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"If you could ask a time traveler a question what would you ask?"

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posted on Jun, 20 2007 @ 05:58 PM
The guy..... He was 6' 4" or so, very slender, a bit of a long neck, paleish complection. He had large eyes and a big smile with gleaming white teeth.

He was a bit odd looking by western standards, but could easily fit in to a crowd and not be noticed.

He was wearing a pale dark green, zip up jump suit, both times.

posted on Jun, 20 2007 @ 10:15 PM
Deja vu! Hi, Crakeur and win 52!!

First, Crakeur, I don't know what I can swear, or attest to other than the fact that I am convinced TD is being sincere, that he was in fact abducted, that he, his family, friends, and others have met a future version of TD, and that it is entirely possible given the reality of contact with his future self that, by extension, the memories that TD has of time travel are a very likely possibility.

I have been convinced of TD's claims through his sincerity, as well as by weighing everything against my research, experience, and feelings about what he has disclosed.

If I removed TD from the picture completely, I could still say that I would be convinced of the future TD sees, because he's not the only one I feel who is credible who is talking about a concert event, a mass landing/arrival scenario, and a better, positive, profound, and unprecedented spiritual and physical change occurring to our race, on our planet, and in this galaxy at this time.

Yes, people are going to have trouble taking one person's story at face value. Much more investigating, both that of external information, as well as internal investigation and questioning, is necessary.

I have been sincere in my search, but not too eager as to fill in blanks, or postulate where there hasn't been sufficient corroboration, or compelling testimony/evidence. Anyone really sincere about all of this should be devouring the information that is now flooding the Internet.

The sheer volume would be enough to eventually convince even the hardest skeptics, but that will ultimately be left to the arrival/mass landing that will occur. Unfortunately, there will still be people who are oblivious to these things even at that point. Que cera.

It's all in the eye of the beholder still, but that's going to change.

For the time being, I can say with confidence that I believe to my core that these changes are taking place. I believe TD's story, as outrageous as that sounds to people. But merely seeming outrageous does not make something untrue. It just means the proposition hasn't been accepted by the individual. Well, it has by me.

You see TD's statement as you want to see them. And as I've seen reflected in your posts, your version of events still hasn't made contact with reality as far as TD has explained his experiences. He seems to be zigging, while your reports of his disclosures are zagging. And never the twain shall meet...

If you were sincere and diligent in your research on what is happening now, including government and military whistleblowers, ufo/ET evidence, and the subject of earth changes in general, you would see that nothing is impossible at this time, and that things you once thought impossible are now becoming possible.

At the very least, everything that is available on the Internet should create in you a sense of doubt regarding what you initially took for granted about your society, your government, this planet, and the universe around us. That's a good starting place...

For many, starting on this path of enlightenment and disclosure with a time travel story might be too hard, or far out to use as a starting point. I think syrinx is having trouble making ends meet here in this sense, in a manner of speaking.

You should start with something more prosaic, like examining what you believe about the universe around you, about the possibility of intelligent life forms visiting this planet, and then set out to learn as much as you can about that possibility.

I've been studying for a long, long time. To start with a time travel story as an introduction to our universe, or as the beginning of removing the blinders is a little premature; it's putting the cart before the horse. But yes, I'm convinced, and I'll swear by my conviction. What good that is to anyone else is beyond me...

Win 52, thank you for posting more about your experiences. I appreciate you sharing these details this early on. I realize this just happened to you.

You said,

I am not being asked to keep quiet, because my proof is lacking. That means any photo evidence will not be forthcomming at this time.

TD and I can relate. haha It's true. It's just not time yet. But that's OK - it's like you said,

It may be a bit early to bust this wide open yet, but there are people who will relate to this information, and know that things are going according to plan. It helps ease the minds a bit.

The image of a startled, tall guy in a green zip up jump suit, popping up in your living room kind of made me chuckle.

You said,

He had large eyes and a big smile with gleaming white teeth.

A smile is good news. Glad to hear that. *smile and thumbs up back to guy in green suit* haahh

It's clear to me that you have been allowed to "recall" certain things. I'm grateful for that, and I also feel it is significant. I would like to say things are moving to the next level, but it's all really happening so fluidly that it's more like a water slide. ahaha

There is so much activity all around the planet, and in our galaxy, and it is increasing, that it almost feels like the house is leaking, and a flood is about to break through...

I would like to think that what you take as the Grand Canyon is an illusion, or at least there's a cosmic net to catch you...

In any event, your experiences/posts are encouraging. You've been given a gift, and we all get to share.

Thanks again for sharing!! It's an interesting time we live in...(understatement? haha)

posted on Jun, 22 2007 @ 10:23 AM
Things have certainly quieted down since Sunday night. I have slept the whole night without sleeping pills for the week.

I was allowed a glimpse of that, because there has been a change. There has been something won and some of the grip on Earth has been relaxed. As near as I can figure out, the negative forces have lost their supply line, so to speak.

That was in another part of the Universe, not around Earth. It does effect things here though. There are a lot of evil entities still here on earth for us to contend with, but they have been cut off from their source of power.

If one considers what Emit/Sharon/Bridas bring to the table, we need to be prepared for a complete, life changing experience. This is all a part of what we , here on Earth, can expect to take place over the next few years.

The more confident I feel about this information being spot on, the less of a threat people like crakeur seem to have on my confidence. It is beyond doubt, that we are on the brink of rescue. At this point, removing this information at the cusp of the changes we will go through, is only a denial of truth presented. Kind of like arguing the world is flat. There were probably people killed for talking about a round world, back in the day.

Denying ignorance does not give a person the right to be ignorant!

posted on Jun, 22 2007 @ 06:50 PM
Hi, win!! I want to respond to your post, but I have to run out.

I wanted to first quickly post a disturbing new thread on ATS.

We may be seeing aerial combat between U.S. military fighter jets and ufos this year.

A poster by the name of GhostRaven just opened a thread at ATS called "'ET' False Flag Operation to Begin in August."

In part he states,

My new job, as was described to me and apparently others, was to convince local governments that the ETs were hostile invaders so as to further the military's agenda regarding ETs. In other words... I was to write up 'spin' and propaganda that would help win the country's leaders over to our new 'war effort'.

Anyways, what ATS needs to know is that, around early August, a 'false flag' operation will occur that will make the ETs/Visitors look like they are attacking america. Do not believe it. We cannot allow ourselves to be drawn into a war with an enemy like that.


Things are heating up at a record pace with regard to ufos and contact, and I believe this is forcing the United States government and military to respond.

This has nothing to do with hostile ETs, and everything to do with protecting its own interests. Why now, you ask? Because contact has moved to a level that has necessitated a predictable government and military response.

These beings' intentions are not hostile. If they wished, they could remove every country's military from the face of the earth. This is not going to happen, unless our military has created unmanned ufo and saucer craft to stage this false battle.

The real deal would make our military jets look like toys. If these beings were hostile we would know this by now.

I guess we've entered a time frame where our government is forced to move their resistance to our planetwide contact to the next level. It's important that as many people as possible read this message, and the linked thread, and to spread awareness that this is the United States government's intention.

