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You can know Your Guardian Angels Name!

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posted on Feb, 16 2006 @ 05:13 PM
Oh My Goodness Deep, I'm in the process of reading your post, and you say you once ran away, and then you couldn't stop! This is waaay to much, so uncanny for sure!
I started to run away from home since I was 4, and like you, I then couldn't stop! My Angels protected me each and everytime. My Parents then were Alcoholics, not the kind that didn't take good care of us , because family life was first to them. They were good parents doing what one should do like, food, clothes, everything we needed! But Mom & Dad's problem from alcohol was fighting constant amongst themselves, and I hated to see Dad yell at Mom, and of course a 4 yr old seeing him always boot her in the butt, sent me on my knees begging for him to stop!
So he didn't stop, would continue to fight & fight with her, until I found a solution to make them stop! I would run away by first climbing out my bedroom window, of course as soon as they knew I was gone, Dad would then came looking for me! Mom stayed home, incase I returned! This running away continue well into my teens - until I finially got my own car!
But it was still like running away when I would jump in the car and then not come back until they were asleep!
But Thank God the Lord rescued them, & delivered them both from Alcohol - Its been 17yrs since they have taken a drink! Praise God! Now they pray for others - but isn't this all so incredible about our same way we handled things in our lives!
I can't even count the countless times in the dark night as I was wandering the streets a 4yr old and as I got older how the Angels would rescue me! Like the time a pack of dogs came running towards me - I froze solid couldn't run I was so scared, their wasn't a soul around to help either, and these were big dogs. I think they were Rotwillers & German Sherpards all in a pack, about 4 of them, I remember them growling and teeth showing they were about 10 feet away - and this Women appeared out of no where. I mean no where and stood directly in front of me with her Hand up like signalling them to STOP ! They did just that they stopped dead in their tracks! Once Again she pointed for them to GO- She never said a Word - and they all took off running like heck!
She then stooped down I was crying scared out of my wits, since Mom always told me about strangers too, but that isn't why I was crying, I was crying because I knew this stranger probably saved my life! She wiped my tears, and still never said a word, grabbed my hand and we started to walk home together, I was about 3 streets away, I would just walk up and down the side streets, praying Mom & Dad would find me!
Well I heard a car coming and sure enough it was Dad, I ran to the car, jumping into Dad's arms like I always did, and he always would tell me - he'd call me his little Angel - " Angel I'm so sorry will you ever forgive me, please don't runaway anymore, what would I do if I ever lost my little Angel" So I said Daddy you don't have to worry I have my Guardian Angel too who watches over me, and turned around to point to her and she was gone! Now all that happened with running to Dad I would say no more than 30 seconds, no time for her to disappear. I said Daddy did you see the Lady that helped me? He said, " No silly, their was no Lady! " I just smiled and knew differently that their was!
On the way home I told Daddy about how she saved me from the dogs, he said when he found I had run away again, he had a knot in his stomach, not unlike other times he knew this time I was in trouble, he thought maybe I got myself lost this time, and he prayed to God to send His Angels to watch over me until he could find me!
I then told him see how much God loves us Daddy, thats why you shouldn't fight with Mommie, cause the Angels are watching you, and they then tell God all that you do!
Well it was a long time that Dad didn't fight with Mom, after I told him that, but when he Did, I always would run away time after time, my strategy worked so I wasn't about to stop doing it! But after that Angel experience - I was never afraid that I might run into mean Dogs Again!

So know everyone, God Forbid but if one of your little son's or daughters runs away, know God sends His Angels To Watch Over Them!

Now back to reading the rest of your post Deep! But had to stop and send this because it just blows my mind how much we both had so many similar expereinces and tendancy's in our lives!

posted on Feb, 16 2006 @ 05:33 PM
Hello XX
Nice to meet you! Thank you for your post! Very Interesting on your view point! It's a pleasure to here everyone's different view on things, it causes growth in one's spirit!
I want to Thank Everyone that has posted here, for respecting another persons views, I or ATS for that matter will not tolerate another one bashing, humilating, or degrading another person for His Or Her's belief!
I firmly believe in respect, the Father made us all different for a reason, and so we too have different experiences & knowledge as well!
But a thumbs up
on all of you for making this site so special, and for treating each other with the dignity we all do deserve! keep up the good work all of You, I'm Blessed beyond measure! Everyday you bring me joy, as I anxiously await to read your post! Thanks Again XX

Hello Jm
Wow, what an incredible experience, if it was the medal or the Angels or both, someday we will all find out I'm sure! I'm so glad your life was spared, for now you are Blessing us all here with your remarkable story!
Thank You

posted on Feb, 17 2006 @ 01:26 PM
Dear Angel,

Hi! This is the 3rd time I have tried to post to you. The first time, the computer crashed and all the power went out. The second time about an hour ago the p.c. crashed again! It did no good to copy and paste, because all was lost. So what I am going to do now is send this to myself in the email from time to time until I am done.

