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"If you could ask a time traveler a question what would you ask?"

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posted on Jul, 14 2007 @ 10:18 PM
Hi, Cyber_Wasp, ATSGUY, Blueangel7, and ShadowEyes!!

I haven't had time to respond lately, but wanted to catch up a little. I have more I wanted to respond with later...

Hi, Cyber_Wasp!!

All right! Throwin' your hat in! From what I've learned, I think there must be some intention at the soul level to have certain experiences...I've read a lot about "soul agreements," or ETs advising their "guests" that an agreement was made with that guest's soul to cooperate...

I've also read about contactees only remembering certain aspects of their contact experiences, such as learning a language or technology, or being a student in some form, and also being advised that they would need these abilities soon.

It's clear that whoever is making contact wants these contactees to know that these beings are teaching them something for the contactees' benefit, and they want them to know this. The implication also seems to be that the contactees will be using this information during their lifetime (i.e., soon).

I couldn't really profess to know, but if your intentions weren't clear before, they are now.

Many of us may be getting this choice presented to us very soon. TD opened a thread under his previous member name, ufotimetravel, called, "How would you like to be approached by aliens?" A lot of the posters there said they would be hostile toward the ETs...I wouldn't be...

Eventually you are going to see positive contact - we all are.

ATSGUY, I sent that video to TD because I thought it was pretty cool. Some people are calling it a rocket launch. I don't know that it can be explained away that easily.

People are quick to call these things one phenomena or the other, but I say it's harder and harder to apply a prosaic explanation to unusual phenomena these days.

Hi, Blueangel7!! Of course if you post questions TD is going to try to answer them. And I will too if I think I can. You said you've had visions of the future, we'd love to read about any of them if you feel like posting.

Hi, ShadowEyes!! I hear ya! I've been exhausted early at night, sleeping all the way through to the morning, and having a lot of trouble getting out of bed. I'm not the only one.

My friend has been sick for over a month now, with symptoms worse a couple of weeks ago. She went to a doctor, who did a blood test, and they have no idea what was/is wrong with her. She is now having the same problem I am with sleep.

Something is definitely going on. How common is it that you have specific symptoms for two specific illnesses, but blood tests prove you have neither? It's very strange. So basically you have two people here suffering from an illness that doesn't have an identifiable source, and blood tests that don't indicate what the illness is...

I wanted to share something TD forwarded to me from a friend of his. TD sent one of his friends, someone I consider a credible contactee, a picture that was located at a website that just recently expired (I think). Here is the picture.

TD's friend responded,

Hey There Renato,
How's it going?

Thanks so much for the latest comment picture you sent me (all the different shaped UFOs in the sky). I had an alternate reality experience about a month ago where I saw something very similar, so it really surprised me when I saw the picture!

I thought that was very cool. I also purchased and watched a video from Sheldon Nidle's website, called, "Landings 101."

There was a cool photo in the video of a mass landing scenario that I wanted to post along with the pic above.

The video is basically Sheldon sitting in front of a camera, talking about the time immediately before the mass landing, and then the specifics of the mass landing from the colored lights and calming messages, to the proceeding days, weeks, and month or two after the landings.

There are a number of things I saw that mirrored what TD says he sees coming to pass with the mass landing. First, Sheldon says there will be a message broadcast to announce the imminent arrival. I believe Sheldon indicates that this message will be broadcast over televisions, radios, and telepathically (although TD includes cell phones, CB Radios, etc...).

Sheldon also says that there will be a terrific light show, but he sees it more as a byproduct of the energy manipulations necessary to maneuver and land the craft.

TD and Sheldon are consistent in saying that these craft will prevent any weapons from being used against the craft, or against fellow human beings.

TD and Sheldon also both say the government and exchange/currency systems will be removed, or abolished - except, Sheldon seems to be falling in line with NESARA's agenda of abolishing the private Federal Reserve and replacing this with a Central Bank (I've come to believe Sheldon and NESARA have recently crossed paths, but NESARA has a more mundane agenda in store after this anticipated mass landing, which Sheldon seems to have come under the influence of...).

TD says that the monetary/debt/currency system will be abolished altogether in favor of a sort of trade, or barter system.

