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You can know Your Guardian Angels Name!

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posted on Feb, 7 2006 @ 01:03 PM
Hello Angel,

That was so good your dad could hear your Guardian Angel or his telling him to grab your shirt when you were 9 years old. I know that trolley cars can be wild and unsafe things...I suppose there is charm and adventure to them but people have to use a lot of caution around them. When I was in San Francisco last time so many people were hanging off the side of a trolley car, and one person lost her grip and fell right off into the street as the car was going uphill. She went to hospital, and was hurt but luckily lived through it. I dont understand the thing with buses/trollies, motorcycles vs. cars with the whole seat belt thing. Why it is ok to fly around on buses but you have to be strapped into autos with seatbelts or get fined...but thats a whole 'nother

And then when you actually saw your Angel standing in front of you when you were 16 and you were saved from death maybe, that is awesome! I wonder if you inherited being able to see your Angel from your dad, and your children inherited that from you..if that can be inherited? The traffic accident thing has happened to me also on different occasions which are soon forgot...just little things that saved my life. I dont drive really because I have a phobia about it, so I have become a really good 'backseat' Anyway, one time a friend was about to pull out into traffic, and he was talking to me and didnt check to his left, and a voice said to me LOOK!! And I looked to the left and a speeding car was right there going about 70-80 m.p.h., and I told him STOP!! He breaked just in time, and if he would have pulled out it would have been a devasting accident for all concerned. Another time my girlfriend was driving and voice said LOOK!! and I looked and she had driven out of her lane and into oncoming traffic (she was a little drunk) and I jerked wheel in different direction in time to avoid head on accident. And lots of times like goes the same way more or less each time.

How your children saw your all of your Guardian Angels and God protecting you was also an amazing miracle! Also your children can see this gift has come Full Circle. I can imagine your Angels hanging out together and being like a family too while they are watching over all of you. I am glad you were saved, someone told me that if you are saved especially time and time again that there is a reason for this, that you have a purpose/destiny God wants you to fullfill. I also think that some people have more precarious lifes and are more accident prone and need Guardian Angels my case so

Then you asked on the first post:
2. Have you ever seen an Angel? I would love to hear your story... &
3. Have you ever Had a Miracle while witnessing Your Angel being present?
4. Please let me know, it would help me greatly with my research!


I am sure I forgot a lot of times when I have been helped by Angels/Guides/God. Sometimes they are there to keep me from making a mistake, sometimes to warn when life is in imminent danger, once they even sent someone else to check on me when my life was in danger.

Once when I was 13 years old, I was trying to get away from some people, I hitchhiked to Lake Mead, Las Vegas. I had my bathing suit under my clothes, so I decided while I was there trying to decide what to do next, I might as well go swimming.

When I was in water the people caught up to me so I had to start swimming across the lake to get away. It became night and was dark..I was swimming towards a rock island that was in the middle of the lake.

Then the wind started to pick up and the water became very choppy. The people sent out boats with lights to try and find me and to tell all the other swimmers and boats to get out of the water now, they were telling everyone to get out of the water because it was an electrical storm with 80 mph wind gusts. Also it was hard for me to swim because I had to stay underneath the water a lot so they couldnt find me.

Anyway, I finally got to the island but underneath the rock there was nowhere to stand, so all I could do was to hang onto the side of the rock while the winds buffeted me, and hope I didnt get electricuted by the storm. Also, I was there for a long time and was very cold, but I did feel someone keeping me as warm as they could.

When the boats had moved down the the lake a bit I decided to make a break for it back to shore. I wanted to get my clothes and my things I had left on shore. I swam mostly underwater back to shore a little up from where I had started..I tried to sneak through the brush to get my things but there were too many people there guarding them. It was no use.

I then climbed up the mountain on that side, hoping I would not be seen. My plan was to get to the top and then make my way across the desert, putting my ear to the ground and listening for vibrations of cars until I found a main road. The side of the mountain was very hard to climb as it was mostly loose shale, but finally I made it to the top. There I had to rest for awhile because the swim and the climb had left me exhausted. I could see the boats below still searching for me, and then someone turned on the lights on the mountains around the lake.