If it doesn't happen in August of this year (2007) it seems very possible that this sort of staged event can occur at any time from here on out. People need to be made aware. Is this what they've been preparing for at places like Area 51?

Spread the word...

posted on Jun, 22 2007 @ 09:35 PM
Hey OnTheDeck !!!!!!
I just tried your experiment with the camera to see what I could get.
I have been trying all week to use my telepathic powers (or lack to give the visitors a day and time to see if they would appear in any photographs.
Today is a perfectly clear day with no clouds, so any anomalies will stand out like tits on a bull so to So I took 35 pictures just pointing and clicking here and there at the sky and what do you know.
I got a pic of what looks like a blurred plane at a distance but there were none present when I took the pics, and I got a very small sphere in another one at the edge of the picture. Other than that nothing.
So no earth shattering evidence just yet but at least I got something mysterious.
I will give it another go next weekend if I can.

I also saw the other thread that you just mentioned. All I can say is leave the country. Your government is totally at least it will all come out in the open even sooner so it has to be a good thing....I think.

posted on Jun, 22 2007 @ 10:38 PM
Hi, Cyber_Wasp and win 52 !!

First, Cyber, that's great!! I'm really glad to hear that.

It's very odd, but back in April when I got these first anomalies I had, up until that point, not captured anything anomalous in photos outdoors. Indoors I've captured orbs and streaking light phenomena.

Then, toward the end of April (two months ago) I was on an outing with a friend and taking photographs. I can't remember if I was thinking about capturing something, or if I was going through photos and just found these white disks/orbs, but that's when it began.

I think since then, after sending these pics to TD, that he realized he was behind haha So he steps out during a recent interview, snaps some pictures and voila! He captures these black spheres.

Then the very next day I capture three of the exact same spheres over my house. Up until that day I hadn't captured black spheres.

Keep at it. TD and I have found that you will no doubt capture these anomalies, but neither he nor I have captured anything big and clear yet...In time...

What these personal pieces of evidence will do is offer you a certain level of confirmation. When I first realized I had something I went nuts and have been snap crazy. And it's paid off...

It's the universe telling you you're not being deceived - it's real.

Keep taking pictures. Maybe you'll get some humdingers.

Regarding GhostRaven's thread, the timing is very interesting. No one will be able to say if he is who he says he is, or if what he says is real unless these things come to pass as he says in August.

If he is who he says he is, or even if he's not, I think it's important to have this sort of information in our consciousness. Just being aware (without being alarmist) can prepare someone if events such as that come to pass.

I wasn't bothered by the notion that they may take this tack, but felt more compelled to introduce the idea that it would all be staged; that the U.S. government has the ability to manufacture futuristic looking drones, or seeming ufo craft, and might use this technology to institute Martial Law, or to effect whatever twisted agenda they have.

Martial Law is on this country's mind, but it is not going to come to pass. If anything, there may be elements of this scattered about, but nothing on the scale that people are afraid of will come to pass. It just won't happen. The U.S. is unable to battle scattered terrorists in the cities of Iraq. Attempting to impose Martial Law in the U.S. would be signing their own death warrant.

It's all about awareness. It's all about having information in advance, so one isn't left helpless and confused as whatever show plays out.

Everyone is much more educated since September 11, 2001. To the extent that we have seen the true criminals for who they are since 9-11, we really don't need to know the whole truth behind it, because with everything that's gone on since then - we know. Being too clever of criminals might actually be a bad thing...

The specifics of what will occur within the U.S. government over the next sixty months is not clear. They are clearly on the verge of total annihilation either financially (probably not politically), or preemptively by the ET presence.

I'll cite the Tibetan monks again who remote viewed and saw that it was not our karma to self destruct at this time; that friendly ETs would intervene if it came to this. I would see any terrific hostile action perpetrated by the U.S. as a move that would accelerate contact even more.

2007 has already been a record breaking year. Has so much been packed into such a short time already because we are accelerating through these changes? Something to consider...

I'm waiting for a member of the royal family to die to see if bridas' thread about this November and the Serpent time will come true...

If you get any good pics, please feel free to post them. Peace, Cyber!

Hi, win!!

I'm glad you're sleeping. A good night's sleep can do wonders. I'm serious. haha

You said,

I was allowed a glimpse of that, because there has been a change. There has been something won and some of the grip on Earth has been relaxed. As near as I can figure out, the negative forces have lost their supply line, so to speak.

That was in another part of the Universe, not around Earth. It does effect things here though. There are a lot of evil entities still here on earth for us to contend with, but they have been cut off from their source of power.

I told TD that the idea of individuals involved in this "rescue" making an appearance to you while their comrades are out there kicking tail shows some cojones. Kind of like giving you a thumbs up.

So there's a battle going on...?

You said,

The more confident I feel about this information being spot on, the less of a threat people like crakeur seem to have on my confidence.

Everybody's guided by their own truth. He is on his path and you yours. TD is on his path and I'm on mine. What is right for you is not right for others. It goes without saying...


It is beyond doubt, that we are on the brink of rescue. At this point, removing this information at the cusp of the changes we will go through, is only a denial of truth presented.

I read a little bit recently about an EBEN's point of view of our planet and culture, and how it saw our situation as a sort of jail, or some sort of confinement. Much like sleeper's description of earth...

There are myriad ways to look at our situation, but no matter what perspective you have on it, the fact that it is going to change - and is changing - is irregardless of what perspective you hold.

Can you dig it? haha

posted on Jun, 24 2007 @ 05:18 AM
Hey There !!

I have a question about the Mass Evac scenario.
To move 6 Billion people is a big task, so I was wondering if you could shed some more light on how this would work?
Will it be just like going on a cruise ship but only in space? How will people be fed? That is a lot of people to feed for however long it will

I had a dream the other night where I ended up with my family living with another family on another planet somewhere who had volunteered to help out for a while. It was all very vague though. The hardest part was that they could read your minds so it was awkward at first. It was all very 'earth' like. I don't even recall anything strange about their appearance.
In the end, a bond was formed and when it was time to return it was sad to leave. On return the changes were immence. We were now a Galactic Civilization. Everything had changed due to what everyone had experienced during their off world journey. Futuristic cities had been built in the blink of an eye, and it was just as common to see an ET in the street as any other type of person. There was an overwelming sense of peace and there was no more agro anymore.
At the airports people could now travel to anywhere in the stars as starcraft came hovering down to the ground from above.
Thats about all i remember.

posted on Jun, 24 2007 @ 09:21 AM
Buenos Dias, Cyber_Wasp and citizens of earth!!

Cyber, I had to email your post to TD. That's an amazing dream!!

I would say it has to sound a note with people who are having similar dreams; especially, recently. I just shared my skeptic friend's experiences with his dreams. These dreams were significant enough for him to share with me, and I took it as sort of a message from "someone" to me that we're all on the right track. Have faith (I hate to say that, but trust the process).

