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"If you could ask a time traveler a question what would you ask?"

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posted on May, 26 2007 @ 08:57 AM
Hi, Cyber_Wasp and TheDuckster!!

First, Cyber_Wasp, you asked about traveling between dimensions. You had three questions, but the last one would summarize,

How did TD cope with travelling between the 3rd and 5th dimension on his travels to the future?

TD didn't travel between dimensions, that I am aware of. He did travel into our past and future - on this timeline - physically, using technology that the gray aliens who abducted him possessed.

I think we get ahead of ourselves when we start talking dimensions. Our referring to our existence here and now as the third dimension has become all too facile.

I still understand this to be a designation of convenience. We truly don't fully understand what, who, where, or when we are.

But as far as the experiences that TD remembers having, he was physical the entire time, and remembers traveling to see events and an environment commensurate to what he perceived as the past and future on this planet.

I sent your questions to him though, to get his thoughts. Thank you for your thoughts and posts, Cyber!!

Hi, TheDuckster!! Star Trek...No doubt we will see something like this in our lifetime...

Your question is appreciated. It's more one that begs a personal opinion, but I sent it to TD to get his thoughts.

You asked,


(Trip and Malcolm were discussing Time Travel)

Trip: "Malcom... if you were to find out 'who' would be your soul-mate; the love of your life and it was written down ahead of time for you to know EXACTLY what was to come about in your lifetime...and the result was 'happlily ever after', how would you feel?"

Malcom: "What do you mean?...It's 'happilly ever after'...RIGHT?"

Trip: "But Malcom...are you marrying for 'happilly ever after' -your own happiness or are you marrying just for the fact that you knew it was written down ahead of time?"

I thought I'd bring this question to you guys.

My own thoughts are that there are people on earth who have seen their own future, including meeting their mates and falling in love. None but those individuals can attest to their feelings on knowing in advance.

When you see those kinds of events from a distance - sort of from a technical point of view - it doesn't compare with the energy and feelings associated with the real thing. That is my take on it.

Does having advanced notice of an earthquake, or a death in the family mitigate the experience of living through it? Maybe to some degree, as you were somewhat prepared; but the experience is the thing.

In TD's case, he's telling you in advance that you're all going to see a time very soon where you will be jubilant beyond measure. Does that negate this future experience? Not by a long shot, because when it comes to pass nothing can compare.

You also asked,

The way I see it...if we were to know exactly what was to come before our eyes...there would be NO need for the word HOPE.

What are your thoughts?

As I understand your question, you're asking, What good it is an expectation, of a preferred particular future occurrence (in the case of "hope", a positive one) if you already know what's going to happen?

There are two possible responses to this. One is that everything is written in stone, and if you get a prediction about our future, then there's nothing you can do about it, and expecting anything other than the stated outcome is pointless (I'm suggesting hoping and expecting are interchangeable here).

In this case, expectation, or hope, are pointless. It's an unfortunate universe that operates this way. A universe of beings that are privy to these predictions would be very interesting to watch, but also boring and depressing.

For one thing, can you imagine predicted, unalterable events? It's crazy. Imagine you knew someone was going to be shot at such and such a time, on such and such a day. What would happen if another being went to stop the shooter? What would happen? This event was predicted. This means it is slated to occur on such and such a day and time.

Could the shooter be detained until the last possible second? And what would happen at that time? Even the placement of the shooter would be predetermined. Would the shooter, if detained until the last moment, just appear at this location just before the shooting, with gun in hand?

Actually, it seems to me that if you can see the future, then everything that ever happens in that universe would be written in stone. It would exist as a fait accompli before you were ever born into it. This means that the person going to stop the shooter would have been predicted as doing exactly that, and failing in a manner in which he ends up failing, just before the shooter completes his predestined task.

If the person hoping to stop the shooter knows this future, will he resign himself to doing nothing at all? And if he does, will some supernatural force take over his body to fulfill the destiny he was presaged to fulfill? In this universe, thought too is predetermined; i.e., no thought. Robots without identity. Only programming.

What would happen? If it is the case that everything is written in stone, then the ability of these beings to see this inevitable future was also written in stone, as well as when they saw the future, and what they saw.

Would the above be a real scenario? It's a universe on autopilot. These aren't living, breathing beings; they are a movie. They're a program. At least it seems that way to me. Who would create that program? For what purpose would a program like this be created? When would it run out?

Fortunately, this is not the world we live in. This universe is one that fosters independence and creativity. Maybe not randomness as much as we think of it, or chance, but evolution and growth. And in a universe where everything is predetermined, and everyone knows the outcome, there is no growth. It is a carousel; and a dark one at that.

The universe is malleable. And we are able to mold it; for the most part. It was made that way. Rest assured there is always room for hope, optimism, and faith. I have learned, however, that certain things must come to pass. That should be self-evident.

In our case here on earth, I am largely convinced that we got a chance to experience our physical lives to some degree before we were born. I do think that, as much as we feel helpless and in the dark, that there are larger aspects to ourselves - to our beings - that chose to bring us here at this time.

To me, the question here is, What benefit is there in incarnating on this planet at this time with no knowledge of our past, or who we are. We will get an answer to this pretty soon.

