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Questions for ReconPilot...

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posted on May, 2 2009 @ 01:53 PM

Originally posted by mystiq
I believe very strongly that we evolve, that we experience this evolution through many different lifetimes and move through levels of learning from lower levels of survival, base sexuality, greed, power, and learn and evolve into empowering others, cooperation and sharing, compassion and starting to speak against injustice, to express ourselves, into higher levels. I think these will be expressed in living in higher civlizations. That this whole of creation is a steep learning curves all the way up through the evolution and our Creator prefers for us to do the work and learn from it. So higher civilations are involved in genesis, genetic creations, and counseling/teaching us. And mistakes can be made on all levels. And currently this galaxy/universe has a lot of out of control warring types who like to dominate, patriarchal, suppression of females and female energy of cooperation, and theres a possibly they entrap souls and recycle them in some way. And that we have to shine our lights and find our way through this to continue our evolution and advance.

Now that sounds more like you.

Yes - I do believe there are actual physical (as well as spiritual) beings in our current timeline universe. And the entire universe mirrors the political/power struggles we see here on Earth.

But I am not going to hold "creator" Enki to low level energy - - from ions past - - when I personally believe his energy has evolved to a purer light.

I see the fight of Good & Evil - - more as Light & Dark energy.

Recon can claim he is on the side of good - - but to me he feels heavy. The heavier the energy - the darker the energy.

posted on May, 2 2009 @ 02:26 PM
His energy is very interesting, unusual and something in me recognizes this in him. His message has such a code of honor in it, looking after your own, cooperation, withdrawing from the warring slave masters yoke and organizing amongst ourselves. He talks about the moneyless resource society that ets live in, at least the more positive ones, and the long battle on this planet, forces of good against evil, and a trap that has been put in place by a certain cloned race of ets. As well, honors natives. Not too many people discuss the things I've noted in my experiences with ets. I still find myself having a hard time expressing this, how ets are judging us for our materialistic enslavement and inability to share, and they honor natives for their moneyless cooperative system, that was not fascist communism by the way, and their way of revering mother earth. Such people are not negatives, nor are they the annanuki's but most people argue with me, or ignore. This is a signature I look for actually. I also talk about the corrupt leaders and the system of historic slavery enacted on our negative polarity 3d planet, and still get people trying to convince me the leaders aren't evil, but its the people that are.

So I totally disagree with you on your assessment. And even so, whatever we feel that way, his message is good. And we all need to a kick in the behind to start caring about each other and the things that really matter, and finding alternatives to the media and manipulations, and possibly now the depopulation of this planet as well.

In other peace, my friend.

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posted on May, 2 2009 @ 02:51 PM
OK - yes we disagree.

And NO - I don't feel any honor in Recon's message. Nor do I feel good energy from him.

I only feel low level dense energy.

But - that's why this is a discussion forum. If we all agreed - it would be useless.

EDIT: to clarify I am not necessarily saying Dark energy. That would be negative/evil (even though I did reference it in previous post. Dense/Dark can be in the same context - - but they are different)

I am saying Dense energy - - more connected to physical - - then pure light energy

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posted on May, 4 2009 @ 12:25 PM
Have to add.

A low level energy - being in a top level position of power and control - - is contradictory to me.

posted on May, 4 2009 @ 12:40 PM
Well what he is saying is that instead of being recycled by the technology and his memory wiped, he is cloned by his family. I don't know for how many thosuands of years this has occurred. But its odd that you're picking up a kind of earth bound feel, isn't it? We need to go home in between lives, after our review, to hand in our reports as well, and to learn, grow, rest and decide on our next move. But he has much integrity.

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posted on May, 9 2009 @ 08:49 AM

Originally posted by mystiq
But he has much integrity.

Its good we agree on some things - but we are in definite disagreement here.

Just curious. Where/what do you base this integrity on?