It was time to make my way across the desert, and it was tough going. It was dark, I had no shoes, only a bathing suit, it was wet and windy out. Plus, in the Mojave desert there are rattlesnakes and scorpions. The way ahead was rocky and it hurt my feet and I was very tired and if I started thinking about the critters it freaked me out, (I was afraid to sit down anywhere) so I decided to put myself in a light trance and just walk in my sleep...every once in awhile stopping to put my ear to the ground. While doing this I heard some rumbles in a certain direction and went that way. I didnt want to go to the main road (least I get caught) but I had seen a map earlier and knew there was another less traveled road to the right of main road.

So this is how it went for hours, sleeping, walking, checking on direction. Suddenly when I was in a sleep mode, I was awakened by my Guardian Angel shouting my name and yelling "STOP RIGHT NOW! and DON'T MOVE AN INCH!!". I stopped dead in my tracks. Then I saw the strangest thing.

I was standing on a bridge of sorts, not really a bridge but an area that was left undug between two gigantic mining pits. I was very close to walking off the edge into the larger pit. It was so deep that I realed back and became dizzy and almost fell in anyway. At the bottom of the pit was a shack that was so tiny it was just a speck. There is no doubt that I would have been killed if I had taken a couple more steps in the wrong direction. I carefully backed up so that I wasnt between the two pits anymore, and then went around them. I decided not to sleep on my feet anymore.

Anyway, sorry this story was so long, but I had to do it justice by telling it right and now you can see how I was saved by my Guardian Angel. I did find the road not long after that, a car picked me up and the person said something told him to turn down that road and go that way, he hadnt been planning on it originally because it was a hardly driven road that only lead to a ghost town. He drove me out of the desert and back to safety.

Since, this story took so long I will tell you the other angel stories later if that is ok. They aren't as

posted on Feb, 7 2006 @ 01:20 PM
Angels do not exist...neither do demons.....and neither does God.

prove me wrong !!

posted on Feb, 7 2006 @ 01:37 PM
...and yet from your picture it looks like you believe in aliens, a lot of people say 'Bah' to that ..."each to his/her own said the lady who kissed the cow".

Let's just say there's a lot we dont know, but the proof is in the fact that Angel and I were not killed, we were warned by something, and we are here to write about it. I am not a liar, what I say happened did happen. Its only natural that people will try and find explainations for things. I can not say who/what the voice was I heard but do in fact know that I heard it. Call the voice whatever you like, God/Guide/Angel/Subconscious Mind all I have was given to me by a creator. Since you have not experienced this you can not understand it, that makes sense. It was a very strong shout inside of my head, that was not of me..that was how it felt. That is what I believe, you believe what you like. I do believe we were created and all of this did not create itself. It is easier to dismiss than try and find explanations for things, but you dont have to be rude.

posted on Feb, 7 2006 @ 01:45 PM

Originally posted by DeeplyAwake
but you dont have to be rude.

Sorry...was not trying to be rude...yea theres a alien in my avatar..that does not mean I believe in aliens....never saw one - ever !....same with a angel..never seen one.....ever !

when I see one, hear one or speak to one then I will believe.

posted on Feb, 7 2006 @ 01:50 PM
The Arch Angel Michael Angelo

I have not seen nor heard him.

But I know he is there always (well most of the time anyways).

posted on Feb, 7 2006 @ 02:02 PM

Originally posted by Alpha Grey

Originally posted by DeeplyAwake
but you dont have to be rude.

when I see one, hear one or speak to one then I will believe.

I hope I did this quote thing right,

Anyway Fair Enough! I don't blame you...if I didn't hear what I heard or experience what I experienced I wouldnt believe either. You have to experience it. True I can't say what was responsible for what I actually did experience, but it was something.

But here is the Catch 22, if you are doubtful then you may not hear or see what is out there and be able to experience it for yourself. Although, I hope that if the time comes and you do need a voice to warn you of danger that it will be there anyway. That it will believe in you even though you dont believe in it. I can't believe the force behind creation is petty in anyway, and I am sure no matter what you believe if you are meant to be here and your time isnt up you will be warned.

