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You can know Your Guardian Angels Name!

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posted on Feb, 9 2006 @ 09:49 AM
Do you think people of other religions have the angel(protectors) bonus too. Or just those who go to church and read the bible? Because I am not religious but I tend to believe there are guiding forces and that there is more to life than just the physical. So is there an angel watching out for me? Do you think if I asked for a name someone would answer?

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posted on Feb, 9 2006 @ 10:20 AM

Originally posted by librasleep
Do you think people of other religions have the angel(protectors) bonus too. Or just those who go to church and read the bible? Because I am not religious but I tend to believe there are guiding forces and that there is more to life than just the physical. So is there an angel watching out for me? Do you think if I asked for a name someone would answer?


Yes! I believe they would certainly look out for you too librasleep. People call angels different things, guardians, guides. People call God different things, Great Spirit, Divining Force, Higher Power, Buddha, etc. I believe Heaven is different, (my girlfriend who died was a Christian so for her there was no other place to go but tradional Heaven, but I think Heaven may be more like how is was show in that movie 'What Dreams May Come' a lot of different options to add to that) It would take shape according to what the person believes, that is what they will find in the afterlife. Some believe in reincarnation, some believe in another plane, some believe they will become part of the wind and their thoughts/wills will fly around the earth and all space and time. I believe there is power and help in elemental things also, like the air. I respect peoples rights to believe in whatever they choose, and I look more at how nice the person is and how they treat/help others. I think God does too. I think that is how someone is valued by Angels and Guides...I think they are here to help us find the best person we can be in ourselves, and to help us survive long enough to do that.

Personally, I don't follow any one particular religion..I am more ecclectic. I believe there is a God or Goddess...(the sex of the define being probably doesnt matter or exist). I believe in psi and electrical phenomenon and things that work and things I have experienced. I do believe that the force should be good, although there is power in a negative force, but to use/seek negative forces will eventually eat away at the seeker, and will harm other people and the world. I am not sure how to define my 'helpers' as they are voices (have seen one that looked like a young man in plaid shirt wings) who have warned and helped me, they are like very much like Angels, but if I called them Guides, would they correct me?

All life is important. The power of the universe will not penalize you for believing a certain way. You are connected to everyone no matter what they believe and we are all connected to you. So, you can't be singled out and denied. It would be like cutting the arm off a body.

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posted on Feb, 9 2006 @ 10:59 AM
I believe I have seen the Angel OF Death if there is such a thing. I have seen it two times in my life here is my story. When I was walking through my town last year one night I was going past my friends place and it was some what dark but still some street lights so you could see. I have very good night vision aswell so I don't miss anything not even a silent cat. Well just as I passed his house to my left I saw what appeared to be a person standing there about 15-20 feet away in his side driveway and I thought it was my friend at first. When I glanced over at her(i think it was a female) I instantly got chills up my back and my hair stood right up. I noticed 'she' appeared to be wearing a hooded cloak almost like a Jedi Knight from star wars but the figure was dark black darker then the night even I couldnt see a face eyes or anything. And just as I yelled out to it "Hey who is that" it disappeared right into thin air!! Not even a movement just POOF it was not there and I didn't take my sight off of it for a second out of the 3-5 seconds I saw it I know it was there and it wasnt my imagination and heres why. The very next day I wake up and my grandfather tells me "Adams mom died last night in a car accident" and right at that second my sighting came back to my mind and it clicked that whatever it was knew where her son lived and was there before anything even happened.

The second time I saw something like this but not as long was the night before my grandfather died(r.i.p.). I preyed to my god alot during those times that my grandfather was suffering and I just wanted god to end his suffering even it that did mean his mortal life would be over soon. I was at peace with it but I knew I would miss him very much. Heres what happened I was sitting on my computer I dont remember what time it was exactly but I was the only person home. I felt a presence in the room and as I glanced to the left behind my shoulder there it was again a black shadowy figure with no facial features or nothing less then 5 feet away from me! As soon as I stood up and was about to start panicking it just vanished once again. This all happened very quickly aswell but I never took my eyes off of it this time either and it just vanished. The very next day I heard my grandmother crying as I woke up and already knew why they came the night before..

posted on Feb, 9 2006 @ 04:11 PM
Deeply excellent post, I hadn't even read your answer before I wrote the last post! Amazing how we are one on one with many things! Also I agree totally with your answer to Libra's question! Yes we all are One, and if only one goes missing, it is like a Body missing a hand or foot! Thank You Deep for your ongoing posts and sharing with us all, it means a lot to me, you inspire me every day when I come on to read my thread! You All do!
It shows me & us we are not alone in how we feel!

Libra Hi, of course your Angels are there with you! And Yes, just ask, keep asking until they give you their name or names! Some have One some more! It's nice meeting you and Thanks for your post! Keep us posted, and let us know if anything happens!

Amazon Hi
Awesome story, & Scary too! Maybe that Angel was necessary for you, so that you would be more prepared? If it only made matters worse, than by all means bind it cast them out! But I wasn't get that from what I read!
That was truly amazing, By the second time, I'm sure it was more scary than the first, since you probably knew what was coming! Sorry for the loss of your loved ones by the way! But like you said you know they are not suffering anymore! That is most important! We will someday see them again! Just knowing that helps us to carry on with what we are suppose to do!
But I will pray you won't see him again anytime soon! Well Thanks Again for Sharing!