Do you know this person personally - or are you basing it on words.

posted on May, 9 2009 @ 01:25 PM
What shines through his words. You spoke of something sounding more like I normally sound like, my personality or a bit of myself that come through when I write, sometimes passionately on something. Its because I of my thyroid condition which adds to memory blocks, and I have to write through some fog anyway, especially in the winter months, despite using a light therapy lamp for energy. I push on when I write. When I've done that with friends for example, I've had chunks of my memory come back. So we do reveal some of what we are or stand for in our writing. If you have energy recognition and pick up signatures, then a certain recognition comes to you. Everyone's signature is unique. If we had full blown psi/telepathy plus, then each unique signature would be like dialing a phone number, and the plus element would ensure carrying on a conversation in full. This is the kind of advancement I want with everything I have for the human race. In addition, again, and not wanting to say it over and over again, but there is another kind of signature, in sharing knowledge. The message of cooperation, moneyless resource society is overlooked continually. Whereas to me, its an instant recognition and a direct hit for et involvement. The message for humans to get real pretty much says it all.

posted on May, 10 2009 @ 07:16 PM
reply to post by mystiq

I first noticed RP when he was fighting a verbal battle with Hidden Hand. That was important to me as I pay attention to the level of thinking, archetypal constancy etc. of all writers. HH sounded like a cheat to me although possibly an initiate in some things (the two other 'Insiders' on GLP were higher level and offered genuine perspectives.) Better yet, an intelligent disinfo agent. (His warnings about 2012 seem to be in conflict with earlier Insider writings...)

RP's writing shows many values I share - a visionary but practical aspect. I have had positive ET dreams, most of them when I lived in America, and I keep on remembering them as a point of reference in all this cyber-theory world I was initiated in after 2001 via conspiracy sites and forums. His assessments of history and possible interventions sound true and would be consistent with all I know. They could be all true, especially the part about heavy water plants. In a former life I was a Nazi and I realised what was going on only gradually and by then it was too late. (In this life I have a Jewish family and studied American Indian spirituality among other things...) When I went on a reincarnation-exploration journey in 2006, I relived that life, and guess what, there were aliens in it. No explanation. They were warning the Germans that all support has been withdrawn from their side. (Actually, I was not a very bad person, I was a doctor who volunteered to the Russian front rather than betray someone. The atrocities on the front were unbearable but by then ther was no way out.)

BTW, Mystiq, you are one of the few I would love to discuss some of the most meaningful visions on ET's after reading your posts here.

One thing I recall from about 1994 was - when I was worried about plastics being used all over and the ozone hole - that alien ships would appear and they would somehow absorb the plastic trash. It could have been a message.
The earliest ET dream I can recall was in my native Hungary around 1971 or so. That was kind of ambiguous, I still cannot explain it. (BTW, back in those times we had practically no TV in Eastern Europe, and I was yet to see my first ever sci-fi movie. I simply haven't heard about ET's taking people away. We lived in a different society where this was considered a decadent Western content and was not allowed to be aired or discussed at all. Yet, my grandpa told me about ET's when I told him my dream - he thought that they benevolent ET's were watching mankind's destructive tendencies and they would reveal themselves sometime between 2005 and 2020 if I recall that conversation from 1971 or 72 correctly... I wonder where he knew all that.).

I do have a bit of difficulty with the soul catcher, though. It's scary. That means all the saints of India and people like Padre Pio performed miracles because they got in touch with that. I mean I do not think one can say it does not exist in some form - I am going to reread RP's words on it. He is not someone you can simply discard and affirm your earlier beliefs...

If he is correct, and he makes no attempt at persuasion, so that makes him more a believable person whoever he is, we should all do the OPPOSITE of what the Tibetan Book of the Dead suggests when we die. Also, baiting souls with relatives - well I had a vision exactly when my grandma passed away who was a self-styled Buddhist mystic. Since then my ancestors appear in important moments in dreams...

Politically, I loved this thread, especially where RP was summarising the current age of mankind. I am glad someone could say courageous words like that. I am not anti-American, being a US citizen, but I finally had to leave - luckily before Bush came. Maybe I am anti-mankind though, I did go through some extreme stuff all my life and I know about the underside of many civilisations. (Will continue in a follow-up post.)

posted on May, 10 2009 @ 07:43 PM
reply to post by mystiq

OK, here we go. I hope you all forgive me when I write such a long thing to start with - I recently read this thread as I was digesting earlier important threads for weeks. I saved reading this one for the last...

So, Scandinavia... still more enlightened than most of the Earth.

