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"If you could ask a time traveler a question what would you ask?"

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posted on Jul, 4 2007 @ 02:18 PM
Part 5

Alec's contact continues,

Your race is about to change, become more aware--well, most of you are. It is an unfortunate fact that the ones upon your planet who truly understand what a great hold this force known to you as fear has over your people, are the very ones who are using it against you--and always have. They only understand its power, not its reason for being. That is why we have chosen this time to explain to you, and others of your kind, what we are here for. We have come to help enlighten you and, in so doing, perhaps free you from this force. We also understand that there will be some among you who will resent this knowledge being made available and will do their best to belittle and downplay its importance to your race.


Zeena talks about the "leap",

You will remember some time ago I promised to tell you about the other side of yourself. This concerns the cycle of the atom, the part that is still little understood by your people, or, should I say, not yet fully understood by them. When this is understood, a whole new dimension, or dimensions, will open up for you...This dimension-slipping has been going on since you first walked the Earth, only now it is becoming more common to your people. It can happen almost every day to some, but they are basically unaware of it. This is happening because you are awakening to your true selves.

"You are close to a major dimension-leap, the like of which you have never before experienced; a leap that will bring you closer to my people. This is what we have all been waiting for!


Finally, Zeena shares more about her race,

We basically come from your future. It does not matter if it is six minutes into your future or six years; if you can get to one, you can get to the other. But, for us, it is not as simple as that, for we also come from another dimension; not quite the one you will shift into, but close. So we are what you would call dimensional time-travellers.


I want to make note again of Bonnie Hamilton's ( blog entry of May 23, 2007,

UFO sightings are increasing, governments are releasing their UFO files, Earth Changes are happening, and the star people are returning. During an approximately five year period (1988-1993) I experienced weekly visitations from various types of star people.

They taught me about the interconnectedness of all beings in all worlds, mulitdimensional travel, communication between the worlds, psychic self-defense, the pole shift and Earth changes, releasing my fears, recognizing and comprehending my inner self, and my connection to all the energy that makes up the universe. Then, they left. They told me that I was ready to progress on my own, and there were others that needed their assistance in preparing for things to come.


Bonnie is very credible. I've seen a photo that TD shared with me that Bonnie sent to him that was taken in Virginia recently. There is a saucer craft flying above Bonnie's head as clear as day.

I wanted to share an interesting little find that is actually presented as a millennium shift sort of manual called "ET 101: The Cosmic Instruction Manual for Planetary Evolution." Here is, in part, what it outlines,

A. The Dimensional Shift: Time/space anomalies are being experienced on your planet at this moment. Most people have the nagging sense that there isn’t as much time as there used to be. This is usually expressed as, “My, isn’t time flying!” The reason for this sensation of less time is because there is less time. In order for a dimensional shift to occur, time is collapsing to create a new dimensional space. Conversely, space is collapsing to create a new dimensional time. In other words, the time/space relationship that determines your third-dimensional reality is up for grabs.

A time warp is truly occurring and will continue to accelerate until “now” is fully reached, and the dimensions can finally interface, much like a ship docking in a spaceport at a predetermined moment.


The manual covers a lot of territory, including our roles before and after these changes. It also includes a "Gentle Reminder" for those who may feel lost and frustrated (I had to chuckle),

Gentle Reminder -- Some of you are probably wondering why such a torturous route was chosen to get to the desired destination. The reason you are wondering this is because you have been on this planet too long and have absorbed some, if not all, of its dysfunctional thinking. Keep in mind that this planet is no model for rational thought, and that what passes for sanity here is sending chills down the spine of the remainder of the universe.

The need to absorb the dysfunctionality of the planet is in order to legitimately disarm its patterns. Any other method would constitute an invasion, and we do not invade.


There is a lot more information, but I just wanted to hit the broad strokes today. If you are seeking more corroboration for 2012 and the current changes, here is an excellent SOURCE (

The above site lists 216 separate sources that through ancient texts, ET contact, near death experiences, channeling, or what have you, have corroborated what we are going through right now.

Happy reading!! And most of all, happy living!! You are walking on sacred ground now.



posted on Jul, 4 2007 @ 09:05 PM
Hi, win 52!!

I kind of went house on the thread here. I had a lot to share.

The herbal stuff is right on! I'm taking Ultra Mega Green, Ginseng, Gingko Biloba, St. John's Wart, and the occasional green tea. I've been taking these things for almost twenty years and stand by them. I'd like to learn about similar healing plants and herbs.

You said,

Absolutely everything we need, for a long healthy life here on Earth, is found here...Who says modern Science has all of the answers.

Exactly! Modern science has less to do with creating cures and preventing illness and more to do with the bottom line. Pharmaceuticals, the evil, pseudo health care system, is a prime example of this. If you're not sick, they're not making money. The worse you feel, the more they make.

I just saw a great video that sort of epitomizes what is wrong with this country. We create more problems than we fix, and we misapply the wrong cure as a palliative to something we could take care of naturally.

The video is called, "Psychiatry exposed? Follow the money." I found it at the Video Page. It's about halfway down. Look for this video screen:

I also just recently read observe50's thread, "My life with an Alien Soul," linked HERE.