I wanted to say, however, that "hope" is just a word. Hope is a word, or rather, psychological method of escape that a person uses when they want to detach from unpleasant circumstances. It's a negation of life in my mind.

I think the word hope should be replaced here. I think people may think I'm coming down on optimism, or positivity (which are also just buzz words with little real meaning), but I'm not.

I don't want to negate the, yes, "positive" changes that are occurring, but wanting to escape unpleasant circumstances is not a way to deal with them.

What we are dealing with right now is the result of ignoring, and dissociating from our lives; from the societies in which we live, in favor of distractions and entertainment; of escapism.

There is nothing more life affirming than standing face to face with our life, asking the real questions, and demanding truthful answers; of ourselves and our society. It's a matter of waking up, becoming independent in thought, but communal in our hearts.

There's nothing wrong with hope; as long as it isn't the result of a resignation of the individual; of the individual's strength, heart, and soul.

This moment there is not only hope, there is love and compassion. And it will grow immensely, everywhere, soon.

posted on May, 26 2007 @ 11:40 AM

Originally posted by win 52

They are going to go about doing what they have intended to do, since we got lost..Lost?.. We have been lost since evil came into the picture.

Lost?..... We lost the knowledge of where we came from, who we really are, and the purpose of our existence. We have lost our direction and heritage. We have been cheated for thousands of years. It is time to take it back.

Lost is the perfect way to put it.

I have believed the human race has been lost for a long time. I don't believe we were put here to slave in order to make the controllers powerful and wealthy. Slave until we drop dead, which has been going on for thousands of years.

This is not the way it was supposed to be.

The message we were given through religion has been very tampered with, by those who have used it as a tool to enslave the masses. At this point I don't think any humans alive on this planet now have any idea at all of what the original message was. It has been spun to the point that humans have been trained to suffer their burden in silence while awaiting something better in the hereafter. This way the masses were much less likely to fight back and the controllers could retain their edge.

When special entities were sent to set the record straight, such as Jesus, they were seen as so dangerous to the status quo that they were removed.

This is why there is going to be such a massive show of force...when only a few have been sent, they have been attacked. But with massive numbers coming the controllers won't be able to repeat what they've done in the past.

posted on May, 26 2007 @ 11:51 AM

OTDThe universe is malleable. And we are able to mold it; for the most part. It was made that way. Rest assured there is always room for hope, optimism, and faith. I have learned, however, that certain things must come to pass. That should be self-evident.

Yes... We effect changes in the future, by our free will daily choices. That is one of the questions, within the Bible, that I have been trying to figure out.

If we have free will choices, how does the "Big Guy" know what we do, before we do it? We could change our minds at the last minute, couldn't we?

This says to me that God does not know the day to day things people have to deal with, and the end result. However he does know for certain where Earth is and what is about to take place here on Earth. You can bank on it.

The big brother watching you, we want to controll you attitude put into the meaning in the bible, by people with an agenda of rule and greed, and promoted by the churches of the land, was a premeditated plan. Part of the plan to keep us like sheep, or cows in a milking barn.

This has been the breeding ground for thousands of years. We are kind of stuck here, at the mercy of evil. Again, we are at the end of this cycle. The buck is going to stop.

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posted on May, 28 2007 @ 09:08 PM
i Wonder what are the effects of this with the Chaos theory, could it be that in fact when timedrivter went back in time he could have met someone..lets say a girl, he met her and just said hi, this caused her to say hi back avoiding looking at the guy that was walking past her...unknowingly the guy walking past her would infact in the future be her husband, and they would have a child that would revolutionize the world...lets say that child was Nikola Tesla or this is just hypothetical.

So by time drifter going back in time and saying hi to that girl she didn't get to say hi to her future husband and so Nikola Tesla was not born.

This is just something that boggles my mind.

posted on May, 28 2007 @ 09:54 PM
Just passing on more findings...

If you research contact/abductee information you'll see a lot of correlating information. Can a lot of it be proven? Difficult to say. A lot of it, as in TD's case here, relies on the individual weighing the information for himself.

Determining who the credible individuals are is the trick. I think people are pretty good judges of who is being sincere; what cases appear to be more than a retread of available information; what cases have somewhat corroborative information, and what cases just seem to strike one as authentic.

In the case of Riley Martin and "The Coming of Tan", he has written of his experiences, as well as placed a ship that he claims he was taken to, between Saturn and one of its moons.

Riley later discovers NASA photos of an anomalous, glowing object orbiting Saturn and places these on his site (LINK). He includes links to the original NASA photos, and speculates as to whether or not this could be the craft (this I won't speculate on).

This, and the first review on his book review page, if it's real, lead me to read the rest of Riley's accounts. An individual, claiming a background in Aerospace Engineering writes a letter to Howard Stern, encouraging him to have Riley on his show,

I am a rocket scientist with a PhD in Aerospace Engineering. I came across Riley's book, The Coming of Tan, after hearing him on a radio show a couple of years ago. In the book, he claims that fusion is used to power their space craft. That intrigued me, because I do research in fusion energy science...This led to me talking to Riley on the phone.

He shared with me quantitative details on a device like none other I had encountered before...some of the features of Riley's fusion reactor have strong overlap with some ideas that some of my colleagues have recently been investigating. These things were only published as of this year, but his book was written years ago.