TD and Sheldon share a vision of the truth about our race - where we've been, why we are where we are, and where we are headed - will be revealed to every single being on this planet through the use of technology.

Sheldon says in his video that we are going to be educated through the use of technology, and that it will be a wondrous exploratory process.

Both TD and Sheldon also say that we are going to be introduced to Agartha Inner Earth civilizations. Sheldon doesn't go into too much detail, except to say that these friendly inner-worlders look forward to interacting with us. TD does go into some detail about the races inside the planet.

Also, both TD and Sheldon talk about technology and craft being made available to all of us. Sheldon talks about how each of us will have a personal craft, and will enjoy learning how to pilot this craft. He seems to think it will be safe and fun.

On his own, Sheldon seemed to corroborate a startling amount of information with TD's story, and did so in great detail. At this point, because I've seen so much that supports what TD has shared, everything else is just icing on the cake.

My biggest problem with Sheldon Nidle is that he has become involved with a group with a questionable political agenda. NESARA seems to have colored some of what Sheldon sees as possibly coming to pass, almost as if he's been duped into, innocently enough, filling in some of the blanks.

My feeling is that Sheldon may be a credible contactee - he certainly has corroborated a lot of what TD has said - and with specifics - and I know that TD has never heard of Sheldon Nidle before I just recently mentioned him. TD has also not seen the dvd (although he will soon).

Aside from Sheldon, I don't know that anyone at NESARA is a credible contactee, and if they are, this may be another case of those with an agenda hijacking a credible individual, or group, as a way to fulfill that agenda. In this case, it may be to take a credible individual's claims and sully and muddy them...Time will tell...

Until we see these things come to pass, I can say that Sheldon Nidle, having not met, or read of TD's story before producing his dvd, seems to corroborate events TD sees in our near future.

I want to reiterate - and TD is in agreement - that it is not our (the human race's) intention to replace one government for another, or one banking system for another.

It is time for total truth, total independence, and total freedom. If we ask for less, then that's all we deserve, and we've learned nothing from all of this.

posted on Jul, 14 2007 @ 11:47 PM
Hey OnTheDeck !
Great Post. I smiled at the bit about the light show. I have spoken before about my dreams that I have had about them. People will be blown away.
I still remember some of the details. There were various fly overs in different types of formations at higher altitudes. That sort of grabs everyones attention at first.
The best part is the chasing and games that they will play soon after. You will get whiplash trying to follow them in the sky. We all hear reports where the craft make an impossible turn and shoot away at rapid speed. We they will be doing this x100. They will really be hamming it up. Sort of like a theatrical play even. You know little craft being chased by big craft. Little craft dissappears, then reappears behind the big craft. Real cat and mouse type stuff. The people will be enthralled as we will be treated to what these craft can actually do.
In some parts of the world the cat and mouse game will even involve the Figher Jets who are also air flying around trying to "protect us" from the visitors. The craft will shoot off and reappear when the Jets pass over. It will be totally funny.
Yeah so that is some of what I can recall. It will be awesome.

posted on Jul, 15 2007 @ 12:33 AM
How big was Noah's Boat and where did it land? Also how many KINDS of animals were aboard and what was it like to hangout with GOD for 13 months?

posted on Jul, 15 2007 @ 02:24 PM
wow onthedeck i have to say that was an amazing post, some of the things that you said just filled me with a sense o joy and truth. I cannot wait for the day when this all happens, just one thing how will we all ever get to contact one another again, i am thinking that when this happens not everyone is going to go onto ats or to td and be like hey, i will be enjoying the truth and the happenes that will be given to the planet. Oh well maybe at the concert...

