The Great King of Terror would erase entire cities of the earth face with burning new suns

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posted on Apr, 5 2013 @ 01:58 PM
reply to post by The angel of light

The King of Terror can be just a metaphor used by Mitchel of Nostradamus to refer to the fall on earth of an evil spirit, one of the more dark of the negative forces that came to this planet to boost a sequence of wars around terrorism.

If you check carefully the quatrain that I quoted, Mars is also a symbol as it is the King of Mongols, they represent the spirit of generalized war, the pagan god of war and a leader that became famous in History to have spread war along all the ancient world, created an empire based on the conquering power of mercenaries. However, pay attention to this point: Why Nostradamus linked Terrorism with mongols? in his original text he never mentioned Genghis Khan, that was added by John Hogue translation, so could the seer of Provence instead to be evoking the past to have seen in advance that in future, our time, a far east leader might be the leader of a new wave of terrorism for the world?

One way to see this is to propose that The King of Terror might not be a specific human being, but certainly it acts through human beings, for that reason it is even more dangerous than anything else. In other words, is a so powerful evil spirit that have arrived to earth to give great decisive battles against God, looking for the condemnation of the entire human genre. We are in time of drought and recession along the world, not just political conflicts, so are we really dealing with some Human or a supernatural enemy?

This same terrible paranormal phenomenon have occurred many times in the past, and at least two more times in the second millennium after Christ, and Nostradamus decided to call of them as the Antichrists, since he didn't have any other word that better describe its terrible power and evil character.

However, there is also the point of view that claim that independently of the effect of this evil spirits along history, there are indeed human leaders that might be called Antichrists, since they represent precisely incarnations of Satan. In other words, in a similar way that God decided to incarnate in Jesus, Satan has decided to come to this world in human condition.

If that is the case, this powerful evil incarnation might also be announced through astronomical events, as it happened with The divine one of Jesus Christ. Curiously 1983, the year in which supposedly Kin Jong Un was born, coincide too with a triple planetary conjunction in between Jupiter and Uranus occurred that year:
Pls read:

So can be Kin Jong Un the last and definitive or maximum expression of The Third Antichrist archetype announced by Nostradamus? or another powerful figure that is going to complete his unfinished Job?

Remember that also Nostradamus prevent us of a terrible time to come at the death of MABUS, time of war and crisis.

This MABUS is a figure that for some scholars is considered as the Third Antichrist or one of his most powerful allies. I am under the impression that MABUS was the fundamentalist Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez, if this is correct we should be in a year when a great War can start.

The point of view of John Hogue, from its translation of the quatrain seems to refer to a cyclic arrival a long history of leaders that represent terrible wars for humanity, as it happened with the invasion of the Barbarians against the Roman empire, the invasion of Genghis Khan toward the civilized world, attacking all the great civilizations of his time( India, China, Persia, Russia).

In modern History, Nostradamus identified 3 terrible moments in which these evil spirits would come:
1) The Napoleon Bonaparte era, started with the terrible French Revolution, the bloody terror regime of Robespierre and ended with the spread of wars along North Africa, Russia, Europe and America in that epoch. Few recall that the independence of the Americas occurred as part of that mega conflict, and Bolivar was for Napoleon what Chavez has been for Kim Jong un.
2) The virulent Communism and the inhuman Fascism: when the worst murderers of the History all were acting at the same time : Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Francisco Franco, Benito Mussolini, Mao Tse Tung, Emperor Hirohito.
3) This time, with terrible figures obsessed with the idea to spread war by means of Terrorism, like Bin Laden, Hugo Chavez, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Kim Jong Un and a lot of fundamentalisms that are present in many parts of the world.

Nostradamus tell us that there would be 3 major world conflicts , the worst ones of History, in just one century, many believed it was going to be the XX century, but I claim that it is the one that began in July of 1914 until the respective same month of the next year.

The Angel of Lightness

posted on Apr, 5 2013 @ 03:18 PM
reply to post by The angel of light

You have indeed seen much.

The terrorism of the 2nd trumpet of Revelation is your vision this day.

Judah (Tel Aviv), Ephraim (London), Rueben (Paris), Issacar (Geneva), and Mennesah (NYC, Washington DC, Philidelphia, LA, SF, Houston, Seattle) have all been mentioned by name in your OP.

Trumpets 2-4 are against the modern day nations of Israel (12 tribes, not only Judah) and they cumulatively result in the loss of their ability to govern themselves.

Terrorism at port, US and European port city small scale nuclear device detonation = 2nd trumpet.

You have seen much of what is to come. But to desire it not coming to to show how much of God's plan that has yet to be given unto you at this time. But soon God will offer deliverance from the bondage of this age (spiritual Egypt) and into the blessings of the age to come (promised land).

What is about to take place is the true EXODUS, of which Moses and the Israelites were only a type.

God Bless,

posted on Apr, 5 2013 @ 04:24 PM
reply to post by The angel of light

Hi interesting post but the truth is that I have read the same predictions in a number of books that came out in the 70s or so.

Some of what you are saying are the words of other prophets, Divine messenger, its just not many people have seen it.

Just to add. Was just going over your post again and realized quite clearly that you are NOT a prophet. You may have read a few books , observed world events and made up your own theory based on others. A prophet would speak with authority and .... that's the other part you left out (im not gonna mention it)

Some truth can always be fabricated

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was going over your post again, yes it has sparked some interest. Actually a vey good post, quite thought provoking and possible more truth in it than most people would like to admit.

I would like to add, we should always be aware that in any difficult times, higher beings will rescue some people in some areas if the need be. Regardless of what others think, it is the truth.

