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The illuminati=extension of Nature

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posted on Aug, 18 2008 @ 01:50 PM
reply to post by cosmicpixie

Please read all of the following and wright more questions. specific ones

.A good point made in the above quote. What does Mr Jelly say to this ?

I think even the masses USE their brain but choose to live in the fantasy world

EVERY SINGLE PERON knows what is going on. BECAUSE they have a brain, some choose to live in the artificial womb. In fact, "animalistic behavior" is what the MASSSES SHOULD BE acting like (this doesnt mean sniffing asss and killing each other for for no reason=war)
Animals(not mass humans thouhg) observe reality and act in accordance to nature.
no free lunch. no loans.

Why are you so quick to dismiss the information given by SVali,

maybe coz I use my FKING brain.use your gut feelings...u all have them.
JUST COZ something SOUNDS INTERESTING doesnt mean it is true. ANd if it sound far out there.....IT IS NOT TRUE.

psychology u listen to svali and assume u now have some hidden info that other dont.

WHY on EARTH would you think the illuminati, who are much more aware of reality-are focused-maintain the matrix for you- and so on.. are crazy people.
YOU ACTUALLY think that JONEs got HIDDEN FOOTAGE of the illuminati praising MoLOCH in the WOODS.
WTF is going on.
HOWEVER, observe how this is part of the matrix. YOU demand to assume that the illuminati are EVIL because.....wait for it...IT MAKES the fact that YOU CHOOSE not to face reality a LOT EASIER to HOLD ONTO.
"IF they are such bad people I wiLL BE THE EXACT OPPOSITE and stay in the womb"

So they help fund the things they think/oberve we want. They do so in full awareness that they fuel our weaknesses. They see humanity for the susceptible, impressionable, lazy minded species we perhaps might be on the whole but instead of attempting to help us evolve beyond all that, they play right into it.

Why is this your weakness? Listen to this TRUTH. CHOICE is the most important word in this discussion. YOU MUST RESPECT CHOICE.. whatever it is. The illuminati understand this and RESPECT IT. If they did not provide the artificial womb the masses would DIE OFF.
again u say the line regarding "why dont they help us evolve". HAVE YOU NOT UNDERSTOOD that THEY DO OFFER THAT OPTION.
if you assume that this means FORCING THE MASSES, wrong.

this doe not mean SAVING THE WORLD. this is why many of you will never truly wake up... coz u think "evolving" means saving the world and stoppig all wars and so on.
listen to me.
the only true WAKE UP CALL is to save yourself and your family by being responsible.
THIS IS A LOT MORE COMPLICATED than the mere words.
I will start a new post on this shortly...IT WILL BLOW YOUR MINDS.and most people willl choose to not understand it.

here is a great one. READ

hy do any masters SEEK to become masters and even want slaves. Because they can is one answer, and also because they enjoy the power, the control, the influence

When you come out of the artificial womb u will understand that they are ONLY your masters if you choose to be the slave.
WHY do you not see the obvious reality of the fact that the system is set up FOR the masses, BY the masses,most importantly,benefits the masses most of the time.

They have have no control over you if you choose to be responsible.
the power and control they have is because they are responsible and observe reality.
the influence they have?? how do you have influence without the masses taking action

I can convince people that the the man next door is going to kill us so we should go and kill him first.
did I LIE TO THEM? u will say yes..but wait

They chose to act in response to my words instead of observing reality(finding other info, seeking). BASICALLY, they loved the fact that someone maid a claim which gave them the boost to do what they alwasy wanted to do. now they dont have to be HELD responsible for their actions. LIKE WAR

posted on Aug, 18 2008 @ 02:17 PM
reply to post by cosmicpixie

good stuff. read all and reply

I do not directly or indirectly play a part in any activities that involve psychological warfare in some effort to achieve mastery over my son

OVER YOUR SON? HE IS A CHILDE. listen, WHY do you all assume the masses are children. THey are YOU. THEY are adults...they CHOOSE their beliefs.

and WHO plays the psyhological warfare? last time I checked warfare can not be psychological...but it SOUNDS GOOD. here it goes again. If you want u can easily choose not to be psychological used. Its different if you are a test subject, but if thats the case.. YOU ARE FKING test subject. thats your purpose coz u got into that situation.

U mean the rothschilds play it? the rockefellers? no it the professors, army people, cia, and so no. YOUR FREAKING NEIGHBOrs.

WHO makes the TV shows, who creates the propaganda on the news? who makes the ADvertisings of interesting toys(u guys seen the Audi S5. I have to get one soon. sick of my being serious here)..your neigbhors

the illuminati work with the masses to maintain the artificial womb.

as for your question. the most important question.

