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The illuminati=extension of Nature

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posted on Aug, 23 2008 @ 02:40 AM
i see youcve been blinded into thinking peopel are given choice. Like i said
there is no real choice, therefore is not choice. end of story.

posted on Sep, 9 2008 @ 06:05 PM
lol I mostly don't post but in this case I want to make an exception cause will all do respect to the treadstarter but you are completly missing the entire point.

First of all there are arguments to support iluminati activism but your arguments don't make sense.
The illuminati manipulates people to be small man in the street who just needs to follow up orders. THey don't know any different. When someone sent them to war they not gonna say no man I;m gonna stay here because thats not the code what you have been learned. Principles and values of society didn't grow onto the masses if you closely study the human being and the history of society you'll notice that these values and principles where designed by people on top.

A arguement to support the illuminati would be they are just simply accelerating our development as a human spicie. You see by artificial creating wars and causing missery, suffering in the world the human being might faster realize that war is not the solution and peace and diplomacy are better options.

The main problem we are facing here is that most of you are raised in a christian society (western world). Altough I am too I have seen things in my life which made me part with christian vieuws very early in my life. So these concepts of christianity like deviding people and their actions into two catagories (good and evil) might also be designed by the illuminati if you think about it. So transcend yourself from this view for a second and think about good and evil. They all need to be present to live our life. The evil values our life and the good gives our life purpose. Without murders, rapers and all those other scum we wouldn't even be capable of comprehending the essence of life because we could't see the fragility of it.

So now that we have concluded we shouldn't look at this question from a 'evil versus good' perspective (justifing the illuminati and their actions and judging it as an act of evil) we can finaly try to understand why everybody on this website and other website HATE the illuminati and want them to DIE SLOW IN AGONY. Because we are HUMANS:

Line from the Architect of Matrix reloaded:
As I was saying, she stumbled upon a solution whereby nearly 99% of all test subjects accepted the program,
as long as they were given a choice, even if they were only aware of the choice at a near unconscious level.

And there you have it. What seperates us from the other organisms on this planet is that we have a CHOISE. We do not have to live in the jungle we can go against nature and destroy the jungle and make our own artificial jungle called a city. As soon as you take the freedom of choise away you lower someone to the status of an animal, which NO ONE on this planet is willing to except and it is something everyone is willing to die for.

Altough we can only speculate what the end goal of the illuminati will look like (a honest world peace or society tending towards the like of big brother) the illuminati itself is fundamently flawed from a human perspective based on the facts that we are giving them the power to take away our freedom of choise.

I hope I have contributed something to this board with this one comment of mine and hope some of you might just realize how incredibly important it is not to except illuminati activism and stand up for your freedom even if it means the end of your life.

(pardon my bad english)

O yeah and by the way off topic: where the # is the search button here I can't find it????? Can I only search if I am logged in or something??

posted on Sep, 16 2008 @ 09:55 AM
I do not know how the hell some of you can't realize how correct this is. We are infact given choice. I am sure everyone at least once has been confronted with conspiracy reality. But they just deny it and go back to their more important personal life. Also think about this, the conspiracy theorist is just one of the MANY chances they get to make a choice. The others are from various things such as news or just understanding how politics really work, or how the economy really works. People know that the price of gas is fixed but they still hop back into their fantasy world. That is a perfect example of being given choice, but they choose enslavement.

How the hell can you not understand this? People openly admit that they agree some of this is real, but just hop back in the Matrix.

Mr Jelly, you disregard higher conscienous, but thats what the Illuminati are trying to achieve. That doesn't make sense. They are trying to reach 4th density where strange phenomena that has been happening for thousands of years can be explained in proper terms. Its impossible to understand 4th density with a 3rd density perception.

posted on Sep, 19 2008 @ 10:08 AM
There is no doubt the populace controls everything, they get what they desire.

However, we are all handicapped by coming face to face with this monstrous conspiracy and rejecting it because of its vastness and width. It extends through, and imbue everything we know. Every era of time the elite have formed our minds through distorted education and since they have, the last centuries, controlled our education, they have ultimately also formed our perspective of the world, and even our reference frame. So we cannot imagine how everything works, we don't think as we should.

This leads ultimately to the reality; that the elite DO in fact control us, and we do not control ourselves. We have no reason to think for ourselves any longer. We are all footballs, reacting only when force is applied unto us, not thinking for ourselves, using original thoughts. We are all thinking in the same way, not because we are all the same species, humans, but because we are molded. Thats our attitude.

