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What they don’t want you to know about the New World Order

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posted on Apr, 29 2005 @ 05:57 AM
Regardless, I hardly think many people would willingly open up their ‘inner doorways’ by choice if they thought that it would allow a malevolent ‘inter-dimensional’ being to suddenly ‘make a one way call’ into their minds. Having a ‘cosmically tuned’ mobile phone embedded inside your brain and your not being aware of it is a rather alarming idea! – Especially if the other party can make a call anytime they like once we’ve, willingly if unknowingly, unlocked the doors so to speak.
This is one of our most powerful weapons and the one that is continually under attack – FREEWILL.
It is repeatedly alluded to in the bible that we make the choice, and the pattern is becoming clear that if there is a ‘hyper-dimensional’ entity that desires access to our conscious minds that it can not enter without OUR consciously opening up the portal from our sides. Only by changing us as individuals can it change our decisions and get us to willingly embrace it.

Indeed this was one of the most interesting and occult ideas embedded ideas present within Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings – the idea that the wearer of the ring could be ‘seen’ and controlled by a remote demonic inter-dimensional entity. All that separated him from complete submission was his sense of integrity, compassion and humanity. It was this inner strength that prevented him from transgressing his personal moral beliefs. If poor Frodo had been a product of the age of TV and Huxley’s Soma I’m not so sure he’d have held out. If the ideas of such controlling technology seem incredulous then I suggest you do a little research and you’ll find such concepts have many parallels even in our scientific world. Indeed the sooner we realise that our taxes are being spent to develop weapons to control all humans the better our chances will be of taking control out of the hands of lunatics.

In the early seventies, for example, a man called Delgardo worked for the American military and did a vast amount of work. He spent his days hard wiring up brains to allow them to be externally controlled by remote technological systems.
From his research work with monkey’s he actually ended up with a remote control bull, which he could ‘drive’ around the ring as you would a toy car. That work is still evolving today and who knows ultimately where it may end up but it’s continual evolution is accelerating. Already they have robotic exo-skeletons, which can be moved by conscious thought, and the advancement of the brain-machine barrier is virtually complete with the recent ability to grow and keep alive human nerve tissue directly onto silicon. There has already been much written about implanted devices – devices which millions of people who are now intellectually liberated enough to be able to pose a threat to the establishment controlling philosophies may well find themselves wearing.

The list of active projects both institutionally ‘experimental’ and military aimed at ‘linking up’ mind and machine should give us all call for alarm. Even today the European army has approval and use of a microwave ‘fear’ beam – sounds like science fiction I know – but it does exist and is approved for use - it literally floods the airwaves with an immediate sense of ‘panic’ and those caught up in it simply run away.

I should not be surprised if one day mobile phones, the ultimate star trek communicator technology whose evolution seems to invite virtually unlimited funding and publicity, ends up being free or even mandatory. Again our earthly controllers mirror in technology the ageless ‘inbuilt’ and vastly more embedded control elements of the human brain. The concept of Tolkien’s Palantir was not a unique literary invention of his. The idea is very old and takes it’s form in many guises – in ancient Greece they had the Delphic oracle, they even had an oracular bronze head, which would utter wisdom and release steam. If we move forward to the new age writings and the occult revival of the 20th century we find ‘communion with angels’, UFO contact myths, voices in the head of serial killers are not uncommon. Aleister Crowley, for example, wrote most of his books under the guidance of his ‘guardian angel’ – information he couldn’t and didn’t know was revealed to him in bulk by an ‘interior intelligence’. Joseph Smith, the founder of the Mormon Church, was guided by a ‘visitation’, which revealed to him the location of the Mormon bible.
We should understand that the reason they should seek to control us in this manner is because of the kind of human beings they are seeking to make us become as a society. Their previous methods have in recent years become increasingly easy to see if we consider how pious our cultural sentimentality can be changed as a group by the ‘casebook’ manipulation of our ethics for instance.
In fact this is their greatest strength – as individuals your single voice can generally only be heard by your friends of family and is often or not at odds with that portrayed in the mainstream media. Television naturally contributes to ‘unity of thought’ rather than creating diversity of opinion, as the vast numbers of mindless channels should indeed offer.
To effect change requires you to literally swim upstream towards the source. However, evidence of global ‘paradigm shifts’ spanning decades are clearly visible when contradictory elements given lip-service in phrases like ‘love thy neighbour’ or ‘thou shalt not kill’ are juxtaposed to the reality of our leaders behaviours.

As recently as just 20-30 years ago war-mongering hate filled slogans like ‘the only commie I ever saw was a dead one’ were frequently part of the mindset of many used to justify and maintain the illusion of a ‘cold war’, racism and sexism are still embodied in the news. Any country that has a department of immigration or passport control is practising segregation.
The very idea that ordinary Russian people as individuals would, if left alone from political manipulation, become organised and bloodthirsty enough to willing engage in violent acts of war terrible enough to threaten the planet is, I think you’ll agree, utterly absurd. Yet, the masses of people in Russia, China, Africa, UK, USA and every other single country in the world for all the ages will, without exception, perpetuate the ‘fears’ any ruling authority bring to fruition if it’s principle political gene is ‘rule by might, rule by right’. They will literally empower them to wage war in their names.

Never has an authority ever been overthrown by the masses. The French, for example, have no more freedom in spite of their revolution, than the Scots.
In order to engage the energy and will of these masses, regardless of the illusionary differences in base political ideology, into a willing motivated unit capable of allowing and funding global tyranny the controlling elite continues, even to this day, to use old fashioned story based propaganda. Today the glossy modern news information sources are as much a political, military and governmental propaganda control system as the radio, the newspaper or the tales found in occult literature.

As a side note, it is interesting that Dolphins don’t need ‘ray gun’ crowd control weapons. It is our human capacity to rage that they both feed and fear and because of this weakness they know there will never be an uprising against them and so the establishment remain free to continually create such brutal weapons and induce us to use them against each other. We are literally held teetering on the edge like a skin of water on the top of a cup, forever tipped to stretching point and only occasionally do they sip from the cup.
If there were not a saturating current of evil, fear and greed permeating the minds of those who rule us then, based on your personal local knowledge of people, and perhaps it’s a mildly Huxlian even utopian concept, would not ordinary people create a benevolent and peaceful ruling authority? Would the very idea of crowd control or politically manipulated mind control be beyond their mental reasoning, and the nurturing inherently loving character of the social institutions they built should ensure that malcontents and violent tendencies are far and few between, dealt with early enough to avoid the need for such destructive ideas as ‘the military’. What dark seam of terror is being mined when human scientists willingly create ‘mind control radio scopes’ capable of implanting words into the minds of ordinary people? Would you create such a weapon?

posted on Apr, 29 2005 @ 06:11 AM
In our current history I think you’ll agree that the individuals who, incredibly and consistently, seem to become our leaders continually find the need for and authorise war with an almost clinical disconnect from the actual living horror that will unfold upon the lives of individuals they will never have to mix with in any other capacity other than a victory handshake.

How these individuals come to power and always seem to end up exhibiting the same traits as those who lead before them regardless of any promises is no accident. These are the individuals who only succeed to become leaders if they achieve the ‘transmutation’ and begin to see all people as a resource to be shaped like clay into the direction clearly laid out in ‘the great work’. Unless they submit and ‘connect’ themselves willingly and completely to the Luciferic currents, they will never ‘have what it takes’ to make it to the top. It is a system that guarantees the ‘wrong sort’ will never enter into power and thus ensures perpetual tyranny.

For the most part, it is the subliminal psychological conditioning of the masses that goes mostly undetected and its appearance comes in all kinds of disguises. We are led to believe that subliminal means flashing the word ‘coke’ up during a desert scene in a movie but the real reality of subliminal messages is not the puzzle book ‘find the hidden’ word myth that most published works claiming a so called expose of subliminal movies and advertising focus on, but rather the existence of subtle ideas, themes and concepts embedded in major works that cause an almost imperceptible sea-change in human beliefs. This is how the belief systems of millions of individuals, living together in close proximity and exposed to the same information entertainment systems, are formed and altered, literally beneath our will, over time by the slow release of compatible overt and covert ideas. The covert are the ones that can be readily appraised intellectually and debated and rejected or accepted accordingly usually embedded in the plot or story detail of a news item, movie or book work by saturation and excitation and can be easily identified and categorised by the human mind. The more intricate ‘implied’ ideas that cannot be summed up in ‘keywords’ or phraseology take a slower back door approach to changing accepted social norms – and are rarely seen - they are the cameo’s if you like of any given momentum and are also in some case the golden threads we were referring to previously. They maybe the use of a specific symbol, the five pointed star, for example may embody itself in the art and logos of a whole raft of seemingly unrelated works of literature, art, movies, products id’s or adverts to create an occult union missed, or dismissed, by the conscious mind.

As a far more sophisticated example, consider the idea that Stanley Kubrick’s movie 2001: A Space Odyssey in which a mysterious monolith comes from space and is in itself a vehicle of change or at least symbolic of its format. When the monolith first arrives, as a stranger bearing gifts, it alchemically changes the primitive ape, via some mysterious undisclosed process heralded by a harsh emitted noise, into a murderous and suddenly meat eating barbaric creature. He is now a creature of the tool in the guise of a bone axe at first and he immediately goes to war on the other tribes he had previously lived in peace with. The monkey is mutated. The symbolism is of the tree of knowledge and the garden of eden.
Later it jumps from the bone to a space shuttle via a few thousand millennia to reveal the space travelling civilised and very modern man sat sucking liquid carrots or finely cut beef sandwiches from a carefully packaged container on his way to the moon. True to form, the government is sending a man to ‘keep the lid’ on the fact that they’ve found a monolith on the moon.
If we jump on to later in the movie we finally see, after another ‘burst’ of monolithic energy, the astronaut ‘Bowman’ transmuted into the star child who finally returns to earth as if to be infused directly back to earth as a living child soon to be born in the womb of some Mother Mary. Except now he carries with him a Christ like wisdom or Buddha like disposition and clearly is on a mission to prepare humanity for it’s next step. What that makes the starchild I shudder to think.
So subtle is Kubrick’s revelation, that not only are there embedded messages but the entire movie itself is completely alchemical. Regardless of the deeply symbolic and quite obviously alchemic planetary alignments that announce each and every monolithically triggered ‘mutation’, the entire movie is filmed in a unique ratio widescreen with the black borders above and below rendering the size and shape of the screen image to be the exact same ratio as the monolith.
The movie itself is announcing to you, the viewer, that it is a monolith of change. It is unlikely that we all received some kind of physical transmutation but on watching that film you were saturated with a series of images and more importantly ideas that previous to that moment were either unknown to you or were at least rather vague un-clarified notions or feelings, perhaps considered or read by some but certainly not known by or embedded mentally in the minds of millions.
The moving image crystallised those ideas and fired the words and meanings deep into the conscious thinking brain and the rich and vivid visual imagery directly into the subconscious, over which you have little or no control, until they re-appear as thoughts to the conscious mind and perhaps the next time they crop up is in a hearty debate with your friends wheeled out as ‘your beliefs’!

