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"If you could ask a time traveler a question what would you ask?"

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posted on Jun, 16 2007 @ 12:25 AM
Sign me up, e-mail:

Although there are questions floating around in my head, I would much prefer to have the chance to answer them myself.

Thank you, Aiden C.

posted on Jun, 16 2007 @ 12:45 AM
Hi guys!

I don't quite know what to tell you on the 'cloning thing'.


Many who are allowed to be cloned? Then for the purpose of Time Travel?

Then its getting pretty redundant and sick at this point.

I'm going to approach it at this point:

If Renato was cloned (can we assume that he was cloned only once?)

How can this justify the result of anything?



Can ONE PERSON 'accentuate ones being(s)' - (clone ones' self that many times?) Across the time space continum without having REPRECUSSIONS - to the point that the initial message portrayed of the time travellor would NOT BE MISCONSTRUED at all?

Like cloning 'DOLLY' - the sheep?

posted on Jun, 16 2007 @ 12:48 AM
Is the future so crappy you had to come back to this hell?

posted on Jun, 16 2007 @ 02:12 PM
Hi, ATSGUY, LocalGenius, TheDuckster and Ironside!!

I sent your questions and stuff off to TD. He responds below.

ATSGUY, you asked,

what is this brain scanner, is this what determines if you will be a time traveler. I thought it was just if you had good intentions and stuff. Oh well please explain more on this subject.


yes, we will scan your brain to make sure you have good intentions, there are many ways to determine, most people make it.

Hi, LocalGenius!!

I will post TD's response, although nothing more will be addressed concerning specific individuals, only general information about what could be expected.


Thank you and welcome!!

Howdy, TheDuckster!! Hope you're doing well.

You said,

If Renato was cloned (can we assume that he was cloned only once?)

How can this justify the result of anything?



Can ONE PERSON 'accentuate ones being(s)' - (clone ones' self that many times?) Across the time space continum without having REPRECUSSIONS - to the point that the initial message portrayed of the time travellor would NOT BE MISCONSTRUED at all?

Like cloning 'DOLLY' - the sheep?


TIME TRAVEL CLONE is a result of time travel first off, second, If I cloned myself, I would do it to occupy that body, not to have a twin, my mind would be inserted into that body, like the movie "free jack".

And finally, Ironside, you asked,

Is the future so crappy you had to come back to this hell?


yes, unless instead you want a completely different future that may suck worse.

I know what he meant by that. He saw a version of our future during his time travels where earth was a wasteland; in this experience, it was because war between human beings decimated our planet.

He feels that this experience changed him, it opened his eyes to the necessity of a compassionate approach to life, and it was his intention to do what he could to avert this future from happening.

TD did not build a time machine, travel to the future, see this horror, and then return to fix everything.

He was abducted at age 18 and give access to a time portal by his abductors (who he now believes included a version of himself from the future). With the use of this technology, TD traveled to our distant future and saw nothing but destruction. He made it some sort of mission to try to alter that future...

That's what I know so far. Apparently he was successful, or our future changed, because he now believes our future is set aright, and is one of unimaginable beauty and love. He now believes that human beings in our future don't even know how to experience hate, and war is a distant memory that our future race will have nothing to do with...

Whatever happened, we're on the right track, and the changes going on right now are only going to become more intense, more profound, and more confirmation that we are cared for beings in this universe, and are about to come into our birthright.

Thank you all for your questions. TD hopes, and I hope, that what he's sharing effects a deep and positive change in you, and upon your outlook on your existence.

Every day we're another step closer...

posted on Jun, 16 2007 @ 03:40 PM
how can this still be going on after the hoax U2U I got this week ?

what was the purpose of the big "ats is cracking down on hoaxes" garbage ?

hey ATS, you want to prove you are against this site being hoaxed, shut this drivel down today

posted on Jun, 16 2007 @ 09:44 PM
syrinx high priest, I think you sent your u2u meant for ATS staff to our thread by accident. You might u2u the owner, SimonGray, and ask him that this thread be removed due to lack of evidence.

