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The Great King of Terror would erase entire cities of the earth face with burning new suns

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posted on Oct, 20 2008 @ 05:27 PM
AOL, while i understand you, and what your intentions are, any other president who turns their head away from "trouble" and gets caught off guard, will be doing so on purpose.

Wait, answer me this, why would foreign terrorists want to destroy us when the whole world is rooting for a Democrat???? Maybe i am just not equiped to understand it all, but, now that the bad administration will be leaving, why now????

The powers that be? The NWO? Aliens? A McCain win i could see the show of force but not a Democrat.


Au revoir, mon ami

posted on Oct, 20 2008 @ 06:40 PM

Originally posted by The angel of light
By the way I don't share the so high Opinion that clearly you have about yourself to think that I am going to waste my time and my attention in the so fool task to follow your games about guessing what color is the one you are using this week in your hair or so? You don't deserve any attention of any serious member of ATS or BTS with such a comments!

Okay, I noticed that you changed some things and edited your post while or after I had replied, so I'll reply to them as they have changed.

I'll start from the first sentence and work my way down.

1.) I have no opinions about myself or about others, I live to know myself and others and I know to live myself. My life is knowledge. I don't like opinions, assumptions or speculations, although there is a very, very rare occasion where I may just throw one out for fun in a comedic manner.
2.) I don't change my hair color from week to week. My hair is orange by the way, and no, you didn't know that.
3.) It's interesting to see you dictating who should pay attention to me or not and for what reasons.

You need a lot of therapy to control that superiority complex, or perhaps it is an inferiority one so astutely covered by a so arrogant camouflage, and of course of a professional psychiatrist or Psychologist and not of yourself, since it is clear that in your delirium you think to be also Therapist to be offering here counseling with your so cheap comments.

1.) Or perhaps it's neither and I'm simply here inducing logic and reality on your psychic visions from God, Angel of Light. Angel of Light of God (that has no superiority complex?), what type of therapy and psychology would you suggest? I;d be more than glad to converse with you on the issues to see just how knowledgeable you are in these fields of personable neurology.
2.) Since my delirium is so clear, could you please show me where I have stated that I think that I am a therapist offering counseling with my "cheap comments"?

Here's the truth. You don't like my comments because they take away from your superiority complex while making 100% sense.

I never expected a psychic Angel of Light from God to be so off the mark with its conclusion of my person and so angry and defensive and presumptuous about who I am and what I do.

P.s. You're no different than the rest of us here, you're making something of nothing, but it's easy and obvious to notice and pick apart.

Oh, and if you go back and read my initial reply you'll see that I also mention that I'm no higher nor more special than anyone else. Your assumptions are way off and the way you dictate who should pay attention to me or not is quite laughable, has no logic behind it, and means nothing to me and I'd assume not much to anyone else seeing how many stars my first post received.

By the way, I don't like or dislike you, I'm just applying logic to the information that you have been providing.

If you'd just allow and realize yourself to be psychically equal with us we could probably have some good conversations, but if this is what you prefer, preying on the weak minded, then so be it.

posted on Oct, 21 2008 @ 05:13 AM
The angel of light is mentally disturbed thats pretty easy to see. If you point out his/her flaws he just minces your words to make it sound like he's right in his delusional world.

I would just tell you all to ignore him and he will eventually go away but thats not the case. There are many threads started by him where he is the only person posting comments yet he talks like people are actually reading and waiting for his responses.

This is obviously the only thing in this guys life that keeps him goin because anyone with half a social life wouldnt spend it on a forum talking to nobody but himself.

posted on Oct, 21 2008 @ 12:00 PM
reply to post by BucketheadKFC There are many threads started by him where he is the only person posting comments yet he talks like people are actually reading and waiting for his responses.



Let me say first that of course you are the master of the liars, if not how can you explain such amount of replies here of other "imaginary members" , are you also telling to such "imaginary beings" to ignore or to don't ignore me? since if that is the case you would be writing here for yourself.

Excuse me but it looks that you are not thinking in very logical way after all, your argument is plenty of contradictions. I would suggest you politely to visit a therapist that help you to put order in your ideas.

It looks that now BTS and ATS is the place in which any body can pretend to be psychologist or psychiatrist to classify the people that he or she does not like or understand as mental disturbed.