Basically I do not care if RP IS literally an alien or not. I have had a similar feeling, a perspective on life time to time when I lived in the US especially. Back in those times I though I should search for the meaning of life in magic mushrooms and Carlos Castaneda. Yet time to time these alien things kept on coming back... not only dreams. Visions. Once I was working at a university - as a jewelry vendor - and as I had slept only a few hours, I went to take a break just sitting in a student's cafeteria and left the table to my wife. I plugged my ears and started meditating - and soon an alien being kind of like the ones on Strieber's book jackets slipped into my body. I WAS this being for about 40 minutes. I kept on returning to the cafeteria where I was sitting, half-awake, but all through I was in connection with this single alien who sort of looked into my body from the inside. It was a good feeling, but I could not explain it at the time... You could note that at the conscious level I did not care about this stuff nor researched it - I thought shamanism was more 'far-out' - and I ferociously denied the possibility of reincarnation. In Jungian terms, there was no conscious reason for fooling myself...

So this got to be longer than I thought, but RP feels familiar to me. The reason I described that experience is simply because one CAN be an alien for a while - I mean not genetically but have a kind of transfusion in the psyche... Even the archetype would be enough, which means, if he is simply an Australian farmer who has these flashes it would be a valuable vision. In contrast, HH does not ask you to believe - but his whole text does.

Yes, he sounds like an older person, more down-to-earth. And, I also wondered sometimes when I did my learning in North America if Republicans came from a different stock... or if they received some inoculation against being humane... all right, I do not know the truth on blood types - my first wife was Rh Neg, and she was quite a visionary person. Very sharp, too, and very feeling...

The only thing I feel - in some places I do not share the enthusiasm of others that we can do much - I mean I am exposed to a lot of people whose resources and choices are so limited as a middle class Westerner cannot imagine except if s/he has seen people in the third or fourth world... Presently in this country we are facing the possibility of a fascist takeover, and the bankers government before that was not much better - and I know a few people who cannot even afford to buy a flight ticket to get away in time. But my life on this planet has not exactly been close to either money or power at any time. I would not mind learning some more gardening but we have been stricken with some kind of virus since about September...

We can just secretly hope that the type of RP will help us eliminate the most egregious possibilities such as they did in Georgia. I was pretty scared that the Bushists would attack Russia before they could be voted out... And if things get real tough here, I'll sell my shack and move to OZ myself.

If what RP writes is true - and it could well be - we should express our immense gratitude to these Altair folks. After all, they put their lives on the line for us... I do not think we have done that to a sufficient degree...

The Terra Papers - I am not sure they are genuine. I am sure part of it is on target, but the whole writing is somewhat primitive to me. I grant it is possilble most of the ills of Western civilisation started with Sumer, but what does this say about tribes? What do you all think

posted on May, 10 2009 @ 07:51 PM
As always - everyone has a right to their opinion/viewpoint.

I am but an Energy Empath - - actual physical earth events have very little significance for me in the universal/dimensional scope of the "overall" from the original Creator consciousness and expansion.

ReconPilot feels very heavy and dense to me. Usually meaning more connected to physical.

HH feels weightless to me.

posted on May, 10 2009 @ 11:14 PM
reply to post by Kokatsi

Those were very good posts and I found them very interesting. I couldn't get into the HH thread in the least, though a friend wanted my opinion on it the time, it was such a twist and spin on everything. Its funny I get the feeling most would think there was wisdom there, but ignore the courage, down to earth honor, and straight forward, perceptive and just plain cool posts RP makes. So, its just a matter of hearing the words that strike that cord, and everyone is an individual. Often coincidences don't happen as much as finding the info you need at the right time.

BTW, Mystiq, you are one of the few I would love to discuss some of the most meaningful visions on ET's after reading your posts here.

I'd be happy to discuss this with you anytime you wish.

posted on May, 11 2009 @ 10:35 AM
reply to post by mystiq
OK, this should be interesting to many posters here, HiAliens and Mystiq at the least. In the light of ReconPilot’s revelations, the strange machine in my dream could be an the Soulcatcher.

