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Hardcore Semi encrypted conspiracy site

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posted on Sep, 28 2008 @ 12:18 AM

Originally posted by Deaf Alien
It would be very interesting if she joins ATS and post in this thread.

I would ask her to join but I am too afraid that it would generate too much attention from the government

Well, it couldn't draw anymore attention than being one of the top listings on google when searching for "debbiewins." Especially after that email I received that she also fowarded to the head of the FBI! Who knows.

posted on Sep, 28 2008 @ 12:37 AM

thought maybe there was something to do with LBJ again here, another conspiracy, but when searching for both of those, I found that Webb Chapel Road intersects with Lyndon B Johnson Freeway in Northern Dallas. These roads happen to meet at the RHD Memorial Medical Center. I am currently searching for anything that might be linked here.

Eventualy a possibility :

she live around that place

Psychic Medium-Debbie Fletcher

If you're traveling north on 75 (Central Expressway) take 75 south to 635 (LBJ Freeway) west. Exit Webb Chapel/Josey Lane, stay on the service road headed ...

posted on Sep, 28 2008 @ 12:42 AM
That is interesting about Debbie Fletcher. Especially since it seems she lives in the area of some of the clues. Too bad there isn't away to get a picture of the lady passing out cards in Dallas to see if it looks like Debbie Fletcher.

posted on Sep, 28 2008 @ 12:56 AM
I found a random blog from October, 2007 of someone who had an encounter with Debbie.
[ex Tall, blond and talking into a mini-tape-recorder, wearing 2 or 3 fanny packs, a small American flag and dragging her little cart, was the one and only Deborah Song. You may not recognize that name. But you will recognize her website. Yes, I really did run into her. And as soon as my brain made the connection, I decided to strike up a confab, which was sadly one-sided as she was too crazy to communicate with anything other than her little recorder. Here's the convo:

Seems she is a bit famous, although I cannot found that much about her on the web, which is strange.

posted on Sep, 28 2008 @ 01:00 AM
something to see

Email : NRA 508-393-5222 Phone : 1979 Elected sterilization 1 C7.34

now look that link and search for C7.34

posted on Sep, 28 2008 @ 01:06 AM
Looks like schematics or instructions on how to put together traffic lights and other electric transportation stuff.

posted on Sep, 28 2008 @ 01:13 AM
To be more specific, its a Traffic light commutator system, but it synchronised thru a modem based on differents basic phones lines (if the traffic lights have a malfucntion , it automaticaly send a signal thru the lines directed in the security center)

CIA and FBI was used to use the integrateds lines and modem to "listen" a target more easily

posted on Sep, 28 2008 @ 01:28 AM
OK When I try to locate her through the net. I have the following items:

White pages:
Deborah Lee Song- Gardner, MA age 55 and Deborah Song age 55 in Irving, TX.

Background Report for Deborah Song, 56 (intellius)

2 Addresses in IRVING, TX
2 Addresses in GARDNER, MA
1 Address in DALLAS, TX

I don't pay for info on the net so I have to try and find some free resources

One thing about Paul Newman. Her sister apparently dies on cervical cancer, so she may be ultra sensitive to cancer per say.

This below is from SSDI. I just wondered if it could be her sister. No other ones see to fit.

FUMIN SONG 19 Oct 1955 14 Jul 2006 (P) (72) (none specified) 024-86-4326 Massachusetts

posted on Sep, 28 2008 @ 01:43 AM
Before her last update to her site, one of the lines read:

Gardner, Mass - IRS sabotage by Misooki pretends to prevent marriage. Reichstag Irving"

That may tie into your search into where Deborah Song lives. Because Gardner, MA and Irving, TX were both on the list. That is odd.

posted on Sep, 28 2008 @ 01:54 AM
I repent and crawl for the long post, but please read what i found

here come the text

Have you been in one of her storms?
"She shall pass, ah, nevermore."

If you don't understand these answers, maybe it's because you didn't ask the question. Did you think of that?