I needed to be warned/helped a lot because I placed myself in a lot of dangerous situations. If you live a safe life chances are you wont need as much help as I have.

posted on Feb, 7 2006 @ 03:44 PM
I have to add this...I just remembered that when I heard the voice, it was a male's voice, and now I do remember something at the the time lead me to believe it was my Guardian Angel. Maybe it was just a feeling...I can't remember. It just shouted at me and said my name and scared me awake, and was watching over me.

posted on Feb, 7 2006 @ 07:28 PM
Thank You Deeply
Now this is interesting what you posted, you now have me thinking non stop here. Gee, I never looked at my experiences the way you pointed it out to me, about all of us in my family seeing the Angels. Amazing when you stop and think how Dad, Me, & now my kids are experiencing them!
Thank You for bringing that to my attention!
Now here is another strange thing I'm going to share with you, your not going to believe me Deep but I swear its the truth! You know your experience you had in the water, mountains, desert, well your story is almost exactly of what my Dad told me he experienced when he was 12.

He was camping with his Uncles, and his younger brother and him took the fishing boat for a little ride. His brother, wanted to be the one to run the motor and steer it, it was a small fishing boat. He brought Dad out to the middle of this huge lake, and said lets jump in for a swim. Well the brother didn't jump in, and started the motor & left Dad out there, as it was getting dark! His brother was ticked off a little earlier before their ride on the lake. Dad said to make matters worse, there were about 3 miles from shore, he was an ok swimmer, but not one for long distances! Anyhow he knew he had to try to reach shore before dark, but which way? Ahhhh he noticed a light which seemed to be the camp fire buring miles away, and he tried to keep focus on that and head in that direction. But like it was with you, winds, rain, and waves seemed to put a cabosh on his focusing along with keeping his eye on the camp fire. Now He no longer could see that, well Dad said he felt cramps coming into his leg, so he immediatly remembered his Uncle telling him, turn on your back and float and concentrate on relaxing your muscles, and then try small kicks while remaining on your back if you ever get in that kind of trouble. Dad said, after swimming for what seemed like over an hour - during the rain his barrens got distorted and he was heading Out rather Into shore, once the cramps started to leave, it was then he heard the Voice telling him Audibley, That is Not The Way You Want To Go - Face The Other Way- Of course He had been praying and asking God to help him make it to shore- After 2 to 3 hours he finially plopped unto the shoreline exhausted, freezing, hungry and real mad at his brother!

The sad thing Dad started to cry, since he knew his brother left him there in hopes that he would drown. Dad thought and remembered it wasn't the first time that his brother put his life in great danger! So his tears, reverted to real anger! Once on shore he now had to find his way to camp, and that ordeal was very similar to yours, no desert though, but Mountains, and Dad said at one time during his tracking through the woods, (oh by the way he was only in his swim suit like you were, along with being barefoot) Anyhow with no light from the moon or stars, because of the overcast & rain, he was trying to keep a fast momentum walking to keep warm, and then Dad once again heard a voice saying Stop, You don't want to walk that way, walk to your left- so Dad listened and strained to look where he would have gone and if he had continued, he would of went right over a cliff. Well to make a long story short in all 4 1/2 to 5 hours later, Dad found the road that led him back to camp! The Uncles were frantic, and they could tell by Dads brothers face, that he was guilty as charged of what he did to Dad! So as Dad came stomping into camp, the first thing Dad did was give his brother one good fight that I'm sure he would never forget! The Uncles never tried to stop him, I guess they knew that Dad's brother had hurt him one to many times! And he needed to learn a lesson. They knew Dad wasn't the fighting type, but they didn't dare try to step in at this point. After the boys restled amongst themselves, his brother then apologized for what he did.
Maybe dad shouldn't have fought his brother, especially after the Angel helping him all the way back to camp! But being only 12 & 11. Boys will be boys. And remember it wasn't the first time that his brother had put him in danger! But lets just say after Dad told everyone about his Angel experience, his brother never tried to harm him again!
I had to share this with you Deeply since it seemed so similar, you & my Dads ordeal! Strange huh....
Awesome isn't it, to know when we don't limit God, His limits are endless when it comes to protecting us all from harms way! And Yes, Please share more of your experiences, when you feel to! They are so uplifting and it gives us assurance to always Trust no matter what situation we are in!
Thanks Again Angel

