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Stargates are real

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posted on Oct, 31 2007 @ 09:03 PM
China Has Pyramids? No Kidding?

Lemme go see....

......searching.............. still looking..........

Well I'll be... they DO!!

Darn things are all over the place...

Big suckers too...

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posted on Oct, 31 2007 @ 09:45 PM
nice find zorgon =]

When i was ‘debating’ about the use of pyramid structures across the world i was told that pyramids were the easiest and most obviously structures to create hence why they are used in more places than one. Seeing as man back then was too dumb to figure out how to build anything else *sighs & rolls eyes* but anyway, each to their own lol

I guess this is relevant but what do i know? hehe

Extract from Serpent in the sky (the high wisdom of ancient Egypt by John Anthony West

Form is intimately related to junction. The octahedron or double pyramid is the most compressed or densest form. It occupies the smallest percentage of the volume that encloses it, while the sphere occupies the greatest. So the densest forms of matter, minerals and crystals, tend to octahedral or related forms; volatiles and gases expand to fill a sphere.

The octahedron is the imprisoned fire of the 'seed', the materialized aspect of the sphere, which is symbolically spirit. Among their many functions, the great pyramids of Egypt served as models of the northern hemisphere, and the choice of the pyramid shape was based upon symbolic as well as geodesic and architectural considerations.

i guess (in some way) this is also relevent to pyramids

The tetractys:-
1 + 2 + 3 + 4= 10
The tetractys , regarded as sacred by the Pythagoreans, contains within itself the keys to harmony , which in turn govern creation.
4:3 = the Fourth
3:2 = the Fifth
2:1 = the Octave
And the double octave in quadruple
ratio: 4:1
Though the tetractys as a symbol seems peculiar to the Pythagoreans , the same Number symbolism is widespread. Hindu mythology speaks of the 'Nine Cobras of Brahma', a parallel to the Grand Ennead arranged around Atum.
The Cabbala refers to the Nine Legions of Angels about the throne of the hidden God, 'He whose name is hidden' . The tetractys represents metaphysical reality, Plato's 'ideal world', complete within the framework of a fourterm system. Creation requires five terms. The pentactys represents the manifested tetractys.

i wish i knew exactly what went through the ancients minds =[

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posted on Nov, 1 2007 @ 04:26 AM
For the record, I don't believe the third eye was originally the impetus of the star gate. I don't believe the gate is a conjured device, nor a ritualized sexual manifestation. I don't believe magic opens it/closes it or creates it, at least, not in the traditional sense of magic.

posted on Nov, 1 2007 @ 05:36 AM
Hey, Beth! I'll be darned if I'm gonna go through all 75 pages of your thread. It's just gotten longer than the blooming Nile! But, heck, it seems pretty interesting! Now would you do us a favor by summarizing the main points of these Star Gates? Like:
etc., etc.

I promise I'll share that beer cask with you!


posted on Nov, 1 2007 @ 11:18 AM
reply to post by undo

Could it relate to "precession," or some variation thereof?

posted on Nov, 1 2007 @ 04:26 PM
reply to post by undo

November 1st and your still here...

How goes the "Battle with the Wolves"?

posted on Nov, 1 2007 @ 09:05 PM

Originally posted by mikesingh
etc., etc.

I promise I'll share that beer cask with you!

Alrighty then. But keep the beer!

To summarize:

Once upon a time in ancient mesopotamia, there was a civilization called Sumer. Sumer was under the control of two brothers (in some versions, in other versions it's a brother and a father). These two brothers were "Anunnaki" gods. Anunnaki is a word that essentially means "heaven" and "earth". Zecharia Sitchin claimed it meant, "Those who from heaven to earth, came." The bible reveals them to be the sons of God,, angels.

There was a third god, who was supposedly the father of these brothers. His name was Anu or simply An. He assigned the brothers to this planet, but remained up in the "heavens", himself. He's what is referred to as an otiose god.

To dig a bit further, these two brother Anunnaki were named Enki and Enlil. Enki was given credit for creating humans. Enlil was seen as the god who hated humans. However, since most surviving texts relating to that time frame, were written by Enki's priests, it's a very one-sided affair. Although there's enough surviving info from Enlil's priests to offer another perspective, these are rare.

Most who study Enki's activities, feel he parallels the biblical Satan, the "Serpent in the Garden." I agree. Enlil, on the other hand, appears to have been attributed with doing several things normally attributed to the biblical Jehovah.

With that said, allow me to backtrack a moment and discuss what happened before humans arrived on the scene.