It is this marriage of visual and logical, which as discussed makes the TV and movie a unique medium. It is interesting to remember that Kubrick’s 2001 was a big favourite with the 60’s counter culture – even the tag line hinted it was a ‘trip’ and many people felt the only way to watch such a movie was while being heavily stoned or with the ‘doors of perception fully unlocked and ready to open’ so to speak! Ultimately, one of the deeply set subliminal in the entire film is that man came from monkeys and that only via a ‘higher force’ capable of such incredible technological advances is he able to transcend and pursue his evolution.
Sounds very much like Von Daniken when capsulated like that, also we see those ‘ascended masters’ or Christ figures are back to make another appearance.
I’m assuming here that no one would argue that the monolith was indeed an accelerator of unknown origin, aimed directly at organic life, and that whoever it’s originators were they are certainly cable of shooting out into the infinite darkness of the universe an endless number of these ‘evolutionary accelerators’ to unknown landscapes. And they did so by ‘right of might, and right to rule’. In that it wears its Luciferic colours proudly on its sleeve.
Never were the humble veggie apes consulted prior to their ‘upgrade’. Of course, some may argue how can you request the permission of a creature unable to think or relate to you on your terms – surely the ‘gift or reason’ is the first step – and I would agree – but if this is the entire truth, why we are STILL not consulted regarding our existence today by the creating deity, and why are we still unable to directly communicate with the force of energy that seeks to consume us?
Forced evolution should be a two way street, but it is not. Intelligence hardly seems like a gift when all it affords us is the ability to make better weapons to ‘self-harvest’.
Even the opening theme ‘thus spoke zarathrusta’ is in itself literally an ode to Nietzsche’s ‘ape to superman’ theorem and evidence that Kubrick at least, if not Arthur C Clarke who wrote the novel called the Sentinel upon which the film was based and who got seriously anxious about the religious and metaphysical component of the movie, was absolutely conscious of the ideas he was implanting.
Such an act of universal species ‘terraforming’ is not held in contempt but is actually revered in the movie – again we can see how subtly the ideas of bowing down to ‘a higher authority’ can be implanted.
What ideas in Kubrick’s life was he exposed to that caused him to embed such an elaborate concept, which, exactly like Von Daniken’s ‘Chariots of the Gods’, time and time again appears to give credit for the evolution and existence of mankind to a ‘higher’ external entity or intelligence and, even more darkly, that the homo-sapiens and its sub species are, in actual fact, nothing more than the property of something inconceivably powerful which chooses to remain veiled by the curtains of reality.
What is remarkable is that there are literally dozens of examples throughout history evidence of this kind of ‘external illumination’.
Indeed the accounts of ‘sudden change’, the so called ‘ape- superman’ are so many that when you begin to dig into the history of the occult and the accompanying secret societies that concealed them you can barely find an episode or individual of note’s life story where such an occurrence did not exist. The fingerprints left by this external illuminating entity are literally everywhere!
The actual medium of the technology, in Kubrick’s case is the monolith. The TV with its speed of light and speed of sound high frequency signals is perhaps just such a variant of this medium. It’s the reason that TV and movies are so addictive that they have become the medium of choice for ideas, and although one’s mind does flit briefly across the idea that in each and every home we may indeed have installed our very own ‘monoliths of transmutation’– this particular vehicle for change is man made and I suppose only time will tell if it’s existence was merely to connect and prepare our mental gates for opening.
It’s strength on a spiritual level lies in it’s ability to show and connect us with the aspirations of a seemingly endless conveyor belt of human stories, fantasies and adventures that the average man can never hope to achieve or experience in his life.
The stories remind us just how painful and how uplifting the human experience can be. If the motives of the movie and TV producers were all that we had to worry about then we’d be fine, it’s the non-human content mix of these stories that is being brought to an ever greater audience, and the incidence of them is accelerating like never before. Is it simply ‘box office revenue’ that is creating the drive towards fantasy and the occult and thus a paradoxical vicious cycle or is the change already there in us –waiting for the right product to stimulate dormant regions of the brain?

As we have discussed the moving TV images greatest strength is in it’s ability to deliver, below the threshold of conscious censorship, an image contaminated with a ‘secondary idea’, which once received, can never be erased.
Over time when these contaminated images are magically woven into the seams of a great human story or even a badly translated novel we end up with a slow and gradual shifting of perspective and our ability to discern reality against the past or a previously accepted cultural watermark almost completely dissolves. Perhaps the unseen symbol of the five pointed star acts as a kind of mental database key – as you watch the appearance of a five pointed star in a movie or on an advert causes your brain to link it up with 3000 other consciously and subconsciously received references. It is clear we really have no idea how our minds manage, link or relate ideas and what ultimately this does to the personality.
The explosion of supernatural, occult, horror or science fantasy material during the last 50 years has created many magnificent cinematic epics – and I’d be the first to admit being a fan of such things for no apparently logical reason – and yet it’s effect on us as individuals or as a society as a whole has rarely been considered. The occult has saturated virtually every aspect of modern consumer entertainment and we should now be concerned that once again the elite super rich controllers ‘green light’ through Hollywood via a tiny number of controlling media giants all the programmes and movies that we watch today.
Indeed the Pentagon and Nasa even have heir own movie liaison ‘front office’ departments which ally directly to many Hollywood studios and offers guidance on certain thematic and ideological story developments. It can hardly of escaped anyone’s attention that this decidedly non-human ‘hidden’ factor now forms the foundation of our entertainment and fantasy based belief systems and as I show later has always done so in the form of the fairy tale, mythology and folklore.
The acceleration we are experiencing today in the volume, the intensity and the form of the exposure is in my opinion a form of preparation – we are literally receiving thousands of tiny ‘monolithic bursts’ each introducing an aspect of an entirely new belief system in the mass mind.
I would wager there is hardly a reader of this book who has not heard of Roswell, but of what concern is it in your daily life? Is anyone afraid that aliens may have crashed in 1947 – I doubt it – but we certainly that on a superficial level most people excited rather than repelled by the idea that ‘they may already be here’. The reason we may not care or treat the issue with suitable concern is simply over-exposure and repetitive conditioning.
The foundation of trauma-based conditioning is that you start with small minor revelations or ‘micro-shocks’ and over time once you’ve become passive to these ideas and images, to which you in your own mind believe you’ve clearly not been affected, the degrees of intensity are slowly increased. Were probably close to the point where we will sometime in the near future be queuing up to watch horrors that perhaps only 5 years would have landed the producers in jail. Right now we linking all these ideas in our mind – good aliens check – cross-reference that with bad aliens – check – lights in the sky – check – cross reference with good aliens etc – the assimilation of immense ideas continues at breathtaking speed.

posted on Apr, 29 2005 @ 06:14 AM
It’s easy to stand away from this perspective and look at it as puritanical censorship rearing it’s head from a ‘naive’ age, and even as a well balanced 21st century citizen it’s hard for me even as I write this to get genuinely disturbed about it – perhaps, like you, I am already far to Somatized to it already!
However, I can’t help but become aware when I visit my local movie store or read the TV schedules and look at the mass of occult material that apart from the idea of a ‘portable movie’ not being understood anyone from the 16th century the content of the programming we are watching would certainly terrify them – they would reel in horror and amazement at all the ‘devilry that betwixt this place’.

Check it out next time your there and ask yourself how did this get so embedded and if it’s like this now what will it be like in another 50 years? Be sure to ask your children, the Harry Potter generation, raised upon an endless stream of goblins, Gollum’s and grey aliens what they believe about magic and mixed species life forms. I’m sure they’ll tell you they’d like to live in such a world and that they have ‘higher magical powers’.

Absurd as it seems we could all be forgiven for concluding that one day in our near future a revelation regarding the existence of another class of life –alien/devil/occult hybrid can not be far away and given our seemingly insatiable appetite for ‘things occult’ can anyone truthfully tell me that were not being ‘pre-conditioned’ towards the acceptance of something other than man? We are already conditioned to want to believe it’s just a matter of time before something is manifested or should I emphasise the use the biblical terminology and consider that we are heading towards a time of ‘revelation’. Whatever the true root of this so called ‘revelation’ maybe, and it remains still as yet undisclosed, it is something that we shall dig into as we pick up the tiny almost invisible thread that winds it’s way through all the ages until finally we arrive today at the most technologically advanced and ‘occult/pagan’ era in history.

The 20th and now 21st centuries are without parallel in our current recorded history, and that’s probably no mistake. We live in the age of the autonomous machines.
In the late 19th and early 20th century industrial revolution we mastered the principle of perpetual mechanised labour. The earliest example stretching back in time of this principle of thought is probably a simple water wheel harnessing the power of gravity and flow to produce a turning force capable of grinding flour – a perpetual mechanical process which only requires labour to maintain the apparatus and feed the machine.

Over the centuries slowly and surely new ideas and knowledge built upon the old and ultimately replaced them until we re-discovered steam power. This was literally when we turned up the heat! In Victorian Britain the likes of Isombard Kingdom Brunel built great iron bridges, railway lines and vast ocean going ships from the ores found in simple meteoric rock and laid the framework for the future mass planetary distribution of people, supplies and of course the power and wealth that created the 20th century’s technological explosion. Then with the arrival of oil the acceleration process simply gained exponential growth and momentum. It has been calculated that the arrival and energy released from oil gave to each man the equivalent of 30 unpaid slaves during his life. After all, apart from the relatively simple process of pumping it out of the earth and refining it’s a completely free resource. No assembly or complicated manufacturing processes are really required. It’s just an easy supply of concentrated dirty energy that’s going to allow us to accelerate the scale of society for around 120-150 years before it runs out - or burns us out.

The real turning point for the forthcoming ‘techno-pagan’ world civilisation of today was of course World Wars I and WWII. Whilst in human history there have been endless wars and battles which used cannon, gun, and wheel, and later in World War I the airplane, tank and ship it was not until World War II that a second and irresistible variant of war had been so publicly revealed and so ruthlessly dispatched.

World War II was the first real war that fulfilled a number of critical and esoteric factors. Firstly, it was the first war to bridge the gap between physical human conflicts and automated mechanical conflict by proxy.
The V2 rocket, if given just a couple more months to be developed, could surely have defeated any nation on earth. With it long invisible tentacles of destruction and it’s hidden semi-automated ‘slave-mind’ manufacturing facilities buried deep in the mountains of Poland it was literally a remote control killing system that required no human pilot to deliver it’s destructive intent. The founding principles of jet propulsion dynamics have, publicly at least, yet to be surpassed and even at the start of the 21st century it is the only really innovative method of propulsion and one that naturally still relies heavily on burn of carbon based fuels. It is very much Promethean fire.

posted on Apr, 29 2005 @ 06:15 AM
Secondly, WWII literally made engaged the entire planet into conflict and exposed them to its horrors. In terms of actualised fighting, and later on because of the development of the nuclear bomb, it could literally claim to be the first genuine global threat to the survival of all of mankind as a species.
Thirdly, and somewhat overlooked by most modern historians as ‘hocus pocus’, it was a war consciously driven and masterminded by ‘pagan-occultism’. It took it’s inheritance almost directly from the mythology of the Atlantean, Arian and more recently pagan influenced roman empires of long ago and had at it’s heart ambitions grounded in the desire to fulfil an ancient plan for world domination by a single bloodline or gene pool.
Something rarely, if ever, discussed is that it quite clearly demonstrated that under such a unifying energy any society could rise to such a pitch of creative might without an economical foundation. Furthermore, that the peoples of the world could be singularly focused into any course of action regardless of it’s disastrous impact or consequences. Clearly both Britain and Germany invisibly gave birth to techno-communism given that both economies were in shreds from at least 1939 to 1945 and their lack of played no direct part in the war effort and had no direct impact on the industrial output, creativity or morale of the populace. It was only after the war that, incredibly, ‘bills’ started arriving and we found out that somehow World War II had been charged to ‘credit’. It is no mistake that the expansion of the capitalist philosophy is tied remarkably closely to the histories of all wars and empires.

If evidence were needed that capitalism is not the only ‘world system’ that works and that ‘money’ is absolutely not needed when there is a suitably defined motivation and ‘cultural destination’, then surely the fact that any country engaged in the war achieved levels of efficiency unprecedented even in the ‘gold rush’ greed driven corporate expansions of the late 20th century.
In fact it is clear that ‘fear’ in the form of impending or actualised war is the singularly most potent motivation for mankind.
Unlike the slow millennia long conquering skirmishes of Christian and Catholic warmongering World War II was literally led and fed by the hidden energies of the occult and concentrated into such a tightly destructive period of time that it’s effect of the world and the human condition were unparalleled. Of course there had been innumerable wars during the few thousand years of documented history but none had the vigour or scale of technologically industrialised warfare.