3. You say the horrors that are to come have a good reason. Can you explain what these reasons are.

lol, oh well. I will not explain the reasons. I have mentioned a few of them before. ratio of predator vs. prey... u think the masses being greedy have NO effect on nature.

NO wars since the beginning of the current nation-states have been fought for land or control or oil. the illusion that it is one nations people vs. another is false.
the illusion that it is one company vs. another company is just that, an illusion.

reducing the population is NECESSARY to maintain the artificial womb. It sounds demonic and that is why I HATE (get emotional about reality, unlike the illuminati) discussing it.

Why do you think people take birth control. its not just to have sex without worrying about pregnancy.
The western world has decided to maintain their birth rates using birth control and the economy, most people cant afford more than 1 child.
one fifth of the world has set up laws that you can only have one child.

Do u see the masses getting mad about this fact? do u see them doing anything against this fact? Do you see them doing anything AGAINST war? Anything at ALL (besides walking on the streets and acting like fools talking about world peace and love and BS) NO you dont.
IT is such a fact of reality that they do not even want to talk about it.
but deep down the masses understand the reason for having to reduce the popolation.

IT IS NOT FOR CONTROL (I love the idea that some people think its coz we are becoming so many that they cant hold control over us...yea, lol, see the illogical thinking.) who is THEY that hold control over us. YOUR NEIGHBOR. who are the cops, who are the armies, who are the newscasters, and so on.

Let me say one more thing please.

WHy do you people hate toys? the truth is you dont. Some of you are not responsible so u cant afford them..this gets u angry.
My best friend is a great musician. I manage his band at nights. His job doesnt pay much and the band has 5 people so they dont get much (I get 15..nice)
he complains about people driving nice cars, having high-tech toys.
YET, he requires the band to pitch in for high end guitar toys or amps and so on.

why do you think that is?
is there a difference between his toys and other people's toys. Yes there is, his favorite toys are HIS FAVORITE TOYS.
he cant face this fact because it would mean understanding that he is just like the masses.

the illuminati love the toys as much as you do. They just are responsible to OWN THE LATEST and greatest toys.
and they dont think the toys are just toys. They understand the beauty of toys. TOYS are a PRIVILEGE!!!!!!

posted on Aug, 18 2008 @ 02:38 PM
reply to post by NephraTari

YOu are truly blind to reality. However, u bring up good points. For example

The illuminati under its original founder and concept was created to shed light on the lies of organized religion and return mankinds freedom of thought without influence and a scientific perspective that would help us grow rather than be suppressed by religious superstitions.

The illuminati under its original founder? YES PEOPLE, the illuminati was created just over 200 years ago.
Thats it. close the book. lol

WHile I agree that the ILLUMINATI you are speaking about did exist and that was their purpose (sht I teach high school history so i have to go over the enlightenment period bullSHT) that is a very small piece if not a...who cares about my toejam kind of info.

look at society, look at reality. U dont see how the masses live in an artificial womb. U dont see their choices that are illogical.
U dont see their greed
u dont see their DELUSION

u dont, coz u too are one of them.
U rather go with text books instead of observing with your eyes.

Its like that guy who said to me "different dimensions and astral travel are not delusional. I create my own reality. People in the past thought the world being ROUND was delusional..look at what we know now"

can u believe this idiot. PEOPLE IN THE PAST thought the world was flat? text book BULLSHt.
YOu mean people in the past did not see the stars, the sun, the moon?
what do you think Atlus was holding up on his shoulders.
do im sorry, the perspective view was not created untill the renaissance period. Isnt that right?
Columbus found that out. sure
Maybe the sun and moon are that guys creation. Coz u know, he CREATES his own reality. Freaking fool.

This ideas are logical. ANy LOGICS professor would tell you the same thing. minus the illuminati vs. mass part..they prefer to call it follower and leader. and they agree that the follower WANT to be where they are and chooose not to face reality or be responsible.

I luv u all. Please post SPECIFIC questions if u have any.

It makes more sense if you get specific. as for the bavarian branch. just cause they think they are illuminated does not mean they are.
Have u ever watched TV and seen how smart people think they are.
u know thoseMTV shows, or reality shows.

Anyone watch Dexter on SHOWTIME. best show of all time.

posted on Aug, 18 2008 @ 02:45 PM
lastly I would like to say this
I dont feel this way towards you people but I think those of you who are getting this simple idea will understand what I mean.