Oh and onthedeck, tell td that everything you guys talked about on the radio session or the 14th was ^%*#*#& true, i mean honestly i just started college and this bull is seriously whats messed up. THe money system is what is messing up america and the world, its all about the money...keep up the great work. And the people that come out and say that the law is the law and stu like that,i cannot wait till the day when everything is corrected, i no your like me when you wanna just choke some of the politicians and economic representatives...cannot wait.

i mean money is what is rulling the world. I remeber one night i was watching the discovery channel and they did the show "air emergencys", this fed ex plane was taken over by a guy, one of the pilots onbaord and he was gonna smash it into the ground. He was stopped by the other pilots. But later they learned why he was gonna do it. You see the guy had a hard life, he was never able to make payments because o his salary, his wife left him because of the money they were not making and now his daughter couldnt make it to college becuase of not being able to pay and lets not orget about the medical bills or something. Anyway he found out that there was a hefty pension if he would ever happen to have a tragic airplane accident. So he tryed...the man tryed to kill himself so he could pay for his daughter and his family to have a nice life. This is the system of the world we live in were everything is rulled by money, it needs to stop

watch sicko it also shows you allot of stuff...sry about all the sp

watch sicko, it really shows how money controlls everything even people.

also i have a question, i have never really been religious, i think of myself as more of a spiritual person...knowing that there is a higher power to us all, but i have never been into islam or christianity it all seems as a control mechanism. I grew up in bosnia, a land that was torn apart by religion. I remember years ago when i went back i saw everything...i had bullet holes on the side of my house, half of it was destroyed by a grenade, and this was everywhere. I thought this was as bad as it got and i thought that everything was ok with bosnia,croatia, and serbia. I was wrong although i did know everyone hated serbia (to tell you the truth i dont like them either but i still wouldnt riducule them, i know that it was a group of people that did this to our countries), anyway i remember going down to croatia where i had a little home near the beach, it is an amazing place, i think of it everytime i am away but it still has its burdons. I remember being young i told people that i was bosnian, some of the kids didnt like me after that, some of them i dunno they called me a muslic...which is kind of an insult. But i grew to be freinds with other and they kinda orgot or accepted it, some of my best friends down there were croatians and they were girls and didnt give a # who i was they just liked me. I realized then that religion is a horrible system, it turns people against each other, i mean bosnians and croatians are basically the same people, and yet that tiny religious difference makes people hate each other.

Anyway aside from that when people learn the truth do you think it will be accepted, or will they still be horrible to one another.

What does jesus do if td knows, i would really like to hang out with him and maybe speak to some o the other prophits, i know everyone would to.

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posted on Jul, 15 2007 @ 11:28 PM
Hi, Cyber_Wasp, and ATSGUY!!

Cyber_Wasp, thank you for your comments!! TD says the same thing about the arrival. He says there will be "playing" in the skies. This is not a solemn, or serious event (although, to many it may be).

He said he remembers these ships moving together in formation to make pictures and symbols. The example he uses most often is of the school of fish in the movie, Finding Nemo, that move and swim together in unison to create different images.

These beings are going to do everything they can to let it be known that this is not an invasion, a takeover, or an attack.

This is going to be a celebratory event; it's going to be the beginning of eons of freedom, and an intimate understanding of our connection with each other, these beings, and the rest of the universe. It's the future.

It would be fun, however, to see what you describe. There was a show on the Discovery or History channel last night, or the night before, about Foo Fighters. These Foo Fighters were unusual, unexplained, glowing craft that seemed to be playing with fighter pilots during World War II. Are these things harmful? Are they malevolent? I say, no.

Are crop circles designed by hostile alien beings, bent on destruction of the planet Earth? There are a lot of people selling this scenario - I'm not buying it.

And anyone claiming a government or military background selling some kind of fearful scenario, all I have to say is, consider the source. These aren't likely our friends. Drug smuggling, pedophilia, deception, murder, greed, paranoia, lawlessness, Satan worship, cronyism, terrorism, control, and rape are the words that come to mind when thinking of these people; not goodwill, concern, and altruism.

For the folks who are building themselves bunkers; who ignore the pleas of their constituents; and who exploit the millions of people under their care for their own benefit, any parting words from them as they scurry into their bunkers when THEIR number is up will probably start with the letter "F" and not end too pleasantly.

I've said it before, but someone actually said that those in power who abuse the law of their own country in front of an aghast and appalled citizenry and laugh about it, feel that WE are their enemy.

The fact that this comment finally made everything make sense to me is in itself one of the worst tragedies of everything that has come to light recently. Our government has betrayed its citizenry, and the rest of the planet, in a way that will never be repaired. There is no turning back for the three-hundred million people that live in the United States, or the billions that live abroad. Ever.