In the forward of his book, Riley writes ,

Further, this book will serve as an instrument to at least superficially acquaint the masses with the knowledge that the aliens do exist. Thereby helping to psychologically condition them for the mass overfly, which must inevitably happen if the mass airlift is to transpire. It is not the aliens' wish to cause mass panic with their temporary presence, nor to be construed as an invading force.


How often to we out, or discover a ufo abductee, or contactee, who had just come forward to perpetrate a hoax on the public, for either attention, or just from being mischievous? It's infrequent. There are very strong cases piling up; more now than ever before. This is real.

I think part of the reason it's difficult to find a common thread, or theme with a lot of these abductee, channelings, remote viewings, etc., is that there are individuals who seem to be in touch with many different races.

This either means all but those speaking of the gray ETs are lying, or there is more than one race in contact with various individuals on this planet.

I believe the latter to be the case. I've learned a few things that seem to make sense.

There are more people on our planet right now than in the history of the human race. The human population of the planet up until the 1800's was under one billion. In two hundred years the population of the planet grew by six and a half times to reach 6.5 billion people.

This sudden increase at this time seems significant, and owing to more than just better health care. Especially, in spite of terminal diseases that still devastate undeveloped regions.

It has been asserted that many of us incarnated at this time to assist the earth through profound changes - the ascension process - that all societies go through as they begin to venture out into space. It seems that there are beings on this planet - regular people - who have come here from other planets/races to be here to assist at this time.

If you can accept that there are numerous races involved with our planet at this time, then these things are easier to understand.

Despite the apprehension associated with the stories of mixed agendas by various races, the truth of the matter as I've discovered is that we are all from different races, and have chosen to be here as representatives of our respective races, to usher in this ascension. It's a period of immense, profound, and yet perfectly natural growth that all societies at this point in their evolution must go through.

I posted before about fore, from lucianarchy(dot), recalling his pre-birth experience of choosing his current life. He mentions being shown his current life, and what he could expect. He said he remembers seeing the contact scenario that occurs at this point during any planet's evolution. In his post, he recalls this happening about this time, 2007-2009, I think.

I understand that we're making contact right now, and this contact is going to increase. There is nothing to fear. We are being guided by beings that have our well-being at heart. Every individual on this planet (most) has personal guides; and they are working with a larger contingent of terrific power - for our evolution.

TD shared more of his recollections of the mass landing. He said that we would get a transmission before the craft are visible in our skies. I sent him a link to a site about the The Story of Joshua. It was a link from a link.

When he saw the photo on the main page of the crosses in the sky, and the ufos beaming people up, it triggered more memories of the mass landing. He said that he remembers that the ships make shapes in the sky. He made the analogy of the school of fish in Finding Nemo, who take on various shapes together to form objects.

He said one reason these craft do this is because this is not an invasion. They want this to be clear. This is a peaceful, beneficial mission. They are not declaring war, and they are not taking over - they're not getting anymore involved than they need to be to make their reality perfectly clear, and to assist to a certain degree. They want this to be an auspicious time for our race (this is an understatement).

Another site talks about conditions for contact,

Although most citizens currently engaged in understanding our intentions believe that we became interested in your planet during the advent of atomic power, in actuality we knew we would have to begin contact procedures after the invention of the airplane.

On all planets when transportation vehicles leave the planet's surface, space travel is not far behind. Special teams from many worlds have increased observation of Earth’s progression and the human population both on and off the surface of the planet for the last century. It is generally accepted among Association members that we are in the final stages for opening contact.


Here are a few more links. The first two are Youtube videos of two brothers claiming to be contactees, both of whom discuss our imminent contact very matter of factly. They also speak about our venturing out into space necessitating contact at this time.

Youtube contact vid 1

Youtube contact vid 2

Great Links Page 1

Great Links Page 2

We hope by sharing this, that people will as be prepared as possible when things really start to get weird.


posted on May, 29 2007 @ 04:53 AM
Hey please tell me how I can make friends with an alien that looks like the women at the end of the Joshua
I can't wait for the sky to be full of such beings

posted on May, 29 2007 @ 07:10 AM
Hi, Cyber_Wasp!! You asked,

Hey please tell me how I can make friends with an alien that looks like the women at the end of the Joshua

haha OK, Cyber, I gotta tell ya - sex will be plentiful after the changes. Not only TD has spoken of this - lots of it - I have also read many, many accounts of contactees engaging in spiritual and physical union that brought them to new states of bliss.

And it seems these other beautiful beings, or contacts, are more than happy to engage in this with human beings.

According to TD, however, sexual union actually becomes a quite open and very common thing among people; from what he said, it almost sounded like a hug. I know that sounds like the act has been cheapened, but really it hasn't.

sleeper, too, talked of his encounters. Plenty of contactees/abductees (not the ones who were simply experimented on, but the ones with very positive experiences) remember contact of this sort; and remember it being very pleasant.

I think there are many who haven't come forward with pleasant stories like this; probably from embarrassment, or lack of how to understand and express something like this to others who haven't had the experience.

TD had sex with a few people while on the mother ship. The idea being that the conservative culture in the United States doesn't extend beyond its borders. haaha And in fact, won't extend very far into its future either...

