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The illuminati=extension of Nature

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posted on Aug, 14 2008 @ 09:12 PM
There has been a lot of information regarding this simple fact on the internet in the last 2 years but I have yet to see it on this forum.

It is important to understand that the new world order is not the work of some insane group of people who want control and to destroy the earth. In fact, the illuminati are an extension of nature.
I used to play the blame game like all of you. I used to blame everything on the illuminati and I used to try and "wake up" the masses so that we can come together and stop the NWO and the illuminati.

However, I soon came to the conclusion that the problems of the world are due to the greedy, lazy, illusional, and reality-fearing masses. Hang with me on this. The only way you can understand this is if you (even just for fun) start taking responsibility and stop blaming the illuminati. In fact, it is only logical but even the know..still refuse to face reality for what it is.For example,

Pollution is the fault of the illuminati? How can a small group of people pollute the world. The masses have CHOSEN to drive the one put a gun to their heads and FORCED them.

War and Destruction is the fault of the illuminati? Wrong again, who WILLINGLY pulls the trigger? WHo WILLINGLY pushes the button to drop the bomb? The masses

Inflation the fault of the illuminati? Nope, it is the greedy sheeple who want to get rich without working and focusing so they take out huge loans...WILLINGLY they take out loans. (remember money is created out of thin air the moment someone takes out a loan). Loans the can never pay back.

Now I am not saying the illuminati are very good..what is good anyway. What I am saying is that if you consider the average person and their ILLOGICAL ideas (GOD, HEAVEN, FAIRNESS, etc..) and their Fears( SATAN, HELL) and their dependance on the Illuminati (protest all u want but we all shop and play in THEIR playground, which means the masses are not WILLING to go out and hunt or find shelter on their own) we can logically conclude that the MASSES have never and will never be focused enough or hard working enough to face reality and live on their own. Thats why the masses depend on the illuminati.

Sure there is propaganda (news, movies, etc..) But the masses WILLINGLY WATCH it. No one FORCES them to watch it. IN fact, here is where it gets INTERESTING..the masses DEMAND that there be PROPAGANDA. Why you ask.....because if u believe it or not...EVERY SINGLe PERSON WAKES UP TO THE FACT OF THE MATRIX (fantasy world) THEY WAKE UP AND DO NOT WANT TO take RESPONSIBLITY.. so they beg the illuminati to create propaganda and other distractions so they dont FACE REALITY.

YOU are NOT THE ONLY ones AWAKE. EVERy ONE wakes up, but the masses are LAZY, GEEDY, DELuSIONAL, and ILLOGICAL so they REFUSE TO LIVE in reality. THEY CHOOSE to be in the MATRIX.

THIS IS THE REASON WHY WHEN YOU TRY TO TELL THEM ABOUT THE NEW WORLD ORDER THEY GET MAD AND ANGRY. THey know this already but are not willing to be in reality because they would have to start being responsible for their actions.

the illuminati give the MASSES what the MASSES want. An ARTIFICIAL WOMB that will allow them to try all sorts of things without ever being held responsible.
I could go on about this but not enough room

WHy are they an extension of Nature. BEcause when the masses become even more greedy and lazy (which they always do) it is their responsiblity to kill of a portion of the population to BALANCE out the predator to prey ratio. the illuminati respect nature.
The illuminati WORK HARD, the masses do not do ANYTHING.
remember, even a ROMAN SLAVE worked hard but he was still a slave.
AND the roman slave stayed with the master because the MATER gave him FOOD and SHELTER. he could have TAKEN RESPONSIBility and ran away and made his own WORLD. but didnt
MUCH LIKE THE MASSES, who are the reason why the World is not perfect..
not the illuminati.

Just a fact

posted on Aug, 15 2008 @ 01:48 AM
The subject matter swayed a bit from your headline which is what i would like to expand on in a minute. First off I HAVE to agree with what your saying about the masses being responsible, there is no argument i can fathom against that, im not saying its good or bad, it is just fact, OK you could say well they control the banks and the wages so people did it for a way of life, and thats very true, but that was the statement you where making, there was still a choice, not a very good one but there was one all the same, and im walking a tight rope between the two ideals here but technically speaking, it is true that it is the masses that where responsible there simply is no denying it. Now it may be easy to manipulate the masses when you have "CONTROL" over the ultimate controlants like money, energy, medical and food and people (the mob) will ultimately take the easier route, this brings us to problem reaction solution, make one route harder and another easier, naturally what is a human gonna choose, well 90% of the time anyway, of course the easier route, and as soon as everyone lese is doing it too, well then its the thing to do isnt it?