According to the opening words of Genesis, chapter 1, the original language reveals that the Earth was not created AT THAT TIME. Rather, it was re-terraformed after a cataclysm. The cataclysm, the theory goes, was a result of something that happened to the prior civilization that was on this planet. That civilization was capable of space and air travel. It had spread out into the solar system and colonized some of the planets and moons. These were some of what would later be referred to as the sons of God, the angels of biblical texts, and even later would be referred to as the gods, themselves. They are the source of ancient historical references, in which the heavenly bodies have been given, what appears to be, metaphorical life, but were originally stories about real races of space-travelling "angels."

One more note of interest before we move on to the star gate theories: It's important to note that the angels who inhabited this planet in particular, were most likely what is referred to as reptilians or even greys. They look like a mix between the two, and come in several varieties (independently confirmed). So depending on who was doing the viewing, they might be described in any number of ways, but are more modernly segregated into "greys" and "reptilians" (and occassionally, praying mantis).

It's my firm belief that Enki was a reptilian who would later be referred to as the Serpent, Satan, the Devil, etc. The only surviving figurine from his city of Eridu, in ancient Sumer, is a grey-reptilian looking being, holding a staff of power in his hand and sporting several identifying marks that match him to several unusual verses in the bibilical texts.

In addition, Enki arrived to this planet in what can only be referred to as a floating/flying temple, perhaps an ancient description of an ufo. It was composed entirely of metal (not mudbricks): gold on the outside, silver on the inside with blue decorations. Its interior was a tangled thread beyond understanding. It glowed so brightly, it lit up the area. It roared. It hovered. It floated on the water. Its walls gave advice. It had a door that snatches a man. When on dry land, it had a connection to the Field Constellation (Great Square of Pegasus). And it had several prominent and important names, that when studied, help to unravel the puzzle of history. Let's start with the most prominent one:

The E.ABZU. This was the name of Enki's floating, flying, glowing, roaring, temple. It was situated above something referred to in the texts as the ABZU, when on dry land. The ABZU is in fact the Abyss, the Egyptian Nun. Thusly why the idea was so confusing for the translators. If the Abyss is the ocean, how is it that on dry land, Enki's temple is above the ocean. They opted to describe it as underground rivers of water. This, I believe, is incorrect. Rather, it was an attempt to describe a star gate in ancient Eridu and on the floor of the Persian Gulf.

Samuel Noah Kramer, an assyriologist who was the first to translate many of the sumerian texts, said in his book "Enki Builds the E-Engurra":

The lord of the abyss, the king Enki, Enki the Lord who decrees the fates, Built his house of silver and lapis lazuli; Its silver and lapis lazuli, like sparkling light, The father fashioned fittingly in the abyss.


Then Enki raises the city of Eridu from the abyss and makes it float over the water like a lofty mountain.


Note that it says he fashioned the temple IN the abyss. As a result of the confusion on translations of the word ABZU, and its subsequent applications, the original meaning of it was completely misconstrued. The translators decided it must be a reference to Enki building his Temple in a swampland. so the Abyss became a swampland (temporarily) and over an underground river or natural spring. So the Abyss became an underground river or natural spring (temporarily). You can see their dilemma. The real source of the problem was incorrectly applying a correct understanding of parts of the ideas. For example. they knew the Abyss was also imbedded in a reference to the ocean in some of the texts. So was it being generally used to refer to anything with water in it? Of course that wasn't the original, specific meaning, but later, it would end up that way. Truth be known, the Abyss is a specific thing, that is in the ocean and under ancient Eridu (and a few other places).

Now let's add another layer to this: Enlil's temple in his ancient city of Nibru (Nippur), was also composed entirely of metal. It was known as the E.KUR, and it also had an Abzu. In fact, its Abzu was a wide abyss which knows no horizon. And here's an important point (remember this): The word "KUR" was translated to mean "prison."

The pivotal text that explains all this is found in the most unlikely of places: the Book of Revelation in the bible. More specifically, chapter 9 of Revelation. You see, the Bottomless Pit is an Abyss, an Abzu, a star gate on what was once the floor of the Persian Gulf, and which is today, covered over by 6000 years of silt depostion from the Euphrates river. Read Revelation 9, as that is describing the opening of an angelic "prison". Yeah. The Abzu, the Abyss, became synonmous with a prison because the angels who had left their first estate and tinkered with the destiny of mankind, had been placed in a prison, a bottomless pit, and the thing had been locked up tighter than a drum. They had been sent threw the star gate to outer darkness, a place i theorize, must've been on the other side of the universe, in some remote location where they couldn't interfer with other life forms.

