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The illuminati=extension of Nature

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posted on Aug, 19 2008 @ 12:36 AM
There you go again you always dismiss factors and shave it down to the one and same belief you keep squandering.
Only a fool knows a fool correct? thats your psychology.

posted on Aug, 19 2008 @ 12:37 AM
reply to post by meadowfairy

Wrong, I hire people that can take the salary I can provide and can do the job.

simple again.
if the person could do what I do...he would have set up his own company and hire people to work for him.

Plus, most people DONT DO THIS because....wait for it...they like to come to work, not worry about anything, get the job done and go home.
I however, the boss, is responsible for everything else. If anything goes wrong, my companies name is ruined.
This is what I mean by people dont want to be held responsible. u can get fired from a job, but having your own companies name go down is hell.

So they stay in a job they hate, complain all day long, hate their boss coz he is responsible and so on.

Plus, most academic people do not have a skill. There skill is to take in information and output it the way the professor wants it.
So when they get into the real world no one wants to hire them coz they have no experience with anything besides sitting in the classroom. Deskwork is good for them.

and yet, everyone has the chance to take a risk and be responsible, but they shy away from it.
not because they are kids or are stupid...because that is their choice.

posted on Aug, 19 2008 @ 12:40 AM
reply to post by meadowfairy

I do luv u bro

There you go again you always dismiss factors and shave it down to the one and same belief you keep squandering.
Only a fool knows a fool correct? thats your psychology.

what factors? enlighten me. ILLUMINATE ME.

factors like their social setting? its societies fault right?
the fact that their parents didnt care about them enough to educate them?
the fact that they werent born rich? or with both hands? or with nice hair?
please, let me know.

posted on Aug, 19 2008 @ 12:59 AM
I cant illuminate you, you are doing that for yourself remember it was your choice and i cant CHANGE your choice. But you are happy to exchange money instead of simple discussion hmmm.

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posted on Aug, 19 2008 @ 02:46 AM
reply to post by meadowfairy

just as I thought. when it comes to specifics...nothing to say

enjoy life

anyone watching table tennis olympics...beautiful

posted on Aug, 19 2008 @ 02:58 AM
No i agree with alot you say i just find your exposing of humans to the illuminati annoying in a psychological way to get us to see that we are just like them and they exist because of us but the most annoying thing is you dont believe in solutions and change only choice even though choices change.
Also the metality you have about if the illuminati go down we should all go down with them because we played a part in their game.
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posted on Aug, 19 2008 @ 05:15 AM
All that you say said and done - consider this:

Why, when we hear of things like "global world government", "population control", "microchips" , "martial law", "weaponisation of space" , "war" do most human beings feel chilled to the bone ? Do most of us sat here writing feel like something is VERY wrong with this world ? That despite what you say, most of us feel abhorred by these prospects. Why? Because
deep down inside we DO NOT ACTUALLY WANT these things, that's why.

What does it say about our species when we have to resort to mass genocide to cure some of the problems ? This is not just the fault of the "slaves" but the "masters" too. You think the masters of reality are free? They have no power without us, it is mutually dependent relationship. THEY TOO ARE IN BONDAGE. God knows we have struggled to break free but it is not easy - we are easily tempted and quick to trust and slow to stand on our own two feet. YES we need leadership, but we have had the WRONG leadership, a DARK leadership , and through our weaknesses have handed our powers to them. It is easy to see our mistakes with HINDSIGHT but by then the darkness has crept in.

We see the mistakes we made and now what - no chance to atone for being slaves to our desires, weaknesses and bad choices ? Domination hangs over our heads now, are we too late in deciding we don't after all want utter submission ?

when a new world of peace necessitates wiping out half the planet and sticking chips in everyone bla bla bla SOMETHING IS VERY VERY WRONG at the core of this "beautiful , brave new world". It will be a world built upon a foundation of pain and suffering and suboordination and the exploited weaknesses of everyone who lives in it.

I am a child of the universe, not merely a child of Earth. I will not bend on my knees and kiss my human "gods" for my total enslavement when that time comes upon me. I will make the most of the world while I am here and enjoy all its benefits , you are only a TRUE slave when you hand over your soul to them, and that will never happen. I will die first before allowing the prison door to close firmly shut on me....but for now, it remains open a crack. microchiiping is only the start - 100 years from that we will interfaced with technology in ways we can only imagine at present and humanity as we know it will be changed. The masters of worldy reality and their willing slaves are headed right for transhumanism - and though this is fascinating , I myself just don't much like the idea of giving ALL of my self determination, individuality and personal rights away. We are on the road to becoming the bloody BORG if you ask me, seeking perfection and "order out of chaos" with complete absence of morality or feeling. DEHUMANISING. Many will consent to it, but not me!

