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What they don’t want you to know about the New World Order

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posted on May, 6 2005 @ 06:26 AM
There is much to what you say Captain, but I find a few glaring holes in the "Food of the Gods" theory...
For example, if it's "spiritual" or "psychic" energy that the "gods" feed upon, then why does it seem that there are some "souls" that escape being consumed? How does your theory account for the many documented cases of "ghost stories" & "reincarnations" throughout human history? Granted, many of those cases are hoaxes & perhaps even delusions or misinterpretations of what people witness, but not *all* such cases can be proven as false stories.

As another indication that the plans of the alien farmers aren't perfect: The many sightings & reports of UFO's. Again, as with the ghost stories, many are faked or misinterpretations on the part of the witnesses, but even websites like this have uncovered a lot of info indicating the basic truth to many other such sightings. Wouldn't it be in the "Masters' " best intrests to stay hidden from the herds, so as to remain safe behind their web of lies & deceit?

Is this to say that there perhaps *is* an escape from being consumed as you describe? At the very least, being consumed after bodily death could explain why, in human history, such a small number of "souls" or "spirits" come to manifest in a way that the living can perceive...Those few cases could represent the very few who have found an escape route. Even if there is such an escape route, even only temporary before the "farmers" catch up with the "stray cattle", that alone implies that the plans of the "farmers" have a few holes in them & the "farmers" themselves are not perfect in how they manipulate us. That would further imply that the human race *can* find an escape...As a whole. In other words, the cattle does have the ability to break down the fence & escape from the slaughterhouse. As had been said at various times in these forums, "Free your mind & your ass will follow".

At the very least, the mass extermination is a concept that even the farmers couldn't allow...If for no other reason, the farmers wouls have to be capable of preserving some small portion of the "mass harvest" to act as the "seed stock" for future "growing seasons". Yet, the systematic disintegration of the environment & the ever-burgeoning growth of population would lead to the end of sentient life on this planet. Once Mother Nature decides that there's too much prey, the population of predators increases, which leads to the prey depopulating to the point that the predators also depopulate. Even if the population of the predators doesn't increase, the natural resources needed to sustain the increased population of prey runs out & depopulates the prey. If Earth's environment is changed in a fashion that it can no longer support human life, we will go extinct. How could such depridation of our environment be allowed to continue if the "farmers of humanity" must maintain at least a "seed-stock"?...This seems to be another hole in the plan.

However, as I've posted a link in my first message of this thread, I've long been aware of how long & how deep this manipulation of the human masses has been going on. As I stated later in that thread, I had no idea why or how it got started. Your postings seems to answer that question, even considering the potential holes I've pointed out here. Yet, the answer could be as simple as the basic contention between good & evil contained within each human soul...Basically, the contention between the selfless vs. the selfish, as most definitions of "good" & "evil" are summed up. A simplistic answer, I admit, but sometimes the simplest answer is most likely to be the correct one. In many ways, those who you've described as the "partially enlightened" in your post #1350044 & have tried to guide us on that "golden thread" may simply adding more detail to the division between the "good" & "evil"...Yet it is still every ethical & moral person's choice as to which path they take. The social manipulation that's been perpetuated throughout the ages simply distracts most people away form contemplating which path they actually decide to take.

You've described the atom bombs dropped at the end of WW 2 as being the ultimate destructive energy...And yet, as time unfolds further, I shudder to think of what uses that our manipulators are going to direct the science of genetic engineering. Indeed I already believe that they *are* influencing the direction it will go & that thought is even scarier.

It is this reason, as much as any other reason, why I've taken the title of Ignorance Assassin...

posted on May, 7 2005 @ 06:42 AM
Once again I sincerely thank all those who have taken a good deal of their precious time to spend it reading this work. And to those who raise certain questions indicating various 'holes' in the theory I say 'Bravo'!!! You are correct - there are gaps in the theory- as has been currently revealed to you!! I am pleased you outline them - You have probing and inquisitive minds and it is a clear indication that you have a deep understanding of this mystery that you ask the very questions that I have many answers for in the next section. This is in keeping with the nature of a book - a slow revelation. There are five sections and as I said before such information is simply to vast to be subjected to a summary without losing the entire thread. So rather than address them specifically like this I shall continue and post section two, which I feel will address many of the points that have been raised to date. No doubt however, this will raise as many questions as it answers, but that is the nature of progress.
Section two is a somewhat lighter intermisso before we plunge deep into the heart of things.

Re: Spelling and grammar - you have my apologies for that - this is a first draft and as such is likely to be filled with awkward phrases. When one is chasing down vague and hazy ideas speed and intellectual containment and resolution of the idea is paramount. I leave the regime of spell checking for computers , editors and teachers.

Re: Tolkien - I'd brace yourself for a shock - there is more on Tolkien to come yet and if you don't like what's written already you certainly will not like what is to come - and in the meantime I'd suggest you buy yourself a copy of C.S Lewis 'That hideous Strength'. As you should already know Lewis and Tolkien were close companions and contemporaries and shared many ideas. You would be mistaken to presume the a man of Tolkiens intellect and establishment standing has not been exposed to such ideas. As I say read Lewis book which Tolkien was familiar with and you will see that all is not fairies and elves in the garden.

posted on May, 7 2005 @ 07:53 AM

It’s not the first time and it won’t be the last!
Historic Harvesting: Picking up the evidence and warnings in our Past.

It should come as no surprise that we can find in our history a certain amount of literature and media which is saturated with allegories relating to, not only a hidden controlling force on earth but to the amount of veiled warning’s that exist which we seemingly ignore and, by many of the techniques discussed in section one, have had screened out of our daily lives. The infatuating drivel that occupies most of our waking lives certainly represents a well orchestrated and empty substrata of existence designed to obscure the insane reality that surrounds us and effectively keep us happy until the cosmic dinner bell starts to ring.

Occasionally, however, certain individuals manage to break through the barriers of ordinary awareness and shake the carefully guarded gates of knowledge and consciousness. In doing so they bring some of these ancient warnings to light.

In their simplest terms they are nothing less than transcendental ‘wake-up callers’. Quite frequently their own awakening event occurs and strikes, often by a degree of ignorance, chance or just through their own search for literary or artistic inspiration. They hit upon a stream of mythology or a thought, which on the surface tells one story, but beneath seems to allude to something far older and far darker. In many cases they are actually unaware of deeper seams of ancient knowledge they utilise in their works.
All of these stories have a similar if not completely common motif – that we are in some way prisoners or property of a being, entity or sentient life force that is so far above ordinary human evolution that it is virtually beyond our comprehension to even contemplate it’s existence. It is like expecting us to see infrared with our naked eyes.

The most disturbing prospect and most cunningly veiled aspect of the phenomenon is the reoccurring idea that we could well be its food source.
Certainly, no one would deny that the idea of ‘sacrifice’ and ‘the worship of the gods’ are and have been always inexorably interlinked.

Have not dragons being eating fair maidens even in relatively recent myths?
At it’s most simplistic symbolic and material level what we are talking about is the myth of the Vampire, made infamous in recent years by Bram Stoker’s humanoid vessel of demonic manifestation Count Dracula. With it’s, often overlooked, finger pointing quite clearly towards an established European royal bloodline as perpetrator and given that Bram Stoker was an Englishman it would hardly do him any favours to point that white bony finger at his own home and yet he comes awfully close.

Modern establishment historians have ‘conveniently’ assured us that Stoker must have surely talking about a bloodthirsty middle age tyrant called Vlad the Impailer – however, this is mere smoke-screening speculation since, apart from the initial and obvious fact that Stoker never suggested such a link, Vlad the Impailer was on closer evaluation hardly any different from most other ruling figures who used wooden stakes as weapons: it was perhaps the most widespread medieval weapon in use across Europe and regardless there is certainly no evidence relating to fangs, bats, coffins, and the rest of the vampire myths.

What is rather interesting about Stoker’s Dracula is the very finely veiled idea that the ‘vampire’ came to England as European aristocracy and established himself over here and indeed could ‘recruit’ others into the ‘family’. The allegory maybe as sublime as the truth would permit. (Vlad the Impailer never came to Whitby on a ship and slept in a coffin!!). Dracula could posses the minds of others and make them his ‘zombie’ servants. Additionally, the association with the consumption of blood almost makes you wonder about the true meaning of the symbolic Christian ritual of drinking the blood of Christ. Which, you must agree, is when examined out of context a rather dark and gruesome act which itself verges on vampirism – drinking of his blood to confer the advantages of his ‘birth genus’ and corporeal genetics. ‘To be saved’ one has to drink the blood of Christ. Christianity suggests that there is a literal transmutation during the ceremony and that you are indeed ‘literally’ eating the flesh of Christ. Would you join a ‘club’ whose members literally devour the flesh of their leader?

Curiously enough Stokers humanoid vampire as the source of the problem is the exception rather than the rule. The vast corpus of material in which we find allusions to vampirism, we discover that it is generally at a deeper more existential level – we find that the force, intelligence or being is founded upon a different dimensional plane, an ultra-pan supernatural conscious life form that exists beyond our realm of conception but which can seemingly delve into our world and manifest it’s presence either by the influence of certain human beings or in some rare cases by direct physical intervention.

In recent years it is fair to argue that the massive explosion of UFO and Occult orientated entertainment is simply regurgitated derivative nonsense but it’s the ‘source’ works that are rarely credited that are the most revealing. Quite often the origin of certain concepts spring from very unusual places and almost always from those who are either part of or are in some way connected to rich, aristocratic or occult societies. The literature of the Bronte’s for example ‘Pride and Prejudice or ‘Emma’ are exactly the kind of novels we would expect from ordinary middle class intellectuals, but this type of work is not the kind of novel we seem to get from ‘those in higher places’. The occult constitutes a distinctly different class of literature or artistic form and virtually always comes to us from a distinctly different class of individual. The authors and artists of such works always exhibit similar elements in their rather murky life stories.

There can be little doubt that the entire corpus of occult literature exists exclusively to guide those who come into contact with it towards willingly connecting with or granting authority over some part of their person to some kind of ‘higher forces’. They are often written by people who have, in most cases, already been in contact with some kind of ‘higher force’ and are merely ‘messengers’.

Throughout the aeons of occult history the countless ‘mythological’ gods do actually connect the dots between just about all the secret societies and yet the ‘truth’ is scarcely written – or at least it’s so heavily symbolised or veiled that one might be forgiven in suspecting that it is lost of forgotten.

Only the blood letting wars of the 20th century and the relentless insatiable appetite and growth of totalitarianism remind you that whatever energises our rulers to slaughter us in the name of ‘evil’ still breathes deeper and stronger than ever before. Anyone picking up a copy of Francis Barrett’s ‘The Magus’ cannot help but consider what on earth inspired the pages of seals, sigils, invocations and spells that fill the hundreds of pages, or what were the sources of inspiration that allowed Eliphas Levi, one of Europe’s most notable occultists and proclaimed ‘magicians’ of the pre-Victorian age, to write so knowledgably about matters thousands of years old.

What exactly is the reality of Dr John Dee and his mysterious use of Enochian black magic in the presence of and on behalf of his Queen?

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posted on May, 7 2005 @ 07:55 AM
Doubtless you will find many a book in your local town discounting him and many other notable black magicians rather speculatively as fakes, before you will find a single work revealing his exact role.
If you have ever seen the seals and sigils of Enochian Magic you would not doubt it’s heritage, which is directly, linked to the infamous ‘Greater and lesser key’s of Solomon the King’. That’s King Solomon of Solomon’s Temple fame – at the very heart of the Jerusalem mystery religion and a core proponent of an ancient hidden Masonic doctrine, which is rarely practiced or revealed to modern masons today. As we join the dots we quickly see the label of ‘fake’ is designed to deter public outsiders from looking into matters, which are of no concern to them. They quite obviously practice a policy of do as I say not as I do.
There are literally thousands upon thousands of other magical, alchemical and occult works all veiled and obscured in some way and the public works are there to console, scintillate or merely waste your time and efforts rather than to offer easy and swift illumination.
The famous ‘ cast ye no pearls before swine’ is more than a mere motto it is a commandment! The nature of such works and their labyrinthine nature fall well into the realms of ‘the other path’ and all of them lead eventually to ‘ the ultimate gateway’: the nature of which we will examine in greater detail later on.