Ok so that's how it happens, now what about why it happens, it has to be an extension of nature because it is the way nature intended it to be, think about it........ IF right now this very second, we took away the Illuminati / nwo whatever you want to call them, and took away the banking cartels, I mean every last scrap of them, where would the world be. Im talking of essentially flattening the pyramid down to the base so there is no point, no top, everything is equal, all currencies the same.

What in the world do you think is going to happen? That's an easy answer isn't it, someone will form some sort of group to get ahead of the rest, open up another profiteering venture someone will see that and try to do better and so on, eventually you will end up with just another pyramid another "Illuminati" its unavoidable, its simply human nature, its like if you took all of the arms away in the world, there will be one guy somewhere who will spot this weak spot and knows he can get what he wants by making a gun and then your just starting the same cycle all over again.

The only way this will ever cease, that these "power struggles" will ever cease, is through technology, when we are technologically advanced enough that we don't need money, i.e a serious nano technology revolution (as in something akin to star trek) where we can replicate pretty much replicate anything from programming it into a computer and get rid of the whole "idea" of money, that's when true human kind will shine, I live in hope that this is a possibility in our future and I hope my grand childrens children live to see that beautiful day.

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posted on Aug, 15 2008 @ 02:05 AM
the problems of the world are due to the greedy, lazy, illusional, and reality-fearing masses.............???????

Well...mabey if these masses were actually told THE TRUTH
then mabey we would all work together to figure out the problems....

N.W.O , an extension of Nature.........?
thats like saying..
snoop dog.... an extension of good quality entertainment....
the K.K.K... an extension of racial values...

whats with the Pro n.w.o threads ???
is everybody becoming robots or something ?

are you guys really serious or are you some kinda
government shills?

and don`t think i`m not looking at the BIGGER PICTURE..
because , believe me , I am.

and what I see is a real greedy bunch that want it all to themselves.

posted on Aug, 15 2008 @ 02:21 AM
Maya432 - I'm not pro NWO, and as I said Im sure not for manipulation deceiving, or killing, I'm just looking at possibilities of motives, like the ultimate motive, i guess you think they just want more money and more power and thats it, thats the answer, - well you could be right! I'm wondering is there more to it then that, I certainly hope so anyway.

As per equating it to nature, well then answer the question, what do you think would naturally happen if we could get rid of the nwo group and their cartels?Do you think that it would it just remain a peaceful world? You have more faith in humanity then me, if you do and as I said I'm pretty sure there would be just other groups to form after a time as the more powerfull and ally with each other into another form of NWO, and that to me means its a natural progression, not natural as in nature is beautifull but natiral as in unavoidable - now take money out of the equation, thats a whole different world.

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posted on Aug, 15 2008 @ 03:57 AM
Let me try to explain again in a different way.
THOSE OF YOU THAT CAN ONLY SAY "illuminati are baaaaaad, NWO IS BAAAD" and do not want CONSIDER this fact. stop reading. . the following is only for those who can use their intellect and want to take responsibility. READ IT ALL IF YOU WANT TO KNOW REALITY (truth is overblown) Remember, u woke yourself up..but u were stopped. Now u can complete your knowledge finally. READ

the masses DO have and have had options in the past.
No one Forced the masses to do anything. EVERYTHING has been a choice.

If the people DO NOT WANT PROPAGANDA, why do they keep watching TV. TRUST ME, they KNOW THE TRUTH but choose the propaganda.

YOu see, the MASSES are the ones that BEGGED the illuminati to create a system where they can turn around and say "We (the masses) are manipulated and so we choose the easier road".
the MASSES know the TRUTH but REFUSE to wake up because it would mean they would have to start hunting and finding shelter on their own.A lot easier on the slave Farm.

Plus, you must admit that the Illuminati DID not take the easy road. They worked hard to create a system that BENEFITS the illuminated ones..meaning those that are aware of REALITY(Hunt, find shelter, take responsibility, respect nature's laws) and they PROVIDE the necessary fantasy world for those (masses) that refuse to be responsible and see reality...(THEY LISTEN TO THE MASSES AND DELIVER)

Let me repeat this simple fact. EVERY SINGLE PERSON AT ONE POINT OR ANOTHER WAKES UP AND SEES THE MATRIX FOR WHAT IT REALLY IS. However, they WILLINGLY CHOOSE to go back into the matrix. THESE people (the masses) are dangerous because they are GREEDY, LAZY, and DELUSIONAL. THIS leads to another simple deductive logic. SOCIETY WORKS because the ILLUMINATI are there to keep it functioning.