EDIT...Conspiracy Hi
I had made a post to you before, but when I pressed the post button the page went blank and I lost it, so sorry for the delay on greeting you! By the way I too love the X-Files and great Atrium! That is what one call the pics right? lol Kinda new and oh don't mind me!
Anyhow, I know what your saying, Deep said a lot that I agree totally with, but I will add that your not alone in how you feel! I'm not surprised my post didn't get posted was a pc failure or something, because was very important what I had written to you! But I'm remembering so this better get posted this time lol
Anyhow, this is a great site to visit and also
you may want to check out Montauk their is a lot there too that will answer a lot of your questions! Oh and sorry if this gets posted twice! But I don't see the first post to you listed!
See the enemy either greys/ evil beings whatever, they do not want us to be happy foremost! They especially if we believe in God, is out to destroy our Faith! If they can do that they have succeeded! Let me state, well I've said this before I think, but its important, " Our Words Are Power" we have the Power to create whatever we want! I mean stop and think for a second, We Came From God! So if you believe in God, Oh I totally respect your belief if you don't, but if you do, you have the power. Like it says in Bible - " He Gives You Power To Tread On Serpents & Scorpions And Over All The Power Of The Enemy!" So what I'm saying is to take back your land! Meaning, Command the evil to go, then cleanse the land. Commanding your Angels, & Warrior Angels to be in your Home, Land etc!
See how much the enemy didn't want you to know this, this is the 2nd time I write to you Conspiracy on here, hopefully this time it will post!

Oh and the other Scripture I found useful was " He Will Cause Them To Act Like They Should" I love that one! I see a lot of fruit from that, especially when my world is topsy turvy with the ones that share my space lol!
It's not easy, sometimes one has to command, & cleanse numerous times, but if you don't succeed try try again! That ol saying is around for a reason lol! It does work, I know sometimes were so tired from always battling, but thats when we need a little Holy Anger to help us! Notice I said Holy lol
We need to take back what is rightfully ours! And you know what, together we can help each other to do this! Because were all connected, when one hurts everyone hurts the Bible says! Well I pray this helps, let me know Conspiracy! I care.... Angel

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posted on Feb, 9 2006 @ 04:47 PM
Hello Again

Libra, as I was praying, this was important so I had to do another post!
Oh your going to receive a lot more from your Angels than just a name! They have been waiting for this door to open with you for quite some time now!
So don't get startled too much, lol when you not only Audible hear their names, but see them! Yep, with you I felt ever so strong, that they have a Message they have been trying to bring forth! It could come in the form of a dream, I'm not positive how they will, but to me the dream seems the more likley hood! Then again they can easily write a message on paper, I've seen them do that too! Either way, they will make themselves known, and clearly too! All for very good reason! Awesome You Will Be Blessed!
Let Me Know..... I'm all excited for you now! Good Day to You Angel

posted on Feb, 10 2006 @ 02:12 AM

Ok, I have never been to heaven in my dreams or whatever, but I know that its not what anyone thinks it is. Maybe. if what you said is real, then I am wrong, but, I think we get reincarnated. What this has to do with angels is that they exist, but they only help people reincarnate and go to heaven.

Recently I have been having this reincarnation dream thing. Of when I used to be someone else. I used to be a girl I guess, lol thats weird but thats what I saw. All I can remember is that I was really rich and everything else I remember is green grass and strawberries, huge backyard with green grass, and sitting on some bed about to die. Actually I think I was dieing.

I don't no If I believe in all this religion stuff. I just don't know what to believe right now.

posted on Feb, 10 2006 @ 03:34 AM
Hi Consipiracy,

I believe what I saw/astral traveled to was real, because of the quality of it and because it didn't feel like a dream at all. And also how intense and logical the places where that I went to. I mean it seemed so logical to me when I was at the 'Before' place that my friend would need a place like that to recover before she moved on...especially since she died a horrible death from cancer and also had some bad relationship/parental abandonment issues. She really came back to talk to me about her baby, not to take me to the Before place. But, as a favor I asked her if she would take me to where she had gone to, and she thought about it and said "I am not sure if I am supposed to do this or not, but sure why not!"

However, let me stress that this would be my friends version of her heaven, and my dogs version of her heaven. I went where they took me to. As I wrote earlier I think Heaven or the Afterlife will be whatever you want it to be or whatever you need it to be the most. Although, until I die I won't know for sure what it will be for me, no one will.

Let me explain. I also am leaning toward believing in reincarnation. I think one life may not be enough for everyone, especially baby's that die without having a chance to live, or people that have made mistakes in this life and need to come back for another chance to improve, etc. I am a fan of Psychic Ruth Montgomery's book 'A World Beyond' a book on reincarnation, which deals with her communication with people who have moved on to the afterlife. She says people do not have to reincarnate they can stay in the afterlife and slowly improve themselves, but if they do reincarnate themselves they can learn their lessons much faster here on the earthly plane and move forward towards the end goal which is to become part of God him/herself. As she explained in her book God sends out bits of himself (like cells) and that is us, he sends us out pure and good like He is and then we have to go through life and be tested, and if we are corrupted then we have to go through a lot to be made pure again so we can return back to the God body. I suppose it is Gods way of improving himself using us, to make himself even more perfect and more real. But then it is a way to really make us participate in and own our own piece of the afterlife too.