The rather disturbing fact is that whatever these things/creatures/life-force/gods/aspects of nature are – the conscious aim appears to be in releasing and channelling vast amounts of human energy into the ether – the evidence would seem to suggest it is primed towards blood letting but the age old religious warnings should lead us to consider an even more dark and dangerous possibility - perhaps it consumes something far more ecto-cosmic - the ‘spiritual’ part of the human being for example – the bit ‘science’ seems mad hell bent on finding – your very soul ?.

Consider what Eliphas Levi, noted 18th century French magician had to say on the subject of such he refers to as Larvae: “Larvae have an aerial body formed from vapour of blood, for which reason they are attracted towards spilt blood and in older days drew nourishment from the smoke of sacrifices. They are those monstrous offspring of nightmare, which used to be called incubi or succubi. When sufficiently condensed to be visible, they are as a vapour tinged by the reflection of an image: they have no personal life, but they mimic that of the magus who evoked them, as the shadow images the body. They collect above all about idiot and those immoral creatures whose isolation abandons them to irregular habits”… “Such Larvae draw the vital heat of persons in good health and they drain those who are weak rapidly. Hence come the histories of vampires, things of terrific reality, which have been substantiated from time to time, as it is well known. This explains also why in the neighbourhood of mediums, who are persons obsessed by larvae, one is conscious of a cooling in the atmosphere. Seeing that their existence is due to the illusions of imagination and divagations of the senses, such creatures never manifest in the presence of a person who can unveil the mystery of their monstrous birth.”
It is interesting just how many of the fundamental concepts Levi outlined here begin to revel themselves to be embedded in our own acceptance of the literary workings of folklore, myth and superstition. We have elements of classical vampirism, of demonic possession, and an almost scientific explanation as to how these denizens of the other realms actually manifest themselves on earth. All supposedly under the fragile ‘control’ of the mage who invoked them.

It was Charles Fort whose noted book of the dammed later formed the philosophical basis of the Fortean Times who brought focus to the isolated vulnerability of our predicament on this planet. He began around the turn of the 20th century to collate hundreds, if not thousands of ‘inexplicable incidents’, which previously lay ignored by conventional material science and the mainstream publics awareness. They were largely non-threatening in themselves, things like raining frogs or huge ice balls, mysterious lights across the surface of the moon – the list ran and ran and it was the sheer scale of these absurd non-linear irrational activities that formed the bed of his suspicions. What he found was this colossal body of events, which are ever present and have been occurring throughout time, began to suggest to him that something other than man was present in our earthly environment and was at the very least up to mischief if not something far worse.
He eventually and somewhat darkly came to the supposition that ‘we are property, and are regularly harvested for the benefit of some mysterious supernatural power’. His work represented a decidedly non-sensationalist effort to document the mysteries of life on earth and suggest that all is not as it may seem. If documentary evidence is ever required that ‘influence’ was afoot Fort is certainly worth checking into.

Another fine example of this idea is to be found in a book called ‘The Sinister Barrier’ published in the 1940’s by an author called Eric Frank Russell. In the book through an advanced surgical procedure of the eyes some human beings were given the ability to ‘see’ beyond normal light and into a ‘super-spectrum’. What they found was the existence of globular energy-entities who were feeding on the power of human emotions. These invisible beings had been responsible for manipulating most of human history towards various wars and crisis in order that they could feed off us - as if we’re simply a form of ‘psychic’ cattle. These ideas were obviously influenced by H.P Lovecraft whose central ideas about ‘the great old ones’, ancient creatures of purest evil lurking in a realm beyond space and time, waiting for the moment when they can break into our realm and consume us has formed the backbone of much recent ‘dark gods’ literature. It is interesting to note that Frank Russell’s work virtually mirrors the conclusions drawn by Gurdjieff, a noted Sufi and philosophical Guru, who suggested during the last few years of his life that we were ‘food for the moon’ and that it feeds of our energies and our emotions. He said it influenced us towards wars and misery and had done so forever. Quite clearly he was convinced that something, if not the actual moon, then some energy or intelligence which is to be found artificially present in our world is consuming the lives of ordinary people. Why he specifically referenced the moon is not clear – only a correspondence of similar data can help us ascertain if that was merely a symbolic representation or a literal warning. Such suppositions are rather disconcerting when one considers that modern science is baffled as to how the satellite moon - a fourth the size of earth can hold itself ‘face forward’ to the earth in such a tight and virtually circular orbit. Indeed in the realms of celestial mechanics the moons presence and influence over earth is unique. It has been scientifically established that the only way an object of the moons size could have achieved its current orientation is if it were artificially steered into position. Even such establishment apologists such as Carl Sagan have been caught with furrowed brow when it comes to explaining the rational existence of the moon. Given it’s symbolic names in history we might do well to keep the idea that the moon may not be all that it seems, on the backburner so to speak, as we continue in through the book. Naturally at this stage it would be foolish to commit to a single idea but certainly it has been associated with Diana. It was called Sin in Sumerian times. In Egyptian mythology they claimed that the moon was a big ship that contained all the souls of those who had died and that when they reached the sun they were sent back to earth to be born again. Clearly, this is a re-incarnation myth in its early guise and naturally our tendency is to apply the rules of symbolism to its intent or aspects as all the publicly available occult teachings suggest. It is certainly interesting how the re-incarnation element has survived through time but the part with the ‘moon as the harvesting vessel/intermediary for the soul’ and the suns as the ‘reservoir of energy’ have been lost. The moon has played a strange hand in the history of mankind. We would do well to remember that it dictates the flow and ebb of our tides and its relative position on earth if changed would induce any number of biblical catastrophes, floods, parting seas. It could even if held in situ long enough counteract the effect of the earths gravity to allow an enlargement of the human frame. The moon, it was claimed by Jesus and the Greeks, was an old god and the house of Satan and that it sent down its demons to eat people. Similar ideas abound throughout history, and perhaps the moon is a memory of a fate worse than death.

posted on May, 7 2005 @ 07:56 AM
Fascinatingly enough it is not only the realms of hard to find literature that contains such seed ideas and it is clear that Levi’s Larvae cannot be held far from mind when considering the origins of such a tale. Even very recent modern media contains almost mirror like inspirational versions of these reoccurring themes. To demonstrate the spread of this concept one such unlikely piece is a Japanese manga comic called Berserk. It has since made into a 26 part ‘blood and guts’ anime TV series. It depicts the bloody journey to power of a band of hired medieval sword wielding European mercenaries called ‘the band of the hawk’. They are lead by a man called Griffin who derives his power from a mysterious necklace. In the final episode at the time of a solar eclipse they literally ‘phase’ into a demonic landscape where it is revealed that Griffin is to become a demon himself and that the price that was paid was the many thousands of lives sacrificed at the hands of his band of mercenaries. Indeed they themselves are ultimately sacrificed and the entire work reveals that the timeless gods and their demons had literally manipulated their lives to this point where their human energies could be consumed – ultimate pain and ultimate pleasure being their delight and their very goal. They claimed themselves the right hand of god. The dead would provide ‘food’ for the next generation and so the whole process would begin again.
Another similar but loosely related story is called The Night Land - written in 1912 by William Hope Hodgson tells how millions of years into the future the sun has died and the last few million remaining human beings are gathered into an eight mile high pyramid sustained only by dwindling ‘earth energy currents’. Outside, are ‘unspeakable cosmic entities’ patiently waiting for the protective earth energies to fail so that they may consume the souls of the last few million humans left on earth. The evil psychic entities are the exterminators of all organic en-souled life.
All of these accounts classically contain aspects of the astral plane, clairvoyant ‘seeing’, and this omnipresent cosmic vampirism in the form of an energy war waged on mankind. This is the first vital clue to the origin of a ‘higher’ form of energy and perhaps the existence of our role in a cosmic food chain. It is also indication that the revelations ‘end-times’ scenario detailed in the Bible can clearly be seen today continuously and subtly influencing mankind towards a dark and uncertain flirtation with the apocalypse. Indeed who can deny the saturation of such ideas has never been more prevalent than in recent times.

One of the darkest and most accessible modern examples is by a wake up caller called Nigel Kneale. He is responsible for the rare and indeed very popular TV drama series called Quatermass. It was a trilogy played out over thirty years containing seemingly unrelated ideas that culminated with the third and final chilling instalment that again sees mankind as nothing more than food for the gods.
One of the works that directly preceded the final Quatermass, which seems to be Nigel Kneale’s first literary excavation of these ancient preying deities, was called The Stone Tapes. In it a group of scientists discover a ghostly record of a young woman seemingly falling to her death in an old country house. Through an early form of ‘ghostbusting’ they believe they have managed to erase the ‘record’ whilst trying to capture it - however the lead character, a particularly sensitive, almost clairvoyant young woman, later discovers that there is something far older to be found on the site which had previously been the location of an excommunication of demons by the church. In the final throws an ancient ‘globular’ entity materialises and ‘consumes’ her leaving a similar ‘trace record’ of her final demise for the others to see.
It is clear that Nigel Kneale was certainly far from producing the average Dr Who man dressed in a monster costume type drama and was obviously hot on the trail of that ancient malevolent feeding force. It became a theme, which would reappear, in his final instalment of the Quatermass trilogy ‘Quatermass Conclusion’.
The premise of the story is principally a modernised retelling of the old fairy tale ‘The pied piper of Hamelin’ - but with a far darker twist.

In the story the many ancient stone circles across the world are actually harvesting points for an inter-dimensional cosmic force. Most of the young become hippies ‘drop out off society’ and ‘tune into’, (Tim Leary advocates take note ‘tune in, turn off and drop out’ ‘Tibetan book of the dead manifesting again!), a kind of invisible energy calling them to assemble in huge numbers around these ancient stone circles. Once the human ‘energy scent’ reaches sufficient intensity a cosmic energy beam courses down into the earth from deep space and into the stone circles ‘consuming’ the dancing organic human throngs in a blast of divine white light - leaving nothing but the stones and a layer of ash.
Professor Quatermass makes his position quite clear. He declares that we are food for an ultra-dimensional being, which is so far evolved beyond the human form that to it we have no kind of sentient capability, and that other than our energy value we are merely human ants. The ‘feeding’ that comes and harvests from the stone circles comes once every few thousand years when the population is sufficiently large enough, and that the stone circles were actually ancient markers indicating the location of one of these ancient gathering points. His literary device had it that there was buried under the circles a tolling beacon calling the faithful to their demise – a homing device which emitted a signal which ‘called upon the young’ to gather. The allegory that our earthly stone circles are a kind of gateway is clearly not overlooked by the author.
To a conscious entity or being existing beyond the realms of our space time continuum the thousand millennia span of time between ‘harvestings’ would be merely be the changing of one day to another. The pattern would repeat itself indefinitely. It would not be hard to imagine how over the course of a few thousand years of wars, disasters and political upheavals, that the memory of such events could be ‘sort of forgotten’ lost in a fog of disbelief, suspicion and ultimately chopped up into the fragments of mythology by some future generations.
This is how the ‘interpretation’ of myths by so-called ‘scientific analysis’ or establishment professors actually obscures blatant literal truths in the minds of the public.
This wasn’t the first time however that our ancient cosmic nemesis had been dressed in materialistic guise.
The idea of malevolent visitors from another world was perhaps given it’s first real ‘new age’ scientific makeover at the turn of the 20th century.
It’s almost impossible to calculate the effect of H.G Well’s ‘War of the World’s had on the modern world after Orson Welles famous radio dramatization crystallised it’s power and revealed it’s deep rooted almost Jungian psychological foundations. It virtually electrocuted the American public out of their cosy Norman Rockwell armchair existence and into the space age, rightly preparing them for what was coming not in terms of alien invasion but figuratively speaking the occultist Atlantean inspired invasion of Hitler’s Nazi party.

