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What they don’t want you to know about the New World Order

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posted on Apr, 27 2005 @ 04:19 PM

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posted on Apr, 27 2005 @ 04:24 PM

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posted on Apr, 27 2005 @ 06:45 PM
What happened man? I was just about to thank you for posting some more stuff... I was half way through reading it. That's not fair! Why stir interest and leave us hanging? I was sorta looking forward to your additions.

It seems like you're afraid of something. Is it true? I don't derogate you if you are, but what of? Revealing extremely sensitive information? But isn't that all over this board? And isn't this the right audience? Say more, at least, of why you are so hesitant to lay out your theories more fully.

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posted on Apr, 27 2005 @ 11:50 PM
capth ,

your post on the 27th's a big contrivance. [ not your post, the things u mentioned ]

have you read from the "destiny" timeline from jordon maxwells site ?

I take info like this and when hitler set up the sudatenland and add that to the fact that great britain was behind the arab uprising against the jews...britain halted emmigration to the middle east, adding to the number for the holocaust. the burning of the reichstag also comes to mind.

recently, the systematic sanitizing of certain history....seems to be worldwide, which sets off alarms for me. there HAS to be a plan behind this !

I'm sure you have many more examples to add

yes , the bottom line is , we are being played...bigtime !

posted on Apr, 28 2005 @ 05:03 AM
I was trying to post but it locked I tried splitting it up but it would only allow a very limited amount of text into each post. What I put up represented about 10% of section one which represents about 25% of the entire thing - so you can imagine due to the size that I quickly realised this isn't going to be the way to post it...I am having to re-think now just on sheer logistics - sorry I only took it back down because it was riduculous to leave it stopped mid sentance and it also took an age to open the post page with the text on it...

posted on Apr, 28 2005 @ 05:36 AM
Hi Capt, excellent threads. I agree totally with your synopsis.

posted on Apr, 28 2005 @ 05:54 AM
Hi toasted, no I haven't read that - I will take a look though -

On a wider note :

One of the things I find most disconcerting is that after the process I have undergone in writing this book I can now actually instantly cut straight through to the heart of any news story, any posting (speculative, establishment or otherwise), any movie, book, myth, etc etc and 'sense' it's source and it's 'manipulative intent' - that is to say the best example I can give you is it's a little like the movie 'the predator' - once you see it's 'pattern' over things it's almost impossible not to see it in action - its presence and it's influence shines like gold in the dirt throughout history ( although as they say all that glitters is not gold - it's often grime - grim crime) - that's why I say it's more like a decoder than a traditional book - you no longer need to 'check your references' anymore you instantly KNOW the true origins and motives about any given situation, for example although I have in the past, I no longer need to read exhaustively some dry scholars pitiful establishment scratchings, all 10 volumes yawn, about 'the true historical purpose of the cathars' - I merely need to anaylse key info, it's impact then and now to be able to instantly see who and what was behind it and if they 'belonged to IT', past, present or future - the rest is just 'analytical fluff' designed to bog you down or act as book fodder since they couldn't publish a leaflet containing the truth could they!! - and it's also why I am seriously concerned about posting it - imagine if suddenly kellogs gave away a set of 'hoffman lenses' (8 o' clock in the morning-ray nelson/Carpenter's 'they live') inside each box of cornflakes and the next day 5 million people woke up to see 'non-human' entities in their world - you understand the allegory and why I'm reluctant to do this - to take this responsibility - what If I'm wrong! What If I'm playing a part for THEM - I have already witnessed first hand the effect this book has on people and I am honestly not trying to hype it - I think most of the people who will even take or make the effort to read this ( which will SERIOUSLY BE FEW ) will have already undergone a few of the classical stages of pyscological 're-adjustment' associated with any shock or set of revelations which seeks to re-align your belief system ( ie mild forms of hysteria, depression, then anger and finally a numb acceptance ( the worst of all outcomes for us - the best for them) - again this is exactly what Orwells book 1984 does to you and it's why it's 'theirs' ) and so will you be able to handle it - Can I? Remember you have spent your entire lives LEARNING - aquiring THEIR TWISTED behavioural constraints, 'barbed wire fences in your own minds' designed to KEEP YOU OUT of places INSIDE - INNER SPACE - that they don't want you to go looking in - you are literally 'ring fenced' inside your own brain ('mental sphere of operation') - so the consequences of it reaching out beyond this 'oasis of grim understanding' could be a responsibility I'm finding hard to reconcile - it's at that point also I could well attract the attentions of 'the undersirables' if you take my meaning - so yes I've got everything to lose and so I would ask people to be a little more understanding and sensitive in their 'hasty judgments' - no man should judge, nor should he ever kill another - alas if these rules of underlining behaviour were accepted worldwide I should not have to worry - there would be no 'game of lies and deciet' to conceal and protect - after all we live on a planet where murders are called Hero's depending on which end of the gun your on : and the state always 'exonerates' the responsibility of murder from the individual who comes in their name. I think people clearly take this information too lightly - they think it's entertainment and that it doesn't represent a reality they can understand since they all have day jobs and that's 'real life' isn't it?- they should get a plane ticket to the middle east and experience some of this 'entertainment' firsthand. Understand you ARE the inner party even though you may just work at Joe's mufflers fixing exhausts.

