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I’m coming clean on Extraterrestrials

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posted on Jan, 26 2008 @ 02:02 PM
reply to post by pak88

... Except I dont see any et's when its happening to me its usually in the form of someone I know, when im dreaming like they're seeing what type of info I would give out in certain situations. Those little bastards are clever indeed whoever they may be

Except on rare occasions, I usually don't see them if it is a test or what I call a "scene", but I know they are there and they are communicating to me.

I remember one lucid dream, they brought me to a small town in front of a bar in an isolated area. They told me to watch. I see a bunch of drunk bikers come barrelling out the front door and they start getting on their bikes. A young, frightened young woman was walking past by them at that instant (obviously on her way home - she was holding books in her hand) - and she began to panic around the bikers - picking up her speed to get by them more quickly. [In this dream I am mostly in the third person, but I could feel what she was feeling] Several of the bikers took offense to her and got off their bikes, and before she could pass them, they were on her stabbing her with a knife. I was fairly close and the blood actually splashed up and nearly hit my face, but ET put a sheet of white paper in front of my face, so I could avoid the blood fest - but the red spashes of blood were pretty clear on the white paper. At this point the dream felt very real to me. Then ET asked me, "What should she have done differently?". I said, "She should have pretended not to be afraid, no matter how hard it was, and even stopped to say hello, what's your name - divert their attention away from her fear and not make them feel she was rejecting them in any way". Then that was it and I woke up.

So they were definitely probing me for answers. It wasn't a test for me. I know that, because I already passed that test in real life many times. They just wanted to see what I would do in that situation. I just wonder who the girl was.

just a little footnote: the white paper they put in front of my face was curious. i think that was their way of definitely letting me know, "it was real, and not just a dream".

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posted on Jan, 26 2008 @ 04:26 PM
reply to post by chutso_ha

Hi Chutso,
I have a little trouble with that logic. I am a grown man and a bunch of drunken knuckle draggers are going to make me want to beat feet out of there as well.
If somebody had showed me that scene and then said “what did she do wrong”, I would have slapped them up side the head and said “She!? How about the scum bags with the knives?”

posted on Jan, 26 2008 @ 04:49 PM

Originally posted by andre18
At first I thought you would present substantial evidence for your claims, specifically for this ‘Milton’ character and yet you have not done so.

Hi andre18,

Maybe he's waiting for you to present substantial evidence that you dream at night. If you can take a picture of your dream world and prove it is real in this tiny limited waking state of consciousness, then you won't need proof of any miltons.

I knew one guy who died and was revived back to life. He said the sleep and dreaming process isn't similar to dying, it's identical.

You're not conscious of the electricity running your computer, or the blood flowing through your viens, or your immune system fighting unwanted intruders. Are those things unreal? Maybe one day our science will develop to the point that it can take pictures of miltons.

Remember, at one point in history if you said everything you see was actually made of tiny little particles buzzing around which actually break down to nothing at all, mere imaginings, you would have been the laughing stock of the village. Now they are considered the smartest people in society - the scientists. The problem is that they are always 200-2000 years slower in their realizations than the laughing stocks.

The ability to discriminate is a valuable and important thing though. I'm not knocking that. I can't say what sleeper says about ET is for real. I can say that if sleeper is a fraud, he's a mother f'n wise fraud and it's the wisdom that I'm interested in. The ET info is just gravy for me.

posted on Jan, 26 2008 @ 06:43 PM
Hey Sleeper !!!!!!!

I wonder if you can help me with the most puzzling mystery of the universe. That is Pens. Millions are produced all the time and yet we never see one reach the end of its life and run out of ink.
Do the Et's have a fetish for them? They are always disappearing around the office and at home. Always having to get new ones.

Also does Milton like to collect things? (Besides food) We all have a soft spot for something and collect them. What do Et's like to collect?

You have spoken often about the Utopian type planets. Taking the life forms and technology aside how does a Utopian Planet differ from Earth as in the way of plants and scenery? What would be the difference between them and some of the untouched areas of National Parks that are around the world?