Everything exists in the subconscious/void/immaterial plane - whatever you want to call it - before it manifests on the material/physical plane. It is created at a plane of terrific compassion and intelligence. And it is manifested with those principles guiding it. Trust them.

We are all LIVING on all of these planes simultaneously, but our experiences of these seem separated; most of them are just unknown. There is an aspect of ourselves that knows what is going to happen before the aspect reading this post now does. It's that aspect that is wise, and has guided us to where we are as beings in this universe.

The trouble comes with the experiences laid out for us is simply a problem of misunderstanding - but even more so, it's an obstruction of a process that is working for our greater good. Learn how to stop obstructing the process through fear or selfishness and you will be floating down the stream instead of fighting against it.

In practical terms, there really is a benefit to "living" compassion; and in trying to get a true understanding of who you are, and how you connect to the universe around you. In fact, it's less an idea of seeing how you connect, but rather learning to understand you and the universe and beings around you are already one.

I know I strayed, but sometimes I just write and hopefully it strikes a chord. haha I went off topic, but maybe there was a reason for it...

Cyber, you asked,

I have a question about the Mass Evac scenario.

To move 6 Billion people is a big task, so I was wondering if you could shed some more light on how this would work?

Will it be just like going on a cruise ship but only in space?

How the hell should I know?


Actually, I am hearing "motherships" from TD - real, physical motherships. At least they "seem" physical. TD hasn't gotten too detailed about these motherships, and I haven't really asked much about them. I sent your questions to him, so if he responds I'll post them.

There seems to be a consensus that there will be immense ships that will be lifting people off-planet, but I'm unclear as to whether they will be composed of metals, or similar materials, or energy/light. How about all of the above? haha

I think they will be regular cruise ships. Just big. Really big. ahaha TD says that he remembers a lot of people being "lifted" into these ships and falling on their knees praying to Jesus, etc. I wrote about this here in a previous post.

TD says that these folks are lifted to their feet and told that these are not religious figures, or deities; that they don't have to worship anyone. These beings, many, or most of which, will appear (and for all intents and purposes be) as human as we are. Many people on the planet are descendants of some of these races, and this will be a homecoming for them.

This is not a control move, and there will be no one to worship. One of the greatest lessons we are about to learn is that every individual person on this planet is a free and independent being in this universe.

This is part of the idea of the "shift", or "ascension", and it is just a realization that the only being we should worship is ourselves; and through that, our creator. We are in essence one and the same. Our creator didn't create us to worship. He created us to live; to grow; and to experience everything existence has to offer - freely.

We have been free to worship whatever we wish (at our peril), and now our experience is about to change. Our realization and exhaustion of these old, limiting patterns may have actually moved our race to this next level. This last part I'm not positive of, but when old, limiting, patterns have been exhausted of their usefulness they are typically replaced by new and different experiences.

Imagine experiencing the same limiting patterns and reality for eternity. You have to ask yourself if that is all this magnificent universe has to offer for all eternity. The answer is no. Thankfully.

So these will not be religious experiences, per se. For many, maybe they will be religious awakenings, but religion, as we practice it here on earth, is a very limiting, and exclusionary practice. It can actually hinder growth rather than facilitate it, and in the west, this is how religion has been used against the masses.

It's time to grow up, and move away from these things. Most of us have seen the folly in accepting the limited aspects of these things, and now we're about to take that realization and experience it as a physical reality.

Also, as I understand it, there is going to be a lot of rejoicing, tears of joy, and simply gratitude, love and compassion so great that this part of our galaxy will truly be singing. If you're a spiritual person, our souls will light the night on fire. Beings who are able to see this aspect of our beings will see a light show on and above earth that would be a sight to behold.

You also asked,

How will people be fed?

Without a doubt this is not a concern. Every single person will be provided for, period. TD didn't specify how this was done, so if he responds I'll post it. I don't know how, specifically, this will be done, but I know everything from clothing to food and shelter will be in abundance. Not to worry.

So get ready. Actually, you should already be for anything. The U.S. government, or these folks running things from behind the scenes, are unpredictable. It should be made clear, however, that all of the races and beings guiding us through these changes are aware of what these folks' intentions are, and our welfare is a prime concern.

Whatever seemingly upsetting things may come to pass before we see the greater contact events we're waiting for must be weathered with courage, and with an understanding that any difficulties will be met on the other side with profound and positive changes.

There is a lot of fear mongering on these boards and all over the Internet, and it's difficult to gauge what specifically will come to pass over the next sixty months, but know that those negative forces on this planet are being observed, removed, and ultimately will get to play their games away from the majority of people on this planet who are moving into a new era.

I have some pretty cool confirmations I wanted to post next, so look for that.

Thanks for your questions, Cyber!! If TD responds I'll post his answers.


posted on Jun, 24 2007 @ 10:08 AM
More confirmations...

OK, some of you may have noticed a thread that spent only a day or so on ATS called, "He hides beneath the Rose BLOODLINE, and I found him," posted by a user identifying him/herself as "i found him."

The thread was posted on 6/17/2007, and was removed shortly thereafter. It wasn't moved to Skunk Works, the thread was completely removed. Now all that remains of this thread is the member's name, "i found him."

Here is a LINK to the .PDF of that thread.

The individual in question, Edward Rose, made a documentary recently called "This Is Thriller". It's about Edward Rose's real life travels and experiences, which include his manipulation by an unseen group of controllers. These experience, Edward indicates, began at an early age (I don't know if this is why he surmised there was a bloodline involved, or if he actually has memories that confirm this).

Edward also claims that he has an alien implant in his hand, and that he is still being abducted. He said that this nefarious hidden group is playing mind games with him, and has tried to drive him to kill himself, and others. He calls these controllers "faceless effers" (euphemism) and he released this two part documentary to educate people, and as an act of defiance.

He sees these folks going down, and revels in it. Edward also uses rock music to communicate his experiences, smokes pot, and he's clearly both angry and amazed at what he uncovers. He sees these folks' downfall, and taunts them in the documentary.

There is an insanity to the documentary, but at the same time there is a truth and an authenticity to it. It reminded me of TD and his story because of the pot, the rock music, the controllers, the abductions - and most importantly, the defiance and confidence that these baddies are going down. I believe, and I think I got this from Ed in the documentary, that these ETs are protecting Ed from this nefarious controller group. They may have saved his life, and I think he realizes that he is protected, and that the clock is ticking for these folks.

The person who originally posted the thread on ATS said she has been following this individual for the past ten years, and she suspects that it is significant that Edward is releasing this documentary now.

Imagine what it takes to shoot and edit what ends up as a four hour documentary, and ask yourself what would drive these individuals to embark on such a time consuming task.

The reason I'm bringing up this person is that TD instantly felt a connection to him. He felt he could relate. So TD sent Ed a message at MySpace asking about his experiences, and sharing some of his own. Here is verbatim what Edward sent in one of his responses:

----------------- Original Message -----------------
From: Edward F. Rose
Date: Jun 23, 2007 9:01 PM

I had a contact in 1992, and also didn't really figure it out until 96'/97'

I also had people in Florida (my home town) tell me they saw me in Florida while I was in Staten Island. My own MOTHER being one of them!

