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Hardcore Semi encrypted conspiracy site

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posted on Sep, 28 2008 @ 12:07 PM

Originally posted by clay2 baraka

Originally posted by ninthaxis

British intel heard about a man wanting a rocking chair. So they stirred up a storm in Haiti and when he was removed from his broken down home, the shelter had a rocking chair in it. When Habitat for Humanity came to build him a new home, the shelter gave him the rocking chair. Now this sounds all nice and sweet, except, consider Common Sense. Couldn't they contact people and talk them into donating a rocking chair to this man like a Secret Santa thing? What do you think the other people who lost homes and families would think of this man wanting a rocking chair and how his wish was granted? That's what it in a nutshell!


I am wondering if this passage perhaps has something to do with the 2004 Haitian Rebellion and the removal of the President.

Maybe something,maybe nothing.Just trying to think out of the box.

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posted on Sep, 28 2008 @ 12:17 PM
reply to post by scobro

Interesting. I have to do more reading and digging, but I think you may be on to something here. Are you thinking that the storm is actually the removal of then President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, possibly orchestrated by Britian? From what Wikipedia says, there are thoughts that the US had something to do with his early removal of office. Could have been acting on British intel I suppose.

posted on Sep, 28 2008 @ 12:22 PM
reply to post by ninthaxis

Yeah,not too sure about finding a link between the two but,i thought it might be worth looking into Haiti's recent history.

It seems to me that Haiti suffers from more than just "weather" storms!

Good Hunting.

posted on Sep, 28 2008 @ 01:37 PM

Originally posted by clay2 baraka
Here is the YouTube video referenced on her site:

I just noticed this was posted earlier. . . .

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When she is spelling out her website address, the first 3 w's she says sound normal, but when she gets to the w in "debbiewins" she changes how she says it, made me think of Bush? That w seems to be emphasized maybe for a reason.

posted on Sep, 28 2008 @ 05:53 PM
Seeing as though I am stuck and do not know which leads to follow next, or how to combine the information we have currently found, I have emailed her again.

I appreciate taking time out to answer my email so promptly. I am also sorry about Paul Newman. Your email leads me to think that he did not die from cancer as they reported??

I googled MKULTA just like you said, and visited I also found google cache's of 2 of your posts on and a post from I was also able to obtain a cache of your site from October 27, 2007. Does each update or post convey its own message? Or do they all tie in together? I have literally spent these last 5 days searching every possible key word in your writings, trying combination of words, and I do not know how to put it all together. Is there anything I can do to help you?

Anyone else having any luck in their search?

posted on Sep, 28 2008 @ 11:32 PM
I am thinking that we should be looking into the abuse that this woman recieved on the internet gambling site.

It seems (to me atleast) that she had offended some sort of internet "celebrity",apparently he runs an internet radio station called NLO.
Maybe there is more to this "celebrity" than meets the eye?

After all,the level of abuse,and the amount of people he had roped in on his side seems to suggest some type of psychological warfare against this woman,with certainly many posts that i read urging this woman to kill herself!

Perhaps we should try and establish the identity of this so called "celebrity" and see if this rings any bells!

posted on Sep, 28 2008 @ 11:51 PM

Originally posted by ninthaxis
reply to post by clay2 baraka

Webb Chapel & LBJ

I thought maybe there was something to do with LBJ again here, another conspiracy, but when searching for both of those, I found that Webb Chapel Road intersects with Lyndon B Johnson Freeway in Northern Dallas. These roads happen to meet at the RHD Memorial Medical Center. I am currently searching for anything that might be linked here.

Hmmm. Im from Dallas. I know the area well. I know that intersection well, and I have been in that hospital. But I cant think of anything that might help here.

I wish I was still in Dallas right now. Been a few years. Hmmm. My parents dont live too far from that area right now.

If this Debbie is seen around town, Im going to ask my mother (who knows much) if she knows anything about her or has seen her.

Anyways, I have been following this thread from the beginning. Im still hooked. Still a tad confused but appreciate all the work being put into this. Keep it up

posted on Sep, 29 2008 @ 12:00 AM

Originally posted by scobro
I am thinking that we should be looking into the abuse that this woman recieved on the internet gambling site.

It seems (to me atleast) that she had offended some sort of internet "celebrity",apparently he runs an internet radio station called NLO.
Maybe there is more to this "celebrity" than meets the eye?

After all,the level of abuse,and the amount of people he had roped in on his side seems to suggest some type of psychological warfare against this woman,with certainly many posts that i read urging this woman to kill herself!