It is just my hope that whoever does survive , and of those, whoever tries to begin a "new world" outside of the beautiful beast, will learn from the mistakes of their forefathers and build thier OWN new world . Maybe the BEAST is the only way for humans to get a second chance at claiming their own power and NOT MESS IT UP AGAIN.

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posted on Aug, 19 2008 @ 11:07 AM
I do indeed see that not one small group of people have caused all this , that we have all had some part to play BUT at the same time, do you not recognize we have been very cleverly socially engineered ?

I am not the only one to point out that most of us don't really start to "wake up" until we hit our later teens, and are already so wrapped up in the conditioning we get exposed to that only the faintest glimmer of sight is actually available to us. As someone studying psychology you should well realize the effects of conditioning yet you seem to come down very hard on people who find it difficult to break through all that and wake up to the potential for their true individuality and full range of choices. You make out we were ignorant by choice to begin with and that's just not true. I have spent YEARS trying to make sense of the world, it's been a consistent driving force for the past 16 years. Excuse me for taking all this time to finally see things a bit more clearly !! It sure wasn't for lack of effort or thinking and I sure wasn't born with a tiny IQ either. The idea of subliminal messages through my TV for example never even came to my attention til a couple of years ago !! I've gone along feeling "something's wrong" for YEARS but just could not figure out WHAT.

For those of us who are a bit more awake, well I don't think that by choosing to remain in the cushier world as opposed to making a run for Alaska means we are consenting to slavery. You see a slave in the sense most of us understand slavery KNOWS they are a slave, but most people on earth don't actually "see" that about themselves at all !!! Partly through conditioning/programming which is hard to break free from, partly through being disinclined to think too much or observe too much, bla bla.

You can be IN the world you know without being OF the world - appearing for all intent and purposes as the master's ally when infact being wolf in their dreamy little fold. Doing your best while their to help other people awaken to their choices and help them to understand that their total imprisonment is just around the corner. You can't help your fello human much if your 5,000 miles away from civilization, and I don't know about you, but personally I feel it part of my responsibility to share some of what I've learnt . Just through talking to my partner, his eyes have become more open. Not EVERYONE wants what is planned for the masses Jelly, REALLY, but so many are not yet awake to the full ramifications of the BEAUTIFUL PRISON that awaits them. They too are steeped in conditioning and tired from work and family responsibilities. So many just accept the world around them as feel so overwhelemed by the amount of problems said world is facing they feel powerless as to what to do so "don't go there". I myself have done it plenty of times !! It can be HARD to see the truth and you just have no patience for those that still don't. If they are asleep its alot to do with being PUT to bloody sleep without even realizing it....SOCIAL ENGINEERING again , by all sorts of systems. And YES , psychological warfare, it damn well does exist as many people except you appear to accept !!!! Go look the term up , do some reading, learn about some of its methods and its subsequent results. It's very real and it WEAKENS its target.

We are not only to blame Jelly, we are also in part victim to those people who DO manipulate and who DO abuse their power, wealth and position and there are plenty of them, throughout every known system that makes this planet work. Just because we get duped, misled, abused , manipulated and dominated sometimes does not mean we are stupid, ignorant fools !!! Once enough corrupt individuals are in position it is harder and harder to fight the system they create between them, as these people call the shots with so many things. They work on us through fear, domination, threat and so on - DARK energy not LOVE energy.... We are only human and still learning to try and make better choices, realize we help create the world , break through what we were taught and told for years, claim our own power, etc.....

Of course we want leadership but did we REALLY want a totalitarian world government ? I really don't think so. It's what the world's POWERS want and all the people working on their teams in all the various positions as they don't want to lose their jobs..... let's be honest, most off them are on a right trip with their position and influence and corruption is at the heart of most if not all political systems. Yes, sometimes they give us what we need but they also give us what they THINK we need and those are two different things, the latter brought into effect invariably through lies, deceit and mind games. DARK ENERGY.

I agree people like a system they can depend on Jelly but a system they will soon be imprisoned by completely ? I don't think so. And I'm thinking that brain chips will only become mandatory AFTER the world government is formed .....people are not realizing their options are death or total enslavement (currently the cage door is still open). If more people saw this would not more people try and get OUT ?