Hello Alpha
Thanks for sharing your thoughts, its ok if you don't believe, but I was
glad that you kind of left an open door for that to possibley change! Try this if you want to. The Bible says " You have not because you ask not "
Trying asking God to show you its all True. Of course only if you want!
I had many of people I've known to also be unbeliving in all this. I Told them to ask, you have nothing to lose. But much to gain! Which they did, because in more ways than one, not only did the Angels make themselves be known, but so did God the Father, & the Lord Jesus! So I too understand Alpha, until it happens to you, I know it can be difficult to believe! But I feel you will have a special visitation not too long from now. Just try not to faint lol!
Thanks Again Angel

oops almost forgot Robert
Hello Robert
Oh Yes, I agree, lets not forget Michael The ArchAngel, He Will Battle For Us Many Times When their is either a great blessing coming our way, or when we are in warfare with demonic beings trying to cause us harm!
Knowing were not alone is most assuring! Thanks for Sharing!

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posted on Feb, 8 2006 @ 01:17 AM
This reminds me of something of something Paul and I talked about today. We are practicing mind "RV" together. Instead of RVing a pic we RV each other's minds. I am doing it in hopes of someday becoming adept at pure telepathic conversation, I think Paul is doing it because it is something he enjoys and is really good at. Plus its fun. (RV helps some people communicate with celestials, spirits, ghosts, etc. too). Some people can hear RV like when you ask an Angel his/her name. Some can see RV, some can feel RV, some can smell of the senses.

Anyway, we found another partner to join us. He was very enthusiastic at first and wanted to join. The first thing we do before we start is try and relax and just talk about things, anything we want to, doesnt have to be Psi. Our new partner loved this part. But, when it came time to actually do the mind RV with us, he was called away on some immediate business...his mother called, or someone just walked through his door..something different each time.

We decided it was too much pressure for him and he was afraid of failing at Psi in front of us. It's true if you never try, you will never fail. But if you never try you will never succeed. Plus, we tried to tell him we are not right all of the time with RV, we have good days and bad days, and he only knows about our good days. But he obviously had the desire to be a Psi Explorer because he showed up didn't he?

I think maybe there are a lot of people like's too bad because before you run, you have to learn to walk. We are learning too, we arent there yet thats why we need lots of practice.

I hope that hearing about some people's good 'take-offs' will not
squash a fledgings dream of flying. It doesnt make someone less special because a certain thing hasn't happened in their lifes yet. It just hasn't happened because there wasn't a need for it, or because the person wasn't trained to look for it, or how to bring it about. Or maybe the person didnt really want it to happen. I would like to help anyone who would
really like to try. It's there like Angel said. You can do it too. Have faith in yourself. Just Believe.

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posted on Feb, 8 2006 @ 01:31 AM
Thanks Angel for telling me about what happened to your Dad. You are right the similarities between his story and mine are amazing. Also, I was moved by something else you told me about his wrote...

Originally posted by AngelWings9999
The sad thing Dad started to cry, since he knew his brother left him there in hopes that he would drown. Dad thought and remembered it wasn't the first time that his brother put his life in great danger!

My big sister used to always try and drown me in swimming pools or lakes, anywhere we were swimming, whenever my parents turned their back. It hurt how evil and jealous she was, and since she was bigger than me she almost succeeded a few times. But, I also learned to fight back and kick her where it hurt and poke her in the eyes, twist her nose, whatever it took. And I learned how to become a good swimmer and hold my breath for a long time too. And, when I was on land and she tried to come up behind me and kick me something came over me and I grabbed her and flipped her over my shoulder like I knew Karate or something. She said 'Where in the hell did you learn how do that?' And she never picked on me again, thinking I was the karate kid or I really don't know where the karate came from, it was like something took over my body for a couple minutes.

I don't blame your dad for whooping his brother when he got back I am glad his Uncles let him!

You are right about what you said, about us being protected every step of the way. Sometimes I dont know why it happens, I dont feel worthy of it. I don't have really high self esteem, I am not important and yet I keep getting saved from death all the time. While others like children die... I don't understand it.