The star gates of Sumer can also be connected to the heavenly gates of the ancient egyptians, and most importantly, to a specific gate in Abydos, Egypt. There, based on what historians believe is a model of the original primeval mound and primeval abyss (the E.Abzu, the E.NUN, or simply Nun), is a subterranean structure known as the Osirieon. It was named after Osiris, an egyptian god, who I believe is the same as the biblical Nimrod and the egyptian Narmer (Osiris was his name after he died). (A study on this topic was undertaken by egyptologist, David Rohl, and also mentioned in a book entitled "The Giza Discovery" by Peter Goodgame)). Nimrod, who had originally tried to reopen the Abzu at Eridu (Babel), took this information with him to Abydos, where he built the Osirieon to house a heavenly gate. Abydos is a greek translation of the original word. The original egyptian word is Abdju. The dj was pronounced "z", so Abydos was Abdju and was pronounced Abzu. The puzzle pieces fall into place.

The events surrounding Osiris' death are elaborated on in the egyptian texts, the Shabaka stone, and the akkadian "Inana's Journey to the Underworld" (Inana, of course, is an anunnaki goddess who was also known as Isis). The connection between his death and the underworld journey of Inana is more than a metaphor for planetary movements below the horzon. It's a description of star gate travel. It would be the last such documented case of this mode of travel because, upon the death of Nimrod, when he would become Osiris, all the star gates were locked and buried, this includes the Tower of Babel gate, which is the same exact gate as Enki's E.ABZU gate. It's therefore no surprise when the biblical text says the Tower of Babel was a stairway to heaven. It wasn't just making it up -- it literally was a stairway to the heavens.

More in next post

posted on Nov, 1 2007 @ 09:06 PM
(continued from above)

Further reading in ancient egyptian texts, reveals yet more clues, such as the ancient egyptian version of the flood, entitled "The Legend of the Destruction of Mankind." In the story, Ra is likened to Enki's E.Abzu, with a gold exterior, a silver interior and blue hair/decorations. I believe this was because Ea was Ra and the E.ABZU was Ea's and therefore, Ra's temple. In other words, Ra is Enki. In the story, Ra goes ballistic and sends out his "Eye" to wreak destruction on mankind, which ends with it wading around in a flood of red water. Reading between the lines, one finds the gate has been personified as the Eye of Ra. References to it being the Sun, are incorrect, if this is true. It's easy to see how the ideas could be confused, however, but if you follow the trail of clues from one place to the next, the final result is a much clearer picture of who was what, what they were doing, and how they were doing it.

In addition, the Eye of Ra (the gate) was called out in the form of Hathor, who upon wreaking the destruction was known as Sekhmet. These are not meaningless dribbles of fantasy. They are heavily symbollized but very real events, involving real devices. To follow this particular trail, it's necessary to go back as far as you can in egyptian history to find the original meanings.

For example, the original symbol for Hathor suggests that Hathor never existed as a goddess but rather was a device that was personified. The same is true for Sekhmet. Time has interwoven them together until they've become a conglomerate of their original but separate meanings. I theorize they were both the same as "Bat", a goddess who was associated with the milky way, the starry firmament and symbollized as the egyptian Maqet (heavenly ladder), and the Sistrum of Hathor (a variation on the Maqet).

So why two separate names for the Eye of Ra? Hathor was the name of one of the Eyes (star gates). Sekhmet was another of the Eyes. But since they were both attributed to be the Eye of Ra in the legend, it means they were separate gates that were connected to each other and known collectively, as the Eye of Ra. Remember, there was more than one Eye on the planet. In the story, Ra's Eye was just the "most powerful Eye" on the planet. The theory is that the most powerful reference is relating to the Abzu gate that was on the floor of the Persian Gulf, the big one that Enki (Ra) originally came here threw, the same one that is called the Bottomless Pit in Revelation 9.

So why are they both mentioned if they are referring to the same gate? Well, one Eye opened, and the water came in, and the other Eye opened and the water came out -- in other words, the flood was (theoretically) water pumped here threw the star gate system, from one planet to the other. As per Zorgon's initial theory, the water on Mars was pumped here threw the Abzu gates, destroying two civilizations at once - Mars and Earth.

So what does mankind have to do with all this? I believe the gates of the Garden of Eden were star gates. And that Enki brought us threw them to Earth, we are not indigenous to Earth. What I dont' know is if we were modified so that we could make the gate trip or if the gates were modified. In the Epic of Gilgamesh, yet another star gate appears. And in his case, the trip was not possible unless the traveller was , at the very least, a hybrid son of a "god." The human population was barred from using gates after the Garden of Eden events.