"SOME OF THE SHEEPLE get lost and wonder outside. You stumble upon me. It is not because you CHOSE to come out, you just got lost. So for those of you who have stumbled upon me and the logical ideas , those of you sheeple that are just lost and frightened and disagree using emotional words, those of you that prefer delusion inside the barn instead of reality and risk outside in nature. I say....
Baaaahhhhh. Head back and enjoy your barn. after all..............WHY DID I HELP CREATE THE BaRn and MAKE SURE TO LEAVE THE DOOR WIDE OPEN??????????For you to have the choice.

oh its dirty isnt it. so insulting but u have to love its beauty.
makes me wanna take a shower. after that I want to go to the movies. I have to see Batman the Dark KNIGHT again.

BEST MOVIE OF ALL TIME. NOW that is a truly LOGICAL statement. lol (u gotta have fun with it after all)

posted on Aug, 18 2008 @ 04:13 PM
I posted this on another forum but no one gave me any feedback.
I think its funny.
Very funny.

here it is

Wecome to the Mr.Jelly comedy show.
Only a few jokes for now..but enjoy

Hello folks, how is your artificial womb treating you? or should I say, how are you demanding it to you treat you.. am I right, am I right..

I woke up this morning and went right back to sleep. OHhh, u see what Im saying. woke up from sleep but chose to not face reality therefore, went back to sleep. am I right.
Dont get me started. lol

now for some quick ones.

How do you know you are a slave in the NWO?
you dont because you love your slavery and asked for it.....hahahhaah
(Mr.Jelly gets hit with a tomato that has fish genes in it)

WHo do you blame for the wars on earth???????
The illuminati of course, THEY are the ones that hold your finger on the trigger and FORCE you to pull it. right right, am I right... they pull the strings right. lol
(Mr.Jelly looks at audience as the audience wakes up but runs right back into the rabbit hole for more fantasy)

I can do this all night. Lots of fun actually
last one and the finisher

How will you know the the NWO is completed and here???
drum rollllllllllllllll.......
YOU PROBABLY WONT COZ A 3rd of YOU WILL BE DEAD> hahahahahahhahah
(curtain closes and MrJelly takes off his mask and reveals his reptilian face and grabs his GREY alien and makes out with her)

next show in 2 days. in the meanwhile, enjoy your fantasy.
thank you and keep sleeping.

posted on Aug, 18 2008 @ 07:05 PM
Is it at all possible that you may NOT have the whole truth of reality nailed down ? You sure seem to skim over some important points put to you with rather flimsy responses.

Don't you realize that we are born into this "slavery", rather unware ? That only via a long process of self awareness and observation can most of us awaken to truths of the world we live in. That we spend our formative years subject to programming, conditioning and propagada that our as yet under-developed critical faculties are capable of understanding ? That it can take YEARS to undo this programming -christ you are middle aged and it has taken you decades to view things as you do now !!! You can only CHOOSE slavery Jelly if you are first AWARE it is being offered to you !!! You can only make DECISIONS upon informed CHOICES !!! THIS IS LOGICAL !!!!

This generation has come into a world which has been in the making for centuries. The choices of previous generations have created it. I have not deliberately helped create it for one can only make deliberate choices when fully aware of the options. SELF AWARENESS and SEEING THE WORLD takes TIME.....until this blossoms, one makes CHOICES based upon LIMITED knowlege/wisdom/self understanding.You totally overlook this FACT . Most people don't even realize how their individual choices affect the world at large, that we each help create the world we cry about, shout about etc. The key to self power and self rule is self knowledge and awarenss - not something we are born with, but a JOURNEY we take over many years

If human consciousness was raised more on a widespread basis, we would NOT be awaiting a fascist global regime . Alas, it takes time for most of us to evolve beyond our SELF slavery to desire, control, greed and all those other self-serving traits. WE HAVE BEEN TRYING but alas, the baser human drives have predominated so far. We are slaves to our own selves - this is the fundamental problem - self first , self self self. If everyone possessed a less egocentric world view, we would NOT have a world where there becomes some need to kill our own kind off and all the rest. Or some "controlled" utopia.

This talk is not idealistic - plenty of people have led lived whereby they try not to be slaves to their desires, emotions and selfish needs. Just not enough.

Maybe there IS NO fight to be made now against what is happening. I may be a slave from the external perspective , but in my mind and my soul I am free. Awareness affords me this difference.