You could learn to be a bit more compassionate about human beings you know - most have no clue of this "slavery" concept and no awareness they are constantly handing out their own power as most people think QUITE the opposite. Yea, maybe we are a bit dim and yes, we need to be led, but our leaders are corrupted. Whoever we vote in, its all the same story . Maybe if we'd been afforded a Ghandi for every nation state as leader none of this totalitarian crap would be going on. Oh well, let the blind lead the blind, neither Master or Slave has any freedom. Happy bondage to them all ...........

ps) not against technology at all but you got to be real , it ALWAYS (sadly)gets misused so anyone voluntarily taking a brain chip is just a fool. As I write , a brain scan device that can ANTICIPATE YOUR THOUGHTS AND ACTIONS is under development and coming along very nicely........what will be dreamt up for the brain chip or hand chip 20 years down the line from it's original format

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posted on Aug, 19 2008 @ 11:40 AM
I believe in the World Trade Organization, the UN and the very rich who want power and control. I can speak only for my own country and from experience.

#1 Propaganda and disinformation. I have been aware of this for thirty years or so but I could not tell were it was coming from until recently. Most people are concerned with their family, earning a living not looking for conspiracies. Propaganda is well written, alternate ideas are squashed and ridiculed. How is the average person to know the lies? and if they do figure it out were do they get the truth? Most of the damage was done decades ago before the internet made information available to the “masses”

An example: Twenty years ago my company & two others were about to announce a new plant designed for handicapped workers and recycled post-consumer plastic. A “school teacher” leading a news campaign shut down the idea and 5 plants in my state. This was GOOD for the environment? (The campaign took a week to spread nationwide in papers and on TV.)

#2. Activism. The Wall Street Journal reported in 1994 that American activist groups were funded and lead by KGB agents. Activism has lead to plant shut-downs, oppressive laws and the mass exodus of American manufacturing. This has caused a downward spiral of the US economy exactly what the KGB wanted. Again this is GOOD?

#3. Population. Welfare laws created new jobs in the US called Welfare Mother. Little girls are recruited by predators who live off them. Friends had their 12 year old daughter, a gifted student, recruited. They pressed Statutory Rape charges but the judge removed the child from her parents, set her up in an apartment with unwed mothers and gave the predator free access. Another child had 6 babies before age eighteen. Friends who are landlords complain of guys who live in government paid apartments but are never there when the pre-announced visit from Social Services occurs. The landlord is held responsible for problems within the government paid housing therefore those aware of problems keep their mouths shut because they go to jail and the real criminal goes free. (Again based on my experience) Does this practice contain population growth, curb crime and produce productive happy people??

#4. War (and drugs). I will grant you that testosterone driven young men are ripe for military service. However lawsuits, insurance companies and child labor/welfare laws have left that testosterone with no discipline or really challenging outlets. Sports are good but young men want to do something DANGEROUS, I think it is hard wired into the male brain as part of “sexual display/pier challenge“ Being cooped up in schools and cities does not give young men a safe outlet and insurance companies make sure anything really dangerous is nonexistent.

#5. Credit/finance. Leveraged buyouts allowed predators to borrow money that did not exist, take control of well run businesses, rip them apart, sell off the assets and put longtime employees out of work. This happened to the best company I ever worked for.
Credit- Variable rates and Balloons. I and a friend both got set-up in a bait and switch on our mortgages. We thought we were signing the fixed rate mortgage we originally saw and had a balloon substituted at the last minute. Credit documents are very lengthy and the most important parts are often in very fine print. Banks aggressively advertise credit cards and mortgages. Given the school systems fail to teach reading or anything to do with contract law and the predatory practices of lenders is it any wonder we have a credit crisis?

I see excessive greed, self preservation and utter contempt for people who the elite consider subhuman. They remind me of the French Aristos before the revolution only this time the worldwide spread of the cartel and the power of technology will make it much more difficult to bring them down.

Power corrupts, Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

posted on Aug, 19 2008 @ 11:45 AM
Mr.Jelly I call you as FULL OF CRAP!

Evidence of the illuminati? no evidence at all. they dont exist. I made them up. you all fell for it. hahah. NO really, the illuminati do not exist.

see what I have to do hear. I have to try and talk to those that believe the illuminati dont exist. I have to talk with those that think the illuminati create wars and FIGHT wars. its impossible.

I love the way you laugh about your lack of evidence and yet...