We are given a choice? OF COURSE WE ARE, but we don't pick the proper choice, since they have molded us. They are in fact, indirectly, controlling us. They are able to give us the choice to do whats right, but they know beforehand we will pick the choice they wanted since THEY HAVE MOLDED US.

We will always get what we desire, but they choose for us what to desire!

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posted on Nov, 9 2008 @ 12:25 PM
Hi, I' Dr. LaPaglia - and you probably think I'm smarter just because I have some initials in front of my name. Perhaps a business suit too? Again, illusions. Likewise, Power is an illusion. The Power Elite are not in control because neither the masses nor the Power Elite themselves are in complete control of themselves. Rather, we have a little bit of rational thinking ability, and we must balance this out with our social constructions and animalistic impulses, desires & instincts. Money is merely a means to an end, it is a measurement of human energy among other variables. I am here right now because I am an anomaly of this so-called 'Matrix'. Humans are not wolves, that are designed to prey on one another. Rather, we are more like friendly guinea pigs. Yes, some display instincts of dominance within a herd, but at the end of the day, the herd all sleep together huddled in a group. Likewise, they put the herd over their own self, for example, when a predator comes, they all scatter in opposing directions, with the result of one Guinea Pig will sacrifice itself to save the others. Likewise, Meercats do it too, lots of herd animals do it. Human beings are not psychopaths, Freud was wrong: But he did a DAMN good job for the Victorian Era. Really. Things have gotten better for everyone: Even in the Third World. Imperialism and Wars were done because of the instinctual need for security: Hence this is the origin of the drive of the United States to expand. Fear was the cause of this expansion. The SWFS Wars had its central these statement completely wrong: Knowledge is not, ABSOLUTELY NOT, a means to an end. I don't care about money, Power is an ILLUSION, what I want is knowledge. There are no conspiracies. Why? Because everything leaks, and because when you conspire to gain an apple, you get orange peels - you get something completely different when what you originally wanted. This is because the Power Elite have little control over themselves, precisely as this is mirrored in the willfully ignorant masses. The difference is merely a matter of minor variables, opulence/wealth, knowledge, luck, connections, family, and so on. The Elites will lose if they eliminate the masses: Because genuine knowledge only comes from so-called 'little people' or 'sheep' or 'proletarians' or 'poor people' or 'people who can't just hop on a private jet and move to Dubai' (Yes, I'm referring to you Mr. Laizar, CEO of Haliburton, don't give me that look, yes, that one, the one you're making as you read this text). I'm writing this because we lie on a paradox of freedom to no freedom: I personally believe that I am not free as I write this because I want to preserve the world. I want to live in a world where everyone can experience true, genuine knowledge, and live as long as possible to attain it. Therefore, I am not free, because I choose to be a 'freelance Slave', I choose to rationally think to get others to rationally think, therefore producing more knowledge, which is the real prize. The Power Elite will lose 'the game' if they continue to waste valuable resources on directly or indirectly poisoning us with propaganda, war with the intent to maximize possession of natural resources, and, ironically, poison itself in the many things we consume. I do not believe in ideology. If the Power Elite believe in ideology: Then they are the biggest slaves of all. Therefore, it is my goal to liberate the real slaves, the Power Elite, if they choose to believe their own propaganda, their own ideologies. And yes, they have been shown to do that. Really. Shareholders and Directors of Tobacco ACTUALLY SMOKES AND COERCED THEIR ENTIRE FAMILIES TO SMOKE! So, again, back to where I started, even the Power Elite have little control over themselves. But when we tear down the illusions, and break down the irrationality of rationality, then I too, will be free. But until then, I must admit, I am a Slave, even though we all can see the illusion, of freedom I have.

posted on Dec, 9 2008 @ 11:35 AM
reply to post by Boostah

I agree mostly with boostah. I did not read all the posts as it was putting me to sleep. imo the OP is way oversimplifying the whole thing. its not like when i went to grade school, and they began the"indoctrination" they gave me choices...this stuff isnt out there as common knowledge for everyone to choose. you think everyone knows, and just chooses not to know, or we all hope that the ones in charge arent leading us down a path, that we really dont want to go down. good post, however I disagree with the fact that I made this choice. had I known that my hard work was nothing more than human farming, I would have chosen long ago, to do things differently. farming, cleaner living, living off the land, building my own home somewhere far away from the human farm...just my opinion, take it for what its worth.

posted on Dec, 11 2008 @ 01:40 AM

Originally posted by MrJelly
There has been a lot of information regarding this simple fact on the internet in the last 2 years but I have yet to see it on this forum.

