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Questions for ReconPilot...

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posted on Dec, 8 2008 @ 12:09 AM
reply to post by pureevil81

Your still struggling to let go of intelligent design theory are you ?
Look, evolution happens . You take a bowl of sterile water ,expose it to lightening strikes and UV and before you know it you will create the first primitive building blocks of life .

From there on in its just evolution over billions of years . So you could call lightening the creator if it gives you some comfort . Sorry , but god just does not exist in the way you need him to .

Love is real though . You can feel it , you can give and take it . And if you live in harmony with the rest of nature ,it will look out for you too . Thats called cooperation and symbiotic realtionship. call that god if you like .It makes more sense than enki ever will .

posted on Dec, 8 2008 @ 09:20 AM
This Universe/Mulitverse is what I call God. Nothing like what is depicted in our Scripture. I have always had this experience of knowing, and when a child after having witnessed something on the news, spent quite a bit of time in thought about the horrors of this world, and our long emergence from the jungle as explained by my father, a science teacher. I was stunned at the primitive conditions of this planet, and I felt the presence of my higher self, and the words came, that I didn't have to be here this time.

There are people who have given the most remarkable threads, Seentoomuch's experience with ets, and her thread of her guardian "walk with an angel", citicenc's 3 more recent theads concerning his guardian and higher self.

To me, this universe is being managed by higher people, and its all a learning curve on all levels. This means mistakes can happen on various levels as well.
When I did go to Church, I found the bible horrific, and spent time arguing with the priest as a teenager. So much for organized religion. At the time, I felt that warmongling creation of a god, was made in the image of man. Then, in the image of et/man. But that's not all there is.

There are many people who have experienced their loved ones who have passed over and nde's are very important. I have relatives and a friend who had rather remarkable ones. But if there really is an Enki Soul Wiper, which is not a good thought to have, then the reason so many elude it is because when you die, you're not alone. Most experience loved ones and guides and they take not necessarily the light, but the tunnel home. From the accounts I've read they're in another universe/dimensional place. If theres no one waiting for you, I'd ask for some real help immediately.

posted on Dec, 8 2008 @ 10:01 AM
alien wars?

false gods?

a machine that harvests souls?

no offense but it will take something very concrete for me to buy into all this...

I read HH's thread - he answered a question for me. I have a very open mind, in fact sometimes I want there to be more than what I have, a job, bills, stress etc...I hope there is more to it but for all this rhetoric, I will wait until I see anything before I will believe all this

posted on Dec, 8 2008 @ 10:19 AM
There is some fairly good evidence in history that makes a person open their eyes to the way things have been, and the way things are, especially with our cabal. I wouldn't be so quick to discount things as that. I've believed for some time that the renegades work with our governments, and perhaps, the powers behind the scenes, are renegades. It just means using your eyes when you look around.

Edit to add: and your heart.

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posted on Dec, 8 2008 @ 10:22 AM
double post

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posted on Dec, 8 2008 @ 01:19 PM
reply to post by mystiq

Everybody has their own definition of god . I just prefer to avoid all those emotive definitions alone and enjoy life for what it is . Death is not the end but if you want to enslave people ,religion gives you all the wrong answers so you will make the same mistakes over and over again .
Immortality is a life sentence . Only fools want to live forever .

The dead can only do so much to help when humans fear them so much .
Its the living that scare me the most .

posted on Dec, 8 2008 @ 01:27 PM
Agreed. So how do we quietly or loudly or somehow show the cabal that they're standing alone? That we refuse to stand with them. I keep telling people its quiet stuff in their communities, such as showing videos or waking as many as will up, to what the mismanagement of the world looks like and many theories about it, but also just showing a heart. Helping people locally, adopting a village overseas. We have to totally let those corrupt ones know they stand alone! And stop running with the bad genetics we got dealt. Theres a lot of love and good intents.