You might also mention the other thousands of threads posted by members that also contain assertions for which the original poster is unwilling, or unable to provide proof.

Let's teach those people it's a harsh, shrewd world, and let 'em know that we don't have time to dilly dally with ideas and enlightening conversation.

We've covered this, the Skunk Works section is a speculative section creative for just such threads.

If every thread was deleted that didn't have what would constitute "sufficient evidence" in every person's mind, then there wouldn't be much left on ATS to read.

The site's motto is "Deny Ignorance"; it isn't "Feed Ignorance by Deleting Every Incredible Assertion."

TD and myself have been allowed to post here, because ATS has provided a space to share radical ideas and to talk about taboo, or esoteric subject matter.

If ATS were strictly an "evidence only" site it would lose most of its contributors.

Most of the contributors who provide what I would consider persuasive, or compelling evidence still often have a majority who are unable to accept the evidence provided and rail against the poster merely out of conflicting personal views on the matter (i.e., belief systems that have more to do with prejudicial bias rather than an objective and fair review of the evidence provided).

People enjoy posting here, and sharing, because these subjects can be talked about freely and without being shut down for a perceived lack of evidence.

That's one of the reasons I like ATS - it's possible to talk about these subjects without wasting time and energy dealing with impenetrable skeptics, who thrive on argument rather than mutually beneficial exploration. I would rather spend it how it should be spent - in using the subject matter as a springboard for enlightening and hopefully positive exchanges.

Truly, syrinx high priest, one has to ask himself why he would sign onto a conspiracy site, navigate to the speculative section, and then create yet another post to again state his disdain for the subject matter.

I don't mind seeing skepticism with regard to TD's, and now my assertions, but this thread's continued presence is your answer as to whether or not it will be deleted and myself banned for continuing to post in it.

I will say, however, that I seem to be victim to several small programming gremlins when I log onto ATS, which include not being able to purchase upload points toward "Upload Space," not being able to edit posts, and continued trouble colorizing text.

I create tags for, and see 100% correct colors when I "Preview Post," but when I hit "Post Reply" I'm only seeing 50% of those tags operating correctly.

I say this because part of me suspects that despite the fact this thread has been allowed to continue, there may be individuals who just don't like the presence of this thread. I don't know who can play with the coding, but if I'm receiving any special attention I can only say that I'm flattered...

Not sure if that's the case. Although I'm sure anyone engaging in this would do a heck of a job of making things appear accidental...Unless there are others having similar problems...If not, I'll continue to speculate...

The clock could be ticking here, and this thread may be a bur in the site's saddle...I wonder if sleeper has experienced any sort of mischief-making at his expense...

I don't fault the admins here for any decisions they make, because it's their site, period. And we're all being allowed to post on their site. Ultimately, it's their property, and I respect that 100%.

I don't mean this in a disparaging way, but this is only a website. There are plenty of others.

Don't get me wrong, this may be the best UFO/Paranormal/Conspiracy message board site on the net right now, but just don't take this site, me, or the subject matter too seriously.

TD and I are posting seriously, yes. And the subject matter can often become serious, but nothing - especially a website - should disrupt your peace of mind, or knock you off your center. If it has, it's time to step back and reevaluate. Nothing is worth that much frustration, trouble, and heartache.

This is only a website, and these are only words. If you find that the printed word is actually causing you distress (especially our particular configuration of the printed word), consider not reading this thread.

TD and I would prefer that what we're sharing not make a person's life more difficult. Of course, if that ends up being the case, we can only suggest closing this webpage and finding something more to your liking. I hear Harry Potter is good...

posted on Jun, 17 2007 @ 07:18 PM
Hey sphin?, your post is the one that needs to be removed. It brings nothing to this thread.

I came here to ATS thinking if there was a place on earth where I could find others who have seen the things I have, it would be here.

I want to thank the admin for this site, and the opportunity to share my experiences with others. The fact I have found others who have had the same experiences as mine, speaks volumes to me.