What is clear is that, perhaps more than any other single popular work in 20th century, that Wells & Welles contributed to the creation of an extra-terrestrial fear based thought pattern, which soaked into the consciousness of the entire western public imagination. This was clearly and conveniently confirmed by the arrival of the UFO as a new and mysterious control system on our planet in 1947. What is more remarkable is that Wells, Welles, Verne and others had probably unwittingly created a new social mask for the dark forces that have preyed upon mankind over the many thousands of years we’ve been upon the earth.
Like most great sci-fi authors their dreams became our reality.

posted on May, 7 2005 @ 07:57 AM
The idea of the UFO – i.e. Unidentified Flying Objects is not new – people have been seeing ‘weird things’ in the sky for centuries. It is its social representation; the 20th century space age silver metallic cloaking that is new.
Could the creature from the darkness really be wearing a new mask?

The flying saucer is truly a product of the 20th century but as we are starting to reveal the form behind the mask – the UFO - is very old – ancient to the point that time has little or no value when describing it. It seems to pre-date even our myths.
With hindsight the Von Daniken generation of authors combed the past looking for evidence of the UFO visitations in silvery craft and to their credit turned up rather a lot of interesting images on medieval fresco’s and passages in the bible, whoever most missed the fact that the human imagination would not and could not conceive of silvery spaceships and so would simply not see it in our environment in such clothing. Stories of clouds and fiery voices descending from above with dark and foreboding warnings are one thing but what was clearly lost whilst looking exclusively for the kind of shiny silvery objects witnessed in the sky’s during the 1950’s, which for obvious reasons was not part of the previous human ‘mindscape’, was the fact that prior to the virtually instantaneous arrival and acceptance of the UFO phenomenon we did have an enormously rich legacy of inexplicable visitations. In hindsight we can see they have been either discarded as hocus-pocus or almost seamlessly integrated into our worldviews and religions precisely because of the contextually relevant masks of their appearance. They were the foundations for our fairy tales which today have become the source and raw material antecedent of the current new age ufo/occult revival. Where would Walt Disney be without the fairy tale?
What indeed is the true origin of the pied piper of Hamelin? Is it merely a warning to children to beware of strangers as puddle deep social commentary of our age would like us to believe or does it represent something darker – the mysterious cloaked Pan-like figure seeking his revenge on humanity as they denounce and throw him out of the city? He plays his magical flute and takes the children through a magical portal into a mystical Eden like meadow never to be seen again. The origins of many folk tales are notoriously hard to pin down and one should be deeply suspicious about a tale appearing out of nowhere with such ancient warnings. I’ll leave the reader to do his own research on the origins of that story since they are not clear or easy to verify - but suffice to say no wonder Nigel Kneale shivered at it’s implications.

In Jacques Vallee’s Passport to Magonia he draws numerous references to the fact that prior to the UFO invasion our folklore and history consisted exclusively of fairies, pixies, goblins, demons, beasts, sea creatures, monsters, devils, angels etc. And so for thousands of years before the appearance of the modern silver skinned UFO our history is littered with tales of non-human entities skimming the edge of our human reality without any immediately apparent aim. Certainly no fairy ever appeared and said ‘ Take me to your leader’ – though ironically to our leaders such tales all ultimately lead. Again we find the aristocracy have managed to embed themselves into the landscape of the fairy story.
The lists go on and on, and these kind of demonic otherworldly archetypes are the mainstay of much occult thought. Undines, Sylphs, Salamanders and Gnomes all forms of the basic elemental spirits and have been embedded throughout history in stories containing allegorical references to them.
In deeper more occult works they are presented as literal symbolic thought forms aimed at releasing various type of psychic energy from the subconscious. In other works they are embellished as beings existing in a pan-dimensional no mans land of neither body nor spirit.
It is very clear they will not be ignored or forgotten about!

That such symbolic, (symbolic according to those with forked tongue), archetypal daemons are linked directly to all of the many ‘gateway’ techniques available to man again reiterates the mysterious relationship our planet has with the power of the human imagination and the hard wired connection between reality, the supernatural and our physical brains.
Now we can perhaps begin to suspect why those in control have always been inextricably linked to the occult and harbour such an obsession for secrecy, ritual and go to such lengths to obscure the true meaning of occult literature behind symbolism - only to be revealed by word of mouth. They seem to know what powers they posses and what effects they have on the human mind. It is as if they know the very ‘programming interface’, the textural fabric of our minds, our physiology to such a degree that their knowledge far outstrips what is even today written in scientific or psychiatric circles.
For if the printing of a book, a radio play and a few well placed images can produce in the minds of many an imagined global invasion of flying saucers consider what the true ‘reality’ distortion techniques could do in the hands and minds of the selfish, the cruel, the greedy and lustful.
With such techniques the ‘possessors’ of such knowledge can literally manifest changes in our reality by the use of occult force and because of this it becomes very clear how the same group could indeed hold onto power for so long. It would confirm why they would also have such a low opinion of ‘ordinary mortals’. As we shall see later the techniques available in the occult arsenal consist of more than just ‘reality manipulation’ – they extend to the very heart of life and death and the survival of the individual beyond the lifespan of the human body. They reveal the very nature of man’s soul, his origins and his purpose on earth – and all the keys to such holy grails are kept well out of the reaches of mere peasantry.
It also explains why they would protect such knowledge by ‘pain of death’. That the techniques of the occult are there to ‘change reality’ is not entirely secret – however, the medium is still very veiled, be it via some kind of supernatural energy system that George Lucas of Star War’s fame calls ‘the force’ or by the literal manipulation and collaboration with creatures/entities of another dimension who seem curiously willing to do our bidding as long as the end result is bloodshed or energy loss it is clear that the ‘astral plane’ and it’s illuminating astral light still conceals far more secrets than it has ever revealed.

For the more grounded readers who may begin to think we are drifting off even further into some fantastic and spurious arena of thought I should mention that even modern scientists are still unable to explain the origins of DNA, of human life, where we came from or even why and by what force a flower grows.
They can talk of proteins and amino acids but this doesn’t explain WHY life works, why it explodes on every surface of the earth. They are incensed that this ‘secret’ spark that causes the life to begin still evades them. Mary Shelly called her men to arms when she wrote Frankenstein and ever since then the game has gone public. It always had a distinctly satanic purpose but after that book only a fool would pretend that our science is not aimed at stealing Promethean fire. Who can deny that men are not in search of Gods own secrets?
However, it is not for them to find – only to seek. And the quantum physics and ‘puck like’ antics of quarks should remind those sincere men of science that they will only ever see what god wants them to see. This is their highest failing – perhaps another clue to the original fall of man - the self-induced delusion that mankind is in control of everything he sees and all his researches as victories by mankind!
Certainly no scientific explanation to the origin of your consciousness will ever be found by mortal man - speculation there maybe - but any actual public facts about origin will only ever be given by the unknowing owner of such knowledge. Yet it is curious that virtually every occult opus deals directly with the source of all life, it’s power and the ‘secrets’ of the universe, god and the divine power, but that you, my dear reader, are not considered to be part of their required reading group! That is not to suggest those in charge do not have power. The mighty rulers do indeed have knowledge of magic and the nature of reality but the secret of life is not theirs to give, beg, borrow or steal.

Indeed, apart from the recent myriad of empty ignorant and downright misleading imaginings of certain sections of the new age movement intent on ‘cashing in’ on the sincerity of those genuinely searching for answers, there are virtually no occult works in existence that do not delve deeply into the existence of ‘god’, ‘the devil’ and the various other pagan forms of nature as either manifested powers or aspects of a divine universal godhead. The language and terms may change but they are all treading the same perilously winding mountain path, clinging to the rocks and making huge leaps of faith across fog covered ravines in the hope they find their own singing ringing tree’s of knowledge and enlightenment. And for any atheists out there I should add rather delicately, not seeking to offend your non-belief belief system, that the body of work committed to the pursuit of the gods, the intellectual and historical stature, social impact and importance of the authors, artists, poets, musicians, philosophers, politicians, leaders and countless human seekers on such paths should lead you to consider asking yourselves if you’ve made the right life choices in denouncing the realm of the spirit and the oversoul of mankind.
Can so many great minds be so wrong for so long? Would such a disinformation program HAVE TO EXIST if it was not to control and cover up something IT is not in absolute control of ?

An open mind is indeed the rarest most fragile of wild flowers - hanging on in face of bitter slicing icy winds, droughts, floods and countless unseen perils - bent, bruised and battered it may be, but when it flowers it is a beauty to behold. A closed mind, however, is a dead motionless dried out withered twig –it’s roots rejecting the water of life standing in denial of new growth - it is nothing more than uncollected firewood.

Many legends have assumed the substance of myth and many have been subjected to literary embellishments but certainly the sheer volume of evidence clearly suggests that there has been no time in human history when we were truly alone without these mysterious visitors who have so much influence in our cultural and religious development. There is no smoke without fire and myth is surely historical fire that has undergone a smoky oral embellishment. The lack of verifiable literary source documentation should not cause us to discard the foundations and warnings contained in our earth myths – if that were substance enough then we should discard most of the bible as a mere story book meant for nothing more than Sunday school entertainment!

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Philip K Dick once defined reality as ‘that which will not go away when you stop believing in it’. Under such a definition God and the devil are surely realities of some kind!

Whatever the relationship between occult ritual using the elemental or demonic representations as part of their ‘energy releasing’ ceremonies it is clear that there is a link between the current socially accepted and mutually shared belief systems of the day, and the very mask worn in the records and memories of that same ages visitation myths.
There is no more scientific validity to a ‘flap’ of UFO sightings in 1974 than there is to a ‘flap’ of devilish vampire sightings in 16th century Europe, however both are documented through myth and both affect our social and religious progress. It seems simply that the ‘visitors’ were masked in the apparel of the most prominent religious or social belief system of the age!
In recent years the westernised worldview is that of the technological UFO believer. Now you may not believe in UFO’s unless you’ve personally seen something you can’t explain – but because of the vast subtle forms of popular media and literature your perspective on such things has been altered so that to put it simply you want to believe! After all, seeing is believing. To have crowds of people calling the police reporting a ‘flap’ of pixies in 1985 would be so out of social context that it simply won’t manifest itself to the viewer in that form.
Whatever mechanism or force is responsible for these visitations it uses our imaginations – our minds as its inspiration for the form of its appearance!

Quite simply - we are projecting the mask and in doing so are forever concealing the impulse, energy or entity behind the mask. This is perhaps the single most alarming aspect of the entire mystery. The fact is that we are hardwired to conceal whatever it is in our environment that is stalking us. Is this what Huxley saw ‘unveiled’, or at least partially unmasked to its most potent historical archetype when he took mescaline?

Let me repeat that phrase so you can consider the startling implications of it. – We are physically, biologically hardwired to conceal whatever it is in our environment that is stalking us. In your present physical form it is literally impossible for you to see IT in it’s true form – you will only EVER see it’s mask, and that mask is programmed by our ruling elite.
You should consider that previous statement the second significant revelation of this book.

To quote Jacques Vallee’s ‘the Invisible College’ he writes ‘I propose the hypothesis that there is a control system for human consciousness. I have not determined whether it is natural or spontaneous; whether it is explainable in terms of genetics, of social psychology, or of ordinary phenomena – or if it is artificial in nature, and under the power of some superhuman will. It may be entirely determined by laws that we have not yet discovered.”

What is clear is that these visions, visitations and astral absurdities are again representative of the same type of control syndrome we see time and time again. The main difference is that our leaders are masters in human social control systems and yet the origin or their knowledge, commitment and ability to retain power seems to be driven by something quite different – perhaps the source of their power is precisely what the volumes of publicly available occult gobbledy-gook are designed to conceal.
Perhaps once you’ve read an occult tome you do see demons because you’ve somehow re-programmed your mask projector and are therefore now able to communicate at some basic level with either a representative or agent of this power or some aspect of its existence. It is then that the Faustian play begins to unravel and you become an unwitting pawn in its game?

After all you didn’t really believe you’d find the secrets of the universe on a bookshelf in your local bookshop written by one of them did you? Perhaps not, but I dare to say you’ll clearly come away with a few bad dreams if you let their ideas take root, or worse given we have seen they have clearly mounted a total all out war for the control of your mental faculties it would seem that they evidently want something far more vital than your money or your attention! They want your loyal service.

