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Questions for ReconPilot...

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posted on Dec, 9 2008 @ 11:52 AM
reply to post by reconpilot

that really hit me right where it counts man, you are so so right. there are good americans though, just the stupid ones are stupid enough to get caught doing stupid things and then they get their stupid faces in the news making all americans look stupid. stupid.

i have questioned everything i once believed in, and you are right, it doesnt matter if you pray to god for forgiveness if you arent sorry and dont learn from your mistakes, ON YOUR OWN, it counts for nothing.....point well taken.

lets get to some meaty questions.

why, if you know to stay away from the light after death, why dont you stay away from it? why keep coming back? sounds like you are fed up with " humans ", do you think there is a possibilty that enough will come around and do the right thing? or do you get a kick out of watching us fail and come to the rescue?

i just remembered something, a work buddy whom i also went to school with, his older brother who i also went to school with was one of the first to go into the war zone after 9/11, he is a heavy equipment operator, from what i have been told. he says that the things blackwater gets the blamed for they had nothing to do with most of the time....what are your thoughts on that?

these two guys i speak of are anti-arab, " they flew planes into the towers and the pentagon, those darn arabs and a blah blah...." i have told them both to their face, they may think they are helping, bu they are making things worse, they are not big brother coming to save the day. they are the terrorists over there, which goes back to me saying the fools get their mugs on t.v. and make us ALL look like fools.

these may not be the really tough questions, but it is the best i can do for now.

posted on Dec, 9 2008 @ 11:59 AM
One of the problems is however, there isn't any other place to turn. You can't just start an eco village somewhere, though you should. Multi family land zoning is very hard to pull off, and most people would just be shuffled off, herded away, and dealt with. We need to find ways locally, but in a sense the most many can do is get things ready for a change, that may not be pulled off.
I keep thinking that if enough people collectively start things by providing some backing, and a will to support each other in a show of refusal to submit to their patents on everything, land management, ownership of the very air, the very seeds, even our dna strings now, but lending courage to those who will make a stand, so they don't lose everything, then this could actually spread into a movement. I think its because it feels so overwhelmingly difficult that it gets shelfed by those who really really want to see change, because they don't know where to to begin.

posted on Dec, 9 2008 @ 03:33 PM
reply to post by reconpilot

To answer your question I would rather be free to make my own mistakes.
But if what you are saying is true than we are not free to make our own mistakes we are being controlled and brainwashed at every step, how is that free?
If your child was laying on his back in the dirt with a 200 pound schoolyard bully sitting on his chest, and he simply was not strong enough to free himself from that situation, wouldn't you want someone, or lots of someones to intervene and get that bully off his chest so that your child could defend itself?

As for the United Nations refusing to acknowledge your presence that could be solved pretty easily and quickly. One 'UFO' parked over the United Nations headquarters would make it so that they had no choice but to acknowledge it, unless they wanted to look like Baghdad Bob claiming that there were no Americans in Iraq.

I find it very insulting that you would lump all humans into one group and call them 'you humans' or better yet 'you bastards.' I also find your comment "give humans freedom of choice and they choose to kill rape and destroy" very insulting, I don't kill, I don't rape, I don't destroy.
I'm sure there had to have even been some Nazi's who didn't agree with Hitler's plan, and may have even done things to attempt to subvert his plans. As for us voting for these crooked bastards as you said, I did not and I know alot of people who did not. Chances are that even if nobody had voted for them they would still end up in power. I believe the entire election system to be fraudulent and rigged.

You say that "no 'Altarian' would ever suffer to see any innocent woman or child abused if they could personally intervene." Aren't you talking about an entire civilization of beings that have technology superior to our own, that could probably assassinate or imprison all of our corrupt leaders without breaking a sweat, before breakfast? And if so how does it make any sense not to? I don't want to be "micro managed by a bunch of all powerfull ET's" as you put it, and if a group of 'all powerful' ET's DID come set us free, and decided it was up to them to control us after, they would be no better than our original oppressors. However as I said about the schoolyard bully above, who in their right mind wouldn't want intervention so we could return to a level playing field, rather than being brainwashed and controlled and have the deck stacked against us?