IF we broke down the pyramid today...the masses would go crazy and kill each other off (that is the main reason the MASSES HAVE BEGGED for the GOVERNEMTN and NATION-STATES..simply so they (MASSES) can do what they really want (kill, destroy, hurt, rob) but blame it on the government without being held responsible. THink about it, WHY DO PEOPLE PULL THE TRIGGER AND SAY "its societies fault" "I was just taking Orders" "war"

my favorite. "the CIA brought the DRUGS into the inner cities" Sure, but again u had a CHOSE TO PUT THE PIPE TO YOUR LIPS.

THE Illuminati not only gives the masses options...but they also PROVIDE the masses with EXACTLY WHAT THE MASSES HAVE ASKED FOR= methods and situations to ESCAPE REALITY...because the masses DO NOT WANT TO FACE reality, therefore...any ANIMAL THAT REFUSES TO FACE reality (hunt, shelter, observe nature) will die off.

HOwever, due to the fact that the ILLUMINati are a lot NICEr than you all think...they go ahead and keep the MASSES alive,unitll the masses become TOO GREEDY, at which point they balance out the ratio on predator to pray= extension of nature.

Again, MOST OF YOU CAN NOT EVEN ENTERTAIN THIS FACT. Because you are stuck with JONES AND ICKE. They did not INFORM YOU OF ANYTHING. THEY KEEP you in FEAR and force you to be idiots by NOT TAKING CARE OF YOURSELF.
More on this later.


Some of you get this simple logic. The illuminati does not make u a CHOSE to be a slave because this allowed you to be fed and have shelter without being responsible. the MASSES BEGGED for the ARTIFICIAL WOMB instead of facing reality like the illuminati.

IF you folks desire, I can answer specific questions since this topic is broad.
Those of you that are kind of getting this, run with is a huge step but well worth it...coming to grips with the knowledge that the illuminati are not bad allows you to become responsible and take control of your own life.
D rest that think the masses are good and have been FOOLED...keep playing the blame game. will get you nowhere

posted on Aug, 15 2008 @ 04:17 AM
reply to post by Maya432

MAYA432 DID NOT READ what I wrote. Maya, there is no argument against my comments because I am simply stating logic. you refuse to agree because it would mean you will have to observe nature for what it is.
If possible, PLEASE READ ALL OF THE FOLLOWING. find a specific part to discuss but I have a feeling you wont.


YES there is war and greed? but who is greedy and who fights the wars?

Can you honestly tell us that the masses are not in complete debt? by choice
CAN you honestly tell us that the MAsSES do not FIGHT the Wars? by choice

HOWEVER< your argument is as follows.
"Well...mabey if these masses were actually told THE TRUTH
then mabey we would all work together to figure out the problems.... "

to answer this I say again...THE MASSES KNOW THE TRUTH, they willingly CHOOSE to live in the MATRIX.

we are not special because we WOKE UP. EVERYONE WAKES UP. EVen you MAYA, do not want to wake up all the way because you rather play the blame game.
ANYONE can find the truth.
EVER notice how angry someone gets when u try and explain it to them. EITHER GET angry or play the blame game.

I dont want people to die, I dont want people to get chipped or controlled. BUT THE MASSES BEG FOR IT. The illuminati DOES NOT manipulate.

You have to understand that from the moment PEOPLE ARE BORN, most are trying to create an ARTIFICIAL WOMB so they dont face reality. THOSE PEOPLE (masses)are delusional and believe in a GOD that will save them, and things that no animal has ever or will ever worry about.

THE MASSES are the greedy ones. The illuminati have provided them with places to work and live. there is no denying that FACT.
THE MASSES are the lazy ones. The illuminati have sheltered them and given them places to buy food from. THERE IS NO DENYING THAT FACT.
THE MASSES cause inflation and housing crashes etc...due to their greedy ideas of getting a free check (from banks) to TURN OVER and make money while doing NOTHING (lazy). THERE IS NO DENYING THAT FACT.

its a sad fact, but its REALITY.
there will not be any revolution because if the masses wanted to take responsibility...the ILLUMINATI WOULD WELCOME THAT AND SHARE THE WORLD WITH THE MASSES. In fact, that OPTION IS THERE RIGHT NOW and has ALWAYS BEEN THERE.
The problems of the world stems from the masses.