To anyone who doesn't share this view - keep researching. The things that you will unearth will turn your stomach.

This last part goes to ATSGUY. I read everything you shared and it hit home. Excellent post! Thank you very much for sharing that. If you live in this country and you have a conscience, then the things you unearth, researching everything that is going on, will turn your stomach.

I'm just talking about the acts of the United States government and military. The gloves are off there. They've stopped listening to their constituents and now openly abuse the law and their own citizens, and laugh about it in their ivory towers.

To many, it may seem as though I'm making this up; that we're all making something out of nothing. Keep reading. It won't take long to hit on something that enlightens you about those in power.

For the rest of us, what can we do but wait?

The fact that there are numbers of American citizens becoming sympathetic to Iran, Venezuela (and in the case of Venezuela, their sympathy for American citizens), China, and Russia says a lot about where we feel we stand with our own government.

It may in fact be less of a case of sympathy, and more of a case of, we're just fed up with war. We are sick and tired of war. Stop it. Just stop.

We'd rather be unsure about the future and feel as though we really are a free, Democratic society, than suffer the tyranny of the militaristic branches of government, and the constant snooping and watchful eye of our government, making us feel like we're criminals.

We don't want countless innocent people in other countries to die by our military's hand just to make us feel safer - because we don't. Our government with its repeated warnings, constant observation, and recruitment of citizen "watchdogs" has made us MORE paranoid, fearful, depressed, and feeling less "free" every day.

In the case with China and Russia, it's a matter of, "Who's going to stand up to these S.O.B.'s?" Benjamin Fulford may have an answer for that.

I will say, however, that it seems equal numbers of American citizens hold a similar incredulity, if not outright contempt toward the U.S.'s ally, the UK, which has become the sort of police state that we see ourselves moving toward.

Why is it that these two countries are feeling the heat, so to speak, with regard to terrorism more than anyone else? It sure seems to be played up here more than any place else, and we are two countries that house cultures from all over the world; who can live happy and free, together.

Are we targeted because we are (were) an open free country, where people could meet others from all over the world; where people could realize their dreams? Is this what angers fundamentalists in other countries?

Or is this terrorism, the most recent event being the bombing of a federal building in Oklahoma City building by an American citizen, Tim McVeigh, who called the bombing a response to the U.S.'s own terrorist tactics against its own citizens, is this terrorism really a response to a hostile foreign policy?

This seems to make more sense than a happy, peaceful country inciting fundamentalists, and extremists to enter the country and murder hundreds, or thousands of innocents. Equally logical is that these infrequent (and suspicious) acts of terrorism, the most recent of which was perpetrated by an American citizen, are more being used as a scare tactic by our government as a means to further its own agenda of control, monopoly, and greed for wealth and power?

This is not a matter of trading freedom for security, nor is it a matter of moving into some Orwellian future.

No, the subject has moved from these more mundane matters, to the field that underlies, and composes the universe that all of these tragedies are taking place within.

Our repugnance at what we see more and more clearly every day, is the same awareness that is awakening to every thing else going on around us. I didn't want to make this all about where we are, but it's important to be aware that something is wrong to want to move away from it.

While mainstream reports (CNN, BBC, etc.) cover the political show, and the superficialities of day to day life, sites like The Allies of Humanity and Divine Cosmos are digging underneath and showing us where we really are, deep down, and where we are headed.

When these things come to pass, each and every human being on this planet is going to have a choice in their own destiny. I've learned that this will be both a group, and an individual destiny and choice.

When that time comes, then we will really start living the lives we were meant to live.

posted on Jul, 16 2007 @ 07:23 AM
Hey On The Deck !!!

If I had to describe as a word, the visions I had of the craft in the sky it would be entertainment.
The fighter jet part I remember the most. These craft were going nuts in the sky, doing their thing. People we captivated. Then in the distance you would hear a squadron of Fighter Jets approaching. These guys would split in all different directions and the Fighter Jets would fly over and the craft would reappear when the Jets had gone to the cheers of the on lookers. The Fighter Jets were not flying at super sonic speeds, or trying to attack or anything, they just seemed to be patrolling.
By the end of their aerial display there was definitely no sense of fear. People were saying stuff more along the lines of "These guys are crazy", and "I want to meet these guys".
I havent had a vision of the Landing side of it yet so hopefully I will soon.

