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You can know Your Guardian Angels Name!

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posted on Feb, 13 2006 @ 02:13 AM
Hi Angel,

The thing that bugs me about Mothman is he won't tell someone straight out what is going to happen, but gives it to someone in clues (like numbers). He obviously knows and he seems like he is toying with people a bit.

Also he assumes shapes of the people themselves and then interacts with people like he needs their company and their maybe he is feeding off people's emotions like an emotional vampire would do. He seems very much like he is building their emotions up to a crescendo. And causing people to have confusion about themselves, which is negative.

However, to be fair when I have had a prophetic type dream and when my friend has it all was in clues, so many that sometimes we couldnt figure it out until after the disaster was already over. For 911 my friend had a dream of his 2 front teeth crumbling, (he lives in England) he had another dream of a huge gas storage facility explosion that happened there a couple months ago by his home. He had a dream of being in a circus, and a man coming off his trapeeze and flying through the air and he felt like he was that man when he was going through the air, and he flew for quite a distance and landed in a field. And he felt himself going up to a tank like thing. What actually happened if I recall, is a man went up to refill his truck and the tank line had a leak and the tank exploded and set off the other tanks (I think), and the man himself went flying through the air, but because he was thrown clear and landed in a soft field, he was not seriously hurt by the massive explosion. I had a dream of going across the Portland bridge, and seeing signs that were said Seattle Waterfront, 65 minutes ahead. (Portland is nowhere near the Seattle Waterfront, and why was the distance in minutes?). And there were tall crane machines all around the bridge I was on, and then the bridge started shaking and there was a boom and then there was a crack in the bridge ahead. Anyway, what the dream was telling me about was an explosion 65 minutes later, at the Seattle Waterfront, at the Port of Seattle on the Land Part (Portland). And a crack/hole was blown in the unloading place and a crane knocked over. But the dream was unclear so how could it help me to figure it out and stop it or warn anyone in time? So, I can't totally fault Mothman because his clues are at least better than the ones I gave

I think Mothman maybe is an evolutional wonder, who has possibly been here for sometime, or maybe even he was an alien who couldnt get back home and evolved here.

Or he could be a Hells Angel like you said Conspiracy...that works too!!

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posted on Feb, 13 2006 @ 05:15 AM
Now where did I leave off with Sherry B? (I am not using their last initials but just calling them Sherry A (the first) and Sherry B (the second) to protect their families privacy if someone they know happens to read this).

Angel you asked earlier if it was an OBE and to describe the steps of my visit from Sherry B. It was like I was in a different state of consciousness even within a dream. I have heard some people say a dream is just a dream because a person is asleep, but there are different levels of consiousness during the sleeping process, just as there are when a person is awake. I think visitors from beyond/spirits/astral travelor's look for the right opportunity, for the Alpha state of a persons mind just before they go into deep sleep and jump in there. It is possible to get to Alpha while awake (we do it all the time when we daydream, meditate, etc. but we do it every night in a dependable way, and if I were a ghost I would wait for a person there. Just as a person can recognize when they are leaving their body when in a planned Alpha state during the day, people can also feel when they are in an OBE when in a natural Alpha sleeping state at night.

After Sherry B. told me about Charlie having her baby and the adoption papers, and after she made me promise to adopt her baby, I then asked her if I could see where she was existing now, and have a look at Heaven. "While I have you here, it doesn't hurt to ask!" I joked. She agreed, and I took her hand and I then traveled further out of my body, and felt my soul leaving it (O.B.E.), and we Astral Traveled into the stars. (The office building, and how she appeared to me at first, was more for appearances; a setting she manifested to make me feel comfortable). This Before Heaven place of hers was like a glowing blue planet I could see from a distance, and as I said earlier I didn't realize until we flew closer to the surface, that the blue light was coming from all the souls, (which looked a little like flames) living upon the planets surface. As we got closer I could hear a great humming noise, and when we got even closer I realized it was all of them communicating with one another. Also, I could make out some details of their faces inside of the spirit flames, eyes, nose, mouth, etc. The flames for the most part did seem to stay stationary, and not move around much, just waver. Although, I do think I saw little whirly winds of white light moving among them from time to time. I could feel an overwhelming sense of peace and love being there, and I remarked to Sherry how nice I thought it was there. She said "Yes it is wonderful and I feel happy here and I am learning a lot and I shouldn't complain really, but I do miss my body and I am a little bored here right now. I miss going out for Mexican food and Margaritas with you on our lunch hour, and getting silly, and I miss our areobic dance classes at the church together." (I wasn't a member of her church but I went there once a week with her to exercise at the dance class they had there). Then she said she couldn't wait until she was ready finally and could go to the next place. (I knew beyond any doubt it was really her then because she loved doing things, and was honest, and only she would say the 'Before' place was

I asked Sherry if it was just her and the other souls there, or were there other beings also there? And, she said "We have Teachers here too, and God is always here watching over us with His Love." I don't know if the teachers were Angels or Guides or other advanced human souls that were Teachers. She said she was mostly concerned about her baby right now, and so it was hard to concentrate on what she was supposed to learn at the Before Place, that's why it was decided she could come back and visit people to try and resolve her worries. *Notice I said 'people'. I will get to that in a minute.

The OBE/astral travel experience was fairly short. Sherry then returned me to the office building and she said just close your eyes and wait here for a minute and you will be returned to your body now. She told me she loved me and I said the same back to her, and we hugged and then she was gone.

Without her energy to sustain the facade, the office faded and I was back in my Alpha state again, but I woke up instead of going further into sleep because I couldnt sleep after that. I felt very energized and I still felt the good feelings I experienced at the Before place. I kept remembering what Sherry wanted me to do, but I kept fighting it, and putting it off and maybe trying to dismiss what had happened a little, even though I knew it was real. I was afraid to go forward and to see Charlie and find out if it was really true or not.

I thought about it everyday for several days but did nothing. Then at work one day I was taking a little nap in the break room. I felt someone staring at me, and I opened my eyes and my co-worker Annabelle was looking right at me. She said right out of the blue "You know I had the strangest dream last was about Sherry."

That woke me up! I said "Really what happened?" Annabelle said "In my dream Sherry came to see me here at work, and she said she had a baby and she wanted me to tell you not to forget and to adopt her baby like you promised." Then Annabelle said "Isn't that wild! I knew the dream couldn't be true because Sherry never had a baby before she died." Then she looked at me and I must have looked in shock and couldn't hide what I was feeling, so then Annabelle asked me "Or did she? Did Sherry have a baby? Is that true?" And I couldnt lie, so I told her she did, but asked her to please not tell anyone about it. And then Annabelle wanted to know if it was this guy Jon C. at work, was he the father? (who she only went out with on a casual date one time...Puh leeze!) And I told her "No it was noone from work". I was afraid she was going to blab to the whole office about it, and she did, but luckily it never got back to Sherry's family.