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posted on Feb, 8 2006 @ 04:22 PM
Hello Deeply
Wow talk about similar ordeals you both experienced. Hmmmm makes me think! Meaning everything is for a reason, thats what I believe. So much so that now it has caught my attention! Not that I go out of my way from the every day norm of things.
Which brings me to your RV practicies. My Son and I do this a lot! We have a great time doing so, each time we have a direct hit, it still startles us and we burst out in hysterical laughter. Totally amazed at our own capabilities. Now why should we be amazed? I mean think about it, we came from God! We as in All, have only scratched the surfice with our gifts that we all have hidden within us, I'm sure!
One time after many direct hits, my Son and I were getting with using numbers. Like pick a number 1-30 - then we went 1-50 - so I said ok try this 1-100! Surley he and I won't be so successful! Well I picked 64 and waited for his responce, Bam right off the bat! You know what I found in my own studies, if I didn't send him the thoughts of 64 repeatedly, he wasn't as successful in his guess, but if I did send him my thoughts, I would say he would get it 4 out of 5 tries everytime! Thats just to show you the sucess rate.
If that had anything to do with our sucess I'm not so sure! But Maybe Deeply, the Angels have their hand in this? I often wonder that! They are messengers, so that could be possible wouldn't you say. But I do think its a great thing your doing with the RV, practice always makes perfect like they say! The more I use my gifts, it seems to show more & more the accuracy is more prone to be present.
Funny how their is no limitations in it also. Meaning, I have used my gifts- well not even meaning too on the internet, I was in a chat game room, and was playing my favorite game, and reading the chat, and one particular women was in distress over her finances. Well this feeling came over me like a flood, and I just said, hope you don't mind my interrupting, But you need not to worry, their will be a check in the mail within 2 weeks. And Infact the check will be for Thousands. She got so excited and asked how I knew that, and said well, usually its when I'm face to face, but I see how God has no limits. To make a long story short, one week later she I'md me saying, your not going to believe this. She had received $37,000 check in the mail from Insurance Company, overcharging her for many years! I was like, OH MY was totally shocked to know indeed their are no limits to how or where God will use us! Now maybe she received it, because when I first told her she didn't not believe it! I'm sure that does play a role. But I've also seen God bless when they didn't believe also!
So what I am saying Deeply, is I feel your in training, that your RV is going to serve a much bigger purpose! Sooner than later in fact! Just listen to that small voice, and know your Angels are very much assisting you! Awesome isn't it! Angel

posted on Feb, 8 2006 @ 04:53 PM
for some reason I keep getting chills up my spine and neck while reading this thread. Is that 'them'? I didn't try and ask for its name because I know they are there.

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posted on Feb, 8 2006 @ 05:50 PM
Heh, I like the idea of angels. But what makes an angel? Does the big man decide to promote normal folk to angelhood? Do they have wings? Indulge me.

posted on Feb, 8 2006 @ 06:17 PM
Hello Rae, Nice to meet you!
Yep, thats them, or it can also come with a churning in your stomach. Usually when you get the churning, then listen intently - pay very close attention. Sometimes they just want to make you aware! But they could be trying to make you aware about a particular phone call you will get, or the knock that will come at the door! That churning could also be them trying to direct you Not To Go Someplace you planned, or trying to direct you to visit or call an old friend! Their Contacts are Always With Reason, that is always for sure!
But yes, usually the chill or the tingle in your spine is a direct sign they are there! Once they know you are in fact aware of their presence, don't be shocked if you get a touch on the shoulder, back, or your arm! Or a slight whisper in your ear! They love that! lol
I also find that when their is an important message they are trying to get to you, and we are too busy, or to stressed to notice, I have found them then to be almost comical with trying to get our attention. Like constantly Moving Items Around in a Home!
Note Though - Not Every time Items are Moved around in a home, that it is the product of a unwanted Ghost or Poltergeist, But In Fact it is Our Angel Saying - Stop & Listen! Angels too are Persistant when need be! Just like us, when were trying to get our point across and no one listens lol!
Ghost, Poltergeist, mess things up, Angels are neat & orderly in their arranging or shall I say at times they also like disarranging our items but do so neatly!
For Instance, many shoes that you never placed in order, but just flung them in a closet, One can find them all placed neatly side by side by your bedside! One thing is for certain they got your attention lol !
The first time is always a doosey lol ! Sends one jumping out of one's skin, and then your scratching your head, and you start to question yourself lol. Of course not every time something is out of order, is it our Angels, but our own forgetfulness! What I'm saying don't drive yourself crazy, just relax let go & let God! Just know no matter how much you try & prepare yourself for this, you will be extremley shocked or startled to no end! Why? Because they Love doing it When You Least Expect It!
I think they choose to do it then, because usually at that time, we are usually relaxed, & at peace with ourselves etc, and thus more inclined to be on the receiving end from our Angels! It however is Always a Very Deep Personal Life Changing Experience For Us! Hope this helps Rae, and please keep us posted! Angel

posted on Feb, 8 2006 @ 06:25 PM

Originally posted by MacDonagh
Heh, I like the idea of angels. But what makes an angel? Does the big man decide to promote normal folk to angelhood? Do they have wings? Indulge me.