"They" may have presented us choices to begin with, and for some time since, but OBSERVATION makes it brutally clear that now choices are being taken from us. Decisions are made on our behalf. People cannot make choices unless properly informed , fully aware of the facts. Everyone knows that half of what goes on in governement, economics, environmental concerns and so on is made known to us AFTER the event !!! You assign the "little people" far more freedom of choice than they have . Christ, mind control techniques are used in army training !!!

there are many other colours besides black and white - you have swung from one mindset to the complete opposite since all those books you wrote. There is a middle ground which you are not accommodating, human psychology you are not factoring into your reasoning. You have to be more patient for people to awake - after all, they are coming round from a heavy dose of narcotics and are wandering about in stupour because of it. NOT THEIR CHOICE AT ALL.

I'll swap you some sackcloth for a bag of stolen apples in Zion Jelly.........

[edit on 18/8/08 by cosmicpixie]

posted on Aug, 18 2008 @ 08:49 PM
1. People are weak - their karmas are part of the reason for the current "situation" yes. The spirit is perhaps 1/6000 of the body weight.
2. The Illuminati are responsible for pollution by constant repression of alternative energy and more efficient use of fuel.
3. Wars are not natural and never have been -- Their primary function is distraction - stealing - conquests - creating pacified populations by killing off resistors and dumbing down those who are left.
4. Infation is the boon dogle of the federal reserve which is controlled by the Illuminati
5. The Devil does exist, their is an effort to keep spirits ignorant about what they really are, where they are and where the should be. It is a characteristic of the spirit that it can find temporary contentment in almost any situation or state of existence.
6. I agree - people have no one to blame but themselves but the real point is a very deliberate effort by long term planners is responsible. It has been successful primarily because it is driven from psuedo religion where there are clearly thousands of years of brainwashing skills at work. How anyone could possibly think the Vatican is in anyway a spiritual organization is way beyond me. Yet, it has been because of this alegience that they are in the position they are.
6. keep in mind the Jesuits-Vatican-Illuminati view themselves as above the law. "I do most sincerely and solemnly swear eternal hatred to all forms of government, whether monarchical or republic, and by whomesoever administered, whose tendency is in any wise, directly or indirectly, to limit, or subvert, or control the supreme and rightful authority of his Holiness, the Pope, or the Father General of the order of Jesuits, to reight over the whole world; and
to use by best endeavours, at all times, for the overthrow of all such goverments, and the universal extension of that of the order of which I am a member. ... I do sincerely and solemnly swear eternal hatred to all sects, societies, and institutions, of every kind, whether political or religious, which tend to the establishment of civil or religious freedom in this or in any land; and to use my best efforts for their destruction; ever keeping in my mind, that devine maxim of the order that 'the end justifies the means'. .. " Part of a Jesuit oath quoted from Mysteries of a Convent

posted on Aug, 18 2008 @ 09:10 PM
Here is my 2 cents:

Peace and love etc.

Sounds wonderful, but it does not work if there is ONE SINGLE MANIPULATOR waiting to prey upon another amongst the people, then they blindly love and get blindly raped, which is where we are today, just without the love.

Also everyone talks about oneness and how we all need to come together to become one and create your own reality etc.

Well how is this, you are an individual, and part of a "oneness" that has created everything around you.

This means being birthed as a human and being born into all the # that is not your fault.
Aha, but it IS because since we are one, it was you who allowed the setting of, and even set your own trap.

Long ago, when people were hardly civilized, one man chose to prey upon his ignorant brothers and heard them like sheep, and they went right along with it blindly, as the intilligent deceiver had realized that they were just that malleable.

So in the aspect of oneness, we are all at the same level of intelligence, and birth ourselves as our own prey, it always seems that the odds are against you, yet the odds always remain equal to current mass knowledge.

Back then the great struggle was just as hard for them based on their knowledge, and so today as we have computers etc and so many more means to learn, the other group has the same equal means of the same skill to heard the sheep, or themselves.

The reality is, none of this would happen if the HUMANS as ONE GROUP were not doing it to themselves.

You can't blame the Illuminati any more than you can blame your neighbor for acting against you, because that is the world we have fashioned by our own choices throughout history.
Illuminati can say "Go kill, or they will kill you" until they are blue in the face and every sheep that listens is still the one agreeing and pulling the trigger, becoming the ignorant murderer.
It is the people, who are the Illuminati because we are HUMAN and getting rid of the Illuminati is not going to change our #ed up ways, but changing our #ed up ways WOULD make the Illuminati vanish, but good luck with that.

The Illuminati are far more ancient than many of you give them credit for, and they do strive to enlighten themselves, and those they recognize, but they also recognize that man victimizes himself and preys upon himself, therefore they realize that they are not exempt, and head this society, because if they do not do it this way, the next group that has amassed one step down from them, will simply take their spot and do a worse job because these groups exist, and humans either do not defend themselves or they prey upon their own in majority, far too few are the ones who are different to have the whole world follow along with harmony, so the Illuminati will force theirs, as they don't think the next group of humans will do it any better.

