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Questions for ReconPilot...

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posted on May, 21 2009 @ 08:16 AM
reply to post by DragonriderGal
Hello Dragonridergal and thank you for your journey and exploration!

I owe you one for all this... Or two.
In fact I will have to go through your summary of experience, philosophy, direct feeling (all of what you sense about me is correct and I can confirm)
again and will write some more.

This is amazing...

Also odd that you should mention the "blues". Because it was precisely by that name that I call them. Only, up till now I did not relate these folks to my dream about 36 years ago...

One brief point about the "blues" - and I have to go to work and will return in the evening to check this wonderful thread: we were doing a Hellinger-style group therapy to a great friend of mine, a guy born in 1980.
In this therapy - I briefly explain to those who are not familiar - the protagonist picks some people on the spot who will play his/her ancestors or whatever they want to do. Closes eyes and arranges them in space. That is how it develops. Kind of tribal and shamanic feeling, not psychodrama and no brain exchanges.

Well the chief topic of my friend was that all his life he related to an alien feeling and that he had no relations to his family. This after a couple of years of successful cleaning up of his present-day ancestry. A group of people formed the ET's, and there was another circle. I played him for a while. I won't tell every detail for it is irrelevant, but since about a year or two I can see auras of some kind any time and more sometimes. (I had had a block there because I grew up with a crazy person who was alcoholic too - I blocked my seeing abilities because I did not want to become like her. They came back a few years ago after doing some transformation work with that. I had had vague haunts when I learned traditional drum shamanism in SF in 91 but then I could only see "animal guides" if I really concentrated hard - and not always.)

All in all, what I saw around this guy was an amorphous blue blob. Sort of ultramarine with lighter parts. Many beings were swimming in it together. Their faces resembled the "greys" as much as they all had huge eyes slanting but generally they were more distinct. They began to talk through me gently while he was asking questions... Now to this day I do not know who precisely they are but I get in contact with them time to time. Especially when my friend is around. They are not very talkative so my friend is kind of disappointed. It takes a few months for them to say a few things. Apparently he is in for a great destiny but what it is is still veiled.

I am not good at seeing afar though. Maybe some practice... And I will tell more about my reaction to the various races and cultures. Suffice it to say for now that I play Iranian flute for a hobby, and we listen to a lot of ME music. I am learning to read Hebrew and am researching the common root of Semitic languages...



posted on May, 21 2009 @ 02:41 PM
reply to post by mystiq

Hi Mystiq,
What I am seeing is that the greys have about 5 different groups here. The one I am most familiar with are the ones that were primarily responsible for bringing humanity to sentience. The one you encountered may be from one of the other groups though and had been genetically altered as a way to deal with humans more effectively. They do that kind of thing all the time. It's as easy as pie for them.

Underneath it all though, the average greys are really very timid and trusting. And for sure, I see them having no idea about sex, and having or making babies. They just clone themselves. In fact, if the average grey gets even a fairly minor injury, they just shut the old body down and pop them into a new one and off they go. They never go thru childhood; they always transfer their members into cloned and fully grown bodies. So, dying isn't any kind of big deal to them unless they die away from their ships, and the soul holders.

Also I do see that they originally grew inside a hard shell like a nut or a thick and tough skinned fruit, from a mother 'tree' type being, which makes them vegetable, not animal. Their 'ships' are actually their mother tree, reshaped to travel thru space and energy pathways. Around here, after Atlantis went down though, the energy pathways were ripped loose and were flailing around, sucking anything out (to who knows where) that they ran across. Made it VERY dangerous to move around using raw energy--it was kinda like being a lightening rod for those things. So nowadays they stick to pretty much moving thru space. At least until they are a goodly ways from earth. And I am seeing all but one of the pathways have been caught and either gotten rid of, or reattached.