HOWEVER, the only thing YOU and I agree on is the fact that the ILLUMINATI DO KILL a huge portion of the population. THE REASON is NOT because they FEAR THE MASSES or are crazy... it is because they are an extension of NATURE> they respect nature. THey need to balance it out for nature and the value of money that the MASSES are enslaved to (BY CHOICE)

THERE IS CHOICE for every single person..but the masses have chose and will choose to remain in the matrix (fantasy world) instead of observing nature's laws(reality) which states that you must hunt and find shelter to survive. THe masses refuse to do this. Like I said, even the roman slave worked hard but he was still a slave...and loved being a slave because he did not have to take responsibility. food and shelter were provided.

posted on Aug, 15 2008 @ 06:21 AM
This is an interesting take on things, and worthy of further thought. Some of the points you have raised I myself have considered. I haven't fully made up my mind, but can see what you are getting at.
The main concern I have is what about those of us who HAVE woken up and "see the matrix", those of us who DON'T want to be "slaves" ? We are surely a minority yet will be forced into a New World Order that "We" don't want or need. What happens to people like us if and when a compulsory microchipping system is introduced ? If we resist becoming part of the new system because "we" don't need it ....are we to sacrifice ourselves in the name of the greater "good" ?

The general consensus seems to be that the NWO is ushered in big time by
(a) a staged alien invasion.
(b) holographic technology and mind control/mass hypnosis to convince people around the world they are seeing their "saviour". Each saviour would explain the misconceptions of their religious understanding and declare it is time to know the "real " truth and that from now on there will only be "one world religion"

(a) provide the opportunity to thin out population levels around the globe. a kind of de-cluttering to allow for better manageability and organization
(b) Create a "threat" to humanity that sustains fear long-term. Such a threat would force the world to unite as never before, and continue to do so in the face of an "enemy" who could return at any time
(c) Provide a valid reason for a one world government, with each country becoming subject to a whole new set of laws which would be the same for all.

(a) Effectively raze to the ground all orthodox belief systems, paving the way for a completely new system . Instead of having umpteen religious systems dividing the world and causing endless wars in their name, the entire globe would see things in the same way. No more wars, as there is nothing to argue over or defend any more. Religious peace would prevail across the planet.
Yes, this means substituting many lies or half truths for another lie. But instead of having countelss religious doctrines, there would just be one. One lie is better than dozens and would at least band everyone together

These possibilities, if accompanied by various other things such as one world currency, strict population control via laws that restict how many children you can have, advances in genetic engineering to "improve" the human race and so forth would UNDOUBTEDLY create a world that yes, although more controlled than ever before, would nevertheless be a world of far greater peace, harmony and brotherhood.

To maintain order, dissenters and rebels would have to be dispense with. "the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few".

If one believes in reincarnation, then in the big scheme of things it does not really matter if the lives of some souls journey to Earth is cut short. If the soul does not die, there are plenty more chances to return. Reincarnation proposes we each choose the life we experience, so it follows such sould agreed to come here, knowing that their journey would be cut short.

This is just my personal interpretation of the jigsaw, just my take on things.

However, to maintain this "new world" of peace and order, we may have to acquiesce to being microchipped - most likely brain chipped. I have wondered if this idea gets sold to us on some pretext of the "alien invaders" having somehow infiltrated humanity so that the only way we can know the "enemy" is to scan everyones brain on a regular basis and monitor us all more tightly in many new ways. Simply to "weed out" the "enemy" so that our species is not contaminated. Any such chipping would likely include technology to reinforce and expand upon the mind control exercised originally during the "project blue beam" phase of the plan.

But what of us who see the matrix and don't need/want enslaving ? How do we escape it?

posted on Aug, 15 2008 @ 06:39 AM
a final thought:

it seems to me as if humanity has two choices:

1. Retain our free will as a species yet continue for what could be millenia to come in an unstable world ravaged by war, chaos, poverty, over population etc, divided by religion (the main cause of many wars) and opposing political policies

2. Sacrifice our ability to think and act independently in exchange for a New World Order where peace and stability prevail and man becomes a united brotherhood.

Is option (2) merely a natural part of human evolution ? Is it a natural part of the human picture to change in this way, to become something new ? Is the human species as we understand it, coming to an end, to be replaced by something different , yet still human ? Through mind control and implants we could become be joined together like the parts that create a giant super-computer.

It may be something we balk at, but is it simply part of our "destiny" as a species, a change we can only resist for so long...........?

Are we going to become something like the BORG ? And what, realistically, do you think we can do to resist it ? I'm not sure being awake to this possibility is going to be enough to prevent such a scenario happening........

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posted on Aug, 15 2008 @ 07:10 AM
cosmicpixie- I like the way you think, from Project Bluebeam to Bionic Humans, both certainly possible as an outcome for our future.