I have to admit if the choice had been up to me to choose to save the baby's life or Sherry's, I would have been selfish and saved Sherry. Because she was such a wonderful person, and one of the best friends I ever had in this life. But it was her choice, not mine, and for her to have chemotherapy, it would mean that the Dr. would have to abort her baby first because the chemo would kill him anyway, and she did not that. She might have died from cancer anyway even with the chemotherapy, and at least by deciding to choose the baby's life over chemo, she made sure one life would have a chance to live. As time went on, and I saw how she suffered to bring him into this world, I began to regard her as a true hero. She didn't even have any pain medications to help her with her excrutiating pain from cancer because it might cause her unborn baby harm.

She was one of the most noble people who suffered in silence that I have ever known. Just before she died I went to see Sherry one last time. Her eyes were sunk deep into her head and yet there was a bright sparkle in them. Underneath her eyes it was dark and her skin was a different color, and she didn't look human anymore and I hardly recognized her she was so shrunken and spent. What happened to my beautiful friend who was so full of life? She looked up at me with her bright fervent eyes, and the she smiled in the most glowing way, and told me to come to her. She put her hand on my hand, and told me how much she loved me. Her words seem to come almost from a vacuum or from between two worlds, it was like she was already half way out the door. She said 'I know I won't see you again, after this. I wanted to tell you how much you mean to me. You were a very good friend to me. And, I want to say Goodbye to you. But only for now because I will see you again". And I couldn't find a word to say to her because my throat had shut down. But then I found my voice and said, "Goodbye Sherry, I Love You! I will see you again." Her eyes were locked onto mine the whole time and she never took them off mine not even as I left the room. And later that night, she died.

I went home and cried so hard that I think I made it rain outside.


After the dream, I went to see Charile as I have already said, and saw her cute heathy baby with the red hair. And I could see her in him, so I could see she was still living through him. Charlie showed me the adoption papers, they were made out to him, but he could readopt the baby to whomever he choose, and he knew I would be coming by and he said "It's ok you take your time and think about it". I didn't feel a sense of urgency, even though he was a gentlemen in his 90's he had the baby situation pretty well under control and seemed to be enjoying having the child there, and was cheerfully whisking around doing things for him like a Father Hen.

Still I was torn about adopting Sherry's baby. (I decided to tell you about Bob because its not that big of a deal)..What I can say about Bob is from what I knew about him, is that he was not a bad person, (part of his job as Deacon was to have fun classes with kids), he was very good at playing with children, they loved being around him, he came down to their level, but that is because he was like a child himself, I could see that when I got to know him better as an adult later. That is what bothered Sherry about him, she thought he was very immature. She did not mean to have a baby with him either, she had decided after getting to know him better just to be friends with him, and they were not married, but they was drinking and got carried away, and it happened just once, but that once is all it takes. She felt some regret by getting pregnant without being married, but I think it was meant to happen, that God was giving her the joy of having a child one more time since all of her other children had been taken from her.

Bob's children loved Sherry, and Bob's daughter Teri was hoping that her dad and Sherry would get married someday, so she could have Sherry as her mother, and grandmother to her small children. (Bob and Sherry A. had been divorced for some time) Teri was there at Sherry's bedside almost everyday especially at the end, and you could see how much she loved her, and how much Sherry loved Teri, but she did not know Sherry's true feelings for her dad. Bob had even asked her to marry him and Sherry had said 'No'.

So that is why I was torn, sure Bob was immature but is that any reason to keep a baby from his dad? There must have been another reason Sherry didn't tell me about (why she didn't want Bob to have their baby), but since she didnt tell me I didn't feel right going ahead with adopting her baby. When I don't know what to do sometimes I do nothing and procrastinate. For two weeks I procrastinated, until...

One day my husband and I were traveling along the highway and we decided to get a bite to eat. We drove randomly around and found a Steak House off the beaten path that we had never been to before. We sat down, and low and behold the waitress that came to take our order was Bob's daughter Teri!!

Ok this was amazing because 1. I didn't even know Teri was a waitress, 2. She lived in another city that was a fair commute away. and 3. The odds of us walking into a random restaurant we had never been to before and having her as our waitress, Wow!

A wave came over me and then I knew what I was supposed to do about Sherry's baby. Teri came over to take our orders, saw it was us and was happy to see us and wanted to talk about how sad she was about Sherry, and told us about how much she loved Sherry and thought of her as her mom. After that, I found myself talking to her, almost as if someone else was doing it, and not thinking about the words I was saying. I said "Teri I have to talk to you about something very important. Do you remember when Sherry was in the hospital how big her stomach got?"

Teri looked puzzled and frowned slightly and said "Yessss...I do but that is because the cancer spread to her stomach isn't it?"

I said "No, it wasn't Cancer, Sherry was pregnant and she had a baby!"

"What a baby!!! Sherry was pregnant? Who was the father...??" Then she paused and a look of realization came over her face "....OMG was my dad the father??" Teri asked.

I said 'Yes', and Teri said "I have a baby brother from my mother Sherry" and then she fainted. I sure didn't mean to shock her so bad she fainted! I should have thought that part out first. But my husband caught her midway, and set her down in the booth next to us. I put some cold water on her face and fanned her and she came to.

Then I explained the whole thing to her, how Sherry felt about her dad and what happened, and how she came to me and Annabelle in dreams. I asked her if she knew why Sherry would not want her dad to have the baby, and I asked her if she thought he was immature, or would be irresponsible in anyway. She said she wasn't sure...maybe. I asked Teri if she could adopt her little brother and raise him as her child along with her other children. I said if you can't do that could you watch over him and make sure no harm comes to him when he is in your dad's care? She said she would make sure no harm ever came to him and she would love him, so I told her where he was. This seemed the best solution to me because now the child would have his true blood family, especially his sister, and his heritage. Being an adopted child and a foster child so many times I know there is nothing like having your real blood family (even if it's not perfect) and I couldn't deprive him of that. Don't get me wrong, I would have loved to adopt Sherry's baby. He was an little angel. But, I just felt that would have been selfish on my part.

I have always felt bad for breaking my promise to Sherry. Maybe she feels betrayed. I hope she has forgiven me by now. I have been meaning to see what happened to Sherry's baby because I don't know what happened after I told Teri. I knew Teri and I knew she would take good care of him, and I felt my part in this had ended after I told her. I thought I should just 'butt out' and let his family handle it. This happened many years ago, but maybe I should check in on him now and see how his life has been. He would be a teenager, almost an adult now. And, if he needs anything I could help him with...then I could do that.


Anyway Angel, ty for encouraging me to tell the stories of my Angels, the 2 Sherry's, and the Angel and God and Heaven. You provided a perfect atmosphere for me to tell it and I am glad I did because I have kept it inside for a long time now! I am very glad to be led to this testimony, and to you. I feel better now that I have shared the miracles I have seen. I have always felt privileged for being part of the lifes of the many wonderful people I have met along the way and I am grateful that you were touched by their stories, that means a lot to me. I am glad this happened so people can see what a tapestry was woven by God in my life and many others, and over a long time span. I hope this will give other people hope that they are not alone, that there is a plan, and that we are watched over by God and Angels and our loved ones, and they help with decisions that are hard to make and help guide us too.

Keep up the Good Work Angel! I think you are Awesome in every way!!!