It is an irony that when many people say that there is no longer freedom in this country to express ideas, supposedly due to official repression, precisely is the common people the one that promote the worst type of censure, based on the lowest possible attacks.

First at all my dear let me remind to you that in this country there are still laws to obey, that America is a nation with a very long tradition of rule of Law and any person that pretend to be professional of the health must accredit it before to try to perform like that, other wise is a crime.

By other side your comments are so far of the way in which a professional diagnostic can be done, Non serious Professional of mental Health could publish such a commentary ignoring a lot of accomplished facts that support the claim that I have shown psychic skills during two years in BTS and ATS, that is objective evidence, not mere game of words like yours.

Your words only reflect your own personal dislikes and frustrations about the impossibility that not all the people think exactly in your same skeptical line and are limited by your same particular condition.

A think you have also a memory problem, so let me refresh a little it, that before you there were other so dared members trying to harass me with similar arguments and the consequence of a series of previous personal attacks, plenty of venom, like this one, is that all of them were banned by the own administration of BTS for inappropriate participation in my threads.

I suggest you to read carefully the policies of BTS and ATS before to continue using the tongue or the keyword in the so irresponsible way you are doing now.

The Angel of Lightness

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posted on Oct, 21 2008 @ 12:34 PM
reply to post by dgtempe Wait, answer me this, why would foreign terrorists want to destroy us when the whole world is rooting for a Democrat???? Maybe i am just not equiped to understand it all, but, now that the bad administration will be leaving, why now????

Dear Dgtempe,

The reason of all this hate and violence against America is of course the consequence of a very large sequence of mistakes committed during many years, not only during the last administration.

America is the land of freedom and democracy but ironically is also the one that has promoted in more opportunities along the History international conflicts.

To say that Bush is the only one that has done a so unfair attack over other country, like the one in which thousands of innocent people were killed and their homes destroyed in Iraq to defeat a dictator can be a grave error.

There are many examples in the past, and certainly were committed by Presidents of both political parties, not only the Republican one:

- Invasion of Mexico in 1848 to supposedly to defeat the rule of the Dictator Antonio Lopez of SantaAna but that finished with the annexion of half of that country to the United States, ordered by the Democratic President Polk.

- Inappropriate promotion of the Panamanian revolution of 1903 supposedly to release the isthmus from the oppression of the Columbian Civil war but finished with the invasion of the Canal Zone by the Republican president Roosevelt.

- Invasion to Cuba, Puerto rico , Philippines and Guam Islands supposedly to promote the independence with respect to Spain but that finish by annexing the majority of those territories to the USA, ordered by the Republican President Mckinley.

- The coward Nuclear Attack over Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the end of WWII, one of the most horrendous genocides of the History, when either Italy or Germany were already defeated by the allies and Japan was clearly looking for the way to finish the war, ordered by the Democratic President Truman.

So this problem is not new, is not also of a particular President, is a line of thinking and a political current that is responsible of many of the most dark pages of the American History, like the one related with the assassination of a President of USA that was clearly opposed to begin a War in Indochina, John F Kennedy, or his brother that was winning a Presidential campaign against the Vietnam war.

To say that George W Bush is a isolated case in the American History is not true, to say that it was the only one to declare a war that cannot be win, is not also true, there is another one, also Texan, Lyndon B. Johnson that did the same but he was democratic. There is no big difference between the arrogance of Bush invading Iraq against the decision of United Nations that the one shown by Johnson ordered the entering of the navy destroyers in the Tonkin gulf just to create an incident that can justify a war, a war that became also in disaster.

So many things must change to get the peace and tranquility that we must lost in the world, a genuine change of attitude is needed in many parts, not only among the enemies of USA, but the question is that while that occur is so difficult to live without an efficient national security system preventing terrorist acts, so my position is to be idealist but also practical.

I share with you the idea that great part of the world is now in Democracy but unfortunately there are serious problems not only in America, also in SouthAmerica where a false social revolution promoted by Hugo Chavez is practically founded another despotic regime like the Soviet Union but in the western Hemisphere. Also there is islamic fanatism and zionism and both are so dangerous forces that wants to push the world to the abbyss.