I am not sure what to believe about things either, I am always searching...but it's a good book. People do chose to come back as the opposite sex especially people who needed to learn how the other sex feels. Ruth says a person comes back to learn, whatever they feel would make them more whole. Some people come back as people with handicaps or choose a poor family or come back as different races according to her book.

I have almost died several times and have had near death experiences and not one of them has been the same. So, I really dont know what will be waiting there for me. Some of my near death experiences were good, one was creepy with shadow people, and one was mathematical. I think it helps that when a person dies that they are in good standing spiritually, and you are right Angels and Guides can help us with that.

Sorry about your Grandmother Consipiracy. I know how hard it is to lose a loved one. I believe she will be around you, and not right away but maybe in 3 or 6 months after she is settled, she will send you a dream to show you how she is doing, especially if you ask her for it before you go to sleep. You will never forget her, and when you find yourself thinking of her at funny times just right out of the blue, thats because she wants you to. She is not gone, she is just changed.

posted on Feb, 10 2006 @ 04:17 AM
I do not know the name of my guardian angel, and I don't need to know. It won't make any difference. I guess it would be cool to know though.
Anyway. I've been aware of my guardian angel for as long as I can remember. I've never seen him, but time and again realised after some sticky situations that I was looked after. Hmmm... I can't really explain it, and I have no evidence of his existence. Just this knowing that he is there looking after me in God's name. There is not a single drop of doubt in my mind!

I have respect for Rowdyroddy's opinion, but his opinion holds no ground. The amount of information and references in the Bible clearly shows us that there are in fact angels doing the work of God... Angels and their interaction with humans appears throughout the Bible, from Genesis right through to the Revelations. Why would God suddenly stop using His angels?
And with all due respect God is the Almighty One, but logistically it just makes sense to have a magnitude of Angels helping with the day-to-day run of the Universe.

And then Rowdy adds that God does not communicate with humans... Excuse me?! God very much communicate with humans in a multitude of ways. That's what makes Him the living God. If I wanted to pray to something that doesn't interact with me I might just as well pray to a tree outside!

And then it gets better...

one of the biggest and i mean biggest tricks of the devils is to make you think there is an afterlife, that the dead still exist and can communicate with you. This is a big lie. the bible says of the dead: "the dead are concience of nothing at all" "from dust you were born and to dust you shall return" This false lie that the dead still live in spirit only manages to cheapen our human life. cheapen it into thinking life is not that valuable but the real gem waits after you die.

Riiight... Exactly what Bible are you reading? What is the point of you having faith if there's no afterlife? In my Bible it clearly states that God gives Eternal Life. I'm not saying that the dead can or cannot communicate from the other side - that I don't know - but one thing is for sure, and that's that "the dead" are very much "alive" on the other side!

Sorry... Everyone did their best to avoid the whole religious debate, but I just needed to clear up that Rowdyroddy has no idea what he is talking about if he is using the Bible as reference. (And he should get his Caps Lock and Shift keys fixed…

Excellent thread Angelwings!

posted on Feb, 10 2006 @ 07:31 PM
First I will Answer Gem

Amen to what you said! And nice to meet you! I agree whole heartedly! I wasn't going to indulge in the Religious Debate though, since that could carry this thread on and on and on to something I would rather not have on here! So I say, If that is what he chooses to believe So Be It! I just know everyone will be given the opportunity to See, Hear, & know the Truth before one dies! Then they can either accept it or reject it!
This Thread here, if we could please try to keep it about Angels! It is very important to me to hear post related to that! I understand how easily topics can change, that is why I didn't try to correct His viewpoint, on no afterlife and no Angels!
Thats His Personal Belief Like I said!
This Site, I want to keep as Uplifitng and Positive about our Angels and their Mighty Work they do for Us!
Their are so many sites that have so much negative talk, and depressing attributes and so on! This one I just want to keep it on our Angels, so that when one leaves here one can feel uplifted and Blessed!
But I do know it can be hard very hard, not to also express our view points especially when one is expressing theirs which is different lets say! But lets try and leave that for another Thread Please, Like I posted much earlier! Thank You So Much Everybody for that, it would be very much appreciated!
Anyhow Gem, have you had any Angel experiences that you can share? Would love to hear if so! Angel

Wow pretty amazing! Did your Angels attribute to your obe & taking you to heaven, or was it like being lucid first, realizing your dreaming and then gaining control, then meeting your loved one - and them taking you to heaven?
Please if you would share step by step on how you achieve that first hand?
And do your Angels Assist you?
Very Interesting anyhow you and what Conspiracy have said! Would love to hear more! Amazing and oh you sure have been through a lot! I would say your one very special important person, That your Guardian Angel is very much so keeping you safe! Awesome indeed! & Thanks for sharing!

posted on Feb, 11 2006 @ 05:21 AM
Hiya Angel!

Well thanks again for the kind words I think you are a very special person too because your Angels have been keeping you safe so many times, and I can just tell you are. And as Gem said "Great Thread"!! This is a very interesting topic to me and it looks like to many other people. It kind of ties a lot of Psi experiences together. I know Angels and God have been involved in helping me so many times and leading me to so many different experiences that is difficult for me to say what things are just attributable to Angels alone. Also, I know many times they have probably helped me just a little bit to get me where I needed to be..maybe just slowed a bus down a little so I could catch it, so I could to a job interview on time, things like, and I never even knew it was them.