Whatever guise these phenomenon appear in they all, in characteristic form, appear as ‘higher forces’ who visit and deliver revolutionary information or dire warnings about the course of humanity – and somewhat indiscriminately such warnings seem to pre-empt some major social upheaval or cataclysm. They are all forms or aspects of an unreachable, mysterious and seemingly malevolent authoritarian control system. They are rarely the bringers of good news and given their track record and the very nature of their deceptive ‘behind the scenes’ shenanigans should be considered extremely hostile to man.

The story of Joan of Arc is of note in this context and is one of a number of historical figures who received ‘inspiration’ from the other side. She was plagued with visions, which she had when she visited a famous fairy ring near her hometown. Over the course of her life these visions and visitations increased and guided her to take up arms. She believed she was doing the work of God and the battlefields of France were left soaked in blood and the so-called victory of this mystically inspired freedom fighter! Eventually however she got burnt by the church who were obviously a little worried when they discovered an ordinary mortal had come into contact with an outlet of their very own ‘divine’ power system and had in just a few years managed to slash her way to the very epicentre of the ruling class – or perhaps maybe she had simply served her purpose. Regardless, just like Hitler’s famous ‘inspirational’ visitations - what ensued from the driven figures was a lot of blood and lots of death.

What is interesting about Joan of Arc’s account is like many UFO visions, faerie sightings and other mystical appearances they occurred at an ancient historical sighting spot. The faerie ring was evidently a natural gateway somewhat like the stone circles of Stonehenge or the battlefields of Bannockburn, which are invariably built across ancient ley lines. Whatever these ley or ‘dragon’ lines may be it is apparent that either by their geodetic magnetic location they are notable sites for sightings and acts of global theatre which somehow end up becoming a location for a natural disaster or a battleground. They are undoubtedly significant by the virtue that the more significant they are the more likely that they were at some time a stage for a mass blood letting event that may well have resulted in a rent or tear in the skin that separates the dimensions of earth and the astral dimension of the underworld. It is quite likely that a large scale loss of human life can literally create an weakening of the veil and a sufficiently potent energy centre where their world can leach over even if only in a temporal and ghost like fashion.
How many examples are there of ‘hauntings’ where a foul murder has taken place?
Such places become malevolent simply because they become irresistible blooms of life-force-energy and so attract the very attention of the other darker worlds. They are drawn to the tiny tears in the skin that separates the worlds like moths towards a bright silvery light that’s intoxicatingly seeping through into the infinite empty void of their existence. Consider then what kind of energy storm a mass slaughter or human apocalypse of unimaginable proportions can produce. These places then become locations where ‘the gods’ that populate and charge our very imaginations and dreams can seemingly begin to visit and manifest of their own accord! Our ‘gateway’ initiations and ensuing ritual invitations become less necessary but equally are always even more potent when conducted at such sites. Perhaps this is why woodland altars, stone circles and other notable historic sites have been specifically chosen – either as points for sacrificial offerings to ‘enlarge the rip’ or simply because some long forgotten event has already created a stretching of the veil. The sinister barrier being slowly torn asunder literally! These Breach Points as I call them are perhaps the reason why sightings are almost always concentrated into the same geographic regions century after century. There are many historical accounts regarding the Druids and how on certain days they could literally levitate along the leys whilst the solar and lunar conditions permitted. Equally when they ceased the ‘flying figure’ would come crashing to earth with dire consequences. Odd how the 20th century silver hulled UFO’s apparently travel in similar straight lines across many ley sites.

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The groundbreaking author of ‘This Haunted Planet’, John Keel, writes ‘they are the phantoms that come crashing out of the bushes late at night. They seem to be part of something else. Something sinister and even hostile to us. This nucleate phenomenon has always existed on this planet and has taken many forms. Some of the unbelievable we have described may have been transmogrifications or disguises for the central phenomenon. They materialise when lightning courses across the sky or certain magnetic conditions prevail in ‘window’ areas…’ ‘In the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries ‘vampires’ ran amok in central Europe while ‘fairies’ and ‘little people’ literally engulfed all the territory between Germany and Ireland. Animals vanished or were found drained of blood. People vanished too…’ ‘The flying saucers are merely another frame of reference to provide us with an acceptable explanation for some of these grotesque events. An invisible phenomenon is always stalking us and manipulating our beliefs. We see only what is chooses to let us see, and we usually react in exactly the way it might expect us to react. Every culture on earth has legends and stories about the same thing, even the completely isolated tribes of the Pacific islands and the remote inland villages of South America.’ ‘Thus there are many ‘haunted’ places all over the world, shunned by ancient man or made sacred by him. These are precise geographical locations, and anyone digging into the history or lore of such locations will find thousands of accounts of ghosts, demons, monsters and flying saucers pinpointed within a few square miles and covering a thousand years or more of time. To UFO cultists such places are ‘windows’: entry points for spaceships from some distant planet. Occultists teach that these are Gateways: weak spots in the earths etheric envelope through which beings from another space-time continuums seep through into our reality’.

Am I going to far to suggest that in displaying the correct mental disposition that they would indeed reveal to ‘the right kind of man’ the very techniques that would allow them to cross over or utilise the energies of their world and our natural energies for whatever personal aims they have in mind? As we are beginning to see history is replete with the accounts of personal demon spirits. Aleister Crowley, H.P Blavatksy, Joseph Smith founder of the Mormon church, countless Popes to name but a very few have all ‘received communications from the other side’. Indeed the head of the Catholic Church sits to this very day upon a ‘third secret’ revealed directly to him by Sister Lucia, of the Sisters of Fatima miracle fame, who it is claimed, were told directly by the virgin Mary. I say he sits upon it because I find the third secret publicly revealed to be very unlikely. The first secret spoke of World War one, the second spoke of World War two and the third – absurdly and pointlessly, has been revealed to inform of an ‘unsuccessful attempt to assassinate a pope’ and not as one would have imagined World War Three!
Blavatsky’s curious man friend and companion Colonel Ollcot is to have said that she wrote most of her opus works ‘The secret Doctrine’ and ‘Isis Unveiled’ whilst under the direct nocturnal control of her ‘guardian angel’, similarly Crowley’s mysterious red Indian spirit from Sirius ‘Aiwas’ has likewise illuminated the pages of his works.
Indeed it is written that there are two other invisible planes of existence the lower darker plane inhabited by evil spirits and demons under the leadership of the fallen angel and the higher planes in habited by good and beautiful spirits. We are now firmly treading the dark halls of black magic whereby the magician knowingly and consciously invokes the spirits in order to make a pact in order that he may achieve some earthly temporal power or riches.
Who can deny that in today’s world only a certain kind of individual seems to have the power and the glory. Those evidently willing to act without any kind of limit, compassion or consideration for human life seems to reap the greatest rewards.
The very act of practising ceremonial magic is the art and technique of creating a gateway inside the mind of the magician so that he may invoke from the other realms a demon to do his bidding. In your well lit modern city apartment or comfortably furnished country cottage you doubtless consider such ideas fanciful or ridiculous, however, that is precisely what you are required to think for those thinking and greatly desiring otherwise will very quickly find the very tools of invocation and the opportunities to cross the line towards the left hand path materialise into their busy working lives somehow as if ‘by magic’.
If you don’t believe me just wish it so right now with all your heart and your soul and see how long it takes before you are ‘miraculously’ faced with a new and seemingly spontaneous life-choice between the upper and lower paths in your waking life. However I should give fair warning before you ‘test’ the waters of the invisible universe and indeed I implore you not to folly in such things and I unequivocally state it not to be a gauntlet challenge on my part. I recoil from even writing it but freewill is mankind’s choice is it not?
Plato wrote of this very choice and called it the forking of the ways. The branch to the right is called Divine Wisdom; the one to the left is called Earthly Wisdom. The candidate must choose whether he will take the left-hand path and following the dictates of his lower nature and enter upon a span of folly and thoughtlessness, which will inevitably result in his undoing, or whether he will take the right-hand path and through integrity, industry and sincerity ultimately gain union with the immortals in the superior spheres.

One final example of the dangers which I feel I would be irresponsible in not detailing in sufficient clarity is the morbidly interesting tale of just such an invocation and contract written in The book of Dr Faust, Wittenberg, of the year 1524 which was actually ordered destroyed. It is a long passage but suitably outlines the power and practice of occult ceremonial magic. It reveals an ancient understanding of the ways of Magic and its extreme historical significance and its effect on the physiological potential of the individual. This passage forms the bedrock of all modern magical possession archetypes and should give you sufficient detail to understand that this is no hocus-pocus literary fancy we are dealing with here.

“From my youth I followed art and science and was tireless in my reading of books. Among those which came to my hand was a volume containing all kinds of invocations and magical formulae. In this book I discovered information to the effect that a spirit, whether he be of the fire, the water, the earth or the air, can be compelled to do the will of a magician capable of controlling him. I also discovered that according as one spirit has more power than another, each is adapted for a different operation and each is capable of producing certain supernatural effects.
After reading this wonderful book, I made several experiments, desiring to test the accuracy of the statements made therein. At first I had little faith that what was promised would take place. But at the very first invocation, which I attempted a mighty spirit manifested to me, desiring to know why I had invoked him. His coming so amazed me that I scarcely knew what to say, but finally asked him if he would serve me in my magical investigations. He replied that if certain conditions were agreed upon he would. The conditions were that I should make a pact with him. This I did not desire to do, but as in my ignorance I had not protected myself with a circle and was actually at the mercy of the spirit, I did not dare to refuse his request and resigned myself to the inevitable, considering it wisest to turn my mantle according to the wind.
I then told him that if he would be serviceable to me according to my desires and needs for a certain length of time, I would sign myself over to him. After the pact had been arranged, this mighty spirit, whose name was Asteroth, introduced me to another spirit, whose name was Marbuel, who was appointed to be my servant. I questioned Marbuel as to his suitability for my needs. I asked him how quick he was, and he answered, “As swift as the winds”. This did not satisfy me, so I replied, “ you cannot become my servant. Go again when you have come”. Soon another spirit manifested itself, whose name was Aniguel. Upon asking him the same question he answered that he was as swift as a bird in the air. I said “You are still to slow for me. Go whence you came”. In the same moment another spirit by the name of Aciel manifested himself. For the third time I asked my question and he answered “ I am as swift as human thought’, “You shall serve me”, I replied. This spirit was faithful for a long time, but to tell you how he served me is not possible in a document of this length and I will here only indicate how spirits are to be invoked and how the circles for protection are to be prepared. There are many kinds of spirits which permit themselves to be invoked by man and become his servant. Of these I will list a few:
Aciel: The mightiest among those who serve men. He manifests in pleasing human form about three feet high. He must be invoked three times before he will come forth into the circle prepared for him. He will furnish riches and will instantly fetch things from a great distance, according to the will of the magician. He is as swift as human thought.
Aniguel: Serviceable and most useful, and comes in the form of a ten-year old boy. He must be invoked three times. His special power is to discover treasures and minerals hidden in the ground, which he will furnish to the magician.
Marbuel: A true lord of the mountains and swift as a bird on the wing. He is an opposing and troublesome spirit, hard to control. You must invoke him four times. He appears in the person of Mars. He will furnish the magician those things which grow above and under the earth. He is particularly the lord of the spring-root
Aciebel: A mighty ruler of the sea, controlling things both on and under the water. He furnishes things lost or sunk in the rivers, lakes and oceans, such as sunken ships and treasures. The more sharply you invoke him, the swifter he is upon his errands.
Machiel: comes in the form of a beautiful maiden and by her aid the magician is raised to honour and dignity. She makes those she servers worthy and noble, gracious and kindly, and assists in all matters of litigation and justice. She will not come unless invoked twice.
Baruel: the master of all arts. He manifests as a master workman and comes wearing an apron. He can teach a magician more in a moment that all the master workmen of the world combined could accomplish in twenty years. He must be invoked three times.
These are the spirits most serviceable to man, but there are numerous others which, for lack of space, I am unable to describe. Now, if you desire the aid of the spirit to get this or that, then you must first draw the sign of the spirit whom you desire to invoke. The drawing must be made just in front of a circle made before sunrise, in which you and your assistants will stand. If you desire financial assistance, then you must invoke the spirit, Aciel. Draw his sign in front of the circle. If you need other things, then draw the sign of the spirit capable of furnishing them. On the place where you intend to make the circle, you must first draw a great cross with a large sword with which
No one has ever been hurt. Then you must make three concentric circles. The innermost circle is made of a long narrow strip of virgin parchment and must be hung upon twelve crosses made of the wood of cross-thorn. Upon the parchment you must write the names and symbols according to the figure which follows. Outside this first circle make the second as follows :
First secure a thread of red silk that has been spun or twisted to the left instead of to the right. Then place in the ground twelve crosses made of laurel leaves, and also prepare a long strip of new white paper. Write with an unused pen the characters and symbols as seen on the second circle. Wind this latter strip of paper around with the red silken thread and pin them upon the twelve crosses of laurel leaves. Outside this second circle make a third one which is also of virgin parchment and pinned upon twelve crosses of consecrated palm. When you have made these three circles, retire into them until at last you stand in the centre upon a pentagram drawn in the midst of the great cross first drawn. Now, to insure success, do everything according to the description, and when you have read off the sacred invocation pronounce the name of the spirit which you desire to appear. It is essential that you pronounce the name very distinctly. You must also note the day and the hour, for each spirit can only be invoked at certain times.”