The new administration has the great challenge to change the international policy of America but also to preserve the security, to don’t relax the watching of the borders and the airports; otherwise there will be by sure terrible consequences to affront.

Again this advise is the same who ever could be the President elected of November 2008, I am possibly the last one interested to do campaign in favor of John McCain.

Thanks for your commentaries,

Your friend,

The Angel of Lightness

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posted on Oct, 21 2008 @ 12:51 PM
reply to post by 12.21.12 So you are in favor of warrantless search and seizures? Complete invasion of privacy and a totalirian police state? In the name of Globablism?

Dear 12.21.12

Not at all, I am not in favor of the invasion of the privacy or any violation of the human rights, that is something that I reject definitevely.

However, to pretend that in time of war we can continue living like in the middle of a party or carnival or that the terrorists can be treated as nuns of the Holy Sacrament or members of the Salvation army is not intelligent and let me say that so risky for all of us.

I have been all the time, since my first thread in the spring of 2007 in BTS a constant critic of the Globalism, and I have shown several times that it is not only a non functional economical model responsible of the severe recession that we have at present, and if it is not stopped on time probably of the incoming depression, but also that is a non Christian system based only in the uncontroled ambition of money.

Pls read my other replies here to be sure to understand my position.

thanks for your participation in the thread,

The Angel of lightness

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posted on Oct, 21 2008 @ 12:55 PM
reply to post by bobafett I'm curious, when you mention Nostrodamus, what quatrains are you interested in for this? I vaguely remember the King of Terror one, but i thought that date was 1999?

Please Bobafett check my second reply in this thread. There are various interesting links that I posted with the respective quatrains of Nostradamus, interpreted by different researchers.

In those quatrains you can see clearly how the Prophet of France is warning about nuclear attacks not only in America but in many other nations in the begining of the WWIII.

thanks for your interest in this thread,

The Angel of Lightness

posted on Oct, 21 2008 @ 01:54 PM
reply to post by bobafett C10 Q72

Even with the usual excuses of the dates being slightly out, most Nostradamus 'scholars' don't see it stretching as far as 2008, so I don't understand the relevance of the King of Terror to this current 'prophecy'


Hi Bobafett again,

Excuse me but I think Mitchell of Nostradamus does not require such apologize, he knew very well what he was talking about when he wrote that quatrain.

On 1999 many of the protagonists of the current so conflictive international situation that is known by the Historians as the terrorism wars were arriving to the power:

- At the end of that year Vladimir Putin became President with the resignation of Boris Yeltsin at the end of December. Putin was previously Prime Minister but it was in that position just only from August of the same year, so literally his career to the power was meteoric!

- At the middle of that year George W. Bush started his political campaign to be first Republican Nominee to the Presidence.

- On July 1999, the seventh month of that year, Hugo Chavez won the referendum that officially approved the Bolivarian Constitution of Venezuela, so it is the official birth date of that regime.

- At the fall of 1999 the Taliban regime of Afghanistan started the most radical repression to other religions and ethincal groups in that country, we all remember the destruction with TNT explosions of ancient janaism and Budism sanctuaries that could not be stopped with the protests of Unesco.

- Also is in 1999 that the new Chinese goverment started to rule, replacing the old political guard, but also it was the last territorial expansion of the Peoples Republic with the annexion of the old British protectorate of Hong Kong and the Portuguese colony of Macau. That same year on November it was launched the first Shenzhou spacecraft, the entering of China to the space race.

Summer and Fall of 1999 was plently of so violent events or terrorist acts around the world:

- on August 11th an F-2 tornado rips through downtown Salt Lake City, Utah, killing one person and injuring over 100.

-on Sept 7th it was the First of a series of Russian apartment bombings. Subsequent bombings occurred on September 1 and September 16, while a bombing on September 22 failed.

- October 27 - Gunmen open fire in the Armenian parliament killing Prime Minister Vazgen Sargsyan, Parliament Chairman Karen Demirchyan and 6 other members.

- November 28 - A man wielding a samurai sword enters St Andrews Catholic Church in Thornton Heath and injures 11

- On december of 1999 was the disarmament crisis in Iraq, a confrontation between Sadam Hussein and inspectors of UN.