This thread and site have given me hope.

posted on Jun, 17 2007 @ 10:48 PM

Originally posted by syrinx high priest
how can this still be going on after the hoax U2U I got this week ?

what was the purpose of the big "ats is cracking down on hoaxes" garbage ?

hey ATS, you want to prove you are against this site being hoaxed, shut this drivel down today

You are absolutely right Win, i for one feel that you syrinx are...if i could curse and not get banned i would bust since i cant i just gotta say...seeing you come her and post this makes me think that you also have some hope inside, or ur just a complete %@Q&wipe to the contributing of this thread...all you gotta do is not show look at this thread alright.

posted on Jun, 18 2007 @ 07:21 AM
Hey OnTheDeck !!!
When can we see your pictures to see what you captured?
If I can see what you have got there I can try your method in another country here to see if it can be duplicated.

posted on Jun, 18 2007 @ 01:42 PM
Hello, fellow travelers!!

syrinx, you are entitled to your opinion. I would sooner ban my own posts than ban your submissions. They are all equally valid. If I can't consider your posts valid, then I can't consider my own valid, period. We're all on equal footing.

Please don't take my responses personally. I'm not addressing you personally, but I am refuting your notion that any assertion, belief, or viewpoint should be deleted, or removed simply because you, or any other person disagrees with, or is unable to see the viability of said assertions.

It is my belief (and I'll speculate ATS's as well) that in the spirit of fair and positive exchanges, and in the hopes of breaking new ground and making new discoveries, that our posts, as would any other post, should be allowed the opportunity to be shared here, and to be afforded the same equitable and reasonable treatment any other thread would receive.

Why not? There is no difference between a person with an extremely conservative point of dismissing, or deleting any point of view in conflict with their own, and your assertion, syrinx, that our thread be removed because it is in conflict with your own belief system.

There is an equally valid basis to deny censorship of either type, which share only superficial differences, as these message boards should hold the absolute freedom to express these views, and to discuss them openly and without censorship, above all other ideals. If we can't share these points of view with the community at large here, then where?

I've said my piece; and you yours. I respect your point of view, and I am grateful that ATS has allowed us to share ours.

win 52, TD and I are both grateful for your presence. I've shared this personally with any beings that would listen, but I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to you for your posts, and to your contacts/guides/higher self for their support.

This gratitude extends to anyone capable of hearing this message, who is overseeing what is happening on this board, in my life, TD's and win 52's life, and on this planet. And it goes without saying that I include the creator in that message.

TD, win 52, TheDuckster, and others are sincere in what we're doing here, and in our lives. Only we, and those with an intimate understanding of who we really are can see that.

For me, I know where I'm coming from, and irrespective of any creator, I am confident and comfortable that I am coming from a real place, and with true, honest motivations. Nothing else matters as much as that.

I can speak for TD also and say that he is also coming from a sincere, honest, and genuine place with everything he's doing. The man is keeping it real. ahah

Cyber_Wasp, here is a link to the image gallery at TD's website ( -- GALLERY PAGE LINK

There are photos there that TD and I have taken over the last few months, including at least one photo he took at the site of his abduction that shows three objects in the sky. My contributions are dated from April of this year (2007) and run up to this past weekend (Sat., June 16).

We have both decided to create a library of anomalies, etc., that we capture, as a growing effort to substantiate TD's story, and our experiences in general. We will be adding to these pages as time goes on...

The photos are listed with the most recent on the first page, and the older ones on succeeding pages.

Any input regarding the photos we've collected is welcome.

Thank you all for your posts. Everything is done in the hopes that we can contribute to our community (our planet).


posted on Jun, 18 2007 @ 06:33 PM
Hey onthedeck, i was checking in on the update on td's site and found that you guys had a radio update. So i listened in and went to the site you guys were talking about operation terra.