What I am not is a bullshter like some of you.
again. EVERYTHING I have said is a fact. not coz I said it, coz it proves itself to be.

Teachers have to have higher learning Mr.Jelly. I may not be the best grammatically correct person out there, but I know that NO self respecting teacher would try to argue a topic and use words like coz instead of because.. simply out of laziness. I do not believe anything you say and you are quite obviously unwilling and unable to back up anything you have said.

You are a fraud and full of a lot of hot air and crap and not much else.

This thread.. is not even worth the time or debate because you are dishonest and lacking in ammunition.

posted on Aug, 19 2008 @ 11:48 AM
reply to post by cosmicpixie

Pixie hon, you are fighting a battle of wits against and unarmed opponent. He is really not even worth your consideration. Don't give him the satisfaction.

posted on Aug, 19 2008 @ 12:22 PM
knowledge is power. the problem is,we don,t have full access to what is the most important of this knowledge,so we are kept sweet.
The most intelligent and/or well informed people,whether they are scientists,leaders, rich or religious are the ones that hold the keys,why does it only allowed to stay at top level?
We have the internet,also proffessors in all fields,they don,t need to be gagged anymore,the ones who need to be gagged are those that pooh pooh truth that reaches the masses,cause they don,t want YOU to know.

The pyramids stand out by far above all the wonders of the world due to the fact of the 1000s of years old they are and so well designed, they seem to contain a lot of info from first creation, this is where we need to look for answers,for the past and future.
The illuminati must have direction, this is what we need to find out from the smoke screen of false info we get.

posted on Aug, 19 2008 @ 12:33 PM
You are right Nephrati. I'm not going to write here anymore, the man 's mindset is totally rigid.

posted on Aug, 19 2008 @ 01:19 PM
reply to post by meadowfairy

illuminati wont go down though.

Ill give your post some thought.

posted on Aug, 19 2008 @ 01:21 PM
reply to post by NephraTari

this is the computer. Coz makes it shorter and faster
so does D instead of the

but again..attack me instead of the obvious

posted on Aug, 19 2008 @ 01:51 PM
reply to post by cosmicpixie

COSMICPIXIE the thing u should not do is run away from a discussion. I am reading every one of your words and consider all of your comments (besides the personal attacks).
however, when u bring up specific I can reply better.

if u really want to understand try an prove my answers wrong. MOST OF them involve me saying u are correct and pointing out somethings.

#3. Population.
EVERYTHING u mentioned in that paragraph PROVES that the masses are at fault. Welfar laws are created to give the masses who dont work CHOICES? yet the masses (some of them) choose to rape kids. take advantage of the situation. IS THAT NOT THE WORK OF THE MASSES?

IF u read over what you wrote, u will notice that you yourself proved that its the people that are taking advantage of the situation.
and yet..u guys think that I am a baaaaad person COZ I repeat what you say but in detail.

However lawsuits, insurance companies and child labor/welfare laws have left that testosterone with no discipline or really challenging outlets.

You mean the men go to war because of their testies? so its the fault of schools who educate the youth? I dont deny that we like to do dangerous things. but we can always hunt...or like u said sports. Or how about observe reality and realize how stupid war is.
Do you deny that there is a choice to go to war? no
but you BLAME society for NO PROVIDING the youth with something similar but less dangerous. did I understand your paragraph?

Credit documents are very lengthy and the most important parts are often in very fine print. Banks aggressively advertise credit cards and mortgages. Given the school systems fail to teach reading or anything to do with contract law and the predatory practices of lenders is it any wonder we have a credit crisis?

If u read it again u will notice the obvious.

they are in fine print? but they are there
banks advertise? but who WILLINGLY GOES to the banks
ITS THE JOB OF THE STATE TO TEACH CONTRACT LAW? no responsibility.SOMEONE teach me so i dont have to go out of my way and learn

credit crisis coz the masses rather sit and watch tv, sports, (fantasy) instead of take time (that they have) to learn something.

IF you take responsibility (READ the fine print, LEARN what you are signing) NOTHING BAD WILL HAPPEN TO YOU.

If you are talking about the fact that the masses SHOULDNT take advantage of someone like you WHO didnt read the contract..didnt take the contract to a good lawyer before you signed, sure I agree

it is horrible that they took advantage of you.. but the illuminati did not do this. Also, you will not be taken advantage of if you observe reality and notice that LIFE IS NOT FAIR. the greed that the masses have will hurt you if you are not prepared.