I can only relay what I have been told, having not yet met one personally...yet. I met a dear, elderly woman about 20 years ago, and she told me a bit. In the past 2 years, I have heard much of the same things for the first time since then. She said that I had lots of them, which I replied to with slight dismay. She assured me that it did not necessarily indicate a dangerous future. As it turned out, they likely saved my neck at least 5 times, probably more.
Emily, who was known for her ghost-busting skills, told me that Herbert, her guide, had tried to reach her her whole life, and at 65 yrs. old she finally picked up. Imagine being on hold for 65 years. The two of them had shared countless lives together in every conceivable way, as partners, siblings, etc. Herbert smoked cigars. He also approved, or prohibited her from going to do her poltergeist removal work. It had something to do with her silver cord, and in one case she told the couple that she was unable to help them. Herbert said it was beyond her ability to remove their spirit. Their son had drowned, and his spirit was what she said was staying put. If she had tried to do it, Herbert said her silver cord would snap. She was publically considered to be a bit nuts, yet quietly, at night, the people would ask her help, and for her silence, so no one would know that they had associated with her.

posted on Feb, 8 2006 @ 06:31 PM
Hello Mac,
Nice to meet you! The Lord God made the Angels to Worship Him, to do Service for Him & for Us! Some are Guardian Angels to Protect us from Evil, from Harm! Some are Warrior Angels, like Michael the ArchAngel, He for instance fought against the Prince of Persia for 21 days, it is quoted in the Bible. Many times people get upset when God doesn't answer their prayers right away! See when in fact God was trying too! At times he sends his Warrior Angels to deliver a Blessing, and they have to fight their way to us with tooth & nails, because of Demons trying to stop our Blessings!
Our Faith brings these Angels into full gear, fighting on our behalf! When we start doubting - our Angels STOP dead in their Action! Faith causes them to Bring forth our Blessings from God!
So many times people get angry depressed when they don't see immediate results. This usually does one or two things like I said, either stops our blessing or delays it! It also cause our Warrior Angels to have to fight off a lot more demons when we doubt what we asked God to do!
Faith Moves Mountains Mac! I'm sure you know that!
As for Wings, Nope they do not, their not needed! A thought alone brings them wherever they want! Angels also can appear to us as Man, they can look just as human as you and I! So that is why the Bible warns, "Beware Lest You Entertain Angels Unaware! I hope this answers your questions!
Thank You for your post! Angel

posted on Feb, 8 2006 @ 07:00 PM
Hello Black
Very Intersting indeed! Thank You for sharing that! Hmmmm thats like I said they will try and stop you dead in your tracks when you can be in harms way!
Thank God our Angels also are very patient lol ! 65 Years wow! I'm sure something didn't want her aware of him, probably because He was sent to help protect her in more ways than one! Better late than never, they say!

As for the silver cord, that is very interesting. It probably could have been a demonic entity that would have tried to snip that! Could be that the boy for now, was where he wanted to be, and wasn't ready to pass on since their was unfinished business he wanted to accomplish! Whatever the reason though, Her Angel made it clear to her not to go! It's very important to listen once they have made themselves known to you! It could very well be life saving!
Also if others are wondering what the silver cord is, that is our life line, for instance, when we are experiencing an OBE which is usually in our lucid dream state, Its connected to us just like an umbilical cord was connected to us in the womb. This cord links us back to our body, so that at any given time during our OBE for whatever reason it may be, we can be brought back in a jiffy! You can say its something like a safety harness one might add! Great post, by the way!
Thanks Again Mac Angel

posted on Feb, 8 2006 @ 07:25 PM
Thank you for all the kind words Angel..You are so Nice!!!