The origins of the Nazi party from the early Thule society are already well documented, what is not so well known is that Hitler himself, somewhat like the early ape in Kubrick’s 2001, was in his youth a simple, ordinary man – actually a failed artist - and it wasn’t until a nervous breakdown when he underwent a psychiatric that he came into contact with a man called Eckart. We could without doubt easily call Eckart a black magician – and as many sources cite that Hitler’s transformation into the virile, energetic and mesmerising leader took place whilst he was in Eckart’s hands.
What was Hitler ‘s monolith of transmutation?
Seemingly overnight it drove an ordinary man into madness and he literally dragged an entire country, and finally the entire world along with him. Is it any wonder that when the allies uncovered the multitude German research laboratories after the war they were dumfounded by the scale and ingenuity of their developments. They had stretched the use of mechanised warfare beyond all previous recognition and had taken an almost laterally opposing development path.
You need to remind yourself that just a few years prior the German people, apart from their language and certain inherited cultural traits were as human beings undistinguishable from pretty much everyone else on the planet and were as a nation impoverished scientifically, spiritually and physically. There certainly was no precedence in their history for having achieved anything comparable to the might and supremacy of the fading British Empire. Yet, under the mysterious and relentless force of a handful of deeply religious ‘occultists’ one nation woke up virtually overnight and transformed itself into a unified motivated force which apart from a few well documented errors in their battle plans could certainly have taken total control of the entire Eurasian land mass if not the entire planet.
In many ways they did what it was they had set out to accomplish for their hidden masters. Actual rule by the Nazi party or Hitler himself was ultimately not required. It was Machiavelli during the time of the Medici who noted that conquered states should have their ‘own leaders’ lest they would forever be in a state of rebellion and potential resistance – the French being ample evidence that there is no way the tiny numbers of German soldiers could have successfully ruled the entire planet by force. It would have entailed a never-ending series of pitched battles to simply maintain the overt control of France, which was a neighbouring country and literally saturated by German forces, let alone the control of the entire planet by mere brute force alone. The Nazi’s were clearly masters of propaganda and social programming, and indeed they themselves used the pagan religion to unify the German people right from the start and so surely knew that unity by force was simply unattainable
However, as long as the ideas and philosophies of the Nazi party had been spread one of the primary goals was accomplished. The world theatre had become exposed to the subliminal monolithic ideas of the Nazi’s and certain geo-political, industrial and psychological terra forming had been achieved. The most immediate goal they specifically achieved was the destruction of the individual political identities of France, Germany, Italy and many other European land mass countries and the move towards a unified single entity. Ultimately we now see that the European union is widely recognised by most people today as a key stepping-stone towards an inevitable ‘corporate style’ merger into a single unified world government
Secondly, it achieved the acceleration of industrialisation throughout the entire world and the general saturation into controlling cultures of the world of the ideologies of techno-paganism. With this kind of social ideology revealed we easily see, in retrospect, just how many of their ideas and influences have slowly infiltrated virtually every ruling establishment across the world.
More disturbingly they fuelled an immense release of human energy – the conversion of the living, via the eternal medium of blood, barbarity, gore and murder, to the dead!

As history shows us directly after the war in a top secret U.S naval plan called ‘Operation Paperclip’ and ‘operation overcast’ vast numbers of the SS, many top Nazi scientists and other high ranking officials were smuggled to America where they founded what was later to become the C.I.A, N.S.A, and even N.A.S.A.
Countless name changed nationalised Germans are to be found to this day buried in the depths of the administration of the American government. And so the ‘seed’ of Nazism was not burnt sterile - it was instead literally exploded across the globe. One only needs to see the change in America since WWII to know that it now wears a new mask. If we examine the technical and industrial advances made during World War I & II it is not without exaggeration to say that there has never been such an advance made since or before in recorded history. If you consider that at the turn of the most century farms were still being furrowed by horse and plough, that travel was largely by train or more commonly horse and cart, and that few if any of man’s machines had ‘embedded control mechanisms’ grafted onto them you will see that after WWII everything changed.
By that I mean that in considering the V2 one has to remember that this was a real turning point in both terms of it’s pre-manufactured chemical propellant but of it’s ‘self-guiding control system’. This is literally a new fusion. Putting a clock on a bomb to make something savage and unstoppable was perhaps not entirely new but a device which could fly, guide and steer itself across the channel and then at a given time drop onto a chosen location without an actual physical human mind or hand to say ‘when’ was indeed a hybrid form of warfare not seen before in such an automated and clinical form. Granted it was crude, and there will certainly be pre-cursors in history, but the ‘grafting’ onto a machine of another ‘controlling machine’ or electronic brain for the exclusive purpose of death was a turning point that has lead to every form of modern day innovation we have today. The V2 rocket and its occult origins are of such underestimated importance. It is from the ashes of World War II that the two landmark achievements that all the ages of mankind have been building towards were achieved.
Firstly from the V2, or more specifically the rocket scientist Verner Von Braun, came the impetus and technology that would create the astonishing tower of Babel we called the Saturn rocket – literally Satan’s rocket – the space race – and it allowed man for the first time in his evolution to leave the planet.
And Secondly, to the development of the nuclear bomb – easily the ultimate energy release system that we humans have ever discovered – and yet it was only to be harnessed as a device for murder on a scale never before witnessed. Without WWI & II it is arguably fair to say that neither of these two landmarks might ever have been achieved.
It seems that these things were literally gifts from the gods that conveniently the atomic miracle arrived just in the nick of time to save the allies from potential defeat. Einstein, a failed student and ex-patent clerk, conveniently sprang out of time and space and gave the allies the ‘mathematical foundations’ they would need to develop this terror. It was as if they were just sat in his desk drawer waiting until they were needed or were beamed into his mind the very moment they were needed– ‘Yes, I think this should do it – funny I never mentioned it before’. He is on record later saying he deeply regretted the revelation and that it led him to destroy his unified field theorem from the world, or at least have it conveniently put in a sealed envelope in a solicitors office in Austria ‘to be opened only in time of great world peril’ – a gift of dubious origins to some future generation when we may again need his ‘dark insights’ to liberate a new form of energy.

Whatever stream of thought or consciousness he had that allowed the insights of knowledge required to formulate those ideas could easily have been received 500 years ago since his entire ‘knowledge platform’ was apparently self-materialised and only appeared at that moment in time, despite as we have already previously revealed that according to the alchemist Fulcanelli such knowledge was already known and carefully guarded long before Einstein’s so called ‘revelations’. Could a hidden Fulcanelli style figure have telepathically influenced the outcome or allowed the revelation of such information – or are we again falling into Bergier’s trap?
And so it was that the allies dropped their bombs and in true heroic style basically declared themselves the ‘winners’. The rulers of the world by default. This literally was the birth of the ‘New world Order’ that so many appear to be looking for today - as if it would announce itself on TV with a global advertising campaign – the very beast they are looking for is already some 50 years old.
The announcement they are still absurdly looking for was made with the dropping of two hideously destructive bombs on a large number of civilians! Anyone looking at picture or movie footage of a nuclear explosion and not realising that perhaps the most secret hidden energy has been released is surely not paying enough attention. Clearly a Satanic calling card if ever there was one.

posted on Apr, 29 2005 @ 06:16 AM
Within days the Japanese had surrendered and somehow conveniently the battle with Hitler and his terrible band of Nazi’s was over as quickly as it started. The ‘seed’ had been sown. The allies had fought ‘fire’ with ‘fire’ and as surely, as was the plan, they had been alchemically ‘transmuted’ into exactly the foe they sought to destroy.
Whatever the outcome – technology merged inexorably with the occult and it’s forms of fear and desire became the primal driving forces of civilisation from that point onwards and with such a force and phoenix like rebirth that those few years 1939 to 1945 I think should be called ‘The Quickening’. Indeed the phoenix principle was at work on an unprecedented scale. Order out of chaos.
Can you point to any other time in the history of the world where just 6 years created such an irreversible acceleration and distortion to the path of civilisation?
It makes the so-called 100-300 years Italian renaissance meaningless and petty in comparison.
Indeed we are still living in a post WWII age. Machine, technology, the occult and those grafted ‘control surface technologies’ are still the over-riding contributing elements of our age, and whilst information management is riding high in our public commercial and social circles it is merely a refinement of every element released during World War II. And lest we forget the allies are still the rulers and victors of this planet – they are the direct historical ancestors of ancient Rome and Babylon and amazingly enough still rule this ancient earth with the same basic techniques and symbols they used then.
And now in our so-called ‘modern age’ we find that technology has become partner in crime with the establishment. It is increasingly used to rule, track and manipulate with almost extraordinarily effortless ease the information they need to have our lives controlled and scripted en mass. The V2 technology designed to rule by its extraordinary hybrid of power and control is a mere bookmark on the way to modern life. Computers have become capable of digesting and shaping with extraordinary repetitive precision and speed endless streams and pulses of data created by millions of ‘connected’ human beings. They can read our language, they can see our world through their digital eyes, and they can hear our words and distinguish their tones and meanings and even act upon certain phrases. They can control a million different processes a second and still remain ready for the next million. As human beings we now find that individuals can only distinguish themselves by extraordinary acts of revolution or discovery and since the vast field of knowledge available to all has normalised ordinary routine tasks the extremes to which science is now being used is ever more threatening. It is the outcome of the ‘technological quickening’ that is directly responsible for the ‘faster, quicker, more’ ethic that pollutes the social fabric of civilisation in the late 20th and early 21st century.
And yet the developments of micro-technologies like the computer chip are already virtually beyond the ability of any single man. Such advances now belong almost exclusively to vast corporations or eccentric well funded, but well controlled, university research labs. So much harder is it for a single individual to catch up or follow the path alone.
Ultimately, as the nuclear bomb demonstrated in WWII, the all-consuming power concealed within technology will get the better of us in some subtly hidden manner. Even if we stopped to examine or search for a specific threat it would be virtually indistinguishable from it’s benefits because of the secular and specialised nature of the corporate world and the way that various advances do not become significant in themselves until merged together. The V2 again being a case in point – the marriage of the jet, the nuclear bomb and the ‘controlling brain’ gave us the inter-continental ballistic missile and the resultant cold war and ensuing terror that endures to this day. Individually none of the elements are particularly problematic or threatening. Regardless of technologies black magic origins – we have embraced it totally and completely and the transmutation is on course and in progress.
Only through the eyes of a tribal bush man could we gain any kind of understanding of technology and our world – Huxley’s’ savage perhaps could stand far enough removed from the convenience and subtlety of say a microwave oven to ask incredulously why we need it? Even then the message would be incomprehensible to modern man since the gap between the modern city and the wilderness are now virtually unbridgeable. Indeed, it was Arthur C Clarke; the ‘inventor’ of the communications satellite that said any technology sufficiently far advanced is indistinguishable from magic. Today we are all in some part black magicians moving quickly towards an invisible horizon that we never considered at any moment – we will accept anything technological and the miracle of modern finance and marketing will allow us to afford and attain it – and so the subtle unmasking of it’s dark nature will go unnoticed until, just like the Venus fly trap, we will suddenly see in the final moments that it has enclosed us. Evolution by radiation, or by mutation never stops.

posted on Apr, 29 2005 @ 06:18 AM
Another ‘boon’ the technology released by the industrialisation borne of WWI & II is the time, tools and logistical ability to allow the population to explode to a point we have never witnessed in any age. It may surprise many to know that in the years prior to the birth of Christ the planetary population was around 200-300 million at the most (this figure equates to around 1 to 1.5 persons per square mile of ‘habitable’ land on the earth), and over the centuries, (perhaps thanks to that water wheel and the mill!), it grew to around 1.5 billion where it held itself in check mostly by man made war, famine and disease.
That was still a huge population - especially when one considers the ‘norm’ for those was not ignorance, starvation or a life in a factory toiling endlessly for some nameless corporation. The suffering, the wars, city life degradation and plagues, and all the so-called barbarity of history has only ever been due to the decisions and war like nature of the ruling elite. Indeed, 9 out of 10 people in the western world now live in the cities and they are all racing in the name of progress for forty some years only to buy a brief moment in time towards the end of their lives that they can cal their own, and indeed spend examining their nature, their identify beyond their ‘job’ and dare I say it the meaning of life. Regrettably the mentality of the seeker is rarely given new impetus at retirement age especially in our materially decadent society. It may have been the case that the American Indian ‘elders’ had the knowledge and the wisdom but in the modern world the only wisdom acquired by most is the scared knowledge of the ‘self-assessment tax return’. Slavery was never so subtle as the one that delivers an actual wage packet at the end of the week. I, for one, would never deny the intoxication of incredible hi-tech ‘gadgets’ or the miracle of the automobile. However, only the truly naive would deny that in a capitalist ordered society you do have freedom, but only the freedom to function as a capitalist or a hedonist.
And whilst I hear you cry our ‘life has got increasingly more sophisticated and enjoyable’ and the phrase ‘ you never had it so good’ is indeed true at the turn of the 21st century for a few hundred million or so, we should be fully aware that we are currently enjoying the ‘fulcrum’ moment of this evolution released upon us by WWII. As we shall see in a later chapter once we pass the fast approaching ecologically sustainable point of no return; the earth’s biospheric life support systems will begin to fail in increasing numbers, and ultimately will fail exponentially and without warning as the population explodes - the very ‘ quality of life’ you’ve been sold and are working for and believe so much that technology can deliver will, due to the extreme imbalance of our way of life, begin to dramatically and irreversibly shutdown the funny little games we humans have been playing for centuries to come. Indeed, the dark forces amongst us may well be calling the dinner bell. Ring, Ring, Lunch is served.