- In that same month in spain, the caravan of death is remembered as s series of frustrated attempts of ETA to exploide bomb cars in different cities of the country, all of them were fortunately prevented by the police.

Besides all those facts that were clear premonitions of our current terrorist era, on 1999 it was the nearest position of mars toward the earth in the History.

At the fall of 1999 the red planet appeared so brilliant in the sky that was clearly distinguishable of any other star, and during all the following year could be visible various times so near the Crecent Moon and from many points of the earth it looked together with our satellite as the famous islamic celestial simbol that according with the muslim prophecies is going to preceed a renaicense of the Islam.

The same pheonomenon but with mars sensible more distant repeated at the end of 2005 and begining of 2006 after the occurence of invasions of Iraq and afghanistan.

It is very well known in ancient astrology that Mars is the regent planet of the war, so it is quite sure that Nostradamus mentioned this astronomical event in connection with the incoming international conflict of our times.

Please chck that at:

thanks for your Participation in the thread,

The Angel of Lightness

In the year 1999 and seven months (July or September of 1999)
The great King of Terror ( Mars anounced the incoming terrorism war)
will come from the sky ( just the the proximity in the orbits)
He will bring back Ghengis Khan (The alliance Shiite Islam - North Corea- China- Caribbean King(Chavez) will dominate the World soon)
Before and after war rules happily. (the various wars we have now)

C10 Q72, Mitchell of Nostradamus

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posted on Oct, 21 2008 @ 05:01 PM
reply to post by The angel of light

Wars rumours of wars ten heads, seven horns, the earth will shake blah blah.

There has recently been giant catfish eating indians and also red rain in india, anyone out there predict that.

Tomorrow my son willl have cheese sandwiches once again and christmas shopping will be ruined by terror alerts from the government terror team.

Normally I have a reasonably normal intelligent response to anyone who U2U s me but tonight the best I can do is

posted on Oct, 21 2008 @ 05:15 PM
reply to post by star in a jar If you truly believed in bringing in light to people you would not endorse such an increase in security in an age when borders should be coming down.


Hi Star in a jar,

Unfortunately borders are down only for the great Capital interest, that is part of the globalism rethoric, for the common people like the workers and migrants are probably more close than any other previous time in the History.

There are many voices in the American Congress urging for the contruction of a wall with Mexico that does not differ in any aspect with the famous berlin wall that Kennedy & Reagan Codemned with vary famous speechs in their respetive epochs.

Also let me see that if the wall with Mexico is finally built would be probably the only human construction that can compete with the Great Chinese wall, that is still with the piramids of Egypt the only human buldings that are visible from the surface of the moon.

Kennedy said in his memorable speech in 1962 that America and the Free world didnt need to close the people to maintain them in their countries, so now what could say a future President of USA about this new Mexican Wall?

You are quite right in the sense that justice is the trully solution of the current problems of the world but unfortunately the chain of mistakes commited during so long time has produced a lot of enemisties, that the work of the new President trying to show a new face of America and convince the world of his trully good will intentions will be like the atempt of the liar young shepard of the so famous tale when finally the wolf really came for the ewes.

thanks for your participation in this thread,

The Angel of Lightness

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posted on Oct, 21 2008 @ 06:47 PM

Thank you for your reply. I can understand what you are saying. You scare the crap out of me.
Forgive me if i'm a little slow, i guess i've just always had the perfect childhood, the perfect parents, everything has always been good for me, most of the time.
I'm having a great deal of difficulty in taking all this in. Its a very rude awakening and a very scarey one to see "THE GREAT KING OF TERROR WILL ERASE ENTIRE CITIES"........

Now, do you think these are missiles aimed at us??? Or do you think its coming from outter space????

I have to tell you that i've had great difficulty dealing with 8 years of Bush and his nonsense. The terror threats, and the fear, Nazi style. So if i sound like i dont beleive you, i guess i'm just growing into a bitter old lady and cynical from everything i have seen.

Could you tell me what your best guess is as to what the King of Terror could be??

Thank you.

posted on Oct, 22 2008 @ 03:18 PM
reply to post by dgtempe

Hi Dgtempe,

The sense of the phrase The Great King of Terror would erase entire cities of the earth face .... is that the new type of terrorism we care going to see is by using atomic bombs. Only an atomic bomb has the necessary power of massive destruction to cause this type of damage to an entire city in just seconds.