Are any of the Planets in this Solar System categorised as a Utopian Planet? Which One(s)?

posted on Jan, 26 2008 @ 06:49 PM
reply to post by tommyknockers

No, Tommy, you misunderstood. My feeling is that they wanted to find out how a person should react in order to avoid a volatile situation like the fatal one she was involved in. What you are talking about, is a whole lot of other tests for everyone involved, if I understood your comment correctly.

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posted on Jan, 26 2008 @ 07:15 PM
reply to post by Izarith

Izarith, if I had known you didn't know, I'd have told you about the ultimate shipping - electronic.
But I have to thank YOU, because you are the one who gave me the idea

posted on Jan, 26 2008 @ 07:20 PM
reply to post by pak88

Not trying t be funny but that death test you speak of sounds more like a death threat.

I have to say it was highly disturbing and has given me cause to be afraid of "the hereafter", or dying. It has made me wonder if my soul is damned or what? Your thing sounds creepy, but it looks like you resolved it at some point?

posted on Jan, 26 2008 @ 07:22 PM
reply to post by sleeper

No matter the door or gate one opens we have the power to shut it if we chose assuming we didn’t sign any binding contracts

eh hum... you said before we could change the contract any time. how does one enter into a "binding contract" - in what does it constitute?

posted on Jan, 26 2008 @ 07:54 PM
reply to post by sleeper

Hi Sleeper, thanks for your answers, but I don't know if I want a Milton in my pocket yet. I like Sleeper version right now. As they say in Morocco, "shwia b'shwia (little by little)...

The chamber is pure paranormal and operates under different laws than what we are aware of in our physical world. But Frankenstein had an alien gizmo inserted to keep it alive.

Yes, I understood that there was some device wrapped around his intestinal tract and lungs to keep him alive. But he sounded fairly lobotomized. What is the purpose of this? Is it to operate the human or place someone else in it?

Pain also serves a purpose

Is the pain needed to look at hormonal responses and neuron pathways? Or is it something more psychological?

Something comes to mind here: a lot of women give birth without anaesthesia - by preference - even after their first birth. My mother said it was the most painful thing that ever happened to her and also the most beautiful and that she'd never trade that pain for all the riches in the world.

And regarding the death chamber - it sounds like you are saying i went from one life right to the next without any holiday in between - either that, or i was just visiting the ship in a death chamber as a test? why would they put me in that room if i was only visiting? more importantly, how do i avoid that place when i die??? i want the white light and the friendly relatives to come greet me and all the fun stuff. i don't want to be in isolation in a sterile place like that. i can't imagine how bad a person would have to be to end up in a place like that, unless it is Izarith
- I just had to tease you, Izarith! ;-) But, anyway, this place was so creepy i can't even put it into words.

If I ever find myself in that place again, I'm going to yell,"SSSS LLL EEE PPP PPP EEE RRRR!" at the top of my lungs. And if that doesn't work, "MMMM IIIII LLLLL *TTTT OOOO NNNN!" And if that doesn't get results, I'm going to start chanting buddhist chants ('cause I know they can't stand that!)... btw, why is that?

Good night, Sleeper, thanks again -


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posted on Jan, 26 2008 @ 10:46 PM
Hi Sleeper and others,
All the hours of my day go very quickly so Im lucky that eventually someone else asks questions that I have.

Sleeper, in a recent post you said "Earth is like grade school with many different grades. But for most it is pure prison and no learning will take place for those souls."

For those in that situation, where is the out? Do they serve their time here and then depending on past performance advance to a learning environment with hope for better things?

Please explain.

posted on Jan, 26 2008 @ 11:00 PM
Hi slepper, I have some questions.

Is it possible that some souls serve no purpose then to continuously inhabit physical bodies?

Is it possible for a soul to inhabit a physical body one time before being destroyed after death? So in other words is it true when they say "You only live once" or "you only get one shot.."