I have more to say but I have to go help with dinner now, but I will be back later!!


posted on Feb, 9 2006 @ 02:42 AM

Originally posted by DodgeG1
If we've all got a guardian angel(s), how comes people still die in car crashes and they're not saved?


or do we? *x-files music plays*

I don't know. Sometimes I feel like I got one. Sometimes I feel like I have the opposite of a guardian angel. Maybe we all do. I don't know. It seems my life always seems to go wrong instead of right which is weird. I continue to think the same thing...someone is doing this to me on purpose. My life can't always be like this. Sorry I am ranting. Still something is up with me.

posted on Feb, 9 2006 @ 08:50 AM
I don't know. Sometimes I feel like I got one. Sometimes I feel like I have the opposite of a guardian angel. Maybe we all do. I don't know. It seems my life always seems to go wrong instead of right which is weird. I continue to think the same thing...someone is doing this to me on purpose. My life can't always be like this. Sorry I am ranting. Still something is up with me.


That is so wierd you said that Conspiracy I was thinking something similiar, just before I read your post. It's not that Angels and God don't save me from harm because they do all the time. It's just I wonder why I am always in harms way and why my life sucks so much.

I have been saved from myself also, and I realize some of it I am doing to myself. I am better than what I was but I need to work on it more.

Someone did tell me once that the closer you get to God or to your own self actualization and destiny and happiness, the more demons will be thrown at you because then you become a real threat to them. I don't know you or what kind of person you are, (Perhaps you have been underestimated and are a nice person involved in a stuggle with self as I have been, and it is very discouraging when barriers are thrown in your path as I know also). I know I am not as bad as I sometimes lead people or myself to believe, and I think a lot about the good of the world, etc. But I have to really fight down the negative feelings (my personal demons) sometimes. It's like they just don't want me to be happy. Like they got a whole crew on me full time to make sure I get down and stay down. Then after awhile I start to believe it, that there is no way out.

I believed I astral traveled to Heaven two times, once with a coworker who had recently died and needed my help to find a home for her baby that no one knew about but she had to come back right away, and she took me to this 'Before Heaven' place where she was currently staying where people go to get adjusted and reborn into Heaven. It's just like being a fetus again in a way, and being in this peaceful womb type environment. She said you go there to have all your negative feelings cleansed out, and to have all your hurts healed, so you can go to the next place. She didn't have a body there she was a flame among many flames..I could see the light of all the souls as we flew nearer and it wasnt until we got close I realized they we all separate flames.

The next time I went to Heaven itself it was to see my dog. I had prayed ever night after she died to see her in my dreams like I had seen my girlfriend. And finally, one night her Keeper brought me right to Heaven, and not to the place before. I don't know if it was dog or people heaven or for both, I forgot to ask.

Her keeper/guide was a Native American woman, and she was standing on top of a green rolling hill and she said "So you want to see your dog?"

I said 'Yes' and we flew over the hills to a wooded area with vivid colors I have never seen before...where my dog was playing among the ferns and trees and flickering rays of light coming down through the trees. (we never used our mouths to talk it was all done with telepathy).

She told me "Be careful what you feel; nothing but unconditional love, joy and positive thoughts can thrive here, if you think anything else you will return to your physical body. We can stay here if we slip up but since you are here only on a pass you can not."

I was so happy to see my dog she came up and licked my face, and I hugged her. It was as real as when she was alive, we played for a minute..but then she jumped up on her guide, and in life I was fearfull when she did that because she was a big wild German negative thoughts filled my mind, that she might nip the woman or scratch her.. "Just Kisses bites just kisses!" I shouted at her. My dog looked at me like I was crazy or something, and I heard her thinking "Get Real I am not going to bite her she's my friend".

Then I started thinking did I just think a negative thought..."Oh NO!" and I started freaking out about making a mistake. And the Guide said quit thinking like that, quit worrying about a negative thought. Worrying is negative also." But it was too late and I was booted out of Heaven and whisked away backwards into my body.

Anyway, my thought is if what I saw and what I was told was real and I believe it was...then the most important thing we can do for ourselves here or beyond, is to end the cycle of negative thinking. To unconditionally love ourselves, to not fret and worry, to accept and appreciate goodness and enjoy life in full. Who knows? Maybe the angels are trying to tell us that too.

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