As balanced as life may well or well not have been, and some ecologists even argue that even a population of 1.5Billion is barely sustainable if everyone of them adopted a ‘western materialistic’ lifestyle, sometime during the turn of the 20th century after the age of steam returned, the population began to slowly jump – just a little to around 2 billion leading up to WWII. Then the brakes were off and whoosh – were now fast approaching 7 Billion with 10 Billion on the cards if current trends continue. It will not be until the wire-mesh like structure of our fragile belief systems really begins to fail and the darkness that has smothered our past with it’s invisible energies begins to slowly reveal itself to be the cause things will we realise that it is already to late to resolve the problems.
At this point I will issue a brief warning - If you want to continue to live life with the same level of wandering zombie like confusion believing every major social, political or global human event is random and just part of ‘some human mix’ then I’d stop reading right now – like Kubrick’s monolith there’ll be no going back very shortly – we are fast approaching the first ‘burst’ of awakening. You are about to receive a short sharp shock to your consciousness.

posted on Apr, 29 2005 @ 06:20 AM
One of the more interesting ideas that Orwell touched upon in 1984 but never clearly developed was the idea that people can be easily disconnected from the past merely by immersing them in a slow almost invisible procession of social reform, state controlled education or plain old fashioned ‘this is the way things really were’ propaganda. Given that we are constantly reminded of the old adage ‘you need to look back to go forward’, or you need to know where you came from to know where your going we should all be freaking out since our past and future appear to be governed by the same cruel barbaric ruling hierarchy as it always did - and apparently always will be.
I certainly don’t expect a revolution in thought or democratic process anytime soon – do you? The assassination of JFK perfectly illustrates Orwell’s theory on the slow imperceptible redefinition of the past – the ‘truth’ will never be known and the endless procession of theories simply muddies the waters rather than clarifies the situation. The only thing you can be sure of is that a man was killed on film and in broad daylight. Beyond those two seemingly obvious facts the whole story and expose of so-called ‘truth’ dissolves virtually instantaneously and any further analysis merely becomes mythology and public entertainment. Princess Diana’s death, the twin towers disaster of September 9/11 will go the same way – rumour, counter claim, ‘new evidence coming to light’ will march on endlessly distorting the past until no one, not even the perpetrator will remember or know what really happened. Ultimately they will become myths, either forgotten or disbelieved as ever even occurring or having any kind of relevance then or in the future.

The mass of ‘historical’ TV documentaries and news programmes that follow public assassinations, wars and endless other events are the modern distribution medium of that theorem. They suddenly appear from nowhere with ‘shocking new evidence’ or ‘exclusive reports’ which rarely if ever resolve the original mystery or the real cause, they never deliver a completely satisfactory version of the truth and exist merely to add more confusion to the already overwhelming body of knowledge.
Historical revision by documentary is the easiest way of inserting subtle distortions, assumptions, Chinese whispers or colourations to any previously established historical event. The contemporary outlook of the programme makers usually achieves a subconscious re-mapping of the ‘context’ of the original material, which succeeds in distancing the proceeding generations from previously established ideas that were once held as ‘facts’.

The ‘Boston Tea Party’ is a good example of this variant form of historical revision. Over the decades it has evolved from embellished anecdotes, has acquired and become subjected to numerous subtle political revisions in order to allow the establishment to continually employ its message as a contemporary metaphor. When examined the Boston tea party has been built into an epoch moment, something that changed the course of history. In reality it was just some tea in the water – just vandalism – but with the weight of the ruling elite behind it – in history it has become a symbolic event. The literal gutter level act of ‘throwing the Tea overboard’ suddenly takes on a higher meaning. It symbolically represented to the ‘everyman’ that a similar act could now morally be taken against the English. This was the ‘tabloid news story’ of the day, and once which every man could understand and fall behind. It was the seeds of a revolution deliberately given prominence and artificial import. The fact is that in true Machiavellian form the British knew they could never rule the America’s by overt force so had to create the illusion of ‘freedom won’. The fact that the founding fathers of the ‘new America’ were all 33-degree masons seems to have been utterly lost on most people. Today such notions have no relevance on anyone’s mortgage payments and so appear to be ‘done and dusted’. It is as if people believe that the same tricks and mentality no longer prevail because we all have TV’s, fridges and fancy cars and know how to use them therefore we must be more ‘intelligent’ and capable of identifying such manipulation.
However, the ‘Boston Tea Party’ myth remains steadfast in the face or criticism and like William Wallace’s Scotland, ‘America finally won it’s independence and freedom from the English’.
The establishment controls the history taught in the schools – they control who writes it and which version is perpetuated. Everything else is mere flotsam and jetsam on the rivers of time.

Another perfect case is that of Guy Fawkes. If you think about it he is the only individual ever to actively try to destroy the ruling establishment. Each and every successive generation of ‘terrorists’, for some absurd reason I don’t understand, seem to target the civilian population or civilian buildings! Guy Fawkes was the last and perhaps only real terrorist in that his battle was only with and against the establishment. The intent was to destroy what he perceived to be the enemies of the people – those in power that created and controlled everything. This is a political terrorist not a ‘civilian bomber’ or plain spreader of fear that achieves nothing but the public license to extend the legal and political infrastructure of control. What was Guy Fawkes reward? His death became a national memorial – tagged right onto the back of the festival of Samein – Halloween – an ancient pagan festival and curiously part of a long held ‘burning man’ tradition that existed thousands of years prior to the curious bonfire night tradition that came in it’s place - when every man and woman in the UK burns a symbolic ‘Guy Fawkes’
It seems ironic to me that the symbolic ‘traitor against rule’ to be burnt, for all eternity it seems, has inherited and is laid onto of part of a far older symbolic ‘man sacrifice’ ceremony?

Of course the most highly developed form of ‘distancing’ is education, and is in itself the predecessor to the ‘archival’ factually liberal remodelling we see in TV documentaries. This is not to say that schools or education are in themselves inherently bad or negative it’s merely that they are inescapably linked to the establishment hierarchy that perpetuates their existence and legislates their format and regulated exactly what is taught. Regardless of which political party briefly takes the reigns of power they all merely ride the engines of state that ensures the very fabric and essence of society is held in place. Education is one of the most critical keystones that shapes a society.
It was during the Prussian war that the notion of systematic schooling first gained true momentum as a vehicle of mass manipulation. The generals on the hill, somewhat disturbingly, discovered that the men in the trenches would rather go home and till the fields or make love to their wives, than kill each other and so it was that they broke up and refined the one room schoolhouse concepts for education and training in order to be able to indoctrinate the young with the idea that they should be more indebted to the state and have a greater sense of community and belonging.
Of course this became a perfect vehicle for exposing the young to an unquestionably powerful authority principle and the most severe form of ‘thought’ policing by strictly regulating their ability to learn and the actual content of their acquired knowledge base.
It is no surprise today that quite often those who rebelled at school or did badly because of rebellious tendencies are often the most activistic or renegade factions in any society later in life when they self-educate.

The first change in schooling was single age class distribution. You would now have everyone progress and be schooled in a class of their own ages only instead of the generational ‘one room schoolhouse’. This process ensured that no one in the class would be likely to have the experience or authority to contradict or oppose the, increasingly centralised, body of knowledge being handed out by the teacher. In the old days all ages of student often sat together and the conflict of beliefs challenged by the experience of the elders in front of the younger students merely stemmed the introduction of new ideas or created a potent demonstration that ‘teacher may not know best’.
Indeed in the early colonial days of the America’s the introduction of the first school’s was vehemently opposed by ‘ordinary folk’ who previously self-taught their children at home. There are a few notable cases where the children of an entire village had to be lead to school ‘en-mass’ by the army. One interesting case relating to Orwell’s idea that progress is untraceable in any true meaning of the word is the book ‘Common Sense’ by Thomas Paine. At the time of publishing, around the late 1890’s in America this book was a huge best-seller – in fact over 40% of people in America had a copy and in some areas of the south over 90% of the population had read it. This included what history would have us to believe were the so-called ‘illiterate’ black slaves of the time. Indeed, if you ever manage to look at a copy you will find it’s an incredibly rich, sophisticated and complicated book and to think that this was everyday reading – from pantry boy slave to senator. It’s a far cry from our ‘perceptions’ and significantly removed from today’s celebrity obsessed popular magazines and sensationally vapid newspapers, which are more often the only source of writing most people today, are exposed to.
Indeed in the modern age to not read anything distributed by the ruling hierarchy often leads to a more grounded and naturalistic form of ‘reality intelligence’. Again we only have the word of establishment historians that the past was ‘grim’ before education.

posted on Apr, 29 2005 @ 06:21 AM
Personally I’ve been to villages and towns in southern Europe, for example, and have sat upon deserted hillsides with the sun shining down from a crystal blue sky over messy lines of olive and orange groves growing effortlessly from the carefully tilled soil. As I looked all around me at the verdant greenery I realised that this scene is unchanged in over 2000 years. I saw a young Shepard boy sleeping by a wall and an old man tending the groves, leant against his rake for a moment and wiped the sweat from his brow and then peacefully and gently continued raking the ground.
I knew then that apart from a few ‘optional extras’ like radio or electric light their lives were no different today than they would have been all those years ago. Without the wars of empire and its partner in crime - commercial expansion, without the greed and lusts of men possessed by the unquenchable desire to posses all, that life need not have been so bloody and bleak. I saw then that clearly it is not of mankind that the toxicity of our demise was borne. It was hostile and alien to the simple joys of life.
Indeed as I scanned from my hillside retreat I saw a bursting out of vibrant and unstoppable life forces. Shrubs, vines, and trees a thousand varieties of flowers and grasses sprang from the ground like explosions of verdant energy. It is something of a revelation to see our world uncluttered by the concrete scarring of the industrial world, and devoid of the pollution of the modern world. It was a simple Arcadian valley of Eden like bliss.
The air was warm and in the distance you could see the Mediterranean Sea lapping gently and tirelessly against the faintly visible white of the beach. The sun shone from a crystal blue sky as it has always shone from a crystal blue sky. Time ceased to exist.
There were no watches ticking away the lives, measuring progress, or lack of, in units of 60 seconds to the hour. There was no digital revolution, no commercial ‘opportunities to be exploited’. There was no ‘middle east’ crisis.
What a perfect setting for a simple and pure life. It still exists – just, but there are few who could forget the buzz and hi-intensity thrills of our modern age.

So for the masses that the post renaissance cities had trapped into a life of servitude our technology has eventually, for a brief moment, brought a degree of relief from the drudgery of feeding ourselves, and replaced that with countless variety of entertainments. However, it has brought little to the old man in the orange groves whose family had worked the mountain for a thousand years, in fact it has probably brought quota’s and taxes that have driven him out of existence by now.
We now know it is only really city life and it’s lack of sanitation that created the historical image of the ‘dark and dirty past’ and the plagues which wrought so much misery.

So why the desperate rush to ‘communalise’ civilisation and to find ever more extreme techniques for keeping us happy in the confinement of our beautiful cities?