That was an amazing and touching story of what happened to you with the dog pack, at only 4 years old, and how you were saved by your Angel, and how even your dad cared about you and sent Angels out to watch over you. I can picture you as the cutest most resilient little girl. And the most important thing is you made your Dad realize that he had a problem. Most alchoholics/drug abusers are in denial, and are resistent to people telling them there is anything wrong. I used to go to A.A. meetings with Jan (my former foster mom), she wanted me along for moral support, I don't believe I was addicted to alchohol, I drink too much occasionally, but I can take it or leave it for long time periods (years) isn't my drug of choice really. Or because of my condition, I can also dismiss the effects of it completely from my system. I can do the same thing with drugs & poisons. But I do have addictive behaviour with other things that I needed to work on, so it didn't do me any harm to go. Anyway, most people don't even admit they have a problem until they hit rock bottom and are at their very worst, and they usually have to come to the conclusion that there even is a problem all by themselves. For you to impress that upon your dad by running away was a miracle & saved him too since he gave up drinking eventually & no doubt yor helped to increase his life span and the quality of his life, your mom's and yours, and I am glad your Angels watched over you and kept you from harm during that time.

The pack of dogs thing also happened to me. I am sure you aren't surprised by that at this But, I wasn't saved by an Angel not directly anyway, and I was a lot older than you (in my early 20's) when it happened.

I walked to the grocery store at night, and on my way home I decided to take a shortcut behind a bunch of factories that were closed for the night. I was going by a chemical factory, that had a tall chain link fence with barb wired rolls across the top of the fence. All of a sudden I heard a man shout "Stop..Heel!!". And I looked up and there were 3 Doberman Pinscher's guard dogs running towards me at breakneck speed. I looked in horror to see that the fence between the attack dogs and me, was unlocked and partially open.

Luckily just the night before I watched a t.v. show about how to stop a dog from attacking. The show said first not to run... but to get into a crouching position, and put both of your palms face up just a little bit in front of you. He said this will confuse them. Then the person explained that you should not stare at them, keep your eyes down and 'show no fear, try not to even feel any...think of the attacking dog as your friend'. I had nowhere to run to in time even if I wanted to. So, I got into the crouching position and offered up my palms to the 3 dogs. They barked a little and looked angry at first, and ran around me in circles, and looked at me suspiciously. Then I started baby talking them a little, telling them what good boys they were! They all wanted to smell my palms, and I told them "Yes please do..thats good!" And, I made some sniffing noises towards them as if Iwas interested in an exchange of info. I tried not to look into their eyes too much and I moved my head towards my grocery bags, and nudged, and said "Go sniff that..yummy you will like that!" And they did...And I said "Do you want some, are you good boys hungry?" And pretty soon their cute stubby little tails were a waggin. I got out some beef jerky I had already started eating on the way home and gave them all a piece. I was then even so bold as to pet one of them and soon they all wanted to be petted. Dobies are very socialiable and lovable dogs once they establish you are not a threat.

The security guard could not believe it! He apologized profusely that the fence was open, and I told him it was no big deal. I asked him to promise me not to discipline the dogs for befriending me, because once in High School I petted the German Shepard guard dog that Security Guard had with him when he was collecting the lunch money and he beat the poor dog half to death right in front of me, because the dog wasnt supposed to be friendly to anyone. I told him I had used a 'technique' on his dogs that most people wouldn't probably know, but not to worry his dogs were good watch dogs! He said he would not discipline them.

By now everyone who is reading knows what to do when an attacking dog or pack is racing towards them, God forbide it should happen to you! I am sure my Angel/Guardian was not there because He knew I had watched the t.v. show the night before, and He knew I could handle it by myself. Or, maybe He was there but I just didn't see Him.

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posted on Feb, 17 2006 @ 02:23 PM
Hi Kris, I can see that because sometimes it is fast like an auto response, with no hesitation. And I don't feel like one person because of my diagnosis, and yet I have talked to a bunch of other people who are supposedly normal and they said they feel like a bunch of different people too. I liked the way you explained it...btw.