Not a very positive post but seems to ring a bell somehow
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posted on Apr, 7 2013 @ 01:32 PM
reply to post by STARTRUTH49

Just a comment about your two interesting, but certainly contradictory posts in the thread:

If you want to see very original predictions posted with authority I would suggest to read some of my accomplished predictions on natural disasters, or economy.

Now the ones that refer to the spiritual path that we all the humanity are walking in this special time of tribulations of course are linked with the ones other seers or prophets that preceded me in time, but didn't mean that they were lack of originality, or repetition of the same, but complement them.

I think you must give a glance to some of other of my threads to get a correct impression on me. Lets begin with my predictions of Economy and natural disasters:

Pls check:

Let me remind you that no trully seer, no Prophet ever have worked alone in History, even Christ came with John the Baptist practically at a time, and each one of the ancient prophets were related in between them: (Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph) ; ( Moises, Josue); ( Elijah, Ezechiel); ( David, Solomon) etc etc.

Nostradamus spent many years of his youth studying Kabala and also Suphism, and that didn't make him a fake, but to the contrary part of the needed formation he required to developed his own skills, to get the necessary spiritual awakeness.

Here some of my predictions on the spiritual path the humanity is now walking:


The Angel of Lightness
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posted on Apr, 11 2013 @ 06:15 PM
reply to post by The angel of light

The Peace of God to all that belong to the Light,
Dear Readers,

I sincerely hate to say this, but new reports from the pentagon published today extensively in the media, clearly show that I was right when I forecasted that the US Intelligence was not really updated in their information about the real level of advance of the Nuclear missiles program of North Korea.

With the new revelations it is clear that, as I predicted in April 5th 2013, North Korea represents a real danger for all the north far east region and even for ultramarine territories of the US that are relatively close to Japan and to Philipines.

This news coincide to the celebration in North Korea of a new aniversary of the arrival of the Kim dinasty to the power. Also more revelations show today that there are clear ties in between North Korea missiles program and Iran, something I also predicted it was going to be found.

Pls read:


The Angel of Lightness
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posted on Apr, 20 2013 @ 08:44 PM
reply to post by The angel of light

The Peace of God to all that belong to the light,
Dear Readers,

The increasing international tension together with the terrorist bombing in Boston, is showing a situation that is several times more worrying than what we had weeks ago.

This event has shown that there are extremist groups that have built an evil axis that is determined to carry very violent acts in American soil, and not precisely only in very distant ultra ocean territories, but even in big and dense populated metropolis.

I do not want to be the predictor a major national calamity, but honestly I am seeing a spiral of uncontrollable violence coming against America with incredible strength, something that may take by surprise our own intelligence agencies.

There is now a clear picture of what enemy are we dealing with, we are confronted with an extremely dangerous combination of dark forces: The Terror Axis Chenya- Iran- North Korea.

North Korea has undoubtful Nuclear bombs power, Iran has perhaps one of the most advanced missiles programs of middle east, and Chenya has refinated along many years of conflict with Russia the most machiavelian terrorist tactics.

I am afraid that this can be the moment longly predicted by Nostradamus to bring devastation of war in America.

Thanks, for your attention, '

The Angel of Lightness

Mitchel of Nostradamus, IV Quatrain
The valiant elder son of the King's daughter,
He will hurl back the Celts very far,
Such that he will cast thunderbolts, so many in such an array
Few and distant, then deep into the Hesperias.

From the celestial fire on the Royal edifice,
When the light of Mars will go out,
Seven months great war, people dead through evil
Rouen, Evreux the King will not fail.

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posted on Apr, 20 2013 @ 08:51 PM
reply to post by The angel of light

If we believe what Nostradamus is warning to us , this incoming generalized conflict will not affect only America, is perhaps going to be worst for Europe, especially the mediterranean countries: Italy, Greece, Spain, France

Pls read:

Mitchel of Nostradamus VI Quatrain,
The device of flying fire
Will come to trouble the great besieged chief:
Within there will be such sedition
That the profligate ones will be in despair.

Near the Bear and close to the white wool,
Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Virgo,
Mars, Jupiter, the Sun will burn a great plain,
Woods and cities letters hidden in the candle.

Neither good nor evil through terrestrial battle
Will reach the confines of Perugia,
Pisa to rebel, Florence to see an evil existence,
King by night wounded on a mule with black housing.

One thing is sure, the devastating military power he is describing is not the one of conventional weapons, it is likely to be of Nuclear artifacts.

Thanks for your attention,

The Angel of Lightness

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posted on Sep, 6 2013 @ 01:08 PM
reply to post by The angel of light

The Peace of God to all that belong to the Light,
Dear Readers,

I sincerely think President Obama must act with absolute prudence before to go in a war in Syria, also consider carefully the possibility that his intervention in that regional conflict could trigger a new terrorist wave of incredible proportions against the US.

Now, I am myself perceiving a great risk on that projected attack over Syria, something big is coming, and I am afraid that the event will be of a terrible dimension, possibly as big or even worst than what we saw in September of 2001.

Trying to verify if my feelings are going in the correct direction, I found this news posted weeks ago in the web:

I know it is very alarming, and seems like apocalyptic perspective, but the international tensions are now so high around a possible American intervention in Syria.

According with that article, Al-Qaeda might have running a nuclear terrorist plan to be performed over NYC, Boston, Houston, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami and Washington DC.

I am feeling that we are approaching in a so fast pace to the accomplishment of the vision I had years ago that caused I opened this thread.

Today there is even a clear menace of terrorism not only from Al-Qaida but from Iran:

The intelligence agencies are feeling also a high risk of another Sept 11 look like attack:

We know that terrorists are planning something big against US targets in Middle east,

But how about US Main land?

Here a report of suspicious people traveling to Las Vegas in the last weeks:

Is anybody else here feeling the same I am perceiving? lets try to exchange impressions.


The Angel of Lightness
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