In it she talks about something her gray contacts told her,

There are rows of beautiful green plants on tables and small trees are along the walls I ask the one I am with where all the plants come from and he says they collect them from all over the Earth, this is when he turns to me and looks down into my eyes and says remember this:



I believe it. As we stand right now as a nation, it's clear that we're not having much luck in the mental, or physical health care areas. The recent Walter Reed Army Medical Center debacle (article 1, article 2, article 3), and our national health care system as depicted in Michael Moore's "Sicko" is a good indication of how far off track we are as a nation.

On a side note, part of something in the "article 1" I linked above really sort of surprised me (and at the same time didn't),

The VA is doing the best they can with the funding they've received. But unfortunately, just as the Bush Admininstration has hedged about the situation at Walter Reed (think of Tony Snow's pathetic response to the fiasco), they've also passed the buck on VA funding. Their new budget plan touts an increase in VA funding for 2008. But check the fine print. In 2009 and 2010, just as hundreds of thousands of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans will be first be seeking VA care, the President's budget actually cuts veterans' health care funding. Tell me that doesn't impact the morale of our people on the front lines.

So while troops at Walter Reed can probably look forward to fewer mice and more caseworkers - they should expect more of the same neglect and delays once they leave DC and arrive at the local VA. The worst stories may be yet to come. The real question is, without the cameras and investigative reporters around, will politicians in Washington continue to show real support for these wounded troops?

Had to post that. It doesn't seem like any organization, or institution in this country cares at all about what happens to anyone. Michael Moore said one of the ways he fought this system was to take care of himself by losing weight.

Taking herbs and learning about alternative care is a start in extricating oneself from this system. It's equally important to understand that they are creating problems and maladies from thin air, and then offering highly toxic chemicals that were never needed in the first place...

If you have any recipes send 'em on over ahha

I can't wait until all of this changes...

posted on Jul, 5 2007 @ 08:13 AM
Awesome stuff.

I didn't know about the stuff happening around the sun. It is going to be really funny over the few years just to see how long this kind of stuff keeps getting swept under the carpet.
The way the news works on this planet I could see a mass landing happening and it would not even be mentioned on the

I found some other evidence on the links you posted above. Minor things.................................things that should not concern us or be news worthy. I mean a object in orbit around the earth that is 400km long picked up by weather satelites. That is nothing unusual.
There are other similar ones in the gallery there as well.

I also had a look at the video Out of the Blue which does a nice job of tabling evidence also. That case a little while ago in Phoenix AZ, i mean come on. As far as I am concerned there is no need to prove anything anymore after that. Half the city saw it.
(Lifts up the carpet.....sweep.....sweep)
How big does the mound underneath the carpet have to get before nothing else will fit under it?

posted on Jul, 5 2007 @ 12:28 PM
What I am taking is a product called paraGONE 1 and 2 bought in a kit for $35 . There is also a fiber product and a parasite maintenance product called parazine.

I was injesting raw garlic for the past 5 years, but have since replaced it with Kyolic aged garlic extract. I still use plenty of Garlic when I cook.

The other one I take is uva ursa for helping with the flow. Men over 50 need help and this seems to work well.

I know we have all of the tools to cure all of the diseases. I am 100&10% positive. Who is responsible for the situation here now, this is not what it is meant to be like.

I want things to change right now. I hope with all of my heart, desire, wishes for a better system, and every fiber within me that the calendar is wrong. I am not willing to go on like this any more. If there was a sideline I could get off at and just sit watching, I would go there right now.

You have absolutely no idea how incensed I am because of what has been allowed to take place here on Earth. You can say that I had no hand in what we are being forced to do. I figure this isn't the first time around for me, and I may have had a hand in this mess in a former life here on this planet.

I am and will do whatever it takes to put an end to this madness.

posted on Jul, 5 2007 @ 01:34 PM
Hi, win!!

I'm taking notes. ahaha

You said,

I was injesting raw garlic for the past 5 years...

You must have been known as the vampire killer. Well, you can't say you weren't diligent.

I've heard so many good things about green tea. It's definitely beneficial.

I have to tell you that my friend has been sick for the last two or three weeks. She has been pale, sickly, fatigued (she was bedridden a couple of days), and dizzy/nauseous, etc. She went to see a doctor last week. At the time, she was clearly ill, but they needed to test.

They did a blood test and gave her some antibiotics. Her symptoms pointed to mono, or a sinus infection. The blood tests just came back and it was neither. In fact, the doctors don't know what is wrong with her.

I seem to have been suffering from similar symptoms for the last week or so, but not to the degree she has. That was until this morning when I woke up fatigued/drained, lightheaded, and with a sore throat.

Apparently we're just sick, but there isn't a clear source (no one else we know is, or was sick), and according to her blood tests, the doctors can't tell her what she has(?).

Being a conspiracy/paranormal buff, I couldn't help think of this photo I took last week (June 24) over my house. I enlarged a strange looking cloud...Do you see what I see...?

Who knows...

You said,

I want things to change right now. I hope with all of my heart, desire, wishes for a better system, and every fiber within me that the calendar is wrong. I am not willing to go on like this any more. If there was a sideline I could get off at and just sit watching, I would go there right now.

All I can say about the 2012/2007 thing is that I agree with James Gilliland - this is an organic process, and not evolution by numbers. It is occurring right now, and we may actually have an effect on how quickly it proceeds; possibly according to our awareness, acceptance, and desire to see these things fulfilled.