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It is Manly P Hall’s commentary on the life of the Black Magician which we find to be of interest at this moment since it related a similar kind of ending that seems to befall all of those who trade with the darker forces at work on earth, “while the black magician at the time of signing his pact with the elemental demon may be fully convinced that he is strong enough to control indefinitely the powers placed at his disposal, he is speedily undeceived. Before many years elapse he must turn all his energies to the problem of self-preservation. A world of horrors to which he has attuned himself by his own covetousness looms nearer every day, until he exists upon the edge of a seething maelstrom, expecting momentarily to be sucked down into it’s turbid depths. Afraid to die – because he will become the servant of his own demon- the magician commits crime after crime to prolong his wretched earthly existence. Realising that life is maintained by the aid of a mysterious universal life force, which is common property of all creatures, the black magician often becomes an occult vampire, stealing this energy from others. According to mediaeval superstition, black magicians turned themselves into werewolves and roamed the earth at night, attacking defenceless victims for the life force contained in their blood.
It is interesting that Manly P Hall quite clearly attaches the acts of vampirism and blood letting to the desperate final life struggle of the black magicians. Rarely will you find the two mentioned so clearly and with such authority as you do now.

Napoleon was another historic tyrant whose personal accounts revealed that he was similarly inspired - this time by a ‘little red man or gnome’ that would appear and give him explicit instructions at to his operations in war. Following the advice he indeed managed to conquer and shed a lot of blood across the European landmass. Let’s not play down his life – slaughter and bloodshed of hundreds of thousands ensued in the wake of his lust for kingdom and power. It was only until he turned against the advise of his little gnome in pursuit of his own personal agenda, (Josephine – love not war I’m afraid), that he actually came unstuck and was this time finally defeated and captured. The reign of this angry little man came to an end almost as soon as he began to ignore the voice of his mysterious counterpart. His reign of terror achieved him little and simply added to the endless pile of corpses stacked up in the name of personal glory and kingdom. We can clearly see traces of Joan of Arcs story in Napoleons life.

It’s surprising how many incidents like this there are throughout history. Even our modern day hero’s, especially in the realm of music can often have a surprisingly occult taint to their lives.
Consider The Beatles for example as the most influential counter-cultural episode since World War II. They were apparently part of a cultural trigger for a global revolution that involved L.S.D, free love, and festival culture.
Most people, especially those who were ‘in the sixties’ view this wave as a coincidental act. However, as we have already outlined the mass availability of a synthesized drug such as '___' distributed at virtually zero cost in quantities of millions of hits, has never been just ‘coincidence’.

Conspiracy Author John Coleman in his highly controversial ‘Committee of 300’ has this to say on the origins of the sixties counter culture “When Tavistock brought the Beatles to the United States nobody could have imagined the cultural disaster that was to follow in their wake. The Beatles were an integral part of "THE AQUARIAN CONSPIRACY," a living organism which sprang From "THE CHANGING IMAGES OF MAN," URH (489)-2150-Policy Research Report No. 4/4/74. Policy Report pre-pared by SRI Center for the study of Social Policy, Director, Professor Willis Harmon.”
The Tavistock institute he refers to is the English equivalent, and historic predecessor to the US RAND think tank. RAND of course cleverly came up with the concept a M.A.D – Mutually Assured destruction which fomented the mass proliferation and stockpiling of Nuclear Weapons which more than likely would have never worked even if fired, would never be used but cost an awful lost of money and made a lot of people very wealthy and in Orwellian terms spent an awful lot of human labor that could be best put to use enhancing the lives of humans instead of threatening them.!
In that single M.A.D ‘idea’ alone you can see just what kind of social impact and upheaval these seemingly inert ‘organizations of ideas’ can impost on our reality. Consider that point carefully before your ‘reason’ censor tries to convince you that the Beatles were just a bunch of ‘lovable lads’ playing jolly music. Their collective story from She Loves you to Strawberry Fields is one fuelled by synthetic drugs, money, ‘idea’ power and the hypnotic fascination of the entire world. The Tavistock Institute was formed after World War I to investigate the effects of Shell Shock on troops and since then they have managed to carve themselves a rather dubious legacy of human psychological studies which manifest their effect and influence in the form of ‘establishment endorsed’ white papers which are circulated through governments and corporation ‘direction’ seed groups. These people are literally ‘dreaming up ways and means’ to bring into effect a future of their choosing. And like most background institutions they are largely invisible, unelected and unsupervised.
It is a fruitless exercise to try establishing whether the Tavistock had any actual part to play in the 60’s counterculture directly since that is their strength – there is no direct proof – just ‘inspiration’. None of the white papers they distribute can ever be connected one to one to any actual historical event. They are merely acting as a form of ‘dark intellectual muse’ to heads of state, committees for strategic studies, international banking institutions, the giant media corporations. Their many white paper proposals are ingested and distilled simply because they represent a highly viable future where those who utilise the techniques outlined, are able to manipulate future events, predict social patterning and thus retain power and stay in control, and as an indirect consequence profit and power.
It is as if they recognise something that made the tail wag a little and so they study it and develop techniques and a watertight scientifically established social application which will ‘wag that tail’ as fast and for as long as they choose.
They merely inspire change and if the change ‘fits’ it will be promoted and backed by the establishment.
As you can see with another paragraph from John Coleman the following scenario played out would hardly be something we should consider beyond the capabilities of any organisation that would drop an atomic bomb on an entire city, or napalm a village of young children: “The phenomenon of the Beatles was not a spontaneous rebellion by youth against the old social system. Instead it was a carefully crafted plot to introduce by a conspiratorial body, which could not be identified, a highly destructive and divisive element into a large population group targeted for change against its will. New words and new phrases--prepared by Tavistock - were introduced to America along with the Beatles. Words such as "rock" in relation to music sounds, "teenager," "cool," "discovered" and "pop music" were a lexicon of disguised code words signifying the acceptance of drugs and arrived with and accompanied the Beatles wherever they went, to be "discovered" by "teenagers." Incidentally, the word "teenagers" was never used until just before the Beatles arrived on the scene, courtesy of the Tavistock Institute for Human Relations.”

It is therefore, regardless of any truly accountable origin, (the establishment controls ‘documented proofs’ which is why they always demand them), undeniable that since the 60’s drugs, music and the kind of mass youth driven shamanistic gatherings that many consider are an extension of Woodstock have literally become a new religion for H.G Wells ‘Angry Young Men’. They are Huxley’s Brave New Children, dancing somatized, happy and free in their semi divine orgiastic frenzy and chemically induced rapture. They have become their captive audience to the pleasures of their own lives.
If final confirmation were even needed it is an easily verifiable fact that Woodstock was originally the brainchild of Artie Kornfield, a director of EMI’s Capitol Records. They, together with a partnership of American pharmaceutical companies actually provided the funding and organisation for the event. John Roberts, one of the organisers and heir to one of the funding pharmaceutical companies was later found guilty of mass drugging. 100, 000 to 500,000 people strong festivals like Woodstock were commonplace for the next few years, as was the almost limitless supply of '___', marijuana and that special kind of kinky ‘finger wagging’ press coverage which constituted the kind of promotion money literally couldn’t buy! The media systems guaranteed anyone ‘young’ and ‘cool’ would just have to be there to demonstrate their glorious defiance of the old order!
If the current ‘Good Times’, ‘Disco Inferno-Party Culture’ had a slogan it could doubtlessly do any better than to use Aleister Crowley’s ‘Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law’.
John Lennon certainly did get his ‘revolution’!

Whilst I’m not going to dive into the myriad forms of unverifiable speculation and wild interpretation that exist on the subject of the Beatles conscious or, probably mostly, unconscious role in all this one can’t help but look at the actions of their lives and the words they themselves uttered.
John Lennon, for example, said the name ‘The Beatles’ came to him in a dream. A talking pig on a flaming pie said ‘you will be called The Beatles with an a’. An interesting start. He frequently stated he would zone into an Alpha state and have all kinds of visions and hallucinations. He later wrote in his book ‘a Spaniard in the Works’, comments like “Jesus, a garlic-eating, stinking little yellow, greasy fascist bastard catholic Spaniard” and the equally famous, but less quoted, “Christianity will go, it will vanish and shrink. I needn’t argue about that. I’m right and will be proved right. You just wait…We’re more powerful than Jesus ever was”. Derek Taylor, Press Officer for the Beatles is quoted as saying “They're completely anti-Christ. I mean, I am anti-Christ as well, but they're so anti-Christ they shock me which isn't an easy thing.” Even George Martin, their producer, once hysterically, said “I believed that he was Satan himself at times”. They all, as early as 1964 declared they did not believe in God.
If any group of individuals floating around in the sixties were ‘acting receivers’ for an occult possession – could any set of guys be better placed? We are so trained to look for ‘occult possession’ only as a movie caricature villain or a Crowley-esque public enemy archetype that we automatically discard the obvious which in reality effect the most social change.That is that the most prominent and popular icons are those who are there to change us.
The Beatles journey of ‘discovery’ through drugs, eastern mysticism and the occult seems on the surface to be harmless enough, and one shared literally by millions, but one thing is certain their music and their ‘cool’ behaviour literally changed the world forever. Of course ask them and they’ll say ‘ absurd’ but regardless of their motivations the effects are undeniable.
Even today in an over-saturated music industry their works are still strange and fantastically mesmerising to listen to. I am always struck by the strange vitality and it’s especially odd when heard through headphones. If you’ve not listened to any lately go and get yourself a re-mastered copy of a track like ‘Tomorrow Never Knows’ or ‘A day in the Life’ and you’ll know exactly what I mean. I had something of a background in music production and mastering and I’m telling you as a mixing engineer and producer their music is literally ‘too weird’ - so out of this world but beautiful and powerful all the same. I challenge you to find another artistic parallel to the Beatles.
I know George Martin, the charming disarming man that he is, will frown upon the statement but even the rest of his production legacy sounds nothing like the work he did with the Beatles. In another interview John talked about the source of his inspiration “The most enjoyable thing for me is the inspirational, the spirit. My joy is when your like possessed, like a medium. I’ll be sitting around, it will come in the middle of the night…this thing comes as a whole piece, you know, words and music. I think, can I say I wrote this? I don’t know who the hell wrote it. I’m just sitting here and the whole damn song comes out”. Paul McCartney has famously said of ‘Yesterday’ that he woke up with the entire tune, words and all in his head and was humming it all day. He was convinced it was an old song and asked the other members of the band if they had ever heard of it. Yesterday, of course, went on to be the most recorded song of all time – and Paul McCartney says it came to him in a dream! It echoes many of the ideas of possession we have seen throughout man’s history. It certainly aligns with what Jim Morrison had to say on the subject “ I met the spirit of Music…An appearance of the Devil in a Venice canal, running. I saw a Satan or Satyr, moving beside me, a fleshly shadow of my secret mind…”
When you consider the grim ending and the chilling way in which John Lennon’s killer consistently claims the voices in his head made him do it, one has to wonder if the pied piper was at work again somehow calling in his children to play and accompany him into the ‘meadow on the other side’.
In a 1981 posthumous interview for Playboy magazine when asked if the Beatles would ever consider reuniting John replied “If they didn’t understand the Beatles and the sixties then, what the # could we do for them now? Do we have to divide the fishes and the loaves for the multitudes again? Do we have to walk on water again because the whole pile of dummies didn’t see it the first time, or didn’t believe it when they saw?” Evidently, if they did not know at the time what the impact of their earthly presence was they certainly became aware of it when they looked backwards into the past.
In a psychiatric interview Mark Chapman gave the following interview “He tells me he can feel the presence of Satan’s demons around him…I can feel their thoughts. I hear their thoughts. I can hear them talking, but not from the outside, from the inside.” “ He tells me that is was Satan’s demons that gave him the strength and the opportunity for the present offence…”
Of course we could just be witnessing the actions of a schizophrenic psychopath, but no can anyone deny the Beatles rise and fall is almost like watching a modern myth being formed before your very eyes. Perhaps like Napoleon and Joan of Arc, John Lennon had served his part and was no longer required. Removed from the game before he could re-write his own history and act as a warning to his own legacy.