In the two atomic explosions of Hiroshima and Nagasaki about 150.000 persons died instantly and other 150.000 during the following three years as consequence of the remaining radioactivity. Of course those bombs are obsolete technology for the standards of our epoch and the two cities destroyed by them were small ones.

Now, If the bomb is launched through a missile, transported in a car or truck or carried in one of the bags or a traveler in an airplane it is completely irrelevant, the devastating effect would be exactly the same.

My personal impression, however, is that the nuclear artifacts that are going to be used for this purpose in some time probably since 2009 are going to be carried in some way toward the place in which they are going to explode, that is, through airplane, train, car, truck or bus.

I don't feel that we are now in the moment to have nuclear bombing or attack through missiles that could come later when there will be an open declared war between USA and countries that have that type of military technology like North Korea or Peoples Republic of China. I think to arrive to that point we must wait various years, but certainly according with Nostradamus could happen no later of 2012.

I have the impression that we are going to affront so soon these type of actions, as part of the terrorist strategy of international criminal organizations like Al-Qaida, Islamic Jihad, Hamas, or Hezbollah or other type of special extremist groups interested to involve more the USA in the middle east conflict like the Mossah, the israelian secret service, or the ultra right Jewish militias.

There are many sensible people around the world feeling the imminence of this type of terrorism since at least 5 years ago, so this is not only my personal impression or the one of the Russian famous psychic I mentioned before.

During the last 3 weeks. after I started to have these type of premonitions, I have been researching about how many people has felt this type of same feelings around the world and I found a lot of coincidences and extraordinary similarities among the impressions, visions, dreams and premonitions reported.

Let me mention just only as an example the following link:

In some sense one of my goals when I decided to open this thread was precisely to try to create a space of discussion of this business that allow us to complete the pieces of this puzzle to have a better and precise knowledge about how is going to happen this.

I believe that it is possible to prevent or change at least in part the course of the incoming facts if we could know in advance more about them, I don't believe in the predestination, the future can be changed with great effort but it is possible.

As many times I have told during the last two years we the psychics feel in general not a static and definitive future but the causal lines that are building in a very dynamic way it, The future is flexible, can be twisted, but that require a lot of discipline and will, requires also a lot of faith.

Thanks for your attention,

Your friend,

The Angel of Lightness

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posted on Nov, 27 2008 @ 12:09 AM
I will say just this... why feeling the need to argue about predictions. I know by experience that they don't always makes sense. It can happen, or not, for any reason, and it can make sense when it is said or not, if it does not make sense yet that does not mean that who is predicting is wrong... predictions should not be taken as opinion or something logical. It's just the way it's going to be and there is usually nothing we can do about it. And the reason why it can seems like it makes no sense is simply because we do not see how it could happen at the moment where its being said... we do not know.

But if you base your predictions on what you red or heard about and then try to make it seem like it makes sense because of this or that then expect people to argue...

LOL why even bother talking about it sometimes. Why being angry because of what we have no control over.

I have habilities wich I think are because I'm hypersensitive. But I ended up feeling drained and it changed nothing... except when I help friends to feel better wich even then... for some reason I end up left with a broken heart.

posted on May, 6 2011 @ 01:27 PM
reply to post by GoldenGirl

The Peace of God to all that belong to the light,
Dear Readers,

The recent death of Osama Bin Laden, the last reincarnation of the spirit of the so AntiChrist, has made me enter to a deep reflection of the facts that will carry on this event, and unfortunately what i am perceving is a terrible retaliation comming soon from the side of the supporters of these figure.

Bin Laden is nothing else that one of the most powerful reincarnations of the AntiChrist, a leader which death was clearly described by Nostradamus as follows:

Quatrain 2:62
Mabus then will soon die, there will come
Of people and beasts a horrible rout:
Then suddenly one will see vengeance,
Hundred, hand, thirst, hunger when the comet shall run.

So, my impressions are not merely subjective but also supported on what other famous psychics have seen in the past of this same personage.