The hybrids, however, could still use them. In biblical texts, the hybrids were known as Nephilim. They had several post flood names as well, but the Nephilim is their general description. It's important to note that not all hybrids were born as hybrids. Some were modified AFTER they were born. One such instance is Nimrod, who BECAME a mighty one (biblical lingo for a nephilim hybrid). Since it's my contention that Nimrod is also Gilgamesh in later stories, I had to review, contrast and compare the historical accounts of these two pivotal figures. By doing so, I found the description of HOW Nimrod became a mighty one. It went something like this:

In exchange for power, glory and all that jazzola, Nimrod/Enmerkar/Gilgamesh/Narmer/Osiris (he had a bunch of names) offered to use his influence and rebuild Enki's prior kingdom on the same exact spot,. He also wanted to reopen the gates (with Anunnaki help of course). One anunnaki in particular, took him up on the offer and, in exchange, modified him to be a mighty one, threatened his enemies and all resistance to his power, with fire from heaven and so forth. This was more than likely an account of how the grandson of Noah ended up being the Emperor of the Known World of their time and a "mighty one before the Lord." His influence is still heavily felt today, as his death signalled the beginning of egyptian death cultism.

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posted on Nov, 2 2007 @ 12:41 AM
Reply to post by undo

Wow! Fascinating stuff, Beth! You sure have done your homework! Thanks for the summary.

Originally posted by undo
The Abzu, the Abyss, became synonmous with a prison because the angels who had left their first estate and tinkered with the destiny of mankind, had been placed in a prison, a bottomless pit, and the thing had been locked up tighter than a drum. They had been sent threw the star gate to outer darkness, a place I theorize, must've been on the other side of the universe, in some remote location where they couldn't interfere with other life forms.

So is this Abyss or Abzu, what is termed as ‘Hell’? Then what or where is ‘Heaven’?

And then for a Stargate to function, it’s got to have some very advanced and awesome components/materials/hardware etc, the stuff we see in sci-fi movies. But nothing of such esoteric technology has been found as yet. Or have we? Probably kept under wraps and away from prying eyes?

I’ve heard that one of the reasons for invading Iraq was to get hold of such alien technology like Stargates which are hidden there? And that probably we do have that technology now, though still in the field trial stage?

Now, I had posted sometime ago on ATS my theory of how it all started. Star Wars! I’ll need to reproduce some portions to drive home the point. I have not gone into any details about mythological Gods and so on. Just a broad concept.

Having said that, read on…

Where are we from? How and when did we get here? How do we fit into the general scheme of things in the universe?

It’s not about our recent history, but how we may have come to inhabit this planet hundreds of thousands of years ago. Doubtless, my theory would seem pretty extreme. In the realms of science fiction one would say. But could anyone challenge it and throw it out of the window just because one's perception isn’t molded to accept that which does not sound logical?

To begin, I need say that I would be quoting from some of my threads, which I have posted earlier. And I’m going to make this as short as possible.

So here goes:

The Universe

The Universe is so huge in fact that we’ll have to play around with scales so one can get a better idea.

Let's imagine that the entire universe that we have seen in all the worlds telescopes, all the galaxies, all trillion of them, extending out 13 billion light years in every direction is shrunk down to the size of a golf ball.

If we do a volume calculation, the actual universe contains 10 to the power 60 of those golf balls! Wow, I guess we didn't shrink things down far enough, but this will have to do. So how big a volume would 10 to the power 60 golf balls fill up? Try a sphere 850 light years across! So imagine a mass of golf balls that big, and each one of those golf balls contains all the stars and galaxies that we can see through our telescopes!!

Intelligent Life in the Universe

Now in all this lets see if there’s any intelligent life in this huge universe…

For arguments sake, lets imagine that primitive life happens once in the lifetime of a trillion galaxies, and out of those only one in a trillion ever evolves out of its womb planet into a space-faring civilization. In this example then we are still left with an astounding 10 to the par 75 advanced societies - more alien cultures than the number of atoms composing planet Earth!

Again, for some perspective on such a gargantuan number, there are more advanced civilizations partying it up around the galaxies than there are atoms in every single grain of sand on all the beaches and deserts in the world, and then some.


So now we have a universe that could be teeming with millions of technologically advanced civilizations. If you agree, then read on….

Star Wars

Eons ago, a war ensued between some of these advanced civilizations. ‘Star Wars’ in the present day context. Probably this war of attrition and domination continued for thousands of years until one of the races was pushed to the brink of annihilation and withdrew to the outer reaches of the galaxy, into the Solar System.