I am not for the Illuminati, I am not for the Masses.
I am for those who would not lead me to shackles through their blind emotions and ignorance.

My neighbors will do all this to me and more, they are sheeple, trying to "enlighten" them is hopeless, only a certain type of person is worth helping, someone whom you can see is willing to face and accept reality.
Those who are not blind followers...
Unfortunately, finding these people is hard, and the only real reason anyone wants to wake anyone else up, is the hope of discovering another individual.

What are we going to do about this world?

I don't know, but sniping Rockefeller or the Queen of England is not going to change a GD thing in itself

The Illuminati exists because we create the pyramid for ourselves through our people's ignorant choices en mass and until our majority stops this, someone will always be at the top.

We lose as a race when the microchip is accepted, but if we lose, remember, we as a race did it to ourselves, not the Illuminati.

So on that note, # our oneness for creating this world.

We need to evolve and stop assimilating.

posted on Aug, 18 2008 @ 09:18 PM
reply to post by cosmicpixie

I must disagree with you again.
you r starting your arguments with assumptions that dont leave room for ideas.
read all and observe

1. Born into slavery.. *you are born free and choose slavery as the years go by and you are forced to face reality as you get older. In the process of you getting older, you realize that it is a lot easier to be in the matrix, like other adults.
thats why some of you crazy nuts say kids can see ghosts and crazy things like that... you try to hide the fact they can observe reality by saying the KIDS TOO are in the fantasy world. U understand?

2. THe masses of yesterday created the matrix..not me. **the masses of yesterday are the same as the masses of today. they make a decision that there should only be 2 groups of people. The masses and the illuminati. every generation does this. If you decide to be outside of the grid..THEY DONT LIKE THAT if they find out. your fellow man maintains the matrix coz they love it. WHY IS THIS HARD. you say they dont know what is going on. ARE YOU SHTING ME? "THEY love watching tv, they LOVE watching the beginnings of war, they LOVe paying taxes so someone else does all the dirty work.
IF THEY DIDNT< IT WOULD NOT FREAKING EXIST. do you keep things in your house u dont like? like an ugly chair? a poster you hate? Do you have friends that you dont like?Do you hang out with people on your own time that you dont LIKE?

WHy you constantly go against this fact and say things is beyond me.

THey have hired professional hitmen (politicians, army, police) to hunt you down.
*HOWEVER, you to decided currently that you like the system also. no matter how much you complain u do love it. your complaints are delusional I explain in part three

3. They make decisions that we find out about later, they kill, they hurt others, so on..*** Here we again. WHO IS THEY? the illuminati make decisions about government? they make decisions about economy? NO. this is false reasoning and a false start point. DO I need to go into this again.

WHO funds the government people? who makes the economy what it is? a few illuminati members or the masses that VOTE, Pay taxes, TAKE OUT LoANS, Buy mass products and so on.

WHY you want to not agree on this is beyond me. As long as YOU DONT AGREE ON THIS STARTING POINT, all of your sayings about why I dont make sense seem logical to you...BECAUSE YOU START FROM THE POINT OF "THEY" not "the masses"
I have proven over and over again that it is the MASSES that do the things you are talking about.
WHen the bilderbergers meet and discuss future events....NOTHING can occur if the masses do not agree to it.
When the FED was created, people CHOSE to not read the bill, chose not to be involved in government and decision making. They knew it would pay off.. as it did? have things not gotten better? . IT WORKS GREAT. FIAT MONEY is the main reason why people can have the toys they want and take risks instead of NEVER becoming wealthier than their parents.

let me say this out loud


as long as you say, they make decisions that we find out about later... I have to reply with an answer that is true but doesnt click in your brain.

In fact, you most likely wont come up with specific fact because ONCE you think about specifics you will observe specific reality and see the truth in regards to decision making, war, economy, and so on.
IT is the first step to becoming fully aware of reality.

EVERY POST on this website has to do with broad ideas and never brings specifics into the claim. Simply because specifics destroy false arguments.

I DO KNOW 100% of everything I am talking about
I ONLY POST what I know about.
THERE ARE thousands of theories I have that I am not sure about.. SO I DONT POST THEM.

btw, my last post
no one laughed at my jokes?wtf

posted on Aug, 18 2008 @ 09:24 PM
reply to post by ReelView

again another fresh sheep here who cant realize that the people who fight war FIGHT THEM WILLINGLY. the MASSES FIGHT WAR WILLINGLY>

THE FEDERAL RESERVE doesnt lower the worth of your dollar you fool. YOUR NEIGHBOR does that by taking out big loans he doesnt need and cant every pay back.