As far as the RFID type chips, we may not need them as recognition could be based on biometrics, i.e we all have different finger prints, eyes, facial features etc. I suppoe we already have a form of the chip now in all our passports and some bank cards etc anyway, and the new iphones and the like all have the gps ability, privacy is surley an issue there, but heres another but, could it all be data collection, to make the world better too? There is more talk about that Here

MrJelly - I think your strongest point comes down to "Supply and Demand" which is a very Valid point but has somewhat of a blurred line as cozmicpixie pointed out, what can we do, what is our choice now individualy, if we do have one, we seem to be caught within it, unless we escape to a mountain and live and forge for ourselves, even then if we wanted to travel or anything wed still have to use "their" technology.

I certainly dont have all the answers either but its nice to explore all the possible avenues to gain more knowledge in our perspective

(About the chips in the brain) If there was on that I could trust that could connect to google and download mathematics and languages and books to my head in an instant, I would sign up immediately! NWO or no NWO

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posted on Aug, 15 2008 @ 07:29 AM
Here are a couple of links to the brain chip issue (the 1st article has some christian overtones in defiance to the idea but the issue is still pertinent):

DARPA is Funding Brain Chips Apparantly......

Uploading the human brain...closer than we think ?

posted on Aug, 15 2008 @ 12:36 PM
reply to post by cosmicpixie

You are still caught in the mindset of the "NWO is bad and so on.." Let me continue.

first of all, there will be NO alien staged invasion and so on...I WILL TELL YOU RIGHT NOW.
second of all, why do you assume that YOU YOURSELF do not want the NWO. YOU yourself DEPEND on the illuminati. right now you love the fact that you are a slave to them.
If they do go through with the chipping and so on (COMPLETE NWO), you WILL HAVE A CHOICE.
you have a choice right now. BUT are you responsible enough to go out and live on your own. Find a group of people who have different skills and build a place for yourself far away. I DONT THINK SO.

WHile I like the way you guys think. You must understand...MOST people on this forum are not completely awake. I was getting to this in the last....
...WE started to wake up but on the road we heard of ICKE and JONEs. These people kept us from completely waking up. THey keep putting fear enough to drive our illogical primitive emotion. So we have CHOSE to do nothing because WE decided to listen to those fools. IF you want complete freedom...TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF AND YOUR FAMILY. prepare to survive if it all goes down.

*there is no GREATER GOOD. you are fooling yourself so you feel good about the world. TAKE care of yourself and your family. What greater good is there? have you seen the CHOICES the GREATER(masses) make?

*THE SUPPLY AND DEMAND idea is good, but you stopped short. THE ILLUMINATI SUPPLY and the MASSES only constintly DEMAND. HENCE< they are lazy and can not and will never supply themselves with the basic things they need to survive. That is why the illuminati actually LOVE the humans and take care of them untill nature states otherwise.

*THERE is not such thing as "believing in reincarnation". it is just another delusional idea that you choose to think about coz it makes you feel good. its your choice to think about fantasy and not see reality (nature). trust me, its a waste of time. its an emotion instead of logic.

*you could travel by creating your OWN technology. BUt you wont coz we have all chosen to be slaves SO THAT WE DONT HAVE TO create anything for ourselves. ITS just a logical conclusion.

*"retain our free will". WHAT free will? you that masses gave that up a long time ago. but again, while u grasp the idea, you CHOOSE not to connect it to yourself. The only way u can become free WITHIN the matrix is to give the masses what they want. AND the masses want to be FOOLED and LULLED FURTHER into the matrix. But you wont coz your emotion tells you not to do that.

*WORLD peace can and has ALWAYS been available. its a lot more simple than you think. STEP ONE, people take responsibility and stop killing. END OF STORY. remember, its not the SITUATIONS THAT MAKE WAR, its the SOLDIERS.(masses)

*mind control and mass hypnosis are what the people asked for. You know how it works, u buy a lot of this product so they keep making it. TRUST me, the masses want control. Just like who, who is so dependent on constantly getting the NWO idea in your head so you feel there is a big and bad boogieman out there waiting to strike.

look for logical steps. THERE WILL BE a second star/sun created by them.

anyway, I have to go to work so please have a nice day...and...

point out specific things that I can respond to.
Number would be a lot more easier. BUT, no more fantasy ideas of reincarnation or demons or religion and so on. I can be an assss but thats just my morning AM way of talking.

posted on Aug, 15 2008 @ 01:39 PM
You bring up some intresting points, but i have a few questions.

First why does every job have to do with the illuminati, clearly everything isn't controled by them.

Also don't you feel that the whole NWO and illuminati could be broken up from within????

My feeling on the subject is the illuminati/NWO can be beat and at the very least David Icke and Alex Jones report on what is happining which is more then 90 percent of what other news outlites are doing.

posted on Aug, 15 2008 @ 02:16 PM
reply to post by MrJelly


??? could you explain what you mean ??? ! Rather a bizzare statement?

