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The Reverse-Conspiracy-Theory

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posted on Apr, 15 2008 @ 05:18 PM

Originally posted by Skyfloating
reply to post by StellarX

So given the following options, what do you think is the greatest control-tool? (Im looking for a ranking).

* Control of money
* Control of resources/supplies
* Control of media/information

Which of these streams exercise power over the other? Of course they are interdependent, but who would you think has the final say?

Great thread!
I always 'expect the unexpected' in here.
Haven't read ALL as yet, but...
Anyway in answer to the above:


* Control of media/information (Educational Curriculum & History are key)
* Control of resources/supplies (especially Land Owners)
* Control of money (I've never really believed money to REAL/TANGIBLE)

Money appears to me to be a (pleasant?) side effect of the first two points, and not really 'worth the paper it is printed on'.
I also feel it is like an elaborate financial distraction, something (worthless) for the 'peasants' to squabble & hurt each other over.
While the 'BIG' fellas scoop up ALL the REAL things of value (Diamonds, Gold, Silver etc.)

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posted on Apr, 15 2008 @ 06:15 PM
reply to post by DarkCyrus

And who are "The Illuminati"?

posted on Apr, 15 2008 @ 06:40 PM

Originally posted by Skyfloating
So given the following options, what do you think is the greatest control-tool? (Im looking for a ranking).

* Control of money
* Control of resources/supplies
* Control of media/information

This is a little bit like the egg/hen question isn't it? I suppose historically i must go with control over resources ( by accident or , oil in the USA, violence) as that essentially leads to all the rest in good time. With resources ( and one can say money is just a way to keep track of it's movement) comes access to time, which one can refer to as the ultimate resources, which will allow for the gathering of knowledge which will aid in perpetuating control over the same or more resources while giving the individual(s) with more knowledge the capacity to manipulate others for a net economic gain.

That is obviously just presuming the two ways of control you mentioned given a level playing field which this planet has never ever represented.

Which of these streams exercise power over the other? Of course they are interdependent, but who would you think has the final say?

Resources is probably the safest bet hence those in powers commitment to restricting the flow of energy ( suppression of alternative non centralized means) and generally suppressing our efforts to democratically organize ourselves to gain more access to natural resources.

Hope that clarifies .


posted on Apr, 15 2008 @ 07:41 PM
All you have to do is revert back to the old ways and stop taking what they have to offer,or they will stop offering and force you back to doing it in the old ways.
An active approach/A passive approach
Either way,this is how it will end up.
This life of ease we lead is really a trap,we become more weak and helpless with every generation,not too many more generations,and we wont' ask what happened when people go missing,or die unexpectedly.
Just futzing along drowsily,filling our numb minds with more media garbage,developing our opinions on the opinions of others,parroting the words and mannerisms of our fake heroes.
Damn,that's how it already is................
Stop buying what they're selling,and they go out of business.

posted on Apr, 15 2008 @ 08:27 PM

Originally posted by Skyfloating
The whole idea of "conspiracy-theory" is (only in my opinion of course) of religious origin and begins with the following tricky phrase:

The angels of darkness will appear as angels of light

I dont know if anyone can conceive of how much harm this single piece of thinking has caused in the world.

The mentality calls us to suspect evil where there is good, suspect evil when someone calls for peace.

Its the slogan of those who have had their trust broken.

And that, imo, lies behind the christian idea that "new age" (something which I believe is on its way into our world) is evil.

The angels of darkness will appear as angels of light.

Say that again.
Now pretend you are someone specific that you know to be ignorant as sht to everything.