Hi Jmocha, I think your medal helped a lot! I believe in help from the Saints, too. I am sorry you got hurt a broken collarbone..that must have been very painful, but I am happy you were able to walk away from such a gruesomely wreaked car, with injuries that although substantial could be repaired and you could be good as new again!

posted on Feb, 17 2006 @ 06:26 PM
Hello Deep
Yep at this point I am not surprised that you also had a similar experience, lol amazing! Awesome really, Yes that is exactly how I see it, Your Angel made sure you were well prepared the day before with the tv show! And I bet also He was there right by your side the whole time making sure you remembered it all! We are Blessed! And Now so are others like you said if ever they have a dog or a pack come growling at them they will know what to do because of our sharing! How much more important than first realized when I first joined ATS!
I hear you about the addictive nature though, I think all of us are addictied to one thing or another..... tv,internet,women,men,drugs,alcohol,food,spending,gambling etc...

But like you said it takes for us to hit rock bottom before we will cry for help! I think were all shamfully stubborn like that! Probably because we all like to be in controll over our own lives, and letting others do that for us, or help us somehow makes us feel we let the entire world down!

Its a rather humbling experience that God allows us all to feel at one time or another in our lives, but He in all His wonderful Mercy Helps us Shine Again, with taking a Negative experience & allowing it to turn into a Positive one, by then being a Loving & Caring & Compassionate Understanding person to whom we meet who is in desperate need of Love & Compassion with their Addiction as Well! Truly we are able to Help them, We no longer have the Pride that kept us Addicted in the First Place! Or the Pride to keep it hidden!

We are so share in the likeness of Christ in His Sufferings upon that Cross, that He Died For Us All To Set Us Free -The Bible stated! Our Sufferings Too enable Us To Set Another Person Free As Well - Gee I never looked at it like that before Deep! So much more of a much bigger plan, when we suffer! But when one is suffering it is so hard to see, until its over!
See Why all this is so important - We get new Revelations so to speak, by sharing with each other about our Lives!
I know the Bible also states that the Father won't give us more than what we can endure, when one is suffering at the time. When one truly reaches rock bottom, it is usually then & only then that our stubborn self cries out for His Redemption!
Thank God we don't have our own way, we would ease our Trials & Tribulations much quicker for ourselves and especially for others, before we would have learn't anything I'm sure! All of the suffering is necessary, in order to have True Compassion with No Judgement for the one in need in whom were helping! Their is really no easy way, to gain that emotion!
It must be learnt & must be felt through & through!
I believe at the time were suffering greatly the Angels are there to see us through, for they too see the necessity and reasons behind why we need too! Yes God Grants Miracles, But it is usually only when we have come to such despair, that we Cry Out To Him! But not before we learnt the lesson that was needed!
So the next time your suffering, it even could be lonliness one is suffering, Pray your eyes to be open to what God wants you to learn, maybe in Gods Great Mercy & Grace we won't suffer long - but quickened because our eyes & ears were opened from the lesson we learn't before! Or because were humbling ourselves, being able to be corrected!
I know this Deep when I do suffer I don't suffer well like some people do, they seem to be much stronger than I, when it comes to that! I will quickly ask God right from the get go, what is the lesson I need to learn, maybe then I won't suffer long! Thank You Deep for opening my eye's further! Blessings Everyone! Angel

posted on Feb, 17 2006 @ 08:06 PM
Hello Again

I was going to wait till Monday to write about my OBE - but I had a strong pulling not to wait for some reason!
It starts with God totally turning my life around in 1981! I was on Fire for Him and wanted to serve him & help others as much as I could!
I couldn't get my hands on enough books about people's personal experiences of their Miracles, & Visions, Angels etc!

We had just moved into our first home, hubby and I were married in 1982, and 3 years later in 1985 we Had a Financial Miracle happen which enabled us to purchase our home!
It was a beautiful day outside, I will never forget it, was Spring my favorite time of the year, I think its because of the smell of all the flowers that spring up after a long winter all I know is I love it!
So I was puttering around outside making sure all the flower beds were cleared away of all the leaves - I always enjoyed doing so, it was quiet peaceful, and the smell of spring invigorated me! Helped me focus on prayer time for others also! But my Son came out and of course loved working and helping Mom with the flowers as well, He was born in 1984, so you know how inquisitive they are at that age! So my prayer was put on hold and I enjoyed my time with my Son!
After that was all done, we went in to get dinner going, and my Hubby offered to cook us a very special dinner, well I wasn't going to refuse that after all him being Italian, could cook up some mean dishes lol!
So it was time for my Son's nap, and with hubby busy in the kitchen, I decided this was the perfect opportunity to do some praying for people that I promised them I would!
At that time my hubby was a Deacon, I know I stated that before but just in case some newbies came in & haven't read all of the previous pages, and being a Deacon, well many people in the Church & abroad come to us for prayers! He became Pastor much later down the road!
So I went in my room sat upon the bed and I usually start prayer with just Thanking God for all what He Has Blessed Me With! Then I usually sing a few Songs & then Meditate upon His Awesome Creation of this Spectacular Univerese! Then I pray for others!
So Im sitting on the bed knees crossed - and hands raised and then the next thing I know I'm on the ceiling looking down at myself - Note I have never before had an OBE - I've heard of people that did, but I thought maybe that only happened to people who were terminally ill - thats how little at the time I knew about it! Really a baby you could say!
I mean I always could fly around in my dreams, did that since I was little, but other than that never had anything like this ever happen to me!