Perhaps we should try and establish the identity of this so called "celebrity" and see if this rings any bells!

You might be onto something here. The email she sent me included a link to, which is a site about people be victim to organized stalking and some of the methods they use. Maybe that is why she directed me to that site.

posted on Sep, 29 2008 @ 02:41 AM

Look the names of the victims on raven wbsite!..

just search them on google

scary, really scary

posted on Sep, 29 2008 @ 02:44 AM
there is a cemetary at the LBJ intersection in Dallas...

im looking for the names of peoples buried here...

for some reason im sure she is trying to lead peoples in that direction

posted on Sep, 29 2008 @ 01:25 PM
I just got done reading about many of the individuals subject to abuses by the government/other parties. What troubles me is how to determine if these things are real? I mean, they say they have all these devices and methods that basically make the person [victim] appear crazy. How can it be determined if they are in fact victims or mentally disturbed? Thats a whole other issue altogether, but there is a large list of individuals, with many who have stories and other websites devoted to them and their sufferings.

Did you come up with any link to that cemetary on WC/LBJ intersection?

posted on Sep, 30 2008 @ 02:33 AM
Here is the File from the webb chapel area near LBJ and CHD

not a one liner and ill prove it right now !

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posted on Oct, 2 2008 @ 03:29 PM
Well, it seems we have ran out of interest here, or maybe just a lack of direction, but here is another update from debbiewins.

1933 ... Satellite Justice Department '92 wired

Let's get the UK war against the Vatican/White House out of America!!!

911 is WW III - Bush,NSA, Rice, QE, blacks and DIA violate the 3rd,4th, 5th, 8th and treaties to advance corruption and clout.

5620 16,042,245 82,097

.All riots and boycotts on Orientals are echelon to force them to obey blacks and allow shoplifting!"
.Cockles and Mussels was booby-trapped"
.WD Dirt floor cabin
.Lunseta closed eyes Hate crime Treason
.If you hear anything about Debbie you didn't read about in a newspaper, report it to the FBI. Your opinion of it could get you in trouble. We're not the hair-splitting bunch. Thank God
.Tell Dobson we do not encourage crime in this country to get ahead
.Al Wagner photographed the Holocaust
.Putting cigarettes and booze in his hands - Att'd murder
.Battle of Plattsburg
.If they're against your pursuit of happiness, which includes Debbie, they're ENEMY.
.Espionage is a loser's game.

Bob Casey Dir. FBI 972-559-5604
Dawson 214-744-3113

Contact Information
Email : NRA 508-393-5222
Phone : 1979 Elected sterilization 1 C7.34
Address : Congressman Pete Sessions 972-392-0615

Look every week
Lawyer 214-691-1186
1258 787.889

Bones is Colin Powell

A few lines are similar or the same from last time, same format, about the same length, a few more things to look into.

posted on Oct, 2 2008 @ 03:35 PM

I would dearly love to have a real crack at deciphering "debbiewins" however,i just don't have the time!

I mean,there is a lot of info on there with what seems like multiple lines of enquiry.Where do we start?

I have run into a brick wall also,but i will keep picking away as time allows.

posted on Oct, 2 2008 @ 05:19 PM
The title, or text in bold at the top of the page includes a year [1953, 1945, 1933] followed by "Satellite Justice Department '92 wired."

The second line has been, "Let's get the UK war against the Vatican/White House out of America!!!," for the last three updates.

The third line has been, "911 is WW III - Bush,NSA, Rice, QE, blacks and DIA violate the 3rd,4th, 5th, 8th and treaties to advance corruption and clout." This line has puzzled me until recently when looking at the October 27, 2007 version of her page at the way back machine. There I found this line, "DoS echelon is a coup - 911: Bush, QEngland and blacks violate the third, fourth and treaty of ghent."

The Treaty of Ghent (8 Stat. 218), signed on December 24, 1814, in Ghent, currently in Belgium, was the peace treaty that ended the War of 1812 between the United States of America and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. The treaty largely restored relations between the two countries to status quo ante bellum. Due to the era's slow speed of communication, it took weeks for news of the peace treaty to reach America, well after the Battle of New Orleans had ended.

The rest at Wikipedia

What I see tying the second and third lines together is the Treaty of Ghent ended the war of 1812 between the US and UK/Ireland. So it seems somehow Debbie thinks that 911 was a violation of the Treaty of Ghent and by both the UK and the US (among others). These violations are due to a UK war against "the Vatican/White House."