A. Thanks be to God. Be thankful in all things!"
U.S. Senator Daniel Inouye 808-541-2549
That was deliberate stalking.

1.The hateful message in #2 of the LAST TWO WORDS from www.capwiz/congressorg/sbx/f/?aid=11544576&r=1 means the British have successfully corrupted our country with mind games and favors, espionage and echelon instructions, espionage and retaliation. It's cryptic hatemail in the name Lenore. It means First Night or separation from whom you love. It means they will pound on your life until you give up the good fight of faith. It means you must break every rule in the book and trust evil's not to sell you out until absolutely necessary to advance greed and the problems that come with it! Who mourns for Lenore? "God is dead" and whomever notices His passing the battlecry is to get that person dead, too!
2. No Barack (distortion of Judges 5:12, a stalking) Obama, another satellite echelon presidency for making racist comments about Debbie and her family, retaliation plans above her income, using assault weaponry and the police. 88
Then your mother hear the queen when she names you to get at Debbie.
3. Giving Obama or his family intel on Debbie is a felony.
4. Myo Kim's fist still stalking Debbie in the streets is part of First Night tremors.
5. Out of wedlock is not an industry. It's perfidy. Deuteronomy 23:2 (Deuteronomy 5:21 - Ezra 2:13), Hebrews 12:8 and then consider Revelation 22:14. Matthew 10:38 ... Jeremiah 2:31 from 75231 Park Lane Titus 1:16, Proverbs 1:19. Mark 14:21 for blaspheming married women to get gain from Revelation 18:13 - the souls of men. It's not a sin to abort as the soul is the first breath. If they're all innocent, then abort! Disobedience always opens a can of worms. "She's right. We made it evil to abort and glamourous to terrorize." Attorney General Michael Mukasey, July 2, 2008
6. Debbie's Intel is very accurate..
7. Every swing at Mrs. is a strike. Making rules for Debbie's life are felonies/hate crimes where the husband's concerned. P.S. There is a miracle in the Holy Bible.
8. Give the things you stole from Debbie's mother's house back immediately which includes the Holocaust pictures Al Wagner took stamped "Naval Intelligence." He shouldn't have stood outside her window and said that sick thing about her husband and then made it happen like Wayne Brewster-McCarthy!!!! Jokes are stalkings. She lied to you. Stop hitting Debbie! And we don't like what she did to Debbie's dog! And that lie she told the police about Mikey to prevent him from taking care of the family pet!!!! Read 53
9. Central heating is British in Brannigan's bathroom. Second explosion hatemail about Debbie violates the treaties like everything else.
10. You have to have evidence of Debbie shoplifting before you restrict a FEDERAL WITNESS from shopping in your store(s). The cart cannot be taken from her without committing a felony. The cart is easy to see and the signs mean she's a legal witness. Besides, baby carriages are let in without question! Read 33
11. Just end "No Mrs.!" Really, really end it!
12. Hiding things with the lasers is the same as stealing until its found or reappears.
13. And those are not weapons, tools, scam artists, toys/pets or shields.
14. "Obey or else" is home invasions. And the CHANGE word, which means disruption,, has been stalking us in Marilyn Quayle since '92.
15. Rappers have been talking about echelon for a longtime and liken it to mental telepathy.
16. She hits Debbie in body parts just to rile her up so you can say mean things, hear her tortured response(s) and call the police to tell on her. And don't play innocent with me!
17. When they build a better mouse trap, I'll let you know; but from here on in, it's the Constitution and its companion guide the Holy Bible/DoD! As long as it's legal, Debbie can have it her way. OK, Debbie requests no drugs be given to my husband! and prevent 89. It's wrong context!
18. If it's not related to Zechariah 4:6, don't call And that goes for everything else related to Debbie.
19. I'll bring down the U.N. for dumbing down our American culture. Weakness is a symptom, not an excuse.
20. Ephesians 5:31 comes before you, Misooki and no words from your wicked mouth(s) can change all the damage you've done and the years lost playing First Night on Debbie. Stop that one!!!
21. All Marty's grandchildren's marriages were arranged by the Queen of England and her mighty fist, Oprah.
22. Say your prayers where eavesdroppers can't hear or they'll surely sabotage or embellish to corrupt people.
23. Fetishes for second things are hate crimes if they don't belong to you. The Church said, as long as Debbie is solvent, her marriage to In Kwon is matromonial.
24. I don't care what Baby Sister wants! We cannot save the world without selling ourselves short, so it's bye Baby!! And never did we hear "Babylon" because the t-shirt means intolerant, incessant petty troublemakers, like a screaming infant with colic whining about everything! Imagine what espionage can do for crybabies on a retaliation kick. * Laser capable
25. Taking products from the shelf Debbie regularly buys is a hate crime. And don't try to get around us with games such as lying or stealing. ]You better have a real good reason for saying no to Debbie. And communism isn't one of them.