So their I am stareing down at myself! My immediate thoughts were, "Oh My I died" Then I thought lets see if I am, I tried to move my body on the bed and I couldn't! Then I said, " Oh Wow I am dead, gee I never even felt any pain," I then thought, my eyes are even still open. My poor family!

The next thing I know I'm being sucked upward through the roof, and the next instant I know I am in the Heavens - I say the Heavens because now I'm standing in a place surrounded by intense Light everywhere, above, bellow me, all around me as I'm looking - I have this Joy I can't even put into words! Joy Unspeakable! I look ahead and there is My Lord & Savior!
He is Standing in all Brillance Head to Toe, about I have to estimate about 30 to 40 feet away! His Face shown like the Sun, his feet & hands as well all Glowing!
He was robed in white & a crown on his Head!
The Instant my eyes saw Him I knew it was My Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ, I screamed with all my being.... " LORD " I could not move... Just had my Arms Outstretched to Him...
(let me try to show you how I screamed it was like this LLLLOOOORRRRDDD! I mean I screamed it to the Highest Heaven!

He then said, "Behold My Daughter" and at that moment it was like Unspeakable Joy Rushing Within Me, Filling Me, I had, joy not like of this earth, & Love I felt, not like of this earthly love, enveloping my entire being!
It was in me all around me, flowing in and out of me, I felt sinless also, no thought of sin at all or my past sins, my thoughts were not of the earthly me would think, I thought of nothing pertaining to my home,family life it was all about the Lord and this intense feeling of Love & Joy!

I then screamed again after He spoke that, " LORD," once again the second time, just like the first time but with even more intensity -
The Lord then as He spoke those words, took his right hand and motioned it to the right so I would look there!
And this Huge Ship Appeared, I mean Huge and on the side of the Ship were the Numbers, very large & very bold 9 9 9 9
And The Lord Spoke Again " And Said Tell Them, Look Up Thy Redemption Draweth Nigh "
I screamed " LORD " so loud a Third Time with Such Intensity with My Whole Being of the Excitement that Dwelt Inside Me - that it caused me to be sucked back into my body!

Instantly i was alert there is my husband Praising God, saying you were just sitting there in a Trance, you wouldn't respond you wouldn't move, I shook you, you wouldn't move, nothing, Your eyes stared straight ahead but there you were, you could tell in a state of pure Exctasy, and your face your smile was as if you were in the midst of the Lord or something!

I jumped up and started Praising God and dancing and He's like tell me, tell me what hapepned to you! I shared everything or tried to share everything because trying to explain the Joy & Love are no earthly words to describe it! Trying to describe my Lord was also next to impossible!

Now before I had this experience, I need to explain something that was happening to me for about a year prior, I constantly started seeing the numbers 9 9 9 9, I would see them on receipts, like $99.99 or on a Taxi cab
the phone number or license plates, etc you name it, I would always without fail see those numbers everyday, many times several times a day!

So when I was also shown this in heaven by the Lord on the side of the ship, when I returned in my body I was soooooo Angry with myself that all I could do was keep screaming LORD, with my whole being, while I was there, and that I didn't even think to ask him what it all meant! What the 9 9 9 9 meant!