For the most part is the process by which souls enter physical bodies a systematic process where there is no "choice" or "reason" involved?

posted on Jan, 27 2008 @ 01:00 AM
Sleeper, I once heard through the grapevine that all the Grey aliens and some Nordics on earth now and before, from Orion were a abomination---and that they were trying to use earth as a soul farm, to use human souls' as a energy source, is this true? I heard this is what certain et entities said. I also heard that are two faction of et's, one wants to keep humans' dumb so they can exploit us and use our soul energy and one wants to free us or have us evolve into a higher soul. And supposedly this has been going on since the b.c. times is this true, or are those 'certain et's' trying to create propaganda? I also heard that the ones that want to exploit us (mainly Greys)are in control now.

I also heard that a big battle between both factions are near.
BTW thanks Ashtar command(I think

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posted on Jan, 27 2008 @ 04:21 AM
Hi sleeper...Hope you are fine and Milton hope he is not sneaking your refrigerator (sounds more like gremlin type of being ..hope he doesnt trasnform after the 12 am clock after eating LOL).. Anyway i think i can sahare some dream stuff..hope i dont get you bored.

You said that energy of love (center of the galaxy) where all the souls come from (most, created) well i remember a dream..strange one indeed, on it i see this pure white light energy around me...all around..then a small orb gets out of it (me), separated from it...and I float and lands on a very nice place like a wooden forest, big trees around great vivid colors, i remmeber see one guy (entity, man who knows) who comes and talks to me (dont remember what i talk)..and then all whent blank....I think this is how souls are born..more or less what happens in reality, (AM I right???)

Remmeber the blue beigns (dont know with thousands of question you can actually remember my questions and some chatting), well i didnt told you all the story about it, he actually communicated with me (they are funny little guys)..and told me i was going to be visited by many (i supouse ET's, or Spirits, people, who knows) and that I should know who is Good and who is Bad, of course i Ask him How do i know he was good or bad (well like thinking heck maybe he could be lying and its a bad guy)...and he told me that They (blue beigns???) are neutral to this matter (my own matte i think)..anyway after that i didnt remember a heck just waking up.

One thing i can tell you sleeper, he was right on the money, i have seen lots of different entities (in dream state...well i like to think i am dreaming)...of course Good ones (that they blank me out the good stuff ) and bad ones (who dont blanck out the stuff :lol

Anyway maybe i can tell you my most frightening experience that actually i felt all crumble apart..but maybe i dont want to put bad things around here..

Anyway hope you could just read my stuff...Thanx and God bless Your family ...Milton stop eating .. then you will not fit on your new bodies..haha Imagen Milton fat hahaha

posted on Jan, 27 2008 @ 06:11 AM
reply to post by Cyber_Wasp

I wonder if you can help me with the most puzzling mystery of the universe. That is Pens. Millions are produced all the time and yet we never see one reach the end of its life and run out of ink.

Hey, and don't forget all those orphan socks that disappear from the washing machine. There must be a planet loaded full of all the weird stuff they swipe!

posted on Jan, 27 2008 @ 06:24 AM
Hello Sleeper,

I thought, what the heck, I open my “Grey” basket a bit more.
This are some burning questions I have and hope that you can answer.
Thanks in advance.

This one is about our Universe.
You ones said,

“There was no Big Bang, the universe as we see it through the Hubble telescope has been here forever.”

The today’s perception of our mainstream astronomers is, and what they seeing through the Hubble telescope, that our Universe is expanding, and it looks that it’s expanding faster and faster.
Their evidence to proof that is their use of the “The Doppler Effect” what shows the so called blueshifts and redshifts exhibited by stars, galaxies and gas clouds also indicate their motions with respect to the observer.

My question is, is their view on this correct, is our universe expanding.
And if so, will this go on forever then, because as you said, there is no dark matter or dark energy that good stop this?.

This one is about cattle mutilations.
I am convinced that most if not of all the cattle mutilations are done by an ET intelligence for some unknown purpose.
Perhaps some are done by black ops, but I am not shore of that, but maybe you can answer that to.

This mutilations are as it seams, always executed with a very precise surgical operation and as witness accounts say sometime in a very short timeframe.

My question is,
Is it realistic to assume that these mutilations where / are done at the same time by some of the instruments of where you speak in your magnificent book ”In league with a UFO”.
So, that each instrument perform its own precise surgical operation.