Now what I do know is that this group of greys (at least) is very slowly and resistantly getting over the idea that we are just an artificially created and not-all-that-bright semi-sentient species/experiment. To them, it is like "here are some cows we pushed into sentience and they aren't really truly a sentient species, like us or any of the other alien peoples out there".

You can see that same attitude in the writings of the ancient Jue-sah which carries into their attitude towards humanity even today. We are just cattle to them, which is why they have no qualms about mistreating or slaughtering us. But for the sake of accuracy, they consider us more like rats, really. Destructive; very dangerous when cornered; completely and thoughtlessly overrunning and ruining the place (but mostly at their instigation!).

If the greys hadn't amped up the human body's ability to capture any old spirit, that would probably be true. Instead, what you have are a LOT of ancient and sentient spirits now in human bodies, with all the spiritual growth and maturity of their various respective species. It makes it quite a jumble, believe me, but as a rule, the human race is anything but a simple soul holding experiement gone awry, and way much more than simple out of control 'rats'!

The Jue-sah deal with the whole issue by ignoring it and pretending we all are just a bunch of just barely sentient rat goobers, just here for their use and abuse. The greys did promise them that we humans were theirs to own/use when they got done figuring out their extinction problem. So in the back of the NWO bunches mind, we are rightfully their property and why won't we stop being such a bunch of rebellious rats and keep to our proper places??

I am not sure what you mean by nde though? Like you say, however, yes indeed we are way much more powerful than the NWO bunch ever want us knowing about. And so much of what traps us is as you say. It is almost purely the beliefs that were crammed down our throats as children, backed by the ever spinning spinning NWO propaganda known as 'religion'. Thank goodness, we are breaking that death grip of theirs!

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posted on May, 21 2009 @ 02:56 PM
Crutaceous or perhaps related to dolphins is a strong possibility for greys. Also we're not seen quite as lowly as cows. They are the scientists, the geneticist, and are cooperative and work with many others in genetic work. I know many of the experiencers go through bloodlines, even when they're not rh -. I keep trying to reason with them in my mind before sleep for example, saying 0+ here, you don't really need anything from me. Come on now! But they can trace protein types and signatures on the dna back throughout the ages, and use certain lines. They're in a sense partly our makers, but also, they do have fondness for people, and feel strongly about this world and its state. They also do some very unusual things, often to men, when they take them. For example sperm extractors might be fantasy girls etc. They are not unfamiliar with our gentics, our sexuality, and I really don't see them as too androgoneous. I think those that are positively alligned have integrity, intelligence, and great gifts.

Nde's? My friend was clinically dead, the death certificate signed, for 33 minutes
and had a very wonderful experience. A family member also had a moment when he was out of body and had to make a choice between going or staying. He knew his heart had stopped. He choice to stay. Surprisingly couldn't move his feet and thinks his HS got him to the bed where he was, and he saw a huge vortex, then went straight back to his body.

I like reading your posts. They're really interesting.

posted on May, 21 2009 @ 04:24 PM
Thanks Mystiq,
And I like reading yours! Very thought provoking and thoughtfully written.

And oh yah, those little greys are the busiest little experimenters/scientists in the galaxy, I would say! If you needed any kind of specialized life form, they could do it for you! The elves even used their services to adapt a lot of their elven world animals and plants to be able to survive here on earth.
Unfortunately a lot of their people are now in human bodies, and their abilities to do many of those things has been lost to them.
But that is why we humans have such great inventers and tinkers! The ex-elves know what should be possible, and the ex-greys take that awareness and make it happen.

But anyway that is why western europeans (and now americans after so many europeans moved here) tend to be the major source of technological innovations. The actual elves know how to fly and do a lot of stuff via energy manipulation. Since that door is shut to us humans currently, the ex-elves had a sense of all the things that they should be able to, but just didn't know how. So they made it happen with hard science, versus the easier soft science of raw energy work.