I have a question for TD. What was the trigger for his past events to start to surface? What was it, that changed from one day not knowing, to the next day knowing that there were memories of stuff that had been burried?
I say this as I have a childhood recollections that to me seems minor but mysterious, and was wondering how I might dig deeper to see if anything did happen to me. Do you think that maybe after all these years that people may be been abducted and sort of preprogrammed for the events in the coming years? Stuff might surface in the minds all sorts of people very soon.

posted on Jul, 17 2007 @ 01:10 AM
i just want to say that i dunno, i mean i just saw this vid on youtube

do you see how the people that are interviewing David Sereda act to him, going like uhh, yea yea sure... I mean its kind of pathetic on their part its like they don't even want to even think about the possibility that there are things in this world that are like that. Man i gotta say David has some good control over himself, i tell you if that was me i would start pimp slapping those interviewers, just goes to show you how mindless people can be about things like ufos, time travel, aliens...stuff like that this site has allot of great info on basically anything big that comes out on the net about ets...check it out

posted on Jul, 17 2007 @ 08:59 PM
Hi, Cyber, independent, and ATSGUY!!

Sorry for the delay in getting answers back here. Let's start with Cyber_Wasp. In your post at the top of this page (page 57) you said,

I smiled at the bit about the light show. I have spoken before about my dreams that I have had about them. People will be blown away...

TD sent me a short response,

cyber wasp, that is some awesome stuff, I am glad that many of you are having these dreams, I wish I could remember my own when I wake, but perhaps it is better coming from people like you and The Deck, I am happy about that.

To theindependentjournal, in your post you asked,

How big was Noah's Boat and where did it land? Also how many KINDS of animals were aboard and what was it like to hangout with GOD for 13 months?

TD responded,

the answers are obvious when it comes to the boat and animals, as far as hanging with god for thirteen months, I do not know about that, I only recall meeting what I believe to be our creator or creation source the two times I think I was dead during my travels.

TD told me a bit about one of his encounters with someone whom he called God, or the creator. He said this being asked him what he enjoyed doing; what he enjoyed in life.

TD was straight forward and frank about what he liked about life, and I think it included smoking pot and sex (TD chuckled when he relayed this story to me and said it's not as though he was able to lie and appear chaste to this being)...

I don't remember a lot about this experience from what TD explained, but after this particular encounter TD was apparently needed elsewhere and the creator, or whatever you want to call "it" sort of understood TD had a job to do, or was needed elsewhere and let him go...

As far as Noah's ark is concerned, I've read a little about deluge mythology. This particular myth existed long before the Christian bible. Some say this myth was based on real events; possibly a celestial event, like the destruction of a nearby planet causing debris to rain down on the earth.

This passage is from Wikipedia,

The story of a Great Flood sent by a deity or deities to destroy civilization as an act of divine retribution is a widespread theme among many cultural myths.

Though it is best known by the Biblical story of Noah, it is also well known in other versions, such as stories of Matsya in the Hindu Puranas, Deucalion in Greek mythology and Utnapishtim in the Epic of Gilgamesh. A large percentage of the world's cultures past and present have stories of a "great flood" that devastated earlier civilization.


There is a god in ancient Sumeria mythology named Enki that is associated with the earliest deluge tales,

Enki was a deity in Sumerian mythology, later known as Ea in Babylonian mythology. The name Ea is of Sumerian origin and was written by means of two signs signifying "house" and "water". Enki was the deity of water, intelligence and creation.

According to Sumerian mythology, Enki allowed humanity to survive the Deluge designed to kill them. After Enlil, An and the rest of the apparent Council of Deities, decided that Man would suffer total annihilation, he covertly rescued the human man Ziusudra by either instructing him to build some kind of an boat for his family, or by bringing him into the heavens in a magic boat.

This is apparently the oldest surviving source of the Noah's Ark myth and other parallel Middle Eastern Deluge myths.


You'll probably find a lot on these ancient myths...