Now say that phrase again through their eyes. Their angel of light is the gov't and big brother. And the MAJORITY of people out there are this ignorant. I dont see the new age movement as any kind of angel, but a natural progression of our species to eventually take over the illuminati. You can't possibly think they are the good guys. Look at what they do. Yeah you might say its all in order to secure supreme power then lead us to the land of the light. Which is possible, im not saying your arguement isn't possible, but im asking you to look at their actions not their motives. Actions are who you are always. To think that these very cruel actions they take dont have an effect on who they are is naive. Which I know you are not. I have actually pondered this theory myself. So this is fine to post and discuss. I just hope eventually you open your eyes and then people like you and I and the rest that know this is not how to live can fight back. ATLASASTRO has a very good quote for his signature " the law of retribution reigns supreme in our fantasies perceisly to keep us from the answer of our lives: what would we do with our freedom if we had it?". That is the reallll question of enlightened humans around the world right now.

I beleive to create a world in which would give us a "natural" life. We need to work together and not only internal. Which means conversations with open minds. So that you may learn something, if something of worth comes by.

I have recently had something very traumatic happen to me. It's shown me that there is an enemy and to trick yourself in anyway that there isn't is denying that anything is wrong. The enemy is false love. False understaning and ignorance. I see this post as a step in the evolution of your beliefs. I sincerely hope you dont get stuck here. These people are the evils that exist in everyone, they just CHOOSE to make that decision. Look at what they are doing... they are not the enlightened ones. We are the enlightened ones. The ones searching for truth during this very exciting time. We are going to bring this world into the next. Everything will be very clear soon. Look at peoples actions. Forget motives, forget intentions. Just actions. That will show you everything.

Google: Codex Alimentarius
Kill 3 billion of us, indiscremently, to save us all? I dont see it. It's to save them and their families, natural human emotions.

"That which is Above corresponds to that which Below, that which is Below corresponds to that which is Above, to create the miracle of the One Thing."
Emerald tablet of hermes

The illuminati corresponds to our reaction to them. It's all necessary. The pain is beautiful, but it is not the light. It's a teacher and it is meant to overcome.

posted on Apr, 15 2008 @ 11:33 PM
"Anyone ever thought of a positive-conspiracy?"

Kinda counting on it...
But if they're making any progress towards their goals they are doing a masterful job concealing it, even better than the negative side...
Right now, IMO, I see an aspect of the negative side embodied in our current administration and their domestic/foreign policy.

I sure would like to be able to see some signs of the Positive side, I'll keep looking.

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posted on Apr, 16 2008 @ 12:07 AM

"The Illuminati" are "the enlightened ones" - forces of progress, goodwill and enlightenment.

The only problem with that proposal is that it assumes YOU are included in part of their plan.

Now, just for sake of argument, lets say these global elite have a plan to unleash a lethal virus on the general population which kills your family and friends, but it also somehow leads to a better environment by killing of 80% of the world's population. You are left irreversibly deformed, but get to live.

How would you characterize that, as a "force of progress" and "goodwill"? Your family died a painful, frightening death because of these people (in the example I gave). The global elite's family members get to live because they have the vaccine giving them immunity. They get to live happily ever after with all of nature and live in "enlightenment".

So how would you characterize that, good, bad, or somewhere in between?

posted on Apr, 16 2008 @ 12:16 AM
Deep down we like to think that there is some order to the world, but I really think it is lacking. Most people are acting on impulse. I'd like to look around and be able to blame it on some large conspiracy or RCT, but truthfully, I think people are just too dumb. Is there some group with a huge agenda? Probably. If there is, I doubt they have that much planned out in advanced because people are just to dumb to be predictable.

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posted on Apr, 16 2008 @ 06:41 AM
The Psychological Effects of "Illuminati-World-Conspiracy-Literature"

* Creates a sense of "Im in the know, others are not. Others are stupid sheeple" - Dissociation from daily life and relation to others.

* Creates a sense of fear and powerlessness. "They are almighty and have controlled everything from the beginning of time" - Dissociation from your abilities and talents

* Creates a sense of exaggerated suspicion towards people and things. "You disagree? You must be a disinfo-agent" - Dissociation from trust and goodwill.

This special type of conspiracy-theory makes up about 30% of the literature.

Considering its psychological effects its the literature...who are the "bad guys" really?

