. I ran back down and up again, and it did the same. It never appeared stationary in the sky. It was making circles around us constantly, fairly slowly, even while following me forward and back.

The strangest part of that night was the fact that, my pops and I tried making a little scene, to get the attention of other passers by on the street. A few people passed, and absolutely no one noticed us. There has never been a point in my life, or human history, where one person(and it was 2 that night) could point in the sky, and the other people around him, won't look. Humans always look. But, that night no one payed any attention to us. It was as if we weren't even there. What's worse than that was the fact that, after 10 minutes or so, we just decided to go inside and eat; as if we saw those things on a daily basis.

Once inside, I didn't even bother to go back out and check to see if it was still there. Several hours after, only then the thought occured to me, that maybe we should have tapped someone on the shoulder to get their attention...or stay outside and see when it leaves and how. I couldn't believe I thought of all those things after the sighting. I was always interested in UFOs and alien life, but that seemed like I didn't care.


Some form of advanced, man made air craft that produces no sound and defies the physics of modern technology?

Could it be some sort of light from Earth? A light like that, over Trinidad? Highly unlikely. There was no source(no beam) and definitely no scattering. I have never seen any light, cast into the sky and produce no scattering. Even a light beam from a helicopter dissipates into the atmosphere.

When I posted this under my previous username, some folks asked if I experienced any time loss. The answer; not that I know of. But, I have heard speculation that some of these beings/craft/whatever have the ability to alter your thought patterns, which would explain the irrational behaviour many people have during some sightings.

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posted on Feb, 24 2009 @ 03:01 PM
I used to live in the jet-pattern of O'Hare outside Chicago --both taking off and landing, depending on the time of day. I was in the garage, circa-1978 and I heard a plane coming in for a landing, or at least I thought it was. When you hear planes every 90 seconds or so you get used to every type of sound imaginable very quick, especially after 16 years. Well this plane sounded like a plane, but the sound was just a tad off. Even before looking at it I could tell something was not right.

I came out of the garage and looked up and there, at the same altitude as most planes coming in for a landing was a rocket, complete with fire coming out of the back of it. But, this rocket had windows for a cockpit and made the noise of an airplane and went as slow as an airplane. I know what I saw because I blinked my eyes, rubbed my eyes before the rocket followed the exact flight pattern to O-Hare before disappearing over my neighbors house. I got a great look at it for about 7-10 seconds. Funny thing is that there was no landing gear.

Anyway, that's my UFO story. Nothing from another planet, but something unidentifiable for sure.

posted on Feb, 24 2009 @ 03:13 PM
We were outside going into a local shopping mall just before sunset and one of the kids noticed a white light shaped like an isosceles triangle just sitting there in the sky. We had no camera with us, no cell phone that took pictures.
The triangle just sat there, unmoving for about ten minutes and we stood there on the sidewalk watching it.
It might have been a sundog or something like it I suppose but actually, it started to un-nerve me a little.
The funny thing that hit me was that we were all 3 standing there, looking up into the sky for about 10 minutes and not one person looked to see what we were looking at.
It was a busy time too, with lots of people passing by.
I thought to myself " The Battlestar Galactica could just show up in the sky and these people wouldn't even see it."

posted on Feb, 24 2009 @ 03:15 PM
Hello all...This is my first post, but I am a long time lurker. I've had 2 experiences that I would like to share. The first one in my opinion is undeniable proof that something is out there. The second one was a more recent sighting, and very strange, but it might have been my eyes playing tricks on me.