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posted on Dec, 8 2008 @ 06:54 PM

Originally posted by reconpilot
reply to post by pureevil81

Your still struggling to let go of intelligent design theory are you ?
Look, evolution happens . You take a bowl of sterile water ,expose it to lightening strikes and UV and before you know it you will create the first primitive building blocks of life .

i guess you could say also have something that you need to understand, we have completely different backgrounds, you dont understand my background? i obviously dont really understand yours either........but we are making an effort to understand one another, right? if people would learn to understand each other a little more then things would be better i think.

i actually have never been big on the creation theory, not much substance to it. looking at the way pyramids were built and the technology i thought necassary to build those, i always thought there must have been something else helping, if not completely building those things.

i am looking for clues as you and mystiq have pointed out are there, i have learned a little bit. if i was just plainly told things of which you speak of i would probably be really skeptical, but i am finding some of those clues. slowly, but still i am finding them. it is just a bonus being pointed in the general direction.

dont even get me started on religion, when i went to work today a few people that i usually talk to about religious stuff, they thought i was losing it. the whole time it has been staring me in the face, and apparently i just looked away. they think they save to save us, thats just really presumptious. jesus said give that which is caesars to caesar, but the church is tax exempt???? i should stop there, or this post would be a mile long....


posted on Dec, 8 2008 @ 06:55 PM
reply to post by mystiq

Its a case of each person taking back responsiblity for their own lives ,withdrawing as much as possible from the cabals money system , being vocal and active in your community and having the courage to be true to yourself.

There is no money as you understand it in Altair system . people trade directy with each other at local markets and or use precious metals as a fixed benchmark when direct barter does not work . There are no taxes , only voluntary contributions . There is no lending at a rate of interest . People live close to the land and avoid dependance on high tech in their homes . On reaching maturity ,every adult is given the latest advanced fighter aircraft and taught how to fly and use it and use
its weapons systems . If anyone were stupid enough to attack , that means the whole planet would swarm towards an aggressor and the modular systems would then amplify the power of each craft in to a total fire power able to wipe out the largest battle cruiser .

self reliance and community effort combine to make Altairians a formidable force that few dare take on . Within the Altairian community here in Oz I know where I can go to get any job done by people who are conscientous ,competant and reasonably priced . We dont screw each other over to get ahead like humans do . We are forced to use your dreadfull money system but we avoid the traps it lays as much as possible . Credit cards ,huge mortgages .Much that we own is in fact just recycled through a huge interlocked family trust. How can you 'own your own home ' you never onw the land. you are just its caretaker until you die or move on . The ownership thing is just a human excuse for exploitation and theft .

If a friend is in need he knows help is only a phone call away . No questions asked . giving without any thought of return is part of our culture . we also believe that you should never take anymore than you need from the enviroment . We live in harmony with nature .we dont rape it to the point where all life becomes theatened like humans do .

The native Americans understood this and look what was done to them by the white settlers with their 'christian values ' .

Humans are lazy . Thats why get rich quick books sell so well . The only people who get rich quick are lying crooks . If you want to get rich the human way you have to sell your soul ,your conscience ,your freedom and your morals .

Its going to take a huge shift in the way humans think and behave if they are going to save themselves and this planet from destruction .

I think we have done as much as we reasonably can to engage humans and get them to be responsible but greed and laziness go hand in hand and they prefer to exploit than cooperate .

Religion is nothing to do with god .Its about power and money .Its a tax free scam for sleazy perverts and power hungry pope's . Its a front for inteligence agencies . Its an excuse for war and missionary work to undermine happy tribal communities with f!@#ing bible classes . Once they have screwed up the tribal unity ,the corporations come in to rip off their land resources . gods work alright ,the god of war exploitation and greed .

I despise the catholic church and all it stands for.

posted on Dec, 8 2008 @ 07:03 PM
The system used, is similar to the author of alien mind's thread, a more alien economy. Then Zeitgeist and the Venus Project. I had never felt such an overwhelming feeling of this being it, somehow this was buried in my conscious. I kept writing that this was an updated version of the natural, moneyless resource society that the natives had deployed for over 10,000 years, probably far longer, since they are among the few who were sheltered or able to survive the end of an era ( a reset button).
Thank you for bringing this so clear and into so much synchronicity. I could never explain that as an experiencer, these messages, this was the thing we needed to focus on, if we wanted to ever stop being primitive barbarians and join a civilized cosmos as newbies.