It is important to understand that the new world order is not the work of some insane group of people who want control and to destroy the earth. In fact, the illuminati are an extension of nature.
I used to play the blame game like all of you. I used to blame everything on the illuminati and I used to try and "wake up" the masses so that we can come together and stop the NWO and the illuminati.

However, I soon came to the conclusion that the problems of the world are due to the greedy, lazy, illusional, and reality-fearing masses. Hang with me on this. The only way you can understand this is if you (even just for fun) start taking responsibility and stop blaming the illuminati. In fact, it is only logical but even the know..still refuse to face reality for what it is.For example,

Pollution is the fault of the illuminati? How can a small group of people pollute the world. The masses have CHOSEN to drive the one put a gun to their heads and FORCED them.

War and Destruction is the fault of the illuminati? Wrong again, who WILLINGLY pulls the trigger? WHo WILLINGLY pushes the button to drop the bomb? The masses

Inflation the fault of the illuminati? Nope, it is the greedy sheeple who want to get rich without working and focusing so they take out huge loans...WILLINGLY they take out loans. (remember money is created out of thin air the moment someone takes out a loan). Loans the can never pay back.

Now I am not saying the illuminati are very good..what is good anyway. What I am saying is that if you consider the average person and their ILLOGICAL ideas (GOD, HEAVEN, FAIRNESS, etc..) and their Fears( SATAN, HELL) and their dependance on the Illuminati (protest all u want but we all shop and play in THEIR playground, which means the masses are not WILLING to go out and hunt or find shelter on their own) we can logically conclude that the MASSES have never and will never be focused enough or hard working enough to face reality and live on their own. Thats why the masses depend on the illuminati.

Sure there is propaganda (news, movies, etc..) But the masses WILLINGLY WATCH it. No one FORCES them to watch it. IN fact, here is where it gets INTERESTING..the masses DEMAND that there be PROPAGANDA. Why you ask.....because if u believe it or not...EVERY SINGLe PERSON WAKES UP TO THE FACT OF THE MATRIX (fantasy world) THEY WAKE UP AND DO NOT WANT TO take RESPONSIBLITY.. so they beg the illuminati to create propaganda and other distractions so they dont FACE REALITY.

YOU are NOT THE ONLY ones AWAKE. EVERy ONE wakes up, but the masses are LAZY, GEEDY, DELuSIONAL, and ILLOGICAL so they REFUSE TO LIVE in reality. THEY CHOOSE to be in the MATRIX.

THIS IS THE REASON WHY WHEN YOU TRY TO TELL THEM ABOUT THE NEW WORLD ORDER THEY GET MAD AND ANGRY. THey know this already but are not willing to be in reality because they would have to start being responsible for their actions.

the illuminati give the MASSES what the MASSES want. An ARTIFICIAL WOMB that will allow them to try all sorts of things without ever being held responsible.
I could go on about this but not enough room

WHy are they an extension of Nature. BEcause when the masses become even more greedy and lazy (which they always do) it is their responsiblity to kill of a portion of the population to BALANCE out the predator to prey ratio. the illuminati respect nature.
The illuminati WORK HARD, the masses do not do ANYTHING.
remember, even a ROMAN SLAVE worked hard but he was still a slave.
AND the roman slave stayed with the master because the MATER gave him FOOD and SHELTER. he could have TAKEN RESPONSIBility and ran away and made his own WORLD. but didnt
MUCH LIKE THE MASSES, who are the reason why the World is not perfect..
not the illuminati.