Since the greys created us, they do know us humans inside and out. Since we are animals though, they had to use the reproductive systems we had. They understand sex as a reproductive tool, but for themselves, it really is a non-issue. They just hop into a new body. Even at the beginning, the little greys didn't get involved in the reproduction cycle, which happened from at the level of tree to tree via things like pollen and such.

I am fairly sure that is why the bible says that Eve would now have to suffer 'childbirth', because up to that point the greys were just cloning new human bodies, like they did their own. Plus it was less labor intensive for the greys if the humans would just reproduce themselves. It did free up the cloning rooms for the greys, once there got to be a fairly large population of humans.

Perhaps there are different kinds of aliens that sorta look alike but all get lumped together as 'greys'? Because I can very clearly see the little greys I know hatching out of their nut/fruit shells. When the grey inside was 'ripe'(?) the shell would split from top to bottom and spring open outwards and the little new grey would slip to the ground and kinda hang from the side of the shell until it got it's little feet under it, and then it would scamper off. The adults would usually catch up to it fairly quickly and teach it where to go to get a syrup type food from the tree's feeding spouts. They even kinda smell like carrots; pulpy and sort of sweet.

Mostly on their home world, all the greys did was play and make sure the tree got plenty of mulching. I don't see yet, how they made the transition to the DNA manipulating greys they are today, though, since I haven't really asked about that yet.

And what they are tracing, actually from what I see, is the alien DNA of the species they adapted the humans for. The white race has based on elven DNA, the Asians--grey DNA, Egyptian and also Native American used DNA from the star people, the Germanic genotype use Neandrathal DNA and so on. Gotta keep the customers happy!

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posted on May, 21 2009 @ 04:31 PM
reply to post by mystiq

Oh and thanks for the explanation of the ndes.

posted on May, 21 2009 @ 04:33 PM
reply to post by Kokatsi

Hi Kokatsi,
Sorry about not getting back to you today! Just flat ran outta time, but first thing tomorrow, I will respond to your post!

posted on May, 22 2009 @ 03:56 PM
reply to post by DragonriderGal

Today has flown past, Kokatsi! Sorry but it looks like probably monday before I can get back to you.
But I will, I promise!

posted on May, 23 2009 @ 04:04 PM
reply to post by Kokatsi

Hi Kokatis,

Well, got some spare time today, and so thought I would answer your post.

Those beings in your dream definitely appeared to be blues to me; a whole different ball of wax than the greys. Their life value system is that of the desert tribes, in fact, the middle east is where they reincarnate if they become human. They are pretty cruel in a survival way. No mercy, no quarter given.

I think though, they have the most advanced hard technology of the various aliens around here. They gave us the numbers and math system we use, and I suspect they were the ones who helped us 'invent' computers. I know they are tickled pink by the fact that we humans have managed to keep information flowing via the internet that the NWO bunch has really wanted suppressed.

And I grew up in a family of ex-unicorns, so tell me about NOT fitting in! I had to make amends though, because in one of my earliest human lives, I was a druiddess and helped capture this unicorns. I didn't realize that the instigators of that capture intended to kill them all and drink their blood (sound familiar??) and when I tried to stop them, they turned on me and killed me too.

As I lay there dying, I saw my blood and some unicorn blood swirling together and knew with a sinking feeling in my stomach that this wasn't over! I was right; I've reincarnated with them a number of times but never could remember why and so never could make amends, just be tortured by their "goody two shoes aren't we wonderful and what is wrong with you?" attitudes. Even though the unicorns were very magical and beautiful, they also have very definite ideas of what is the proper and right way to act, which I can see comes from their 'herd' spirit instincts. I was a lone hunter/predator previously; so 'herd instinct' is not even on my radar.

I also was pretty blind to seeing psychic things for most of my life as well; I was being involved in a satanic cult at a young age by my granddad, and for sure you don't want to see what those horrid people were thinking, so I pretty well shut down my awareness to things like auras and such too. As I have healed that stuff (still some little bit to go, especially around having money, since many of the worst offenders in the cult were the richest), I too have been able to open my third eye, I guess I would call it. I don't see colors in people's auras yet, but I can definitely tell when a spirit entity like a ghost or spirit guide is around.