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posted on Dec, 8 2008 @ 07:06 PM
reply to post by pureevil81

If it seems I am hard on you mate ,its only because I dont like to see good people ripped off by religious dogma . Its like when you see a tick on your dog . You need to get it out of his ear but the poor boy is scared and you have to get tough to get the job done.

religion is all about owning and controling people through fear and forced consensus . You dare to question and they threaten you with expulsion !
well how charitable loving and tolerant is that man !

no my friend ,you deserve better than that . Let the babies have their nail spiked rattle if they must but there's a better way .

posted on Dec, 8 2008 @ 08:07 PM
reply to post by reconpilot

nah, you know you're just a big softy deep down
you might be surprised how thick of skin i am, but youre points are well made, and i appreciate the kind words. no giving spiked rattles to babies though.....
, im kidding, i know what you meant.

the altarian community you were talking about a few posts up sounds awesome, i wish things were that way here, i long for that lifestyle. anyone that knows me personally will tell you i am always willing to help, without expecting payment. so if theres anything you could add about that, i would be interested.

i dont have much else to add, this is pretty much over my head, so for now i suppose i will read on until there is something else i can comment about....

posted on Dec, 8 2008 @ 09:37 PM
I hope this isn't taken as an attack, it is not intended that way, I'm simply trying to understand.
I have been lingering and reading this thread as well as many others that I have not posted in, trying to understand what people are talking about.
However there are some issues I see that seem to defy logic.

I see alot of "you people did this to yourself" or "you are their property and so we can not intervene" or "you people must find your own way out of this mess we can not do it for you" or "you elected these criminals" that type of stuff and more.

I can not be held responsible for the actions of the past inhabitants of earth, or the politicians who use a corrupted system to gain their power. "The deck" is stacked against every average person.

If I walked down the street and saw someone banging at a cellar window screaming for help I could not in good conscience think to myself "well they did it to themselves, I'm not their babysitter" even if I knew that members of this family had been brainwashed and held against their will for generations I could not think to myself "You are their property I can not intervene" or "they must find their own way out" or "well I didn't put the person holding them hostage in charge, they're the ones who decided to live there and stay there."
If a baby was born into a cult where it was brainwashed, controlled, and couldn't even see what was really happening, let alone do anything about it, how could any compassionate and intelligent being just sit idly by and allow that child to be abused in that manner, for any reason.

And here is where I will try to make my point.
If the human species has been controlled for literally thousands of years, brainwashed and in effect held against it's will, to such a degree that most of us don't even see the bars of our own prison, how could any compassionate and intelligent being not step in and do something if they have the ability to. Waiting for mankind to save itself would be an exercise in futility. The deck is stacked against us, it would be like expecting a blind and retarted man to find his way out of the catacombs under paris by sense of touch alone. How could any enlightened species from elsewhere watch this in good conscience and not intervene? Wouldn't that make them just as bad as the 'slavemasters' or controllers (call them what you will) or possibly even worse since they could stop it but didn't?

If I was that person banging on the basement window screaming for help and watched someone just walk by and not help, and eventually I DID free myself and ran into that person somewhere, I would have such a sense of hatred and contempt for that individual that they better hope they can run really really fast.
Wouldn't a compassionate, intelligent, enlightened species from outside our planet realize that they were in a sense condemning that person to a fate that was beyond a reasonable expectation to escape? If one was 'thrown to the wolves' and you just watched, wouldn't you expect contempt and hatred in return for that? Wouldn't they understand that they could be helping to create a monster much worse than the original one?

Why would one look at an entire civilization being imprisoned and controlled, not intervene, and expect that if that civilization ever did free itself from that iron grip that they wouldn't then possibly have something much more dangerous than the original threat?