2828 Forest Lane
99 cent Store Dallas
22 My Oasis
6 week Body Makeover 2008
Army Strong
Army Reserve
ABC News
Asia World Market
Archie Kao*
Are you Smarter than an 8th grader?
Andrews Electronics
Best Buy
Byong Dong Song*
Big Lots
Central KIA
Cool Whip*
Circuit City
Criminal Minds
Center for English Language
CD Universe He stole $ from her and email rub in
City of Dallas Anti-In Debbie action*
Cover Girl Tru-Blend*
Christina Lee Mission Concert*
Clorox 2
Crest Pro-Health*
Chair King
Crest White Strips
Cadillac 2008*
Cold Case
Dan Quayle -Sexual terrorism of her husband
Deal or No Deal
Dairy Queen
Dallas Public Library Lakewood
Drive Time
Dunkin Donuts
Enterprise Rental Cars
Family Dollar
Farmer's Branch Library
Farmer's Identity Shield
Fresh Aire Choice paint
Grey's Anatomy fans in Koreatown (Sadistic colorism)
Great American Products
The Green House
GT Express 101
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II*
Hair Story
Home Depot
Heel Balm*
Honey Bunches of Oh's
In Plain Sight
Janine Driver*
Sun Jah Kim
Dong Won Kim
Kraft Macaroni & Cheese
KIA Optima*
Keep Daniel out of her life!
Karen Kennedy*
M. Kim
Lipton Green Tea AOX
LA Fitness Center*
Movie Music
Metal Gear Solid
Mah Soo Loo Restaurant
My Boys
Myo Kim*
Mr. Slim Mitsubishi
Mona & Lisa Tracfone*
Miller Chill
My Con
Mike Rowe*
Mug N Mouse*
Nokia Theater in Grand Prairie
New Korea Texas Inc.
New Fist Academy
Now what?
Olive Graden
Outer Limits
On Time Signs
One Touch Color
The Incredible Power of Prayer Part 1
Debbie Phelps*
Redistricting Congress
Raisin Bran Crunch
Reprisals Oprah Winfrey
Rescue Me*
Ron Parsley's congregation*
Renee of Freedom Hills Ranch for Handicappers*
Read 56
Southwest Medical Center
Stouffer's Flatbread
"She's not apropos*..." - a fist in your face.
Smart Start
Scare Tactics
Sam Moon's Luggage & Gifts
Sylvester Stallone*
State Department - SH SBU
TK Chiropractic & Acupuncture
Titan Back Store
Time-Warner Cable
Time-Warner Business Class
Timeshares Only*
Twice as Good feat.Jille
Touch of Gray
Thrift World of Dallas
Unshy - Got Milk?
Unbeatable Banzuke*
Universal Pictures' Van Helsing CD
User Friendly Phone books
Vietnam Plaza Supermarket
Victoria Secret and the fake lawsuits
Valerie Bertenelli*
Wheel of Darkness promo*
Whole Grain GM
We Can Solve it (because we made most of it up)
Wayne Brewster-McCarthy
Without A Trace*
26. The faxes provided on the webpage are usually one way. Keep it safe until the day I triumph over evil. If it's very important what you sent, they'll contact you in a special way. The nature of war prevents us from making a natural visit at this time.
27. Gabe doesn't cure sick people. They cue them to kill family.
28. In all things, I am subject to sabotage. Nazi Germany is stalking your friends, too. Read 31
29. Debbie doesn't pass Oprah's tests because Oprah isn't suppose to be testing Debbie who recently said to Debbie through her team: "I have to prepare [your husband] for you wanting sex when I told him no love for [your middle]." She told on herself.
30. She (abominable satellites) makes men afraid to have sex with their wives. In exchange for votes, they tell me.
31. So? In the last 11 years in banishment, she was given a coat, meal tickets and taken to dinner at Souper Salad. Instead of complaining, what couls you have done to help? And if there's any retaliation, do your best to get evidence.
32. Wait until you hear what SETI has to say to Congress.
33. She looks for "timing, sequence and duration." She must give us evidence of communist infiltration. Nothing says it better than a photograph that can be passed to senators. Best thing is to leave the "Tape recorder lady" alone, El Fenix.
34. Best thing is to mind your own business if she's on a sidewalk! How long she stands there is God's business, but calls the police anyhow.. We like the sound of handcuffs on people harassing Debbie, sodon't make trouble on her.
35. Taking the oriental out of her life is still hate crimes - all the way back to the 2 a.m. phone calls from Good Hope Road in Burtonsville, MD.
36. No deals with the kidnappers of her family!
37. Two signs shouldn't bother anyone, but it does in traffic, so she covers one the train and on small corners such as Loop 12 and Walton Walker.