Dream #1: Set in the early 20th century. I am an officer at a British outpost in Western India near a jungle (in retrospect, it could be Brazil), courting the daughter of the former head of the garrison. Her father has disappeared in the forest; his hobby was finding the ancient ruins of an extinct civilisation. Everyone considers him mad except his daughter who believes he has found what he was looking for, a sensational discovery worthy of Schliemann, and was determined to find him despite no one wanting to help. I agree to go with her to the jungle. We talk to natives who say they would not venture beyond a certain point: there are ‘weird spirits’ there. We learn they know more about the Colonel and also about a ‘City of Spirits,’ but that white people would simply never take them seriously. They point out the direction where the Colonel was heading and accompany us to a certain point where they all turn back, frightened.

Soon we arrive at the ancient ruins, no trace of the colonel, though. Among the walls (a mix between Sumerian and Mayan), in the open air, there is a strange machine resembling an old railway track changer: people operate it by pulling levers.
They are overseen by tall Greys patrolling from the top walls. (Up to that point, I have never ever seen a depiction in sci-fi or UFO literature of this kind of creature. This was around 1970 or 1971 in Eastern Europe.) No one tries to escape, anybody working with the machine gets instantly hypnotised. The Colonel’s daughter approaches the machine and tries to talk to the humans – she gets instantly sucked into the hypnosis. I sense danger. The Greys come down for me and peacefully escort me through the top of ruined fortress walls to the head chamber. There is a different alien, I guess it could have been a Reptilian although I am not sure. All I recall is s/he was unlike the others. I briefly talk to this Commander, and s/he reinforces my observation that the humans down there are hypnotised by the machine. I learn they would never leave it, neglecting food and other necessities. Then the Commander instructs his/her troops to let me go. I run back and no one is after me. I try to pull the girl away from the machine; I succeed after quite some struggle. She is literally fighting me. As soon as she is in a safe distance, though, she recovers and thanks me for freeing her. We try to free some more people before the aliens notice but they either collapse as soon as they are pulled away, or directly fight our attempts.
We head back to the forest, afraid the aliens would mount chase, but they do not. We know no one would ever believe us – we do not have to discuss that.

Dream #2: This was very brief but traumatic. I am taken off-planet by a spaceship of Greys and shown how Earth is going to be destroyed soon by mankind’s environmental policies. It literally turns into a stinking industrial desert. I am shocked and cry for a long time when I wake up.

I dreamt this about a year or two after Dream #1.

Neither of these dreams could have sprung from my imagination. At that time I already read some stories of real astronauts in the US and the Soviet Union, but I did not know anything about environmental destruction. My grandfather, who had been a Minister before Communism, was quite sceptical and critical of mankind’s handling of the environment though. He did say we could end up destroying ourselves. But in the so-called Communist countries you could not criticise the aggressive role of industry in any form at the time. (cont'd...)

posted on May, 11 2009 @ 10:42 AM
reply to post by mystiq

Most of the sci-fi books I was exposed to were about humans flying to other planets from a peaceful Socialist united Earth, but I even think I read stuff like that later.

Due to ideological purposes, most ET’s were portrayed close to humans – with a few capitalist weirdos thrown in for a change. Basically, the main theme was peaceful space exploration (Sputnik and Gagarin). Characterisation was weak, the bad guys always got outgunned and outmanoeuvred. Everything was later explained scientifically.

The very first time I heard about aliens on Earth was not sci-fi, it was a movie based on Erich von Daniken’s books, titled Memories of the Future. My grandpa read his books in German – they were smuggled – and pronounced him an uneducated idiot. (I guess he WAS attached to the idea of aliens on Earth, only, he would have liked to have the material handled with much more care).

These two dreams were definitive for me – I can describe a couple more if you are interested. All in all I had about five dreams in three decades about aliens.

I somehow hope ReconPilot sees this too – he may be busy...

I am open to interpretations. I wonder if you guys have any thoughts about what this may mean, or questions... This is the first time I have ever shared these dreams in writing with anyone...

One last point: I found a book in a used bookstore in the US about a failed expedition trying to find an English colonel who had disappeared in the Amazon jungle trying to locate an ancient city... in the thirties.

posted on May, 11 2009 @ 11:31 AM
While its possible that your dream was actually a past life memory, and that this technology was a part of their living game technology, or slave machinery, but its also possible that this was an interpretation of history and current events.
The walls resembled a mixture of Sumerian and Mayan, perhaps pointing out to the time in which mankind has been enslaved, (the Judaic religions, including the Muslim and Christian ones had their roots in this time period, and ironically these religons have held the earth in a violent grip, while most others have co-existed peacefully!)