They came in huge space ships, which probably are some of the moons in the Solar System, that bear mute testimony to this exodus. They settled on Mars, Planet X (The Asteroid Belt), the Earth and the Kuiper belt, similar to the Asteroid Belt, beyond the orbit of Uranus. They constructed vast underground cities on planets and some of their moons to avoid detection.

Then the pursuers finally caught up with them. The war continued and Planet X (probably the seat of power) was finally destroyed (which is now the Asteroid Belt). Another small planet or a large moon was destroyed which is now known as the Kuiper Belt, situated beyond Uranus. And then war finally came to Earth where the pursuit ended. Atlantis was destroyed and with it the last vestiges of an ancient but advanced civilization.

Before this happened, life on Earth flourished. Hundreds of thousands of years ago, this race that had established a foothold on Earth had artificially mutated a species of primate, which hastened the development of the human race, ‘in their likeness’. If this had not happened then we would perhaps still be thousands of years behind where we are now.

The Future

And now we as a race, descendents of that once powerful and advanced civilization, have taken that small but important step to reach out for the stars ourselves. Would history be repeated?

So that’s it! My theory. Some say it sucks! But I strongly feel it’s what actually happened. Who knows? It’s just a strong feeing! Now if we can fit your Stargates into this, then things begin to fall in place!


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posted on Nov, 2 2007 @ 04:56 AM
There are several links related to all this information, to help confirm and clarify what I've summarized here

(the first paragraph is a repeat , but scroll down a bit and there's a list of links I compiled on this topic:

List part 1
List part 2

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posted on Nov, 2 2007 @ 04:56 AM
(edited to remove because links on ATS don't work in copy and paste (something about the truncated links ....)

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posted on Nov, 2 2007 @ 04:57 AM
Glossary (to date)


Adam and Eve (the Book of)
Anunna (Anuna)
Atrahasis (The Story of)


Ba'al Zebub
Beast of the Bottomless Pit
Belt of Orion
Black Hole
Black Sea Flood
Book of Coming Forth by Day
Book of the Gates
Book of the Underworld
Book of What is in the Duat
Bottomless Pit
Budge, E.A. Wallis
Bull of Heaven
Buniy, Roman


Central America
Chariot of the Gods
Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado
Chinese Pyramid Mausoleums
Coast to Coast AM
Coffin Texts
Council of 70
Creation (the)


Dake, Finis Jennings
Daniel (the Book of)
Dark Matter
Dead Sea Scrolls (the)
Deep (the)
Devil (the)
Devlin, Dean
Djed Column
Double Crown of Egypt
Dynastic Egypt


Earth Chronicles (the)
Easter Island
Einstein, Albert
Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen Effect
Electronic Text Corpus of Sumerian Literature
Element 115
Elongated Skulls
Elysian Fields
Emmerich, Roland
Ennead (the)
Enki and Ninmah (book)
Enki and the World Order (book)
Enki Builds the E-Engurra (book)
Enki's Journey to Nibru (book)
Enlil and Ninlil (book)
Enlil in the E.KUR (book)
Enoch I (the Book of)
Enoch II (the Book of)
Enuma Elish
Evening Star
Eye of Ra
Eye of Horus


Falcon gods
Fallen Angels
Field Constellation
First Born (tradition of the)
Fifth (Trumpet) Angel
First (Trumpet) Angel
Flood glyph (akkadian cuneiform)
Flood (the)
Food of Life
Four Angels of the Euphrates
Fourth (Trumpet) Angel


Garden of Eden
Garden of God
Garden of Paradise
Gate (the)
Gates (Book of the)
Gates of the Deep
Genesis (the Book of)
German Higher Criticism
Giza Plateau
Gods (the)
God's Iron
God's Plan for Man
Golden Age of the Old Kingdom (egyptian)
Goodgame, Peter
Great Dragon (the)
Great Mooring-post of Heaven and Earth
Great Pyramid (the)
Great Sphinx (the)
Great Square (the)


Hancock, Graham
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Heavens (the)
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Hyperdimensional Physics


Id-kura river of the underworld
Inanna's Descent into the Underworld
Iraq Museum (of Baghdad)
Iron Age
Ishtar's Descent into the Underworld
Isle of Patmos


John Hopkins University
Jordan River


"K" passageway (of Seti I's tomb)
Key of the Bottomless Pit
Kramer, Samuel Noah
Krasnikov, Sergei


Laboratory of Stellar Physics (at St Petersburg)
Lake of Fire
Lapis Lazuli
Legend of the Destruction of Mankind
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Mahabharata (book)
Mars (god)
Mars (planet of)
Me (the)
Mec Tree
Memphis (egyptian city of)
Meritaten (Princess)
Middle Kingdom of Egypt
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Mount Hermon
Mount Mashu
Mount Meru
Mount of God
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Naga (gods)
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New Kingdom
Nineteenth Dynasty (of Egypt)
Nomes (of Egypt)
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Nun (the)