IF the masses DONT BUY THE CURRENT CARS, they will give alternatives. WHY THE FCK is this hard to understand.

FCK it.. im tired of saying the same things.

JESUITS, bla bla bla..go back to 3rd grade. IM tired of you fools.

IF people dont want to believe in religion.. THEY DONT HAVE TO . NO ONE FORCES THEM TO BELIEVE IT.

they believe it NOT BECAUSE THEY ARE IGNORANT..because the chose makes them comfy.. they dont want to face reality.
# it. IM DONe with you assholes.

posted on Aug, 18 2008 @ 09:26 PM
reply to post by Anonymous ATS

Seems like this anonymous guy has the right idea.

if you have not read his post read it NOW.
he is wrong in one part. If the illuminati were not around..the other group that would take their spot would create complete hell on earth.
This is why the illuminati are where they are today.. coz they are responsible and MEET THE NEEDS OF THE MASSES. this is why the masses allow them to exist and admire, love them.

posted on Aug, 18 2008 @ 09:26 PM
reply to post by Anonymous ATS

Seems like this anonymous guy has the right idea.

if you have not read his post read it NOW.
he is wrong in one part. If the illuminati were not around..the other group that would take their spot would create complete hell on earth.
This is why the illuminati are where they are today.. coz they are responsible and MEET THE NEEDS OF THE MASSES. this is why the masses allow them to exist and admire, love them.

posted on Aug, 18 2008 @ 10:18 PM
Mr.Jelly. I weep for the children you teach.

Tell me Mr.Professor... what evidence do you have of any of the claims that you have made besides your "look around you" defense?

The world is full of problems and yes most people are like sheep waiting to be hearded, but there is no evidence that the Illuminati are the sheep herders.

Evidence. Its a little thing called proof. Being a scholarly person I would expect you to be able to provide some before making statements as though they are facts, but then again if you are a public school teacher you are probably used to making it up as you go along.

posted on Aug, 18 2008 @ 10:32 PM

Originally posted by MrJelly
like I have said, even the slave worked hard but was still a slave. He was lazy because he chose to not plan how he would become free. He rather do physical labor for someone else so he could get food and shelter from the master instead of becoming independent..or taking the RISK of becoming independent and hunting for food and creating shelter on his own

I see, so in your mind, the West African youngster who was captured by a slave trader, or sold to one by a neighboring tribe, 'chose' to be shackled and whipped. Once in the system, if lucky enough to survive the passage under the most inhumane conditions imaginable, the 'RISK of becoming independent' would include horrific whippings on the first offence, if not hobbling, and being hunted down and summarily murdered on the second. Personally, I would choose death over bondage, but that's just me. The fact that you refuse to recognize the extraordinary circumstances such people experienced (and continue to today), shows your bias. You seem to think you are among the slave masters. For your sake, I pray you are wrong.

posted on Aug, 18 2008 @ 10:46 PM
Wow Mr Jelly if i didnt know better i would think you were stirring trouble against your fellow neighbours. But to me you sound like a bitter old fool who could not awaken anyone up so went the exact opposite and blamed the masses for feeding illuminati instead. Have you had a psychology test done, since you bring it up alot i would assume you go to one. I bet if you wanted the masses to do what you believe should be done you will get out of the womb you are in and go follow them. It does take a mass to get it started does it not? There are also people who would be very happy to go back to nature. But we still have to buy our damn seeds to survive.
A definition of satanism i came across isnt the ones that practice that religion but it stands for "Serpent Alliance To Attack Nations".
The reason you are posting here is not because you have all the answers it is because you want more answers to fuel your sanity.
It is easy to say stuff em, they will never wake up and its their fault in the first place so let them stuff themselves over. But who are you really attacking with your comments?
People that have awoken up to this stuff hit an epiphany and say wow why didn't i know about this before, why was i duped, deceived, im starting to understand it more etc.
Those people im sure would like to form alliances to change and destroy the structure happening today but they dont have the upperhand over the masses. They cannot reach all the masses so who has the upperhand in this stake?
The technologies you speak of are created by humans as a slave to the money. Its not the illuminati that probably needs destroying its the piece of paper that people work, live, kill, die for that feeds to fuel to be exactly like the greedy illuminati.
Unless the illuminati are some sort of being that have eternal lives and never die. that need to seek worldly domination, money and power to stay in reality and rule the world or perhaps need new illuminati victims to continue on their work through the centuries. We would not know this.
The masses believe they are civilised and go according to what they have been taught until they are old enough like you say to have personal opinions.
Some people dont choose religion. Most are infact born into it, forced and abused and smacked into believing it, until they are old enough to understand and learn about life.
What you touch on is very simple. Humans need to go back to nature. Another point you touch on is that the "people have the power" to change these systems. People are powerful yet dont even know how powerful they can be to change systems. They believe they are the sheeple, the human animals who need to live in a nanny state. No the masses are the masses because they are powerful yet are feeding the wrong institutions. So the people who have the upperhand are stealing the people's powers. Unless people awaken up to their own power and take it back they will continue to be sheep. And its very simple Mr Jelly it takes change and that change is a very long process.