So, anyway he is surrounded by a blue blob with little entities swimming around in it, eh? I have to say I don't get much of a feeling about the entities in the blob. I feel like I am looking at a fish bowl full of sea monkeys, or something. What I do know is that the blues aren't really very nice, and they aren't really here to help us. Their one and only goal is to bring the NWO bunch down.

But at the same time, they don't really want to alienate us, just in case we do make enlightenment, so they are treating us cautiously, and from a distance. I kinda get the impression that the blues are feeding the 'sea monkeys' information which they pass along in their maybe-not-all-that-sentient way. Might account for their minimal interactions and slow answers, eh?

I have dealt with others who were connected to the 'blues' and while they say they are benevolent and looking out for our highest good, guiding us towards the light and all that hooha, I have to say that I don't believe them. If we ever had pissed them off as much as the Jue-sah had, they would be all over us too. If they look directly at you, and smile, you can clearly see their sharp pointed predator teeth, and the dim green glow in their eyes. Kinda scary, really.

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posted on May, 30 2009 @ 07:56 AM
Mystiq, what do you mean reconpilot was post banned from here?

Did I read that right?

This is a unique and new contribution to forum philosophy that he has made. And, I am reading ever more revelations in last year's Stargate trail. I used to be a big fan of SG' myself. No one explains better what the metaphor of the goaulds was for than RP.

In fact I am saving some of his contributions on Enki and the soul catcher and I am thinking about compiling some text.

I still do not know technical details enough on checking everything. ATS is a big place and I have only been around for about a year, and posting since a couple of months. (A hot-tempered Western astrologer was flaming me right away to radioactive dust for merely pointing out that her concept of the age of aquarius was unscientific.)

As far as judgments on RP's supposed negativity or darkness - well, I am negative and dark too! I tend to side with him on a lot of subjects. I do not buy the Law of Attraction, the Secret and all that popularised nonsense. It's a cop-out in my opinion from a serious reincarnational problem we are encountering. Luckily I come from a very tough place. We endured the worts of Nazism and the worst of Russian terror. Then came Chernobyl. We are still living on top of all that here. So we simply do not share the rosy and fluffy visions that many western middle class people do. What is happeniing on this planet is not pretty. Just see how we treat animals - there is a film on the Net about that. Modern man is basically an unending horror story. The holocaust IS our present paradigm, and Gulags etc. Yes, I agree with RP, if it were not for some good intervention, we would end up in the loss room of history. If that is a dark vision, maybe. But I have a reason. I am a smart person with a lot of love and sensitivity and I lived a life that was full of trials and tribulations - now I am guessing why. Never did I have a peaceful week for the past twentyfive years. And the false gods' prophets are constantly kicking me around. Not a shred of belief left in me about the 'decency' of human beings. Yes, there are great individuals, but as a group we tend to be brutal. And that has been like this for a few hundred years at least.
And no, I am not depressed, this is simply how the human world presents itself around me. And I do try to find the best parts day to day - it is a challenge to my soul. Please free me from the obligation of having to share a false sense of positivity to 'counterbalance' the bad stuff I have seen and lived through. We do not have to make appearances before our own spirit and the one source of all. We already know.

Iraq (and parts of Afghanistan) will be radioactive for at least 65 million years TO COME, after being bombed with hundreds of tons of radioactive material - and possibly exploding live nukes too.
Have you guys ever contemplated that? Every second child born is a horrible malformed being - and this is how it will be for millions of years to come.
Now Netanyahu wants to attack Iran too. Great. That is what we need...
The only thing I feel is that perhaps when I get out of here finally, I mean the Earth sphere, another type of folks will recognise me and say, yes, you were not completely wrong, most humans ARE crazy on this planet and they are possessed too.