"The only reason we did not intervene in the Nuking of japan is so we could legaly intervene in earths affairs on a much larger scale than was allowed before." So what you're saying is that a group of 'all powerful' compassionate, intelligent, and enlightened beings just stood by and watched countless innocent people get cooked alive, so that they would somehow be justified in their actions later? And they have the audacity to call themselves compassionate, intelligent, or enlightened?

Sorry but I have to call shenanigans on this one, my BS'ometer is going off the charts. IF there are aliens here to make a difference, they are either just as arrogant and dumb as most humans, or only concerned with making a difference for themselves somehow. Otherwise they could have easily made huge sweeping changes by now that would have improved the life of every human on earth. A few assassinations and/or abductions of the right people could have changed things for the better for every human alive. All of this strikes me as GFL/Goodchild rhetoric, lots of nice warm fuzzy new-age talk, that contradicts itself at every step, and completely defies logic and common sense.

With all due respect, at this point I would require cold, hard, undeniable proof to believe any more. And if a group of 'all powerful' ET's really was here they should have no problem providing that proof, even if it was just to me, but why not the whole earth? Why would 'all powerful' beings need to sneak around like rapists in the shadows and hide their existence?

I could claim that the inhabitants of the hollow earth were here to save humanity, and were responsible for all kinds of wonderful and outrageous things. I could say they look just like us and/or use technology to disguise themselves. I could say that they want to help, but first we must make all these changes for ourselves etc. All this would sound great to some people, but would defy logic and common sense.

Until proof is provided of their existence and intentions, it's all just amazing claims. Any group of compassionate, intelligent, enlightened, 'all powerful' ET's that can't provide evidence of their existence don't seem too intelligent, enlightened, or 'all powerful' to me.
I'll go back to lurking and reading, and will take all of this as fictional creative writing until an intelligent 'all powerful' being can use their 'all powerful' abilities to prove their existence. That doesn't seem to me to be a very tall order, a little proof shouldn't be too much to ask.

IF there are aliens on earth reading this feel free to contact me, if you're 'all powerful' and THAT advanced you shouldn't have trouble finding me, any human hacker could do that. Provide evidence to me and I will sing your praises and become your new spokesperson and/or middleman to humans if you would like. I will not release this 'proof' publicly if you do not want it released. I will put my own life in danger simply to bring your message to mankind. I will even become your instrument of change and take all the risks so you don't have to take any at all. Give me a little advanced 'all powerful' technology and I will even fix civilization myself and save you all that trouble, you can even have the technology back after I'm done.
Or you can lurk in the shadows hiding your presence like 'all powerful' rapists hiding in the dark.

posted on Dec, 9 2008 @ 04:11 PM
reply to post by ashamedamerican

well if you insist on being a victim when it suits you then complaining about us helping when we intervene you really are a stupid human arent you ? You want to have your cake and eat it . There's is no intelligent arguing with people who are brainwashed ,because they flip flop to avoid responsiblity .

Pureevil on the other hand has BALLS and mystiq has the honesty to see the situation for what it is and ask themselves what can be done to turn this thing around.

you did not come here for answers ,you came here to feel sorry for yourself . Enjoy your fascist governement .

posted on Dec, 9 2008 @ 04:17 PM
reply to post by ashamedamerican

your frustration is understandable, but not realistic. if things were that easy wouldnt earth be a peachy place?

look into yourself, even if someone waived the proof in your face you would probably ask for proof of the proof and so on.......thats been my experience, but have to do it my friend.

i have been digging around alot, im looking into rh bloodtypes, found a connection to bluebloods, now im going to look up bluebloods.....and so on, each little thing will lead to another and so on...

also just found some mysterious mountains caves of some sorts, thats what im looking at now, one of them is not really that far away. mount shasta...

there is much more that im looking into, each subject produces another and another....repeat to infinity.

prove it to yourself man....

posted on Dec, 9 2008 @ 04:18 PM
Recon Bro you are so right man.

Sorry havent been around seems like i have missed all the laughs with you guys.