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posted on Aug, 18 2008 @ 11:22 PM
So there you have it the illuminati are not powerful they are fake as fake power can be. They use the power of the people to work behind the scenes. The power that people have, when they are informed of the right choices. Where money does not rule their lives where nature is still supporting them they have dismissed it due to institutions set up for their so called born into sin lies.
Feed people so much bull over the years they become that bull. The become like their successors.
Most of what is taught is schools is government based. Most of what is taught is bull period.
You are doing nothing to help your fellow beings except spew bitterness toward those who were duped, deceived, lied to and yes even forced to be like them. Alot want to change and some dont. You will get all walks of life. The main thing is to start with you.
Where i live we pay fines if we dont vote. Oh yes many government laws are different for each country. So to you the word communism is just a fairy tale and vietnam war never happened.

I dont think you have ever read the book "Art of war" if you have then dont answer because alot fof what you say is comical.
In every reply you do you attack with the same childish answers. Its the masses fault, its the masses fault, you, you, you wake up you are evil in yourself too. We are all in this together. dpes this not leave it open to the possibilty of change?
You are attacking the very same people who you are getting to wake up to themselves so dont be surprised when everyone gives different opinions to yours. Which left you angry you needed to leave the thread. You had it coming and you knew that. Get yourself together boy and discuss things with an open mind to the audience you are trying to get across and not belittle them.
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posted on Aug, 18 2008 @ 11:42 PM
NO one is born into religion. No one is born a might be born hebrew but not a jew.

Next. Evidence of the illuminati? no evidence at all. they dont exist. I made them up. you all fell for it. hahah. NO really, the illuminati do not exist.

see what I have to do hear. I have to try and talk to those that believe the illuminati dont exist. I have to talk with those that think the illuminati create wars and FIGHT wars. its impossible.

here is a specific one though
the slave in africa. does africa have the matrix? hmmm. interesting coz I dont think the matrix exists in 3rd world countries. even a lot of just developing countries do not have it.
USA, canada, europe, china, japan, etc.... those places do
and for that matter...are you going to ask what if I am walking down a street and a bird flies into my head and I die??? did I have a choice? (this actually happened to someone a while back).. those of you that are reading this and getting it. DO you see what kind of SPECIFIC examples they bring up in order to avoid reality.
again. bring up specific things that the illuminati have done that is BAAAAaad.
and yes the individual has choice and options.

Im sure another fool will ask "what if Im sleeping and someone breaks it and kills me..or there is an earthquake and the roof caves in on me"

I have to ask why it is so important what I am or what I do?
if I said two plus two is four. does it matter what I do
if Hitler said 4 plus 4 is eight. would it matter that it was hitler who said it? does it make it less of a fact?

however, for those of you that are concerned. I am starting my Psy.D degree. its like a Ph.D but in psychology and not philosophy.
I work in a high school teaching social sciences, manage a band that makes good money, and have a private business with 6 workers under my control. YES ConTROL.
how? I am responsible. I provide the masses with what they want. I MEET THEIR NEEDS. I work hard, get educated by the institutions and education myself on all other subject that are not allowed in the established field.

What I am not is a bullshter like some of you.
again. EVERYTHING I have said is a fact. not coz I said it, coz it proves itself to be.

I am not here to wake anyone up. If u do want to face reality...I am here for you if u like. If not, more power to you for wanting to stay the way you are. I dont believe in forcing people to wake up.
but understand that it is not the illuminati who do harm. You have never had contact with the illuminati and u most likely never will.
it is your neighbors that go to war and fight. your neighbors that work in the CIA, your neighbors that do experiments with drugging people, so on and so forth. your neighbors that create toys and make PROPAGANDA and create advertising.

understand that u do not want to learn a skill, trade it with other people for their services and want to protect yourself in nature.
you CHOOSE to live in the artificial womb. you think every inch of this planet is owned by them? u think they can find u if you go live somewhere in alaska? (lots of people do, they dont pay taxes, no mail, no nothing..they are happy, they even hunt and see wales all the time)

but again, u didnt read anything I wrote so you will continue with the same illogical argument.
chips in my babies arm, the masses are like kids, why dont they help the masses evolve.


posted on Aug, 19 2008 @ 12:10 AM

u didnt read anything I wrote so you will continue with the same illogical argument.