TD also said, and I've posted this, that we will have access to nanotechnology in our near future that will allow seemingly miraculously fast, and amazing changes to our bodies. We will be able to grow perfectly healthy and strong new teeth. We'll be able to loose weight, improve our appearance with a drink that will make people strong and healthy; i.e., beautiful.

TD says there are so many good looking people in the future that it's common. And sex will be plentiful. People won't be tied down to unhealthy relationships when everything is out in the open. People will be honest with each other, and respect one another - "in the morning" lol.

I spoke with TD a little about this this weekend. He said that overweight people are so few in our future that they are sought after. He said he remembers a situation where an overweight woman entered the room and all of the men were drawn to her, ignoring the other slim women.

You also said,

I can't wait for the sky to be full of such beings

Me neither. We're in it right now. There are a lot of people, in greatly increasing numbers, around the planet who are experiencing phenomena they have no explanation for. This includes psychic phenomena, like increased abilities, or sensitivity/intuition, or seeing phenomena in the sky (ufos, etc.).

These changes are manifesting in this way around the world. As the days go on, it's going to be harder for the mainstream media to ignore these things, because they're going to be soaking in it, so to speak.

For those who are waiting, every day you wake up could be something profound for you. The doors have opened, and the show is starting to get bigger.

I found another site dedicated to these changes called, Operation Terra. Whether you believe what this site has to offer is up to you. But they are talking about the same things, and speaking of the same time frame. Information such as this may have a limited influence on the reader; but for those with eyes to see and ears to hear, it offers more confirmation of what they themselves are experiencing.

Operation Terra has been delivering messages to the site creater, Sara Estes,

The term "Operation Terra" refers to both a body of information and an operational concept. The information is being telepathically transmitted to Sara Lyara Estes (aka Lyara) by a group of higher-density beings who refer to themselves as "The Hosts of Heaven." It comes to us as a series of Messages -- cosmic "lessons" from these celestial beings.


Operation Terra speaks of the ascension process that is occurring now. The messages appear to go back to June of 1999, and end December 7, 2006.

In an excerpt from a message dated October 2001, they say,

We have asked to speak to you today to give you our perspective on the process of ascension, as it is being experienced in your space/time reality...The process you are undergoing and experiencing now is different in several ways from what has been described in the "literature" that has reached you regarding this process/event. This process has never before occurred on your planet on a mass scale, and not only is a portion of the human species ascending now, but the planet and everything on her is being subjected to the same process of rising through the vibrational layers.

In you historical past, there have been isolated individuals who have walked this path and there have been some isolated groups of people who have also made this journey, but this has never before happened on a global scale, and most certainly not for the planet itself.


In a message dated September 2004, we see their frequent messages nearing the final phase, is time to begin preparations for the final phase of things with regard to 3-D Earth...We will time this last series of Messages so that they follow unfolding developments both on your planet and around her. There are many civilizations represented here, both within time and outside of it. Past, present, and future co-exist in the timeless NOW, and so do we and so do you, as well as everything created and uncreated.

In their penultimate message, dated December 2006,

Much of the "op" is going to go "underground" now. We will not be announcing our moves publicly, but each of you will be guided perfectly as to where to go, who to meet with, etc. as things unfold. There are many things ahead in 2007 and beyond, some of which will require you to make changes in how -- and possibly where -- you will be living. We encourage you to simplify your life as much as possible.

We may still speak to you from time to time, but it will only be to give you brief announcements of temporal value, ones that will not tell you what to do or how to be, but rather just to tell you about something that is about to occur.


In the final post above they also say,

The world around you is dying. The things that will be happening around you will be the result of desperation and fear. Do not engage with them. The world around you is in a precarious state right now. It took a long time to get that way, and there are cracks appearing in the veneer that covers over the depth of what is going wrong, but the power elite are doing everything they can to make things appear "normal" and just as they always have been.

Do not be deceived. The foundations are crumbling and soon the whole thing will come tumbling down into a time of chaos, confusion, and irrational behaviors on the part of those who are afraid and desperate to find something to cling to for support. There will be a lot of angry people, too, as they realize the extent that they have been betrayed in placing their trust in their leaders, who cannot lead them out of the mess that has been collectively created and must be dealt with now.

The most recent update, which is on the front page, says,

A new wave of acceleration arrived around Monday, April 9, and the upstairs team for the "op" appears to have moved into accelerated activity in their work with us. Many people are reporting symptoms, dreams, and experiences related to the lifting, including personal sightings of cloudships appearing for them as "a show of presence."


posted on May, 29 2007 @ 10:53 AM
Predict the future.....Written in stone.....Is there such a thing?

Yes and no.

For an issue like a mass landing, ET disclosure event, you can predict that with 100% certainty. There are lots of things like this which are fairly easy to see happening. Things that don't require or hinge on one person's decision in order to become reality. These events and the things they represent are what could be considered written in stone.

Now, for the things that take my daily decisions to determine what the outcome is, that is a bit more unpredictable. You can know by looking at what I have chosen in the past, and estimate my next move. But, untill I make the final decision, no one, even me, knows the end result.

Then, you have time travellers from the future, comming back to influence peoples decisions. There is the sticky part.

I seem to have better luck with future events, when they are about to happen. That is why it was so easy to predict whether there was a car around the next corner, or not. At that point, the car was there or the road was clear....I was about to break both feet because of the decision I made to go on the roof, 30 seconds earlier. When I went back to warn myself, I didn't listen to the warning. Till rescently, I thought it was God warning me. Now, I think that it was me going back to warn myself of the danger.