Sorry if I repeat myself, or ramble, or if I am mising some vital piece of information, or if I am a slave to false logic, or coming across as hostile. I'm simply trying to understand the logic behind leaving a species to it's horrible fate, and expecting it to be a noble, enlightened species once it breaks it's bonds. I guess I can't see the logic of watching your neighbor abuse it's children or pets, not rescuing those children or pets, and then calling yourself compassionate, intelligent, or enlightened.

As I said this isn't meant to be hostile, simply an attempt to understand.
I hope you can shed some light on this for me.

posted on Dec, 8 2008 @ 10:38 PM
On any given day where I live I will bump in to at least 50% ET's ,simply because of where I live . I can tell they are not from here by a number of give aways. They are much more relaxed in their body posture and language .They smile easily . They dont have that stiff awkward gait that most humans have . We refer to humans as walking as though they have a broom handle stuck up their bum ! And it really looks like that to us .

Being affable and easy going amongst ourselves we can relax and joke about life in general . If humans witness us hanging out they often scowl at us ,intuitively knowing we are 'not one of them ' . There is so much anger and prejudice in the human outlook that they cant help themselves .They see the world through their christian prejudice ,color prejudice ,class prejudice and all the rest . The really sad part is they dont even really relax and enjoy themselves when they are amongst 'their own' because they are to busy competing with each other to be top dog.

And of course those same prejudices come through when they post here too . I was sitting with my Altairian friend outside a cafe a couple of weeks back . I remarked on a drop dead gorgeous ET girl as she walked by . She had the most stunning features and huge green slightly wrap around eyes ! Wow , I said 'she aint from around here'.
My friend commented that most ET's on 'shore leave ' avoid human contact as much as possible and certainly dont say what they are for obvious reasons . Its a sad reflection of the state of humans in general that they just cannot handle anyone thats even slightly different from them.

All non humanoid ET's use holographic disguises so they blend in . I have seen them switch them off momentarily for me ,including members of my own family to let me know they are still around when I thought they were dead !

My wife and I were sitting at a restaurant one day when the lizard sitting next to us turned off the holo that disguises his teeth ! we were not scared ,thought it was funny . But if a human saw that, oh boy would they freak .

So this is a BIG part of the problem with our presence here . Most humans really cannot handle it . It stings their ego ,their sense of superiority ! and it reminds them how powerlesss they may in fact be .

Ego is the enemy of humans . Ego is a compensation for fear and feelings of inadequacy . self esteem is not the same as ego .

I really admire you guys for having the courage and the integrity to give me the benefit of the doubt and at least TALK TO ME . Now I know I get in your face and seem to be brutally critical sometimes but guys ,you need to face your fear and prejudice if you really care about having a future for your kids and their planet .

I dont blame anyone for being cynical about my claims up to a point . But I would much rather appeal to your ability to reason and encourage you to research for yourselves where I have suggested may be helpfull.

So I wanted you to have an idea of how ET's see you . I would also encourage you to watch that sitcom 'third rock from the sun'. has it not occured to you that only ET's would have the perpsective to write that comedy ? Or any number of 'sci fi' films ?

some of the best stuff comes from kids cartoons actually . Its all part of the disclosure agenda and it is making progress .

humans are not very self reliant . They like their government to take care of them you know . They place far to much trust in institutions and its to late when the poop hits the fan . Humans need to understand that growing up and taking responsiblity for their own destiny is a big part of turning this situtation around.

In a society where people cooperate instead of compete ,EVERYONE is ten times better off . You dont have to be a doctor or lawyer to be a respected equal member of the community . Of course the cynics and right wingers will acuse me of being a communist at this point but its nothing like that at all . Would you call the pre colonial native americans communists for living in harmony with the land ? no.

Technology can be a great adventure for those who use it wisely . but if ET had any bad intentions here , we would have wiped you out a long time ago .A few clean burning nukes and you would know no more .

there are bad ET's out there and a few that have conned certain governements on this planet to get a foothold but we hold the line .

posted on Dec, 8 2008 @ 11:25 PM
reply to post by reconpilot
there are a few of us here that do care and freely give help when needed, recon, just as I see all the deceit and greed, the lies and stranglehold placed upon us by the PTB, and I want out; I am working real hard on not being a part of the system, to look inside and find my answers;

one day I will live off the grid, don't need a phone, don't have any credit cards or any need for them, just have to finish dealing with the system and then I will walk away from it;

I would love to live as my ancestors did, in a wigwam.