The alternative is not to stop reading it and learning about it, but to keep things in perspective.

posted on Apr, 16 2008 @ 06:43 AM
Considering the adverse effects of certain types of information, one could come up with the theory that this literature is published by exactly those "powers" that seek to enslave.

posted on Apr, 16 2008 @ 07:06 AM

Originally posted by Shadowflux
I like your ideas and theories OP and it touches on something I've been thinking about after reading a lot of socialist and nihilist philosophies. Perhaps the "Illuminati" or whatever they wish to call themselves are in fact acting in the best interest of the human species as a whole but I don't believe they're acting in the good of the individiual.

So all these wars, suppression of democratic forces and the like are a backlash from evil humanity against the possibility of peace and prosperity for everyone? Do you believe that?

Take, for instance, the reduction of world population to about 10% of the current population. When I truly thought about it, pondered it free of outside thought, I realized it might be an ideal, a vertibale utopia for both man and nature.

Unless they decide to keep the 10% that are best indoctrinated to do their bidding? Isn't it more logical to presume that they are trying to get rid of the majority who despise authoritarian rule?

Resources would be easier to come by and more effort and resources could be directed to scientific advancement.

Resources ARE easy to come by hence the overwhelming riches achieved by some in this world. The poverty and dire living situations of the majority has everything to do with who controls the resources they used to have access to.

Health would improve, health care would be universal, economics would never fail, the list truly goes on. However, there is the small issue of getting that 90% population reduction to happen.

Why would health improve if it has never benefited rulers to have strong uppity slaves? Why would health care be universal if they will assassinate their own for going against their common interest?

I think this is the fundamental issue between our perception of good and evil. There is a praradox of sorts that exists due to the inherant intangability of the term "evil". It would seem logically conclusive that one may practice "evil" as a means to attain "good". For instance, if someone decided to commit armed robbery on multiple occasions he would be deemed a criminal yet if he took his loot and spread it among the improverished single mothers of his neighborhood he would be branded as doing "good".

We all like the Robin hood mythology but who did he rob and who did he give to? You forgot to mention the fact that the fabulously wealthy are robbing the completely impoverished of even their last piece of rotting food.

I think the main flaw in your argument would be the fact that "good" and "evil" are entirely subjective and not accountable to any exterior objective deffinition.

I think it's accurate to claim that good and evil are in fact subjective terms but it's also well understood that human beings can interact and communicate so effectively because there seems to be a very real relationship between sentience and empathy ( or in fact possibly the other way round). This is why people can generally interact despite absence of a common language or even culture.

In other words, "evil" is just what you as a person deem to be evil based upon your own beliefs of what is "good". It is your beliefs and your position in the world that makes you deem one thing good and one thing evil.

Which presumes that man is entirely the product of his environment and have absolutely no empathy. Since that is clearly not the case it takes a great deal of propaganda and indoctrination to yield the type of person who may truly feel nothing for the suffering of others. There is after all a reason why the powerful isolates themselves from the people they are exploiting; whatever humanity remain is clearly affected by observing the suffering of others.

When we are talking about concepts such as "The Illuminati" and "NWO" we have to keep in mind the subjective relativity of "good" and "evil".

If we propose to defend their actions...

Perhaps those that are illuminated do not believe they are doing wrong and are in fact working for the ultimate survival of humanity as a species in a multi-planet or galactic wide future. However, to acheive this ultimate utopia certain sacrifices must be made, people have to die, buildings must be destroyed and old concepts of thought and philosophy must be abandonned.

And that's the type of arguments all people who live under the boot of others have to make to stay sane and keep themselves from doing something obviously dangerous like fighting back. Sure the possibility exists that these people are somehow entirely human ( but refuse to act that way) and that they have decided that we can not be trusted with the truth you proposed but if that was the case why not arm us all to teeth and prepare the planet for sustained multi- generational combat? As it is they seem to wish to take all our weapons from us and hand it to their functionaries which are for the most part best equipped to suppress humanity and not to fight aliens?