Without an ever expanding industrial commerce and the knife-edge logistics needed to produce food and goods for an ever increasing population the lives of a small sub 2 billion planet could still be beautiful and simple.
It is certainly never against this kind of backdrop that the progress technology has made is associated. The benefits of science and technology are always related in terms of solving a problem that some other human or scientific endeavour has created, the sanitation of cities a prime example – without cities the sanitation and therefore the general life expectancy would not have nosedived. Alternatively consider the automobile, a revolution in transport, haulage and personal freedom I grant you, but those freedoms short lived as they will prove to be in terms of history, had to be in place to facilitate the large scale expansion of consumerism and the ensuing global industrial corporate growth required to channel the engines of society to expand the population and ultimately entwine the third world populations into the technological future enigma.
Already we are beginning to view the decimation to our planet that just 30 years of unbridled consumerism has unleashed on our planet. As I look around I see little evidence that the average man or woman is on the whole any happier than the family of olive farmers on the hillside in Greece. Again, history tells us it was harder then because they didn’t have washing machines or microwave ovens - when in reality the social and political empires that took hold 2000 years ago have either directly ensured it’s always been ‘harder then’ or at least worked to impress that illusion on the minds of ordinary men. In the civilised world perhaps 50% of 1 billion people are experiencing a high degree of contentment and I would venture to propose that figure has changed little through the ages
It is only our examination of the scale of life that has skewed our perspective. A colour TV, a fancy automobile and a refrigerator are indeed lovely things but they are not life and they do not in any way contribute to the essence of life – if anything they form an barrier to and stifle the real birthright bond between man and his planet.
The city is perhaps the principle vehicle for controlling the minds, dreams and lives of the masses. Prior to the city the population was distributed far and wide, each and many of them land owners, farmers or what we would refer to as peasant folk who only had to grow enough to sustain their family and perhaps have a little left over to barter with.
It was Stalin who first politicised the need to remove the farmer when he realised, the rather obvious fact, that they were the ones that fed the people in the cities! They had independence and in fact the state was actually dependant on them and so began the modern global trend to crush the individual farm and replace them with the immoral faceless corporate or state farms. In many ways the corporate controlled farming and supermarket distribution model of modern times is the ultimate end result of that principle and they exist for one single reason – they have to ensure that a global population of 6-10 billion people can and will be sustained and kept alive at any and all costs. The city is critical to the expansion in human numbers – in no other way could so many humans be kept alive and focused on the same single aim. The city creates corporate culture, which in turn facilitates mass production, organisations and expansion on an otherwise unprecedented and unachievable scale. The local family orange farmer cares little for ‘global markets’ or the price of oranges on the stock market. If we consider most human aims to be ‘get career, fall in love, maybe have children, have nice house, have nice things in life’ then, in truth, our human social systems have been developed to allow us to exploit that freedom within the capitalist framework to some extent at the expense of the third world farms and industrial cheap labour – and indeed such ‘freedom’ will go on as long as it never changes form and threatens continued expansion, war or growth. In short, what does the Shepard care how the sheep spends it time as long as the meat is good and tasty and the sheep never attempt to go beyond the meadow.

posted on Apr, 29 2005 @ 06:23 AM
Have you ever wondered why there has never been in recent years any serious attempt to curtail the massive explosion in human population?

As cities grew form the earliest time even Babylon, one of the first great cities of antiquity, became a decadent and corrupting setting for the human spirit. Built on the ethics of trade and the pyramidal model of distributed wealth and power it facilitated centralised control and governmental institutionalised rule. How else can you rule a people traditionally spread out over hundreds and thousands of miles?
As the success of the city grew and with it the genius of the pyramidal form of society it was found that with the surplus of human energy there was capacity to create wealth and with the collection of wealth came power and then came armies and so began the history of war and conversely the art of attack which was the cornerstone of virtually all scientific or social revolution. So could you levy that ‘war has done good things for us’?
Again it is not the accumulation of knowledge or even technology that is the danger but the ends to which it’s used that is the problem and the scale on which it is employed. Knowledge is carefully held in check by the institutions of power as we have previously identified and to those with knowledge we give respect and control, bowing naturally to their acquired and implied greatness. It is the irony of westernised ‘competition democracy’ that ensures only those bent of control ever get to rule.
In today’s society we almost always associate fact or technique based knowledge with intelligence and thus we afford to those same individuals with for example a degree in Molecular Biology the idea that they are therefore socially, emotionally and intellectually wise enough to be allowed to meddle with the genetics of our species. We reward aggression and the desire to achieve –regardless or consequences – in all professions. Truly, the marriage of ‘self-motivation’ and the desire for material empire are the most potent force and it is as no surprise that America’s indulgence and excessive life-style has become the most highly sought after in the world. How could the brutal and fear based communism of Russia compete with unbridled human greed and lust?
However, Wisdom is the key that distinguishes the understanding and acquisition of observed fact orientated knowledge from its actual application and the ensuing impact it has on the individuals it comes into contact with. Ironically the dedication, study and perseverance required to become an accomplished Molecular Biologist leaves little time for them to become an accomplished humanitarian else they would surely have abandoned such reckless ventures in pursuit of a more harmonious means of understanding. The building of an atomic bomb by so called ‘men of genius’ and their delivering it glibly and without condition or restraint into the hands of politicians or ‘commercial’ industrial corporations is a prime case in point. The scientific ethical standpoint of ‘I only make this stuff, it’s up-to the people to police it’ simply proves knowledge, intelligence and wisdom are as far apart as the three points of a triangle. Indeed the greater the genius the greater the disconnect between the world of the genius and the ‘ordinary man’ who will market and develop the product of his genius. In today’s consumer orientated product led science the mad scientist or genius is possibly the greatest threat to the future of mankind we have. Their aims no longer have any kind of ethical or moral foundation since they are developed only from the necessity to generate product and profit based momentum.
It is this ‘disconnect’ that the centralised syllabus grade based education system can deliver that had led us to the world we live in today and will directly build the world of tomorrow. It is virtually another war without name– science vs. religion – two halves of corrupted thinking controlled by the same hidden hands pitched awkwardly against each other in the courts of life.
I for instance particularly relished the appearance of Stephen Hawking whose very existence is literal proof of the miracle of science and indeed he went on to write a book, which is nothing more than the latest episode in the scientific battle to disprove the existence of god.
Indeed, I find it remarkable that the supremacy of man’s giant ‘brain based’ intelligence alone is capable of ‘reasoning out’ the origins of the infinite universe in a little stuffy office in Oxford over tea and biscuits. That this book has been elevated to critical heights naturally ensures that the guardian universities and establishment institutions tread carefully around its borders perpetually fearing the wrath and contempt of a potentially humiliating contra-position. They indeed are the defenders of the scientific faith.

That our government controls the very nature of science, education, religion and philosophy by such subtle invisible threads is in itself remarkable and like the rule of law all of them have one thing in common – their authority is absolute.
This is why the rule of law is so vehemently upheld. It is not for your freedoms that such laws exist but rather that there is a clearly drawn framework for you to live within. This is why vigilantes are punished above and beyond the criminal without whom retributional acts of vengeance would never have occurred. It is one thing to break the law and submit to the higher common authority to receive your punishment but quite another to become the law. Law confers ‘rights’ and rights can be written and sold.

In keeping with the principle motivating factors of most human actions all governments control the two key principles of the human subconscious - fear and desire.
Depending on the type of government depends on the extent and way in which these two elements are managed. For example western democracy runs high on both – the euphoria of competition and capitalist desire and the hysterical paranoia of change, invasion or loss of condition by foreign invaders.
Communist Russia prior to their ‘collapse’ was run largely on fear of their own rulers and so was bound to crush the human spirit since how could the ‘American’ invaders be worse than their own murdering rulers? If you consider Orwell’s 1984 it’s not hard to see how the creation of such a world was attempted in communist Russia and why such a world would ultimately fail. This is and has always been why Orwell’s 1984 is allowed teaching in schools since it represents and fills the ‘mental gap’ for communism – and for most minds one cap fits all – it is the prefect and demonstrably suicidal society that stands in direct contradiction to the evident prosperity and success of the west. To be ruled by terror or fear ultimately drives the passion, the intensity and creativity out of the human spirit, which leads to a stagnant society that lacks the incentive to compete or renew itself. It was this force of rule by fear that lead to the downfall of Russia – there could be no pride in a victory enforced by the very hands of tyranny.
North Korea however, is a fascinating example of Communism where desire for the leader, and the clearly defined and justified fear of the ‘invading enemy’ are the motivating factors. It is this love of their own administration that is key and principally differs little from Huxley’s Brave New World in which they learned to love their narrow band existence. That and the fact that in 1948 American bombing killed 4 million of them is ample reason for them to be terrified and in search of protection.
North Korea has many inherent Big Brother overtones - the eternal leader, his picture is to be found in every home and wall and his statues towering in the parks and piazza’s as national monuments, it utilises the dogmatic ritualised schooling with a narrow band of ideas and thought driven in at a very early age, they practice daily prayers to their society and their leader, the most obvious pro-party propaganda is churned out endlessly from radio’s that can not be turned off. In such a country you would expect the uniformity in attitude and thinking would cause the people to recoil in horror or fall into an apathetic despair like Russia. It is then all the more remarkable that this society is subtly different other communist or non-communist dictatorships in the fact that from an early age they are led to and indoctrinated in the art of communism and the love of their leader to such an extent that they actually do love him and their way of life and their community. That their spirits and humanity is still in effect is clearly to be witnessed by the incredible feat of artistic and gymnastic discipline called the mass games. They are stadium-sized event like our Olympics in which coordinated gymnastics are carried out by sometime up to a 100,000 individuals at the same take create literally spectacular and breathtaking events. This focal event creates a vehicle for individual progress, an incredibly tight social integration and a national identity, which aspires to achieve such remarkable feats.
When you examine their existence they have a thriving and vibrant culture. Clean cities, immaculately turned our people, no graffiti or decay, they is no corruption or greed, the family unit is held together across the generations. Don’t let the western image of North Korea fool you – these people are happy and proud of their country! Brainwashed they maybe into thinking that their leader is literally some kind of demi-god, but there is also ample evidence that in a nationwide feat of purest Orwellian ‘doublethink’ they both know he's just a man and yet at the same time believe he's almost a great a semi-divine leader worthy or their adoration.
It is a fascinating experiment in the ‘actualised and genuine love of big Brother state which ultimately removes the need for fear and tyranny and simply replaces it with the desire for society and stability and personal dignity. No wonder the western empires fear it so much – it represents a state of tranquillity that would tear down the fear and desire control systems used throughout the rest of the world if it instead of capitalism were the dominant global energy. I find it unsurprising then that China has recently began to ‘re-invent’ it’s own previously oppressive form of communism and, very likely through the cross-contamination of Hong Kong, has adopted and begun to exploit the classic materialistic capitalism which has similarly defined the western world. Techno-Communism; a new variety we would do well to watch very carefully since China also represents the last great empire of thought that has not directly been involved in a wide scale war and thus duly conquered by the Anglo-American civilisation.
There is no doubt that Russia, China and North Korea are strongly and overtly brainwashing their peoples, and indeed in time to come their political obedience may well be used against the people of the west in the greatly prophesised Third World War ever actually occurs.
Naturally, we in our ‘naturally enlightened’ state of mind would think that we escaped such indoctrination and so are capable of identifying deliberate propaganda or exploitation and would effectively stop such madness from happening again. Recent skirmishes like Vietnam, The Falklands war and the endless Iraq wars demonstrate that more than ever we are willing to back with our money and our emotions a conflict, which we should suspect or know from history would be unique if it were to be anything different than another colonial exercise in empire expansion and every other war that has ever been waged in the name of ‘freedom’.
How can we be so sure that these and all the wars to come are ‘unavoidable’ or ‘imperative’ or even ‘desirable’? Are we so sure that its mankind and his barbaric nature that’s behind all this.