We already understand that many of these higher beings who have been in contact with us, and who have been overseeing/guiding these processes, are anxious to see us attain our freedom, and to make open contact with us. To a large degree, our increased awareness and interest in these things is facilitating this process.

Regardless, these changes are very quickly picking up speed. Things are occurring at a rate that is now almost too fast to keep up with. This very well could be the year - any moment could be the time. From this second onward, anything is possible.

This, at the very least, should offer solace to all of us. It's tough being patient, because the more we become aware of where we are and where we've been, to that same degree we wish to extricate ourselves from this quagmire. I'm right there with you.

Realizing that you're in this situation only makes the suffering more acute.

Be patient. Keep spreading an awareness. All of these things are already catching the world on fire. It's building to a fever pitch, and the reception has been overwhelmingly positive and exciting.

All we can do though is wait. As much as I'm enjoying the process, TD and I are just like you (and I'm sure everyone else) - we can't stand the anticipation, and we're ready for the future now!!

All I can say is tick tock...Ya don't stop...hahah

If your man in the green jumpsuit has occasion to read this thread, we're ready.

Thanks, win!! Hang in there!!

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posted on Jul, 5 2007 @ 02:08 PM
wow on thedeck i have to hand it to you your wealth of knowledge on subjects is really fascinating and thanks for the link to the thread on my life with an alien soul...very very interesting.

Oh and wow i thought i was the only one that was getting into alternative medicine. Yea the medical system in the us and well other parts of the world is very greedy, i remember just going to a small clinic or a check up, they automatically ask me " so are you still on the same insurance plan" and i was like wtf, i had to wait about 2 hours in the waiting room when no one is in the room for a check up, and when i get in line to do the check up i get asked about insurance.

Lets not forget about the lady in that one hospital that died on the floor and no one did a thing about it. Man the whole system is messed up, i must admit not all doctors are evil people most of them are very nice and want to help. But allot o them have been subjected to this "mind control" system that everything can be curred with a pill, and if you got the money we can help you.

"all diseases can be curred by the roots of plants" that is right on the money, i mean its honestly easy and if we had people looking into this and spending money we could have major cures, but no they have to lie and cheat people, and spend money on research that is trying to create like a vaccine or the hiv virus and stuff when they know it mutates and is imposible.

you can be healthy i you eat right, excercises, practice being safe and not rtaking stupid risks. Also herbal medicine and the use o electro or magnetic therapy is a great way to heal yourself, i mean dr. Bob beck has shown this and it was not even looked at by the cure research companies.

posted on Jul, 5 2007 @ 05:34 PM
wow, long time no see, well i guess ive never met any of u but lol. i see the thread has been geting alot of input. nice to see havent gotten a chance to read much but yea, wheres timedrifter btw?

posted on Jul, 6 2007 @ 10:21 PM
Hey, ATSGUY, schmidty_beleives, and all the other ships at sea!!

ATSGUY, thank you for your comments. I think it's important to take what seem to be isolated, disparate events, or phenomena, and to put them in a larger context.

Certain events or phenomena take on a whole new meaning and can galvanize people when seen in a greater context, or in a different light.

If one can take into account everything that is happening politically, socially, cosmologically, geophysically, paranormally, etc., and then see where these things may crossover, then a sort of picture will start to form.

I think it's critical to try to see seemingly isolated phenomena as having a greater context. One such example would be the manipulation, or manufacturing of one seemingly isolated event, and this event's connection (e.g. as a red herring) with another seemingly unrelated event.

An example could be the manufacture of a terrorist event to distract from possible ufo disclosure. Another would be to engage in a program of fear mongering and disinformation to distract and manipulate the reader (in this case, in a negative way). These are only a couple of possible examples, but everything must be seen as connected to the whole, rather than existing as separate, isolated phenomena. I think this philosophy has merit.

Everything is interconnected. Because we are becoming aware of this as a reality, and because we are becoming "aware" period, the measures these negative forces are engaging in (because there ARE negative forces at play right now, vying for our attention) are becoming desperate.

It's very interesting to me how intense the fear mongering has become on this and other sites. Yes, there are posters who are reading material and are confused about what is happening, and what will happen. This is natural, and completely understandable.

The people to look out for are the folks who claim they are an "insider", and who spread frightening scenarios. These folks are not the kind hearted, cautionary folks they make themselves out to be. It's amazing to me how many of these folks have come out of the woodwork, and how none of their stories seem to gibe. haaha

The truth is, these folks are responding to events that ARE escalating, but they are trying to spread fear and confusion. Simply detach from these messengers. Anything that generates a fearful, or negative response in you should simply be detached from. Anything that comes from any government institution, or military is not to be heeded.

These are the folks who have been exploiting, raping, torturing, murdering, robbing, lying, and oppressing the majority of people on this planet. The criminal agents who have sat in power in the U.S. government in particular have placed their own minions in seats of power in third world countries, so that they could ensure control - their particular, corrupt form of control.

It's not enough that these folks have murdered their own citizens to advance their own agendas, they've kept life saving technology from the rest of their own race; technology that could make life on this planet bearable. But instead they kept it for themselves, while billions suffer.