And what exactly are YOU doing in respect of fighting against the NWO that is anything different to the rest of us ?

How sure can you be that there won't be a staged alien invasion or fake rapture or similar ? At the end of the day isn't that jusy YOUR opinion rather than a bonafide, proven fact ? Just like those of us who might believe otherwise at the end of the day only have an opinion ?

Likewise reincarnation or a life after death. How on earth do YOU know for a fact this is not something that occurs ? Have you ever studied these concepts indepth ? And I say this NOT from a religious perspective as I am not religious in any sense of the world and would be very happy if relgion ceased to exist. But not every manifestation of philosophical or spiritual thought is an idea planted by people who want control over the human race ! Again, we all have our opinions. and that's all your statement is - an opinion. You have no authority to belligerently dismiss the opinions or ideas of others simply because you don't agree with them or view them as illogical fantasies.

and who are you to presume I am a slave to what is going on ? If I was some slave to it all and wished to be in bondage I'd not have spent much of my life in independent thought and research seeking to see beyond what I have been taught or programmed. And I most certainly would not want a microchip. I simply do not see everything YOUR way.

You have an interesting take on things and I see the validity in much of what you are saying. But in other respects your thinking is rather rigid . You seem to have decided you have all the answers and everyone else is not as quite "in the know" as you. You can't force your views on people you know and you instantly put up people's defences when you imply that you have a superior insight to everyone else.

If you are so convinced about seeing the "true light", why don't you write a book. Pop along to charm school first though or you'll put many readers off before the 1st chapter is over.

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posted on Aug, 15 2008 @ 04:05 PM
But its all based on LIES...
how can the masses properly deduce the situation when all they hear is lies.

you are selling the human race very short here.

the masses are NOT to blame..

the rich ,greedy Elite of the world are to blame..

TERROR...... who in this universe has the right to TERRORIZE??????
it is the lowest form of behavior..

50 galizillion billion trillion dollars to TERRORIZE.......
to justify some utopia that is coming...
sorry...this makes no sense at all.

why not 50 galizillion billion trillion dollars to prepare us for utopia???
we are supposed to be a family.......brothers........
in tune with nature.

the N.W.O and all its crimes against nature do not make good

Does the end justify the means... I think not.....

posted on Aug, 15 2008 @ 04:29 PM
reply to post by MrJelly

remember, its not the SITUATIONS THAT MAKE WAR, its the SOLDIERS.(masses) ........................................................

WRONG answer but thanks for playing...

soldiers follow orders because they have NO OTHER CHOICE......
many soldiers join because they are brainwashed by PROPAGANDA
and believe that they are doing the RIGHT THING.
many soldiers join because they have no where else to turn in
order to live in this world...

so now you are blaming the masses of soldiers....
what about the masses of really poor people?
tell me now, how these people are also to blame.

they say in this new utopia that all families will only be allowed 2
children to keep the population down.... ok...well
why must we TERRORIZE the planet in order to do this..

why not just MAKE IT SO?.... now....start now...make it LAW...
I`m up for that...

its not the END that i question,,, but the MEANS
this FULL BLOWN WORLD TERROR can`t be the way to go about it.

try telling us the truth... THE TRUTH... and then we would see for sure
if mankind could handle it or not...

I think they could....and not only would they handle it but they would
refine and perfect it too.

6 billion of you must die so that half a billion can continue..
this makes no sense.

do you know how many billionaires there are on this planet??
and multi millionaires....
are they part of the "MASSES"???

high levels officials and corporate CEOs,, are they part of the "MASSES"
that you speak of ?

just who EXACTLY are these "Masses" ?

I have a feeling that these 'Masses" means "The Little Guy"

posted on Aug, 15 2008 @ 04:54 PM
reply to post by Maya432


AGain, it is a simple fact that you chOOSE not to face.

NO ONE FORCES the soldier to PULL THE TRIGGER. it is a CHOICE>
NO ONE FORCES the masses to believe the lies. IT IS A CHOICE>

the options has always and will always be there. EVERY SOLDIER makes a CHOICE to join the army and BELIEVE what they tell him/her.
Can you deny this fact.

u say "wrong soldiers have no choice" again. ANYONE here will tell you the truth. THEY HAVE A CHOICE> its so simple. SHOOT OR DONT SHOOT> Join or dont join.
end of story.

and again, u dont want to face facts but...the propaganda and LIES are there bECAUSE THE MASSES WANT IT. it is their way of loving and living in the MATRIX.
you are NOT SPECIAL, the MASSES know EVERYTHING YOU KNOW but CHOOSE to go back into the matrix,


you say the believe they are doing the right thing. EXACTLY. THEY CHOOSE TO DO IT. THEY CHOOSE to not get any other info because finding out the truth hurts them so they follow orders. LAZY. and it benefits them, GREEDY.