Old Kingdom of Egypt
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Opening of the Mouth Ceremony
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Physics: Particle, Quantum
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President of the Four Mountains
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Primeval World-Ocean
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Quantum Computing
Quantum Mechanics
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Quantum Physics
Quantum Teleportation


Rainbow Bridge
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Scorpion King
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Second (Trumpet) Angel
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Seven Birth Goddesses
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Seven Guiding Reins
Seven Sisters
Seventy Sons of El
Shabaka Stone
Shar (Sharu)
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Sixth (Trumpet) Angel
Solar Bark
South America
Speed of Light
Spirit World
Star Gate
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Stargate Program (government remote viewing program)
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Stone Age
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Sumerian Kings List


Taurus the Bull (constellation of)
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Titicaca (Lake)
Tower of Babel
Traversable Wormhole
Tree of Life
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Tutankhamen (King)
Twelve Tribes of Israel


Uncertainty Principle of Quantum Mechanics
University of Oregon


Vacuum (of space)
Valley of the Kings
Valley of the Queens
Vedic (gods)
Venus (goddess)
Venus (planet of)
Von Daniken, Erich


War of the Sons of Light Against the Sons of Darkness
Water of Life
White Hole
Wormhole Xtreme







posted on Nov, 2 2007 @ 05:45 AM

Yeah.... that sounds about right. Well, with a few modifications.

I don't think the fossils they are attributing to "cave men" are any relation to homo sapiens. I think they are various forms of reptilians. This planet belonged to a race of reptilians whose society had space travel, wormhole technology and civilizations on other planets, in and out of the solar system.

The earliest known statues from the earliest known civilization (Sumer) are all reptilian. There was no "human" mother goddess culture before the rise or advent of homo sapiens on this planet. There may have been a mother goddess culture, but it wasn't human beings.

The Trouble with the "Earth Goddess" statues and the paradigm that the planet was matriarchal at one time:

According to translations of sumerian cuneiform, the word "Anunnaki" meant "heaven" and "earth". Heaven was "An" and Earth was "Ki". As a result,
Anunnaki has been thought to mean, those who from heaven to earth came (Sitchin, Earth Chronicles), as well as the infamous Genesis 6:2, when the sons of God, the Bene Elohim, came down to the Earth and took wives of all that they chose. And the Book of 1Enoch reference to 200 Bene Elohim, the Watchers, landing on Mt. Hermon during the days of Jared, and taking human wives and teaching them "civilization" (culture, music, the arts, religion, herbology, and of course, astronomy and astrology).

Anyway, the impression you get is that before the arrival of the Bene Elohim, humans had no culture, no sculpture, no goddesses, just surviving in the environment. So what of the goddess statues? I have a theory that they are not human statues.

For example, this little beauty:
She has no head. But someone decided to give her a fake head, later on, a fake human head.

Could it have went the same way this poor head went? (filed down to a point so the features were unrecognizable?):
Check out the patterns on the skin. Those are scales.

More odd "mother goddess" statues

Where's her face? Looks like its been removed

And now the sumerian reptilian statues:

There are no statues depicting human beings prior to about 2800 BC.

They all look like this guy
and if you look closely at the image, he has a single fang sticking out of his mouth)
And has six fingers

It's my theory that statue depicts Enki / Ra / the biblical Satan.

Therefore, i disagree with your theory that we were created from cave men. Lizard men, maybe. Notice how the lizard people linked above, have mammalian features. Those could potentially be "hybrids" , nephilim..

Michael S. Heiser did a study on the topic of "the serpent in the garden." He concluded, based on the original language (he's a scholar of ancient hebrew), that the word "serpent" had been somewhat mistranslated into english, and that the serpent was a shining reptilian bipedal being. The word seraph (and therefore "seraphim" (angels)) derive from this same place. A seraph is singular for seraphim and is translated to mean "flying fiery serpent" in some instances! (hrm, flying serpent....isnt that interesting?) A seraphim is another way of saying cherubim. So the angels were reptilian in some instances.

posted on Nov, 2 2007 @ 06:20 AM
(addendum to my post above: When it says "came down to Earth", it doesn't necessarily mean THIS planet. To the ancient hebrews, earth was anything below their feet. To them, "earth" was "land". In fact, the reference of "taking wives of all that they chose" may have been the first known example of "Alien" abduction. Consider this possibilty:

Genesis 6:2 and the 1Enoch references may have been overlays of the Garden of Eden story. The story is told, then it is told again with more or different details. This could help unravel the strange morass regarding the "fall of humanity" in the Garden of Eden. Who was first lead astray by the serpent? Eve. What happened when she was lead astray? She gained knowledge, the knowledge of the gods. What was that knowledge? Civilization, as described by 1Enoch, where the angels, the Watchers, came down to "earth" and took wives of all that they chose. In this instance, Eve is the entire group of human females who were abducted.

the garden of Eden wasn't on this planet, at all, theoretically, of course.

posted on Nov, 2 2007 @ 06:14 PM
Wow thanks for all that information, this confirms even more in my beliefs about stargates existing. And undo who do you honestly think is in possesion of a stargate? government? agencys? still buried? etc.

posted on Nov, 2 2007 @ 07:18 PM

Originally posted by Achiro
Wow thanks for all that information, this confirms even more in my beliefs about stargates existing. And undo who do you honestly think is in possesion of a stargate? government? agencys? still buried? etc.

I'm not sure. The big one that was at one time on the floor of the Persian gulf, called the Bottomless Pit in Revelation 9, is the one to worry about.
It's the same one Enki/Ra arrived here from, according to the sumerian texts. So they could've found other ones, but as long as the big one stays buried or undiscovered or unused, I'm theorizing, that the planet will be safe. It sounds crazy, but it ties so many ancient texts and concepts together, i've lost track.

posted on Nov, 3 2007 @ 12:05 PM
reply to post by undo
OK, I've got 2 theories here:
Please feel free to correct me at any time.

1. In "X" years technology or military tech if you will, discovers the dreaded Stargate, under water, wherewith all hell is opened up.

2. In "XX" years, earth's climate continues to melt the Polar Ice, which then causes our climate to plunge into a disastrous Ice-age. The sea levels fall. Wondrous discoveries are made below former sea levels by remnants of mankind that find a way to live in the extreme cold. Then one day a group of forager's discover this incredible Abzu. It is somehow opened and hell opens up & puts on sale.

The Dead Sea is 1286 ft. below sea level, the lowest point on Earth. Speculating that Ice Age sea levels would drop present day sea levels approximately 80-90 feet... Weather patterns would be drastically altered, barometric pressures... Hey, could any of this be in the works? Just ideas here. Your call.

posted on Nov, 3 2007 @ 02:59 PM
Due to my lack of contribution to this thread i hope this may be of some use and interest.

You can download the interview either in video format or audio file from here.

i suggest that you view the other interviews on this site as well, i have only seen 10 mins of the interview with Dan Sherman and all i can say is my god!
here is an extract from the stargate interview, it feels like im either dreaming or reading something from a movie lol

K: Are we able to know how many man-made Stargates there were on the planet?
D: No. I'm not going to comment as to the total. I will say that there was over 50.
K: OK, that's what I was wondering. So the Looking Glass has an ability to show one the future but a Stargate, or, you know, equipment that accesses a Stargate, or a wormhole, is for time travel? Right? We're talking about two different things?
D: Yes.
K: Are they using the same technology?
D: Essentially, yes. The original device was the Stargate device. That was then increased in power, if you will, with the use of these field posts. How it bumped up the power, how it stabilized it, I don't know. You'd need to speak with a physicist about that.
K: It increased it enough to where that it became a Looking Glass?
D: Well, no. No. No. It would be pumped up in power to stabilize the “doorway,” if you will, to step through into another location, which in essence, because distance and time are relative, the same thing - step through into another time. The Looking Glass device is a back-engineered Stargate.

posted on Nov, 3 2007 @ 03:03 PM

Originally posted by DREAMING MAN
reply to post by undo
OK, I've got 2 theories here:
Please feel free to correct me at any time.

1. In "X" years technology or military tech if you will, discovers the dreaded Stargate, under water, wherewith all hell is opened up.

2. In "XX" years, earth's climate continues to melt the Polar Ice, which then causes our climate to plunge into a disastrous Ice-age. The sea levels fall. Wondrous discoveries are made below former sea levels by remnants of mankind that find a way to live in the extreme cold. Then one day a group of forager's discover this incredible Abzu. It is somehow opened and hell opens up & puts on sale.

The Dead Sea is 1286 ft. below sea level, the lowest point on Earth. Speculating that Ice Age sea levels would drop present day sea levels approximately 80-90 feet... Weather patterns would be drastically altered, barometric pressures... Hey, could any of this be in the works? Just ideas here. Your call.

That's interesting.