The pitiful health care system in the U.S. is a drop in the bucket for what these people will have to answer for. And they will be answering very soon.

Speaking of the health care system, a friend of mine was in the waiting room waiting to speak with a doctor. A woman entered with a broken foot (she had an HMO) and asked for her doctor. The receptionist said that doctor was out on an emergency. When the woman explained about her insurance, and that she needed surgery, now, the receptionist copped an attitude and said unapologetically that the woman would need to speak to someone else, who may or may not have been in at that time. HMOs are a nightmare.

It seems like the health care system, including the pharmaceutical companies, in the United States is responsible for more disabilities and deaths than they prevent; most of it probably from neglect and poor training.

Hi, schmidty_beleives!!

Both TD and I are both really glad to see that people are following this situation. We would like to see it pay off as much as everyone else (not financially, Crakeur ahaha).

TD is working a 9-5 like everyone else. He and I are recording chats/interviews for his site periodically. He is adding content to his site, including a picture gallery where we're putting our recent anomaly photos, etc. And he's answering questions I send him from here every once in a while.

We're both keeping up with current events; keeping a lookout for any suspicious characters, wearing a goatee and long hair, stepping out of a time portal. ahaha

I am sharing discoveries with TD that I find correlate with his experiences and memories. It's funny, but, he and I have found so much stuff that he will read and say, "Yeah, I see that. I remember that sort of stuff," that we're used to it now.

The excitement he had in the beginning as he was exploring and making these discoveries has turned into a sort of, "OK already. Let's get on with it." He and I have had all of the confirmation we need to corroborate his experiences and memories. Now it's time to see WHY he was allowed to remember these things, and why now.

I'll still send him stuff that he'll get excited about, but it's now icing on the cake.

He is sending his own findings to me as well. As we're waiting for events to come to pass, we're also reflecting on what all of his experiences mean. He has this feeling like something's missing...So we're just remaining alert and aware.

The most important thing to take from all of this, and this has always been TD's message, is that it's about love. TD is only thirty-three, but he feels like he has traveled so much, and gone through so much - and I'm talking about his memories and experiences as a result of his abduction - that he's learned what's really important. And there's nothing religious, or weak about coming to this understanding. It's very simple.

I'm going to post some more findings/experiences, but I wanted to say that whatever negative information you may come across, realize how it makes you feel - and in that instant, if that feeling is fearful or negative, detach from that message, because it is not coming from a being, or energy expressing the source, or the creator.

You will know when you're getting the right messages, because they uplift and empower you. Negative energies and beings seek the exact opposite.
I want to share a little of what I've read recently about these negative forces, and how they are, indeed, making their way off of this planet...And those who aren't now, will soon...

Thanks for your posts!! Rock on, ATSGUY and schmidty_beleives!!

posted on Jul, 6 2007 @ 11:24 PM
Hey there

Have you been able to find anymore on the activities at the sun from another source? I find this a most interesting event that has bypassed most people.

posted on Jul, 6 2007 @ 11:30 PM
Part 1 of 2

Let's talk about the dark side. haha

I mentioned above that there are folks coming out of the woodwork with brief, seemingly credible posts that spark a fearful, or negative reaction, and then disappear. Later, nothing indicated in the post comes to pass.

Of course this occurs with positive predictions as well, but it's possible to take information from both of these kinds of posts, and to discard what doesn't hold water.

In the case of the negative posts, you can take away that there is something this poster is trying to draw attention from, or is trying to incite fear about. You can learn from these negative posts; for example, in noting when many of them appear at the same time. In such a case, you can surmise that there might be a program occurring.

And regarding the specific subjects they are talking about, you can probably assume they are putting a negative spin on what true, credible government whistleblowers and contactees will tell you is a positive experience. I tend to side with people who I have background info on, and whom I feel are credible and sincere. Not these drive by prognosticators.

In the case of reading positive posts that predict events that don't come to pass, one can take away the positive intentions of the post, and to try to understand how those views fit into the larger picture.

There is also every possibility that these posts are disguised as positive messages, but are instead meant to confuse, misinform, and probably incite fear in a subtle manner by suggesting that the catastrophes that are coming will cause much pain and fear, but in the end it will be fine. This is a sophisticated form of fear inducement, and you can't put it past some of these folks to take this route.

They also take another interesting route; or so I think. I mentioned that I purchased a video called, "Landings 101," because some of the bullet points matched up with stuff that TD remembers. I bought it at Sheldon Nidle's site

Well, just this morning I received an email from the shipping department for paoweb, stating the following:

So many things have happened with this dvd - someone told me that Mercury is retrograde and that is probably the reason. Whatever the reason, it has been aggravating until I finally surrendered and had to laugh. The errors that have occured were out of my hands. This has been my opportunity to remain calm in the middle of the chaos.

The latest snag is: I was waiting for our next shipment of dvds and when it didn't show in the usual amount of time I called our supplier. He looked up on the USPS tracking system to see what the problem was. They reported that the package was being returned to him because the address on the label was incorrect. It showed the address which is our correct address. Plus our supplier uses an automatic system and has been shipping to us for almost a year at the same address using this automated system. Aaarrggg!
Then I received the next package OK but it wasn't Landings 101, it was other dvds.