38. Promisquity everywhere is prominent because pharmaceuticals have pills to sell. Steve balancing your family is a tote bag.
40. Any man that can't be satisfied by one woman is a pervert.
41. Cereal killers!
42. Thanks for Back to Bataan.
43. You are not going to stand in the way of Debbie's marriage to a Korean to get elected, Mr. Obama.
44. Sisters and brothers )1954 in 1986) found depriving Debbie of life with her spouse and family to gain wealth at her expense is a ticket back to Korea in shame! And 4-3-98 wasn't self-defense, Mam, it was racism and greed!!! Besides, Debbie never touched you and Janet Reno signed off on the film. Corruption and racketeering City of Irving 1884. Ethnic or color clout shall not be forced on individuals by an outsider. Asians are not black nor will they be forced that way as long as Debbie lives.
45. Don't read State into anything related to Debbie.
46. Debbie's the machete and all her pals in state, local and national governments.
47. Black people do it to themselves to show the presidentials they mean business. Re: #11 Last Two Words. They didn't tell me who's scheduled to die with Jimmy Carter. Probably Sidney Poitier. Cosby's scheduled to die with Clinton.
48. It's not God's fault you are loose with your morals. And no one should kiss up to keep you clean. How dare you act like that on the bus!!!
49. Debbie's way isn't racism. It's common sense, and so is celibacy which doesn't push an envelope in the dry direction.
50. It's strange how "wannasee" matches the place where Hitler plans the Holocaust. Better they learn more about this!
51. We have Fist's vin in the gahoul-ridden woodland of Weir.
52. Sexual harassment means fight a woman being raped.
53. Echelon police is terrorism. They take false reports (tales) on a witness.
54. Wyndotte, Michigan Pob, 5 years older than Debbie; Intersects with Kiest Blvd where the Piggly Wiggly used to be: where I saved your life. Mother lived on 8th Street near Jefferson. Graduated Sunset High School. 2 tours Vietnam.
55. Aka
56. Baby - Relentless, petty pursuers of our privacy that exaggerates, fornicates, oppresses, assaults and extreme lines; seizes without due process, invades, intimidates, terrorizes and lies; redefines and misinterprets; demeans, demoralizes, destroys; it's a troublemaker, a coward, a bully and a loser; and breeds contempt, fear, malice; as it broadens its borders into God's dominion claiming to be Him without His Word written in their hearts; reacts, disturbs and sweats the small stuff. It's dangerous, perverted and sinks to all-time lows to supplant, disorganize, estrange and control. It's always down no matter what it seems. It's snappy when it wants yours and slow as molasses when its got yours; it seeks, possesses, interrupts, obsesses and breaks every rule in the book. It will never repent, sincerely maligns anything not in its claws and forces us to check our consciences at the door. Simply put, BABY means death to all who don't obey them. In Asian, they are referred to as "babies" looking to everyone to solve their problems.
57. Walmart stopped carrying the tapes as retaliation and planned a hazing with espionage and echelon in addition to that hate crime committed on Midway Road that restricted her access for free speech on a sign.
58. Mozzarella says he's sick without his wife and being from a foreign country makes his pursuers especially evil.
59. No leisure with Debbie is a hate crime - the road to cue-ville.
60. They'll torture you over a mistake (made in private, like who cares? Right?) that a pencil could erase. That's how sadistic communism is. And if you don't keep your eyes open, your eraser will disappear and your bank card, and ....
61. ROK Armored Division Moonsan. Only one brother Vietnam.
62. Cooling off hard headed is not us and that is still none of the press's business. Saved her brother's life at this pharmacy (Attorney General Daugherty). She caught you fair and square playing with baby sister. Yes, Steven that was absolutely true in 1845 when we got started. Al Wagner was one of us! He was like a second father to your mother. He disappeared from her life in 1969. He was from Texas.