I have been hesitate to tell you this because after all the people talking about the an Angel named 'Michael' that if I did tell you it, you would think I was just very suggestable and only saying it because all of you did.

But I did think back to that time many years ago at Lake Mead. And when I was resting on the top of the mountain with a sagebrush behind me looking out over the lake at the searchboats and shivering from the cold. A voice said clear as day to me "I am Michael". And then he said "You are too cold here, it is time to move on. Don't worry I will be with you." And that's why he didn't tell me again when I almost fell into the pit who he was because he had already told me hours before. And that's why although I had forgotten a lot of details of that night, I always felt like it was a Guardian Angel helping me.

When I heard the voice...I thought hmmm...because it was so clear and real, and even with having come through what I had just came thru with the swimming and hypothermia and all, I was young and with my ego I
thought I done that all by myself. Years later I know that with being exposed to the water & elements that long I could not have done it myself. I also thought it was such a strange thing to pop into my head that at the time I thought I was just a little crazy for hearing it, and didnt know where to mentally file it. Anyway your thread and your stories and some of the other posters remarks helped me dig into my latent memories, to remember that, so thanks! I was meant to come here also it seems.

Well, with the first one about my friend Sherry. The dream started out a little like a dream right at first. And then it kept getting more and more intense and vivid. In my dream I went to the office building where we both had worked together, and I got on the elevator. I was all dressed in office clothes. I pushed the button to my floor and when it got to my floor the elevator wouldn't open. I looked at the panel trying to figure it out. Then I noticed something wierd there was an extra floor button/floor at the top. I heard someone say go ahead push that I'll meet you at the top!

I did and when the door opened there Sherry stood. She gestured for me to get off the elevator with a sweeping arm motion. So I did with my mouth wide open. Then I could feel radiating energy coming off from her, and she was so white and sparkly, too. And she looked younger and beautiful and happy. And I felt very cold and started shivering. She said with her mind "Don't be afraid, it's just me...let's go talk in the conference room". I said "But you are dead, are you a ghost?" And she said "Yes sortof, but I am still me, your friend Sherry so just be happy to see me".

And we went into a conference room which was all white, chairs, table everything. I asked her "No seriously...Is this real or am I just dreaming?" And she laughed and said "No, it's real...well ask yourself, does it feel real?" I said yes and I asked "can I touch you?" And she said "sure, I bet you're afraid you will go right thru me, aren't you?" And I touched her and she was solid and on the way I felt enveloped in her aura, she had an aura of light around her. It warmed me, I could feel how much she loved me as her friend. She was totally forgiving of all my b.s., and I knew she knew about everything I had ever done now but didnt care.

The story of Sherry and her baby is a story in itself. The story of how she sacrificied her own life and refused chemotherapy so that the baby no one knew she was carrying but me and her old neighbor Charlie (I thought I was the only one she told, I didn't find out about him until she came back to visit me), would live. She had stayed alive long enough to deliver him, and she had let all her other visitors to the hospital believe she had a tumor in her stomach and that is why it was so large. In that full story itself, is the story within a story of yet another Sherry and another tale of how this other Sherry was also saved by Angels, after her mother had been brutally murdered, and how later she in turn was told by God that I was in trouble and she came and saved me just in the nick of time. Our lifes the 2 Sherry's, Sherry's Husband Bob who had known me when I was young and I knew his family, and then his first wife Sherry who had saved me, and then years later the second Sherry brought us all together again when she came into work one day with his picture and said "look this is who I am dating now... the deacon from my church" and she showed me a picture of Bob. And so many coincidences, after that, that I really should tell the whole story from the beginning. And if you like I will but I still havent answered your first questions.

Sherry told me she had received a special temporary pass to come from the Before place and visit people so she could ask for help with her baby. She told me then that her baby boy was out of the hospital and staying at her neighbor's Charlies house, but he was a very old man (in his 90's) and he couldnt care for him much longer. *I went to visit him and confirmed this dream information. This helped me to confirm her spiritual visit as I had no idea Charlie knew about the baby or that he had him, or that she was that close to him. She made me promise right before she died that I would not tell Bob about it (the father of the baby) for reasons I will not go into here. She also was afraid her ex husband before Bob would try and take the baby, as he had taken all her other children before he divorced her and had her thrown into a mental hospital, even though there was nothing wrong with her.

Anyway, she told me she would like me to help Charlie take care of the baby and then later adopt the baby myself. She told me she had filled out papers before she died so I could do that. I said 'No I cant do that, it wouldnt be right, the father should have the baby now." and she said 'No he can't have my baby! Don't tell him! Promise Me!'. And so I promised but I didnt feel right about it.

(to be continued.....I have to go run and do something now...bbl)

posted on Feb, 11 2006 @ 09:04 AM
Ive never had any experiences like you guys have had, ive read stories and such about angels, maybe ive never been put in a situation that needs one i dont know.

Some think thats its our minds playing tricks on us but after all knowone really knows the working of the mind its like the undiscovered world so to speak,
so until there is definate proof who can say. Maybe there is or is'nt such a thing but it would put your mind at rest knowing someone is looking out for you and yours.