My dad says it is common sense, but is it really. When I brought this up, he was silent. Is it really dejaview, or are you seeing cretain things ahead of time. When I encounter a situation that I seem to have been in before, there is always a choice involved. It is almost like I am helping myself make the best decision. I seem to have seen the outcome of making the wrong choice, at times.

Civil war is getting more easy to predict. People seem to be making the decisions necessary to bring this about. That in itself is a scary thought.

Where is the line between written in stone and writing on the stone? Doing the deed? Going back in time and making things right?

More to think about!

posted on May, 29 2007 @ 02:35 PM
Hi, win!!

Very interesting comments,

I seem to have better luck with future events, when they are about to happen. That is why it was so easy to predict whether there was a car around the next corner, or not.

At that point, the car was there or the road was clear....I was about to break both feet because of the decision I made to go on the roof, 30 seconds earlier. When I went back to warn myself, I didn't listen to the warning.

Till rescently, I thought it was God warning me. Now, I think that it was me going back to warn myself of the danger.

That's pretty cool. I'm sending this to TD. I know he'll be interested to hear this.

You also said,

Civil war is getting more easy to predict. People seem to be making the decisions necessary to bring this about. That in itself is a scary thought.

The citizens of the United States are incensed about this administration's policies. Not only that, but WE are angry that we're not being listened to. We sent a clear message to our government that we want change. What was their response (this is a rhetorical question; their answer has been clear)?

From where I stand there is an "us against them" mentality like never before. The citizens of this country have been pushed to a point that we won't brook much more from this administration.

So you could be right. What will it take? Many are eager for the opportunity to show this government how they feel. Will they give us this chance?

Time will tell...We're on the verge of so much that it's hard to tell where it will spill over first...


For an issue like a mass landing, ET disclosure event, you can predict that with 100% certainty.

The dates are sketchy. None on this planet can predict that. But the time frame and inevitability seem more certain...

You said, about disclosure/contact,

Things that don't require or hinge on one person's decision in order to become reality.

What is happening can be seen by any one individual, but is not influenced either way by any one individual.

As I understand it, the changes are happening regardless. There will be a lot of people that will choose not to continue on this earth through these changes. And that has been understood and expected by greater beings overseeing these changes, and is totally acceptable.

If you are a skeptic, who is very far away from accepting this imminent reality, then you may be departing when things happen.


Where is the line between written in stone and writing on the stone? Doing the deed? Going back in time and making things right?

Some things are inevitable. Our worldwide, open contact with other species is one of those things.

We can't expect to traverse out into the universe and have all of these other races that we share this space with hide from us. Is that what people are hoping? LOL

There are things in life that many would like to turn away from and act like they don't exist. This is not a subject one is going to be able to ignore for much longer.

The alarm and hardships will be greatest for those who have chosen to keep their eyes shut to these things. At the final moments, these people will have to process a terrific amount of information and may not be able to deal with it. Hopefully, many will be able to.

For those reading all of this, you have been warned.

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posted on May, 30 2007 @ 05:19 AM
Hey did anyone else check out the thread in the UFO section titled "UFO Congress 2007 New Video Footage"
Check out the second link in the 1st post.
It seems that they are already warming up for the mass landing.
OnThe Deck you will be amazed when you see the footage of the orbs in the sky and the cross formation that they form.
Also of note is a crop circle formation that gives specific dates for an undisclosed event for 2012.
Mexico seems like the place they are rehearsing

posted on May, 30 2007 @ 05:23 PM
Hi, Cyber_Wasp!!

What's goin' on? haaha

I've been trying to respond on and off today, but work got in the way. But, here I am.

I saw the clips you mentioned from that thread. This "congress" is actually a sort of ufo/paranormal organization that was started, according to their website, thirteen years ago.

They call their organization, the "International UFO Congress". Their website is

Here is a little bit from their "About Us" page,

The International UFO Congress was founded 13 years ago. At that time, serious UFO researchers, experiencers and enthusiasts were still widely scorned by the general public. However, it was recognized that this was an important field, that needed important attention, and a quality venue we needed to explore the many hidden truths that are so very important to all of humanity.

Our primary goal is to "research, document and disseminate UFO and related information worldwide". The organization has 9 members on the Board of Directors, representing 5 different countries and a variety of positions in the UFO community.


Before I saw the clips you mentioned I had seen footage from the 2005 Mexico UFO Conference, which focused on a lecture given by Jaime Maussan. Google video has the whole hour and a half video as one file.

This congress apparently seeks individuals such as Jaime, who can act as spokespersons for this movement.

It's an excellent idea; especially, since our own government has done nothing to educate people on the subject. And despite the fact that many suffer terrible hardship and trauma as a result of the phenomenon known as alien abduction.

According to our government, there is nothing going on. LOL It's a matter of national security that seems to be a subject discussed by everyone on the planet but the U.S. government...Oh, well...Soon enough they'll be able to address it.

Youtube also has the Mexico UFO Conference from 2005, but it has it broken into ten, ten minute clips.

The 2005 lecture totally blew me away. Terrific stuff.