So the next day I went to see My Pastor, and I shared my experience, told him how upset I was, he knew I had been seeing the 9's for long time. He then told me not to worry, when God wants me to know the meaning He would then reveal it to me!
So let me say, many people say oh they see the Lord everyday, well not me I never did, but that One and only time! Some boast about how they do, but I will tell you this much, when you do you are never never the same! One cannot see the Lord, even from a distance without drastically being changed! I was, I mean believe me I'm still very much human, still subject to the same short comings that everyone makes! I'm talking about Spiritually, and I receiving this Love & being able to now give this Love to others it changes a person!
I can't even explain correctly about this change!
Now many can say it was a halluncination or a dream, they were neither, I didn't drink, I didn't take medicine or drugs, I wasn't asleep, I was sitting in the middle of the bed when this happened!
It's fine for some who want to not believe me, you have a right to your opinions, I respect you & you have your own mind!
But I know I met My Lord and that's all that matters!
I also know the message was about His Coming Again for Us! Maybe
He will show Me soon His Meaning on this!
All I know that happened in 1985 and now it is 2006.
By the way after I was taken to Heaven I stopped seeing the 9 9 9 9 all the time - But it changed to 1 1 1 or 1111 constantly everywhere I see this everyday since 1985.
Now about 7 years ago it surpirsed me to no end that other people everywhere also are seeing the ones!
I was very glad to know its not only me!
Well Deep that is my experience and it was One that I will never forget, if that was any taste of what dieing may be like, I so look forward to the Day I am finially with my God & My Lord & Savior Jesus Christ!
Blessings Everyone
Edit: I forgot Two very Important Words Above when The Lord Spoke He Said First ( Look Up Thy Redemption Dreaweth Nigh) So I Edited that part above in case your wondering! the Words were Look Up ! In case your wondering what I edited!
Edit: Also forgot to mention when I was sucked up into Heaven the Angels assisted me all the way there & also all the way back!
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posted on Feb, 17 2006 @ 09:55 PM
My reply to DodgeG1 who posted:

'so you saying that your guardian angel knows when your going to die?
How about if you try to comite suicide will the angel knock the gun or knife out of your hand?'

My son attempted suicide & pulled the trigger 6 times on a loaded fully functional pistol which would not fire. He was wearing a blessed Catholic scapular around his neck & I believe the Virgin Mary & his Guardian Angel intervened to save his life.

posted on Feb, 17 2006 @ 10:56 PM
Hi AWomen
I know you were talking To Dodge, but I had to Praise God for you on the Awesome Miracle of your Son Being Saved!
I too know of someone who is a family member of mine, they told me they too tried to fire a gun several times & kill themself and it would not go off! They had fired it many times before for target practice! But this time it wouldn't fire, the Angels of the Lord intervened, & Saved that persons life.
Now that the person looks back to that day of deep despair, they don't go a day without giving Glory to God for saving their life!
They are still alive and well & have lived far past the 70+ years God has promised to give to thoes that love Him!
They also in turn have helped many who have faced the same despair they once have had!
Thank You for Sharing this Awesome Miracle!

posted on Feb, 18 2006 @ 07:35 AM
Hi Again, I just want to make sure that if I am putting out info on what someone can do to prevent a dog attack, that I am clear about a couple things I said. I read what I had previously wrote and was afraid I gave out some disinformation or incomplete information.

As far as offering up your palms perhaps it is better to just rest your arms on top of your legs... than to extend your hands forward at all. I know dogs will bite at a hand that is extended, especially if you are walking towards them with no chance for them to sniff at it first. So, just rest arms palms up on your legs, or if you don't want to crouch stand like a tree with arms at your side. But, go ahead and let the dog(s) sniff you over throroughly, not just your palms but all over if thats what makes them feel safe.

Do not pet the dog. I know I did that and got away with it, but that wasn't what I was supposed to do. True, I didn't do it until they felt calm with me and thier tails were wagging, but I was still darn lucky I didn't get bit for that.

I had food. It's ok if you don't have any, just let them sniff. When they are satisfied you are ok and are harmless, then you may rise slowly and stand keeping your arms at your side.

Other things I have done to protect myself about 20 different times from off-leash, attacking dogs that have wanted to attack myself and my dog when I was on a walk with her, are:

Brought along some pepper spray and sprayed them in their face, especially eyes and nose area. (don't use mace it doesnt work on dogs). Brought along a device that made an irritating loud horn noise that hurt their ears.

Stomped their front paws with my boots thus temporarially disabling them. (A dog needs its front paws to push forward to attack you). Shouting and growling at a smaller breed of attacking dog may work, but it probably would make a larger breed even more aggressive. And I have pepper sprayed the little off leash dogs if they are the aggressors too because they know how to bite, and I have been bit in the calf before by one, and he broke through the skin and it bleed and hurt, and wrecked my

I found a site on line with some very good tips, Here is the link!

Dog Bite Prevention

posted on Feb, 18 2006 @ 08:53 AM
Thank You So Much Angel!!

I could feel your Joy, because that's what I felt on my experiences Joy and Unconditional Love. There is no room for anything but Goodness up in Heaven. I totally believe you went there and saw God. You were very honored to get a chance to meet God and to see how bright the light is in Heaven!