Once again I found myself waiting for the Landings 101 package. It should have been here on the 3rd of July. It didn't show up. For sure it would be here on Thursday (Wednesday being a holiday). No package. They have done it again. Gee, if I believed in conspiracies, I might think....oh, well, moving right along...

This was pretty interesting. Does it mean anything...? Don't know. Fortunately, the good guys one:

So please be patient. You will get your dvds. Early next week I will be mailing them to you. The good news is that the people who have viewed this dvd have reported back to us that they "loved it". It seems to create an excitement of hope and remembrance for many.

I was glad to hear that. I'm looking forward to watching this dvd.

Part and parcel of researching all of this is coming into contact with terms like "Galactic Federation" and "Lightworkers," etc. I am definitely having to weed through a lot of very spacey, vague, new agey sort of stuff to find the corroborative material I'm seeking. ahaha Nothing against those folks, but I find it hard to sink my teeth into, so to speak.

A fair amount of that stuff seems to corroborate what TD is saying, but I can't get my head around statements like, "Sharing my personal energy with the mother goddess." Hope I'm not offending anyone by writing that, but in lay terms I don't know what that means.

In any event, I'm astounded by the corroborative material covering this time frame. win 52 , you said you're ready. I think I speak for everyone reading this in suggesting that they are too. ahaha

I wouldn't get stuck on the date 2012. Although I've had many personal experiences now that I have taken as signs pointing to this date, I can clearly see that we are experiencing, more openly, the changes associated with this date.

2012 may in fact be a culmination, or an apex period. It could also be the beginning of a new era - and era that we are experiencing a crossover into now. We are already experiencing the weird stuff. And it's going to get weirder - in a good way.

I don't know if the changes we want to see, in government, for example, will happen instantaneously. I think it may be more gradual. I'm not talking about candidates getting better and better, but I don't know that the financial system, political system, geophysical system, and mass landing are going to occur on the same day haha

Because it's clear where we're headed, and we're able to savor and enjoy the events that unfold every day - events that are clear signs of changes - I am more at ease with the pace. This is not to say I want it to move slower, but we are only experiencing forward movement.

Of course, I'm not saying we won't have a mass visitation this year, because no one can predict that. Lord knows TD and I are waiting for him to make contact so we can have the concert (of course I know he'd be happy with a mass visitation as much as the rest of us hah).

I AM saying, however, that even though things seem to be moving slow on the surface, I know what is happening beneath the surface is propelling us forward. We will get there in due time.

I want to share something that may or may not have bearing, and that is a "Letter to all Media" I found at I just liked the content:

June 2007
It appears that a series of major events will happen soon on planet Earth.
These events may happen in 2007 or 2008.
1. The collapse or removal of the US Bush administration, followed by other governments,
2. Announcement of a new abundant money system for each country.
3. Mass landing of highly evolved friendly beings from the Galactic Federation.
4. The “second coming” or appearance of many spiritual masters.
There is a Cosmic Plan and a schedule for our spiritual transformation/graduation.


Would love to see it!

And here are some points to consider from the same site,

1. There is only one Source for everything, both light and dark.
2. The light will always prevail or win. The Prime Creator (God) will have its way.
3. The Mayan calendar clearly states that in any timing cycle there are 13 Lords of Light (Heavens) and only 9 Lords of Darkness (Hells). The Light will prevail. Their cycles are called “worlds” and are 1,144 years long.
4. Jesus Christ and others would have been Lords of Light. Hitler was the LAST Lord of Darkness. George W. Bush it the tail end of the Third Reich.
5.Mother Earth and us are currently under a special Divine Intervention. This is being supervised by the Ascended Masters (spiritual level) and the Galactic Federation (physical level).
6. It is graduation time for us and we are all about to ascend to the new Golden Age ("1000 years of peace") (as predicted by many including the Mayan calendar).


posted on Jul, 6 2007 @ 11:31 PM
Part 2 of 2

I also wanted to share a little bit of a post from another board that seems to have the same tone and message as TD.

A poster at Godlikeproductions' message board named, LyranStarseed, says the following in a thread I feel was started by one of the folks spreading negative disinfo (I feel LyranStarseed's post correlated with TD's experiences/memories however),

Some of what this alleged NSA/DOD dude says is true. We are inbound. We will accomplish our objectives. We will not be diverted nor destroyed, and we possess hyperdimensional technologies that are far superior to any of the negative ET drek that inhabit this planet at this time. It has taken a lot of work to eradicate many of the negative forces in the multiverse and bring down the multidimensional warlord criminals who have been holding us hostage on this planet for eons of time.

We come with healing technologies, and have absolutely no desire to hijack Earth, allow "Bluebeam" to happen, or harm innocent folks...we are after a specific group of high-level criminals who have dug themselves in, misused various technologies, and caused untold and to-be-revealed atrocities against humans and other sentient peaceful life on this planet. After this, the ongoing parties, the healing, the restoration of the planet, the restoration of abundance for all, the feeding and healing of the hungry and the homeless, etc. shall commence at a quantum rate. You will recognize us as yourselves, as they say, for only a small fraction of who you are resides in these earthly containers.

Exciting times are ahead.


We can segregate people into protected dimensions while necessary. The NSA/CIA/FBI/DOD idiots are *expletive* pants right now because there is nothing that they can do...There have been many battles, both galactic, physical, and verbal about how to handle this situation; the objective is personal freedom, sovereignty, equality and freedom of choice for all. This is not a "police activity" of any sort, nor is this a "state of emergency" for anyone other than those who have illegally raped and tortured Earth and her peoples for eons of time.