I have read and re-read almost all of your posts, am researching the hints and clues you have dropped, and check often for your next post;

most humans are self-centered, spiteful, prejudiced, and anal retentive, and do need to acept and deal with the fact we are all one people;

and some will probably call you and me both communists, for I see no reason why all things should not be available either for the asking, fair trade, or some equitable trade.

I do thank you for your efforts, and for putting up with most of the ones here that bash at you; to me they are very good examples why we are in the shape we are in, and how we shouldn't be.

I don't know that we shall ever meet, but I must say that you will always be welcome at my fire, will always have a helping hand when you need it.

hopefully I will get to see one of your ships and go for a ride one day, preferably after your date with enki is accomplished.

any advice to an older human trying to become fully awake? I have no enemies and do my best to stay away from all the negativity, just smile at them and let them voice their crap because I am not like them and won't play the game.

again, thanks.


posted on Dec, 8 2008 @ 11:43 PM
reply to post by ashamedamerican

Good for you ! Now thats what I like to hear . hard nosed no nonsense questions.

Okay ,let me answer your question by asking one ? would you prefer to be free to make your own mistakes or have your freedom micro managed by a bunch of all powerfull ET's ?. That has happened in the past and it did not turn out nice .

To the limits of our ability we do our best to intervene positively in human affairs on a daily basis BUT since your 'united nations' refuses to acknowledge our presence (for fear of loss of power and overarching international crediblity ) we have to do things on the sly as it were .

We support many charities directly with personel and supplies including armed protection . Medicines sans frontiers is a good example . now of course they are not going to go public about that for fear of reprisals from your crooked intelligence agencies who have a vested interest in destruction and resource theft . but we are out there everyday doing what we can DESPITE POLITICAL OPPOSITION FROM YOUR GOVERNEMENTS AT EVERY TURN . You humans voted for these crooked bastards ,not us .

On a personal level I can tell you NO ALTAIRIAN WOULD EVER SUFFER TO SEE ANY INNOCENT WOMEN OR CHILDREN ABUSED IF THEY COULD PERSONALLY INTERVENE. We are intervening in IRAQ on an ongoing basis .We intervened when your damn military tested its latest bio weapon on a remote iraqi village . We are disrupting your supply lines to keep you bastards in check mate and we STOMPED ON YOUR US BACKED INVASION OF SOUTH OSSETIA QUICK SMART . you got a problem with that ? The russians dont have the ablity to whomp your arse that quick . They asked for our help .We obliged because YOU were commiting genocide on innocent women and children .
Oh yeah ,never mind the bloody insurgents. If your gov wants an unjust war now, we show them what a REAL special forces unit can do.
Thats why ,unlike the US ,the australian army has only one casualty so far in Iraq . now of course your special forces are friendly firing on OUR TROOPS in afghanistan .

The fact remains though that in allowing humans a chance to practice democracy ,they abuse its mechanisms at every concievable turn then expect the aliens they refuse to acknowledge existing to fix their S HAICH 1 T FOR THEM !

so you see we are damned if we do and damned if we dont . give humans freedom of choice and they choose to kill rape and destroy .
There are many in the alliance who could quite reasonably argue and do ,that we should nuke this planet and be done with the bloody lot of you for all the thanks we get .

We suplied the tech and know how to defeat hitler . We used OUR squadrons and pilots to take out the nazi's heavy water plants and the vector to deliver them ,the rocket program . Now you think how that war would have ended if they got nukes in to those v2's ?. WE were the dambusters squadron . My family drove the developement of the spitfire ,mosquito and other superior aircraft to check mate the luftwaffe .
Fascism would be total on this planet already without our intervention my friend , be sure of that . But your governments foment war deliberately in order to harvest our tech ,or try to ,when we intervene .
So get wise and get real . You cant have it both ways .