I too asked to see God once in a vision, and as you said He is a King!! He was sitting on a giant throne, in a regal room. He had on a Purple robe, but underneath he was dressed in White. He had a crown upon His head, just as you said! But His Face was blank! (Well, not blank exactly, there was so much white light shining off His face, that I was blinded by it, it was like staring into the Sun and I threw up my arm to cover my eyes). I knelt down before Him, and humbly asked. "God, I know I am asking a lot, but may I please see your face? I have heard before that no one can see the face of God, so I was expecting Him to say "No".

And then I saw a womans face there in the blank spot, and that changed to a little boy's face, and that changed to a mans face, all different nationalities, different sexes, different ages. God said to me "I Am All. Whenever one of you accepts me as into your life then as a child you are born unto me, and in that second I am You! Whenever you shall even think of Me or do Good in My Name, I am You! That is Who I Am!" Now, watching His face change, from face to face, was a lot like what Michael Jackson did in one of his videos 'Black or White'. But, my vision happened way before that video was even made, so it was not influenced by worldly thoughts in anyway.

Angel, I felt inside what you felt in that Sacred place. I totally forgot about kneeling before His Throne, until you told me about how God was like a King, then I remembered. We validate each other experiences in a powerful way when we share. Which is how it is meant to be. I don't think we are supposed to get all our information solely from books, even the Holy Books. I think we are supposed to be spiritually open and seek out what we are meant to know and then share it with one another also.

I can see God called you to him because he couldn't wait to show you his faithful daughter the Joys of His Existence, and to give you hope and promise of all that is there waiting for you in Heaven when it's you time to go and receive your Reward.

I believe He told me and showed me what he did, because I think He wanted me to know how much He needs us too. Because, when we validate Him it makes Him stronger the same way He makes us stronger. Also, He showed me that all people are equally important to him, and He is the proud Father of Us All. He treasures each and every one of us. He places great value on our struggles and hardships in His name. He did not tell me I am a God of this Religion or that Religion, He said he is God, and He is All, and that is how I think of Him.

Thank You Angel for Sharing...Your experience meant a lot to me, and I know to others as well!!

I am not sure what your 9's mean, although with the 1's I naturally thought of 911 but I dont think its that though...because I think you are meant to look forward to positive discoveries, not back on despairing ones. One I think is the number of God. I am not sure what 9 is maybe the trinity x 3? But, I am sure the meaning of your numbers will be revealed to you! Don't quit seeking the answer!

Take Care Angel and Everyone!! I wont be on the PC again until after the 3 day weekend!


To A Woman ...Yes I know that's true, He won't let some people take their own lifes...not even if they try time and time again. I am glad He intervened and saved your Son. He loves your son very much. I know He loves everyone and I do not know why He/Angels/His people do not intervene and stop every suicide. I can only think maybe because they are suffering and in so much pain, and can not see/struggle beyond it here on Earth, so he needs them to come Home so he can have his Teachers beyond help them. I know suicide attempted or otherwise is just about trying to stop the pain. Pain someone feels emotionally, or physical pain. It is putting everything on the line for something that is felt today, that may get better if someone waits awhile, but people who have lost hope, and in their pain, can't see beyond that moment. If there is anyone here even thinking about suicide, I want to tell you that it does and can get better, and if anyone is feeling like commiting suicide to go talk to someone who is nonjudgemental that cares about you. And, put it off because tomorrow can be a whole different new day, and even the very next day something might come along to give you hope and change your mind. And do some real thinking about why you are not happy, and then take the steps...whatever they are for you... to make yourself happy...put your own happiness first for a change. After, you have taken care of your own needs...if you can go help other people with their problems then that will keep you busy and sometimes take your mind off your own worries, and make you feel worthwhile and better about yourself too.

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posted on Feb, 18 2006 @ 02:57 PM
Thank You Deep for your reply, Awesome as always, your words are so inspiring! I believe the 9's are Redemption! Some say the 9's I have read are evil, its ok, controversey is a part of life! They say so because if you flip them they are a 6. Well, for one thing their is no evil in heaven, so I know they did not represent evil! And a 9 is a 9 not a 6!
6 does not represent evil in its self, 6 is the number of Man - But we all know about the three six's which is of course is the mark of the beast which is evil in all sense!
But until God shows me diferently, when He Stated "Look Up For Thy Redemption Draweth Nigh" was after the fact He showed Me The Ship with the four 9's! So that it was my conclusion to 9 would then be Redemption! But then again God who's ways our not our ways nor His Thoughts Our Thoughts, may mean something totally different! Until then, I Keep Looking Up! Oh The Wonders He Has Shown Me by My Constantly Looking Up! I will share more about that with you All after the weekend!
By the way A Blessed Weekend to You All!
P.S. Thank You Deep for the added Info about the Dogs, will keep that stored in my memory box for sure lol Also what beautiful words you shared to AWomen & really to everyone who reads it, may they be comforted, those who may be in despair! For We Do Truly Care & So Does God!