And all that blab about staying positive and 'forming your own reality' was simply a bad ideology, like vulgar Marxism. Lucky you diod not fall for it!

And they will pat my shoulders and we will drink a pint of ET ale...

posted on May, 30 2009 @ 08:50 AM
It was on the chemtrail threads, two of them where closed when he was posting.
Now I read his posts. Yes, some where off topic, in a very informative and positive way, not quite off topic you understand. They related to the whole subject and then got into the et, and technology aspects of aviation. The discussions got heated, but compared to the insults and nonstop barrage of things an experiencer puts up with on a grey area thread where it should be relatively safe to give testimony, it was not too bad. I really didn't understand who was hitting the alert button. Someone else got banned too. In any case he got post banned, but it seems like its a permanent post ban.

I just look at the people on the thread and shake my head about it. I've read those threads and posts and didn't think what they considered extremely rude was quite like the stuff dumped on experiencers frequently.

Edit to add: Some of the best information comes out when people wander off topic.

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posted on May, 30 2009 @ 09:06 AM
The depleted uranium is an issue I've got a thread on. There was a lot of research on that thread, including that the recycled metals have supposedly lost the battle of regulating stuff, so that metal is mixed in the world scrap metal and since thats the case, you sure dont want to survive a plane crash, or live anywhere near one, racing cars, any number of incidents or accidents where metal can explode. Because depleted uranium turns into nano particles, the tiniest things imaginable, that permanently bond to your dna. Its dirty tech too and last for 4.5 billion years.

Due to the use of them, on purpose with intent to harm the world because they had the Manhatten Studies to inform them, by the megatons in the middle east and yugoslavia, its permanently bonded to our global atmosphere. I read somewhere that some scientists think 50% of all life on earth including bacteria will die in time, and the rest be mutated.

I want it cleaned up ASAP. I'm out frequently, under the stars, asking for help, for people, all people, to be released from slavery and living in peace, including those that live in underground societies. I want amnesty for all species, so we can have defectors working on our side. I don't care if they're lizzies! We need a better equal moneyless world and cleaned up!

By the way, I don't just feel that humans are primitives. I think anyone who would leave a group of sentient beings in the hands of slave masters to be abused, murdered, raped, manipulated and hypnotized and brainwashed is pretty insane myself. We're all one. Theres way too much tetosterone in the universe, with all the power tripping going on. What is the point to having telepathy plus or psi plus and not empathetically joining and meeting with others minds and caring about them, always!!!! Have you researched the Telosians, and the tunnel systems by chance? Really intersting stuff, some of it may relate to my experiences a bit, or at least those connected to them. Well I don't see everyone living in peace here, with everything revealed. Why not? Anything else is insane!

Edit to Add: humans do not seem to be brutal on the whole. In any case, women are far more cooperative, and communal. Countries like Norway that operate under party list proportional democracy (there are bad forms. Australia has the STV form, transferable vote form. This doesnt increase the forming of new parties, ie. non-bloodline ones, nor does it increase the number of women running, it actually decreases this and puts it in the hands of the fewer and male at that!). Wrong form, I was wondering why the ultra right winged Gordon Campbell kept trying to get us to vote on something as good as proportional democracy.

Well I had to research proportional democracies themselves to understand. The kind that is the highest form of democracy and government on this planet, so far, is party-list proportional democracy. It means many many new parties form, and many women run. And, your votes aren't wasted but add power and representation!

It means non-bloodline, ordinary people get in. It means that the percentage you vote for fills the house. They have to get along. Co-alitions form. Everyone is a minority government. People's voices count. The people, who enjoy advanced and good social programs and high education, and who's IQs are consequently higher, actually are politically active. The blending of female and male energy in higher proportions makes for freedom, innovation, and cooperation. Imagine this without money!!!! Like a linux open source system.

People are not violent smucks! Most of the world is children! Ever think about that, billions upon billions of children. Look at all the different ways of raising children, of the governments and societies they can be raised in. They shouldn't be enslaved or traumatized!