Line four's structure has remained the same in each recent update. A four digit number [5607, 5614, 5620] followed by a dollar amount [15.952.385, 16.042.245] and then a five digit number [81.694, 82.097].

I believe the four digit number is referring to House Bills, or H.R.'s. In her latest update, 5620 seems to be referring to H.R. 5620: Fresh Produce Safety Act This would coincide with her next line ".All riots and boycotts on Orientals are echelon to force them to obey blacks and allow shoplifting!"

As there has been growing concern about imports, especially from China, maybe there is a conspiracy going on here? I am just throwing ideas out so I dont want to get flamed, but maybe the US/UK infilitrated Chinese production facilities and purposefully contaminated products/goods to give a reason for limiting imports or to get something they wanted from China?

That is all I have for now, I hope this gets the ball rolling again.

posted on Oct, 2 2008 @ 06:36 PM
reply to post by ninthaxis

Thanks, man, for looking into this. It's a noodle-scratcher and I'm glad someone has the time to really dig into it.
On the outside, she just sounds like she's slipped off her cracker a bit, but, I think you're finding the real substance.



posted on Oct, 2 2008 @ 11:50 PM

.Battle of Plattsburgh

The Battle of Plattsburgh, also known as the Battle of Lake Champlain, ended the final invasion of the northern states during the War of 1812. Fought shortly before the signing of the Treaty of Ghent,

Wikipedia Source

Another War of 1812 reference.

.Lunseta closed eyes Hate crime Treason

Lunseta is a prescription sleep aid drug. Possibly referring to people or herself being drugged so crimes could be committed?

.WD Dirt floor cabin

I found a couple of things WD could stand for. A good site to lookup acronym meanings is The Free Dictionary.

The first is Western Design. "Ordnance systems and environmental control systems for military applications."

The other is Wireless Directive [DoD].

posted on Oct, 3 2008 @ 11:27 PM
I have been so upset about the bailout I haven't had time to keep up with this. Am going to start again this weekend. Will work on it all weekend as it is a good distraction for what is going on.

posted on Oct, 4 2008 @ 04:32 PM
Ninth (and others) the post that refers to internet celebrity that she ticked off is as follows:

NLO Radio Show- Nobody Likes Onions. The man she upset is Patrick Melton. His picture is on the site. He admits he was having a bad day. She won a hand and he immediately called her THAT word.

It is episode 153. If you goole NLO you can read far more about it.

I think this happened but has nothing to do with the rest of what she may be talking about.

As for the other things I have found (and some I can't talk about until I talk to my lawyer) It is so extensive I am going to post it but it may take 2 or 3 posts and I am not sure how to do that when it is the same subject, but will try to figure it out.

What I am about to post I found out through google.

What I did was go to the Govt site and I googled everything that had any indication it could be verified. It is long but everything she wrote about is true. The streets exist, etc. It goes in order of the way it is posted. So let's see if I can figure out how to do this.

posted on Oct, 4 2008 @ 04:46 PM
Info through google, cont'd:

2828 FOREST Lane off of LBJ HWY real close to Webb Chapel
Selected businesses at this address:
A-1 Travel Services
Achilles Hr Group
Analysis Automation Inc
Cuellar Jesse PC Atty
Express Phone Cards
Great American Co Inc
Great North American Co
Integrity Center
J Kim Interior Arch Inc
Jorest Property LLC
KC Consulting Group Group
Kevin Lee Co Inc
Links Events Inc
LRW Consultants
Molly Maids of Park Cities
Spark Consulting
Texas Institute of Technology
Topaz Mortgage
Veritech Environment Services

KCIA considered asking Japanese crime syndicate to kill Kim Dae Jung
Asian Political News, Oct 13, 2007

He was born in South Korea. He came to the U.S. right after receiving Master of Science degree in his major, Electrical Engineering. He then worked for a global medical instrument company in PA and WA for 1 and half years.

. 2000 ROYAL LN.DALLAS TX 752229DALLA STX 75229 U.S.A.

State Department - SH SBU Stoney Brook University There is an SH if googled

The western arc of Loop 12 was named Walton Walker Blvd in 1951, well before the route was designated as a freeway. The name Walton Walker has been retained for the freeway.