Its really amazing the stuff she talks about and how the future is going to be like, its also amazing how this corresponds with td's story. But one thing i found was scary was that she said that went we ascend to the higher lvl that our memories or something will be wiped away, it was more like out consciousness cleaned out of everything of our was actually kind of scary because i would like to remember all the bad stuff that happened in hopes that i dont repeat it in the future.

i will have to read over and post my findings but she did say something like that...what does td take to this

posted on Jun, 19 2007 @ 06:35 AM

Operation Terra is a pretty interesting site. The author of the site, Sara Lyara Estes, is purported to have been, and to now be, in contact with higher beings, who she has named (or who have named themselves), "The Hosts of Heaven."

Sara and her contacts have apparently just gone silent, as they feel they have said all that needs to be said; and they are taking a more increased role in the ascension they say is happening right now.

Operation Terra's message can probably be summed up with an excerpt from the "About Opterra" page:

On our particular timeline (one of several that exist simultaneously), we will witness the ending of the present Creation and all life on 3D Earth. Massive Earth changes will culminate in a Pole Shift that will leave the planet totally devoid of life. There are massive fleets of spacecraft arrayed around the planet to assist in this transition, so that all will arrive at the destination selected by their Oversouls.

In the separating out of the timelines from one another, many will appear to die, but in fact they will be continuing their lives on another timeline, in another reality, so all expressions will be provided for. The Hosts have given us a roadmap for OUR journey and told us how to deal with these times...Our spiritual team is with us every step of the way, and we are never alone in this journey.

This is a journey of transformation of both consciousness and form. Everything on Terra will be exalted. Every atom will be consciously connected to the whole, and all will operate on a foundation of peace, love, and joy -- cooperation instead of competition, harmony instead of strife, and full, conscious, ECSTATIC communion with the Creator at all times.


What struck TD about this particular site were statements about great numbers of craft, lifting people from the earth's surface prior to these greater events. I don't know how much TD has read of the site, but a lot of it does corroborate what TD has seen...

I sent your question to TD:

But one thing i found was scary was that she said that went we ascend to the higher lvl that our memories or something will be wiped away, it was more like out consciousness cleaned out of everything of our past...

it was actually kind of scary because i would like to remember all the bad stuff that happened in hopes that i dont repeat it in the future.

i will have to read over and post my findings but she did say something like that... what does td take to this?


wow, that is pretty wild, I did not think of this, that does not sound far fetched, I know I erased my own memories for a reason, so why would that not go for all else.

I'll pass along a couple of things I've read related to this. There could be several reasons why that is a possibility, but we won't know until we get there.

There was the suggestion that the pole shift, or some great geomagnetic shift would act like a magnet on a tape recorder - the tape actually being our brain's memory banks - and would simply clear our memories.

However that could happen, I've also read that there will only be select individuals who would remember our three-dimensional lives, while most others would lose their memories of this existence.

These individuals, it was said, will have this knowledge to share with the rest of us, sort of as teachers as to our past.

So much is being asserted right now that it's hard to tell what will happen, and how it will happen. The most important thing, clearly, is to keep centered, keep your feet on the ground, and to detach from the spectacle as much as possible to facilitate this.

That doesn't mean not being prepared, or getting involved when you're needed, but it means the drama and propaganda portrayed on television needs to be seen for what it is. And all of that, especially in the United States, has become almost as far from reality as you can get.

Reality is right where you sit. Not what they splice and spin on TV.

It's also necessary to detach from the negative influences of negative conspiracy theories over which one has little control.

Police state conspiracy theories, and the alarmist messages of the New World Order movement can only have a negative effect on the individual, and the larger movement that is going on right now - that has nothing to do with paranoid world powers - has no place for this reality. All of this will become apparent soon.

The limited scope of an individual's ability to effect a change in any such political system on their own is nill, so worrying over something that may, or may not come to pass is simply detrimental to one's good mental health.

What is more important at this moment? What is more desired by the individual and those who are guiding and overseeing these changes right now? The very thing that has been lost by those in power, and what they wish to take away from each of us: love, compassion, power, freedom, and knowledge of our true connection to the one creator and the universe around us.

Stand firm that we have everything we need, and that's all we need to do. Things have been intensifying and accelerating on every front, but it's not headed where those in power would like to see it headed. This is why they have taken such overt and desperate measures. They have no idea the failure and end that awaits them. Actually, I'm convinced that government remote viewers have seen the future and they may be trying to stop it; to no avail.