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posted on Feb, 13 2006 @ 04:10 PM
Deep Hi

I had to answer your first reply first, I haven't read your second! I had this churning to get this to you right away! Ok First of all on your dream about the bridge and the distance being shown in minutes -
Oka very important question, when did you have this dream? The reason I'm asking, because it seems this is yet so unclear, is because its not finished. I hope your writing your dreams down! I would think you would for sure, especially after that one! I got a clear feeling, this dream isn't over! You will have another & another like building up to a to the main climax in a book! This is what I was shown, So Incredible I'm shaking inside, you then will be able towarn many of what is too happen! Don't worry we will cross that bridge ( no pun intended )when we get all the pieces.

Oh My see how even Conspiracy's post played an Important role in bringing up Mothman, and how because of that you then shared your dream! Everything is for a reason!
See Conspiracy, like I said your so very important! Tis probably why the enemy had you not feeling well the other day, as you were writing to Us on here! He didn't want you to continue sharing with us, which was so profoundly directed & inspired by God!

Even if your dream Deep happens to be from awhile ago, that doesn't make it any less significant, reason being, More will follow when things here have lined up with the things that were shown in the Spirit! I feel
Your Angels will play a very big role in this, so don't shrug off the slightest whisper you hear! Also keep a watchful eye out for the 65- could this be a route? Check out the closest one to you! Gee, let me know if their is one, if not check the nearest States surrounding you!
Oh and keep paper & pen near your bed, if you aren't already doing so, to write down all your dreams! Don't know if you have been told this to you, but you definitly have a gift! So its very important not to doubt what you see, hear, & feel - Otherwise you could miss the mark! Remember we all have a free will! The enemy likes to keep us so busy, preoccupied with day to day rush hour that we shrug off things that Angels desperatly try to show us!
Remember what d said, even we can play a role as an Angel, in saving people from harm etc! The most important thing to remember in all this, is to not limit God and especially ourselves for that matter!
So If one asks me, I say your dream is very much real Deep!

Your not going to believe this, but when I was trying to Post this, I then was having a lot of troube again, I knew some dark force was trying to stop it again, and I would lose all the info I had written to you. I quickly copied & pasted it to a email & as soon as I did, sure enough my post reply was lost! Thankfully my Angels assisted in warning me, one way or another Deep you will get this! LOL I'm determined!

posted on Feb, 13 2006 @ 06:30 PM
Oh My Deep!
You did it again, you brought tears to my eyes! Thank You for such a sincere compliment! Now I know why Sherry wanted you to be the Father of her baby! Because your heart is so pure, you may at times not feel that this is so! But believe me it is! As an Angel just like an Angel you Are!
First let me tell you something, I want you to take this into deep consideration & then to pray about this, and ask God for a sign! You need to write a book about your experiences. People will be touched!
As for what happened, wow so personal so profound! I know you made the right decision! I believe Sherry asked you to be the Father of her baby for a reason Deep, I believe it was so you would have this baby so much in your thoughts, that it would bring Him to the place God destined him to be!
1. It was to bring you into deep prayer!
2. Being in that steadfast prayer allowed God & His Holy Angels to do their
work! Bringing you to the place where you would all meet at that restaurant. One thing I know your unselfishness Highly Blessed that family!
3. Your Angels will show you when its the right time to contact the boy!
4. Their is more Blessings that will come out of this!
5. I see you will get another Dream from Sherry - To let you know she is
at Peace over your decision you made! Everything went according to plan!

I too have had an OBE experience, only one, it was in 1985. I remember it as if it happened yesterday! I will share that soon with you & everyone! Maybe someone here will help with interpreting it! There is a part of it I'm still waiting for answers! I too was brought to heaven, see we have had such similar ordeals happen to us! It's so uncanny!
I'm so touched Deep, that you chose my site to share your experience! As I look back at certain Dreams I've had - especially one that stands out that I kept having with my Grandmother! She came numerous times warning me of plumbing problems, pipes bursting & flooding in a home! Shortly afterwards, it was my home that had the problems. If I listened at the very beginning to my first dream I had about this. I'm sure it would have lessened the cost of my repairs! Believe me, now I pay close attention to my dreams!
Thank You Again, For sharing with Us

posted on Feb, 14 2006 @ 04:27 AM
Hi Angel,

I was almost finished with this post to you and I got booted! In fact, I was just on the part where I was writing I hear you about demons booting people. And then I was booted! I am going to copy and paste every paragraph or so to be on the safe side from now on! That was a lot of stuff I lost, so hope I can remember it again.

First of all, I wanted to say thanks for giving me the feedback on Sherry A. right away because I was really interested on your take, and I am glad you thought I did the right thing. I came on to read what you had wrote 14 minutes after you I was worried about it because it was important enough to my friend to come back from the dead to ask for my help, but I just thought if every parent that was immature had his/her kids taken away, there would be a lot of parentless kids out there.

Charlie was the one who was ultimately responsible for Sherry's baby since he had been adopted to him. It was up to him to decide whether to let me or some other couple have him. I wonder what went on between him and Teri when she came to see him? Did he just hand the baby over, or did he ask Teri to adopt the baby herself? I hope there wasn't a huge legal battle between Bob's family and Charlie, and that it worked out civilially, I was afraid of that too. Charlie may have known something about Bob that I didn't know. All, I knew about Bob was that he was a fun person to be around when I was a kid and I thought he was nice then, he was not very supportive of Sherry A. when she had a brain tumor. But, he was very supportive of Sherry B. and was at her bedside most of the time when she had cancer. As far as his parenting skills, his daughter Teri turned out very well, but his 2 boys had a lot of problems, what exactly caused their problems I don't know. Maybe this is what Sherry B. was afraid of.

As far as writing a book goes I would love to have my friends story be told. I think I should call Oprah up and see if I can get Sherry A. on her show right away, because Oprah has the Angel Network and all, and I think she would just love Sherry and Sherry could tell her own story, if Sherry is still ok and hasn't been sick again, and is still alive. And Oprah might help her with her terminal kids. But I am not sure where Sherry is because I lost touch with her after my foster mom Jan died, since Jan was the one who Sherry contacted. I have a feeling (because there is such a need for it & because she truly enjoyed it) that if she is among the living, she is still fostering those kids she loves so much.

To tell the story in a book form I would have to track everyone down and have them tell their part of the story, and/or I would have to get permission from them to tell their story myself, to have it be a nonfiction story. If I wanted to tell it as a fact based fiction story I could, but I think that would be a shame since it would mean more if all parties involved could validate their parts in the story. But not all of it is flattering to everyone, so it might be hard to get permission, or to get them involved. I would love to do it though and give the money to Sherry A. to help with her kids. I'll have to give that more thought on how to proceed and I would welcome input from you, too! Plus I have never written a book before if that
Well there was this one I started but it got stolen but thats another really long story.

I also have met many other Psi or unusual people along the way. And I will soon start some threads about them, which I hope you will join in on: 'Happy' a mysterious man I knew for awhile..who seemed as if he was immortal. 'Bluey Raison' a natural RV Diva grandmother. And others. Also, I have at times in my life when I was younger, intersected with people who were quite evil, when I think perhaps the demons were trying to kill me off. The serial killer (Ted Bundy), 2 mass murderer's (Susan Atkins, Larry Thompson), and a few psychotics here and there. But, because of God, Angels, my little voice...I survived them. Some of them, I could hear their thoughts and feel their intentions so clearly it was palpable. The harder Ted tried to charm me the more I saw through him..But I will tell you about them another time.