The Wannsee Conference was a meeting of senior officials of the Nazi German regime, held in the Berlin suburb of Wannsee on 20 January 1942. The purpose of the conference was to inform heads of German Government Departments that had responsibility for various policies relating to Jews of Reinhard Heydrich's appointment as the sole executor of the "Final solution to the Jewish question", and to obtain their agreement to subordinate their policies to him. In the course of the meeting, Heydrich presented a plan, presumably approved by Hitler, for the deportation of the Jewish population of Europe to German-occupied areas of the Soviet Union, and the use of the Jews fit for labour on road-building projects, in the course of which they would eventually die (the remnant being annihilated after completion of the projects); that plan was never fully implemented, however, as it was predicated on Germany winning its war against the Soviet Union, so that most of the Jews of German-occupied Europe were sent to extermination or concentration camps, or killed where they lived.

Sunset High School, Dallas, Texas

Kiest Blvd is in Dallas

Midway Road is in Dallas

The U.S.-ROK Military Alliance: Key to Stability in Northeast Asia
General Walter L. Sharp
Commander of the United Nations Command, Combined Forces Command and U.S. Forces Korea
Thursday, October 9, 2008
3:00 PM-3:30 PM ♦ Registration and Reception
3:30 PM-5:00 PM ♦ Presentation and Q&A
The Korea Society
950 Third Avenue @ 57th Street, 8th Floor
(Building entrance on SW corner of Third Avenue and 57th Street)
Northeast Asia is home to five of the world's six largest militaries, four of its proven nuclear powers and many assets that are integral to the global economy. As such, stability in Northeast Asia is vital to the United States' security interests, and for five decades the U.S.–ROK alliance has helped to provide it.
General Walter (Skip) Sharp, Commander UNC/CFC/USFK, will discuss his priorities for strengthening the alliance, working towards its short-term and long-term objectives and implementing major initiatives to prepare the alliance for the future.

Al B. Wagner, Jr.
Professor and Extension Food Technologist, Department of Horticultural Sciences,
Texas A&M University
College Station, TX 77843-2134
Phone: 979-845-7023
FAX: 979-845-8906
View brief bio

Akard Station is a DART light rail station located in the City Center District of downtown Dallas, Texas on Pacific Avenue,

She ran for the Board of Education ????

Kwon, Burkina Faso (West Africa) not far from the Congo May tie into Nun Story
The Nun's Story is the title of a dramatic film that was released by Warner Bros. in 1959.
Based upon the 1956 novel of the same title by Kathryn Hulme, the story tells of the life of Sister Luke (played by Audrey Hepburn), a young woman who decides to enter a convent but ultimately finds it hard to adjust to the sacrifices required of her. The book was based upon the life of Marie-Louise Habets, a Belgian nurse who similarly spent time as a nun.A major portion of the film takes place in the Belgian Congo where Sister Luke assists Dr. Fortunati (Peter Finch) in helping treat the lepers of the area.

This next part is weird. When I goole "nun's face from outer space", I get nothing but right below apparently there are hits, I just can't get to them.

News archive results for nun's face from outer space in 1959.
1959 » Charleston Gazette (Newspaper) - February 13, 1959, Charleston, West Virginia - Subscription - Charleston Gazette
1959 » Oakland Tribune (Newspaper) - September 2, 1959, Oakland, California - Subscription - Oakland Tribune
1959 » Independent Star-News (Newspaper) - November 15, 1959, Pasadena, California - Subscription - Independent Star-News

Country Brook Apartments is an apartment community located in Irving , TX The following apartment communities are located nearby: Park Springs Apartments ( 0.1 miles), Mac Arthur Square Apartments ( 0.1 miles), and Briarcrest Apartments ( 0.3 miles).
Apparently low income, which makes no sense, but can't post about that right now.

Ambassador from Japan -Kato

JFK was assassinated by the Queen's government- lends credence to LBJQE

Brown v. Board of Education
About The Case

The 1954 United States Supreme Court decision in Oliver L. Brown v. the Board of Education of Topeka (KS) is among the most significant judicial turning points in the development of our country. Originally led by Charles H. Houston, and later Thurgood Marshall and a formidable legal team, it dismantled the legal basis for racial segregation in schools and other public facilities.
By declaring that the discriminatory nature of racial segregation ... "violates the 14th amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which guarantees all citizens equal protection of the laws," Brown v. Board of Education laid the foundation for shaping future national and international policies regarding human rights.
Brown v. Board of Education was not simply about children and education. The laws and policies struck down by this court decision were products of the human tendencies to prejudge, discriminate against, and stereotype other people by their ethnic, religious, physical, or cultural characteristics. Ending this behavior as a legal practice caused far reaching social and ideological implications, which continue to be felt throughout our country. The Brown decision inspired and galvanized human rights struggles across the country and around the world.

N Henderson Ave & Glencoe St, Dallas, TX 75206- CBS Radio- Something happened but I can't understand it when I google it

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