My first sighting was when I was about 12-14 years old. It happened in Churchland, VA, near what is now the Chesapeake Square Mall. I was in my mothers Van with my sister and her friend. My mother was inside of a veterinarian's office. My sister, who is 9 years older then me, said look there's a UFO. I didn't believe her, and said yeah right as I looked out the window. When I looked I couldn't believe what I saw. What we seen was a silver oval shaped object, that had a glow to it, it changed colors from red, blue and green and it was silent. It was hovering, but it seemed to be ascending and then descending. I cannot estimate how far it was from us, but it wasn't far at all. We watched in awe for about 10 minutes before I finally went inside to tell my mother what we were witnessing. My mother was in the process of paying her bill and I told her what I seen. She said "Go get your a$$ back in the car!" When my mother came out, the object was still there. She was lost for words. The object continued to change colors, and ascend and descend for about another 5 minutes and then suddenly it turned bright white and shot across the sky and then came to an abrupt stop! We jumped in the car and attempted to follow it, but got lost in Portsmouth. This all took place during late afternoon, the sky was very clear. So it was a daytime sighting, not just some light in the sky. That was about 20 years ago, and if you ask my mother or my sister they will tell you the exact same story. It was an incredible experience!!!

My second sighting happened this past summer, around dusk. I was driving not too far from where my first sighting took place. I was coming to a stop light when I noticed a black object/craft shoot past my line of sight right above the tree line. That made me look up, lucky the light had just turned red lol. It was being followed/chased by a black helicopter. There are tall trees on both sides of the road so I wasn't able to follow them with my eyes. It all happened so quick, so like I said it could have been my eyes playing tricks on me, but I know for sure I seen the helicopter traveling at a fast speed at a very low altitude, like I said, it was right above the tree line.

Thanks for reading and please comment.

posted on Feb, 24 2009 @ 03:24 PM
As a teenager in the early 90s me and a couple of mates saw what we all know today as being the black triangle. Three dots on each point and a faint light in the middle. It was late at night and we were out spending the night out of the village in a tent (bonfire, drinking, the lot…as you do). It was a clear sky and we suddenly saw these 3 dots moving into one direction and looking closely you could see the outlines of what looked like a triangular craft. It passed above us without noise and flew off until we no longer saw it, it wasn’t going that fast either…..we all saw it! Everybody’s reaction was: What the hell was that?!

Well that was it really, we never mentioned it again that night (we had better things to do
), But the next day when watching TV, there were loads of reports on a triangular craft sighting in Belgium (I live in Luxembourg which borders Belgium)….so ever since that day I believe what I saw was indeed “the” famous Belgian triangle!...and thanks to the internet and all it’s videos on flying triangles, it could have only been that! cameras on us at the time though!....


posted on Feb, 24 2009 @ 03:51 PM
In the Summer of 2002 I was driving home at about 1am in rural Wisconsin. I had the top down and was enjoying a great view of the sky on a clear night. I was approaching a 90 degree bend in the road about 2-3 miles ahead when I was 1 large bright light appear what looked like about 100 ft above the treetops on the bend. As I continued to draw closer I slowed down not knowing what this was. It stayed still for 5-10 seconds and then seemed like it separated outwards in a straight line until there were a total of 7 small bright lights strung out horizontally above the tree line w/ the center light being slightly larger and brighter than the rest. They hung above the tree tops like this until i was with a 1/2 mile or so and then they appeared to slowly accelerate away for me and their intensity faded.

I was about 5 miles away from home when I saw this and immediately called my family to tell them. About 2 years before my sighting my mother and sister were driving home at about 11 pm and as they crested a hill they reported seeing 7 similar lights about 1 miles from our home. When they got home my mother called they county sheriffs office to report the sighting, they told her that they were looking into it and numerous other people around the county were calling and describing the same thing.

If anyone wants to look into this I'm not sure if there would be any records but it was in Columbia County Wisconsin near the town of Portage. I'm not exactly sure on the years that this happened.

posted on Feb, 24 2009 @ 04:17 PM
Hello, ive seen some strange things in my life.

The most unusual one i saw a summersnight in Norrköping, Sweden. I was on my way down to buy some CocaCola. My friend shouted >> Look!!!! >> and pointed to the sky; and over us a large craft smoothly glided over the 6 floor red brick building we were heading to; so close it almost scratched its hull. I didt see if it was round or triangular, i did see some red pulsating lights under it and it spined around its own angle, totaly quiet as UFO's often are. The night sky was rather dark and i could see it blocking the stars.

/Samuel of Sweden

posted on Feb, 24 2009 @ 04:26 PM
I have had a total of FOUR sightings and have replied to someones else's post on here before about it but no one seemed to care, so I will share my favorite one again here.