posted on Feb, 21 2006 @ 11:14 AM
9's remind me of embryos or infants in the womb..maybe there are 4 children coming on a ship to you from somewhere. Thanks for all your info too Angel, and for looking into the copyrite rules here for me, which you told me about on u2u. Until then I will continue telling you the Bundy story on u2u like I have started to, so you can see what that has in common with what we have already been talking about.

I hope you had a fantastic weekend! Mine went by too many things to do!

I will send stuff to you by email from now on!

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posted on Feb, 22 2006 @ 03:43 PM
sorry everyone couldn't access anything for 2 days, just reading mail now couldn't access that also, reading mail now, and will read this site in a bit also! don't know if it was my pc or the site! Wish people wouldn't jump to conclusions, before they know, some thought I was ignoring them, I would never do that! so sorry again, if you thought otherwise!

edit: I figured it out lol I guess you have to delete some mail one has sent after awhile it gets full, & then it won't let you read or write! Still doesn't explain why I also couldn't write and ask for help anywhere else, could have been my pc also. Gee I wish I have a computer brain lol!
Well I pray everyone is good! I had a rough couple of days and really needed you guys, but sometimes I think were meant to go through things alone!
Maybe perhaps so we then turn to God & God only for answers! I in my trials did see several times balls of light dancing for a few minutes! I took that as a sign my Angels were there trying to help!
Today is better as I pray it is for all of you! Their always is a light at the end of the tunnel so know tomorrow is always brighter!
Take Care Angel

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posted on Feb, 24 2006 @ 09:56 PM
Hello Everyone!
I pray that everyone is Well & Blessed!
I wanted to share a very incredible dream I had a few days ago! It was so Vivid it felt like I was there! I awoke crying - as I was crying in my dream from all the terror!
In the dream, there were 4 Angels and they had trumpet horns, they were in their hands.
One came forward & was rising it toward their mouth, then sounded the horn, The next part showed was a huge earthquake! ( the next day in my awakened life their was a 7.4 in Mozambique I was shocked & said could this be the quake the dream showed?)
back to the dream, then there was 2nd Angel that came forward and sounded the horn, I saw a huge explosion & then choas & fighting everywhere - (Now I then read about the Mosque Attack that pushed toward Civil War in Iraq which was on Steve's Quayle Site
Then I saw the 3rd Angel come forward in the dream and Blow the Trumpet and saw A Volcano Explode Violently & Suddenly & Many Died
( I haven't read of this happening yet Thank God! )
Then I saw the 4th Angel come Forward and Blow the Trumpet - And I saw a Missle in the Air Aiming at a Great City and the City was No More!
( I was not shown what City it Was )
Then the next part of the dream their were the 4 Horseman of Apocalypse
All Lined Up Awaiting for their Command! Then I Awoke!

I Pray the Other Two if they do come true are not in the near distant future
By Gods Grace Amen! Never Had I had A Dream Like This It Was So Real!

posted on Feb, 25 2006 @ 02:19 PM
Hi Angel,

You said I could use your thread to do this:

So, I just wanted to say I am sorry to everyone that I got defensive and angry on the Tinfoil Hat thread. Instead if I felt what was happening to me was wrong, I should have just gone to a moderator and asked them about it. I really wish the thread hadn't been removed because it was a funny sorry about that too. It won't happen again.

Yes and Angel knows I thought she was ignoring me too, but she wasn't actually...LOL. She is just really busy in her Ministry and has tons of work to do.

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posted on Feb, 25 2006 @ 02:57 PM
Wow Angel! I believe also that there are many more earthquakes and even volcanic eruptions and tsunamis, to come all over the world in the near future, because of the instability of the Earths tectonic plates. Also, in Revelations that at the End of Days, there is mention of weather events taking place in places they have never been, (for exp: we have been getting more and more tornadoes in the last couple years, in the Pacific Northwest, than we have ever had before), of more earthquakes, and turbulent seas (tsunamis), of storms, etc. Tell me if you have had weather events you have never had before (or that are very rare) in your region too, I would be very interested.