I do believe when it is your time to go whenever it maybe that we do go somewhere wether the pearly gates or down stairs, or anywhere else we think we go, and maybe whoever is watching over you is there to greet you. its a nice thought to me

posted on Feb, 11 2006 @ 05:46 PM
Okay, this is sort of off topic but not really. Okay, have any of you seen the movie mothman prophecies? Okay its about this thing that predicts whats going to happen and watches over this man. It gets pretty creepy because its a true story, and near the end you see in the mirror the mothman and he looks really scary.

Some people think he was some sort of angel or something. The pictures that the wife drew looked like angels or something.

I think that there are creatures higher than us, that watch us. Maybe the angels are not of the Christian sort. I mean they are good. But they are not based on a religion. Sort of just higher than us on the evolution cycle. They help us go to an afterlife. Mothman (what I think) was just a higher being. Sorry you know what, I apologize for talking about this. But I just sort of associate the two together.

posted on Feb, 11 2006 @ 09:12 PM
Hi Moon
Awesome Avatar, I hear what your saying, Many though don't even realize when their Angels are trying to get their attention. I'm not saying that is you, just saying some people think its either their imagination that something just whisked by them or touched them etc. But the Angels when need be are very determined, especially when they have a special message to get across. Just know I feel you have two one on each side!

Hi Conspiracy
Yes, I would consider that to be right on target, but I have another viewpoint of Mothman! I have the DVD! Found it to be very interesting!
With my own research on that, I have found a lot of people not all but many who were touched in one way or another from Mothman, suffered greatly in one way or another! Many Many people died! My heart tells me and the Knowledge I found about this Being shows this to be Pure Evil! As the Bible states - Satan will come as an Angel of Light! Yes Mothman APPEARED to help Save many people from the bridge disaster using that Man as a helper!
But look at the countless lives it destroyed! Look at the Evil Red Eyes that Many have at close distance witnessed! Many who have come close to this being either became seriously ill and many have died! So is this an Angel of the Lord? In my knowledge from all what God has given me definitly Not!
But to each his own in their beliefs! I searched this out in Great Detail! And My Findings were all but Death, Destruction, Sickness etc from all those who have had contact with it! Oh I'm sure their were Some that were Seemingly blessed notice the small b on blessed I use, I refuse to give that thing any credit! Anyhow, Satan & His Evil Beings will always make something look incredible good when it however is bluntly pure evil! Save a few, bless a few, so that many will follow!
Another thing to take notice of is Mothman in all the sightings is a creature of the Night, The Body was told to be Blackish, Some have even seen a somewhat scalie skin to it, some have seen even horns on this thing, and some say almost headless. But don't take my word - search the web under Mothman Pictures - and see for yourself you will find many different drawings from all kinds of people - but almost all have one thing in common - that is the evil red eyes they saw - along with the evil presence they felt! Also Search the deaths and illnesses that happened because of being in contact with it! Fascinating for one thing! But Scary too! Surley in my Book this is No Angel of The Lord! But it is Interesting isn't it!
Also one must test all things the Bible says, For some Angels like I said will be Beautiful and Yet Be a Worker of Satan for Indeed He Comes as An Angel Of Light & for one Purpose Only - To Fool God's Children!
Great Post Conspiracy - You Got Me On A Roll Now lol Thanks for your Post

Deeply Hi,
Oh Wow, interesting more please lol You Have my attention! Ok so much you say seems like dejavue, real strange kinda feeling, can't explaine it! Maybe its just a coincident but wow! Ok will share something with you and everyone! You tell me if you think its similar! Well not about a baby or anything, just things you say here and there are so alike, especially about my Dad, & your experience Deep, that was really similar.
Ok here is another incident that happened to me at 16- I use to live in the City growing up, then Mom & Dad had moved us all to the Country except Sis she was married still living in the city lucky her lol - well lived there until I was 21, moved to the Country when I was 14!
So we use to have to drive down once a week, to do grocery shopping and visit the family! So we make a day of it! So we decided to visit my Sis, who was married - 7 yrs older than me! Im the baby lol My Brother is 20 yrs my plus so don't think 7 is much lol ok back on track here, so were almost at Sis's house and were stopped at a red light, and their is a Huge Gorgeous Church to our Right! I'm just busy reading a book because of the long car ride, the drive is over an hour to the city.
The next thing I hear a Males Voice Audibley it says " See That Church to Your Right" I jumped and threw my book in the air lol And before I could say anything to Mom, she goes " What in the world ... ( I was riding in the back so I could stretch out and sleep on the way if I wanted too!) And yes our windows were up, the voice wasn't from someone walking by, if your thinking lol Plus the Angel said more.... So I stared at the Church and said Yesssssss
thinking to myself, I got to be nuts because what am I talking too, the next thing it says, "Your going to be married in that Church" and then it said, "His Last Name Will Begin with the letter --- ! ( The Angel Gave the Initial ) I won't state it because..... well I just won't lol
Anyhow I said Mom did you hear all that, she says yesssssss sweety - I looked at her and said wellllllll! She said , I want to say its an Angel but, your not going to be married in that Church its a ------------ and your a ----------------- Thats all Mom said, and I was too shocked to say anything more about it! ( The Denominations isn't necessary for me to mention also, only because I don't want this to go on a Religious Debate so bare with me please! So that was that, really all forgotten until..........