posted on Apr, 29 2005 @ 06:25 AM
A decade ago I would have laughed at the idea that I have state embedded social controls – but as a child in school I was taught to obey authority – not to question authority and above all to function as part of a group, and in true pavlovian style respond to the ‘ringing of the bell’. The fact that there may have been a so-called ‘rebel’ or un-teachable element in your school is immaterial – they still recognised the group dynamic and left the classroom en-mass and when the bell signalled change.
It is this early conditioning that forms both our 9-5 work ethic patterns, our ability and techniques of study, our ability to work in clean regulated group units and our desire for better grades which are only awarded when the accuracy of previously delivered information is repeated back at examination time. It also provides a well defined almost guaranteed route to a successful commercially rewarding career - providing you follow the rules.
Clearly whilst many would argue that without such ‘early patterning’ our society would be anarchy - we can agree that whilst the element of the individual still remains there is also a vast amount of embedded social behaviour given to us before we have sufficient sense of self to approve or decline what enters the brain and defines our identities.
As an aside it is interesting to note that the early American settlers at the turn of the 20th century, if we excuse some of the tricks of state like the starvation of the Irish in order to force immigration, were to a very great degree lone pioneers – all self ‘employed’ if such a term warrants usage back then, at lease self-sustaining and independent. Corporations and companies employed little over 5% of the early American settlers, a statistic which has since completely reversed to the point that now at the turn of the 21st century over 95% of the American population is employed by a large corporation or divisional company. This amply demonstrates how a total reversal in social infrastructure and ownership of property and future can take place whilst still running under the same philosophical idea of ‘freedom’.
The framework of our behaviours then are carefully delivered and installed in our brains before we have chance or ability to reject it, and then in concert with new techniques on how to think and behave we are given the language or the tools of thought which define and control the limits and nature of what we think.
It is indeed impossible to consider thought without language. Every moment of your waking consciousness your personality, your identity and ego - your iD – is linked inseparably with the language you use to define the notions, impulses, thoughts and practices that constitute you and your actions.
It is interesting to consider the western form of language and contrast it to the eastern form of language.
In the west there is a very distinctive and logical ‘text’ type language. Each component word and meaning is made up of component letters which in themselves are meaningless until ‘decoded’ by the left hand ‘logical’ part of the brain into an appropriately understood moment or contextual reference. However, the eastern language is far more pictorial which is a fine but subtle difference– almost symbolically different – most words are made up of pictured sounds and smaller ‘symbolical’ picts or glyphs which when combined have a gathered meaning. The interesting thing about images as a pose to words or sounds is, as we have already discussed, that they target a different part of the brain. They hit both the right side and subconscious part of the brain. This leads one to suppose that a pictorial based language is both more creative yet more emotive at the same time than just a textual logical language. There is zero emotion in a word made of unconnected letters and it is literally abstract until it is connected ‘in context’ more often or not with a triggered mental reference image - only then can it acquire a desired emotive effect. Where as a pictorial image can summon or invoke a feeling as it is injected past the logical sensor and directly into the feeling emotive part of the brain. This is the basis of the occult forms of symbolism and ritual by imagination, which communicate directly to the subconscious by means of visually symbolically pictures and images. Programmers amongst you might like to see the difference as that between a ‘high level’ language and machine assembly code. The former is ‘interpreted’ and converted into machine assembly code by the ‘compiler’ the other is written directly to the hardware – in this case the brain.
Here we find revealed the first great clue that the ‘hidden’ aspect of our minds is actually far more powerful than the apparent surface-controlling element. Crudely put the ‘V2 brains’ we posses are made up of the programmable controlling over-brain (language) and beneath that lies the raw primal energies of the jet and the payload (subconscious brain).
This would explain certain ‘cultural’ differences between the ‘west’ and the ‘east’. It is not to suggest that the hardware of the ‘brain’ or genetics are any different but simply that the language creates a difficulty in ‘interpretation’.

Again one leads us to wonder how the actual form of our language controls us, our actions and how we develop socially.
In the east there is a heritage of what has been loosely termed Death worship – that is that there can be ‘honour in death’ – the kamikaze element and the hari-kari (honour in suicide) are just two ideas that pervade all aspects of oriental life from their beliefs in re-incarnation to their ready acceptance of the spirit realm as genuine plane of existence.
That eastern language operated by injecting ‘emotional pictographs’ directly into the sub-conscious brain could certainly account for the more passionate, spontaneous and dynamic type of social history and creativity that the eastern culture has exhibited and perhaps why the ‘interpreted = calculating = emotionally disconnected’ plotting language of the west has led and created a conspiratorial, fear orientated history.
In the west these ideas are subtly shifted to there can be ‘glory in death’, and the promise of the ‘afterlife’ as an entity of ‘anything your heart desires’ providing you follow these rules - a very consumer orientated and conditional afterlife no doubt. You can see the twist very subtly in this comparison of ‘battle death’ – eastern is an honour ‘felt’ by passion whereas western is a ‘idealised’ honour accepted by conferment.
Western fairy tale mythology relays tales from the realms of the dead – in simplistic terms it being simply a netherworld filled with ghouls and vampires – again used largely as life lessons but often-carrying important social warnings. That these shifts are both evident in basically identical human beings but are subtly different in each geographic region culturally separated only by history and language lends further evidence to the idea that an undisclosed understanding of the nature of power and control exists and that our rulers understanding of humanity have in some previous epoch achieved far more than is revealed. How such different strains of ‘though language’ can evolve is surely interesting and would certainly explain why its’ been so hard to ‘get along’ for so many thousands of years and how it’s so much easier to manipulate principle almost occluded differences in human motivations.

That such differences can be attained by ‘tuning’ that ancient subconscious mind of emotion and passion is why we need to wake up and learn when our ‘gates are being opened’ and when we are being actively manipulated. For being opened they most definitely are.

posted on Apr, 29 2005 @ 06:27 AM
As a motivating energy emotion is inherent in any and all human language, though deployed at different times in different ways, it is still evolved from the ancient primal language of the visual so called ‘reptilian’ brain into the logical patterned rational brain of the high level modern man. It is this emotion that can drive the body and mind of man to extremes of behaviour – to over rule the logic and reason and perhaps drive nations to war and individuals to fly planes into the ground when death is most definitely assured.

There are however two different layers of evolution that are independent from the brain hemispheres. Again the parallel between the ‘controlling brain’ of a V2 rocket and the directionless energy of its motors and the controlling over-brain guidance system is applicable.
The sophisticated linguistic based controlling logic of modern man is grafted onto the ancient raw primitive engine of the subconscious mind – which as we know directly manages the body on a base chemical level and where the real power of the human spirit lies hidden and virile- untapped and vast.
This is the true and ancient power of the occult language of man. It is not taught in schools nor is it to be found in any textbook. This language is transmitted in secret and has been throughout the ages by the priests of Babylon and Egypt and occasionally its effects surface and sweep across the planet like a colossal intellectual tidal wave. Its origins are doubtlessly Atlantean but where beyond that is a far darker path that we shall tread in due course.
Consider the symbol of the Nazi party. It is a simple reversal of the symbol of Thelma - its origins old and ancient – once pagan and a healing energy, now inverted and corrupt – life taking.
Occult lore was taught in great depth to the SS and was the foundation of the Nazi’s belief system, and it was this power that drove and harnessed sub-consciously the energies of an entire nation. If you want to find signs of this ‘hidden’ controlling force throughout history then track down and look for the energies of symbolism for behind it lays the secrets of controlling vast numbers of people and in turn the way they think, react and function. Consider the flying standards of the Roman Empire as it marched to battle, the eagle atop a dripping blood red banner. Symbols used by the Nazi are in order to captivate and trigger the subconscious energies of an entire people when bent to their will when stirred up and magically blended with the words and ideas of the logical over-brain. The spectacle of the Nuremburg rallies is a testament to the master of group ritual ceremony and the power of occult symbolism. It is often useful to look for symbolism in either side of a conflict or apparently opposing group or political ideology since it very often reveals by whose hand and whose authority the events are being undertaken. If you examine the heraldry of the royal ruling class of the British Empire, the ancient biblical symbols of the unicorn and the lion, the crown and the dragon you will see the invisible unification of such elemental energies as imagination, emotion, chaos and intellect bound together in a form capable of push man’s invisible psychic buttons as clearly as one would a button on a control panel.
When we contrast the paradox and conflict created by such hybrid imagery then we can begin to understand the battle waged between the layers of the human mind and how different the two forms are. The logical brain is almost bound to the digital binary language of mathematics and as you know the machine contains only pure logical rule based conditions. Something in binary either is ‘stateful’ – it either is or it isn’t. In some ways the jumble of 1’s and 0’s, like letters, are meaningless in isolation and when grouped only gain significance by their transitional effect on the next group of 1’s and 0’s or their physical location whereas emotional buttons can be combinational and confusing.
Regardless of the level of complexity in any current or future computer system the digital binary language cannot be and never will be emotive since there is never any ambiguity as there is in the human hybrid brain.
The other key difference between the west and the east is the west’s obsession with duality. The eternal battle between good and evil, black and white, the light and the darkness is indeed a binary choice offered up to a mind incapable of making a binary decision with any true degree of confidence or certainty but only thorough cold intellectual reason. Often or not this is why the fairy story is accompanied by illustrations since they are directed directly into the subconscious visual brain and the resulting emotional ‘setting’ boosts the effect that the binary ‘rational’ input perspective has on the brain engine. In short a picture can produce more revs than the words alone.
This intriguingly leads us to ask is binary the language of the past or the language of the future. As far as existence is concerned if were looking for the origins of life then the first state of awareness must have been a binary state. A literal ‘turning on’ to a state of ‘I exist’ rather than a faint sense of ‘something’ – that something having to be ‘noticed’ constitutes a binary state of ‘yes’, ‘1’ or ‘one-ness’. The real question is where we acquired our chaos state – our confused mind – the mind that needs a descriptive language and emotional language because the numbers can’t satisfy as an answer for such a being.
When One became Two was the birth of magic, the birth of language and the birth of duality., but when two becomes three you had an evolution which overturned everything. In many ways the emotive brain is more advanced since it is capable of infinite choice.
It certainly brings to the surface a more revealing meaning the old Masonic phrase ‘order out of chaos’ and the old Illuminati adage ‘I am above duality’

posted on Apr, 29 2005 @ 06:28 AM
As we play on the edge of space, and as our spinning rock whirrs it’s way effortlessly around the sun we must once again remind ourselves that there is another essential duality to our very existence. The earth is by virtue of the sun filled with radiation and as a by-product - light. Its interesting that the animals, vegetables and minerals on earth are capable of recognising the radiation from the sun as light, or energy. We think of light as the invisible carrier of the reflected visible image of the world around us. It is captured by the eye and carried via a conduit that connects with our subconscious brain. One could almost levy that light is the bringer of chaos – or more accurately degrees of separation in duality from the binary state.
In man and animal it is the eye, which converts the radiated signal into a perceived brain image. In mineral form it is the element selenium – which is the material used in all camera’s to convert radiated light to electrical charge. In vegetable it is a ‘sensed’ trigger that sets of the chemical reaction that constitutes photosynthesis.
Space by virtue of the lack of infinite solar energy, and perhaps anything conscious to ‘perceive it - is empty black dark and likewise infinite in it’s emptiness. That our sun is an oasis, a mere pinprick of life giving energy in an eternal sea of darkness is a fact we’d do well to remember and the awe of such an unlikely and indiscriminate blessing is doubtless why virtually all religions are linked in some way to the sun gods. Take the bible for example. The very first chapter: ‘Let there be light’. And there was light and so it began – confusion, consciousness and existence. The bible is a symbolic account of life, which is occult in origin, and I find it odd that there exist a conflict within it that is used to keep most people unaware of their own origins. To begin with we have the frankly imbecilic speculations of Darwin, whose ideas have managed to seep into every children’s school book. He teaches that the earth was a raging mass of volcanic lava that just needed a few million years to cool down before it was capable of sustaining life. After that we jump to a picture of a prehistoric fish, then the dinosaur then the Cro-Magnon man and then to Adam and Eve. This is why all of science suggests we need to look for a missing link – since they want a slow progressive change rather than a difficult and almost the almost biblically consenting idea of ‘mutation’.
A few million years old mankind may one day prove to be, but it is certain that he is as he is today, not by evolution – but by mutation. There is no real example of evolution in nature but mutation undoubtedly does occur in nature. Man and Dinosaur certainly weren’t the creatures of a 100 million old ‘naturally’ evolving prototype. As far as our recorded history is concerned we can follow a trail of clues back about 10,000 years after that the guess work becomes astonishingly bold and increases exponentially with every 1000 year step backwards we make. After the 10,000BC mark we suddenly dive into the realms of the missing link and questions like ‘did Noah’s ark really exist’ suddenly cross the boundaries of theology into the dusty hills and textbooks of the archaeologist. That such a cataclysmic event like the flood could have occurred only 10,000 years ago and there be no verifiably concrete human record of it is convenient but hardly surprising given we can hardly be sure of the events of a war 50 years ago already.
Out of our muddy prehistory from the mouths of priests and royalty comes the Bible - a single book with a few supporting parchments a book whose accounts we are asked to take on faith – even though those who lived it did not have to take the events recorded in the bible as faith.
There exist the remains of a few stone circles, temples and the decaying remains of a few mysteriously ruined civilisations of whom we are asked to believe were savage and peasant.
From these few relics and from centuries of scratching around in the dirt we have imagined and speculated until a vast mythology of our past has been carefully crafted to fill in the blanks left between the pages of the bible and other occult texts. Each new theory is painstakingly evolved by some Oxford professor and confirmed by an effervescent American bearded ‘thinker’ to obscure the last widely held belief. Over time everything becomes a blur of information and tiny suppositions melted into one grand visage. It is the ultimate conjurers trick and the art of invisible misdirection that an industry have sprung up around the investigation of our origins via physical evidence alone. It has become a vast time consuming and legitimate orthodox science, funded and controlled by establishment publications, libraries, museums and universities and yet to the future, our destiny and our purpose on earth we rarely give anywhere near as much time.