ATSGUY, TD also responded to your post about halfway down this page. You said,

Anyway aside from that when people learn the truth do you think it will be accepted, or will they still be horrible to one another.

What does jesus do if td knows, i would really like to hang out with him and maybe speak to some o the other prophits, i know everyone would to.

TD responded,

I appreciate your post and agree with you in many ways and I am glad your here sharing your thoughts.

to answer your first question,
initially people are mixed and confused and simply hope for the best but I think things are introduced in such a way it eliminates doubt.

Jesus and all the other prophets such as Buddha, Vishnu, Krishna, Mohammed and many others will take their places among us or be accessible by many or all of us. what they will do is simply continue and/or reinforce the spreading of love and wisdom to us all and finally be received with loving open arms and the absence of doubt.

TD also responded to your second post on this page, Cyber_Wasp. Your post started,

Hey On The Deck !!!

If I had to describe as a word, the visions I had of the craft in the sky it would be entertainment...

TD said,

again many thanks for sharing your dreams or visions, I believe we are all here for a reason no matter if ATS is run by the good or bad guys.

I think what triggered my memories or visions is mostly music or a feeling or an emotion that was brought out and perhaps reminded me subconsciously, for example these days I cant say how many times I think heard a song somewhere before, especially new songs that just came out.

in 1997 it basically started before I went to sleep, it felt like nightmares wide awake at first and it started haunting me every night and initially I blamed smoking weed, then I started drinking myself to sleep because I would start mildly shaking and would keep checking my window for grays and realized it wasn't the weed or the alcohol or any drug,

I would not be here now if I believed that was hallucination or a mental product of drugs, some memories are like impressions to me, almost like being branded with a hot iron that forms a scar that is easy to miss once it has healed.

not really sure how to dig for the memories, I been using questions from this thread and from The Deck to try to bring stuff to the surface.

hope that helps.

Rock on!!

Finally, ATSGUY, I wanted to respond to your last post with the links. Whipnet looks like a good site. I just glimpsed at it, but it's another to add to the pile.

I watched the brief Sereda interview you linked to also. I don't think the news anchors were being condescending; maybe slightly, but it sounded more like journalistic skepticism.

I don't know if these major media news networks would be eager to hire an anchor who believed in ufos over one that didn't; if for nothing else than concerns about perceived credibility. It's still not fully accepted or understood in the mainstream media...

That's OK. It will be soon haaha

I AM sick hearing about Roswell though. I've had enough of that incident. Move on already. There are volumes of more intriguing and compelling evidence beyond that one event. It's a waste of time.

If you are pushing the Roswell story now, after the half a century that has gone by, you really don't have any business in the field.

As far as I'm concerned there is enough evidence and compelling testimony on that case that it should either be considered case closed, or should fall under the theory of diminishing returns - if we haven't gotten anywhere reflecting on all of this after fifty years, another Roswell advocate ain't gonna get very far. Our attention is better served elsewhere.

The Disclosure Project should have supplanted and trumped Roswell as the fait accompli, if you will, of confirming once and for all this phenomena was real.

To circumvent the hours of government, military, and scientific community testimony to rehash a fifty year old event is either ignorance, or a deliberate distraction...

Thank you for your questions!! Remember your dreams tonight...

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posted on Jul, 17 2007 @ 09:20 PM
I wanted to respond to TD's answers; specifically his last response to Cyber_Wasp.

I won't usually read TD's responses before I post them here; at least not all of it. I will read a little to see who he's responding to, but it will generally go right here if I see that he's responded.

I read his last post to Cyber_Wasp above and had to comment on it. The picture that TD describes here about how he started having these memories, etc., was new to me. I'd never heard about these experiences of his in detail.

I just had to say that his response communicated the terror he felt in a very (uncomfortably) real way. What TD wrote above has an authenticity to it that I first saw in the book he wrote about his experiences.

The image of him uncontrollably shaking at night, knowing what I know about him and his story now, brings the whole experience on home to me.

Like TD said before, when you go through these experiences, you either end up crazy or dead. Fortunately, TD is neither. And I can vouch for that...

I'm just glad someone made it through all of this stuff, and thought enough to come out and share his experiences...

posted on Jul, 18 2007 @ 06:53 AM
Hey OnTheDeck!!