THe illuminati are NOT EVIL OR GREEDY. they are focused, smart, and have CHOSEN to see reality..unlike the soldier that CHOOSES to be a killing machine instead of observing reality. HE is much more comfortable in the army because it is an ARTIFICIAL WOMB where he does not have to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY>
this is a fact.
NO ONE CAN Argue against it. BUT AGAIN, you CHOOSE to play the blame game instead of observing reality.

and again. WHO THE F terrorrizes the planet. THE FEW ILLUMINATI? or the masses? again, you choose not to see reality.

*THE TRUTH IS AVAILABLE to the masses, but the MASSES CHOOSE not to see it.
WHY is it that hard for you to understand this

you are caught up in the idea that the ILLUMINATI LIE TO the masses. THERE IS CHOICES AND THERE IS OPTION.
the masses WANT and BEG the illuminati to lie to them. I have gone over this many times and the masses..YOU MAYA CHOOSE to blame instead of seeing reality and nature.

THE MASSES are the people who do NOT want to SEE reality. LIKE YOU.
Your idea of "the little guy" is just another example of the fact that you refuse to see the obvious.

YOu can take care of yourself, but u choose not to. You love the illuminati coz they provide you with all of the comforts so you dont have to go out and take care of yourself. The nation-state is a womb that you love.

the masses are the right wingers, the lefties, the conspiracy theorists, etc...
the masses are like sheep. call them SHEEPLE if you like.

HUMANITY has always had the option and choice to be better. But have not and will never be because the masses have CHOSEN to live in the matrix and have BEGGED for the matrix.
END OF STORY. wrap your head around it so you can move on..or u will be stuck. BUt like the masses you PREFER to put the blame instead of seeing reality.

posted on Aug, 15 2008 @ 05:02 PM
reply to post by Maya432

again you are not reading just saying words.

The "LIES" you speak of are what the masses want and have begged for. deductive logic.
EVERYONE knows what is going on. every single person knows they can learn how to live outside of the matrix but they CHOOSE to be in the matrix due to their greed and laziness.

The illuminati are rich because they observe reality.
The illuminati can not and have not ever forced anyone to do anything. THEY OBSERVE NATURE AND BELIEVE IN ITS LAWS. thats why there is always an option.

THe human race as a whole is brutal, lazy, greedy, and delusional. Sorry to burst your bubble.
again, who fights the wars? you claim they are based on lies. WHO believes the LIES? is it not true that YOU AND I know the truth about WARS? So you think WE ARE SPECIAL, no. EVERYONE CAN FIND AND KNOWS THE TRUTH. but they choose to stick to the lies coz it FEED THEIR FANTASY WORLD(matrix).

I think a few of you are seeing this simple fact. Good for you. You will survive because you are able to see how the masses are not "brothers", they are sheep that LOVE THEIR SLAVERY.
ICKe, and JONES are not doing SHIIIIT besides making you into the sheeple.

THEY ARE ROADBLOCKs to stop you from understanding who you are. remember THEY DID NOT COME INTO YOUR ROOM AND WAKE YOU UP.
you just stumbled across them during your OWN RESEARCH>

posted on Aug, 15 2008 @ 05:32 PM
reply to post by cosmicpixie

there is no FIGHTING AGAINST THE NWO. why would you think that is a possibility? Its like fighting against the people who created civilization.
what you can do is start taking care of yourself..listen to your gut feelings, and be responsible. thats it

I DO HAVE SUPERIOR INSIGHT and so can you if you stop thinking about the NWO or the illuminati as something to fight against. You should rather want to join them or LIVE OUTSIDE OF THEM. but they are necessary because the MASSES can not handle reality and would die off without them. The NWO is only a natural progression of what the masses have asked and begged for. It is the ultimate artificial womb.

I am not trying to make friends. There is no brotherhood. I am not intereted in writing a book. I just thought that some of you might want to observe yourselves and see reality for what it is.