Much like when a child recieves a shot from the doctor, we must do harm to the child in order to protect his or her future even if the child itself is incapable of understanding our need to cause him pain.

It makes more sense, if you believe as i do, that there is almost no good in inoculations or vaccinations and that they are resulting in more deaths and general health issues than they are pretending to prevent.

I think this is where the perception of the "Illuminati" as "evil" comes from. It is the fact that as children we can't see the bigger picture, we can't understand why there must be pain and suffering even if we want that same utopia they're offering.

So i suppose i am a bit of a child then for wondering why there is so much suffering in a world where everyone could easily be fed and cared for while still allowing for a small minority to build their various palaces? And if your idea of suffering is working ten our days in a air conditioned office you obviously don't have to respond as you don't know anything any ways.

Take for instance the rebellous southern states during the American Civil War, they viewed the northern act of withdrawing slavery from their economy as evil and wrong yet the northern states felt the same in reverse in regards to southern slavery.

The North were employing wage slavery ( no capitol expenditure so you can just work your lowly paid temporary employee to death and then get more) while the South were employing physical slavery to achieve the same general ends. Since this was a war of economics the South well understood that it would lose all the capitol it expended to buy slaves. Your argument is however mostly undermined by the fact that the war was not started to set anyone free hence the fact that Americans were still living in a third world country thirty years later and 50 years before the term came into widespread use.

Take also the Nazis, who believed they were doing good and felt it was their duty to eliminate all genetically inferior peoples yet we don't have to look far to find an account of how evil the Nazis were.

So a few Nazi's really believed that with the majority of even Nazi's just being typical opportunist that saw which way the wind was blowing and how to get their bread buttered. Even the seemingly 'evil' among don't generally start out that way instead being drafted into those systems by trying to gain security for themselves and their family by pretending ( and mostly doing so) to serve those who hold power.

This fact works in the microcosm as well. Any outside force that we are powerless to stop and that we deem to be acting against our best interest is deemed "evil" in differing degrees.

This is not so as the vast majority of human beings do not club other people to death because they do not get their way. We are social 'animals' and we have a pretty good understanding of what we can , in economic terms, expect from our fellows. The reason we are winning the democratic struggle so slowly is mainly because the average human being have pretty low expectations when it comes to living standards and will choose base survival over risk and possible wealth ten times a day every day of the week.

The drug dealers on the street are "evil" but not as "evil" as the rapist who in turn is not as "evil" as the serial killer.

I wont spell out what i can see myself personally doing to the last two types but the first is mainly serving the market. If our society were not so hopelessly torn apart and suffered the things we are people might not be so interested in opiates.


posted on Apr, 16 2008 @ 07:08 AM

In fact, I would venture to guess that it is easier to find a commonality of opinion when labeling things "evil" than if we were labeling things "good". There are many regional differences within America alone let alone the regional, religious, political, and philosophical differences throughout the world. When these differences are all taken into account it seems quite obvious that there is no way we can concretely determin what is in fact "evil" and what is in fact "good".

Hence the fact that all the major religions are in such a apparent general agreement of what people should not be doing if there is to be a social contract between them? If religious scripts in all their supposed authority can still get it right i suspect and believe that there is a even wider agreement on street level. Sure there are regional and cultural differences that might seem very strange and backwards to other groupings but if one looks at how long it took for much of the so called western worlds progress to come about ( the last hundred or so years) i think we can easily compare the people of the world 200 years ago and see that good and evil is pretty equally divided amongst nations and cultures.

I perosnally believe the understanding of the inherent non-existance of such terms and ideas as "good" and "evil" is one major part of what we would deem "Illumination".

Which would put you in direct conflict with the beliefs of the absolute vast majority of people including atheist and those who just don't care. I believe that there is a very real reason for the existence of these concepts , and the things/people who inspired them, and that you wont get far trying to convince any significant number of people otherwise.