Here's another funny one. I eventually figured out that my watch battery dies during contact. Then AFTER I figured it out, I began to wake up finding my watch on my bedroom floor. (Either I or someone else now takes it off in the middle of the night)

But that all got too creepy, so now I just take off my watch before bed.

But all I REALLY want to know is, where's the after-party?

--------------------- End Myspace Message ----------------

That totally blew me away. He and TD both had contacts in 1992 and didn't recall these events until five years later 1996/1997.

Ed is hearing from other people - including his mother - that she has seen him at a time when he was in another state. The other state? New York - Ed lived on Staten Island too.

And the thing with the watch - electronics. TD and I just talked about it on our interview yesterday (sat.).

How much more specific can you get with these things? If you didn't know Ed had written that message you'd think it was TD.

Here is a link to Edward Rose's documentary --

The documentary is in two, two hour segments (total 4 hours). You don't really have to watch it, as I can sum it up saying he was probably tampered with when he was young by secret government types, probably because of his bloodline, he has been abducted, but even more importantly, he has survived attempts on his life and lives to tell his story and see the downfall of these individuals.

In the documentary, he is mostly tending to his pot plants, seeking out bank accounts, divulging little gems here and there about this secret group and ETs, and finally ends up at a Guns 'N' Roses concert. For four hours it's a little light on content haaha But I got a clear picture of what was going on in his life, and what he meant. Ed is a sane, very bright individual.

If you watch the documentary there are messages throughout that are flashed on the screen. You have to pause the video just before the message flashes and tap the forward button until the message appears. I've uploaded the hidden messages HERE along with an a Masonic G'N'R album cover featured in the doc. You will get a sense of how sophisticated, hidden, and evil these controllers are.

Ed includes a video clip in his documentary of witnesses in New Orleans who heard an early morning explosion just before being overcome by the flood waters. Information on this is included in one of the hidden messages. Ed is shedding more light on an element that doesn't enjoy the spotlight. Expect more of this. I'm sure this is MKULTRA stuff for sure.

Here's a link to his MySpace page -- Ed Rose Myspace

Educate yourself at Youtube - LINK 1 - LINK 2 - LINK 3

Also, I just read another confirmation post on page 212 in mengaurd's thread entitled, "Higher Light Answers for Questions." The page was an indication of what is right around the corner:

posted on 22-5-2007 @ 03:03 PM single this post "quote"REPLY

Things EARTH-lings will do to become part of the WHOLE.

1.They will reform their 'government structure' so it is the basis of the people.
2.They will learn to resolve issues, through sharing information on a WorldWide Basis, nothing will be covert.
3.Everything will be given the same importance, because design has no secrets.
4.Science will be more intuned with Spiritual development.
5.Earth will restore her balance through her people.
6.Life has no beginning or ending, we are from multiple sources.
7.Earth is there for esquisite beings to show there creative potential to the worlds around them.
8.Earthlings are Gardeners, cultivating there land for a better design to come in.

10.Economic structures have been based on private parties, this will change...

Thread Link Page 212

I will post more confirmations as I find them, but I'll tell you - I'm waiting for the events themselves to pass as confirmations. As we all are.

keep on keeping on!!


posted on Jun, 24 2007 @ 10:13 AM
Hey, Cyber, TD responded.

You asked,

To move 6 Billion people is a big task, so I was wondering if you could shed some more light on how this would work?

Will it be just like going on a cruise ship but only in space? How will people be fed?


responding to cyber wasp, for the most part yes large cruise ships will come but a bunch of people will be transported to safety on all other size craft such as typical disc shaped craft

and as far as food and nourishment, there she be enough to go around as preparations will be made and try not discount time travel as a method of transportation as well because that makes things seem quicker too. awesome dream though.

rock on!

I forgot about time travel. TD does mention that a friend and his family opt to travel to the future on earth and end up living there. This may be an option for many.

It's apparent that a lot is going to happen, and that we're just getting glimpses...

Thanks again!

posted on Jun, 25 2007 @ 07:18 PM
Hi, all!

I was flitting about the boards today, following the latest developments, and I found a few posts that are worth sharing.

The first post I wanted to share was from observe50, who has popped into various abductee threads to share her insights (which stem from her own contact events).

She has been a sincere and consistent poster on the subject, and worthy of mention.

She opened a thread recently (June 22, 2007) entitled, "My life with an alien soul." In this thread, observe50 describes her experiences with gray aliens. The thread is still young, but she made a couple of interesting comments that I wanted to share,

Original quote by observe50
I was on one of the ships and I was in a dimly lit area, there are a couple of us in a circle here. Across from us is another group and they are extremely tall, I had never seen them before and I am being told they are the Elder's. The small group I am with moves to the other group and the ones with me turn and leave.

I am now with the small group of Elder's. One communicates by asking me if I would go to Earth and help the human race when it was time, I asked if it [was] for the "good", the response was... yes, it was for the good and I then agreed to come here. I was told that when I became human I would become stupid and they would come to me when they could throughout my human life.


Original quote by observe50
These particular Grey's consider Earth theres [theirs] so to them how are they interfering with what they think is there's [theirs]. Since the beginning of time everything had been recorded and I was told that a wrong had been done and they are here to try and correct this wrong when the time comes. I have no doubt there are others here to help also.


I wanted to also include a couple of posts made by SteveR, who has been posting fairly frequently in mengaurd's thread entitled, "Higher light answers for questions."

In a post dated June 22, 2007, on page 228 of that thread, SteveR writes,

A refuge world is being prepared as we speak. Guardians of light are overseeing the process. Geologically it is unstable and immature. Yet it is ready to support human life. Transport is being arranged 'en masse' to Earth 2. Should anything happen here, you will have the choice. Only the pure of heart will be eligible. Humanity will be preserved, but the burden of shame will be a great one.

Consider this as being done by your 'future selves'.


SteveR also writes another brief entry today, June 25, 2007, on page 231 of that thread,

Special notice.

We are on the edge of time. Right now.

Atlantis went under around this time.

It is important to enforce all your spiritual values now.


Just wanted to share those posts...

Have an excellent week!! I'll post any developments...


posted on Jun, 26 2007 @ 09:52 AM
I have been following some of that, with my limited spare time.

The nights have been peacefull of late. I seem to be on some type of rejeuvination stint, these days. It feels good, right down to the tips of my toes.

Does "Grey" have something to do with immortality, I wonder? ... Just a thought.

BTW..The other dude in the UFO I saw was a typical "Grey". I was and am confused about greys, because they seem to have two different agendas, or some of it is missinformation. That means you have to try and figure out which ones to trust. But darn it, they all look the same.

My...My....My, once bit twice

posted on Jun, 28 2007 @ 07:32 AM
This link was posted in another thread. I found it most interesting. It goes into the multiverse theory and touches on time travel & et's along the way.
Most amazing indeed.

posted on Jun, 30 2007 @ 10:59 PM
First i would ask is he coming from the future or the past?