Unfortunately, the U.S. government is going to suffer the greatest when these open contact events occur. Anything they do will be too little too late. Their problem is that this has grown into such a monster that anything they release now will only create more problems for them; in the short and long term.

I will tell you right now that if there is anyone in the government who is aware of what is approaching, they already know they're in for a hurting. They are facing an inevitable future, and it's not going to be pretty for them. All they can truly do is sit and wait. The damage is done.

The crop circle phenomenon has also blown me away (I get blown away a lot hahah). The Mayan Calendar crop circle that Jaime discusses is fascinating.

I had what I consider to be a sign a couple of months back. I was intently reading the thread that smallpeeps had created called, "Love is the Ticket".

smallpeeps was talking about that time frame, and I was eating up the posts in that thread. It was an interesting discussion. smallpeeps let on that he was in communication with "someone", who he was asking about the near future - 2012, etc.

I had to leave to a friend's house, and was forced to pull myself away. My friend's house is only a minute or two away, so it's a short drive. I'm lucky if I see one or two cars.

So I leave my house with my head swimming with all of this stuff. So much has happened over the last few months. So I'm driving along thinking about the phrase, "Those with eyes to see, and ears to hear," and I pull up to the only stoplight.

I notice that there's a minivan in front of me, and I glance down at the license plate. I had a very weird moment when I read the plate. It was a New York plate that had three letters and "2012". It was a palpable moment. I felt so weird. I knew it was a sign. It was unmistakable to me. Absolutely.

I wrote about it in smallpeep's thread, and I haven't forgotten it. You can ignore the crop circles, ufo footage and photos, the sincere claims of those who say they've made contact, and personal insights/signs like I've experienced, but why would you want to do that? It's so clear that we're knee deep in something unprecedented and profound. Open your eyes; look around, and enjoy what's happening.

We are being signaled! Pay attention! You may be getting signs and are missing them. If you want a sign, ask with your heart. Mean it! You won't have to wait too long, however, before the sign will be a billboard stretching across the sky...For those in Mexico (Also Mexico) and Peru (also Peru) it already is haaha

I am going to refrain from writing too much on this, but recently, over the past two to three weeks, I've been closing my eyes and seeing a little rectangular movie screen appear. I've seen images, or scenes from life on this little screen. Nothing specific yet; nothing I recognize.

I've taken note of it, but haven't forced it, or tried to explore it too much yet.

I just wanted to post that in case anyone else is experiencing some "odd" things of late. My sense is that this sort of stuff is going to increase. For many, however, it may just be turned on...We'll have to wait and see. I've read a lot about this, but hadn't even considered myself as a candidate...

Anyway, before I make something out of nothing I'll see what happens...

In the meantime, I'm waiting like everyone else...

Thanks for your posts, cyber!! Hope you get to experience stuff soon...

P.S. Here are some sites with a plethora of links. The first site boasts 4,000 UFO and Paranormal links:

4,000 UFO/Paranormal Links

Global Physics Links Page

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posted on May, 30 2007 @ 06:03 PM
Wanted to add more links. Here is a video clip I found that many of you have probably seen before.

The video, which is recent, is presumed to be of an alien craft. In the video, which it is said is of a portal in the side of a saucer shaped craft, you may be able to see three alien beings in the window looking back at the photographer.

Here is a LINK to the video.

I found that video through a website for the Alien Disclosure Group, which is an organization formed,

The group was formed in 1997 by Stephen Hannard, and since then has grown into a band of ufologists, whose aim is to release the truth concerning our celestial friends. We also intend to bring to account those government agencies around the world, who are witholding medical cures, free energies, and the proof that we are not alone in the universe.


I clicked the "video link" at their website and was forwarded to the website, and a showing of the Conscious Media Network interview with UFO activist Stephen Bassett (click on Stephen Basset to see that interview).

Tick tock...

Adding video from This footage is of several unidentified objects, in separate national news footage, flying around the twin towers after they were hit in Sept., 2001. Strange footage.

More footage from Tocantin, Brazil. This video shows a newspaper article about the sighting.

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posted on May, 31 2007 @ 06:13 AM
Hey There !!
Just on another side note.
At the 2006 Conference they demonstrated the ability to capture footage of a UFO using IR cameras. They had a normal video camera and an IR camera strapped together and filming the same spot in the sky. You can guess the result of this experiment. The IR (Infrared) camera showed a craft hovering in the sky. Where the normal one showed nothing.
The theory is that they use cloaking technology that makes them invisible to the human eye. This kinda makes sense as advanced craft would use this to go about their business unseen as they are invisible in the light spectrum that the human eye can see. As they are advanced machines they generate a lot of heat which can be seen in other light spectrums.
I also saw some some NASA shuttle footage of the "tether incident" which was absolutely amazing. Once again all filmed with IR and UV (Ultraviolet)light sensitive cameras.
Anywayz I was cruising the net and was excited to find that FUJI now make a UVIR camera. It is called a FinePix S3 Pro UVIR. Its primary purpose is for law enforcement agents for crime scenes ect, but guess what I am thinking. Does anyone think that this might be an excellent investment? Or has anyone else had any luck with UV or IR photography in uncovering the mysteries of the skies?

posted on May, 31 2007 @ 12:58 PM
Hi, again, Cyber!!

I've definitely seen the IR and UV video of these craft.