It is really worrying to see that the death of Bin Laden have occured precisely in a Capital city of Pakistan, a country that has completly developed nuclear technology, and is no less grave that the goverment of that country has not yet a consistent explanation of what this terrorist leader was doing on that place.

The official message of Alqaeda recognizing the death of their leader also shows that the intention is to get a terrible revange:

Thanks for your attention,

The Angel of Lightness

posted on Apr, 3 2013 @ 08:26 PM
reply to post by The angel of light

The Peace of God to all that belong to the light,
Dear Readers,

After the death of Hugo Chavez Frias, the Venezuelan fundamentalist leader, we have the second of reincarnation of the evil spirit of the Antichrist already gone, but that does not mean necessarily that his role in History has ended, to the contrary, a new reincarnation of this terrible negative force is now working for the destruction of the world peace, and is going to be worst than the two previous ones we have already seen.

This third reincarnation of the Great King of the Terror, as it was described by the great seer, Michael of Nostradamus, the spirit of terror that descended from the space to our planet in between July and September of 1999, when Mars was in its closest position with respect to us, is the North Korean Leader, Kim Jong.

This terrible new megalomaniac is obsessed to use the nuclear power that he inherit from his father to detonate a war with America, through a devastating nuclear attack.

We are so close to witness this terrible event, when the American soil be the target again of an unmerciful and coward attack, that will make us to travel in time back to the days of Pearl Harbor in December of 1941, when another generation also thought that something like that was practically impossible to occur.

Of course today that the menaces of this mad man are circulating along all the media many could think that there is nothing of new in to predict that this might happen, but in this thread it was foretold since October of 2008, when even the leader of North Korea was Kim il Sung, who never dared to menace in the way his son is now doing the world order stability.

Please read:

Therefore, the so called Third AntiChrist predicted by Nostradamus is actually, as I have been claimed along the years of this thread, not a person but an evil force, an incredible powerful spirit of destruction, that is acting through three subsequent human incarnations: Osama bin Laden, Hugo Chavez and now Kim Jong.

Many interpreters of Nostradamus think that the Third Anti Christ is called in that way since he was going to come after Hitler and Napoleon, but it is also since he is not going to act only through just one incarnation, but through three.

In a sort of Evil Trinity this spirit will carry to the world the third major generalized international conflict that also Nostradamus predicted would have to occur in just one century: WWI , WWII , WW III

This will happen near the arrival of the centenary of the detonation of WWI , that is going to be in July 28th of 2014.

Pls read:

Thanks for your attention,

your friend,

The Angel of Lightness
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posted on Apr, 4 2013 @ 09:25 AM
reply to post by The angel of light

The Peace of God to all that belong to the Light,
Dear Readers,

Kim Jong Un is now showing to the world that he is planning to fix the tremendous economic crisis that his country is suffering internally through means of an activation of an external conflict, something really huge that will give momentum to his regime that otherwise might be eroded by the difficult circumstances boosted by the embargo.

We are confronted with an extremely young leader, he is now just 29 years old, with incredible power in his hands, and it is precisely his lack of maturity combined with such position of authority having a terrible nucler arsenal of missiles at hand what make him a really dangerous and extremely risky enemy, capable to pursue very bold actions.

My personal perception tells me that this is not just a empty menace, that he indeed has the clear intention to not only intimidate with rhetoric, but with effective military actions, and those plans are not reserved exclusively for a potential agression over South Korea.

The maximum alert that now is released in all the USA military forces in Korea and far east might be also extended to the entire Pacific, since the military technology the North Koreans have access now is perfectly able to reach American Territories in that Ocean.

Who thinks that their capability is not really so big than to reach more than some islands around North Korea are wrong, they are working in partnering with Iran, a country that we know by sure has medium reach missiles, the combination of the confirmed nuclear North Korean power with the achievements of the aerospace program of Iran.

It is true that the Iranian missiles probably are not able at present to reach American soil from its territory, but the geographic position of the Korean Peninsula is very different, at a distance that might good enough to allow an effective attack over islands or atolls like the ones located in many archipelagos as Marshall Islands, Guam, Marianes, Carolines, Samoa, Palau , Midway , the most western of Hawaii.

Here more reports of what is going on in Korea:

Thanks for your attention,

The Angel of Lightness

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posted on Apr, 4 2013 @ 10:49 AM
N Korea was among the 2002 nations declared as a " Axis of Evil "

but was removed from a list of Terror State supporters ...