Thanks for the messages from TD.
It is all pretty freaky.

I went through a stage as a youngster where I had a nose bleed problem. I would often wake up with a sore nose and blood all over my face / pillow ect. If I was reading this now I would be thinking big deal, you picked your nose kid, or you had a medical Fair enough, that could be the case.

There is however, a memory that still lives with me to this day that has me wondering that happened to me twice. All it was is a brief moment in night where I felt on the edge of my consciousness, something larger than a needle being inserted deep within my nasal cavity. At that point I lost consciousness. I would not even describe it a needle but more like a thin claw. I don't remember anything before or after the incident or even being in a different place at the time. All I remember was the insertion and the pain before I blacked out and woke up sore again in the morning.
I dunno if that is a door I want to open because it can't be good. What the hell would they want with your nose? It is strange how I have kids of my own now, and none of them have had this problem. Very weird.

On a bright note I have kicked my dream retention open and I am remembering my dreams again. I have full memory of the last two nights adventures. None of them I can relate to this thread, but check out my dream posting at pornodreamz dot com for the events of the 1st
I hope to get the vision of the landing.

Finally, as I like to look at things from a different angle, I have developed a new theory from the things I have been studying on UFO's, Time Travel and the Universe, and are putting it into practice in an effort to get tangible results. I cant really elaborate on it, (cuz I will look stupid) but if it works I will post all the details.

posted on Jul, 18 2007 @ 10:33 AM
Hi, Cyber_Wasp!!

Your two dreams about the nasal invasion may point to early abduction experiences...Couldn't say for sure.

Good to see you're remembering your dreams. I checked out the site you provided a link to. Good site, but didn't see a spot there where you could post, or blog about your dreams...

I'll assume the website is an indication of the types of dreams...hahah You may get an ATS citation for linking to an adult site though...

I would never discount, or underestimate sex and its relationship to contact events, or the contact phenomena. Both TD and sleeper provide similar accounts of sexual encounters...It just makes you wonder.


I have developed a new theory from the things I have been studying on UFO's, Time Travel and the Universe, and are putting it into practice in an effort to get tangible results.

Be curious to see what you come up with...

Thanks for your post and thoughts!!

posted on Jul, 18 2007 @ 04:04 PM
I havn't tried the electrocution angle yet. The stream of parasites is slowing down a bit. I am only coughing up about 20 a day, or so. At one point it was 10 an hour for a couple of days.

Did I mention in here that I was involved in a pig export in 1997. One of the pigs died in quarantine. I was there for the autopsy. The animals lungs were full of these wormes. I asked the federal vets if that was the cause of death. They said that was a normal thing to find in most swine. They live their lives with these pests in their lungs, and sometimes the parasites move to other parts of the body to feed, if they get too crowded in the lungs.

You may be living with aliens, and you don't even know it.

I know this has nothing to do with time travel, but many people have been asking about the future of healthcare.

Our bodies have all the tools to live a ripe healthy old age. I even believe if we live right, we could easily live to ripe old ages of close to 1,000 years old. We don't need modern technology. We have all the tools right here on earth, without the technology. We just need to know what to do.

I watched Starship Troopers and to me that was our immune system fighting off diseases. I don't know why I thought that way, it was like I was being led to that conclusion.

posted on Jul, 18 2007 @ 08:05 PM
I have a question. I've been dating two strippers, will my wife find out ?


posted on Jul, 19 2007 @ 06:03 AM

posted on Jul, 19 2007 @ 07:06 AM
LOL Sorry OnTheDeck !!!
I failed to check that web site out. I just made the website up and didn't think that it actually existed
It was just meant for effect. I should have checked it 1st, but that is why I put the z on the end instead of an s. I have just had a look at it and it is fairly ordinary. Try the aliencenterfolds dot com site instead
- (Checked this time, that it don't exist)

Oh well I had better make up for my misdemeanour. Here is a link to an interview transcript with a native Terran that lives inside the earth. This Terran has The interview covers heaps of ground about our history, future and more. Is it real......hhhmmmm..... you decide.
The link to File 2 is at the end of the page which is the second interview a year later.


posted on Jul, 19 2007 @ 01:40 PM

Originally posted by JSR

i apologize for the very rude remark i made in the previous post.

can you tell me a little about the statments made by TD on his website about ATS.

thank you.

posted on Jul, 19 2007 @ 03:57 PM
That is quite interesting Cyber. I read enough to print it off so I can study it at home. Glad you are working for the common goal.