TD's message has been to "be prepared". I would add to that to be patient, remain centered, and know that the reason you are sitting safely and freely at your computer, reading about the deception, criminality, and tyranny of our governments, as well as the contact experiences and ufo phenomena that increases exponentially every day, is that we are entering a new reality; and that reality is one of introduction to our cosmic neighborhood, and an abolishment of the failed systems that have wreaked havoc on our race for so long.

Listen to those messages, and not the confusion those in power are perpetuating. Every day this new reality takes firmer hold, as the old systems break apart and fall away.

I just watched the Edward Rose videos that another new poster, called "i found him", posted about HERE.

The person who made those videos, Ed Rose, called the people who were influencing his life from behind the scenes, in positions of power, "Faceless effs". (eff being the "f" word haha)

TD calls them controllers. Whatever you call them, their time is nearing an end.

Ours is just beginning...

posted on Jun, 19 2007 @ 11:25 AM

However that could happen, I've also read that there will only be select individuals who would remember our three-dimensional lives, while most others would lose their memories of this existence.

The ones that remember the past are the same ones who can see through the desception right now. This is inpart what I was told in 2005.

I was also shown that a rescue mission would be the culmination of all the preparations. As I saw it, there would be some people staying behind during this, by their choice. They would ride out the changes, shielded in safe shelters, set up by ET.

It was promised that we would never suffer another event where the majority of the people on earth would be wiped out. Hence, the rescue mission preparations for the past thousands of years. Even I have only been shown glimpses and given bits of information about all of this. What it means is, there is too much for me to take in, if I was shown the whole picture. I would have to wait for eternity, then I would have the time to understand all of it.

How do you know when the time is at hand?

A while back, I saw a UFO slowly cruise by my sight line. The people (2) were looking at me through a port hole opening. As I leaned forward to get a better look, they looked at eachother and one said to the other "he can see us". "This guy has the ability to see through our shield." Then the other person reached to a console, flipped something, and the craft with the people in it disapeared.

I figured I was seeing things, because the whole episode seemed so strange. I was wide awake sitting on my balcony looking at Venus.

Last night I decided to lay down on a day bed in my living room instead of going to bed at 11 pm. I was laying there under the covers watching tv, about to fall asleep. A port hole opened up in the entrance way of my apartment. One of the two people I saw in the UFO, 2 months ago, came striding into my apartment, through the port hole. I kind of propped myself up in a startled manner, he looked at me in a startled manner, I saw a flash, and the next thing I remember was waking up at 1:30 am, on the day bed, tv still on.

I think the time travell has started, but I am not remembering that at the moment. There is still a need for secrecy, about details of the rescue mission. For the past couple of months, once or twice a week, I wake up in the middle of the night (2:30) and spend the rest of the night wide awake, unable to go bact to sleep till full daylight.

I am not being harmed in any way, but on those days I feel like I have had no sleep at all.

posted on Jun, 19 2007 @ 11:55 AM
OTD, I'm heading to Montauk this coming weekend. Want me to take some pictures of the IRS building there so you guys can add that abduction site to your list of photographed abduction sites? Oh, wait, the IRS office in Montauk doesn't exist. I can shoot the town for you tho. this way, when you rewrite the book you can pick a better (more realistic) location for that abduction. (insert appropriate smiley here)

Syrinx, this thread is still here because OTD has stated, repeatedly, that the events TD claims are not real. They are things he think might have happened as he has recollections of these types of events but, in reality, they might not (did not?) take place and, as such, they are not a hoax because he says they didn't happen but might have in his mind and, therefore, is in the skunk works area of speculative theories.

posted on Jun, 19 2007 @ 01:46 PM
Hi, win 52 and Crakeur!!

First, let's let's get Crakeur out of the way first. haah

Crakeur, yes, please take some photos. Actually, you should make an intention to capture "something" in the sky, and take some photos.