#1 Propaganda and disinformation.
your neighbor writes propaganda
propaganda for toys, world affairs, and so on are written by the news reporters, are created by editors, people who work at newspaper companies. the masses

Also, Yes, WHY DOESNT the average person CONSIDER that the information in those papers are full of lies? HAs he/she NOT OBSERVED that MOST OF THE TIME what is said in those newspapers end up being PROVEN TO BE LIES?

CAN YOU ARGUE WITH THAT? no, but u refuse to face the obvious so u attack me.

#2. Activism
REALLY? you think the illuminati are only in the US. did u know that the american communists in the 20', when they were not able to get info from the soviet union..u know where they went. To wallstreet, to the biggest building to get info.
YOU think the KGB, or any other of the powerful nations on earth are NOT illuminati?

U claim the new WORLD order exists but u dont realize that the KGB are a part of it.

Deny everything I pointed out. But its all true. every word.

posted on Aug, 19 2008 @ 01:54 PM
reply to post by Anonymous ATS

what is it that the RELIGIOUS LEADERS know that YOU DONT KNOW? NOTHING.

they know one thing. MEET THE NEEDS OF THE MASSES. thats it.

you have a choice not to believe. In fact, everything that happens in the world provides proof that leaders constantly lie.
yet the masses constantly believe them? why. coz its a choice
they dont like to observe reality on their own.

The only thing you NEED to know is how to take care of yourself and your family. NOT save the world.

READ what you sign.
take control of your life.

posted on Aug, 19 2008 @ 02:26 PM
I'm not running away, I've had enough. You are just regurgitating everything you read in the SWFQM document and twisting much of people are pointing around to suit the rigid observation of reality you possess, as well as glossing over valid points made here and there.
Add to that the fact you totally write off human spirituality (I stress spirituality, not religion) as pointless nonsense and write off every experience people have that does not conform to the earth-bound obervation , well it all leaves me feeling rather queasy. You THINK you see it all but (drum roll) YOU DON'T !! No one can lay claim to a complete understanding of how this world works and why. Everything's in neat little boxes for you and that's that.

By the way, the last post you addressed to me specifically included a load of quotes not actually MADE by me. As for many of the points I made in my last 2 posts you just ignored most of them - despite them being very valid and many other people saying much the same thing.

Are you even aware of what's going on in America right now ? Bush signing stuff without congress's approval, breaking constitutional rules left right and centre,no-one batting an eyelid,"little" people trying to bring a case against him to the supreme court and getting nowhere ? THEY ARE IN CONTROL......and NOT because the people are asking for it. It's nothing short of fuc^&*NG SINISTER. And haven't you seen the video of all the "christian" elite at Bohemian Grove participating in occult rituals - chanting and swaying in their cermeonial robes while they burn a mock human effigy after slicing it's throat with a knife while the loudspeaker airs the figure's screams ...... WTF??!!

Please don't bother replying to this as I won't be writing back. You have made up your mind about everything and that's pretty much that. There is no discussion to be had any more.

posted on Aug, 19 2008 @ 04:49 PM
reply to post by cosmicpixie

yes but, it made every one of your comments.

can u deny anything that I have said.

or do u return to the fact that they force the population.

do u not agree that there is choice? or do you insist that the masses be FORCED into taking responsibility. Be forced into finding out real information.

what is is specifically that u dont agree with?

posted on Aug, 19 2008 @ 04:54 PM
reply to post by cosmicpixie

I have made up my mind. not you at all

THEY ARE IN CONTROL......and NOT because the people are asking for it. It's nothing short of fuc^&*NG SINISTER. And haven't you seen the video of all the "christian" elite at Bohemian Grove participating in occult rituals - chanting and swaying in their cermeonial robes while they burn a mock human effigy after slicing it's throat with a knife while the loudspeaker airs the figure's screams ...... WTF??!!

last time I checked the people are happy with it. THey may complain but they go about their business. SHopping, having fun, and so on

and as the bohemian grove. REALLY?
you guys actually believe ALEX JONES went into hidden territory and got that footage.


I have made up my mind because no one can argue with the fact that the masses mess things up.

blame government. blame big corporations. blame the rich people.

all these groups are responsible. why is it that the masses are happy with their lives. why do they keep buying..and driving cars, and so on.

blame game with no proof.
blame game with no reason.

yet u continue. I am more than willing to understand and change my mind. IN FACT, that is WHAT I DID

as for some of you.. maybe a little bit longer and u will get tired and observe the real world

bohemian grove. SERIOUSLY.

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