I would ask him to show me how, so i could time travel myself.

then i would ask him what planet or solar system he came from.

posted on Jul, 4 2007 @ 09:26 AM
Hi, Cyber_Wasp and russ1969!!!

Thank you both very much for your posts!!

Cyber, TD enjoyed the video you linked to for Michio Kaku. I've only skimmed it. I'm not sure what I think of the Type 1, Type 2, and Type 3 civilizations idea though. We sure love nomenclature. To me, it's simply an organic process.

As for Dr. Kaku, he seems to be unaware of HAARP, ufos, and myriad other phenomena that defy explanation; something that all of us consider Paranormal 101. Someone send that physicist an email...

I apologize for the delay in responding here. I've been a mix of overworked, distracted, short on time, and just tired lately (maybe I'm being "bumped up" a couple of notches...I HAVE been drinking a lot of water, and I've been having very strange dreams related to 2012 and grays, etc.).

Part of what I've been distracted with was gathering information for another post. I've found much more corroborative information that I've wanted to share; but every time I find a website, there is a link to more corroborative info, and so on. ahaha Too much information.

TD and I have recorded two chats over the last few days. It's pretty funny. I keep sending him corroborations for his memories and experiences. It's become so frequent that he and I are like, "OK already. Let's get the show on the road!" Clearly we're both just waiting now. ahaha

Last night we talked and, it's kind of funny, we were both kind of like, "Yep...this is what's going to happen pretty much...So...You doing anything for the 4th...?" haha We want to get the show on the road!

In any event, thank you, Cyber. I hope you're having some interesting experiences and revelations. I've been having some crazy dreams. Two separate dreams over the past week about 2012, Mars, and gray aliens.

If I may, my first dream ended thusly: I'm looking at a beautiful, blonde haired woman. She is nude, and lying on her back. I can't remember a lot about her expression, except that it was either tranquil, or showing a slight smile.

Over her breasts, and concealing them, was a dark-colored, rectangular block. It looked like it could have been made of wood. Inside the surface of the solid block were alternating square (or rectangular) indentations and round indentations. I say indentations, because they weren't holes. It looked as though they were, rather, recesses in the surface of the wood block.

I took this block to be the history of our race, reading from left to right (the block was sort of diagonally across the woman's chest); and these recesses represented significant events in our history. The last recess was a square (or rectangular one), and there was about an eight of an inch of wood after that, then the block just ended.

For some reason, I took this edge of the block to represent 2012. It was very distinct. In hindsight, the woman could be mother earth, or mother goddess - your choice.

Also in this dream, I had been reading printed material on these changes. I gathered all of this material, along with the vision of the reclining woman, and remember excitedly running to tell my "brother" about these things. The interesting thing was that my brother was hidden under a blanket on a bed. And when I approached him, he moved away, and remained concealed. I took this scenario to mean my "brother" in a larger sense (i.e., the human race) and not my literal blood brother.

The second such dream I had was a couple of nights ago. What I remember of the dream is vague, but I will share the clear parts. First, I remember clearly reading a letter that I think I received from a friend I consider a medium. I don't know if the notion "friendly medium" sent it, and I just connected it to a real friend, who is a medium, or if this was a friendly contact...

In any event, I actually remember the sender's contact info was on the letter. Specifically, I remember part an email address, "veigle@", or "@veigl" - something to that effect. What I remember of this email address in my dream reminded me of the word, "inveigle," which is defined as the following,

in·vei·gle Pronunciation[in-vey-guhl, -vee-]
–verb (used with object), -gled, -gling.

1. to entice, lure, or ensnare by flattery or artful talk or inducements (usually fol. by into): to inveigle a person into playing bridge.

2. to acquire, win, or obtain by beguiling talk or methods (usually fol. by from or away): to inveigle a theater pass from a person.

What I remember from this correspondence is that there was some indication of the second Mars probe. That something was deliberately done, or will be done to the second probe. Attached to this message was the word "grays". No idea what this means, or if I even remembered it correctly. There was nothing in my readings that would speak of these things though.

If I remember more I'll post it. The dreams were unusually clear, very bizarre, and had no seeming source (aside from my research haah) for their specific message, or existence.

russ1969, I"m sorry for the delay in responding to your questions. You asked,

First i would ask is he coming from the future or the past?

He is a regular guy, born in New York in 1973. He was given access to time travel technology during a six day abduction experience that occurred in 1992, when he was 18 years old.

During this time, he believes that he traveled to our distant and near past and future. He also believes that he is going to have access to this technology again within the next 24 months when a future version of himself returns and makes contact with him. Believe it or not!


I would ask him to show me how, so i could time travel myself.

You may get the chance - and in our near future. Many people are going to be given access to this technology. However, in the beginning at least, that number will be limited, and your access will be granted depending on your intentions and level of sincerity, etc.


then i would ask him what planet or solar system he came from.

I honestly don't know if he could tell you. I'm not completely sure you're aware of your own origins. You can probably trust me when I suggest that it wasn't Ohio (or wherever you were born).

The full knowledge of who we are (which is more than just a meat locker that came into existence in a hospital somewhere), and what our place is in the universe in which we exist is about to be revealed to us. It is happening now.

When these things come to pass, you will begin to see these and many more questions answered. And it's not going to come from a textbook. It's going to come, living and breathing, on its own, to every single being on this planet.

Thank you for your posts and questions!!

I would like to share more of what I've found recently.

Hope everyone is enjoying the show. I wonder how many others are having strange, clear dreams, feelings of great anticipation, or of physical/energetic anomalies, etc. My feeling is that the numbers are growing exponentially.

posted on Jul, 4 2007 @ 10:16 AM

As for me, I have taken a turn towards healing. My time is spent on a detoxification program, using herbs.

It was brought to my attention that along with us, all of the necessary materials for humans, to live a healthy long life, were put here when we started our existance as a human race here on Earth.

Furthermore, the majority of human medical problems, for which the medical establishment has no desire to cure, are caused by parasites within the human body. You just need to take herbs, eliminate parasites, and live a normal healthy ripe old life.

There is a lot more to this than you could ever imagine. I will stand by my first posts here at ATS, that the Dendra "light bulb" is more like a blood clensing device to rid the body of parasites. I was pooped on for what I said, but I stand in that pile with the same belief. Just give me some herbs to get rid of the parasites I picked up from standing in that pile of poo.

Absolutely everything we need, for a long healthy life here on Earth, is found here. Who says modern Science has all of the answers. Actually, what they have is a place to start looking for answers. I can't believe that people take what they say as being written in stone.

I will say that when I started taking the herbs, the collective "NO" felt by me as the parasites realized their time was up, made me not want to take the herbs. I had to force myself to take them at first. Now, as these critters are being evicted, I find myself almost craving the pills. Saturday will be the 15 th day of a 35 day detox program.

As for the details of these critters....well I am keeping a jar with some of them floating in water, so I can remind myself of what I have endured, thanks to the system set up to take care of us. .... It is more like milk cows.