My 2 cents worth,If ET's swooped down and drove the cabal and its human part out of earth.What do u really think would happen next, ET would have to sit in places of power ,education,leaders all walks of society etc and brainwash us all over agian just so we could function as a society.Then overtime we would end up with the same problems as before.Hell i bet half would end up worshiping the new ET's as there god and find away to get rich from it (like the cathlic church the largest richest coperation in the world 2 billion strong which them alone could end all hunger war and problems we are facing but god only shares wealth with the pope not its slaves) GOD gold oil and drugs.

If i was going to be any service to humans i would come in disrupt the governments to a point they fail and go bankrupt which in the US would end the foriegn greed wars on others ,that are weak.Plus would let alot of these greedy people here lose there mansions and have to actually work for something to eat while losing there trust in government religion and there god.This would make people pull together for there mere survival garuantie they want stay lazy for long if they do they will kill themselves.Put us back into the 1800's for awhile and let us learn what it really means to be a society while protecting us from outside influence and aiding us with food from time to time.I really hate to say this about humans but i know to many that there life goal is to be as greedy and to out do others less fortunate than them.It will be rough but if controled right ba loving hand then humans can take back there life on there own and learn to work together not for profit but for love and survival.

But the cabal sorry to say i dont thank humans can take that alone.Put some divid and conquer on the us government for a change wake the brainwashed up.For one i am sick of this game we are playing time to do something.

Ok worked hard today need a couple of beers while i read)

Oh example on what recon said about humans that beg them to help them then blame them when they do help.Went to fix some pipes today to give someone some water and they asked me to help them fix something not related to plumbing i said sure bought the way u are trying to fix it , it might break they said go ahead. well it broke so they said that i needed to go get the stuff and fix it so i go get the stuff come back oh i dont like that color so I spent 4 hours trying find something they like which i have no idea what that is.Still not happy with anything i brought them i said look the best thing you can do is for you go pick out something u like and ill replace it no cahrge they say oh i dont have time to do that i want you to do it.You cant help some people no matter how hard u try.

posted on Dec, 9 2008 @ 04:41 PM
reply to post by ashamedamerican

So you want to be free to make your own mistakes eh ? Well most ,not all humans do that in spades .

you want freedom to vote for tyrants who can enslave you ?

Its funny. The united nations knows we exist but they dont tell you do they ? Your gov knows we exist and has all the proof you will ever need but they dont tell you do they .

Why? because when we do show up you will all be begging for help as well you should and we are happy to assist a genuine need .

but that would put all those self serving tyrants and unelected officials out of a job ,so guess what . They dont want you to know the truth do they .

They want to take the credit for themselves when we come in to fix up your mess and they do ,all the time .

We dont waste much time with power mongering buttheads . We will initiate contact with anyone who demonstrates COURAGE , INTEGRITY AND A WILLINGNESS TO LISTEN WITH AN OPEN MIND .

So you can rant and whine like a baby if it makes you feel better about watching those crooked politicians flush your freedoms down the toilet OR you can GET REAL .

Trust and respect have to be earned . Assasinating your crooked politicians would make us no better than them . So dont try painting us as wannabe tyrants waiting for your order to collapse so we can step in and take over ! what purile logic you guys use when you are in a corner and dont want to take responsibility for your mistakes. The ones you INSIST on making for yourselves .

What freaks you out and fills you with envy is the fact that we are a more powerfull race . You want our tech dont you ?. If you cant be trusted not to nuke civilians with your existing weaponry ,what makes you think we will willingly share any of our tech with you ?

Thats why your stupid gov signed up with the bad aliens ,because we would not give the baby what he wanted for xmas.

If the human experiment fails ,it will be because you refused to grow up as a race and SIMPLY DO WHATS RIGHT BY EVERYONE ,INSTEAD OF A GREEDY FEW WHO YOU SECRETLY WISH TO EMULATE .

posted on Dec, 9 2008 @ 04:42 PM
reply to post by reconpilot

How do I insist on "being a victim?"
How did I come here to to feel sorry for myself?

I pointed out the intellectual dishonesty, and obviously failed logic of what you are saying.
I even offered to fix civilization myself if provided with your 'all powerful' technology, and to return that technology to you when finished.
Is that the "whoa is me" mindset of a victim?