63. They look for courage. When they don't see it, they attack again, usually worse than the first time. Main office applications or internet. Akard train station area front door. $10 hr the big yellow and white 331.
64. If you violate any law in the Constitution against our citizenry, you have violated Potsdam and that's his date of birth! Fascist filth on Debbie's clean marriage is terrorism. No third parties in marriages or it's the fifth!
65. ROK advancement on the world scene is for terrorizing Debbie and her family apart. And look at them all scramble to stoke the fires of chambers of commerce - Area 51's secret plan. Don't play! Report, if asked to. Thanks for changing out the keyboard. His color doesn't make him your husband(s). That's a vile way of thinking and gives me the creeps.
66.When I ran for the Board of Education, I was for local control of school houses.
67. Ignoring Debbie's cries for help, In Kwon, are felonies.
68. Deletions from history books are felonies. You did not do anything to the nun's face from outer space in 1959.
69. Failure to bond with his wife during empty nest years is World War III.
70. Ezekiel 18:32 - Anthony put him in the cornfield to make the Asians phut soldiers. He's afraid of the ugliness.
71. Country Brooks Apartment is now a dead issue.
72. You are not going to stand in the way of Debbie's marriage to get elected again, Mr. Bush!
73. Much obliged, Sidney.
74. The president of the United States has been warned and warned and warned to stop the torture of a female witness and the observation of her by Tom Turkey!
75. Did? More like doing!
76. People died so you could sleep with Myo Kim.
77. Santa Fe, Texas Football games will pray again!
78. They're training you how to respond as members of the Mark of the Beast Club.
79. He's out of sight. Maybe from the concussion?
80. They use the lasers to destroy everything you take care of. That's why I can't have a car....
81. And while we're on the subject, Myo Kim is a Korean National, not an immigrant that became a citizen.
82. So there!!!
83. Bush Jr. Room at NASA: "If you don't obey us, I'll rupture you down there and you'll bleed to death and I won't let an ambulance come."
84. Ambassador Kato isn't playing.
85. Very intolerant of privacy unless controlling every movement. Morbid. Defensive. Sadistic. Futile.
86. Thanks be to God!
88. They took him from her because she deeply loved him.
89. JFK was assassinated by the Queen's government ten days after he spoke at Columbia U against human experimentation/)sacrifices with MK ULTRA. The 10th Commandment warns us not to lust for other peoples' stuff.
90. We are not your colony!
91. My husband was hit by a car in 1954, the year Oprah and Condi Rice were born. And Oprah, who never married, perhaps to keep her initials in Brown v. Topeka, Kansas is making my life quicksand until I obey her. 92. WE ARE NOT YOUR COLONY OR GAS CHAMBER!
93.There is no such thing as taking turns with Debbie's husband. Stop quoting the Holocaust!
94. Did we forget this "rarity?" First and last words of the Old and New Testments are: In Curse The Amen. These words contain the word Christ which should of caused everyone to shout Amen! Do you have to know I am listening before you praise him? Too late, George, caught you on that one!
95. Isaiah 5:20 aka backwards are 8th violations.
96. You do not give assassins what they want to protect the president who armed the assassins to get at Debbie in exchange for ....
97. What happened to CBS Radio on Henderson and Glencoe?
98. In 1845, the states of Florida and Texas were admitted to the Union during this president's administration.
99. The sex lives of married couples shall not be watched (or scrutinized in anyway) and they will not be used by others to terrorize each other out of marital love! We believe most males murdering their spouse and children are echelon!
100. Marriage isn't lust. It is sex two people agree to on a life long adventure without accounting to another! The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the Genesis account of marriage - a sacred oneness with God called monogamy, a contract to be devout to each other and the the last thing you could understand is the Hand of God!