5 years later, I'm living down at Sis's house now, until I find an apartment,
since I landed a good job working with a Photographer! The traveling would have been a bit much!
All my life I was a devoted to the beliefs that I was raised to believe, so was Sis, Mom & Dad.
But Sis, Mom, Dad & Me all had a life changing experience during a certain night. lets just say we wern't the same! So we all were looking for a certain New Church to call home!
Sis's friend was over, she's a very spiritual women she has incredible gifts that God had given her, she was very accurate let me add! So she is praying, which at the time, all this was all new to me - about the spiritual gifts -
She says to me, gee I see strong that its your time to meet your husband to be- I laughed, since I just got out of a long term relationship, and was rather happy of my new found freedom, lol and was not looking to jump right in into another! So I laughed and said oh yeah Who & Where do you think I will meet him? So she said oh its so & so---------- and your going to meet him at ----------------------- she names the Church and says he is a Deacon by the way! I'm in total shock now....
Yep you guessed it, it was at the Church that the Angel had said 5 years ago! After the experience I had back then, I thought of it once in awhile, but really not that much!
So when I heard her say this, I almost fell on the floor! My first responce was laughter, & then nervous laughter lol and then Oh My and Oh nooooooooooo No Way, Really, Nah can't be, rrrrigghht, well she knew -----so & so the -------- deacon, and she wanted to fix me up on a Blind Date with him, and I'm like ummmmmmm well can I let you know? I wanted to at least sleep on this, I was rather in shock & still a little in disbelief I might add! Surley this was just a coincidence right? lol
So that night, went to bed, and had the most Amazing Dream came, how the Angel came & confirmed that God had wanted us to meet, that he was my Soul Mate chosen from God! He showed me that this Man would someday be a Pastor, and we would be also traveling to many places doing God's work! After the dream ended I bolted upright and was really amazed, that God would show me something so personal about my life, my future etc!
I recalled the Angel Voice I heard, and Mom hearing it too! Thank God Mom did hear it too, or they say I was a bit nutty lol!
So then I started to analyze everything, which I have a tendency to do lol,
and was like... deacon huh, ummmmm oh dear holy roller was my first thought lol oh he probably is no fun lol and scared myslef right out of this so called Blind Date that she was already fixing up, beknown to me lol

So the next day she calls and said its all set, we go Friday and you will meet him at Church, and then you can go for Dinner! Of course I didn't have the heart to tell her No, so I just kinda said ok sounds good! Friday came, and I had really cold feet, and delayed this so called Blind Date! Now Why would one do that, After all I had the Angel Message and all! I think it was Because of two reasons. I'm only 21, and the man was a Deacon! lol
I'll Try to make a Long story short now, So I Met him the following Friday at the Church that the Angel told me I would! And Yes almost Forgot His Last Name started with the same Initial the Angel said it would be! Amazing huh! The Church was Incredible a wonderful Pastor held Healing Services there! It was everything me and my family was looking for!

I knew one thing I had At least found Our Church we were looking for! I also found my Blind Date was incredibley human lol - Even though He Loved The Lord He was the funniest, Sincere, Heart Warming Person I ever met! I then Married Him 2 Years Later - and He Became Pastor about 14 years ago! Now for a Real Blessing that We Had I want to share with you....
My Dad was totally healed of cancer of the Blood & Liver at this Church after He too Came one Friday Night, and right before all this he was given only 6 months to live! Doctors were amazed! And even said the Cancer isn't in remission its gone! And by the way Dad is still healed completly since then & still going strong, he is now 78 yrs old! That all happened many moons ago! Lets just say my kids are now 21 & 17!

So thought I'd share not only do Angels Save Your Life, they also are very much into your Personal Life as well, you can say A One On One Relationship.... Thats is if You Will Let Them! LOL Thanks for Listening Everyone!

posted on Feb, 12 2006 @ 01:26 AM
Hi Angel Wow...Excellent Post!

That is wonderful what happened to you. That your Angel was a matchmaker in a way, and told you the future so you could be on the lookout for your true soulmate. Again this was an opportunity for happiness that your Angel did not want you to miss. Happiness and fullfillment seems to be a running pattern for Angels and one of their top priorities. And being married to the right person is very important, you would not want to miss that boat.

Your story shows how almost fairy tale like our lifes can be if we only listen and have faith also. Of course with your Angel if he talks loud enough for your mother to hear, he makes sure you won't miss him. It's funny even though your mother heard him she said "Not in that Church" But its good your mom heard because then she knew it was meant to be also, and I bet hearing the Angel helped her to be more flexible.

I like the way you jump in with a story too, I have seen religion and spirituality discussed before where it was a little stuffy, but this whole thread has been very interesting, fun to read, poignant, and true to life.


Since, I started my story about the 2 Sherry's in the middle, I think I will go resume my story at the beginning, so that I can end the story with the ending..if that makes sense. Plus, if I start at the beginning you can hear more about the Angel and God and the first Sherry, in the first part. Both Sherry's are/were beautiful people and I wouldn't want you to miss out on hearing about either one of them.

Well, Bob (the Deacon) was one of the common denominators in both of the Sherry's lifes and my life, as I have previously stated. When I first met Bob I was 14 years old, in a Group Home with a bunch of other teen girls. Our Foster mom Jan, was a friend of Bob's and he came over regularly just to visit with her, have dinner, and play cards with all of us. He also helped out with odd jobs around the Titanic (thats what we called our Group Home because, it was off its axis a bit and sliding a few inches at a time down the hill it was on. Bob wasn't a Deacon at the time.