What is key to remember is that just because you haven’t been contacted, opened yourself up to or been inspired by this control system, and that you may after considering the consequence of such paths choose to ‘keep a lid on’ that particular aspect of your personality, it doesn’t mean they haven’t! Incredible it seems to be reading this I know, but there are very few, if any other valid explanations for many of the formative events of mankind. Too many lives have been lost, to many radical 90 degree turns in history have resulted from events, which without exception have some ‘religious’ component to them.
The very heart felt desire to become a tyrant, a celebrity, a great leader, to rise to greatness in any form regardless of cost is probably the only qualification anyone really needs after that all you really need to do is be willing to carry out ‘all those inspired thoughts’ in your name.
It maybe that simple – that is how you contact the ‘control system’ – you merely offer yourself – completely, utterly and totally. Literally, it is as if you sell your soul inside your mind and the control system looks up your record and ‘checks the box’ on your card file – then the fun begins! The bloody acts of tyranny and power are assured to continue unless we understand what and why this symptom of human experience continues to manifest itself and why the individual ego seems to thrive on a kind of salacious self-indulgent moralistic crusading. Perhaps then and only then can mankind ever claim to be truly free!
It is written in Haitian voodoo lore that the first step in selling your soul is to believe that you even can sell it!
The knowledge of how to perform such an act of faith is something we may all have once had but which has since been erased from history. These are ancient words of power that our secret ruling hierarchies no longer need or want in the public mind. If the ordinary man was to utter the ineffable name of God they would never need the charity and considerate caretaking’ offered by Big Brother. Those who achieve power literally have the techniques and have had contact with the denizens/powers of this other dimension – this astral muse, Jung’s collective consciousness, the self-empowering archetypes of the Greek myths, the Fairies and their hidden ‘Secret Commonwealth’, the UFO people – whatever you wish to call it or them - these ‘higher powers’ have driven, perhaps in some cases one could argue even charitably facilitated, mankind in to doing whatever it is they desire.
This discriminatory visitation policy is what continues to allow this force/being/phenomena to go on, century after century, virtually undetected within the cultures of ordinary everyday lives of millions of people at a ‘real world’ street life level. It why the existence of is only evident and recorded in the hard to believe histories of lunatics, literary visionary, occultists and mythology – be it ancient or modern. It is why those ‘untouched’ by its shadowy grace deny its existence.
The paradox is that the evidence is everywhere. It is saturating our civilisations but that due to their paranormal origins and the literally hypnotic seduction and masking most people are literally intoxicated and unable to recognise the source and so it becomes entirely self-concealing.
It is especially effective against the part-time curiosity of people far to busy with life to worry about the possible existence of UFO’s, the astral plane, goblins, dragons, Satan, the devil and god!.

After all, even now, do you really believe that ‘the devil’ got John Lennon shot? Of course you don’t – but for all our sakes perhaps we should begin to practice Orwell’s doublethink. If we both hold two ideas simultaneously in mind - that the Devil did kill John Lennon and that he did not – then perhaps we may begin to find the courage and technique to strip the mask off our great historical opponent. Once you’ve seen it for yourself you can then quickly and safely slip back to ‘the denial’ and resume ordinary life. It’s a start.

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The Greeks gave the name Daemons to the elemental spirits that roamed the earth and postulated that as the result of certain atmospheric conditions or the sensitivity of the devotee they could become visible. In fact Socrates had his own Daemon which instructed him and of whom he spoke in the highest terms. In Apuleius on the God of Socrates Thomas Taylor writes ‘the daemon of Socrates, therefore, was doubtless one of the highest order, as may be inferred from the intellectual superiority of Socrates to most other men.’

As we delve into the realms of forgotten pasts it becomes increasingly clear that whatever it is that stalks our planet, it exists within a different time frame – if it even has one at all. It does not posses the sense of urgency that drives men into the history books during their measly four-score-years and ten but as we’ve seen it does in many cases influence them and their ideas change our world. It’s metamorphosis from demon, devil, angel and faerie based sightings of the UFO seems to have occurred almost overnight during the years between WWI and WWII.

A suitable illustration of the speed of the changes is given by the famous ‘Cottingly faeries’ photographs promoted by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle at the turn of the 20th century. They became a quaint Victorian myth and now skirts dangerously close to being viewed as a gentle but ingenious hoax, and yet in it’s time even an intellectual powerhouse like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, creator and author of Sherlock Holmes, publicly endorsed and supported the case. He provided camera’s and even held public viewings with enlarged pictures that none could credibly deconstruct. The lack of shadow and depth to the creatures were merely part of their ethereal nature he claimed. They, like the music of the Beatles, strangely defy ‘technical analysis’. They resist the rules of emulation and ‘proof by reproduction. None have been able to reproduce with contemporary technology, let alone historical apparatus, ‘an homage copy’, if you like, of the odd puff of smoke, from which the faerie appear to materialise. Even one of the girls has claimed they were faked they were, especially for the abilities of 19th century photography and two young girls, extraordinarily well executed

Whether the photographs were forged or not is largely irrelevant. It is their spellbinding effect on men like Conan Doyle that is critical to understand. In fact a proven ‘fake’ is actually preferable since the effect is still achieved but any large scale further investigation is cauterised. Men, even as articulate and intelligent as Conan Doyle were willing to believe in fairies and would have followed their lead if they had ‘spoken’ to them. It demonstrates that we are ‘ready’ to receive unconditionally events from the ‘other worlds’ and that is why they appear to us in the forms our imaginations find least able to resist.
Strange how in just over a hundred years public opinion now views with mild amusement and disbelief the myths and legends of 2000 years of human folklore right up to say the 1920’s, but has now taken in total substitute the myth of the UFO which many intelligent and resourceful men defend and pursue with ceaseless ambition. The fairy as the guardian and symbolic gateway to the mysteries is no longer required since it has been ‘upgraded’ along with the technological ambitions of mankind.
Either way the realms of faerie and UFO are both equally vague and resist any kind of serious scrutiny. They exist only within the context of their age and are apparently eternally ‘on call’ for the right kind of seeker!

What is not entirely clear is which came first the mask or the myth. Whilst government and officialdom never publicly acknowledge even the vaguest possibility of such entities they do however allow establishment figureheads, professors and the like to throw their hat into the ring with the occasional publication of so called ‘examinations of mythology’ or a scientifically based treatise on the theoretical ‘possibility of life’ elsewhere in the universe. Even the occasional Harvard professor has been known to produce ‘a serious scientific study into alien Abductions’. This is the medium which allows the ruling classes to clear up any nasty remnant ideas that linger around miracle events, sightings, abductions, the odd pieces of physical evidence like skin burns, photographs or incredibly detailed eye witness testimony that could offer a deeper insight into the origins of these reoccurring phenomena. In short, most publications from establishment figureheads always attempt to effectively lock down the myth into the age in which it exists and add enough scientific doubt that they almost invariably end up categorising them all together as a form of modern mass psychosis. This is what stops the mask from being identified as the same thing from one ear to another. Be it an apparition of an angel in the 1st century B.C, the devil in the 14th Century, a vampire in the 18th century or the UFO in the cornfield in 20th century – it is always discounted as being an hallucination or mental aberration in the eye of the beholder. What’s more they are virtually all seen by a lone individual without any means of substantiating their visitation! This furthermore adds weight to the idea that we are the projectors of the mask and as such only those whose subconscious recognises the traces of the entity will project the mask onto it’s form. It may well be argued that we are picking up something that is clearly not visible in the ordinary spectrum of vision and that the mask being present only in the mind of the witness is why it may never be found out.
Again these oral warnings come as a pure act of faith and are rarely given any sympathy or scrutiny by the scientific minds whose very Newtonian training relies on repeatable, observable physical evidence and not the ‘hocus-pocus’ of the uneducated and illiterate.
However, many rarely practice what they preach, and as we have seen many of these myths and folklore form the basis of most modern literary fantasy literature. Authors such as C.S Lewis and J.R.R Tolkien, both illustrious establishment professors, find themselves drawn into this parallel world of faeries and monsters from other worlds, almost accidentally and just as their dusty tomes seek to conceal the origins of their fantasies, their actual ‘labours of love’ based in fiction and fantasy, tend to reveal more than they conceal.
For example, there is far more substance to Tolkien’s ring trilogy and tales of Hobbit than meets the eye. The celebrated and world famous ‘Lord of the Rings’ trilogy has himself stated that those works are based upon an actual literal exposition of something he believes may have actually happened in some abstract sense. Whilst writing the works and examining the myths, language and folklore of ancient Europe he felt he stumbled upon the evidence of another age which he believed to be the history of a long forgotten pre-historic realm of earth based in the mysterious lost records of Middle Earth. Mediterranean as you know means literally ‘of the middle terrain or middle earth’. Tolkien’s epic was literally about the end of the age of magic and the beginning of the age of man and machine. The age of the machine –symbolically the age of iron – is the age that we live in now. Somewhat similar to the writings of Hesiod, a Greek poet from the 8th century BC, he believed that the earth has five ages – the gold, silver, bronze and iron, and that we are now living in the Iron Age – the final age in the cycle. In Greek Mythology the end of the golden age was the time when the titan was overthrown by his son Zeus and the gods of Olympia, and then later after that age came to an end, just as Tolkien wrote, the age of man took root and the beast, the monsters and the age of magic was over. Or at least that’s what they’d have us believe.

It is worth considering is that Plato also wrote that Poseidon, one of the Olympians, was actually the first king of Atlantis - Earths first single solid block landmass before the plates became ‘separated’ by the ‘cataclysmic act of destruction’ that ultimately led to the continents we have today. Atlantis is only an island as the ‘misdirected modern myths’ would have you to believe in so much as when it ‘broke up’ it left traces in the oceans where the cracks formed – this is precisely why so many scholars are unable to pin it down. They are looking for a single Atlantis in location when in fact traces of it will literally be found across the globe.
The biblical Genesis also relates to the foundation of a golden age. It is from this age that we can first categorically tie down the existence of the serpent/snake and dragon as a counter-point belief system ideology to the way of natural being. This conflict in ideas – an internal struggle of belief and ideology was born. The battle between light and darkness had begun – and who is the side of the ‘light-bringer’ is not as yet entirely clear as you may believe. Of course this is the origin of Lucifer. In Masonic, hermetic and Rosicrucian circles he has always been referred to as ‘the light-bringer’ and may well be the origin of the initiatory device known as ‘illumination’. An individual having come into contact with this supreme energy, entity or life form by the use of one of the cleverly concealed multitude of occult ‘gateway’ opening techniques is said to literally become ‘enlightened’ or ‘illuminated’. Concealment of the techniques of communication with the astral light is the very lifeblood purpose of the priesthood, the secret society and the occult. It is their doctrine to carry forward into time the techniques with which the individual can make contact with a ‘higher power’. Lucifer, if we are to believe his press advisors!, is also the god of black magic, science and technology. Ideas from the same source, carrying with them the seeds of duality and conflict, certainly may well have become the fountainhead of all the mystery religions but give little to the ordinary man. What is clear is that unlike, for example, the Christian or catholic church where the ‘attainment’ or ‘unity’ with the godhead is made ‘in proxy’ by the priest whom you congregate, in the schools of the occult and new age ritual, ( for ritual they are if they attest to connect you with the astral plane!) you as an individual are literally given the keys and can make the contact yourself. This allows you to become ‘holder of the light’ in persona. In this age of ‘personal empowerment’ it is an irresistible and potent philosophy.
Be it the Egyptians, the druids, the Mayan’s or the Greeks, we can see that sun worship is the oldest and most mature of all religions and is perhaps the most important clue we have so far in tracking down the origin of our very existence and the nature of this very mysterious ‘bearer of the light’. It forms the foundation of each and every mystery school that is present behind our history and when scrutinised begins to scrape away the dirt that conceals our origins and the otherwise disconnected madness of all our wars and the ‘one step forward two steps back’ nature of our civilisations begins to reveal it’s dark pattern across all things.