Yes I agree with you Angel, I think Conspiracy is very intuitive, and has a good mind and imagination and can shed new light on many things. I would welcome your opinion on anything if you would like to offer one Conspiracy. Mothman being like a Deepthroat from Hell trying against all odds to bring forward some truth, and maybe redeem himself, could be a definite possibility.

I would love to share details of my dreams with you Angel and I will take your advice and start writing them down. The dream with the bridge happened a while back Angel. I may be wrong, here is my simple understanding of how the psi quantum time line works. Here is how I think of it in a simple, thumbnail way:

Psi Quantum Time Energy Line...

(Most Distant Infinite Past)-Z....(All Points In Between)....(Nearest Past)-A
(Exact Present)
A(Nearest Future)....(All Points In Between)....(Most Distal Infinite Future)Z

Now when I am doing the GotPsi tests, say the Lotto, the scientists are putting electrical energy out there for me to pick up on. I am not sure if they are sending that energy the minute I get the lotto up which would be energy in the (Exact Present), or if they wait until I push the 'submit' button and then there is a random drawing, only a few seconds away in (A Nearest Future).

So, I have to pick the lotto numbers out correctly I have to train myself to see the energy the way it appears at its correct point on the Time Line. I would feel for instance, different energy on the State Lotto which is days away then I would for energy that is almost ready to be born and is only seconds away.

Sometimes, I see energy that has just happened and its residue is still there (Nearest Past) when I am doing the lotto. But it feels a little faded. Sometimes I sense combined energy, like when there are 2 or 3 of the same number in a row, and because they are bunched, I feel it way down the line, and keep guessing at it too early, and then give up right when they hit..thats

Also some false energies I sense are 'collective energy', which is energy that I see mostly because I am already thinking about it, it's my favorite number or it just hit or something. And 'reflective energy' energy that reflects or bounces off one number and goes to the next, or is similar to another one. And here is another one, negative distracting energy, I have the worst things pop into my brain when I am trying to focus, like I hear my mind say "you suck at this", or it tries to make me worry about something.

Now all of this is just on the Lotto. You can see it takes a lot of practice and skill to just hit the right point on the time line, because there are an infinite number of points there, both past and future. Plus there are false confusing energies. And there are distractions and how a person is feeling or how relaxed they are. The easiest thing to hit I think is Exact Present, or Nearest Past or Nearest Future, or perhaps an energy that is constant which spans over time. Like if you were trying to RV and locate the Lincoln Monument and you had never been to Washington D.C. before.

So, saying this I am wondering if that is why perhaps dreams do not offer me time to do something about them, figure them out, and to warn someone. Because I have been trained to see what is in Near Time or the Present. I think with training I could teach myself to try and see farther into the future. What do you think?

One more thing, when I am very relaxed and ask for spiritual help to protect and guide me, and help me see the future then I am better able to do this. The confusing energies do not pester me as much.

posted on Feb, 14 2006 @ 04:45 AM

Originally posted by AngelWings9999

I too have had an OBE experience, only one, it was in 1985. I remember it as if it happened yesterday! I will share that soon with you & everyone! Maybe someone here will help with interpreting it! There is a part of it I'm still waiting for answers! I too was brought to heaven, see we have had such similar ordeals happen to us! It's so uncanny!
I'm so touched Deep, that you chose my site to share your experience! As I look back at certain Dreams I've had - especially one that stands out that I kept having with my Grandmother! She came numerous times warning me of plumbing problems, pipes bursting & flooding in a home! Shortly afterwards, it was my home that had the problems. If I listened at the very beginning to my first dream I had about this. I'm sure it would have lessened the cost of my repairs! Believe me, now I pay close attention to my dreams!
Thank You Again, For sharing with Us

Hi Angel...Oooooo I cant wait...Please hurry up and tell us about your OBE and about your trip to Heaven!!

Your Grandmother is so practical, she has a good head on her shoulders. We do need to save our money, and not let it slip away! I think its wonderful she talks to you about stuff like that too. You have a great network of people looking out for you Angel, and I can see why you turned out the wonderful way you did! As far as choosing your site, maybe it choose me! And thanks for having me...although it gets serious sometimes, it's lots of fun too, to hear what everyone has to say about this great topic!

posted on Feb, 14 2006 @ 05:46 AM
Angel Guess What! The freakiest thing just happened to me, after my last post about lotto numbers, and after talking about training yourself to be on point on the time line, both for lotto and dreams, or anything, etc. Well, it made me want to play So, I went there and I had a bad start and then I just turned it over and kept it simple, and let my higher self do the work. And I got into this super Psi streak (I was using my 'Delicious' S/N):

Lottery Test
(Immediate computer drawing)
User Delicious Trial 21 / 25

Your choices were: 8 11 20 34 38 and 12

The computer chose: 2 8 20 34 38 and 12
5 matches --Wow ! ! -- total 10 matches in 21 trials, hit rate 0.48 per trial

and then after the streak continued (just by letting a divine power take the reins)...see..its hard to read below, but first I got a regular one and then I got 4 regular ones and a mega number, then I got 2 regular ones, and then I got 2 regular ones and a mega number:

49: Delicious 03:27:50 | 3 5 13 15 33, 2 | 13 20 27 28 36, 19 | 1, 0
50: Delicious 03:28:06 | 8 11 20 34 38, 12 | 2 8 20 34 38, 12 | 4, 1
51: Delicious 03:30:14 | 2 21 22 25 44, 1 | 3 21 22 28 30, 21 | 2, 0
52: Delicious 03:30:40 | 1 5 9 14 25, 1 | 5 20 23 25 31, 1 | 2, 1

This exact thing happened to me a month or so ago, I was in this divine relaxed trance state, and was getting big hits, and then my Psi Partner came on, & he wanted to do it too. So, somehow I transferred what I was feeling over to him and he also got 5 of a kind!


Also Angel, I forgot to say earlier, that you are the hostess with mostest!! You are so welcoming and gracious to everyone you talk to your thread on and on theirs that you make being here a true joy!!! Also, I love your very good and positive insights into things. You make me feel hopeful and upbeat..just what I want to be! They say a real lady makes others feel good about themselves, and Angel you the real thing!

What just happened at the Lotto was part your doing too.

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posted on Feb, 14 2006 @ 04:39 PM
Hello Deep
First of all about the book, maybe once you know for sure that you suppose to write it, maybe all the parties involved will allow you to do so, if of course their names are changed? If that doesn't intice them, well you could then offer them a piece of the pie. A small percentage from your profit? One way or another, if God directs you, even though obstacles will try to come, nothing by all means will stop you! Amen to that!
So many things I write here to you, I find it feeding my own spirit as well! But you have no idea how much you too have filled me through & through with Gods Faith - not that I didn't already have it, just that its now soaring! I know He is Up to something! I usually do, but this time I know its a biggie, for it involves many lives being touched with the same line of Blessing! Amen to that!
I believe this is bigger than we realize! I think we all interract not only Physically but Spiritually as well! One Word sets the ball in motion, with not only my thoughts, but then all who I too come in contact with, and so also with you Deep and all who read this! All because of our obediance, to humble ourselves, and also to take time to help a stranger, as our Lord would also have done!
See it is rather simple, love is the key! Maybe its because when I or you see a stranger in need on the street, I refuse to cross the street and ignore their need, like I'm sorry to say, have seen so many do! That breaks my heart! How much more our Lord! I know you and many here are just like me, who will stop and help the poor unfortunate soul! Just like I said before, beware you could be entertaining Angels unaware!