posted on Sep, 28 2008 @ 02:14 AM
I read the whole thing.

The way this is numbered is almost like she is answering specific questions.

There is so much info it's hard to see the forest for the trees. It may be that she wants the PTB to think anyone who reads this will think she is crazy.

I am going to go through this again and write down the things that can be researched and ignore the rest.

I have to be honest, if she isn't answering specific questions this does sound like she has schizophrenia. However my mind keeps saying something is here. It's almost like she is throwing out disinformation with the true info there, you just have to dig it out.

posted on Sep, 28 2008 @ 02:19 AM
To be more specific

if you read correctly :

the text is logic-shaped

she alway write that way

sentence refering to personal event, then sentence with "weirds informations"
alway in the same logic

personal event

Weird informations

Personal event

Weird informations

posted on Sep, 28 2008 @ 02:22 AM

Originally posted by OTTOKARMA
something to see

Email : NRA 508-393-5222 Phone : 1979 Elected sterilization 1 C7.34

now look that link and search for C7.34

I can't get this link to work, I keep getting file not found. Sorry for the one liner so I am trying to stretch this out.

posted on Sep, 28 2008 @ 02:24 AM
it gonna be a one liner but, look about

in google cache

posted on Sep, 28 2008 @ 02:32 AM
I cannot help but think of the Church of the Subgenius, Discordianism, and The Illuminatus! Trilogy.


posted on Sep, 28 2008 @ 03:20 AM
Line 89. (long post above)

President Kennedy's supposed speech at Columbia University, November, 1963. Many references to this fictitious speech exist in assassination theorist material. Supposedly, the President was discussing changes in the Federal Reserve and the gold standard, and this topic was somehow linked to his assassination. Others also claim he said, "The high office of President has been used to foment a plot to destroy American freedom, and before I leave office I must inform the citizen of his plight." But the simple fact is that President John F. Kennedy did not speak at Columbia University in November of 1963. Those who believe in the "fact" of President Kennedy having made such a speech, either at Columbia or some other place, will simply deny this denial. At best, they will say that because "all or most records" have been destroyed, we simply don't know the truth; at worst, they will claim that there is a conspiracy to keep this issue silent. If someone chooses to believe in the existence of this speech, he or she does so as a matter of faith, which is fine, as long as that person realizes that it is religion and not history in which he or she is dealing.

Again, we see:

The Federal Reserve
Gold Standard

[edit on 28-9-2008 by clay2 baraka]

posted on Sep, 28 2008 @ 03:50 AM
Anyone else find it highly unusual that Paul Newman's number is listed at the bottom of this link..? soapbox

posted on Sep, 28 2008 @ 09:12 AM
Debbie isn't a person.


posted on Sep, 28 2008 @ 09:51 AM

Originally posted by Obsrvr
Debbie isn't a person.


Can you elaborate on this please? Are you saying its a group, or an alien, or what?

posted on Sep, 28 2008 @ 10:58 AM
Something I have been wondering is whether each update of her site is a separate message, or is intrinsically linked with other updates and documents she has posted? If we set everyone update together and just looked at line 1, would that be a message, or is each update like a paragraph in large paper or something??

I am going to start printing everything I find of her's and see if that helps at all.

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