At the moment, they are streaming out of every exit. The penalty that goes with eviction is death.

My new saying "You need a good de-worming".

posted on Jul, 4 2007 @ 02:17 PM
Part 1

Keeping everyone up to date on my findings.

There is an entire movement based on the Mayan calendar, which is trying to describe what is happening on the planet right now. Many who are skeptical that real, widespread, profound, and unprecedented changes are afoot do not have a clear and thorough understanding of what the Mayan calendar is presenting to us.

Those who are studying the calendar are convinced we are going through a phase presaged by the Mayans. But we don't have to rely on this culture alone to suggest that we are in a time unlike any time in our race's history; that we are about to undergo the most profound change our race has ever experienced. And this has nothing to do with a one world military state. It has nothing to do with politics. If anything, it means the abolishment of our current, oppressive political infrastructure.

This time frame has been presaged by just about every culture on the planet.

Hopi A 25 year period of purification followed by End of Fourth World and beginning of the Fifth.
Mayans Call it the 'end days' or the end of time as we know it.
Maoris Say that as the veils dissolve there will be a merging of the physical and spiritual worlds.
Zulu Believe that the whole world will be turned upside down.
Hindus Kali Yuga (end time of man). The Coming of Kalki & critical mass of Enlightened Ones.
Incas Call it the 'Age of Meeting Ourselves Again'.
Aztec Call this the Time of the Sixth Sun. A time of transformation. Creation of new race.
Dogon Say that the spaceship of the visitors, the Nommo, will return in the form of a blue star.
Pueblo Acknowledge it will be the emergence into the Fifth World.
Cherokee Their ancient calendar ends exactly at 2012 as does the Mayan calendar.
Tibetan Kalachakra teachings are prophesies left by Buddha predicting Coming of the Golden Age.
Egypt According to the Great Pyramid (stone calendar), present time cycle ends in year 2012 AD.


I was talking to TD about this recently, but it's become very clear that the game is now at the next level. We are seeing open contact around the planet, and even more so, greater numbers of regular people are coming forward with sightings. Not only that, they have terrific proof of their sightings.

I am now connected with a large circle of people who have had, and are having, contact experiences in some form or another; and very credible sightings and contacts at that. This is becoming more and more common.

I just found these Brooklyn ufo videos on Youtube. Are they real, or CGI? At this point, I'm willing to accept either.

What has also become clear is that what had, for decades, dominated the ufo scene were what are commonly called "abductions". This phenomena has not only completely given way to a new and greater understanding of these experiences, but in point of fact, has grown and changed into what can only be called "contact" experiences; and benevolent ones at that.

Many people who had previously considered themselves abductees have had time to reflect on, and grow from their experiences, and are looking at them in a different light. However, it's not just a change of heart that is creating the contact phenomena, it's a whole new type of contact; often, open, conscious, physical contact with other intelligent, benevolent, highly advanced beings.

This new sort of contact is becoming very widespread. This is not to say, however, that contact is occurring with just one type of being, with one intention, or in one - a purely physical - manner. It is all of the above, which says to me that there we are interacting with multiple races, with multiple agendas; or in a less negative term, intentions. This is understandable, and should be expected. There is not one race with one intention. This universe is not an episode of Leave it to Beaver.

There are what I would consider credible contactees, from James Gilliland and Bonnie Hamilton, to Michael St. Clair, Billy Meier (who has warned, by the way, "of an impending Third World War beginning in November of either 2006, 2008, 2010, or 2011 if the USA and Israel continue their war crimes and international interference in the policies of other nation-states." SOURCE), and Sheldon Nidle.

Let's not forget Karrie from The Alien Agenda BlogTalk Radio Show (whom I miss...She hasn't been on recently), who had a whopper of an experience that she asked for, and videotaped. I like Karrie's show, but the "alien agenda" nomenclature has taken on a negative connotation over the decades.

The words "alien" and "agenda" need an upgrade, because we are not dealing with malevolent, hostile beings with a takeover agenda, as the term implies, but, instead, we are dealing with a growing contact scenario that involves myriad beings, both physical and non-physical, under the watchful eyes of even greater emissaries of the caretakers of this universe, and for the creator.

These even greater beings have been readying our race for this process, and who are guiding us through these initial stages of contact. This has become clear to me.

Along with these contact scenarios, which indicate that many of us may have incarnated here at this time to assist and experience these changes, is also the phenomena of human hybrids, or star people (the latter could include walk-ins, but are people who are conscious of their origins, and their role here).

These star people/walk-ins/Indigos/Star Children, or hybrids, include Boriska, a boy who talks about his past on Mars; Raechel, who was the subject of a book called Raechal's Eyes, Jason Andrews, a Star Child, and, as I've just recently found on Youtube, a Finnish woman named Anne Pajuluoma who suggests she is a Star Person from Sirius.

The book, Raechal's Eyes, is discussed in an interview on Coast To Coast AM between George Noory and the authors, Helen Littrell and Jean
Bilodeaux (The interview linked is at Youtube, and is in several segments). An MSN group has posted, I believe, the entire book HERE in "Installments". Here is a link to the first Installment/series of pages. I think the whole book is online for free there.


posted on Jul, 4 2007 @ 02:18 PM
Part 2

Along with the deluge of ufo sightings, photos, and videos, are a host of even more unusual geophysical, environmental, and cosmological (think I have that right) anomalies that seem to be occurring all at once. Not only that, they seem to be escalating.

Watching NASA play damage control while all of this weirdness unfolds is comical, absolutely comical. How do they go to work with a straight face every day?

I'll just touch on these anomalies, some of which are still being hotly debated, but which taken together paint an absolutely amazing picture of what is happening now.

I'll get contrails/chemtrails out of the way first. Meteorologist, Scott Stevens, created a website to track what he saw as clear signs of weather manipulation. What he has posted at his site includes chemtrail, as well as other weather phenomena that he believes is manmade. And with good reason.

Unfortunately, Scott's "About Me," "Home," and "Updates" pages don't exist due to what looks like a programming error. I'll go ahead and suggest sabotage.

Fortunately, you can Google any terms and find Scott's still extant webpages. He has done a lot to advance our understanding of recent, both manmade, and natural phenomena. Here is a link to Scott's chemtrail pages - LINK 1 and LINK 2. NASA would have us believe these are condensation trails. Well, I'm sure there's condensation in there somewhere, but the water droplets are not alone. ahaah

Scott also has some pages dedicated to some strange solar vehicles that have been photographed - by NASA - flying around, and into our sun. I'm sure NASA is calling these comets, or meteorites. Maybe they're flaming pancakes that fell out of the shuttle.

An anomaly Scott included on his "Updates" pages (which are now sadly removed) was an article that depicted a bizarre, what I think Scott called "hyperspatial," or "hyperdimensional" flight pattern that two men in Ireland were witness to. Here is a LINK to that article. I'm sure NASA would like to make a comment on the flight patterns of birds in Ireland...Maybe they have a bird department?

This leads into the next phenomena, which is what are being called hyperdimensional and cube nebula that can be seen in recent NASA imagery. This is obviously quite common, and nothing to elicit any interest.