How so when i knew what you wrote and explained that you will give this same childish answer over and over again that its all just humans doing it.
Yes the illuminati would be humans just like us. Unless there is evidence they are aliens not sure. All i know is that they are a bunch of rich greedy guys who work behind most institutions and from what ive seen in videos look human. So what i think is they are no better then us. Illuminati the name to me is jsut a fancy name they give themselves for power because they are amongst the richest hence would be deemed powerful by the lower class. So they do have the upperhand.
There are humans who want to be like them i agree. But then there are humans who want to be like the Alaskans but dont always have the tools to get them there maybe because a family member they love they who supports them they support.
Its not all about greed you just need to open your eyes that bit wider and look beyond nature. Its always been about survival. It is still survival jsut with money involved its a different toy then a spear.
The word choice is just that its a word.
If you read again i said psychology not philosophy. Just reading this thread i know your tryign to stir bit of pyschology within us. So it may be nothing to do with what you are trying to get across about stop blaming others but blame yourselves. So to me i feel silly for even replyign to this time waste of a thread. Because nothing you say really has meaning to the point you want to get across except that we shopuld blame ourselves and bla bla. So live with it and die and thats it you got for us fullstop. So theres no change full stop. Well how boring.

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posted on Aug, 19 2008 @ 12:28 AM
reply to post by meadowfairy

nice. Call me childish and I will call you fool. Great start.

Explain to me how these people (illuminati) are greedy. Please

you see. someone who HAS money is not greedy.
Someone who takes out loans that they can never pay back IS GREEDY.

but again, we are led to believe that if you work hard, understand reality, MAKE MONEY..u are greedy?
why is that.

When I say live in Alaska u assume the people there are idiots. PEOPLE leave the grid and live in other places without the support of the womb..nation-state. they are happy...however, they DONT complain constantly. They live life.

and it is true..u will never read all the posts of mine coz u are already in the mindset that those people who are at the top are greedy.. The president is an idiot, rich people who drive nice cars steal it from the HARD WORKIN PEOPLE right.

even those people who are born with milions of dollars, a lot of them are so focused as to duplicate that cash.

the illuminati existed from the moment the masses willingly gave power over to them.

I have no problem with you, however, there is an issue of people constantly saying the illuminati are greedy and all they want is power.
yet, no one proves that they are greedy besides them being filthy rich. so once u make a certain amount of money u should not WORK ANYMORE> is that right?
and the power is very easy. MOney gives people power and the masses willingly give power over to those that make money.

does murdoch have power.. yes. why, coz people watch his station, so the masses willingly watch it and like what they hear and he gets more money to expand (into china)and more power over information...because the masses have told him that they like the way he portrays the world.

LIKE U SAID. its nothing new. IF i was to point to this out to the masses they will agree with me. BUT WHY IS IT, that those that are aware of the matrix, the illuminati, the conspiracy theorists do not see this obvious fact.

you dont think they exist?
you dont think the masses love their situation?
u dont think the masses CHOOSE their situation?
u dont think the illuminati do good? u think they TRICK the masses into going to war and killing or dying?
u think the FED messes up your money so u dont get a chance to buy new toys?
u think the FED creates money out of thin air IF THE MASSES dont go and ask to get a loan?

or maybe u rather me keep saying the illuminati are satanist. they are greedy coz they know how to make money and set up institutions (institutions that give millions of people jobs)
what if I say they are just reptilians who are making the world warmer so they can be comfy.

again, interesting how u attack me instead of the ideas.
enjoy life.

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posted on Aug, 19 2008 @ 12:29 AM
The boss or manager always knows to hire a person less intelligent then them. Not someone who is their equal and can provide sometthing better. Why do you think most academics get turned down for jobs they are suited too. I dont see it any different wth the rich guys and lower class. Except the rich guys want to help out the rich guys and thats their fault until one outsmarts the other.

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Only a fool knows a fool correct? that is your psychology.

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I can clearly see why you defend them because you are in their matrix and happy to be there and are at the same level. Its human nature to defend your own.

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I'am grateful for things i can get by with not because of them because im existence.

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And for you to defend the rich you class them as not greedy because your rich and one of them.
Which leaves the assumption that the blamers are jealous anyhow and would spew conspiracy bull# because they cant get to the same level as them. See how this has no end.

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