Just because Pureevil and Mystiq buy the stinking pile of fiction you are spoon-feeding them doesn't mean that they have "balls" as you put it, or that they are honest. It means that for whatever reason they will buy what you are selling without any form of evidence or proof. I however will not.

If you just want to attack me feel free, but until you address any of the questions or points I raised I wouldn't expect too many people to take you seriously.
As I stated above:

IF there are aliens on earth reading this feel free to contact me, if you're 'all powerful' and THAT advanced you shouldn't have trouble finding me, any human hacker could do that. Provide evidence to me and I will sing your praises and become your new spokesperson and/or middleman to humans if you would like. I will not release this 'proof' publicly if you do not want it released. I will put my own life in danger simply to bring your message to mankind. I will even become your instrument of change and take all the risks so you don't have to take any at all. Give me a little advanced 'all powerful' technology and I will even fix civilization myself and save you all that trouble, you can even have the technology back after I'm done.

If you are who and what you claim to be, get off your high horse, drop the personal attacks, and address my questions, statements, and points I have raised.
Unless of course you're not a member of the compassionate, intelligent, enlightened, 'all powerful' civilization you claim to be. In that case just admit that you lied.

Either way, personal attacks and insults don't exactly seem the way a compassionate, intelligent, enlightened being would go about conversation and questions. It seems the tactic of a self hating human who wishes he was something better, and has constructed a fantasy world for himself that is being challenged by logic, and therefore has no other choice but to resort to schoolyard name calling and mudslinging to defend that fantasy world that is being challenged.

posted on Dec, 9 2008 @ 04:49 PM
reply to post by mystiq

You make a lot of important and valid points . The cabal has always done everything it can to divide communities and tribes .It has to ,to conquer them you see . BUT when things get really rough you people are going to have to set aside your differences to survive .

get out of the cities ,grow your own food at least . learn the basic survival skills. Share skills with each other .rediscover the true value of brother/sisterhood and cooperation .Your gonna need to if things go completely pear shaped .

posted on Dec, 9 2008 @ 04:56 PM
reply to post by reconpilot

got 2 questions for u recon something came to me the othernite.

1. Does the soul catcher only recognize certain genetics?

2. If you guys knew we was controlled by a galatic war criminal why did u go to the powers that be instead of speaking to the public that so disperately needs change?Wouldnt there be some sort of law where grass roots or civil order would be of some merit in this case?

posted on Dec, 9 2008 @ 04:56 PM
reply to post by ashamedamerican

I have addressed your weak purile contradictory arguments as well as possible but you my friend are all to human and since you dont like my answers and I cannot be bothered to put a gun at your head , thats all I can do for you .

Would you like me to threaten you or something so you feel 'terrorised' and can call the FBI ? Is that what you are doing ,building a case ?

Human arrogance ,driven by fear, aided by ego ,consumed by hate .
Where are you going with this futile argument of yours ?

Ill tell you. NOWHERE FAST .


Much fear I sense in you .

This is not how it was supposed to be . When you were first created ,it was so that you could be models of compassion , not purveyors of hate .

posted on Dec, 9 2008 @ 05:01 PM
reply to post by ydfocknowledgeseeker

Soul catcher will 'process' anyone with humanoid or alien DNA.

Which leads to the second question . Soul catcher is used to hold souls ransom and LIMIT OUR ABILITY TO INTERVENE WITH THE THREAT OF ANIHILATION .

Thats why its such a tense stand off .YOU MUST undertsand this .

You are the ones being held ransom .

posted on Dec, 9 2008 @ 05:06 PM
reply to post by reconpilot

Thats what i was told last night in my dream there is so many ET's working on this with there own ET brothers caught in this there here physically and astral so they are not to get caught by the soul catcher so they still can guide all here.I saw how big this goes it is a huge problem thats being dealt with all over the universe.