Included in this recent geometric cosmic phenomena is the hexagon at Saturn's north pole. This anomaly is large enough to fit two planet earths side by side, and is just another indicator that we are moving into unprecedented and profound territory. Richard C. Hoagland, from is apparently working on a "Major Paper" on this phenomena to be published soon. His site says that he will explain what NASA can't seem to understand.

Saturn is experiencing another anomaly at the moment that NASA is convinced it has explained away, and thereby thrown any interested parties off the track. Sorry, but no.

What a recent article posted was an explanation of a recently discovered "light anomaly" that is apparently moving around Saturn's rings, provided by, employee at the Space Science Institute in Boulder, Colorado, on June 23, 2007.

The author of the email writes,

About your recent Earthfiles report, What Is the Moving Light in Saturn's Rings? A Sundog? The bright spots in the four images are not a sundog. It's called the 'opposition effect' and is seen in the rings whenever Cassini is looking in the exact same direction as the sunlight. It's due to sunlight illuminating everything face-on (what astronomers call 'zero phase angle') and therefore, no shadows exist.

The author also provides his credentials,

I work at the Space Science Institute, doing most of the image processing for the Cassini cameras in one of the groups.


I'm sure we could research and find this person is in fact employed at the Space Science Institute, which no doubt carries enough accreditation to put the planet to rest on anomalies such as this, but I'd rather look at further photos - of the light anomaly happily sailing away from the rings, out into space, and around the surface of the planet.

Here is a link to the website where these photos are displayed together and offered up with a story of abduction. Whether or not you believe in the story of abduction, the photos, for which links to NASA's websites are provided, are convincing enough on their own that there is more than the "Opposition Effect" (or any other sciency term) to this phenomena.

Here is a LINK to one of the more significant photos at NASA's Saturn imaging website. We'll be seeing more of these anomalies as time goes on. And I'm sure NASA's explanations will become even more absurd.

Speaking of NASA's absurd explanations, we were given quite a dismissive blow off when excitement broke out over the STS-115 Atlantis mission in September of last year (2006). An ATS thread was started that covered this mission and the unusual mission delay due to unidentified debris floating just outside the shuttle.

Accompanying this fervor were numerous video clips of the anomalies that NASA was calling "space junk" (we'll buy just about anything, won't we?). Here, NASA details the mission, but as per protocol, deemphasizes the fun stuff.

June's (2007) STS-117 mission is also suggested to have had similar anomalies. Here is a LINK to ufo videos from this more recent NASA mission.

If the above two missions aren't enough to suggest, along with the aforementioned information, that NASA is not only not on top of its game, but is in fact bold faced lying to the public about what is happening on, and around our planet, then these pages might help.

Aside from the interesting, fracturing sun spot that just popped up (image 1 and image 2), there is the fairly interesting development of these "noctilucent" clouds.

These clouds are said to be extremely high altitude seasonal clouds over the polar regions of the earth and can be seen glowing at night. The interesting thing about these clouds is the fact that they are now becoming a regularly occurring phenomena around the world, and not just at the polar regions.

What is even more interesting is the fact that NASA doesn't know why, or how they occur. They can explain where they occur, but not how, or why. They do provide a chart, however, because charts usually convey factual, scientifically valid and unassailable assertions. How can one argue with the little cartoon cloud diagram?

Here is a LINK to images of these clouds from around the world.

They are speculating though - because experience has taught them the importance of hastily conjecturing, or appearing to explain away every unexplainable, or bizarre anomaly that exists under the sun, that shuttle exhaust may cause this phenomena. Thanks a lot, NASA! Keep on doing whatever it is you're doing!

I'm sure there's more I can come up with, but this isn't about NASA. It's about where we're headed...


posted on Jul, 4 2007 @ 02:18 PM
Part 3

I wanted to say that there are some things in these posts that I had to go back and find in my own posts. Because of ATS's new limit of 250 accessible, previous posts, I had to Google my screenname, along with some of the wording from the post/topic.

It worked quite well, so if you would like to find some of your own posts beyond this 250 post point (if you've made that many), I would suggest doing the same.
It works.

Moving on. So, I think it's clear that something is happening right now. I understand that what I've provided is only a primer, and doesn't necessarily equate to a rigorous study of these things, or a thorough and bulletproof case for what I'm about to post.

It is my hope, however, that these things collectively, as well as everything else available in this thread, and on the Internet, may present a fairly unified picture of where we are headed.

Along these lines, I now wanted to get back to the contactees and 2012. These are the folks who seem to be at the forefront of these changes, and are, as such, our intermediaries in a sense, to these profound and complex changes.

I just recently found an individual named James Gilliland, who is a contactee who has become a notable spokesperson for what he says we are undergoing and, I find, a he's a credible one at that.

So far, James is one of the few who is suggesting that the 2012 date may actually be incorrect, because of our use of the Gregorian calendar. He posits that, in fact, 2007 may be the 2012 indicated in the Mayan calendar, and similar predictive information.

His emphasis, and I share this, is on this process being more organic and natural, and not so much a by the numbers evolution.

James talks about this in a video linked HERE. I found this particular video of James' at a 2012 page at This website is, I think, in Dutch, so you can use AltaVista Babel Fish Translator to translate it.

This 2007/2012 scenario may in fact be the case, as we are definitely seeing, in the public sector, the most profound discoveries this year (2007) that we've seen in the last few decades. It is suggested that things are going to continue to accelerate exponentially, so as far as 2007 is concerned, it's anybody's game.

Here is a radio interview that George Noory conducts with James Gilliland that can be found at Youtube. James also has a DVD that he is releasing soon called, "Contact Has Begun." You can see a trailer for it HERE.

Another credible contactee I've found is Michael St. Clair, who writes the following with regard to his (and I'm sure others') role at the present time,

We have too much secrecy about simple facts of Cosmic life. One of my jobs is to put some order into this communication mess and to explain where life truly emanates from, not so much as an astrologer who can measure and interpret the movements of planets, but also as a being who came from the stars I observe. In this case I am not even the messenger, but merely the transmitter, or the medium - and in this case the medium is the message:


Michael's cosmic messages continue to describe what is happening now. Here he mentions the beings who are taking part in the changes now occurring,

These beings, extra-terrestrials, aliens, call them what you wish, had time traveled forever, for much greater spans of what we call 'time' than we can even begin to imagine. They then interacted with many other beings - some of us among them today - from many different times and spaces. Scriptures such as Koran, Bible and other texts and tablets mistakenly – or probably purposefully - called them angels or even gods, so as to hide their actual reality, which is part of the human great illusion.

He also mentions some of what specific things we can expect to see,

Discoveries are being made everywhere all the time, and only few of those are being reported correctly, but many more will be made very soon. Discoveries of this scope must now be shared with all human beings, and so, I am happy to predict the time of the secret sharers yet to come. Of course, we will have to break through the rule by secrecy of this sick society, and this day will dawn, very soon, after 2007, but before 2012.


Here is a LINK to Michael's website.