Just a fact

Ding!You get a cookie!With great power comes great responsibility.Helping your country non-violently is patriotic too.Just need to shift energy from blaming to helping.Yes ,some will attempt to grab power but theyll need to go through us first!This is our country, our continent,our world.That includes Muslims that have come here to live in peace side by side with jews and gentile,indian and Pakistani,Israeli and palestinian,russian and american,Aboriginals and non-aboriginals,black and white,chinese and japanese,english and french,East and West,Christian and Buddhist,the list goes on....

posted on Dec, 11 2008 @ 02:19 AM
reply to post by MrJelly yea right .. God has never needed a middleman , before and doesn't need any now , either. This earth was designed to accommodate a plentiful and an abundance of life .... what went wrong was the 'few' got greedier than the 'masses'.

posted on Dec, 11 2008 @ 02:23 AM
Mr. Jelly's "nature-boys" are fond of saying that indigenous people and animals = are the "problem". Is that the 'extension' you refer to ?

posted on Jan, 3 2009 @ 01:40 PM
YOU all still love to play the blame game.

first. There is CHOICE. no one can argue with this.
YOU ALL FEEL ENTITLED TO everything without having to be responsible.

wars would not be bloody if the masses did not WILLINGLY PULL THE TRIGGER> freaking choice.

so you all, like the sheeple, love to do everything by yourself and blame it on the few who are responsible and focused.

posted on Jan, 3 2009 @ 02:15 PM
reply to post by THIseNdsnowoldKings

there is always choice.

but it works better if you think to yourself that there is no choice. THerefore you get to blame others.
its more psychology in your case.

but yet you can not provide me with one thing where there is no choice.
for example, you CHOOSE to live..not kill yourself. THerefor, you have to observe the simple fact that there is RISK in nature.

the tv shows, the food, the teachers. NO ONE IS FORCING YOU believe or eat those things.

posted on Apr, 9 2011 @ 12:37 PM
I created an account just to say something here, though Im a little late to the conversation. to this jelly fellow: you may as well have just put 'survival of the fittest' as the whole of each of your posts. your whole point is that we have chosen an eventual life of perpetual servitude with no sense of liberty. we meaning the whole of the human race, except for that small group who has made their living exploiting fools who dont understand life for centuries. how exactly are the illuminated an 'extension of nature' when they mock nature? talking about a natural progression gives one the idea that there is no conventional intelligence steering said progression. what we have here is a small group that steers things on earth not for nature, but for their own short lived benefit. if theyre so bent on helping the natural order, why do they seek to limit the average mans potential? thats certainly not a natural thing to do.

i realize everyone has a choice, but taking away everyones right to choice is no way to ensure 'peace' and 'stability' which i dont see how one could call a nation (or world) 'peaceful' or 'stable' if theyre 'weeding out and crushing' ANYONE. that is not peace. that is war.

youre advocating a very mainstream idea with a very mainstream thought process, and youre presenting yourself and your ideas in a terrible light. you seem to view the NWO as some sort of hope for everyone, but again, how is it right to have a system based on equality where: group a can do whatever they want with no fear of punishment and, group b (which is much much larger) cannot so much as speak ill of anyone in group a without being carted off and quietly silenced.

and i suppose you could call those who are carted off 'group c' because they didnt want to go along with it. and theyre 'choosing' to die because thats better than being a slave, right? that sounds an entirely fair situation for all involved. what about me? i CHOOSE not to watch tv. i CHOOSE to educate myself about things you dont hear about in the MSM. i CHOOSE to start dialogues about the things no one wants to think about, and i will CHOOSE to do everything in my power to subvert the ignorance spread by people who think everyone just needs to be tracked and drugged and everything will be ok. so will i be spared, or even uplifted because of the clarity of my thought? probably not, because im not related to any of the higher ups. (because hereditary rule is fair, too!)

i guess as a parting thought, i would urge you to observe that you were quick to tell everyone to not play the 'blame game' and take responsibility. often times your statements to that effect came before or after your blaming ALL OF THE ILLUMINATI's PROBLEMS ON THE MASSES.

posted on Apr, 9 2011 @ 12:57 PM
reply to post by MrJelly

fool there is always choice.

lol, no there is the illusion of choice. the system makes damned sure of that, the money system makes damned sure of that. the land has been destroyed and it certainly was not me who profitted from it!

don't try excusing mass murder and palming the blame onto people who were delibrately misled by those in power and given a prison without the bars. the blame lays sqaurely at the feet of those that 'planned' all this crap, the people did not plan it, they were forced to go along against their will many times!
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posted on Apr, 9 2011 @ 01:11 PM
OMG !!!

don't think I've ever seen so much NWO Vitriol
in one thread before.

I would make a comment but I would probably
be burned at the stake for being an awoken slave.

best wishes in ur NWO Testosterone Frenzy


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