I could see it as meaning, that due possibly to technology and many things that have come out of ancient Sumeria, have enabled slavery of the human race to continue throughout the ages. The Mayan part is interesting though. They have their legend of the Iguana people coming from the skies and taking over their civilization and demanding human sacrifice. Judaic religions do animal sacrifices. I've been trying to locate the star system the anunnaki come from, of course in the Hopi its Orion, along with them being greys (their root word for ananaki means ant, as does their word for Orion). There are two star systems related to the mysteries of the Great Pyramids, Orion and Sirius. Theres red haired mummies located throughout the world, New Zealand, China, Russia, Egyptian pharoah's, all the way to Peru.

So there are definite links between Sumerian and Mayan civlizations. And this has led to enslaving humans, partly with religions.

The book is interesting though, that you found. It allows you to explore this really being an event as a possibility. So I think these were strong warnings or knowledge that you were not allowed to forget in this lifetime, and part of what you are to accomplish or understand depends on this information being reactivated in you.

Also, the part about the earth being destroyed is pretty much self evident in many ways, though I have feelings that intervention is going to happen. Also, Mary Rodwell's coast to coast interview just blew me away. As an experiencer, to realize that no one had even done what she had done, or at least revealed this publically, just baffled me. Who would you go to if you wanted to study something, the people affected (ie. the experiencers!) no doubt! Yet ufologists go there last for some reason. So if you are working with between 1000-2000 people, and have countless others contacting you, sensing patterns, taking in the information and sifting through it makes sense.
The scripting that people are doing, the frequencies, the abilities to sense energy, the starseeds, and its not just a new age kooky idea. The examples of the differences these children demonstrate, and she gave them in the interview, are remarkable. This an upgrade! Why would so many people be involved in an upgrade if the world was just going to be allowed to die out?

Now I've had a few experiences looking at script, one was dumping all the memories from the boxes in a big pile, and the other was harder to explain.
I dont even know if it was an interpretation of the script, or a memory from a craft, because I felt a very strong connection to something near the surface, not buried that deep. In any case, I felt there were going to be some positive changes ahead, not just negative ones. I also feel all the ones trying to stop the freeing of people, and their advancements both in terms of abilities, but also the emergence of a cooperative civilized world should back off, give up, and defect!!!!

posted on May, 11 2009 @ 06:01 PM
wow, thanks!
In all my years of Jungian thinking, it didn't occur to me to interpret this dream in terms of symbols. I always thought about it in possible concrete terms. As you write, Sumer and Maya - that was the main age when human slavery was created.
The machine as a symbol clearly represents a mechanical approach towards transcendent stuff... You do the same thing and expect the same results - whatever, healing, transcendence etc. But you could get away from it too.
As an NLP therapist, I went through a complete reappraisal of language over the years - in our terms most religions are trances, that is, the language patterns express hypnotic commands and not perceivable reality. I like to believe that I am flexible enough in my beliefs... ReconPilot was adamantly anti-religion, quite challenging, but... it is conceivable that the Great Spirit, the First Mover or whatever exists for Altairians too.
To compare, years ago I was very touched by the Pleiadean material, which is essentially Gnostic - they say the Spirit or First Mover or absolute Unity is not approachable for most peoples of the Galaxy, however, there are lesser creator gods who created the fabric of our human experience on Earth. They are returning these days because their rulership would end, they are fighting a losing battle. If you have your 'DNA library' in order, they have no effect on you.

Yes, there is a change in many people I see. In abilities my seven-year-old is vastly superior to former generations. But I also see this more polarised - we've never had such an attack of controlled thinking and programmed feeling as nowadays in consumer society. It bugs me when parents of so-called Indigo kids point out that their child has special abilities at the same time wants to subsist on pizza and chips and plays computer games all the time... Perhaps the more abilities, the more challenges we have.

So maybe I have a task in this. I know about my German incarnation, and I could not have been British at the same time. Or could I? I tend to agree with your symbolic interpretation at first reading.