Take some pics of clouds, etc., and see if you get anything. I'm serious. If you do get something please feel free to post.

You said,

Syrinx, this thread is still here because OTD has stated, repeatedly, that the events TD claims are not real.

Oh, get outta town with that stuff. OK, I'll play along. Yes, it's all our imagination. Thank you for stopping in, Crakeur.

In all sincerity, have a great week!

Now on to the good stuff. ahaha

win 52, your post went straight to TD. That's unbelievable stuff (not in a Crakeur kind of way, but in an amazing sort of way haha)!

TD already responded. I can't repeat what he said. I'll post it sans expletives ahah

TD's email to me just now:

*expletive rhyming with "truckin"* awesome, I kind of thought when people started volunteering that it would start around then, but of course there would not be an announcement that contact is being made, LOL

win52's episode sounds alot like time travelers and memory erasers, pretty wild *inappropriate scatological term* indeed.

ask him if he has a digital camera or something he can try to capture the occurance with.

rock on!!

win 52, your revelation has just brought this whole thing to the next level. Not only that, it also adds to the phenomena in general. But...Just...Wow!

TD may say the same thing, but I've been experiencing an anxiety for the last three months, maybe more, just before I go to sleep. In fact, I've had trouble going to sleep, and I've been up just about every morning at 2:30-3:00am for almost that entire time frame.

Lately, about 75% of the time, I'll awake fatigued and exhausted in the mornings. Combine this with the nighttime anxiety and I seriously have to wonder...Maybe not...

The experiences you've just described have to be significant. At the same time, you may be putting yourself in jeopardy by revealing these things.

Do you feel that the fact that you just had these experiences, and that you were able to "retain" these aspects of them that things have moved to the next level?

Also, do you feel it is safer to make these sorts of encounters known (both for yourself and these beings)? Just curious if you've thought about these things in a larger context yet...I know you just had these experiences...

Can you describe the individuals you saw? Can you describe the craft?

Sorry if I'm coming fast and furious with the questions...You started it. ahaha

In any event, I'm blown away. And I know TD is too.

Also, TD asked, and I know it's very early (i.e., a sensitive period with regard to these things), but if photos, or other documentation are possible without upsetting things I wonder if that's possible.

This is a knee-jerk reaction, and I know a lot of people on this thread and ATS would want to see evidence, but at the same time I can understand the profundity of these experiences; that you, and these experiences should be treated respectfully, appropriately, and with sensitivity.

Thank you very much for sharing. I would like to say this means things have started, but can't speculate until more is revealed.

Thanks again and look forward to hearing more. If your contacts are reading this post, hello! From all of us on ATS and around the planet, we're ready when you are. hahah


[edit on 19-6-2007 by OnTheDeck]

posted on Jun, 19 2007 @ 02:14 PM
One more question, win. TD wrote again and wondered if these folks were helping with your medical condition.

He asked me to ask you if you've noticed feeling better, or an improvement in health.

If you want to, please pass on any health related info that you might have experienced as a result of these experiences.

Thanks again!

posted on Jun, 20 2007 @ 07:55 AM
Hey OnTheDeck !!!!!!

What do you speculate the specs in your pictures to be, and what is their purpose? Did you see anything with your eyes or did they only show up in the pics? I think you have to call them in closer as they appear small and far away. Surely they could come in closer for you.

Depending on the weather on the weekend I will give it a go and see what I can capture down here.

posted on Jun, 20 2007 @ 10:34 AM
Hi, Cyber_Wasp!!

You asked,

What do you speculate the specs in your pictures to be, and what is their purpose?

Well, it's clear to me that the specks are future versions of TD and myself flying by in saucer craft, and the purpose is to say hi and let us know that we're right on, and that things are about to pick up. hahaah

OK, joking. I will tell you what I see, and that is several fairly indistinct, but varied shapes. What are they? I can't truly say.

None of these objects were visible when I took the pics. I made a point to observe the area I was photographing before I shot, and there was absolutely nothing in the sky at that time.