I was told by the nordics who gave me postcards last year that they considered humans a strong and beautiful race. Do you know why? Because, despite the huge trauma's and inequity, things that should make us all stark raving mad, we still appreciate beauty. We still marvel at the sunset, at the stars, we still love our children, and still search for answers. Most people rise above traumas that would rock the sanity of ets too! Not to mention, we do this, and fight for love and compassion, and many succeed, without telepathy plus and a meeting of minds!

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posted on May, 31 2009 @ 04:17 PM
Thank you for your encouraging words, mystiq.

I am waiting for more co-opreative, down-to-earth women to lead politics - too bad my uncle's wife isn't a politician for she would have wisdom and practicality in Slovenia - a neighboring country I admire much.

I have hard times these days, but there is one good piece of news:
I u2u'd to RP and he answered very briefly - so he is alive, and apparently checking in some times... I had a feeling this weekend that he might.

He is indeed banned from posting. Some people here cannot handle the truth about Earth.

I think he sounded bitter but it is hard to read into 2 lines.

I hope he surfaces here or in another place. I began to collect and collate some of his stuff about the history of the Earth, enki, Altairians and relevant details. Also, I do think that we owe these guys big time. I remember watching a series of films on Hitler's heavy water plants in Norway...

He had mentioned Pink Floyd in one of his posts. Well, Roger Waters was often bitter about the world - more and more as he got more mature -, but he helped people understand with his music and lyrics why. Emotional release is there in his music though. There is no need to change reality if you manage to deal with hard stuff emotionally. Maybe this is why Nordics were saying what they were.

I will reflect more later ... we are going to watch a film he recommended, event horizon.


posted on May, 31 2009 @ 08:15 PM

Originally posted by pharaohmoan

I too have met devils and demons and been a victim of the soul catcher, however unlike most I fought it and retained most of my memories which go back a very long time I remember the big bang and a little before that, enough to know that Enki was behind much of the timing of it. Recon you may be interested to know that a very brave soul shouted loud and clear just before the moment of expansion "THIS IS WRONG" (obviously there was conscious convergence before this moment of expansion) Since then I have carried my memories from lifetime to lifetime and recall many stages of evolution in which I have participated from time to time, other times I slept in a safe haven....
I have studied his systems and methods of implanting DNA with glitches that faciliate or open gateways into the psyche to encourage futhur intake of rogue energy. I have had my DNA altered many times in an attempt to confuse and throw me off of the scent. For the most part I have fixed many of the problems and anomolies associated with rogue DNA, I can discuss some of these syptoms in more detail if you like. I have also studied many of Enki systems with regard the cyphoning off of energy to fuel the existance of his minions. For them energy = time and they are trying to buy time as a matter of urgency. In fact here in the UK he has many followers who try and steer me into a downward spiral. As I'm telephaphic I know many of their mental rantings and tactics, they bore me now and their games are predicatable.

...Those same energies including the devil also plagued Catenada.

As a result of going through that darn machine you have labeled the soul catcher I have been shaking off implants for the best part of 10 years now.
Originally posted by pharaohmoan

How did you fight the soulcatcher exactly? Can you give us some techniques?
What are the tactics he uses to lure us in after death and what are the problems we expeience this life when we say no to his allegiance?

I have been troubled since I got in touch with this material, but not only inside. Things happened to m in a succession, although not always bad, But it was a genuinely uncomfortable experience.

BTW, don't watch Event Horizon, It's an upsetting horror movie. I turned off half an hour beofe the end. Its merit is only when the professor later turning into a chief negative guy explains the precise therory foundations behind the space time folding in the beginning - I think thats the part reconpilot wanted to share with us, not the movie itself.