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Of all the symbolism connected with the occult the allegory of ‘light brought forward’ is king. The ‘sun god’, ‘the all seeing eye’, ‘astral light’ and the pyramid/eye of Horus/Ra are the most frequent and have even made it onto the back of the US one dollar bill. Clear evidence to the origins of America and it’s founding principles and of it’s driving cultural philosophy.
Lucifer, however, is not the only one claiming to be the ‘bringer of light’. As it say’s in the bible ‘Let there be Light’ – we can see that on the surface TWO different ‘entities’ appear to be trying to take credit for the same life giving energy from of the sun or by this ‘mysterious’ form in ‘internal’ illumination. So, it would appear that the sages of old are correct when they assert that the old testament god of the bible is ‘in contest’ with Lucifer for the glory of creation!. The hard task is decoding where the God of the bible ends and Lucifer begins. It is almost as if they were the opposite ends of the same life force of existence, perhaps ever to liken them to the opposite ends of a thermometer!..
Whilst many would jump of their seats at such a remark and glibly quote the 10 commandments or the bible as evidence of ‘god’s words’ they rarely accept that the human institutions behind the churches often practise murder in the form of holy war may indeed not be ‘god’s disciple’s at all and may have assumed control of the institutions of power precisely to spread corruption. This is not to deny the bible, God or even Jesus Christ – it is simply to suggest that the human institutions may no longer be resident to divine providence.
Under whose authority and in whose name did the Knights Templar kill, and murder for their ‘holy crusade’?. Likewise the Luciferian/new age tends to hide itself behind Aleister Crowley’s famous masking phrase ‘do what thou wilt shall be the only law’ which assumes that satiating ‘the self’ should be the only pursuit and all moral obligations fall to the wayside. This deliberate mixing of philosophy is why the new age beliefs are in the ascendancy and traditional bible based Christian moral dogma is in the decline. Those controlling the interpretation of the words deliberately masked and corrupted the intent. However, we shall be detailing the twin trails in greater detail later in the book but suffice to say for now that the ‘end justify the means’ where the dropping of an atom bomb is concerned is pure evil regardless of which ‘side your on’.

“Although we remain unaware of supernatural entities they guide and direct us” Philip K Dick
This quote is taken from the book ‘In pursuit of Valis’. It contains Philip K Dick’s personal million word long Exegesis which he wrote over the course of about 10 years. They were personal notes, writings and dialogues written by him in an attempt to understand what had happened to him and what on earth was going on.

Philip K Dick is one of the most remarkable ‘wake-up’ callers we have to date and in many ways harks back to an earlier age. He uncovered many clues to help us understand the great game. He is best known as the writer of the book ‘Do androids dream of electric sheep’ which later became the film Blade Runner and whose apocalyptic futurism has, perhaps rather ominously, become the foundation for much modern sci-fi and he is perhaps the predecessor of the cyber-punk counter culture. The real bones of his works have rarely made it to the mainstream attention other than in bastardised clone works which have managed to neuter the real message of his works. It is safe to say that without Philip K Dick movies like ‘The Matrix’, ‘The Truman Show’ and ‘Vanilla Sky’ would probably not exist and the unique ideas in his books undoubtedly form a good deal of their unaccredited ‘literary inspirational foundation. He spent his entire working life as a science-fiction writer in the west coast bay area of the USA and personally experienced many remarkable metaphysical real-life incidents which sent him literally over the edge from ‘interior’ mental picture shows and voices in his head to literal supernatural interventions which he claims saved both his and his son’s life. His entire life, even from an early age, seemed to be concerned with ‘unmasking’ the nature of reality. During the course of the 1960’s and 1970’s he wrote a large number of books which to his surprise he later discovered were all expositions on the same phenomena. When he mentally grouped about 10 seemingly unrelated novels together as a ‘corpus’ he discovered that each book represented a specific aspect, in the veiled form of within each separate novel, of the same phenomenon. What he discovered was what he claimed was an external intelligence that lies hidden in our universe which periodically attempts to contact and ‘trigger’ some kind of event or reaction. In fact what he did was put a modern literal form to the mystery religion of the Gnostic faith. That is to, regardless of how much you want it - only god can illuminate you – only he can connect and he will not be found unless he finds you first. The paradox in his opinion was that if you do not search for god you will never find him, but in searching for him he will never reveal himself. Of course with all things Dickian the truth is never that simple. It seems he did indeed have numerous brushes with some cosmic force!
He later outlined this ‘story’ in greater detail in the works ‘Valis’, ‘Divine Invasion’ and ‘the transmigration of Timothy Archer’.
In ‘Valis’ he first revealed the foundations of his belief system. He suggested that our world is ruled over by a deranged demi-god and that the true beneficent and ancient cosmic intelligence, ( in the book he called it Valis – Vast Active Living Information System) that existed beyond earth was spraying ‘wake-up’ messages into our reality in the form of subliminally embedded motif’s in movies, the TV and the radio or in some cases direct ‘interior-mind’ images and voices. Needless to say in his personal life the effect of a ‘interior-mind’ trip which rendered him motionless whilst he watched an 6 hour display of Picasso/Kandinskee like colour art painted into his interior mind was something of a turning point. He said the visits made by Valis were heralded by a kind of ‘pink light’ which was literally beamed into his head and that he could never reproduce or find in life. Later he began to hear voices in the early morning which he said told him to take his son to the hospital and have them examine him. His son would have died had they not visited the hospital at that time.
Of course, during the 60’s he spent a great deal of time doing drugs and that the events that lead up to his actually bridging the void so to speak and connecting with VALIS was the consumption of psychotropic vitamin tablets in such quantities that it was the automotive equivalent of running his ‘brain’ on pure nitrous oxide!. His intent was to ‘fire up’ the right hemisphere of the brain. It seems however that he was already running with his mind open and perhaps a chance encounter in his childhood may have brought him accidentally into awareness of a possible ‘higher destiny’ is plainly evident from a small introductory passage from ‘Radio Free Albemuth’ which was never printed until after his death. In the passage he relates that during a trip to the seaside with his father when he was a small boy he gave an old tramp some money. The tramp thanked him and gave him a note which his father said ‘told of god’. Later he decided the tramp to be a supernatural entity that had come to earth to check up on people. This clearly demonstrated the ‘seeker’ was apparently in him all those years ago.
Regardless, it still took a specific in this case ‘chemical’ invocation to open the gateway and because of that I think with the benefit of hindsight we can probably assume he opened the same mental portal as any other drug user throughout history. In his case the overdose of vitamin tablets coupled with immense personal depression and feelings of loss and grief relating to certain events in his personal life set in sequence a chain of events that put him in a sanatorium twice and nearly killed him.
What is uniquely interesting about Philip K Dick is that it’s not entirely clear which side he actually made contact with and that his personal journey through life indicates that the ancient philosophical battle for the individual soul of each and every man is still going on – right under our noses at the end of the 20th century. What is more it appears that he may have actually made contact with both sides!.
Whilst writing ‘The man in the high Castle’ – a novel about a parallel history where the Nazi’s and Japan actually won the second world war – he frequently consulted the I Ching for character development and plot directions. He would ask a question to the I Ching about a certain predicament one of the books characters was in ie ‘What would he do now’. And according to the answer given to him by the I Ching he continued writing the book and the character would act in accordance to the path indicated. It is highly notable that this book became his first notable literary success and won him his first and only Hugo award. Here again we have ‘the collusion with the other side’ seemingly acting as a guarantee of success. The fact that the book was his only book he allowed the I Ching to plot and it contained Nazi’s and parallel dimensions simply underlines the fact. He later came to say after having consulted the I Ching about his personal life that Ching was a liar and not to be trusted. After this his next major work to hit the hotspot was ‘The three stigmata of Palmer Eldritch’ which is considered by Philip to be one of his most important works – though he couldn’t quite be sure why. However, it clearly set the tone for most of his works to come. In Palmer eldritch the foundation for the almost subconscious Gnostic revelations that were hinted at in his first novel ’The eye in the Sky’ seem to finally find grounding and the theological concepts of a false saviour, the characters being trapped after the use of certain drugs inside the reality of another’s mind, and him a deranged lunatic at that all suggest a brush with the dark side. Just before his attempted suicide in the early 1970’s he claimed to have had a revelation, which he considered to show him the very nature of reality. He ordered some pain killers for a tooth ache from the local drugstore to be delivered but when he opened the door he noticed the fish symbol of the early Essene’s hanging from the girls neck. He then claims that the veils of reality instantaneously fell around him and revealed that it was actually 70 B.C and that the roman empire was still in authority and that he was actually persecuted Christian. Furthermore that we are literally living in the time of revelations and that the modern world had been overlaid as an illusion and time didn’t restart until 1974 b.c!!. And you think you have ‘life-issues’ !. Bizarre as all this maybe and again such stories are had to take on board without personal experience of such matters it should be now quite evident to see that Philip K Dick was mining deeply into the seams of both the hidden depths of his subconscious mind and a wider divine meaning for life and as such this evidently brought him into contact with the same apparent energies/entities that feature such a starring role in most of our world and again reveals itself as the pattern behind those who ultimately through artistic, spiritual or politically alter the path or consciousness of our planet. I strongly recommend you read up on this life story of Philip K Dick in greater detail since his works and life is littered with far more incredible fancies than I can possibly detail here and his personal exegesis is one of the most fascinating explorations of the mystery of reality you will ever read. Not a single novel or extract can fully sum up his perspective but he certainly knew something wasn’t quite right as detailed in an extract from ‘In Pursuit of Valis’ : ‘The existence of a master magician would explain how we could fall victim – get trapped in and by – an irreal world. He causes us to take it as real by occluding us…could the occlusion then come first? And then we fall victim? And the main element of occlusion if : forgetfulness. Amnesia. And then blindness, perceptual occlusion, whereupon the spatiotemporal world seems real. But saw Valis, and in seeing Valis I saw what is really there, that the magician occludes us from/to. So I am saying that Indian thought is wrong when it assigns to cause to maya ; I say, with Zoroaster, “There is a magician”. This is Zoroastrianism – and Mani and Gnosticism – blended with Indian though about maya and karma. With Chris viewed as the one who wakes us, who causes us to remember. Then is it not accident that is was the Christian fish sign that caused me to remember, to cease to forget. That is what is is supposed to do…counteract the lie ( the delusion). So I combine Indian doctrines of Maya with the Judeo-Christian etc. idea of the Fall. I say, we fell into Satan’s world which is irreal, a ‘spurious interpolation”. Yet God is using Satan, through enantiodromia. Countering him. Reversing him. Here, within this very domain; the good that occurs in this domain (through enantiodromia) is placed into the macrometasomakosmos. Evil is concerted into good by enantiodromia and then inserted into the macrometasomakosmos.
The theories about the fall must be revised; an intellectual error, not moral error, must be presumed. One can almost – almost – view Satan’s activity as a high technology in which the simulation of a world order is achieved. This element of maya or dokos has interested thinkers in India and Greece, but with Christianity and Gnosticism comes a really penetrating analysis between the two elements of worlds and Satan, with the theme of epistemology running through Gnosticism – which is why I can’t abandon it. We fell asleep because we were induced into falling asleep; the spurious world had to be there for us to take it as real; we ourselves don’t generate it…unless it’s a maze that we ourselves built and then fell into ( which always remains a possibility). Probably the wisest view is to say : the truth – like the Self – is splintered up over thousands of miles and years; bits are found here and there, then and now and must be re-collected ; bits appear in the Greek naturalists, in Pythagoras, in Plato, Parmenides, in Heraclitus, New-Platonism, Zoroastrianism, Gnosticism, Taoism, Mani, orthodox Christianity, Judaism, Brahmanism, Buddhism, Orphism, the other mystery religions. Each religion or philosophy or philosopher contains one of more bits, but the total system interweaves it into a falsity, so each as a total system must be rejected, and none is to be accepted at the expense of all the others.(e.g “I am a Christian” or “I follow Man’”). This alone , in itself, is a fascinating thought : here in our spatiotemporal world we have the truth but it is splintered – exploded like the eide – over thousands of years and thousands of miles and ( as I say) must be re-collected, as the Self or Soul or eidos must be. This is my Task.” (24 October 1980).
But all that aside, it is an almost unknown forgotten short story of his which perhaps illustrates many of Philip K Dick’s most tangible fears and realisations. Phil himself viewed perhaps 10 or so of his 50 odd novels as what he defined a ‘meta-novel’ which when viewed in the abstract as a loosely joined single entity told us exactly of the nature of our reality and condition on earth however, examination of that is clearly beyond the scope of this book and has amply been covered by Phil himself in his own Exegesis. What we will do is finish with one of his short stories it is a far simpler story that Phil himself believed to be connected in some way to his personal undoing. The story is called Faith of the Fathers and is an unusual story from Phil’s perspective in that from the work in his exegesis is would appear that he never realised that he’d already written an account of his own future in some bizarre way. The story is set in Hanoi under communism and tells the tale of a young ambitious man working in a government ministry who is approached by a street peddler who gives him a packet the he later finds out is an ‘anti-hallucinogenic’. That is to say it ‘unveils’ or ‘de-cifers’ an already state induced ‘hallucinogenic reality overlay’ brought about by governmental medication of the water supplies throughout the world. Whilst under the influence of this ‘anti-hallucinogen’ he meets ‘the great benefactor’, actually the world leader, in person and sees not a man as expected, but in it’s ‘unveiled state’ it’s actually a sort of force or energy. It reveals itself to him directly and the young man comes to the conclusion that he is God and that it controls all things, and see’s all things and more disturbing that it is literally sucking the life force out of everyone it comes into contact with. What is interesting about this story are the now familiar elements of the vampiric energy loss, this ‘dark deity’ being both sides of the theological game and that it is somehow enmeshed in the very fabric of our reality and controls the very elements of the society we live in. Intriguing is the notion that Phil indicates this entity has an ‘eye for everyone, a thousand eyes, a million, billion eyes and see’s all’. Is this not indeed the absolute literal exposition of the illuminate eye in the pyramid symbol of ‘the all seeing eye’. The ‘great benevolent leader’ is in either guise within the story both the saviour and the destroyer.