As for the NASA footage - it's so humorous and ironic to me that NASA is forced to keep silent about all of this activity, and yet they've captured some of the most compelling evidence to date. hahah Seriously funny. And yet they act like nothing's going on. It's ridiculous.

Their footage is available for all the world to see, and yet they aren't allowed to speculate about something they know every person on this planet knows about - including the governments of countries they consider hostile. It's absolutely laughable; but they refuse to acknowledge it.

It's crystal clear what they've captured up there, and yet they keep silent about it, as if their silence is preventing sensitive information from falling into enemy hands?

It's clear what's going on to the rest of us, which makes their silence on it seem completely devoid of logic, or reason. It's just a game now.

Apparently, however, they feel they have good reason to keep quiet. As if when they were to finally acknowledge that we are being visited, THEN AND ONLY THEN would people become aware and afraid(?). Totally illogical. Maybe people DO need the government to tell them when to wipe their own butts.

Regarding the camera, I'd say if you can afford it, would enjoy it, and plan to get a lot of use out of it, then why not? You should, however, be able to make some sincere requests for clear, daytime, or nighttime "visits" that you can photograph. Maybe try that first.

As for cloaking technology, I have a couple of thoughts. First is, I think that there are physical craft that do have this capability. More importantly, however, I believe that many, or most of these craft are interdimensional.

I strongly feel that they don't need this technology; that in fact, they make an effort to "become visible" to our physical dimension. They definitely have this capability.

From what I've learned recently, there are both physical, and interdimensional beings who are seeing us through this transitional period. And beings who reside in a finer (5th, or higher?) dimension, have nothing to gain from our lower, physical dimension. Beings of a more rarified - ethereal, if you like - realm, for lack of a better term, seem to be aiding us, along with many others, at this time.

I've also learned, and I believe that it's true, that many of us on this planet are from different races of beings, and we have chosen to be here at this time. All of our collective races are assisting this planetwide change at this time; our brothers and sisters, if you will.

I've stopped thinking on a small scale. I've seen too much recently to limit myself any longer. I'm keeping my eyes to the sky, since that's where the show is.

What's happening on the ground hasn't changed in thousands of years, and won't until these outside influences make their presence unmistakably known to everyone on this planet.

It's not a matter of taking over our problems, or solving them for us, but one of giving our problems some real context. We have been without that context for too long, and we are destroying ourselves and our planet with our physical and spiritual myopia.

If you do catch anything, cyber, I'd be interested in seeing it. I'm probably doing some more photographing this weekend, so if I catch anything interesting myself I'll certainly post it.

Have a great weekend!!


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posted on May, 31 2007 @ 05:27 PM
OK, ran across an interesting message on a site called

The message, entitled, "Time's Up", dated May 26, 2007, says in part,

Hi everyone. For the dark side the time is now up. We will be going into stasis in a few days. There are still a few loose threads to finish up and I am not allowed to state a date...We have not been able to give more thorough updates because of the secrecy necessary to the planning. The stasis was delayed a short time to allow for various plans around it to be finished. Also there was one last attempt to seat the temporary President in my country before we went to that state.

I am writing this because there is going to be some chaos in this, and it is your time to become the rocks of stability in your circles. There will be around 1 million dark side in various walks of life removed from the planet at that time. These are visible people, most of them. This will be noticed and it will frighten many...Now, when the planet comes out of stasis, the new leadership in my country will be almost immediately installed. Many countries are loosing their highest leadership and there have been plans made around this, with some lesser folks in power coming into power, and in some cases, it is probably that some star folk may be there for a time.


I read some other articles at the above site, and it seems there may have been other predictions, or messages of contact that did not come to pass in the time frame indicated.

The information contained in the above message, however, is practical, and may offer some guidance when events like this actually come to pass.

I hesitated putting the above link here, but what the heck. It may be channeled information, but it's hitting a nerve, so I posted it.

Here is another website that has an extensive links section (left side of page). This, also, may have a lot of channeled information, so consume this information with caution. haaha

Here is a link to's News & Updates page, that includes links to sites like those above that seem to be sharing information about the changes occurring now. Again, read with caution.

You're definitely stepping into an interesting world at these sites...

Keep on keepin' on!!

posted on May, 31 2007 @ 08:15 PM
I have a question for the time traveller, not OTD

what, specifically, is the very next, (closest to todays date) event that is going to happen in our future that you can tell us about that is verifiable and observable by a 3rd party not named on the deck ?

I need a specific date, specific location, specific description of the event and the exact participants by name.

if you can't provide that, you're just selling books

posted on May, 31 2007 @ 09:22 PM
Hi, syrinx high priest.

Ask and ye shall receive. You asked,

what, specifically, is the very next, (closest to todays date) event that is going to happen in our future that you can tell us about that is verifiable and observable by a 3rd party not named on the deck ?

if you can't provide that, you're just selling books


first of all I am not here to prove jack to big talkers like yourself and I cant give a specific date, but I can tell the weather, a specific name would be yours "syrinx" you are going to be visited and get punked like ashton kutcher on MTV and it will be on warm cool day/night, you live in a small town and you hang with your boys at some shop like frikkin waynes world. see you in the future, boy.

Well, there you go. By the way, the book is free. And the second book will be free. Everything is free.