It is the understanding of the whole true picture, not the microcosmic but the macrocosmic, it is the considering of every aspect even in decisions that seem to effect only a small part. I believe they know that most people are unwilling and incapable of abandonning all the belief structures and political theories they've worked so hard to use as a foundation of their own perception of the self.

Since the average human being is not often given the opportunity to make world altering decisions, and then persecuted if it has anything to do with liberation from those who seek to control him, other than being handed guns to kill others i wouldn't hold the majority of the worlds population responsible for indulging in strange beliefs to cope with the violence and suppression visited upon them. If such conditions did not prevail i suspect people would not gain much by believing or supporting nonsensical rubbish and will eventually leave it by the roadside. I think the decline of formal adherence to specific religious principles is a obvious result of growing economic independence even if that independence is sometimes just a illusion.

Most people are unwilling to abandon the concept of self and take up the concept of true communitiy and commonaltiy of purpose.

Most people are far too willing to abandon the concept of self to serve their communities and my ideal world could do with far more self interested actions. If everyone were in fact just looking out for themselves we would probably all be doing better than we are now. Since we are obviously social creatures who gain much of our self worth from positive interaction with others it's obvious to me why or so called rulers and would be leaders have done such terrible things to isolate us socially while attempting to indoctrinate us with loyalty to 'the state' , 'the king' , 'the country' or 'the nation'. When we serve such make believe structures we are rarely serving our local communities or ourselves ( in the long run) and since that's not our natural aspiration i think we know where to look for explanations.

Most people are incapable of living in true equality with anyone, even those that share the same ideaologies.

Equality in terms of what? Since your presumption rest on the obvious assumption of equality in terms of access or possession of resources i will dismiss it out of hand given that it's a pretty recent 'evolution' ( agricultural revolution) in terms of human interaction. Socially speaking people are more than happy to be , the best hunter of game, the best singer, the best tracker, the most fearsome warrior in times of conflict with others, the elected leader, the shaman/religious leader , the best horsemen, the best herder or the farmer etc. Since human beings seem to be inherently ( and in my opinion that's a good thing) self interested when it comes to interaction 'equality' issues does not arise as people will naturally believe themselves to be the best at something or another. The problem that arises with modern society is that rewards are determined in terms of one 'thing , in this case money, only thus allowing for direct comparison which obviously results in feelings of 'unquality. Despite all that the poor do not regularly take up their clubs and try to beat everyone who earns more to death so i really wonder about people who have such a low opinion of their fellows. The fact that the people who do the most harm to society and environment seems to be getting the most monetary reward hardly inspires much faith in the system that would be so obviously biased in favour of rewarding apparent 'evils'.

This is why secrecy is necessitated, because most people will deem as "evil" that which they do not understand and most people are completely incapable of truly understanding the actions and goals of the "Illuminati"

The secrecy is necessary because what they are doing are obviously bad for the majority in the short term and for even more people in the long term. If that would not have been so blatantly obvious they would not have gone to such lengths to suppress the information or for that matter kill so many who tried to spread the word or help to liberate others. I think the main problem with your argument is your dim view of humanity and i doubt i can help you will you retain such warped views about your fellow human beings.

Based upon what I've said so far I would be willing to go so far as to label the majority of human actions and opinions as "evil" since they contribute almost nothing to the betterment of the world as a whole, lead to no greater understanding of the world or people around us and serve only to further isolate all of us from both eachother and our true purpose here in existance.

Well i will agree that human beings seem to be failing to make this world a better place as fast as we would all like but considering the obstacles or the power of those who seem hell bent on preventing us from achieving the betterment of the planet it's probably not all that surprising or a great insult to our common struggle and it's achievements.