It was in 2006 late September, I had gone out the front door of my house to stand on the walkway leading to my froont door to have a smoke and look up at the stars like I always do, then I noticed a bright starlike object in the sky that seemed to be lower than all the rest of the stars and much brighter than all the rest...I figured it was Venus, but then looked and found Venus where it was expected to I contined to stare at this "star" for about 10-15 more seconds...then it just shot off across the entire sky to the horizon where it vanished.

Just wanted to share again...I will always remember all of my sightings...if anyone would like to read about my other sightings just let me know.

Edit to add time and place.....around 11:30pm, south Texas.

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posted on Feb, 24 2009 @ 05:19 PM
thr problem is that 90% of those who claim to have witness
UFO are only doing it to get attention from friends, neighbor
and family but they harm all ''real '' UFO witness's credibility.

let give the mic the those who really saw UFO and let them
prove UFO existence, then all news chanel will help us
do a Disclosure about UFO Sighting

posted on Feb, 24 2009 @ 05:55 PM
reply to post by We the People

Have a citation for your statistic? Remember that 98% of all statistics are made up on the spot.

As for the question in the OP, count me in. I have had my share of bizarre sightings and other experiences.

The attitude behind "Show us a picture or it didn't happen" is childish and counterproductive, mostly because it misses all the points that matter. Photos are simply evidence; never proof. They never were proof, since fake photos have been around as long as real photos, but with all the methods of manipulation available to virtually anyone these days, they are even less compelling without robust supporting evidence. Photos are actually among the least reliable types of evidence in the UFO field.

It surely is interesting to think about how many people have had genuine paranormal experiences but have never reported them to anyone. I'll bet the percentage would be shocking, if it could ever be discovered.

posted on Feb, 24 2009 @ 06:09 PM
reply to post by We the People

thr problem is that 90% of those who claim to have witness UFO are only doing it to get attention from friends, neighbor and family but they harm all ''real '' UFO witness's credibility. let give the mic the those who really saw UFO and let them prove UFO existence, then all news chanel will help us do a Disclosure about UFO Sighting

Well said, Doubt Nought Spy.

Wow. Ten pages of witness accounts without any negative feedback whatsoever and now we have our first. Congrats, "WeThePeople".

I'd say the many stories contained in this thread ARE from "real" UFO witnesses. Important stories. Stories that haven't been heard before because of the attitude you have just displayed.

Absence of proof isn't proof of absence. Let the stories continue ...

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posted on Feb, 24 2009 @ 06:43 PM
Two of my girlfriends and I were driving together late one evening during our senior year, around 10:30-ish or so. I lived way out in the sticks as you'd say and we were on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere, farmland Wisconsin. I was in the back-seat, sitting in the middle chatting with my girlfriends. We were really involved in our conversation, about whatever crap teen-aged girls gab about, and so we didn't really take much heed of the light we saw way up the road in the distance. None of us even mentioned it at first as I think they, like me, assumed it was an on-coming car. We hadn't seen any other cars on the road other than ourselves up until that point.

It was pitch-black outside and I don't remember there being any stars or moon or anything so it must have been cloudy, although it wasn't raining or anything, and it wasn't winter. The terrain we were on was very flat, very open farmland. There were small-ish, thin trees at sparse intervals along both sides of the road but other than that the land was clear. The road was totally straight, and flat like the terrain.

The light was a LONG way away at first, and we were traveling along at about 45 mph. Eventually I think we remarked that it was taking a long time for the car up ahead and us to pass each other. We did notice the light was getting incrementally brighter, however. We were still gabbing and totally not paying attention to the time, so I'm not sure how much time transpired before we thought something might be not ordinary.

The closer we got I kept waiting for the head-lights to become discernible (as in we would be able to make-out two lights) but it wasn't happening. It just kept getting brighter and brighter. Just white, bright light. Then as we got closer we saw some red in there, kind of in the middle, but it wasn't always there. Whatever it was it was directly in the middle of the road, and my mind started to try to assign identification, like going through flashcards in my head: train? no, no tracks. tractor? no, there aren't two lights and I don't think they have red. police? no, no blue and again no head-lights. If it's a vehicle, why aren't we passing each other? Why is it taking such a long time to get to it?