My question is,
Is it true that it is done when the animals and very occasionally humans I must hope are in full consciousness.

Every time when I think about that, I am completely baffled.

posted on Jan, 27 2008 @ 06:45 AM
reply to post by sleeper

There is no junk DNA, some DNA is stealth by design

Actually, it seems there is new evidence that came from The Human Genome Foundation that showed that junk DNA is actually contains extra-terrestrial material (i can find the link if anyone cares to read about it).

Sleeper, any comments on the research coming forth now and where they are trying to take it?


posted on Jan, 27 2008 @ 08:58 AM

Originally posted by Izarith
Holy Molly traveling threw space is a hard thing to picture in the head..........

Yeah, it’s funny we don’t feel a thing yet our sun is hauling-ass around the hood while we go in circles around the sun chasing our tails---

About the asteroid belt is that like a fence marking the bounds of the Prison planets?

The belt has a lot of living debris in it and it serves many purposes including protecting the nest as well as the prison yard.

Humans can’t go anywhere in this solar system unescorted, not even to the moon.

And about this same dream, First thing I remember about it is two guys the only way i can describe them is as wizards. They both looked very surprised that i could see them one looked down right mad about it and the other had a funny grin on his face they did not stick around for long.

The reason I bring this up is because when I was a little kid one night I got sleep paralysis and I felt like I was being lifted of the bed the strange thing is there were two entities with me one was telling me to come that it was OK but the other was telling me not to that I could get hurt.

The two entities telling me this were Sonic The Hedge Hog and Mario from Mario Brothers.

This might sound like a joke but it was very scary for me at that age.

My questions are.....
Do ET's take shape of thing we are familiar with to communicate to us in dreams?

Sure do

Why would they be at end with each other about me (what ever is going on)?

That’s an area I can’t go into, personal curriculum

Was it a test to go on to more intense things?

Every situation opens up new doors, but sometimes we have to close doors from past lives, or the past in this life, to advance in the here and now---we are allowed to do some of that work in what we call dreams.

posted on Jan, 27 2008 @ 09:16 AM

Originally posted by Raf_50
So if you are carrying on here at Milton's request..or order..whatever. And you've passed on these kernels of wisdom to those of us that are interested.

What is the point or endgame of all of this?

It’s very simple really I’m only a shill for Milton, while I keep you all focused on this thread he is raiding your refrigerators, and those missing socks and pens, yeah he takes them too---but only the socks that are washed, he does have standards you know.

How does coming in contact with you and your story affect our lives?

I don’t know what it does for you or anyone else who reads this thread but I never need to buy pens---nor socks if he would only pair them up---Milton doesn’t get that we need two socks that look alike.

I'm assuming that there must be some sort of reason for Milton to have you come forward? Can you share those purposes?

Milton and I hope to one day rule the sock and pen empire that we are building, one sock and one pen at a time.

So there, I have come clean---Milton made me do it

posted on Jan, 27 2008 @ 09:27 AM

Originally posted by johnlear
Speaking of talking behind peoples back sleeper I am not unaware how you and Milton are snickering behind mine over smoking past the John Lear Moon Pictures thread now that you have over 6771 posts, 321,000 views and 132 flags.

John you know me, and I swear it was Milton that started snickering first, then he gave me a look and I started snickering---I really tried to hold it in cause I had just took a drink of hot coffee, now I got coffee all over my keyboard and monitor

That will teach me that I shouldn’t snicker----Nah----

posted on Jan, 27 2008 @ 09:42 AM

Originally posted by anti72
Originally posted by sleeper
The Atlantians and many others finished their work and were run off or moved off, and their operations put out of commission since they were far more advanced than the batch that was being started up ´´

where do you have his information? from the Akasha chronicles?
the Atlantian cultures were described as technically and mental ´primitive´, more elemental.

I never read the Akasha chronicles, or whatever they are.

The info comes from a deep down profound wisdom that I tap into called Milton, well, ok, maybe not. But there is this Chinese restaurant I love to eat at, and they have these fortune cookies and that was in one of them.

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