We give bonus points to folks who are willing to come out and talk...We can teleport those of you who are in danger to safety. There is nothing to fear. And mark my words, marijuana shall be made legal, and we will all be smokin' and chillin' and hangin' and partyin', healing and re-educating ourselves based on truth that is holographically and experientially provable, and there is nothing that these a--holes can do to stop it.

We have won.


I read the above posts from this member and immediately thought of TD (I also thought about Edward Rose ahah).

There has been a lot of talk about battles being waged. In this vein, I wanted to include a video that Dave from Dickinson, North Dakota shot of what he jokingly called a "star wars" exchange between several ufos. Here is some of Dave's description of the event,

Then in a different formation, laid out with three of them in an oblong gated V-form, there seems to be a flash above the one on the right, and at the same time there are suddenly two in the middle again and then the electrical impulses start between two of them on the right.

The Intensity magnifies as electrical impulses or lasers are sent in a revolving matter between the two on the right. The one on the bottom right starts to brighten and flare out almost forming two of them, while the one on the top right seems to have its energy drained out. At this point I just make a sarcastic remark (Star Wars), as I started having fun with the absurd.

Here is a LINK to the article that includes the video, which can be found at Here is a LINK to another article and a video of Dave at the same location, talking about shooting the video. Dave seems pretty credible to me, however, Dave has just recently provided a video of his own ET abduction event to, which is in the process of being lightened up and will be posted soon, so we will see...

These are fascinating times. I want to leave, reiterating what this is all about, why I'm helping TD, and why he came out with his experiences, and that is to get out the truth, and to benefit our fellow human beings.

None of the metaphysical stuff. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but I like the more practical, down to earth stuff. We just want to see things change. And TD, and many others, just happen to see these changes in our near future - and they're good. Great even...

Don't miss what's happening this second though. If there's a lesson in the seeming slow pace of what is occurring now, it is to be aware now - don't live in the future. Look around you. Take these events and experiences to heart and let them change you - for the better.

Laugh off the fearful posts and the doomsayers. It's simply a matter of choice, but when you exercise that choice, these folks completely lose their hold on you. They can't affect you. And these last ditch efforts will fade as quickly as they do...


posted on Jul, 7 2007 @ 12:10 AM
On the Deck...

You know I come into this thread from time to time.

I give opinions (hopefully you have realized at this point that I am a courious individual)

I throw ideas at you guys (sorry for the mass conjunction of ideas at once)

I don't have 'remote' viewing capabilities or any other so called talents.

I do have dreams (as you and my brother and I can attest to)

I have a belief in 1 God. (sorry to disappoint sceptics here)

I have a re-occuring dream:

I see the earth going through friggin far out (I can't actually pinpoint the actual terminology for this)

I 'see' within the year 07/08....oh boy...where do I start?

(Wondering if Time Traveller saw what was to come about?)

Aliens/bombardment of meteors?/mass exodus underground/

I hope to all that's Holy, that I'm wrong.

I always came to your thread because I felt an 'understanding' with my posts and yours.

posted on Jul, 7 2007 @ 01:39 PM
Duckster, I have seen the meteors, the alien rescue mission, and the people hiding under ground (they don't need to). The joke is on those people hiding under ground, they didn't need to do that.

I was watching the concert this morning. I got a strong feeling that the positive response from people around the world will be a sign to ET that we are ready for a new future. This will send such a strong message that ET will use another concert to disclose the reason for them being here as well as them selves. They will see the celebratory nature of a concert like this and the effects it has on people, first hand.

There you go, more confirmation we are on this time line and we are in for a ride like no other. If you believe in one God, there were some promisses made, back in the day, and they are about to be acted on.

Earth's humans will not be lost again.

posted on Jul, 7 2007 @ 06:51 PM
This idea makes a lot of sense.
Music is also part of the fabric that forms the universe. Everything in it resonates to its own frequency.
It will be interesting to see how the concert is formulated and I wonder under what name it will be marketed as. It would be so cool to have the mass landing start at the end of it.
It is now clear that disclosure will not be coming from any governments and that it will be coming from an event like this.
At the end of end of the day no amount of videos or pictures posted on the net are going to prove the existance of anything. Music is the force that will unite the world. The count down has begun.

posted on Jul, 7 2007 @ 10:05 PM
Hi, TheDuckster, win 52, and Cyber_Wasp!!

Hey, TheDuckster, how's it goin'? TD and I spoke today about your dreams. He said he definitely remembers meteorites, but he recalls either seeing them shot down, or deflected - or remembers (humorously) doing some of this himself.

Aliens, that's an easy one. Yes. haahh We should be seeing open contact, probably in a limited form, soon (we can start with the concert).

There are underground bunkers that are more like cities right now. Many of these are occupied from what I understand. And from what TD remembers, and from what I've read, if you go further down, there are races of other beings existing inside the planet.

The exodus I believe you're talking about is a precautionary measure that, as win 52 suggests, may not be necessary.