In military histories we are obliquely reffered to as the 'internationals'. Sometimes we are alluded to more directly .you will find references to 'warbirds ' intervening in an engagement and pilots hastily calling off their attack against 'vastly superior fire power'. Well they got that much right .
do you really think all reports of foo fighters from your pilots were just bogus ?

trouble is , you humans cant handle freedom ,you cant handle responsiblity and you sure as hell cant handle power .

posted on Dec, 9 2008 @ 01:40 AM

Originally posted by reconpilot
reply to post by ashamedamerican

trouble is , you humans cant handle freedom ,you cant handle responsiblity and you sure as hell cant handle power .

shenanigans, you austr-aliens seem incapable of understanding that you cant refer to an entire race/civilazation as to being all the same. complete malarky.

personally i take offence to being thrown in with the rest of the greedy corrupt back-stabbing piss ants. sure i make my mistakes, and i will own up to MY mistakes. when satan sells snow cones, then i will be your definition of " human ", a unfair interpretation if you ask me.i cannot undo the reality that my ancestors have created.

who are my ancestors? the " pilgrims are my ancestors, the native americans are also my ancestors.i am most proud of my native american ancestors, i have never felt such peace as when i have the opportunity to be around those people. it is my native american blood, albeit a small part of my blood, that shouts the loudest. that is why i want to live like they did and i absolutely despise the current situation in america. they did not go down without a fight.

i have had many friends over the years, only to have them show their true colors. just like my ancestors, i have helped people with no personal gain, only to be stabbed in the back. i only have family, they are all i really need, and i know they will never turn their back on me.

this post is probably coming off as mindless ramble, please excuse me. sometimes its hard for me to put my thoughts into words. in large part to my " gift " if you will. i have never been one for words, i prefer action.

posted on Dec, 9 2008 @ 03:32 AM
reply to post by pureevil81

Okay ,I get carried away sometimes . There are humans and there are humans . The questions is when will enough of you start being humane ?

you people dont realise how much damage was done by Enki in the past and you need to address your failings while there is still time . Americans have to demonstrate a willingness to confront their identity and rebuild it without all that gun slingin' ,# kickin' ,injun killin ,frontier vandalism . I mean How retarded was Bush ? He's the laughing stock of presidents everywhere else along with that Moron Reagan . How the hell could anyone in their right mind vote for these idiots ? Cowboy diplomacy .
Might is right .My country right or wrong ! does that logic allow your gov to murder countless thousand of iraqi civilians for oil? Napalm innocent villagers in vietnam , Nuke non strategic nagasaki/hiroshima? Its bull# .

The only reason we did not intervene in the Nuking of japan is so we could legaly intervene in earths affairs on a much larger scale than was allowed before. A bitter pill to swallow especially after watching that swaggering jerk Macarthur with his combover haircut take all the credit for victory in the pacific. He was an incompetant ego driven idiot who did not like to get his unifom dirty , just like bloody westmoreland .

I was always recognised by the native americans when I was in the US .
I got very emotional at the last pow wow I went to because so much valuable genetic heritage was lost to the white mans greed . Genocidal tendencies are imprinted in the 'American way '. Thats not to say a lot of white people are not aware of it , but when will they apologise ? When will they get off their hypocritical moral majority hobby horse and cut the crap ?
Its taken a long time for white australia to do so but they finally did .
True altairians are only about 10% of the population of OZ . We cop it from the whites in Oz . We get harrased , we get buggered around . But humans know they can only push us so far and they are cowards when it really comes down to it . Its been an uphill battle to redefine and refine the aussie identity and get it beyond the lurking racism that the previous PM encouraged . He did everything he could to sell out Australia's soveriegnty to the US . Little Johnny . Im glad that treacherous little asshole is gone .

And that arrogance and greed still drives the american psyche . It drives her foriegn policy , it drives her corporations to horrific excess.
And look at the jews in palestine commiting the same atrocities that they complain about being handed out to them in the past .