Sorry got off track there, got on a roll lol! Now where was I, oh yes your amazing Deep you have no idea how much the things in the Spirit we have in common! I am constantly bombarded with Numbers! I mean this goes way way back,
One day I'm drying my hair, and I start singing these numbers out! 6 numbers in a row! I stop and said what in the world am I doing! Well I couldn't stop singing these numbers! In fact I was driving me and my family nuts lol! I even found myself dreaming about them lol!
So after about a month of this, I got so mad yelled at myself - then it hit me like a ton of bricks, why I didn't think of it earlier I have no idea! But off to the store to buy my lottery tickets! See everything in moderation, I'm sure the Lord wouldn't be pleased if I took Dinner money to buy them, but spending only 8$ a week is by far robbing from the food money! Who needs the chips and twinkies anyhow lol! So since 1989 I've been playing these numbers! And you can bet your bottom dollar, there could be tornado, earthquake, etc nothing is going to stop me from getting to that store, lol especially after all these years playing lol! God Willing of Course!
But something you said Deep, caught me, about your energy increasing, I know exactly what your saying. This is how I've been feeling! I've started to take notice, when my so called energy excitement is what I will call it, goes up, so does my numbers! It seems like its a seasonal thing, for awhile only hitting 2 numbers, then 3, now its been 4! I just said to my husband last week its changing again, I can feel it! I know were going to hit it for 5 if not all six! Funny huh Deep, how you see it too!
See it will happen to us Deep, if we do as the Angels of the Lord tell us too!
They will direct us in all our paths! Meaning when you reap the Harvest, don't take it all, leave the edges for the poor! That way there, you don't break the cycle of prosperity! Oh this is too good, I can feel it, not only for me guys, but for all of you too! Simply TAKE it, it is yours you know! The Good Lord wants His People to be Blessed!
Your probably saying, well how can we TAKE it, when one doesn't have it!
Many of us pray and ask God for our Miracles, and we ask, and we ask, and we ask, some of us Thank Him in advance even! This is all good, since God is a God of Change, just when we think we have Him all figured out, Bam He changes His way on how He deals with Us! Only so we can learn, not to put Him in a Box! Like I said earlier, It seems their are cycles, and I'm learning even with God, He only lets us stay at Level 3 just for so long! Then its learning time all over again!
My Pastor, taught us many moons ago, that their are Seven Levels to the Kingdom! Now I'm not saying I hold that to be written in Gold! Why? Because he only had a piece of the puzzle! Thats why We are ALL so Important, we each have a Piece!
So if I have your interest in this let me know! About the Taking Part that is!
Will share my piece of the puzzle and let you know how I'm Taking It, and How even my Dog Heidi shared in the Miracle of Gods Great Love! Another Important Factor, Never Step Ahead Of Your Angels, you need every piece of the puzzle first!
Always respect one another and Ask! See when you have a puzzle, most of us will start with the edges and then work our way inward, So does God & our Angels! They know we had years of People Training, and to get that all put aside from Angel Training isn't something one can do overnight! Now I'm really laughing at the humor of My God, how wonderful He Is, He is showing Me, how when we train a puppy, we don't immediatly think the day we bring it home that it is all house broken, no we need to take Baby Steps with its training! So it is with the things of the Spirit! Now your probably saying Oh do we have to start at the beginning again! Now here is the Shocker to that question - NO - We Are At The End! The End Of A New Beginning - So Together We Can Now Take Our Miracles! Do You Want It Bad Enough?
Ok you guys know me, from all my posts on here, you know something has me all fired up lol I think it is all of us here together that is bringing forth this New Found Energy From God! Let me Refrase that, No I know its all of You! Your Special Your Unique and Your Needed! Well I love it! But I will Continue this when
I get back tonight I have to go watch My 17 yr old Daughter receive a High Reward for maintaining a 3.0 or higher Average through her 4 years! See how the Numbers even with my Daughter Deep are Blessing Me! I say its no coincidence! I say its a Miracle! I want to Pray & Believe For All of Yours! I know Your Angels will Fight on Your Behalf!
I copied and pasted this a few times, wasn't going to give room for anything to stop this message from being sent to all of you! Way to important! And so are You!
All I know People, Gods Cycle is here for Financial Blessing! The Angels are awaiting your Command! So Remember Your Words are Power!
Will share more about learning how to Take What Is Rightfully Yours Later Tonight, Hopefully...... Also will share about the OBE as soon as I get the Green Light! For some reason this about numbers Deep was important!
Blessings Everyone! Angel

Also Thank You Again for your heartfelt compliments! Exactly how I feel about You! You are a Joy & Inspiration to Me!

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posted on Feb, 14 2006 @ 04:42 PM
Yes, I can do telepathy now. I talk to my spirit guide once in a while. i hope you realize that when you go to the can not become a guardian angel. Guardian angels, and all angels are a different phylum. But you can become a spirit guide. by the way, my spirit guides name is David. I ask him about a lot of things. I have even contacted someone named Zenar, and he claims he is from some place called Andromeda.

posted on Feb, 14 2006 @ 04:45 PM
Oh, by the way, it is possible that mothman could be...

A.) A draconian

B.) Some humanoid experiement that's gone out of hand

C.) A demon...if you believe it. Though, I am not sure if I believe in demons or not. And I am catholic too. But who knows? Maybe the demons are possessing the reptilians, but I don't think so. I just did a couple drawings of reptilians. I'm going to put them on

D.) They could be a tulpa..something so much believed in, that is formed by the mind. But I think answer A, would be your best bet ^_o

posted on Feb, 14 2006 @ 04:48 PM
Hello White

Awesome, thank you for sharing! Very Interesting... David is a Warrior yes? I felt that, I could be mistaken but it came strong! Every David I did know, Angels & people all were very much Warriors!
Some people feel, from their experiences, that People who have passed on, & have returned do at times come back as a Guardian Angels to assist in life saving Miracles!
Putting a name to them is really not that important, what is important is that these people have had the experience & the miracle!
But I do understand what your saying! Would love to hear more if your able! Thanks Again, Angel

posted on Feb, 14 2006 @ 09:13 PM

I think just this once it will be ok to use the Caps! After All its a Special Holiday & I have Special People I wanted to Bless! So forgive Me if I broke the rule! But I needed it to Stand Out, like all of you have done in my life!
Thank You Everyone! Blessings From Above....... Angel

posted on Feb, 15 2006 @ 11:51 AM
You Did It Again, Angel,

I like the way you look at this as a puzzle, your analogy made me think about everything as one big puzzle made up of a bunch of smaller puzzles. Like when you put a chunk of a puzzle together and then fit it into the larger piece. Or, one big tapestry made up of a bunch of smaller tapestries.