So changing human or ET dna only slightly wouldnt let us escape?

posted on Dec, 9 2008 @ 05:14 PM
Also saw that alot are getting tired of this problem and seen a few want to hit the resest button here on earth but i would see that as letting enki win he wants a reset button why he is preaching it into religion

all i got to say a soul is nothing i want to lose

posted on Dec, 9 2008 @ 05:23 PM
Originally posted by ashamedamerican

Just because Pureevil and Mystiq buy the stinking pile of fiction you are spoon-feeding them doesn't mean that they have "balls" as you put it, or that they are honest. It means that for whatever reason they will buy what you are selling without any form of evidence or proof. I however will not.

oh thats rich, you dont get it and assume some of us just buy into everything recon is saying, dont be a fool/tool.

i dont " buy " anything anyone tells me, i find out for myself. which i havent yet, but it is a process. so your presumptions are mute.

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posted on Dec, 9 2008 @ 05:35 PM
You want to know how to find truth in this BS world listen to all ,fools ,tools ,truths ,and down right lie's if you dont listen to everything how are you able to find truth?

posted on Dec, 9 2008 @ 05:40 PM
reply to post by ydfocknowledgeseeker

exactly, i could not agree more, i try to remember everything, if it doesnt make sense now, it could later on.

ya just never know.....

posted on Dec, 9 2008 @ 05:49 PM
reply to post by ashamedamerican

I'm sorry, I'm not just buying anything. I can't even explain exactly what dots are connecting here for me, but this kind of information, (which is sort of coming together in a way that I can understand) is helping me enormously due to cards I've been dealt in this life since childhood. I've had to connect lots of dots as an experiencer. I've had to fend off the disinfo others gave me about all ets, a blanket covering all, especially greys, due to the renegades connected to the cabal. But my experiences haven't been like that. Then I'm being mind controlled, and the good feeling is just an implant. But its not like that I argue, they don't give me my full memories anyway so they don't need to play games.

But I've experienced unexpected kindness. I have had memories awakened and feel a fervor towards alternative economies such as the venus project. My son is in complete concurrence and he has shared some of his experiences. This is what we know without someone coming and telling us a bunch of lies. Instead we get enough evidence to know whats going on but more confused than anything except we both agree that these guys are friends.

I think there is help already, we don't appreciate how much. But we have to go one step further than what we're doing. We need to start to support each other, shine our lights and be cooperative and caring. Get together. I don't know all the things we can do, but baby steps even. And write letters to our leaders telling them, we know what they stand for and they stand alone. We need to start to shine our lights, just a little more each day, till people notice a change. Apathy has been a pretty effective lampshade. I keep telling people if we show how much we want change, and make efforts and show a heart, it is going to be noticed.

Edit to add: politics! I don't approve of any candidate of any party. Are they ordinary, middle class people? Then they shouldn't get a vote. Plus half need to be women, because that makes a better system in the end.
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posted on Dec, 9 2008 @ 06:05 PM
As for the technology, I hope one day we will live on a planet like Seentoomuch's children, where everyone lives cooperatively, no baby cries, because they're talked to telepathically. Farming is done. Families are appreciated, though I imagine they do plan for the numbers they wish. Roads don't even scar the earth, because they use crafts that travel in the air without pollution.

Right now, we have very appropriate technology to replace fossil fuels and provide enormous energy: wind, solar, geo thermal, wave. We could be living in earthship style homes and recycle water. We could be picking ripe fruits from our kitchen greenhouse. We don't even need the exotic technologies to make huge improvements. To feed the world. Overpopulation is a fact, but not in developed countries. Canada has less than 0 percent. Health Care and improved living conditions, and equality of women has a lot to do with it. But every moderate government that finally gets elected after much work in most of world is toppled and a harsh patriarchal, US friendly dictator set up by the black ops.

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posted on Dec, 9 2008 @ 06:12 PM

Originally posted by ydfocknowledgeseeker
You want to know how to find truth in this BS world listen to all ,fools ,tools ,truths ,and down right lie's if you dont listen to everything how are you able to find truth?

Thats what im talkin about ! Free thinking . Objective analysis .

Keep it coming . Thats what you need to do FOR YOURSELF and those you love .

You know if power alone could release you all from this technological prison ,we would have done it a long time ago .

But until we can safely break in to the lost and found vault ....
and neutralise the mental prison of religion.....

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