Last year, researching the healing traditions of Buddhism, I asked an 'inner Buddha' why, if he was so adamantly opposed to Vedic stuff (including animal sacrifice and castes), did most Buddhist mantras work well in Sanskrit? The answer was that 'the hardware of the human nervous system is built up in those languages.' I have been researching mantras for years, and did a formless sound meditation for 30. Despite the shortcomings of the Abrahamic religions, something works in Qabbalistic Hebrew mantras too. I have been researching that for a number of months.

Now it all that is the result of the 'creator gods' - RP uses the term Enki - you could use them for the opposite end perhaps, as long as you are not entrapped. Sanskrit, Hebrew, Mayan, Quechua etc... I teach Reiki too, and some Reiki practitioners believe those symbols and sounds to be extraterrestrial in origin, although they have been taken from Japanese Buddhism.

Another thing that brought me back to allowing reincarnational thinking (after a long bout with radical shamanism) is Indo-Tibetan astrology. Hope RP does not have his hair standing on that. I have experienced miracles with that - nothing like the new age babble you read in the magazines and the endless western books. I feel that belongs to the Sumerian hardware, possibly Sirian in origin.

What is the significance of red hair? Stewart Sweerdlow writes about it but he's not what RP would call a simple, down-to-earth character. His system of aliens is so complex that I could not memorise it over the years.

I have been at times, I believe, been contacted by 'renegade reptilians' who are not your average conspiracy nightmare. Frequently they disappeared suddenly, leaving a thought that it would be dangerous if others would discover them.

I will continue to digest this thread and your post - this is my first reaction...

posted on May, 11 2009 @ 08:09 PM

The answer was that 'the hardware of the human nervous system is built up in those languages.' I have been researching mantras for years, and did a formless sound meditation for 30. Despite the shortcomings of the Abrahamic religions, something works in Qabbalistic Hebrew mantras too. I have been researching that for a number of months.

The studies that language and frequencies affect dna in real time, by the Russians, (and this was brought up by Mary Rodwell concerning the et script and the upgrade that many experiencers are both expressing as well as revealing) made me think of Phonecian, Sanskrit, Heiroglyphs, and wondered what role they played in the past in dna work for the human species. Also what was done to upgrade, and conversely how were the crippling elements introduced. Ie. after the great flood by creating some imperfect hybrids and killing all the survivors off, or by language and frequencies?

Edit to add: This is a rather long series of videos that I found interesting with Richard Hoagland, where he discusses hyperdimensional physics quite extensively and brings into it hyperdimensional astrology in an interesting manner, I just don't remember which video part it is, so I can't cut it short, or I would.
Sorry about that.

You should go to RP's profile and read up and what is said there.

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posted on May, 12 2009 @ 06:33 AM
Mystiq, I really enjoy talking to you. I realised I should let you know...

It's a high point in my day (or night). I have a busy day so again an installment.

I am having good realisations ... this whole thread is making me re-evaluate some things.
By the morning I have realised what 2012 will probably be about. I looked
at it as a hindu astrologer many times and I saw no big change or catastrophe, even war. I n fact I saw a peaceful more female type power being established starting then. Even though we are technically not in the age of aquarius - that is a simple scientific miscalculation, it cuts into my profession I researched it for 20 years so i can tell you about it if you are interested.

So: 2012 in the light of my dream and your interpretation of it will be the end of the sacrifice-based Mayan timeline.

Maybe this deserves another thread.
But RP helped me get here.

I worked a lot with my image of the divine. My subconscious wanted a God even when I was buddhist or shamanist on the surface. So decided to work with that. I bacame a Gnostic. Last year I was propelled into a reliving of an old life of mine to resolve a relationship issue with my wife Anna. After the third life I ended up in Mayan times. In brief, she was my twin brother then and we both gave blood to the god of the times to secure a good harvest and land. This was my god image then, and i realised too late it was useless and harmful. He died in front of my eyes and I died soon after. In that life i had already had doubts about this god. An old man who was ostrazised by the community was saying sometimes that god is not truly like that. I died in his arms - I changed something in my visualisation to validate my new picture of the cosmos.