And, I feel we (you and I and all the people who have shared here or will, or any who are reading this and thinking about it applies to their own life), are guiding each other through the act of sharing onward to something bigger, a greater truth, a message that will involve many. Something, you said at the beginning of one of your recent posts put me in mind of how yet again something else I experienced as a separate incident, (that was another miracle of being saved) was not separate but like a step on a staircase, it was part of the whole evolving larger revelation.

And, I then I looked at other things which I haven't shared with all of you yet, and began to see how those chunks of the puzzle also fit in. But, I need to address one particular event/series of events that happened because of something you said, which led me specifically to it...

You said:

See it is rather simple, love is the key! Maybe its because when I or you see a stranger in need on the street, I refuse to cross the street and ignore their need, like I'm sorry to say, have seen so many do! That breaks my heart! How much more our Lord! I know you and many here are just like me, who will stop and help the poor unfortunate soul! Just like I said before, beware you could be entertaining Angels unaware!


Then you apologized for getting off track, but you were in fact very much on track (in the same way I was on track when I went to a restaurant off the beaten path and found Teri there), sometimes we find ourselves leaving the track that we can see with our logical minds and smoothly gliding onto an invisible track to a divine destination, sort of like being in the Twilight

What do I mean? It was helping a stanger on my way home from school, that ultimately helped to save me from Ted Bundy a month or so later. I will tell you part of it now and part of it later, because it's a long story.

So, Angel for you to say exactly what you said made me realize this was another chunk of the puzzle, and not a separate puzzle.

As, you say I like you would not leave a stranger in need by the side of the street. You see into my soul, and you know how much alike we are Angel. I was walking home from school and as I was crossing over an overpass, coming towards me was a young man with a beard and and semi-long brown hair with a red bandana tied around his head, he was wearing a green Army jacket, and he was carrying a large backpack. He looked a bit bedraggled and tired, and my first thought was that perhaps he was a hitchiker, or was homeless. As, he approached closer he suddenly reeled forward, and tried to catch himself on the guardrail but fell upon his knees onto the hard sidewalk. He pitched forward and caught himself with his hands. I went up to him, and knelt down beside him and asked him "Are you sick, what's seem sick?"

He was pale and shaken, and he turned over into a sitting position and leaned his back against the guardrail to rest. He answered. "I need to rest, I am so tired..." And I said " rest then, and catch your breath...I'll wait." I felt no fear of him and I put down my books and sat on them beside him. He looked almost near death, although he wasnt really, but he sure looked that way. Then after about 20 minutes or so, he was able to find the strength to tell me a little bit. He said he had come to Spokane, Washington (that's where we were at), to look for his brother. But, he had been hitchhiking and he had lost all his money somewhere, and he wasnt able to get a ride for a long time. He hadn't eaten or slept in days, and he had just been walking and walking in circles in Spokane trying to find his brother's house. He didnt even have any change to call a friend of his brother's to find out where his brother was living. He was hungry and exhausted, and he had no strength left inside to go on any longer.

I told him, "Well you rest a little longer, and when you are ready, just a little bit farther up the hill is where I live, and I will take you there and you can sleep and have dinner with us later, and use the phone. Do you think you will be able to make it walking that far, or should I go get some help and come back for you?" He said to give him a few more minutes and then he would try.

The place I was living was a Girl's Group Home. Even though there were some rules about having people over, I thought it would be ok to bring him there for dinner, because it was my night to cook, and when it was your night to cook you could invite whomever you wanted to over for dinner. If anyone said anything to me about it I was just going to tell them where they could stick it. I was in a lot of fights, during that period of my life, because I was put into several places where I had to fight, (so when in Rome...), But I have never thrown the first punch, I have only defended myself. And, I was planning to make a stand for this poor fellow if needed be.

He said he was ready to give it a try so I took his backpack, and tied my books onto it and carried it, and then he was very unsteady on his feet, so I put his arm around my shoulder so he could lean on me while we climbed up the hill.

It was a long slow process even though it was only about 2 blocks..they were uphill blocks, and in his weakened condition, it was necessary to stop and take rest breaks along the way.

Finally, we made it up the steep steps onto the porch and I got him inside the door, and onto a couch. I told him, "You rest now...or do you want some water or a little food first? I will give you some dinner pretty soon, but if you need something right away I'll get it." He said he would like a glass of water and then he needed to sleep for awhile. Then I went and told the other girls what was going on. The Group Home parents weren't there right when I came home with him so I couldn't tell them.

All of the girls that were there when I first came home were fine with him being there, well they wanted to know if he was an alchoholic and I said "No I don't think so he had no smell like that on his breath, and I told them his situation and that he was just someone who had lost his way, and needed help, and what had happened to him". (I think I would have helped him if he had been drinking anyway, because I got good vibes off of him, and heh, we all need help sometimes, especially when we are at our worst). They were very understanding and wanted to help him too. One of my foster sister's helped him take off his shoes and another sister got him a blanket. Then we let him be so he could sleep, and I left to go make dinner.

I fried up 2 chickens, and made mashed potatoes and gravy, a big salad, and all the works.

I was cooking when I heard another one of my foster sisters D. come through the door, and she started making a big ruckus. She was asking my other foster sisters about who was that man laying on the couch? And, they told her and she said "There are no damn bums allowed in this house!...Get him out of here!" And, she started tugging at his blanket and pushing him as he slept and I ran over and stood between him and her, and I said. "You just leave him alone D., he is not bothering anyone. What is wrong with you?"

She said "I can't believe you brought a strange bum home, you have no right to endanger my life, and he stinks!" I said "Well he doesn't smell that bad and he can take a shower after dinner, he has been walking a long time, if you had been walking a long time you would sweat and smell too."

D. shouted "I don't like this..I don't like this a bit!!" and then she stormed off in a huff and went upstairs to her room.

D. had woken him up and he said he was sorry he didn't mean to cause any trouble, and he asked if we wanted him to leave. And we all said "No Way!" And, he said he didn't realize he smelled bad because he had gotten used to himself maybe, and he asked if he could take a shower before dinner?" And, I told him you don't have to worry about that, but if you really want to and are up to it then 'go ahead', but you didn't get to sleep very long. And, so he said it would make him feel better to have a shower, and then he went and took one, and we washed & dryed his clothes while he was showering, and after he was done we all sat down to eat.

(To be continued....Have to go do some chores...bbl)

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posted on Feb, 15 2006 @ 06:02 PM
Hi Again Angel,

I want to say some more things about what you and others said before I go off into Storyland, maybe I won't do that again until tommorow, some of this stuff is emotionally exhausting to write about.

I also want to say something else I forgot to mention about Dreams, Numbers and Time Lines. If something in the past or future happens which is big enough, &/or something which can effect us personally happens....Then it is like a rock dropped into a pond and ripples come out from the water. And these ripples can fan out for quite a distance and go past the Near Future and Near Past and Present restraints, especially in dreams, and that is also why I think people can see things far in advance such as 911. Or get images from the past on things such as the Titanic. I also think it would be good to get a group of talented psychics together to try and project events into the past to see if that could change the now or the future, and stop some catastrophes from ever even happening.