Anyhow, Jan's best friend was a great woman named Sherry A. (the first Sherry). Sherry A. was like a Saint because of all the nice things she did for everyone, and she was very sensitive to everyone's feelings. Jan mentioned once that Sherry had had a very hard life when she was a child, but you would never know it by looking at her, she wasn't bitter at all and she was generous in every way. Jan loved to play matchmaker so she set up Sherry A. and Bob on a date and it worked out so well that within a few months they were married.

Jan would take us over to their house from time to time, and I became good friends with Bob's kids from a previous marriage, especially his daughter Teri, because we were the same age.

Well, I can't tell you all the details of this part because its too personal, but I was in trouble and in imminent danger. Sherry had just been to the Titanic to see us and everyone, including me had been just fine. She left to go home and after she was about 10 miles down the freeway, God told her to get off the freeway and go back to the Titanic because I was in trouble. He told her what the trouble was and he said..."Go as fast as you can and you will save her just in time". So, she knew God's voice when she heard it and screeched off at the next exit and broke the speed limit hurrying back.

Just as it was about to happen, Sherry came crashing through the door like a charging bull, because it was locked. And she saw exactly what was about to happen and she shouted "Stop Now..God told me what is going on here and He was Right, and I'm here to stop it!" She said God sees all and there is nothing you can do that you can hide from God. And she said "Do you not know how much God values you and He would not have a hair on your head harmed?" And Sherry was just in time because a minute later it would have been too late. In this case I felt Sherry was my human 'Angel'...because she heard from God directly and did his bidding without question. I was in total shock, I didn't know God and Sherry could do that.

Sherry said "I felt your sudden despair! And I must tell you that I have also felt unimaginable despair, and I will share it with you now."

Then she told me this story of what happened to her when she was 10 years old.

Sherry had come home early from school one day because she was feeling a little sick. She had gone downstairs in the basement and she was helping her mother with the laundry. All of a sudden a voice said to her..."Sherry there is something in the closet for you, go look inside and find it!"

Sherry went to go look and went into the closet and the door shut behind her and was stuck! Then she heard some heavy footsteps coming down the stairs, her mother made a cry, and then there was several shotgun blasts. Sherry started to cry because she felt inside her mother had just died. But someone whispered in her ear "Shssssssh be very still". And so then she cried only inside.

Then the person started talking and mumbling, and she recognized the voice to be her stepfather's voice and it sounded like he had been drinking. He was talking to her mother, sometimes in a soothing voice, sometimes shouting. Finally, he left because she heard his heavy footsteps go back up the stairs. Sherry heard him upstairs talking and cursing. She didn't know it, but she found out later he was waiting by the door with his shotgun waiting for her to come home from school. (He didn't know she had come home early).

The voice kept telling her she would be helped but for now she had to stay put in the closet because he would be back. And for the next few days she stayed hidden in the closet while every few hours he came back again to talk to her dead mother. She only opened the door every so often to let some air in quickly and then shut it again. And waited and waited, hungry, thirsty and scared out of her mind in the dark basement, for her stepfather had turned the lights out when he had gone.

Then the voice said "He's gone...he's left in his car! You can come out now!"

And when Sherry opened the closet door she saw an Angel standing there in the darkness. The Angel was an Angel dressed in white and had wings and had light coming out from him/her...she wasnt sure what the sex of her Angel was if any. The Angel told her "I will light your way and protect you". He stood in the path of her fallen mother and told her not to look at her. She went up the stairs to leave the basement but the door was locked. She tried to get it open but could not. There was a window in the basement but she couldnt get up there to escape because it was too high, so her Angel told her to shout and bang on the high window with a broom. Then perhaps her Angel summoned a passerby, because a woman walking by heard her shouts and investigated and looked and saw her standing down there, Sherry shouted at her what had happened, and the woman left and got help.

Sherry was rescued and her stepfather was sent to prison, but because of the trauma she had suffered, Sherry had a horrible, confused life after that for a while until she was about 18. She was in and out of foster homes, and detention centers, she took drugs and was into a lot of men. But, she found her way back again, she had an ephipheny from God who told her she still had many things to do and to look forward to, and she changed her life.

Then Sherry became sick about a year after she saved me and she went to the Dr. and it was discovered she had a brain tumor. Her husband Bob couldn't take the stress of her illness and they separated. So, my foster mom and I were the ones she began to spend most of her time with. While she was in the hospital even while she was still hurting and in recovery, Sherry went around the hospital in a wheelchair cheering other people up. While she was doing that she discovered a ward full of terminally ill children. She spent a lot of time there holding their hands and just sitting with them. That was when she noticed that a lot of them did not have any parents/family coming to visit them. She asked the nurses why? And the nurses said that some parents just couldn't handle the sadness of knowing their children were going to die and stopped coming to see them, and had even given up parental rights to them. Sherry decided then and there she was going to get a license for a foster home and that when she recovered enough she was going to have a foster home for terminally ill children.

And, she did just that! She loved all her foster children with all of her heart. She said she knew they were all going to die but that didn't matter because she was just going to love them as much as she could until God decided He needed them back. She said God wanted them back early because they were so good and He needed them back sooner.