OK, then the next thing is: my grandfather (the other one, not the one i wrote about) was executed before i was born. he was a devout catholic and researched egyptian stuff for fun. I had to relate to him during the course of family therapy in order to recreate this line of heritage. Soona fter I did buddhist rituals to connect with his spirit, i was surrounden by a dark egyptian presence named itself Ra. I accepted it after much struggle and renovation. I was told by my grandpa that the sacrifice element of christianity came from egypt, it had not much to do with the christ issue - of course i saw zeitgeist and i am an astrologer so i know the sun cross.

Sorry for writing like this but i am at a different comp and i have to write quickly.

The gist of the thing is that it is the blood sacrifice based image of the divine that is ending now for me and for many people in 2012. The Mayan part of it will anyway. About the Egyptian module, I don't know. Progressive people being chased by bushists etc. are probably between these two images of the divine. I must point out that my daughter is a wiccan and a full believer of the goddess and is firmly opposed to christianity etc. She could talk to a christ spirit among others though and I did quite a bit of learning and innocent rituals with her, celebrating natural connections.

I am familiar with that Russian research.

I think we can work precisely with these languages as mantras to undo the damage that was done. Think back on my dream - it was not obligatory that people would be slaves. They stayed there because they were trapped. And I could get out with the woman that started the whole search.

I was perturbed by the similarity of the soul catcher idea to scientology. I can see now that I could accept a softer version. Of course no one can touch the essence of souls really - or they would not be souls. There would have to be souls of the souls then and so on ad infinitum. (cont'd)

posted on May, 12 2009 @ 06:40 AM
reply to post by mystiq

There's got to be a level that is clean and balanced in reinncarnation. To wit: if there are implants etc. as scientologists suppose, or a moon cather as gurdjieff did, you gotta have a soul of your souls which does not go through that, thats the next logical level. Other wise the universe would be simple unbalanced chaos and no one would get even in the end what they deserve for learning and evolution, and there would be - could be no upgrades...
I wonder if I am making sense to you (and if any other posters are watching this thread).

I will watch the videos when I get home. Saw RP's profile - I am a beginning ATSer...

I'll get back to you later - your thinking and wisdom is very attractive. I could not respond to very valuable point yet but I will and I thank you again for taking the time.

I just had to write this point about 2012 and the end of sacrificial godimages. And the scientology one...

The soul catcher could be simply an effect of this planet - ina sense it is a prison planet but on the whole scientology is a paranoid ideology to me, i have written about that elsewhere.

RP has this to say, I like it:

"I checked out some of the terra papers . Its rather muddy and confusing in the way its written but it gives you something of an idea what happened .
In practice there are so many shades of grey to the true history that perspective largely determines what actually happened .
there were good and bad people on all sides then as now , so you really have to get beyond national ,species and religious prejudice to get the larger picture." This was in the thread retired RAF officers

I gotta fly - will be back in the evening.

posted on May, 13 2009 @ 12:13 PM
Its about freedom. The dna clipping we've undergone as a race greatly affect our abilities to discern truth. Its really like alpha state abilities, psi, telepathy, awareness of energy. Science itself can't really progress without this either.
But we can't be fooled as easily.

I really feel that what we're going through here is akin to an upgrade. This may explain all the attempts to halt this by the cartel, such as the poisons in our food, the microwave technology and frequencies, along with their changing the harmonic orchestra scale from the 432 hz, the mathematical scale, to the 440 hz, which they knew by their studies brought discord. With all of this effort, I think they truly must know what is coming up, what is taking place. I also think amnesty is needed to encourage defectors from every group, and species even!
Those that would serve and work towards freedom and co-existence should be granted amnesty. And disclosure! We need this ASAP.

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posted on May, 13 2009 @ 03:48 PM
Hi there! I've been doing research on Nibiru and the cartel as mystiq calls them. It appears that there is more evidence that supports Nibiru's existence, and that it's getting close. But that's not why I am writing this. It seems that economic crisis and "deadly" flu outbreak are designed to keep people occupied, while the cartel moves all their belongings to the underground bunkers that were built for them.

When the SHTF (that can be Nibiru, Nuclear War, Deadly plague of some sort, food shortage ...) in the end other humans will be left alone and will either die out or excel in their own groups/communities.

The way things are going now, and the number of open minded people suggests that the groups will be few and small in numbers.

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