Also included in this contact material are further messages of the oppression that we have lived under, and now live under, and an ending to this oppression,

Our presence is to be the key to your release from the oppression that has taken away your sovereignty, and take you out of poverty and want. There are already more than adequate resources and technologies upon Earth to fulfill this desire. We will also deal with the necessary requirements to re-create a base from which you will become protected by the original Constitution. A happy and free society is a necessity if we are to work together. You cannot concentrate your efforts on restoring your Earth, if you are constantly worried and beset by lack of the basic necessities.

We also have the task of re-writing your history in such a way that it can be supported by facts. It will be presented to you so that it will answer all questions, and show you the "wheres" and "whys" of how you have deliberately been mislead. Accordingly, you will see that we have always been with you on your journey, and helped you along without any direct interference with your freewill choices. Whatever you have chosen in the past, you are now in the time when matters must be brought to a conclusion. The dark know this, and desperately and obstinately cling to their ideas of global domination.


The above message is from a page of Galactic Federation messages found at the following website.

Another related message regarding our Constitution and stolen freedoms states comes to Sheldon Nidle, a contactee I listed in Part 1 of these posts,

We intend that the true story of your origins and history serve as a guide for what is to follow. Freedom and sovereignty are no longer to be mere words to you. As a living reality, they will form the basis of wisdom. Normally, an evolutionary leap of this magnitude occurs over a much longer period; but Heaven and the Creator of us all ruled otherwise. This vast expansion in your knowledge and consciousness capabilities is required for the next steps on your divine journey to your destiny.

This destiny goes well beyond the limited potential of this realm; it involves opening yourselves, almost overnight, to the fact that what you think you know and believe is not even a mere drop in the immense bucket that is the sum-total wisdom of Heaven! Our mission is to guide you with Love and divine Light as you move in accelerating steps toward full consciousness. First contact is the means chosen by Heaven for us to carry out our sacred assignments. Under the direction of Heaven, we have learned a lot about how to advance you toward your divine goals.


This is directly in line with the return of freedoms that TD speaks about after the mass landing.


posted on Jul, 4 2007 @ 02:18 PM
Part 4

Sheldon Nidle's message continues in this vein,

Freedom is something that your global society has earned by gradual degrees. The rights of the people to address and then to participate in government were likewise slow to happen. It is for this reason that the American Declaration is so significant. Here, you have a document that sets the stage for the organization of a democratic republic. This type of government was to be different from most of what had preceded it. Never before had a land been dedicated to her people instead of to those ruling hierarchies who governed solely by their power and station.

This right of the people to govern was to be hugely expanded and was to include within this government more and more of the populace until all the citizenry were involved in deciding how this great land was governed. This prototype also gave the people back their formerly usurped, unalienable rights. Included in these was, most importantly, the pursuit of happiness. Joy is something that not only nourishes the Soul but also brings out great surges of creativity. This wonderful characteristic of freedom, when fully utilized, can bring forth the highest essences of Light and Love!


Sheldon has also listed a few websites HERE that are a part of what he calls "First Contact" organizations, or groups. These are groups he sees as making first contact part of their efforts during these changes.

The Sheldon Nidle/First Contact/Galactic Friends links and info can be found HERE. There is also a video at this SITE called, "Landings 101" that I have purchased. The bullet points under the video closely match what TD said he remembers from the mass landing.

Here is more Sheldon Nidle information that corroborates with what TD has seen; particularly, the monetary and financial systems,

Thus, the present US regime is nearing its end. A decisive encounter between this dark cabal and our Earth allies is now underway. This prearranged confrontation is intended to set up the conditions for the events, which are to move your world out of its escalating chaos. When this is done, a transitional American government can take power and, along with its new allies around the world, start to rearrange how your world functions.

This process of moving your world forward into a new reality is not an easy task. Your leaders are a motley crew. The political realm they inhabit has taught them to be suspicious of all-inclusive schemes for change. Our coup has been to convince most of them of the feasibility of comprehensive change and to gain the support of key adherents from all parts of the planet. These leaders set up covert lines of communication between them, which led to a series of conferences.

Here, debt forgiveness became an international concept, and an immense transformation of your planet's banking, monetary, and financial systems were forged. These pacts, and all that they entail, are to be part of a series of splendid revelations that are soon to fill television screens across Europe, the Americas, Africa, Asia, and Oceania. These agreements are to put into play not only a great prosperity, but also a new system designed to increase that prosperity. The goal is to take your world beyond the concept of "the haves and have-nots" into one that promotes true, universal equality.


Sheldon also shares a message about the dark ones, or the dark cabal,

This victory [over the dark cabal] represents a great many things. It is the moment when a grand shift in your reality can begin to manifest openly. To most, a cogent sign of change is most welcome, making talk of a grand transformation seem quite real. Knowing this, we have made a point of requesting our Earth allies to treat this occasion with all due ceremony and fanfare. Moreover, those responsible for criminally delaying this change are to be brought to justice; and the process of this castigation is to be a public event throughout.

Normally, we would not condone such things as the victory parades of ancient Rome and other bygone civilizations; but in this case, it is felt that an exception to our rules is called for: What our Earth allies are doing is bringing an end to 13 millennia of dark history, and some substantial event is needed to mark this auspicious occasion. Our Earth allies fully agree with our suggestion and have come up with a show that is to be made public at the appropriate time. The world is to witness a legal spectacle that leaves no doubt in anyone's mind that a fundamental change has taken place.


TD says that he remembers seeing a list of people involved in keeping our race in the dark, of exerting control through psychological or other means, and of exploiting our race for their own benefit. These people are going to be brought out into the light of day to answer for their crimes, just as it seems Sheldon lays it out in the message above.

Another contactee, Alec Newald, claims to have experienced a ten day abduction that included travel to an extraterrestrial civilization and time travel. One of the ETs that Alex comes into contact with, Zeena, describes the changes that Alec and the human race will see occur,

Some of those processes which are occurring, or are about to occur, are the direct result of that seeding by our ancient Elders. Even the pyramids are ancient legacies left behind by our Elders to help you awaken when the time is right. They are very important to you, and it is from this front that progress of a most unexpected kind will manifest itself to your race in the not-too-distant future.


His contact, Zeena, describes the ages old force that has oppressed the human race, which is now being removed,

That force is known to most as the 'force of darkness', for it is indeed the enemy of enlightenment. You will please understand that this is a very simplistic description of a most complex entity. Even we do not understand it in its entirety. It is in the air that you breathe and everywhere about you. It has aligned itself to the planet and you. It beats to the pulse of your very planet, for you and the Earth are one and the same.



Some on your planet have aligned themselves with this 'force'. Note I have said 'aligned' and not 'allied', for there is a difference. Do you understand this? [I nodded.] They have gained much power from the force, and some are even foolish enough to think they have it under control. This is naïve, of course, as the force or alien entity is feeding off these people or, rather, feeding off the conflicts these people create in their bid for wealth and power. As long as this suits the dark force, it shall continue; for the 'fear' emotion is what it lives off.



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