I could speculate and say that if a meteor hasn't hit this overpopulated planet and created havoc while we've been on it, it is unlikely that several large rocks would get past the "friendlies" targeting system. What would be the purpose of preserving and guarding us all of this time only to let a big one smash through and destroy us?

I've had dreams involving great deluges, toxic gases/mists, planets crashing into my own planet, and similar dreams. Does this mean they are going to come true? I don't know. Can I say authoritatively either way? No.

We will have to wait and see. As far as the concert event that TD has been told about his entire life, and which has been corroborated by at least four other independent credible sources, it seems there is a strong likelihood of this event, and those that follow, will take place.

There are a lot of people making a lot of noise right now on message boards (I'm not talking about you, TheDuckster. I mean other posters here and elsewhere who are making these drive by prognostications, or who are coming out with last minute "insider" warnings to mankind).

TD has been here for about eight months, and he has not wavered from what he feels is going to come to pass. Not an inch. This has to say something about TD's experiences, and about TD himself.

It's very interesting what's happening now on all of the paranormal communities' message boards. There seems to be an influx of alien messengers, and government/black ops folks with, suddenly, something
to say - but no apparent reason for coming out at this moment.

This signals to me that something may in fact be in the works, but something these folks don't have any control over (Notice I used the word "control". This is sort of how these folks attempt to gain a form of control when they feel they may be, or will be losing it...).

These folks, many of whom are deliberately confusing things, are simply making noise. Some of these individuals appear intelligent enough, and can speak on these subjects in a way that makes them appear authentic, but I would wait until the dust settles.

There just seems to be a peak in this activity right now. Makes you wonder what's around the corner, or what is occurring now that they are trying to obfuscate, or confuse...

In any event, my advise would be, from here on out, weigh what is being said against what else you have read, or experienced, and leave negative posts alone. If things appear overwhelming or confusing, step back and let the statements being made sit a while. By the time you've finally realized that it was probably just a bunch of B.S., the poster may have vanished.

TD and I were talking about the negative individuals who are a part of this group operating behind the scenes. While there may be many workers who will simply walk away from the organizations when they see an opportunity to do so - which they will soon, if they haven't already - there will be those who will lie and fight until the bitter end. This is not like arresting the CEO of Enron. These folks are much more sinister, and have a lot more to lose.

Of course, everyone will get their time in the people's court. ahaha

win 52, you said,

I was watching the concert this morning.

I'm assuming this was the Live Earth Concert. I was a little disappointed that all of these respected artists are buying into the Global Warming scam, but if it sends a message "out there" that this is how we roll and inspires a visit, then I'm all for it ahaha


I got a strong feeling that the positive response from people around the world will be a sign to ET that we are ready for a new future. This will send such a strong message that ET will use another concert to disclose the reason for them being here as well as them selves. They will see the celebratory nature of a concert like this and the effects it has on people, first hand.

Amen, brother. The truth is, at this point it should be clear that this concert is already scheduled. Maybe not the exact date, but the event has been cleared and will occur.

The benevolent beings who will be involved in this concert and the subsequent mass arrival/visitation (including TD's future self) are wise enough to know the impact the concert will have, and I would presume are waiting for the all-clear to begin these events.

According to TD, the concert and mass landing have already taken place many times, but this time are at a point where these events can occur without much upset.

Thank you for your inspiring post, win!!

Hi, Cyber_Wasp!!

You said,

This idea makes a lot of sense.
Music is also part of the fabric that forms the universe. Everything in it resonates to its own frequency.

Whether it does, or does not, it's going to come to pass. Of course, I believe wholeheartedly that it makes sense. Music is something that comes from the source (from the level of source), so it is no doubt a pleasure shared by many.


It will be interesting to see how the concert is formulated and I wonder under what name it will be marketed as.

TD has said that he will be putting the concert together with some "assistance", but that the announcement will really be a few days in advance. It will be very short notice. I hadn't even thought about asking about the name...I'll have to do that...

You said,

It would be so cool to have the mass landing start at the end of it.

I know. It would be cool to see that now, but now that I reflect on it, it's kind of OK to start slow. ahhaa


It is now clear that disclosure will not be coming from any governments and that it will be coming from an event like this.

No, it will not come from any existing earth organization or government. Disclosure is going to come straight from the horse's (off-worlder's) mouth. This was there is no confusion, no manipulation of the information, and the whole truth comes out.


At the end of end of the day no amount of videos or pictures posted on the net are going to prove the existance of anything. Music is the force that will unite the world. The count down has begun.

It's clear that music is one force that unites us all now. And I think it is probably the greatest way to introduce us to our friends, and to our future - with song.

The countdown HAS begun. But be patient. This is not a by the numbers thing. It's a process...

I've felt "different" for a while - in a good way. I'm more aware of what's around me, and I feel much more at ease, happy, and content. I wonder if that's part of it...

Thanks, all!! I hope you are having great dreams, looking forward to the future, and that you're all looking at the world around you in a new and positive light.

Listen to some good music and keep your eyes on high.


posted on Jul, 7 2007 @ 11:34 PM
you know to tell you the truth i am happy about the mass landing and the future, i am happy that finally we will live in peace and without fear or the harships that we face today.