And, what you said about Psi cycles is also very true. In fact, many of the players at Gotpsi wont play when they are in a down cycle, because it will bring their average down in the Hall of Fame(s). Even Richard Shoup said that he wanted them to try doing more..100 at a time on the Card test instead of just doing a few, because he know people wont play a lot, especially if they aren't playing well, and will wait. But the other thing is there is only so much psi energy to spend every day and most people can only do a few and then they begin petering off. With RV especially it takes some of the top RV'ers sometimes hours of RVing to get target and whole picture complete with ask them to do a hundred at a time, and also get high percentages, I don't think even they could do it.

You are amazing Angel I think we are kindred spirits, by the way we look at many things the same way, and are busy with a lot of the same things. You stick with your numbers Angel I think you will hit it the Lotto, they say don't ever chase the numbers, let them come to you. And, you said:

Who needs the chips and twinkies anyhow lol!

posted on Feb, 15 2006 @ 10:04 PM
Thank You so Much Deep about filling me in about Bundy! You totally are one with me in the Spirit! I was telling myself, gee I should write things down what I want to ask, since I keep forgetting, and then before I get a chance there you are answering my very questions lol. That was one thing I definitley wanted to know, when you had first mentioned it a few pages back I was like Oh My, you got to be kidding... not meaning you were of any way joking, I knew you were serious, and had that experience! I was saying Oh My wow, you name it, you've been through it! I'm sure you have more to that story.... and I can't wait to hear it!
I don't know the reason yet, but I know One thing for sure, God Has a Reason for Everything that Happens In Our Lives!
So I know your experience with Bundy I'm sure was a very important Lesson for Growth, Spiritually & Physically correct? Of course it was, look at where you are now in your life Deep, your sharing with all of us. Something the enemy didn't want, probably even from the day you were born that it sent the battle raging against you and for you on your behalf!

Thank You Once again for your sincere compliments! Double back at You!
I also hear you when you talk about everyone being part of a much bigger picture here, like I stated before! At the right time I will share what that is, I know you all can help me with something though I've been working on for 10 years. Funny but I have too say, and no pun intended again, but all the pieces of the puzzle are all in place except for one thing! Maybe when I share it, you all here will have & help me with the final answers I'm looking for! Ok here it is will share the OBE later this is Pressing Hard on Me so I need to be obediant to the tug!
Its with helping to Raise Money for all the Less Fortunate- Homeless, DrugAddicts, Prostitutes, UnWed Moms, Gang Members, RunAways, etc. Get them into Counselling, Jobs, medical help etc. Its with Theatrical Concerts, I will be Coordinating as President of My Company the entire Event! with 100Singers 100 Musicians, 75 Professional Dancers, Music to suit Young & Old Alike! And Who am I that the People Would Come to See This, No One with a Star Name thats for Sure lol, So I will Choose One Famous Special Host to be there for this Awesome Extrodinary Event!

I pray it will make Woodstock look small by comparison lol I know I have big expectations, But like the Father said, " All Things Are Possible" - heck even my Dad inspired me, always told me Angel, "Never Say Never"! So this all Came to me in a very profound way one day! You know the movie Sister Act- the first one, where that Church she was in was empty, and at the end because she loosened things up a bit and had the Choir and All - well she ended up filling the Church! If you look close too, it wasn't with the rich and well to do either, it was mostly filled with the less fortunate!

Then God said Feed My Children! The Ones nobody wants! So with that, I had the Vision, and I first had to learn patience lol I started with a few puzzle pieces, and wanted the end results without even getting past the edges! lol So after getting 100 bold NO'S on Free Advertising for the event on the radio stations, oh they said they would advertise for a juicy fat fee for $200.00 and that was only for a weeks worth of a few seconds a day of air time. I wasn't even going to attempt then to ask the tv, & press, so it all went on hold!

So after that discouragement, and plenty of it from family & friends telling me I was dreaming the impossible dream! I sat back and said ok now what Lord, you gave me this I've done pretty much what little ol me can do!
Well the funny thing is like I said never limit God and your Angels. He then after me sitting back and waisting a few years, keeping this all on a back burner waiting for God, well, I knew God had to give me a lot of Money to get this Going! When in fact 1. He Was teaching Me Patience 2. He was waiting for Me! lol
See I thought I was doing everything by not running ahead of Him, like I've done so many times before, didn't want to make that mistake again! Anyhow he used a friend of My Son's who was 16 at the time to get my butt moving again!
We were Talking and she asked me why am I sitting here doing nothing more on it! I told her I'm waiting on God! Her answer was plain & simple she said Angel He is waiting for Your Next Move! I swollowed kinda hard on that one. lol I told her I've ran into a brick wall and have no money to pay for the advertising, she said so you stopped there? I'm like hee hee well yeah, what else can I do! She picks up the phone hands it to me, and said, call back the radio station and tell them if they do the advertising for nothing - at the time of the event you will give them all recognition! So I was like Your a Doll, now why didn't I think of that! See were all a piece of the puzzle Deep!
So now I'm on the phone with the head Manger of Radio Station and within one hour of explaining everything to him, He Was Eager To Give Me His Ok for the Free Advertisement with flying colors! You have no idea what this did to me, and my son's friend sat there with a big smile on her face just like an Angel herself! I did a little dance with her hooping and hollering and Praising God for Opening another Door- I asked her what made her think of this, she said you will laugh Angel, I said of course I won't laugh, she said she heard a voice, that she knew it was an Angel telling her to tell me!

One Week later I had 30 Radio Stations, 25 Broadcast Station-& 5 Major Television Stations to do the Advertising All For Nothing-
See All I had to do is get One to say Yes - Of course All the Others Didn't want to look like they didn't care about the Less Fortunate - And inticing them with Recognition was an easy Win Win Situation on both are Parts!
Ahhhhhhhhh one Mountain Climbed 3 to Go lol
Ok So with this my next step was to get a Board Members together I wanted 9 members, This was easily accomplished - since My husband being a Pastor and all, we know a lot of people who were more than willing to be a part of this! Next step was Lawyers- We Gathered for our First Meeting a Few Months later and found out another road block was coming fast! But after seeing what God did, I wasn't about to let anything stop me, not now, that I've gotten so far! So I needed 2 Lawyers & an Accountant to handle all the financial tid bits, and all that was pretty easily all set up! God loves it, when we let him be God! lol Next Step.....