The driver then piped-up and asked, "Hey you guys what do you think that is?" and we started talking about it and came to the conclusion that it had to be stationary, sitting on the road, whatever it was. And we're still driving toward it and it's getting closer, and BRIGHTER and brighter, and now we're starting to get concerned.

None of us can see what is making the light. There is no structure we can see just blinding light, and the closer we get we realize the red light appears to be very small and somewhat circling the white light at the middle. Well, as we couldn't discern any structure we assumed it was circling. I guess in 2D it would look like a point of red light was streaking across the light over and over. We thought "circling" because it was always going from right-to-left or clockwise if it was going in a circle. I'm not explaining it very well, I think.

Anyway, none of us were talking for a good 5 minutes as we drove toward it and just looked. I couldn't explain what it was, and I started to get pretty nervous. I think I made a remark about this being a little too X-Files for my taste, and the driver agreed, although we didn't change course yet. The other passenger in the front seat with the driver didn't comment. We were starting to get pretty damn close and it felt like only a minute or so passed after that comment and I said, "Kris: turn around and lets get out of here this is freaking me out." She whipped it around and we hi-tailed it out of there. We talked about it all the way back to town, and it definitely made an impression on us.

The really weird thing is the next day the other passenger, riding in the front seat with the driver had no recollection of the light at all. The driver and I were totally stupefied by that. We were like, "HOW can you NOT remember that? We came all the way back to town because we didn't want to get any closer." We hadn't been drinking or doing drugs, so I have no way of explaining how she could not remember that when two of us did.

I had another sighting of, something, one time but I don't feel like typing it all out right now lol. Perhaps I'll make another post at a later time.

posted on Feb, 24 2009 @ 06:58 PM
Hello All - I posted this on a previous thread back in December.

My Mother and I had an experience when I was very young. We were living on the south-east side of Chicago. The year was 1965, (I was 7 years old), a warm summer night, we were out for a walk before bedtime as we frequently did. We were in a park at 87th and Jeffery. Mom was pointing out the big dipper to me and we noted a rotating top shaped object in the night sky.

The object came close enough that I knew it was something that did not belong in the skyscape and I could also sense that Mom was very uneasy but she did not want to frighten me. She hurried me home (we lived across the street from the park) and we told Dad about what we had seen. That was the first time I heard the term “UFO”.

Years later (in the mid 70’s) I recoginzed a picture in a UFO book I had received. The picture was purported to be an extraterrestrial UFO. The picture was taken in Chicago during the summer of 1965 (go figure). I showed the picture to Mom and she instantly exclaimed “That is what we saw that night in the park!”. (Sorry, I do not know where the book is today so I can not post a picture.)

Today, I am fortunate in that Mom is still with us (she is 80 years old). Mom and I both now live in rural areas with very little background light pollution and to this day we frequently sky watch at night. Over the course of the last forty some odd years we have seen many UFO’s (not saying they have all been extraterrestrial but some have been very difficult to explain away).

The memories and excitement of that night and my first sighting seems like it just happened yesterday but anyway - I am a believer!

posted on Feb, 24 2009 @ 08:09 PM
Wow this thread has gotten some attention. As a child the first books I really absorbed were the bigfoot, UFO, conspiracy types from the local library. I grew fond of conspiracies but years later my skeptical and logical side emerged and I started to think less of them until I had my first UFO experience.

Regardless to say I will share another UFO story. Approximately 6 years ago when I was 17 I was outside in our front yard raking a flowerbed to plant flowers in it. This was the same house I grew up in and I took a break as it was a decent sized bed. While standing there the sun was setting and all seemed ordinary. I looked up into the sky and just kind of enjoyed the sunset. Shortly after looking up I noticed something red coming toward me plummeting through the atmosphere. It was saucer shaped and was on fire or so it seemed as it was glowing like it was on fire.