But some things i do fear are not remembering my past, although my life was not always the best, it was still my life. The trouble that i have faced as a little kid fleeing from my home country because of war. Starting a new life in america, praying that my dad would come back to his family alive, you know all of these things have been the hardships of life, i mean diseases, working hard just to get some food, praying to get by. But even though life was hard, there are still some memories that have made life great, my little sister, my entire family, the island which we would go to when we could to spend our summers.

I dont want to lose those memories, and i think some places on earth just shouldnt change, i dunno maybe i am just delusional about this, but i am ready for the change i want the change, i dont want to live in a world were death and fear and hardships are something that people just just...i really dont no how to explain it.

If it wasnt for the experiences i had in life, i never would have gotten interested in ufos,supernatural, and trying to help and save peoples lives.

i dunno its hard to explain

posted on Jul, 8 2007 @ 01:25 AM
I would want to know if there was a rapture of the church and when it was. Also, I would want to know when Jesus returned to earth, and who is the Antichrist. Also, other questions would be Who Killed Kennedy, Where is Atlantis and describe it? Who built the pyramids? Why wasn't Hitler stopped, and why wasn't the 9-11 stopped? Oh, and about those lottery numbers? (wink)!

posted on Jul, 10 2007 @ 11:23 AM
We built the pyramids. There are times when I believe I lived in that time. It is hard to explain why I believe that, but I do.

That is in part the reason I am here right now, to right some of the wrongs we have done to eachother.

Back in those days, people lived to be 1000 years old. How is that possible, you ask? Well, the answer will stun you a bit till you get over the sheer gagability of the situation. I will try to sum it up briefly.

The reason people began to die off earlier, if not killed in some way, is because we forgot about parasites that live inside our bodies. The toxins they release in their feces is the main cause of most of humans problems. All, and I do mean all, of the things that bother people are a direct result of parasites living and feeding of of our bodies.

The quickest and most sure way to solve medical problems, for which Doctors can not cure, is to rid your body of parasites. Once you have done this, you will also realize many other healthy benefits.

Now, herbs are good, but when you have a specific parasite problem outside of the digestive tract, you need to have a way to reach within and touch those little buggers, evicting them, as they do not pay any rent. They don't belong there in a perfect world.

In ancient Egypt there are some reliefs in one temple, people say are a light bulb. Others say they are a lotus flower with a snake laying streched out in it. Both theories are wrong. Those reliefs in the Denendera Temple are none other than resonance devices to eliminate parasites which grow in humans.

Animals also cary these pests, and bring them in from outside. In fact, our world is heavily infested with these nasty creatures. Diet is a good way to avoid many of them. Cut out sugar in your diet. Basically, a diet that is promoted in the Bible will go a long way to keeping a parasite invasion from gaining a stronghold in your body.

You see, we lost the knowledge of how to stay parasite free.

This is not a theory with me. I started a parasite clense, detox program using herbs. I am convinced, based upon what has come out of me, parasites are the root of most health problems afflicting people.

Get rid of your parasites.

They don't pay rent, and they make you sick.

I have been wanting to try a device produced by Dr Hulda Clark called the zapper. This device uses resonance, much like Dr Royal Rife and the Denendera "light bulb", to clense the body's organs of these unwelcome guests. This device gets them where they live.

We just lost that knowledge. I am not going to suggest how or why this happened, but it did. I would like to inform you that you don't need to live within that ignorance any more. There is a way to enjoy good health, without being chained to the current health protocol of drugs that only mask the symptoms of your problem.

It would not surprise me in the slightest, if I were to hear that MD's get kick backs from the Drug Companies for prescriptions they issue. That would explain why my Doctor is trying to get me onto a more expensive drug, instead of fixing the problem by eliminating parasites.

Why does no one talk about parasites in our bodies? I know, it makes you gag. I will tell you that you will gag a lot harder when you start caughing those beasts out of your lungs, and filling the bowl with mini Loch Ness Monsters.

posted on Jul, 10 2007 @ 01:11 PM

Originally posted by OnTheDeck
They also take another interesting route; or so I think. I mentioned that I purchased a video called, "Landings 101," because some of the bullet points matched up with stuff that TD remembers. I bought it at Sheldon Nidle's site

Sheldon Nidle promotes NESARA (

Does TD know if this comes to pass?

posted on Jul, 10 2007 @ 01:50 PM
win i have been researching parasites and the use of herpes, zappers, resonance frequences to destroy them. The basic picture on what i have to help a person get rid of them and leave a healthy life is this:

- detox
- oxyginated the body (drink ozone water)
- herbal drinks
- excercise
- try to clense and heal the body with the mind
- use a zapper

no i no what your thinking about the zapper, dont wast your money on the hulda clark and stuff. Belive me that stuf may help you but i dont think what she says works to a degree, but then again i never bought her stuff, she does have good information though...but allot of the zappers are scams. The best i can tell you is to make your own, go down to home depo and but a 6v battery, and attatch a wire to it, thats basically it... You see what i figured out is we used to use the method of electricution to kill a person, so why not use the same method to kill pathogens and parasits.

this yahoo group has done studdies and tells you how to make the dc zapper or godzilla, which is the most powerful and effective zapper that there probably is, and its simple...its just a battery and a wire. that is all you need to get ride of the parasites, no organizm that is as small as pathogen or a parasite can addapt to withstand electric current coming from any measure, so they die, and unlike the rile machine you dont have to go through allot of frequences to get rid of the pathogens.

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