posted on May, 7 2005 @ 08:04 AM
However, as we move into the final phase of civilisation we must being to recognise the reason the concept of God has been inexplicably entwined with any number of sci-fi concepts. The blame must be apportioned correctly otherwise the human race will not reject the religious, moral and supernatural inheritance of their species. The myths in the Bible, the mythology of the Greeks, the great epic tales continually ply gentle social lessons and conditioning to our subconscious minds. We still desire an all knowing, all wise, supernaturally powerful ‘benevolent’ leader. It is implicit in our very society. It is almost a genetic embed. And so we continue to gladly wander towards yet another prehistoric apocalypse ignorant of the potential destruction of our organic ecosystems as we scramble for cars, TV’s , cheap furniture, fancy houses and plastic technological commerce – and like any other ‘throwaway society - ours will be erased in time. It is clear that there have certainly been no other ‘oil based’ industrial civilisations in the past since we have already used all the oil that took a million years to ferment in just over 100 years meaning that when the previous enlightened civilisation arrived on earth they were already far beyond oil and most tales of the Atlanteans indicate a more cosmic universal energy source was at their disposal. So why are we using a deliberately dirty, polluting and destructive and limited energy ? Evidently the plan is not to eradicate the entire species but merely to accelerate expansion to the point where we are literally unable to turn back. GM Food alone threatens the entire planet with extinction with the smallest of clinical errors in coding. It has always been the case with our science that it seems always to be presenting technological solutions to problems created 30 years ago by an emerging industrialisation or technological application of current thought. By that measure can we really hope to stay ahead of the building snowball indefinitely ?. Already an American laboratory created a mutated plant enzyme whilst looking for a pesticide which literally spread and killed every living organism in the lab. Fortunately it was a sealed controlled environment.
So this really leaves us with a big question : when will the ‘endgames’ commence and what will be the mechanism of their implementation.
Fortunately, the plan was never in concealment. This appears to be part of the ‘rules of the game’. It is an interesting footnote in history that a high level mason and founder of the Illuminati called Albert Pike drafted a plan in 1776 for three great wars in order to bring about the culmination of ‘the great work’. It is no secret that Albert Pike and his colleagues were luciferians and yet it was an odd event from space and time that allowed the rest of the world to get a glimpse of their plan. During a thunderstorm a courier on horseback was struck by lightning and the Bavarian police found the plans and raided the lodges. This created a momentary setback but it’s occurrence brought the luciferian mindset and plan to a vastly greater awareness, and it is probably fair to say that without that single event the subsequent generations fo researcher and authors who investigate the shenanigans of this movement would still be as unaware of their existence as everyone else was prior to that fateful storm. In the plan he detailed the three war plan which may on causal inspection appear to be a ridiculously long sighted and ambitious enterprise but anyone witnessing the power of a world war II battleship can hardly mistake the fact that aside from it’s metallic hull and mechanical guns it is strategically, or at least it operational philosophy, is a mere nuts and bolts evolution from, the side gunning warships of the Elizabethan age like the Mary rose. And so it must have been predictable to the money barons and thinking masters of the industrial revolution even way back in the early 1800’s that a time would come when all he civilisations would have in their grasp the industrial processes which currently lent them such a powerful advantage in commerce and world control, and so the only way to ensure such a position of superiority is maintained and that power is never distributed is to engineer a series of world wars that would destroy the once geographically straitjacketed pockets of civilisation that bubbled and fizzed around the globe and were for the first time in many thousands of years threatening to bubble over and come a conquering. The first war was simply to destroy the inherited rule of kings in Europe and rout the energies of the industrial revolution from railway lines and steamships and towards the foundation for the darker second which was simply to replace and unify the spiritual philosophies and leaderships of the great European, oceanic and Asian landmasses and naturally to accelerate the development of the weapons of war until the ultimate weapon of control could be attained and demonstrated and the third and yet final war is to usher in the next inevitable and final step towards a single global ruling oligarchy mind set – the third war is to be the ultimate in shock therapy for the human race. Never again will ordinary men seek to conspire, murder or maim their fellow man, never again will any pocket of resistance spring up to challenge the determination of the empire to retain absolute control over the human soul.
They will be ruled by a benevolent world government – lead by a single charismatic human being – and the people who are left will be grateful for only then can the promise of eternal peace be delivered and accepted by all of the human race. The acceleration in robotics and automated industrial production will mean a golden age of intellect and reason only shall exist after the atrocity. No more shall there be the need to work for commerce or property. The clean-up will be swift and the paradise gardens will be repopulated by the scientific miracle of the genetic storehouses.
The UFO as the ultimate archetypal ‘dream of a higher purer more purposeful’ civilisation will be realised and the New World Order will serve it’s long heralded role as the ultimate harvesting engineer of our age. It will be both saviour and destroyer. And our civilisation will be forged and purged just like those before. Each final crescendo delivering the ‘ultimate’ hit when 7 billion people and virtually all the animals are killed dead in an instant. This horror is beyond human comprehension and it is unimaginable that any man could enact such a reality. Yet can you deny that the pieces are in place for such an event and that our civilisation is being bullwhipped towards such a final conflict by ecological and industrial meltdown. All is needs, just like the ‘unimaginable’ horrors of WWII is the right political theatre. The war between the religions and the battle for technological supremacy is all that is required. The pattern is clear and this house of cards has been two thousand years in the making. Quite simply World War III will be the biggest breaching event in history. The instant death will literally rip and hole big enough between the veil of our dimensions to let whatever has been tricking us towards these ends simply step through the torn barrier and devour the souls of mankind in a grand orgy or delight. What on earth can stop this event happening ? Are YOU going to give up your car and your computers – well then don’t expect that 6 billion people without them are going to stop trying to get them too!!.

posted on May, 7 2005 @ 07:28 PM
For what it's worth this is going to be my last post on this subject. I am getting out of the conspiracy posting racket for good. I have spent too much time and achieved little or nothing but perhaps adding more confusion to an already confused situation. I have nothing more to add than I have already revealed here - and most of that is pure speculation. You should consider it of little or no value. I thank you for your interest and I assure you no amount of baiting will get me to post any more - there is in fact no more to post. I am literally unable and unwilling to devote any more time or energy to these subjects. I consider most of it to be a form of wierd entertainment. I no longer want to partake in it. I will not be back to post anymore.

Many Thanks and go with peace in all you do.

Captain Hemmingway.

posted on May, 7 2005 @ 07:42 PM

sorry to hear that

hope 2 c u contribute to other threads tho

I understand about the TIME many interests , so little time to pursue them all...

posted on May, 25 2005 @ 11:23 PM
Captain, I too am sorry to hear that you will not be back. You have presented a truly interesting read. Maybe it's just me, but there's that nagging feeling of an unwanted irritating grain of truth there......

Thanks, I think....

posted on May, 31 2005 @ 02:58 PM
Brilliant work Capt,
you helped me see another layer of the NWO, you've certainly given me plenty to think about and given me more questions to answer.

posted on May, 31 2005 @ 04:27 PM
To the original poster, I have to say I agree with most of what ya said.
I' dlike to say that the creation of the federal reserve, the dropping of the atom bombs, creation of America, etc have so many shades of even the most fringe conspiracy theories that to deny it would be implausible. Not sure if I agree with the 33rd parralel connections, but yeah....theres truth to a lot of this stuff.

posted on Jun, 2 2005 @ 12:26 AM
33rd president, Harry S Truman
33 degree parallel, site of the Trinity test site
32 degree parallel, Hiroshima
34 degree parallel, Nagasaki (in both cases, less than half a degree away from the 33rd parallel)

They are closer to the 33rd parallel than any other Japanese cities, so that must be accepted as part of the message of the atomic bombing.

Also, August 6 is 33 days after July 4.

It was Mission No. 13, and it was 13 squared (169) years after America's independence exact (when you count back the 33 days listed above).

Harry Solomon Truman was a 33rd degree Freemason, making him the tool of a rarer breed.

And so, to end WWII Japan had to admit their Monarchy was fake, and their Emperor was not really god, while the good guys, well, they got a new Queen a few years later, and she became the Lord of Man. Hmmm, I guess we were freed in our minds only?

And one more thing people didn't know about the making of the atomic bomb:
Werner Heisenberg (supreme german physicist) claimed in an interview after the war (when the author Robert Jungk was working on the book Brighter Than a Thousand Suns)
that he had tried to establish a pact (!!!) with Bohr such that scientists on neither side should help develop the atomic bomb. He also said that the German attempts were entirely focused on energy production, and that his circle of colleagues tried to keep it that way.

Heisenberg avoided direct implication that he and his colleagues had purposely sabotaged the bomb effort. Upon original publication of the book, it was strongly implied that the German atomic bomb project was rendered purposely stillborn by Heisenberg.

Now THAT is what moral men do.

posted on Apr, 3 2006 @ 12:18 AM
The finest work i have ever seen on NWO. I personaly believe only some parts of what you speak of Capt.H but still i must commend you work.

posted on Apr, 3 2006 @ 03:09 AM
had you noticed , the captain has signed off

the post is 9mos old

I don't believe the capt still posts...

was pretty interesting tho...

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