The odd thing is that it was flying completely horizontal to the terrain and flew over me into the distance. It was hauling but didn't crash and was flying parallel to the ground at approximately 300 to 700 feet above the ground. It seemed to be not very high up from me but had to be as it flew over the trees and telephone poles. I was immediately thrown into a daze probably because of the sudden shock factor. It disappeared into the horizon but good god I tell you it was hauling and I really thought it was on fire and was a meteor except for the fact it did not crash.

To this day I wonder what it was and the only conclusion I come to is that it is a Unidentified Flying Object as it really was unidentified.

posted on Feb, 24 2009 @ 08:43 PM
This is a good thread. I feel like I can share my stories without the flames of lack of proof blistering my face.

Story # 3:

One night at about 8:30'ish about 9 years ago me and my family were taking a shortcut on the back roads to a town North of us about 30 miles away to go out to eat as a family. About 5 miles before the dirt road ended and we got to our destination we noticed a light on the mountain to the West. The interesting thing about this light is that it was multicolored and flashing quite erratically. I only got scared when my dad got scared. I was 14 and did not know what I was looking at.

It was saucer shaped and was not more than a mile away from us on the mountaintop. We always have people 4 wheeling at the top of our mountains and there are a lot of trails so we thought it to be something normal. It flashed red, blue, green and yellow. We thought originally that it was a campout or someone just messing around until it lifted off the mountain and floated above the top of it. It floated for about 3 to maybe 7 minutes and then it just disappeared. We were quite stricken with shock and rode in silence until the restaurant. My whole family witnessed this and to this day we wonder.....

posted on Feb, 24 2009 @ 08:44 PM
When I was young I saw what looked like an long circular object flying by very fast in the distance. I was looking out of my window at some birds who were sitting on the telephone line in front of our yard. It only lasted a second but I can remember it clearly. It was dark silver and I could tell that it wasn't a bird since it was faster than any bird I had seen.

Recently (couple of years) I saw something up in the sky a few times that would just sit stationary and looked like it rotated when I looked at it closely. Same look when I used binoculars. I can't explain but I have seen it both in the U.S and in Italy. Never saw it in Jax but up north I would see it some nights. In Palermo I would see it most of the time when there weren't many stars out and it was cloudless. I don't think it was a star since it was quite large and looked like it was relatively close.

posted on Feb, 24 2009 @ 09:00 PM
reply to post by Rek2008

Thanks Rek but I have to correct myself - the bright white light craft I saw in Melbourne were travelling south-EAST, not south-west.

A mate of mine has also seen a strange craft travelling south-east.

Another time my wife and I were driving down Centre Road (Berwick) and we saw some orange lights take off from what is now Eden Rise Shopping Centre (it was just paddocks back then - about 7 years ago). I watched them for a while after we got home but looking back I think they were some practical joke. At the time, however, I reported it to MUFON in Australia and got some crazy old bloke who sounded like the uncle from "Dukes of Hazzard". Anyway, the night following my report my wife had a strange dream where she saw (her words) "these strange babies with big heads floating outside our bedroom window trying to get in but they couldn't. Something was stopping them."

I'll leave that to you to decide what it means.

On Christmas Day just gone (2008) we were driving back from Portarlington just after sunset and turned onto Clyde road from the Freeway and I would see a craft flying from the South-east towards us. It was unusual as it didn't have the normal running lights but was just glowing. I'm an amateur plane enthusiast (and have even flown a Cessna 152 and a small 2 man chopper from Moorabin airport) so I know a little about planes (but only a little). This didn't seem like a plane and wasn't flying like one. I know that south-east of us there's Tyabb aerodrome so it could have been a plane. But... the weird thing is as it flew over our house it suddenly just vanished.

I can't explain it.

posted on Feb, 24 2009 @ 10:21 PM
I have seen something very strange (although in all probability it was probably a meteor) But it streaked across an area of the sky very quickly. It couldn't have been more than 2 seconds, but still it was pretty cool. I always wanted to see one, I have several friends who have stated they have seen closeup sightings. Still it was something that was very cool (meteor or otherwise).

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