A new twist on the detox. Now there are hundreds of 1/2 -1 inch worms, the size of thin pencil lead coming out in gobs of spit. I think the big guys laid some eggs before they died. I am going to be scared to eat if this keeps up. Nine days to go, on the 35 day detox.

It is healping with all of my health problems. The end result is what I am striving for.

I do not know where some people get off, thinking the world revolves around them.

We are all in this together people. We had best learn to get along, and work together to try and make sense of all that is going on. Any one who has any proof whether this is wrong, other than your theory, please bring it forward.

There are enough of us who think there is someting to this thread and what it brings to a discussion, for it to go on.

posted on Jul, 19 2007 @ 05:01 PM
Hi, win 52, syrinx, JSR, and Cyber - and all the other lurkers, lightworkers, trolls, ET's (pref. friendly), government workers, time travelers, slouches, non-corporeal beings, and our creator!! What's going on?

I haven't had a reason lately to post, and there haven't been any sincere questions of late, but I wanted to stop in to respond to JSR's posts.

First, win 52, I'm glad you're healing yourself. Lord, I hope something good is coming out of your detoxification, because the process you are describing, no offense, is not appealing at all ahaha

It's reminding me of bad horror movies I've seen...I'm going to have to give you a warning for the dry heave factor of your descriptions...You're toeing the line...

syrinx, your question was,

I have a question. I've been dating two strippers, will my wife find out ?

I think Anita may be able to answer your question.

JSR, I can tell you're upset about something, but not having read the omitted post, I don't know why...

In your next post you state,

can you tell me a little about the statments made by TD on his website about ATS.

TD was banned from ATS several times he feels, unfairly, and is upset that he wasn't allowed to plead his case. He's an outspoken person. What more can be said about that?

What is your reason for pointing this out?

Cyber, I actually read the Lacerta interviews a while ago. All I can say is that, like everything else out there that purports to be authentic, there is probably some truth mixed in with some untruth, or disinformation in these types of releases.

I wanted to share some crop circle links I came across recently. There are a group of people that suggest one of the purposes of crop circles is to communicate instructions for building certain technologies.

There is a video called, "The Crop Circle Ship - Blueprints in the Crop Circles" linked HERE that takes this point of view. It's pretty fascinating.

Here is a list of crop circle links you might also find interesting:











syrinx and JSR, no hard feelings for the utter contempt you both hold for TD, me, or this story. The world reflects back to us exactly where we are on our journeys. I wish you both luck on yours.

It's almost August...2007 is cruising by...I wonder if we'll see any major developments before the year is out...

posted on Jul, 19 2007 @ 05:11 PM
I'd ask when in the hell are we going to get


Respond ASAP since i'm desperate.


posted on Jul, 19 2007 @ 05:21 PM

Originally posted by OnTheDeck
What is your reason for pointing this out?

no reason, just being petty i suppose. i find it ironic that he points people here to this site, and then proceeds to trash it. since i was warned about it, i will apologize for pointing it out. i cant retype what i said, thought, all i did was quote directly from his site.

it was petty, i know, ill take the warning. i let it get under my skin. im human, what can i say.

JSR, no hard feelings for the utter contempt you both hold for TD, me, or this story. The world reflects back to us exactly where we are on our journeys. I wish you both luck on yours.

i hold no contempt for any of the above. i dont believe TD. but, he has the right say what he wants. i dont, nor can i, take that away from him. its not like im sitting here bashing away on a day to day basis. i chime in every once in a while with a criticle comment. i dont think that is so bad.

and yes, our lives do reflect back on us. (sorta budda like) our ears are made to hear what our ears what to hear. our eyes made to see what the eyes want to see. i get the whole basic point. i dont see how you relate it to a few criticle or questionable comments. maybe that is how i learn in life. by asking questions...question everything....

oh well.....

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