...The current list of State Sponsors of Terrorism are Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria. International talks with North Korea in February 2007 paved the way for the removal of North Korea from the list of State Sponsors of Terrorism. Libya is being removed from the list in mid-2006. Syria is the oldest member of the list, having been placed there in 1979.

the king of terror is not AQ or bin Laden or NK, Libya, Syria or even Cuba or Iran

just ask---- whom is instrumental in causing all the Arab Springs like in Egypt, Libya now Syria and in the middle east/central Asia regions.... the USA of course under the cover of rebels or NATO justifications....

the USA commander-in-chief has a daily kill list authorized to target individuals to be blown up by Drone missiles now lets have those glasses cleaned...the actual king of terror has the wings of an eagle !

posted on Apr, 5 2013 @ 12:10 PM
reply to post by St Udio

Dear St Udio,

Let me say that,. about your comments on the USA policies, I think it is a topic that is highly controversial, since anyway it is very well known that the Franklyn Delano Roosevelt administration tried in multiple occasions to Kill Adolf Hitler, it was something right or just? well if you ask to the millions of people that lost everything in the war that man boosted or the ones whose relatives where anhilited the same question, I am pretty sure you were possibly going to listen a very different point of view like the one you have.

However, I agree that who is claiming to represent legality and rule of Law cannot act in the same way that the criminals, that might be a very great mistake, the goals never have enough weight to justify the means, and whoever have played such a game in History has entered in a so risky business, one case if possibly the one of JFK, who now we know supported a coup d'etait in Vietnam and ordered in multiple occasions the elimination of Fidel Castro, through any possible mean, to sadly end assassinated practically by the same people supposedly were going to carry such a mission.

Perhaps no better quotes to ilustrate how polemic this topic might be, from the ethical point of view, than the following:

Esquilus: "The violence always generates violence."

Lacordaire: "Between the strong and the weak, between the rich and the poor, between the lord and the slave, it is freedom which oppresses and the law which sets free."


The Angel of Lightness

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posted on Apr, 5 2013 @ 12:14 PM
reply to post by The angel of light

The Peace of God to all that belong to the Light,

This is for the ones that remain skeptical that we are approaching something really huge, a deep crisis in History, and that are expecting that the possibility of a Nuclear attack in the Pacific basin is just a mere speculation boosted by irresponsible rhetoric of the North Korean Leader.

Here a news that is showing to us that we are just at days of the explosion of what might be the closest moment to begin a conflict that could be the mother of all the wars, since the missils crisis in Cuba of 1962. A really important incident threating the world peace is going to occur possibly in just weeks or days from this moment:

The order to evaquate embassies is definitively a very bad signal, this something even Japan didn't do before Pearl Harbor.

Now, it is clear from its propaganda machinery that they are already psychological prepared to comfront in war the USA and they have already decided that there is state of war now:

Here some analysis about North Korean Nuclear known capabilities:

The point here is: is the American Intelligence really correctly updated on the last improvements and achievements of the North Korean nuclear missils program? or there is something hidden here,
a military secret that can surprise the world?.

Thanks for your attention,

The Angel of Lightness
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posted on Apr, 5 2013 @ 01:35 PM

King of Terror: 1999
Century 10, Quatrain 72
L'an mil neuf cens nonante neuf sept mois,
Du ciel viendra un gran Roy d'effrayeur.
Resusciter le grand Roy d'Angolmois.
Avant apres Mars regner par bon heur.

The year 1999, seventh month, [or simply "sept"]
From the sky will come a great King of Terror.
To bring back to life the great King of the Mongols,
Before and after Mars to reign by good luck.

John Hogue's Interpretation
In the year 1999 and seven months [July],
A great King of Terror will come from the sky.
He will bring back the great King Genghis Khan.
Before and after Mars rules happily. .

Let me post this Quatrain of Mitchel of Nostradamus with a standard modern English translation and also with the translation or intepretation given by John Hogue in his books of Nostradamus.

I am going to refer to it in my next post, to show the point why this conflict with North Korea is already announced by the French Astrologer in XVI century.

The Angel of Lightness

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