The timeline is kinda important in figuring this out. When I realized THAT, I went in search of some way to correlate the events with one another. I did this by using signposts, such as the arrival of humans, beginning/end of Sumer and the beginning of Akkad (which correlates with the beginning of post flood Egypt, post flood India and post flood China). The following is a basic timeline (so far and subject to change):

All the way back to the beginnings of this planet to 5300BC

5300 BC to 4000 BC (this is very non-specific)

Pre-Dynastic Egypt
5100 BC to 4000 BC

Signpost: Humans brought here through the Abzu gates, which number 7 (theoretically)

Signpost: Sumer/First Dynastic Egypt/First Imperial China/First Vedic Period
4000 BC to Flood (3000 BC give or take a century)

Signpost: Akkad
2900 BC to 2000 BC

The Second Imperial China
2900 BC to 1911 AD

The Second Dynastic Egypt
2500 BC to 30 BC (give or take a century or two)

The Second Vedic India
2500 BC to ?

During Sumer, Eridu (Enki's city) was on the coastline of the Persian Gulf. Since then, the Euphrates river has laid down an additional 69 miles of coast, causing the city of Eridu to be 69 miles further inland than it was during Sumer.

According to Revelation 9, there are angels bound IN the Euphrates during the time of John's vision. Whenever the biblical texts refer to angels being bound, it's always in the bottomless pit, with the exception of that one mention of them being bound IN the Euphrates, which just so happens to be in the same chapter as the bottomless pit anyway. Therefore, the reference to the 4 angels bound in the Euphrates is talking about the same thing as the bottomless pit reference in that same chapter.

So consider this:

The big Abzu (the big star gate, the bottomless pit) was off the coast of Sumer and since then has been covered up by the Euphrates river silt depostion --- that 69 miles of additional coastline. And since Revelation 9 says 4 of the angels who had been bound were bound in the Euphrates, perhaps the Euphrates is the current , modern day location of the big Abzu, the bottomless pit.

The angel that comes down and unlocks it is named Abaddon and Apollyon.
The Abaddon reference gave me an idea, and I did a bit of research and found a place, smack in the middle of the Euphrates river system, called Abadan. It's an island on which an entire US military installation exists, and which wars have been fought over, between Iraq and Iran in the last 50 years or so. And it is indeed, within that 69 miles radius of the additional shoreline.

[edit on 3-11-2007 by undo]

posted on Nov, 3 2007 @ 07:11 PM
Undo quoted -

The Abaddon reference gave me an idea, and I did a bit of research and found a place, smack in the middle of the Euphrates river system, called Abadan. It's an island on which an entire US military installation exists, and which wars have been fought over, between Iraq and Iran in the last 50 years or so. And it is indeed, within that 69 miles radius of the additional shoreline.

How very convinient that a military installation exists here if this is in fact a "possible" location of the stargate? Be interesting to know which groups of the military are involved/stationed at this base?

Anyway, in addition to the theory posted previously about the "bottomless pit" stargate that possibly brought water over from Mars to earth, thus causing the big flood, may I expand on that theory and possibly say that this bottomless pit may in fact be a saviour to us with the world warming up (regardless which way, global warming or increased sun activity) in that if the earth ice begins to melt dramatically and the world oceans begin to rise, could we, or the powers that be that 'might' have control of the stargate, open it to send the excess water back to Mars possibly?

This would help Mars to re-flourish and the civilisations that are there (although disputed by some) to come back up to the surface again?

And if the stargate brought water here from there, then what are the possibilities that there may be one working now in the US under the Great Lakes?

Two years ago, the Georgian Bay Association released a study that claimed a 1962 Army Corps dredging project accidentally created an ever-increasing erosion problem on the bottom of the St Clair River, the main outflow for Lakes Michigan and Huron.

The result during the past few decades was the average loss of about 845 million gallons per day from the lakes, according to the study, which warned that the riverbed erosion would only get worse if something was not done to fix it.

Recent measurements analyzed by the group claim the amount of water lost due to erosion is now triple the initial estimate, resulting in the loss of an average of 2.5 billion gallons of water each day from Lakes Michigan and Huron, which are actually one body of water separated by the Straits of Mackinac.

Now the above story coupled with military project involvement, and the theories previously mentioned, one could assume that the US, somehow, brought a 'stargate' device back to the US, and to keep it hidden put it under water and possibly even had the ancient texts mentioned by Undo in regards to the bottomless pit and water transfer by others and the like..........

could they be using it for something now?

or am I looking into things too much and trying too hard to connect the dots when there aint enough dots to connect?

Love the topic, have been following it on and off for ages. keep it up guys

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