As far as the nuclear strike in your dreams, that sounds like an End of Days happening too. I know on the Western side of the US we are hoping the North Koreans will not start a nuclear war, for we are very close to them. And, with other countries developing secretly, or openly nuclear weapons, who know really where the next strike would come from? I am thinking perhaps it would be between Israel and one of the Middle Eastern countries next to them...but who knows?

I will tell you I also had a dream Angel...

In my dream, we were in a nuclear war with some country (I don't know who), but I knew it was a World War and the whole world was going to counterstrike, and it would mean the end of the world, and a warning came on the Emergency Broadcast System to make for the shelters. But, I live in a major city and some rockets were going to strike very close, so I thought what would be the point? There was no time to get away. I thought I would go to a vantage point on Queen Anne Hill where I could see the whole city of Seattle and the Bay, and just watch the nukes as they hit.

There were some 100 other people there all at the Lookout watching the air with me. Then we could see the red missles coming through the air. Then one rocket came very close and hit right beneath where we were standing. And we all naturally expected a great flash of light and to be instantly evaporated by the nuke. But, instead of that...all of these seeds burst out of the rocket, and these seeds went into the earth and instantly grew into beautiful flowers and new hybrid crops that would feed the hungry and the poor.

Then clouds formed overhead, and the voice of God thundered down on us and He said "You Foolish People, who do you think you are? Did you actually think I would let just a few of you decide the fate of all that I have Created? That, I would just stand by and let my beautiful earth, and my good people, and all the creatures of the earth and sea be destroyed along with you?" God wasn't having it! Not in my dream, anyway.

So, if I am to take my dream literally as a dream that was in fact from God... Then He will not allow an all out Global Nuclear attack. But, he may allow a single country to be destroyed. I don't know if the dream was an actual foretelling, but it did give me some comfort, and made me feel a lot more secure, and I was humbled by the insight that Man may not have the final say in All Things.

posted on Feb, 25 2006 @ 03:23 PM
i tried the asking for their name........... crazy as it sounds i think it worked.....
almost as soon as i asked the question the name david started bouncing round my head........ like woooo!

posted on Feb, 25 2006 @ 11:08 PM
Hi Spear
Thats neat isn't it, makes one take a few fancy footsteps back,
gives one a bit of surprise doesn't it lol One hears of it happening time to time, and tv has had interesting Documentaries too about Angel Miracles etc. But it only because all too real when one has their own experience!

Awesome to know isn't it Spear, that we are watched over! It becomes all so personal -Some don't realize that we are that Special, so important that we are given our very own Personal Body Guard so to speak!

There is a much grander picture to all this, We just need to take the time to stop and listen! Then they might be willing to let us know they are there. Now that your aware - have you thought of what you would ask next?
Many stop after getting their Angels Name, when their could be so much more they want us to know. Makes Me Wonder!

posted on Feb, 25 2006 @ 11:22 PM
Interesting Deep about the dream, but if we could please try to stay on the subject as long as it has something about Angels in them, since others will then think its an open conversation pertaining to several subjects!

So Any Subject is fine, lets just try to keep the main focus on Angels in general! For Instance in my Dream, their were Angels Sounding the Trumpets, and then Riding the Horses! That is why I shared the dream! I think that explains it...

Still very Interesting Deep, I would keep a note of that-well that isn't something easily forgotten anyhow! Was ReAssuring. Thanks Angel

edit: Had to add this, this was pertaining to my above Dream. The 3rd Angel that Sounded The Trumpet and saw the eruption of the Volcano - today I saw on Steve Quayles site about Yellowstone again having a 3.2. Our Prayers & Angels can hault many things, volcanos,earthquakes,hurricanes,tornados .... Like I said if we have Body Guards lol they are for good reason! Plus the added Reassurance from Deeps Dream! Perfect Balance!

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posted on Feb, 26 2006 @ 12:57 AM
We talked about other dreams that didn't have Angels in them and other non Angel stuff earlier. But, I understand because I know its hard to stay on track. I guess I was responding more to the things your Angels were Heralding in With Their Trumphets. When you mentioned a country getting nuked I guess you got a little of an emotional response from me, considering the proximity of Korea to where I live. So, that's what happened and I didn't mean to get 'off topic' on ya.

It was just an awesome dream...I thought it would be ok because God was in it...& He is General of all The Angels..but I know what you mean. I have no more Angel stories, to be specific Angel stories where I ask an Angel his/her name. So, I will step aside and let other people who have specific Angel stories tell them now. Can't wait to hear more!
All Ritey Then!

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