posted on Apr, 29 2005 @ 06:29 AM
What time that is given to our future lies only in the hands of a few dreamers and science fiction hacks. Speculation of yesteryear is applauded and accolades abound from endless literary or grant orientated prize awards because it seeks to approve the limitations of evolution by institutionalising and restricting access to past and unorthodox changes, which would confirm our own intuitions about our nature and perhaps even things suggested in the bible.
By doing so they confine the future to a slow progressive thing that is inconceivable to the average man or even an entire culture or civilisation.
If man is to believe that it will take a few hundred million years before he is able to be better than he is now either physically, psychically or spiritually then he will simply ‘seize’ and abandon any form of indulgence other than that he can be assured of effecting in his lifetime – i.e. house, career, exercise, family, acquisition of knowledge that has a commercial value etc.
You are asking man to deny infinity and accept the limitations of his birth and the inevitability of his insignificance in death.
This also in certain cases leads to a psychosis in certain individuals, which allows them to rationalise the corruption of their aims and behaviours because they are alive only in time now – and invariably them embark on all manner of occult influenced perversions in the name of glory and social immortality by deed or legend.

This is the grandest occult deception of all – that man is incapable of evolution by mutation within his own lifetime- and by his own desire to do so.

Here is the birth of the philosophers stone, the Holy Grail and the religious instinct in mankind. The ‘agent of transmutation’ that will allow man to change from ordinary mortal meat to something cosmic, etheric and immortal.

However, this is why the speculation of tomorrow is left very much in the hands of the lone individual because they are attempting to break down the veils of reality with their minds, and this is why the ideas they broadcast to the world are in direct competition for your attention and are so jealously concealed in mystery. In recent years the TV executive who manages to reduce everything to a 26-part ‘guns and girls’ epic set in sterile nature less plastic hi-tech utopias have managed to strip away all kind of spiritual exploration.
Not only is it the institutions who by their ‘material’ dogma sub-consciously ignore or conceal undesirable anomalies of history that may indicate another way of life so we have the systematic masking of pre-history by the occult speculations either religious ‘science’ or even in modern times by pseudo-scientific semi-occultist like Madame Blavatsky’s Isis Unveiled or The Secret Doctrine. Such works, which are all invariably ‘channelled’ by some ascended master, do their best to conceal as much as they reveal. They cryptically allude to higher states of consciousness and knowledge of different states of being but simply will not reveal their secrets to anyone for they also feel the danger of losing control of the future as well.

What exactly is man capable of that so many are so afraid of us finding out ?

The degree’s to which the mainstream authority’s obsess and regulate the distribution of new finds and the vast corpus of unintelligible occult doctrines is fair evidence to suggest that something big – something cosmically vast is being hidden from ordinary men.

And here is the kicker - You can only invest that much time in camouflage when you know exactly what it is you don’t want to have discovered!

The fact that the dreamers, cranks and loners control the vision of tomorrow is simply because an establishment or occult revelation of the truth regards the destiny of mankind - where we are going and what’s going to happen to us is far too horrible to contemplate for the average man.
Such glimpses of ‘reality’ regarding the future are suppressed or venomously attacked and deconstructed by the same establishment engines that produce the picture of the past. They will allow endlessly variety of ‘trash futures’ to occur as long as they are based on a materialistic model of society.
Nothing in the future nor the past that is currently available to mankind from ‘controlled sources’ really tells us anything about who we really are, where we came from before we were born or where we are going to go either as a species or as individuals after we die. That information is strictly on a need to know basis and apparently individual humans don’t need to know.

Inconveniently for the ‘would be’ controllers of this planet it just happens to be the single most important question there is and indeed what every mind control system, language, establishment, education and religion ever devised was created for – to stop your caring for or finding the answers to that very subject. Conveniently for them – they are adept at stopping us from caring or wanting to find out.

posted on Apr, 29 2005 @ 06:30 AM
The origins of these control systems are about as hard to trace as those of our biological origins, but conveniently all have in common a single motif – the occult or the hidden and invariably in recent years are all linked to power, war, currency and religion. At the farthest end of our origins we find from the graves of Neanderthal man the first and most delicate clue to the birth of the religious instinct and therefore of an external controlling hierarchy of intelligence actively influencing the minds of others. In these early graves have been found flowers, tools and mementos buried alongside the bones. From this we can deduce far more than science would ever care to print.
If we consider the facts with a little more empathy we can certainly accept that the Neanderthal man, whoever he was, was at least capable of companionship and the grief of loss, perhaps even love, that he understood the beauty and more the symbolism of a flower as a higher more appealing form of remembrance and honour than say a bunch of weeds and as a token of his relationship to the deceased. Clearly he already has the ‘jet engine’ subconscious part of our brains since he is acting emotionally.
That he understood or held a requirement to bury or dispose of the flesh of the dead and that in some way the person’s passing was marked, remembered and given the amount of contemplation and ritual already abound in the burying of the dead suggests there is the ability to perform ritual and an intellectual passing of behaviour that contains an abstract concept of beauty ‘in memorandum’. Such conventions imply decision-making and rational understanding and thus point to the ‘over-brain’, which together indicate without doubt language and therefore a certain degree of intelligence.
It is highly likely, especially in lieu of the placement of tools – things which would have been far more valuable kept than buried – that some notion of ‘afterlife’ was if not clearly present at least would have certainly be a question that must have occurred to them since memory and recall, sentiment and loss were so evident. The mystery as to ‘where have they gone’ cannot have been absent from such a thoughtful and sensitive mind.
So even in those dark brutish beasts there lay the spark of imagination and the madness of the unknown, perhaps even the idea of the infinite.
What led the Neanderthal man to contemplate the passing of the dead so deeply if they were, as we are asked to believe, just an animal? Does the hinting at and physical evidence of such a philosophy even pre-date the bible? What is clear is that concepts we consider belonging to our present ‘species’ or current incarnation of Homo sapiens are actually present and inherited from an entirely different species that science would rather we considered a fluke, a barbarian or an irrelevance.
This is a pretty big wake up call – an extinct species possessing intelligence that simply disappeared one fine millennium?
This simple but often overlooked of ‘mourning the dead’ proves that the ‘divine spark’ of consciousness and the religious instinct is not unique to Homo sapiens.
If you want evidence of another intelligence life form – there it is. I would go so far as to ague that the same traits that we share with Neanderthal man were already even then suitably refined, understood and embraced as empirical, if not, essential aspects of life.
So the question then is who or what gave Neanderthal man such ideas?
How far back down the chain are we at this point?
Has the Kubrick monolith, in either actual reality or symbolically already made it’s presence felt?
The so called missing link they’ve cunningly got science wasting it’s energies looking for is not what came between Cro-Magnon man and homo sapiens but where on earth did Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon man come from, and further more where did they disappear to when homo sapiens arrived on the scene!
And what’s more the missing link is an establishment idea – interesting that they should consider that a ‘link’ is missing – or more accurately removed and have us running around chasing that – when perhaps we should spend a little more time reviewing the ‘links’ so called present and correct to see what is already obvious. Whatever kind of mind the Neanderthal man had it was just as capable as ours of running, to use a computer metaphor, the software program called ‘belief in the afterlife version 1.1’ for example. Who, in light of that, can deny that the hardware platform of the Neanderthal brain was essentially the same as ours?
Should we not be alarmed that so distinctly similar a species as ours could just ‘vanish’ and be replaced not once but twice before we arrived on the scene and that no one can suggest why? Remember they were only around for relatively short periods of time. The ‘gap’ between the demise of Neanderthal man and Cro-Magnon man has been speculated to be just 30,000 years in-between which time there is no physical traces of either species – there is no cross-over period where both species existed at the same time! Incredible – literally Cro-Magnon man just appear overnight after a 30,000 year absence of bipeds on the planet earth and with downgraded brain hardware. Yes, the brains get smaller!

If we are to accept Darwin’s flawed establishment approved ideas of evolution then the changes should have taken millions of years and there could be no break in the breeding chain.
It is clear that when one plants and harvests a crop, whatever it’s nature, there is a period of time when the fields are empty and perhaps re-fertilised, rotated, and given time for the nutrients to return to the land, perhaps even irrigated by, perhaps a global flood, before the next planting cycle, and if crop rotation is endemic to earth, the next crop is usually subtly different and requires slightly different foods and growing techniques.

At this time, before you run from the room in awakened horror and the ‘self-preservation’ ideas of rejection and disbelief take hold, I’d just like to remind you that you did in fact grow – from a tiny little egg fertilised by a sperm. Similar in fact to all other life on earth. As Huxley so astutely observed ‘Put a sperm and an egg together in the right kind of incubator and from it a human will grow’, and as we know the exact kind of human can be carefully controlled and designed by mutation and genetic manipulation. Would you like your child with Brown or Blue eyes, Madame?
Perhaps more chillingly, was the last one a little to smart? Time to make a few tweaks to the new one. It should be more than clear that something far more intelligent, but perhaps ultimately less divine, than man has been tinkering with us and has on more than one occasion.

posted on Apr, 29 2005 @ 06:31 AM
Perhaps finally, and in preparation both in tone and warning, for the next stage of the book I should leave to remind the reader that the battle of the magicians, the priests and the politicians over the minds and bodies of the human race has been underway long before our recorded history and shows no sign of decline – indeed I can come to no other conclusion other than to say it’s condensing and accelerating like no other time in history.
The techniques of magic and religion are still concealed from the masses and have spawned a multitude of highly sophisticated almost imperceptibly subtle collective of conscious and physical control systems that are taking over the entire human race.
As never before the technology we manufacture under their guidance is finally starting to reveal it’s true awful totalitarian potential to replace any and all of the physical spiritual and imaginative freedoms currently available to mankind.
All this earth and it’s potential treasures and it’s paradise lost still trembles under the control of a tiny handful of people who are and have never stopped handing down the ancient batons of rule throughout the ages.
Through recent 20th century industrialised corporate expansions and mergers perhaps no more than a thousand men control a handful of companies through which 80% of western food supply is financed, produced and distributed. Through politically endorsed, institutionalised university and commercially funded research programmes no more than another 1000 ‘scientifically motivated’ men control the implementation and development of genetically modified foods into our food chain. Regardless of what ordinary people see as reasonable experiments and financially advantageous policies they are driving otherwise insane practices into everyday use. Perhaps no more than 50 men ultimately control the political destinies of the entire world and this figure, although the portcullis to the gates of power have always well guarded by the same methods, has, perhaps, never been any greater whatever age or empire you care to examine.
That is the net result of the ultimate ‘big brother looking out for your welfare’ totalitarian cloak that is currently keeping us warm and dry – cosy, well fed and stupid enough to accept the fast cars and the fancy gadgets as suitable compensation for our lives spent indulging our own selfish desires and wants.
Like all power systems it is pyramidal and there are no definitive guarantees that their existence isn’t endemic to the human mind and ultimately they are automatically ‘built-in’ subconsciously, much the ways Bees build hives to protect their queen, and as such is indirectly part of a much simpler universally genetic drive to maintain civilisation and protect the highest order of the species.
However, it is undeniable that through our folklore, superstitions and myth the endless tales of ‘magical influence’ are also inseparable from our ruling hierarchies and so we must examine their roots to establish if they are man’s own tools or if they are sent from somewhere else!
So as we prepare to dive into the heart of the mystery in the next section, I’ll finish off with a rather interesting quote from an 18th century magical treatise Eliphas Levi’s ‘The History of Magic’ which just slowly begins to hint at the potential dangers and hidden mysteries that our so called illumined visionaries seem regularly to delve into and to which we ignore at our peril:

“Black magic may be defined as the art of inducing artificial mania in ourselves and in others; but it is also and above all the science of poisoning. What is, however, generally unknown, and the discovery in our days is due to M. Du Potet, is that it is possible to destroy life by the sudden congestion or withdrawal of the Astral Light. This may take place when, through a series of almost impossible exercises, similar to those described by the Indian sorcerers, our nervous system, having been habituated to all tensions and fatigues, has become a kind of living galvanic pile, capable of condensing and projecting powerfully that light which intoxicates or destroys.”

posted on Apr, 29 2005 @ 06:33 AM
The first striking revelation we have here is that man seems to be connected either genetically or ‘ethereally’ to some kind of cosmic power source and that in some we store up that energy or uniquely have it at our disposal. One thing is undeniable at this point and requires re-emphasis – is that somehow we exist and we are in some way beings with an as yet clearly undefined link to electrical, magnetic and solar energy forces. Since our nervous system and brain communicates via electric and we are as human beings both effected by solar, electric and magnetic radiation sources we have to assume that there is a universal element to our lives which is inherent in all the manifestations of energy in the solar system and perhaps the universe. This may seem like I’m spelling out the obvious, but sometimes the obvious is overlooked when examining the ‘already knew that’.
For instance, soil is not decomposed by sunlight or radiation at the same rate as mankind is and so is not ‘part of’ the cycle of the living as we would understand it – yet it is fed or energised by those fundamental forms of radiation that influence us, but at some level it’s raw composite material constitute elements of the bodies we live in. Vegetables grown in soil can feed and nourish our bodies and so the conversion of energy from sunlight to humans is stepped-down through about three intermediate processes. This acquisition of energy is why we remain alive in our bodies and by incorporating it our bodies are specifically designed to step-up the energy we eat but the question is does that relationship end on earth or does the energy continue up the scale as we are clearly aware that it did when it came from sunlight to ‘carrot’ to human for example. We all emit waves so we are all radiating various forms of energy and we are all filtering, stepping up and stepping down simply by being various states of energy.
Our brain waves, for instance, both oscillate and emit certain frequencies depending on our state of awareness. When subjected to certain chemical and environmental influences they will also ‘fall into’ these certain states altering our frame of conscious interaction. The main states are

Beta: being the awakened everyday ‘busy active and aware’ stage that runs at around 15 to 30hz.

Alpha: The so-called trance state is between 8 and 12/15hz and can be induced by marijuana, '___' or peyote cactus and is a non-thinking state of mind – it is a state of ‘being’ but a state of hallucinogenic reality.
Interestingly enough watching TV or movies puts you into an alpha state - this is why we are correct to inherently fear the subliminal message since our conscious minds have no way of perceiving it – and if you do it was never really subliminal. It is also noted that professional sportsmen show a flash of alpha brain activity just before they make golf put or shoot a goal.

Theta: This state is the medative or dream state and runs at 3-8hz. It is from here that your crazy dream thoughts arise from and may I say a lot of famous literature and art has been ‘realised’ in dream state!

Delta state: 0hz to 3hz – deep sleep. Totally subconscious blackout.

What is especially interesting about these last three states is that anything that occurs in them is completely occluded to the beta conscious brain state unless you are in a specifically ‘mind altered’ yogic state either by training using occult or ancient techniques or some kind of shamanistic drug induced tribal dance. Also of note is how the Beta state operates in relation to this. The beta is the ‘real-time’ 3rd dimensional state of conscious awakening. Its job is to ‘filter out’ in real time the incoming wave data (remember the human body will only receive information on the electromagnetic scale: the eyes light waves, the ears only receive vibration – it is the brain that assembles the picture and the sound and creates the ‘3d’ world). In this way in order to make life ‘sane’ or acceptable to the conscious mind the beta state will automatically ‘erase or conceal or occlude from the conscious mind any event that occurs in either of those other electromagnetic frequency ranges that it picks up whilst in an awakened state!
It will receive the information into the subconscious, arrange, catalogue, de-cipher and omit that which does not fit into our expected to see frame of reality.
That is, put plainly, signals or impulses occurring in the 0 to 15hz range which are only ordinarily perceptible via ‘transcendental techniques’ or mind-altering drugs are CENSORED by the programmed everyday BETA brain state. Indeed, consider the testimony of anyone who’s taken hallucinogenic drugs. When they see walls melt, shadows moving, creatures from other worlds, visions etc. It is in this state that Huxley reported seeing ‘intelligences’ and talked about his ‘sense of connecting’ to the divine.
Are they seeing into a parallel 4th dimension, which exists, side-by-side at all times or are they projecting visions into their own imagination?
What’s more how can you explain ‘group’ visions when in these states – either they are really seeing the same thing or they are ‘connected telepathically’ via Jung’s group subconscious and are projecting the same ‘externalisation’? Either way you’ve got a serious revelation about the world we live in and our inert potential.
It certainly makes one wonder about the boom in 20th century UFO sightings.

posted on Apr, 29 2005 @ 06:34 AM
Consider this: In our recent 50 years since 1945 and after the immense release of atomic radiation energy (a reasonable and scientifically proven basis for mutation) our technology has rocketed to create a saturating energy field of electromagnetic influence that envelopes each and every part of us. Indeed the amount of electromagnetic energy our planet emits is now quoted to be significantly greater then that of the sun.

Perhaps that and the fact that our TV and movies have steadily conditioned our beta state of being to understand, recognise and accept UFO, monsters, demons etc has something to do with the seemingly otherwise unaccountable age of acceleration and spiritual chaos we find ourselves facing today.

What are we then to make of the idea of UFO sightings now?
When looking into the sky do we really see a UFO?
Are we indeed ‘seeing’ into the radio-magnetic spectrum of the alpha or theta dimension – and does our own beta consciousness mask the apparition, an apparition a hidden veiled, perhaps parasitical, life force as old as the earth.
Indeed are certain some people becoming capable, even without the use of a mescaline based anti-hallucinogenic, of seeing the current cloak or apparel of that entity that they have been ‘programmed’ to expect to see in modern times – namely that of the UFO!
What is clear is that there is evidently a body of knowledge or some kind of event, ritual or technique, which allows certain people to ‘expand their consciousness’ and envelop and achieve even more than the beta state visualisations in their awakened perception. Could this be the group consciousness that Jung speaks of – is this the reason why the same idea (TV, flight, telephone etc) is suddenly released into the human sphere at the same time and into separate minds all around the planet.

We are now on the verge of scientifically being able to establish this and even invoke it – and once that occurs the gates will crash open. Those not involved in the ‘expansion of consciousness’ will fear being left behind; they will not have access to superior knowledge or ‘insights’ given to those that have ‘levelled up’. They will simply have to live literally unable to know what others ‘see’ and perceive’.
Are we really on the verge of an age of the ‘superman’?
Ironically the only way to ‘see’ what is going on in that other frequency dimension is to ‘trip there’ and I think we all know what that means.

I can personally vouch that should you choose to make ‘the trip’ that you will see something but whether once the ‘influenced’ state of being has worn of you choose to believe what you think you saw is a matter of personal FAITH which is why at this point I won’t discuss what I (and others with me) have seen. However, it is only fair I should warn you as exceedingly unlikely an idea you may hold it to be (and quite rightly you should to) – you are breaking into another dimension and any consequences of such actions are as intelligent free individuals – entirely your own.

I shall leave you with the words of Alice Bailey founder of the Lucis Trust – religion to the United Nations. Her teacher was none other than Madame Helena Petrona Blavatksy, author of Isis Unveiled and the Secret Doctrine. Her books were written under the authorship of her spirit guide Aiwas and I’m sure she would have been very proud of her student.
Here Alice Bailey perfectly describes the quandary of our age in the book ‘The Destiny of Nations’…

“This energy lies behind the world crisis of the moment . . .It is the Will of God to produce certain radical and momentous changes in the consciousness of the race which will completely alter man's attitude to life and his grasp of the spiritual, esoteric and subjective essentials of living. It is this force, in conjunction with second ray force, which will bring about that tremendous crisis, the initiation of the race into the Mystery of the Ages.”

For now it is simply important to remember that you have an energy store inside your ‘being’. Ancients have called it the ‘soul’, new age literature speak of out of body experience and being tied to the body by a ‘line of silver’. This is in fact your birthright – the energy streaming your conscious awareness into another dimension is your unique signature energy harmonic beyond the physical plane.
It comes from your soul and it’s a conscious decision to leave the body when you are in such an ‘enlightened’ state. Today, it has many names and science would perhaps dispute that is does not exist as will many of you reading this now since you may not have personally experienced it. However, I can tell you that within a dozen or so years billions of you will have.

Finally, and most chilling before we head into the next chapter perhaps it is time for another revelation: that this energy store is your immortality and it was a gift from God, or the source of your creation for those of a more new age disposition, and that something wants to consume it. You have been born and bred as food. The earth is a giant nursery and we humans are the crop. As we head on into the book you will see how this idea simply cannot be disputed or disproved at ANY level, and that indeed ALL evidence complies. Suddenly you will begin to see the world as it really is – you will start to recognise that ALL religion, folklore, fantasy and mythology (ancient or modern) tells the SAME STORY.

Open up little pigs…not by the hair on your chinny chin chin.

(end of section one)

posted on Apr, 29 2005 @ 07:44 AM
"Indeed this was one of the most interesting and occult ideas embedded ideas present within Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings – the idea that the wearer of the ring could be ‘seen’ and controlled by a remote demonic inter-dimensional entity"

its that how you interpret LOTR, I sincerly pity you.

LOTR was written initially as a history of elvish language. Tolkein needed a world to build around it, and a story, and that is how the book evolved.

Tolkien himself abhors allegory and any meaning conveyed to the reader. Tolkien himself was a staunch Roman Catholic and a brilliant intellectual and linguist. His main area of study was Nordic and Celtic mythology. He was a man of some contradictions. On one hand he said that ‘the Lord of the Rings’ was ‘a fundamentally religious and Catholic work.’ On the other hand he wrote, ‘There is no allegory -- moral, political, or contemporary -- in the work at all. It is a fairy-story written for adults’.

nothing was embedded........nothing

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posted on Apr, 30 2005 @ 04:13 PM
Thank you for posting all that, it was generous of you Captain.

I hope you don't mind, I printed out your text, read through it. I found myself alternatively bored and sometimes stirred. You've got some syntactical awkwardness and appalling grammatical mistakes
but that can be cleaned up.

The Grail section struck a chord in me. I have travelled inadvertenly down some dark roads, sometimes difficult to get off of. I often wonder-- what made me choose those paths if supposedly I was looking for the light? Was it something in me that drew darkness and confusion? Some karma I had to burn? Some terrors to be faced or lived through? It does tend to leave one disillusioned and kind of burned. Who knows which road is the right one? When many have led into blind alleys?

You hint at something on pp. 7-8. "What we will find out through the course of this book is that those who have attempted to open them from within (the doors of man's true nature), from inner space, have discovered that something else is perhaps living amongst us now - and always has been.

You then go on for 80 pages skittering across the lakes of Orwell and Huxley, social engineering, secret societies, hypnotic control of populations, the use of television and moving pictures as tools of mind control (one of the best descriptions I've read of tv as an absolute occult trance inducer/brain washer)... At times I feel you scratching through the surface of the earth to reveal slight glances at the dark stars that lay inside the guts of reality. I wonder if you, in the "second Part", break through and clearly lay out what has either hindered our spiritual flowering or has spellbound us with new age trinkets and glittering "ancient esoterica"? I'd be curious to see...

posted on May, 5 2005 @ 07:38 PM
So, are you going to post the rest of your tome... has anyone else read through this thing? I've enjoyed it, but you don't quite pull away the curtain. I assume you save that for Part II?

Post it. C'mon, it's 5/5/5

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