My Secretary helped me write letters to many major Company's who donate funds! And they were all very excited and willing to donate! In fact I had in all over 2 million dollars that they wanted to donate, and here is the biggie that fell in my lap once again, I couldn't yet receive a single dime the Lawyers said at the next meeting! I told them I desperatly needed to receive their donations, I needed like they told me to be Incorporated & Insured! The insurance is a hefty price for the particpants who are musicians, singers, dancers who come for Practice each week! No one was going to let me Use their Building for practice even if I paid them a good fair price Unless I was Insured! OWIE lol
The Insurance at that time was at least $8,000 - To get Incorporated another $4,000 and to get Exempt on Tax was another $500.00 lets say!
So I say in all to be on the safe side I needed a desperate $14,000. Just so I could collect the Donations from the Companys who were willing!
Back to the Drawing Board Again!
In the mean time I got FID# and Found a Perfect Name for the Company
So with that put aside I went to work where I would like to hold the Concerts -
and I was shocked to see how easily I was accepted to hold the Concerts at the --------------- Symphony Hall - - - - In fact they asked me to do 2 Concerts on a Friday and again 2 on Saturday! If more tickets were sold than seating it would be moved to a much larger facility - Civic Center which holds over 4,000 at that time, Since then they have enlarged it further! The cost of having the Police Men etc would be paid by the Prophit we gained! No Problem Everything was Falling Right Into Place....
Or I thought lol
Now I had to think of a Guest of Honor, Me a little ol Pastor's Wife, Who and How am I going to get to Host this Event! Of course I prayed until I was blue in the face, at the time I started thinking of this, I knew quite a few of celebrities that were very well known well not personally of course, like Whoopie Goldberg for one, in fact she did play in Sister Act, and she did in fact play a part in me receiving this Vision! Not like I would be asking her to come for nothing, she too would share in some of the profit money! I just might have a chance! So I wrote her, explaining my Dream, my passion to help all those who it seems no one wants to help! I explained if we were ever going to try to make our citys a safe place to live, especially for our children & theirs, we better stop looking away when we cross the street!
I told her my Big Dream is Once I achieve this, then We would Travel from Major City to Major City all across the United State & then Abroad God Willing!

I told Whoopie in my letter, that every Christmas in one of the Cities close to me, Company's Donate $100,000's & even millions just to this park in order to enlarge or add on special features to it! They get the money by having Christmas Light Decorations displayed through a drive through with ones car! So they do all this while watching our Cities & Towns deterorate at a very steady pace year after year! This infuriates me to no end I told her! This is why its my dream, my passion, to help thoes no one else really cares that much about! If they did their wouldn't be so many homeless for one thing!
She told me to write her again, when all was said and done!
And here I am today, waiting for Gods financial Blessing to get Insured & Incorporated in order to receive the Donations!
Maybe if you all pray God will open up the rest of the doors! Maybe it had to wait, because it would take your prayers to finish the puzzle! All I know is I have seen God move mountains with this! Where many close friends and familys even said this is too Big, it will never happen, I pressed on, & will continue to believe for it and press on, again & again! Because I know My God wants this, he wants desperatly for someone to care for all the Less Fortunate!
And like I also stated before God doesn't do things 1/2 way, He's a God of Perfection, Just take a good look around you! Everything is so perfect!
Just like Him! Thank You All For Listening I Ask God To Make All Your Dreams Also Come True! Help Me & Pray I can Make The Less Fortunate Dreams Come True Also! I know God Can Move These Mountains! I've seen him do it in so many ways! Thanks Again Angel

posted on Feb, 16 2006 @ 05:08 AM

Originally posted by whitelightwolf
Yes, I can do telepathy now. I talk to my spirit guide once in a while. i hope you realize that when you go to the can not become a guardian angel. Guardian angels, and all angels are a different phylum. But you can become a spirit guide. by the way, my spirit guides name is David. I ask him about a lot of things. I have even contacted someone named Zenar, and he claims he is from some place called Andromeda.

Hello Whitelightwolf

May I ask how you contact your "spirit guide" Do you just chat away to them and you hear a voice in your head? or do you actually see them in front of you and you're able to talk to them?


posted on Feb, 16 2006 @ 05:09 AM
Double post, sorry

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posted on Feb, 16 2006 @ 06:17 AM
Hi Angel,

I identified with your last post too, you don't know how much, but before I tell you what you said that is right on the button, or write anymore stories about 'Bundy' or anyone, anything else that is personal, I have to find out about something.

Do you know if once I tell a story here, if it gets copyrited and then I wouldn't be able to use my own story anymore, like say, if I did want to write about it again sometime? That just occurred to me and you seem to know about writing books and a lot of other things that involve legalities and I just wondered if you happened to know. If you don't thats ok, I can try and ask at the main question center here. But until I find out and get the 'green light' as you say, I better hold off on telling my stories because I might like to use them again myself someday, and just stick to discussing general topics.

I think the work you are doing is very important, and Whoopie has always been a favorite actress of mine, I really liked her on Star Trek The Next Generation, and in The Color Purple. They were right to choose her for the spiritual and enigmatic parts she has played, for she definitely has a shine that comes from inside. Actually, I have also been one of those street people, rolling stones, etc., you have tried to help because in that story I first told you about the Angel at Lake Mead, that was the first time I ran away from home...I was running away from a bad home to save my soul. But once I started running away, I couldn't stop...I was too curious to see what was around the next corner...I had the wanderlust. And, that's why I was in so many different cities, so many different homes/families, lived with people who were of all different beliefs/religions, races, financial levels, occupations, and I met some famous people too, and in a way I became my own parent, 'a child of the world'. (I stayed with a producer for awhile, who engineered some really awesome special effects in a movie I am sure you would know, and had some aspirations of becoming an actress at that younger age). But, it wasn't just the wanderlust that made me wander, also I was diagnosed with something that can lead to a person being unable to just be the same ol' person everyday. It is a very rare thing and it has been documented that often people who have it can possess strong PK & Psi abilities at times and channeling of spirits. But enough said until I can find out more about how the wheels turn here! I will say that I agree with you things need to change for people that have been in trouble, society needs to be less judgemental and quit throwing people away like trash. By not helping people and giving them jobs and hope, and by not giving them any options than to earn a living through more crime, or by making them feel so useless and terrible... they are increasing the problem tenfold, plus handing the people over to the dark side, when there is every possibilty they could have been turned around and lead productive lives, if anyone had even cared a little. But you care Angel I am so glad you do! You are a human angel like my friends, the 2 Sherries, and I am glad I was put in the way of meeting you!

Thank you for all of your good words Angel, and all of your insights. I know you will do great on your show you are planning. When all the doors open for you like that then you know its what God wants and what is meant to be.

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posted on Feb, 16 2006 @ 06:32 AM
we are not "one" but slices of conciousness" with ability far exceeding the obvious--That our "angels" come from within, and their capabilities are limitless, only showing when the need arises. We "call out" when subconsiously beckoned, and the response is a return from another subconciously aware party. A connection, a notification, and a response is made in a split second, without conscious awareness, as a computer would compute without delay OR THOUGHT!

In other words an automatic stimulation and reply,or telepathy if you will..all happening in a very small amout of time, like fractions of seconds

posted on Feb, 16 2006 @ 01:29 PM
i've just read most of this thread, i find it all interesting.
it compels me to tell my story. it was almost 20 years ago i was driving my car ( a small sports coupe) when I got lost, while trying to read signs to
figure out where i was i didn't notice the stop sign or the car coming the other way. the force of impact (directly on the drivers door) pushed my car off the road, it stopped right in between a very large tree and a house, barley 5 feet from both, i got out of the car on the passenger side and never realy paid much attention to the damage. i guess i was in a state of shock. i walked away with just a broken collar bone and a few scrapes. later that day my mother went to collect some things from my car, she came back crying, she couldn't believe i was alive, the damage was so severe. there was absolutley nothing left of the driver seat, that whole side of the car smashed in. now i always attributed my survival to the saint christopher medal that i had (and still carry to this day) in the car with me.
but who knows, just because i didn't see them doesn't mean there weren't
guardian angels there protecting me.

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