It always comes back to religion doesnt it ? My gods better than your god . In god we trust . Thats the problem . 'god' is not trustworthy . He invented all these conflicting religions to keep humans fighting amongst themselves .

As long as you build your identity around color, race, nationality , you will continue to be a pawn . Patriotism is all about giving an excuse to kill in gods name .And the US gov does in fact kill in gods name and for his hidden agenda . not you personally PE , but you know, im talking in the general sense .

Its going to take enough ashamed americans to put things right before its to late . I hope to heaven its not .

posted on Dec, 9 2008 @ 03:40 AM
reply to post by ashamedamerican

Who do you think was behind the film V for Vendetta ?. Its no accident that Stephen fry , who played a major role in that film is the script writer for the dambusters remake due out in a year or two .

Its also no accident that he bears an astonishing resemblance to Oscar Wilde .

When asked about playing the lead role in a film about Him, stephen fry quiped to Parkinson 'its the role I was born to play' ! parkinson smiled knowingly of course .

posted on Dec, 9 2008 @ 10:57 AM
The best way to get answers is to ask INTELLIGENT questions . So lets have a dot joining session and see where it leads us.

Why is there such a blackout on news coverage in Iraq now and what happened to all those 'heroic' embedded reporters 'telling it like it is' ?

well why do you think ?

Why is their a gag order on all returning servicemen and women from Iraq ? Is it because they have seen stuff thats a little hard to pin on regular iraqi insurgents ? Stuff like convoys dissapearing in to thin air while blackwater thugs start shooting up innocent civilians . Hmmmm.

Why are they stopping servicemen from going home at all ? because some of these boys have seen things that 'dont exist' and they dont want them claiming disability or talking to much to the folks back home . So these poor kids are driven to the point of suicide DELIBERATELY .

What happened to America , the worlds only super power and beacon of democracy ? You know ,the one that uses extraordinary rendition around the globe and ignores national soveriegnty . The beacon of democracy that tortures civilians without any rights at all . Leaves them to rot in guantanomo for years and years without a fair trial .
Who do you think leaked those pictures out of abu graib ? yep, you can blame that on us aliens !

Oh yes ,you can blame us for all sorts of naughty interventions that embarass your vile governement . You can blame us for cleaning the solar cells on your mars rover . You can blame us for all sorts of bad bad things .

You can blame us for cleaning up the worst of the nuclear fallout after bombing nagasaki/hiroshima so that at least the people could live there again .

So instead of looking for half baked reasons to blame ET for not existing and putting things right for you when you screw up , how about taking responsibility for your own stupidity for once . Everyday , humans empower the very people that screw them over so they can have something to complain about . You love being victims . It makes you feel less guilty about being perps then .

And this is how your god plays you. Over and over again . And we are forced to watch you ,over and over again ,making the same stupid mistakes , fixing it without any thanks so you can start over on the next hapless victim of 'democracy'.

We are not using you .You are using US .

Do you want to know why people have been found dissolved in barrels of concentrated sulphuric acid ? Thats your intelligence agencies trying to isolate nanotech from our people they capture . Extraordinary rendition makes that okay ! Oh yeah , it makes a lot of things 'okay' .

America , home of the brave ,land of the free . How hollow do you think that sounds to everyone who's lives have been destroyed by US foriegn policy ?

So when I see some stupid human starting a thread that says we cant trust ET anymore , Im thinking go chanel a river of tears you silly self righteous fool. New agers ! Go cuddle a dolphin .No better not ,they are alien in origin too. Where's a poor little ole me victim to go these days for sympathy ? Dont try god ,he's to busy trying to save his own skin by sacrificing yours .

Funny isnt it ? how you expect us to clean your diapers for you while you refuse to grow up and dump the same load in your shorts for us .AGAIN .


So this is why in practice , contact with humans rarely works out . you ask us for answers to your problems. We tell you what the problem is and you go in to denial . Because you are used to praying to god to fix it when you screw it up . 'I said im sorry daddy' . Well sorry does not work when you refuse to learn from your mistakes .

Your 'god the father' does not care about you .deal with it and move on .

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