I did not mean to offend you but even I myself had to REALIZE that I was and sadly still am a slave. Just because I do research and see the truth (that has always been there. BTW, propaganda and programiing is really EASY to weed out) doesnt mean I am not on their farm or do not take teh BENEFITS of THEIR SYSTEM. THEREFORE, I am a slave because I DEPEND ON THEM.
MY house has mortgage (though it is less than 90k now. WOOHOO)
my care is not paid off

ALL of these things I have BECAUSE I AM GREEDY. I choose not to save and buy, instead I PREFER A FREE LUNCH. (loan)
just like all of you.
sorry but even the information we get and research is BECAUSE OF THEIR computer systems that they have set up.
WITHOUT THAT HOW MANY OF US WOULD GET off of our asses and go to the library or start groups to talk about these things. I AM NOT WRONG ABOU THIS

*RELIGION. Actually I do know more because I am not delusional anymore. I know scripture like the back of my hand. Judaism, christianity, and islam as well as many easter philosophies. HOWEVER, they are all SHT. I simply understood that its nothing more than a waste of time because NO ONE can tell you this or that...whiCH MEANS, you are putting your time into a FEEL-GOOD emotional wishfull thinking idea that has NO REALITY IN IT AT ALL.

*religion and yes, spirituality..they are all part of the fantasy world. YOU CAN NEVER KNOW ANYTHING MORE THAn..YOU LIVE AND DIE> end of Freakin story.
can you argue against that. NO, but you CHOOSE to want to think about it because its an interesting delusion.
"oh enoch turned into megatron (above the throne)"
"leviticus is a cook book and has laws"

WHILE I AM being a jerk. Sorry, but MAYA AskED about the POOR PEOPLE. THEY ARE poor because they CHOOSE TO BE POOR.
Yea I know it sounds bad. But its true.
oh u say they have no options. YES THEY DO. why dont they? The option is try to make a run for it and be free or live and be poor. IT is an option.
EVEN the sLAVE had the option. NOW mind you, YOU MIGHT DIE if you try to make a run for it but its still an option

*do not be delusional to the simple fact that we are animals and NATURE IS NOT FAIR.
THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS FAIR and RIGHT. look at how people are born. SOME BORN with one arm and so on...
THIS is why the masses are delusional also..THEy OBSERVE REALITY BUT refuse to accept its simple laws. YOU live and die. Some born tall some born short.

*and for those that say they are born poor? Think about it, HOW CAN AN ANIMAL BE BORN POOR? if an animal can not feed its kids or find shelter..what happens? THey dont pass down the line. But D illuminati have given the masses the OPTION of being poor and surviving. SOUNDS FREAKING GREAT TO ME.

PLUS, I work my ass off to make money, save, and plan the future. I SEE MILLIONS OF PEOPLE WHO are lazy and do not want to be educated, hunt on their own, or create shelter. SCREW THEM. WHy should you work your Arse off and feel EQUAL TO those that do not work and are lazy. YOU ARE BETTER.

posted on Aug, 15 2008 @ 05:39 PM

I am sure its on this site somewhere but I wil get into briefly.

CASSINI-Huygens project.

it is orbiting saturn and titan.
IT is carrying a lot of plutonium. Basically, if you know the origin of the illuminati you know that they are planning on creating a new sun. It was planned to go down last month but they pushed it back 2 years. However, like I said...they plan ahead and listen to nature.
THERE is plenty of info on this on the net or on youtube so go and watch.

OH and the illuminati ALwAYS GiVE YOU wArnings before they do ANYTHING. It is one of their rules.
THIS IS WHY THERE ARE SO MANY QUARANTINE AND KILL movies coming out. Have you notice? lol

OR take the MOVIE THE HAPPENING. NATURE (lol) is forcing people to die. HOW do they escape it? WHen people start being individuals (by NOT bunching together in groups like the masses). LOL.
Trust me, they give plenty of warnings.
Search for it on youtube. this one crazy guy...DJHIVES has the same idea as me...but he is very angry. LOL
look him up on youtube his vids are easy to understand.

posted on Aug, 15 2008 @ 05:42 PM
you say that the masses don't want to see the truth - I would suggest that is true for some, but not all. Many people truly think the world is "as is". They don't feel there "is" anything to question, any "lie" to uncover, any "new reality" to see. Not everyone is a thinker, or a questioner.

And don't forget, not everyone in the world is intelligent either - not their fault, just the way they were born. Are the "less bright" likely to question much to begin with ? Somehow I doubt it. Such types are not necessarily lazy or "willing slaves", they are just a bit dim . Along similar lines, not everyone has the benefit of an education, so never really get the chance to develop their minds to an extent which would faciliate more questioning of the world they live in, some people are deaf, dumb and mute so will never "see" much at all, some people are mentally ill, retarded, etc etc etc....yet you lump the whole of humanity under this term, "masses", and accuse just about everyone of being willing slaves!!!!

Alot of people have been programmed from birth remember, to believe in various things, to see the world through certain eyes. This kind of progamming can be impossible to undo in many people. They can't be blamed for being manipulated this way from birth !! They are VICTIMS.

By the way, I am still curious about what you said regarding we should look for a "sign" in the form of some star or second sun ? What on earth do you mean ?

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