Humans will always seek to label, to seperate, to segregate, to organize, and categorize everything they see and experience

It's what intelligence attempts to do to the world/reality to best gain a understanding of how to interact with it in ways that will enable survival; not being able to label a tiger or lion differently than a goat or bird is not a viable survival strategy when your food for some of groups. Do you suggest humans would be better off without our current brain or mental capacities? What about implants that make us more docile and or 'socially responsible' in general? In fact why not just do away with humans and make yourself some nice automatons/robots you can abuse to your hearts delight?

which will always lead to further inability to live a connected, complete, whole existance with the planet and the people around us and will almost certainly sentence us to obliteration in the face of such problems as the inevitable neccesity to leave this planet and become citizens of a connected universe.

Oh the people who lived in close connectedness with the planet were persecuted and largely destroyed long ago by what i believe to be the same forces who are currently destroying out environment trough deliberate clear cutting forests ,polluting rivers and pumping large volumes of toxic substances into our atmosphere to make that extra bit of 'profit'. In fact i am aware of many technologies that would allow the same profits and decent wages while not doing all that pollution but apparently pollution is what they want as it ensures that the environment becomes useless to the majority who are in fact dependent on it.

People generally seem to get along if left to their own devices and while some blood will always flow it could be from fists and knives instead of gushing bullet and shell wounds.People don't really want to die in the effort to make a better deal but thats the type of system those in power apparently thinks most effective in controlling us.


posted on Apr, 16 2008 @ 07:08 AM

I beleive the first step to illumination is the rejection of concepts such as "good" and "evil", religion, politics, moraltiy, societal norms and groupthink
The path to true illumination is walked alone in darkness until one can truly find one's own path to illumination where you will realize your true purpose for existence and you will see the actions of the world with new vision and understand them more fully than you could have hoped for before. Only in darkness can one find true illumination.

And i don't think i am going to spend any more time dealing with your strange and unfounded notions and opinions about why i should trust those who are actively engaged in the destruction of all that most human beings seem to agree as being 'good'. Why i should support a minority position that results in so much suffering and death i just don't know .

For future discussion you may want to tell us what you consider our true purpose to be as i always though it was to create conditions suitable to raising our children in security and relative prosperity while allowing others in our communities to do the same. Why i should go searching for a alternative , in the darkness no less, is certainly a open question.


posted on Apr, 16 2008 @ 07:36 AM
reply to post by Skyfloating

Keeping things in perspective is very important. There are multitudes of angles to interpret anything. Perspective is lost when one spends too much time focused on 1 thing. It's like unmoderated used of narcotics; you develop wierd traits, obsessive and compulsive tendencies, amplified idiosyncrocies and regressive personality traits, and dependancy on more extremes to get a fix. Conspiracy theory has this odd drug-like effect on some people, and I suspect it is those that have addictive tendencies, and possibly a paranoia-laden psychology to begin with. I'm not knocking all conspiracy buffs, and I know my post seems pretty derogatory, but I'm talking about the minority that are really pushing their agenda as a feedback mechanism for their own distorted dependancies.

posted on Apr, 16 2008 @ 08:47 AM
That having been said, I often argue with a few friends, who are ardent NWO take-over buffs, about what is the point in a total world take over. I even argue that a single world government may be a good thing. I mean, look what the Egyptians acomplished once they organised and focused their resources. Granted, rule may be for evil intent, but again, what would be the point? People say slavery, but we're all already slaves to the wage, and they already control the money, apparently. No, there's no aliens involved! What if the NWO was one formed to try to stop war? One that was designed to tackle problems on a global scale?
As Skyfloating pointed at, most Msons I've met are good, honest and hard working individuals. Not particularly religious, but I guess they MUST meet in secret and worship the devil...

posted on Apr, 16 2008 @ 10:01 AM
reply to post by cruzion

In my life Ive joined a group or two in the hopes of getting to a level where I could cause positive influence or "beat the system within".

After I matured I realized that these groups dont have as much power as we think.

In fact, the real "conspirators", if they exist, have deflected from themselves by assinging the blame to all of these groups we so commonly think are "the bad guys".