I was also conscious of the extant insect activity, most of which, when it occurred, I could easily see, and, to the best of my ability, avoided capturing.

In some later photos, I could clearly see bees, etc., but I could also see what I considered more distant objects. I came to the conclusion that these other objects were distant by taking a number of factors into consideration.

TD actually photographed a number of small, black spheres over his house, weekend before last. I wasn't sure there was anything to them, as they were so small, until the next day when I captured three of these same black spheres over my house.

That was a corroboration for both of us. I have not seen these objects in any photos before, or since. It was really strange. He and I both feel like it was a confirmation, so we feel inspired.

As for the other anomalies, I really have compiled a library of true head-scratchers. To me, these are either some sort of intelligently controlled objects, or they ARE intelligent objects (i.e., conscious)...

All of this phenomena seems to have a bizarre interdimensional, or multidimensional aspect to it. Is it conscious? Is it physical? Is it conscious energy? Is it technology? Is it organic? Right now it's too hard to tell - it could be all of the above...

The objects I've captured range from reddish glows, surrounded by dark mist, or rings, a black diamond/teardrop shaped object, rod or tube shaped objects, to black spheres, to white oval and round objects.

The white ones are interesting, because they can't easily be explained away as insects, and their three-dimensionality is clear by the lighting easily detected on the surface of these things.

I found a photo and a video so far that appear to show the same objects I've captured in some of my photos. Specifically, the white oval shaped objects - PHOTO - VIDEO.

Right now, the sheer number of anomalies I've captured recently, and the variety of shapes and sizes tells me something's up.

TD and I both have been capturing anomalies. We've not come to any conclusion as yet, except to say that it's weird, and we believe there is something to these photos.

We're still adding to the library, but hope collectively to contribute to the credibility of the phenomena as a whole, maybe to answer some questions, and lastly (but not leastly) to support TD's story.

Keep checking back...I've always got my camera...ahaha

And yes, we are asking (and hoping) for clearer, closer photos/video. I understand that if these are conscious, intelligent beings making contact that they are well aware of this. ahaha And they're just playing hard to get... Kidding!

We will see...All in good time...

posted on Jun, 20 2007 @ 02:22 PM

Originally posted by OnTheDeck
Oh, get outta town with that stuff. OK, I'll play along. Yes, it's all our imagination. Thank you for stopping in, Crakeur.

If you are saying this is all 100% true and every single event happened, as indicated in previous posts, I'll raise the hoax issue as it has already been determined that the IRS facility in Montauk never existed and your buddy never backed down off of his statement and subsequent erroneous attempts to reword that statement.

so, is this all 100% true? will you swear on a stack of bibles? on you life, your kid's lives, your spouse's life? your parents' lives?

posted on Jun, 20 2007 @ 05:43 PM
I believe it was a mistake made by the person entering my apartment. The surprised look on his face when I saw the craft and when I saw the same person in my apartment. He was about to make a left turn down the hall to my bedroom door, then poof 1:30 am.

The craft was disc like in shape, I could not see wings on it. I figured I was looking at a smaller plane, but it was dusk. The strange part is that I saw and heard what was going on inside the craft, like I was using telepathic communication. It was like I zoomed right in and heard what they said. I thought I was just imagening that part, but when I saw the same guy in my apartment I was stuned.

As far as healing, I am still taking my pills daily. I feel fairly normal, almost like being patched up temporarily. I think a big change at this time might be sort of a tip off. I am not being asked to keep quiet, because my proof is lacking. That means any photo evidence will not be forthcomming at this time.

I have had two mornings where I have felt like I have been injured, but no scars or visible evidence. It also took three days or so for the pain to subside. Pain that I have never felt in those places before, in my life. At the moment my left arm/shoulder is quite sore. I went to the Chiropractor who said there was nothing out of place, but the muscles seemed to be tight.

It may be a bit early to bust this wide open yet, but there are people who will relate to this information, and know that things are going according to plan. It helps ease the minds a bit.

As for me, I am walking on a tight rope over the Grand Canyon, so to speak. I can't stop or turn back.

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