Again, these are just words. We're just sharing information. If the data disagrees with your hardware, then find other software...

Honestly, we would like to have specific dates, times, locations, etc., but it just doesn't work that way.

TD isn't a prediction vending machine. If we had that information, it would be in this thread.

All he or I can say is be patient. If you sincerely want to experience these things yourself, then genuinely ask for a sighting, during the day or night. And have a camera handy.

Insincere, frivolous requests will be met in kind.

Keep your eyes to the skies, and your mind open.

And maybe, if TD remembered it correctly, you'll meet a time traveler while you're out with your friends...If you're the one he's thinking of, don't chicken out, because your friends will gladly take your place...

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posted on Jun, 1 2007 @ 04:58 AM

Can you go into more detail when you said -

"You should, however, be able to make some sincere requests for clear, daytime, or night time "visits" that you can photograph. Maybe try that first. "

What do you think is the best way to make this request?
I would love a visitation, but none of this abduction at night kind of crap. Why can't you just be visited at work for instance? They can use the disguise of a normal customer off the street. No one would blink an eyelid as long as they looked
To be honest, a small part of me each day when I go to work hopes, that maybe my future self drops by for a visit and the journey would begin. It didn't happen today...

posted on Jun, 1 2007 @ 09:15 AM
Hi, Cyber_Wasp!

I suggested you make a sincere request for a visit.

You asked,

What do you think is the best way to make this request?

Actually, I can't claim to know how any of this works.

Karrie from the Alien Agenda BlogTalk radio show said she was simply talking on the phone to a friend, and during the conversation she said she wanted to have a sighting. She said she wanted to have a sighting that was clear to her, and something that she could photograph, or videotape.

A few days later, if I remember correctly, she stepped outside her house/apt at night and saw a very clear and unmistakable ET craft. I would say UFO, but to me it's clear what had happened.

She talked about this during her show entitled, "UFO Caught On Film Friday Night By Karrie" on May 6, 2007, linked HERE.

Here is a video link for the video she shot of this object.

Also interesting is the fact that just previous to this sighting, Karrie had drawn a UFO in the dirt, and the object that appeared to her seemed to match the shape of the object shew drew on the ground. She mentions this in one of her shows too. Maybe the same show...

In this case, Karrie was just talking on the phone about how she wanted a sighting and it happened. This is authentic to me, by the way, and I think the ramifications of her experience have yet to be truly felt.

Can more of us ask for a sighting and get it?

I would suggest trying. I understand that these beings may have the ability to know our intentions, or to read our thoughts, but you might say what you want aloud to yourself when you're alone.

I would suggest, though, sitting by yourself. Try to reduce the noise and distraction around you as much as possible. Silence might be best.

The next part is kind of up to you. I would suggest making a clear request in your mind that you have a sighting that is clear, doesn't matter day or night (because you don't want to limit your chances). You might even make your request out loud.

As much as possible, try to take time to take photographs of the skies. If you don't get a clear sign, keep asking. win 52 might suggest you make a prayer to receive a sign, or a sighting.

Try what you feel comfortable with, but be clear, and your sincerity counts.

It's important to make sure your contacts are positive. Make it clear you don't want to be frightened, and that you only want a positive sign that you are being heard.

Keep at it until you are satisfied that you received a clear sign, or sighting. But remember that sincerity, compassion, and genuineness are important here. A demand, or selfish request for a "show" will probably be overlooked.

And most of all have fun. The idea is for beneficial, positive contact. It is a gift. Don't take it lightly.

Good luck!


posted on Jun, 1 2007 @ 10:38 AM

As much as possible, try to take time to take photographs of the skies. If you don't get a clear sign, keep asking. win 52 might suggest you make a prayer to receive a sign, or a sighting.

What I was really getting at is prayer can be and is a form of telepathic communication. Religion has neatly packaged this to the accepted term "prayer". It is more acceptable to say prayer, but factually, you are using telepathic communication.

Our root race, humans fron other parts of the Universe, are very skilled using this form of communication. We, on the other hand have not been using our ability to the fullest.

Prayer is also a form of meditation, which puts your brain into the thought patterns which make telepathic communication possible. When you reach this level of mental awareness, there are other things that will be available for you to use as well.

Actually, it is not that hard. It may take a bit of getting used to. You will also start to see flashes of the future and/or the past. Things that you have kept questions about in the back of your mind, but have been unable to solve. You will question the reality of these visions, but trust me, they are do have grounds for review, and action to be taken.

The largest obsticle I had to overcome, was me trusting this information I was getting. Being slammed to the ground from 16 feet in the air, breaking both feet, was enough to get my attention. The sad part is that I had two warnings to get off the roof, minutes and seconds before the accident. I could have spared myself a lot of pain, which haunts me still, as I try to walk around today and every day since March 30, 1980.

I made a promise to myself that I would listen and act on any information that came to me that way. There have been times when I did say phooey to all of it, then my feet say to me "remember when?".

Well guess what? The information in this thread was shown to me in 2005, before I had a PC or even heard about ATS. It is what you can read about in here.

So, the worst thing you can do it turn your back on the information, much like I did in 1980. You are the only one who will loose out in the end.

Pray...ask....plead.....meditate, but stick to it, and you will se results. They are possible for all to achieve.

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