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posted on Jun, 11 2009 @ 06:15 AM
ReconPilot we are aware of some of the truths you speak as well as some of the Truths Hidden Hand speaks however they are only half truths. You Ego has certainly shown here. Let all who read seek for themselfs and not allow certain people to try and guide them these are no mentors.
Black Pheonix

posted on Jun, 11 2009 @ 07:46 PM
Its funny, I havn't really noticed ego. Hidden Hand really didn't appeal to me in any way, except as a whitewash or covering for absolute evil, it was just a spin. Nothing here speaks on that level. This, I see actually tying in to the Terra Papers, and Sitchin, surprisingly I've only read overviews on the materials, couldn't go too far into it, but its amazing that the Hopi's accounts of the annanuki, with almost the same spelling are quite far removed geographically from the middle east, really. And suprisingly close to Mr. Shasta, Telos, with its legends of Lemuria. I just see things as tying in.

A little crankiness at times were expressed here perhaps, anger at the way we co-create this reality with the leaders, because "free" countries don't even make the effort, but I think its more that everyone who is awake is afraid to be the one to start something, they want to join in on an ever-growing movement. I actually see honor, not ego, and overlook the negativity and crankiness as understandable.

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posted on Aug, 15 2009 @ 01:29 PM
Hi my name is kirill this is to recon pilot. Recon I know who you are I have been picking up your signal for a long time you are altair it is my pleasure to finaly speak to you. I am also know as Elohim I have found about my true self at age of 13. The council told me you can help me in many ways and I hope you can they also said that you would be able to help me in some ways.

I have been told by a guardian that I have an important mission on this planet when I awaken.

I wish and hope we can be friends.

Again it has been my pleasure to talk to you
with respect peacekeeper

posted on Nov, 1 2010 @ 08:02 PM
Hi everyone, who ever read/posted in this thread. Is this thread dead? I find this thread marvelous! I regret that I found it just recently. For me it's a thread concerning open-mindedness. I read the thread started by Hidden-Hand shortly after he was gone, but then it took me two years to find this one. The things Hidden-Hand said were in my focus then. I never knew who he exactly is, I mean I never thought if I know if he is right or wrong, a honest person or deceiver. But much of what he said resonated with me and worked as a key for me, key for awakening. Now I feel awake to some degree (don't know what "fully awaken" mean and don't know if such a state exists here) in the meaning that I know why I am here and which side I am fighting for. I really consider the situation we are in "a war", no matter I haven't seen battleships or anything like that. I don't need physical proof for what I believe. So I accept what other people believe without the need of physical proof. I don't accept only one thing and this is when others don't accept my point of view and without a physical proof of it consider it "invalid".

Thank you all, who wrote here (you know who you are), and made me feel I am not alone, because the number of my friends in the physical realm dramatically decreased lately almost reaching the zero-point. The only reason I don't give up fighting is that I don't think I am delusional, and you are a part of the reason for that.

I may do not know who/what exactly I am yet, but I know what I am fighting for and in the everyday microbattles humans are my enemies. It's not that I want that - I try to avoid that in any possible way, but they just sabotage my dealings consciously or not (mostly not I suppose) and when I try to explain that fact to them they start attacking me. So we are not fighting for the same thing (they even don't understand that there is a battle) Does that make me alien? I mean in the literal meaning we are alien to each other. I really can't understand people's closed-mindedness. There is only one being in the physical world that I can trust and that fact makes life really harsh. So keep going please, don't tell me this thread is dead. Anyone?
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posted on Nov, 1 2010 @ 08:20 PM
reply to post by ElevenFlint
Sorry, my friend, but reconpilot has been post banned for quite some time now; however, he may be able to receive u2u's.



posted on Oct, 5 2016 @ 11:38 AM
This thread started off very interesting, but I had to stop reading. I understand the human race as a whole is a stubborn, self centred disease, that is destroying this planet, but I couldn't read ten more pages of "you're bastards". There are many people on this planet, that would like to see our home a much more peaceful and loving place, where people don't starve, and live in harmony with nature.

Unfortunately there aren't enough to make a difference.

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