One little boy Pete, did so well under Sherry's care. She was told when she got him as a one year old baby that he had 'failure to thrive plus a terminal illness' and only had a few months to live at most, but with all her T.L.C. he thrived and lived to be 6 years old (which is huge considering his condition), and Sherry had also gotten his mother to visit him over the years so he had that love too.

I don't know...people helping people, human angels/Saints, God's angels, God...where does one end and another begin?

(gotto go again, its late will tell you the rest of Sherry #2's story later).

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posted on Feb, 12 2006 @ 08:51 AM
your guardian is supposedly your higher self.
In Judaism there are 5 levels of the soul.

2 levels stay above...

posted on Feb, 12 2006 @ 03:48 PM

Originally posted by dAlen
your guardian is supposedly your higher self.
In Judaism there are 5 levels of the soul.

2 levels stay above...

I would like to learn more about what you are saying dAlen. I am curious does this mean that your higher self is independent of any God type being? And, can you have a higher self of the opposite sex?

And if you have time could you explain more about the different levels of the soul, i.e., the 2 levels that stay above and the 3 that come to Earth.

Thank you!

posted on Feb, 12 2006 @ 04:02 PM
Hi Conspiracy,

I lean towards thinking the Mothman is not an Angel, even though he did save the people on the bridge. Maybe he was lonely and was trying to reach out to all sorts of people, and couldn't help it but because he was a powerful Psi creature he was too much for most minds to handle, and accidentally killed them. He seemed creepy but I am not sure if he is pure evil or not...but he likes to mess with peoples heads with all the phone calls, so I think he has a mean streak, maybe because he is misunderstood and there arent a lot of his type around, and he has some resentment issues, and too much time on his hands...I don't know. He really was playing some mind games but maybe if he liked someone he would treat them better, and hold back his energy so it wouldnt overwhelm the psyche. He reminded me of Frankensteins monster, who started out gentle but became mean when he realized how freaky and alone he was.

I know someone who went to see the Mothman bridge and said that they never rebuilt the one that came down. From what I understood they built another bridge that was taller but not in the same exact place.

posted on Feb, 12 2006 @ 08:07 PM
I think mothman was like a deepthroat for the people. He worked for the devil, but told people what the devil was going to do. He is a hell angel or something.

sorry this is a poorly put together post, but I don't feel good.

posted on Feb, 12 2006 @ 08:59 PM
WOW Deeply
First of All thank you for your compliment!
I don't know what to say right now, your post about all what you & your friend went through brought tears to my eyes! Incredible,
Oh How Great Our God Is, how He has certain people come into our lives for a reason! I believe it was what she experienced when she was little, that even though through all her pain, she grew spiritually & opened herself up to God, & to people! This is why she was able to Hear her Angel & the Lord direct her back to you, and stop you from what you would have done! I respect your privacy on what you were enduring at that moment! Some things are too personal, and really sometimes details are not important! What was important, is to hear about her, & you, and to know she & her Angel & your Angel Saved You!
Awesome, I thank God for that, for if that didn't happen, you wouldn't be here right now sharing with me and all of us! You are so needed, we all are, more than we realize or know at times! I love how you and her, have been Blessed, I love also how God has given you a New Found Strength, and have reached out, followed through and have touched the lives of many!
Its like dAlen said, and it gives me much thought to what was said, about Angels being our Higher Self! To Me, if that is so, then I would have to if it be so, believe there is both - Our Angels and then We being partarkers of the Same, when another needs rescuing! Like She rescued You that wonderful day with our God, Angels & her that saved You!
So important, so very important for All Of Us To Always Listen, to that still small voice!
Thank You Deeply for sharing this, it has ( Deeply Touched Me ) No wonder you use the Name Deeply, for oh how you were so deeply touched by the Angels of God! Oh and thank you for the Revelation about the Angels Wings, I always believed they had Wings, but after so many saying they didn't, and seeing only Angels with no wings. Maybe just the Ones who Come to Rescue us are the ones who do! Praise God For His Mighty Miracles! You Are Blessed Indeed!

Hello dAlen
Thank You for sharing! Interesting indeed! That would explain, how many a testimony has been given, of some in extreme trouble, and their loved ones who have passed on, & appeared to them glowing as an Angel! Saving them from harms way, many a testimony has been told of this. Now this makes me think more on this! Would love to hear more about this if your able!
Nice to meet you & Good Evening to You!

Hi Conspiracy
That wasn't poor, it was very interesting your feedback is very important to me and I'm sure everyone else too! I'm sorry your not feeling well, I TAKE your Healing that God has for All of Us, and I GIVE it to you Conspiracy, and I believe for you to be made well! I ask a special Angel to be with you & protect you so that you will feel well & strengthened to continue to share with us! Take Care Angel

posted on Feb, 12 2006 @ 09:16 PM

That was a really good viewpoint by the way, about Mothman! You know, that makes me think how we all throughout History & even today, all our wars were fought not only on religious viewpoints, but also about nationality etc. Maybe Mothman at one time could have been Good, and because of either seeing how evil our society is or because our society perhaps tried to even kill him, could it then be this is why he himself turned evil? Someday we will all know the Answer! Hopefully it won't be Us who is to blame! But for now I say he is the Devil's Advocate!
I mean take a good look at it YUK! LOL

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