"Ive matured" doesnt mean I resign and say "oh well, all hope is lost". On the contrary: Im optimistic we can turn this world around within the next 50 years with awareness, awareness, awareness...and the personal action that follows awareness... matter who may or may not be in power.

posted on Apr, 16 2008 @ 10:02 AM
reply to post by StellarX

Id be interested in reading Shadowflux responses to this. If he doesnt reply I´ll draw his attention to it by U2U.

posted on Apr, 16 2008 @ 12:11 PM
we are all in the system,you are born,educated then work for 50 years?buying the needed things to support you and your family ,this allows you to grow slowly,because each week that you work by the time you pay all your bills,there is little left to buy what you want,and that is why it takes most of your life to be well off. In the meantime paying loads in taxes every week.
Suppose you was told you had to pay an extra dollar? pound? or euro? not a lot, but 50 ,100, or 500million people paying this is a massive fortune,how about every week X 52 weeks, a dollar to you is not much, that is the problem, we look at it from our small viewpoint.
If we are kept in ignorance,or worse, told we are smart but are still ignorant, then we continue as per usual because we still are kept in the dark, and that is what is wanted by those at the top.
Why do the rich want 50 suits? you can only wear one at a time,why 10 houses? 12 cars? you can get bored of steak every day,money in the bank? its only paper,its vanity, power and greed.

posted on Apr, 16 2008 @ 12:42 PM
Yeah, but those fat cats are paying a lot of tax on their money. The top 10% of earners pay 60% of all the taxes collected! The reason we're obsessed with collecting wealth was based upon the notion that once you earn enough money, you can escape the rat race and concentrate on other things. This is what's supposed to be happening. There's a name for it, the process, where you have enough to be able to devote yourself to what it is you want to do. I can't remember it, but there is studies on it etc. Only problem is, people devote so much time to the aquisition of money, they forget the purpose of WHY they are collecting that money! There's no point in collecting it just for the sake of collecting it.
This relates to the NWO. What's the point in collecting power, if you don't do anything with it? Sure they can form groups and make more money, but then what do you do with all this extra cash? To be in NWO clique, I presume you would have to be connected, and I would guess, you would have to be pretty well educated; You don't rise to the top for being stupid, no matter how cut-throat or motivated you are. I just don't see a reasonable notion of why these supposed NWO'ers would hoard all the money, or even try to enslave everyone. I mean, what are they going to do; force us to work in factories, to make weapons so they can have wars? Wars with who? They already own everything, right? They going to war with themselves? Perhaps there's some Satanic death harvest ritual to be fullfilled? But what is the point in that, when there is no God and no Satan? Sure they might believe that, but what for, what is Satan going to give them? And why would they be doing it for Satan, and not God, if they are religious? If they were crusading against God, why aren't the populaces becoming more anti-God? The populace is becoming more and more Atheistic, which equals to less and less people who are willing to kill and be killed in the name of God/Satan! Count into that equation that the 2 main religions actually have the same God, but differing prophets, it makes even less sense.
But what of this NWO's religion? Is it Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Atheist...something entirely different...or no religious bias what so ever? They might outlaw religion! Wouldn't that be something fantastic? No more religion. No more extremism. Less intolerance in the world. Less bigotry and ignorance? Sounds like a wonderfull thing to me.

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posted on Apr, 16 2008 @ 12:47 PM
Perhaps the NWO is trying to wrestle the money and power away from the selfish and corrupt and greedy? Perhaps take control of people away from religion.
Perhaps if they can do that, they can stop the manipulation of people into automatons of satiated greed. Perhaps they can stop people fighting.
Perhaps this new world order is not one of control, as we have now, but one of freedom from control. Perhaps a a new world order where we don't have wars, as we do now. Perhaps a world where we don't have poverty, like we do now. Perhaps the new world order is changing the world for the better? A new system that removes a lot of the suffering and discomfort from life. That sounds to me like a radical new system. People in control who don't just want power, but who want to make a difference to the world, make it better for everyone, at the expense of the greedy, war-mongering, power-hungry, manipulative and selfish who seem to be running things NOW!

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