I will just say this and I will explain this is greater detail later - you may find yourself falling asleep at moments of revelation - this is hardwired into you by an 'acquired script' (I'll call it a script for now but you think a 'program running on a unix computer is called a deamon by mistake?) - it is to stop you hearing, reading or seeing specific pieces of information that may act as a keystone or bridging stone to a whole series of otherwise or seemingly unconnected information. It is a deliberate mental defence system. It is just one tiny component of the 'ring fence' that constrains your mind. Next time you find this happening - break through this moment - this impulse - pysiologically there is NO REASON for SLEEP to take you by force - it's deliberate - YOU CHOOSE when you want to sleep - do not allow it to be forced upon you.

Remember these things are ALREADY inside your head. You play HOST to a silent witness.

posted on Apr, 28 2005 @ 06:33 AM
Mao Tse Tung once wrote that the revolution was an act of violence - he lied.


It is the exact moment when men stop killing each other. It is when the red coats stop killing the white coats. It is when when the grey militia stop slaughtering the green guerilla insurgency.

At this point the military of the world dissolves. Tanks lay empty and rotting. The orders given by the generals on the hill are no longer carried out. The fear stops - men become brothers not in arms but in each others arms. They have to look for new industry - they look towards channeling their energies into better futures and not war or pestilence, famine or fear.

This is what our leaders fear most of all - that we will no longer kill in their name, under their orders.


Now we are going to discover exactly WHY men are unable to REVOLT PEACEFULLY.


posted on Apr, 28 2005 @ 11:29 AM
I know you are afraid. You are afraid because you don't know when your
light will be extinguished. If you express what's in your mind you know
to be true at any moment you may cease to exist without warning. It's
your will to exist that is keeping you from releasing what you know to be true.

If you do not tell us what you know to be true, they win. I am searching
for answers and what you have written has given me answers to many of
the questions I have had. I feel like I have connected to someone finally.
But without the whole story many questions are left unanswered.

It probably will sound selfish of me to ask you to give us your book,
but if you don't do you think that letting them win is right. Maybe
you have a family to protect, I don't know. Please find a way to give
us the answers we are looking for. I think you have them.
There is power in numbers. We can all figure out a way to let the world
have this knowledge.


posted on Apr, 28 2005 @ 07:18 PM
You know what Captain Hemmingway--- I think I understand and respect your fears--sure, why not, if you think you have some sensitive information that'll blow people's minds than maybe there is something to be worried about and to be feared.

But why'd you start? I'm curious why you began to lay all this out-- all interesting stuff, pretty well written with an iconoclastic ring to it-- but didn't you consider before you began posting, the "shocking effect" your theories might have on others? How do we know you're not laying some trip on us, dangling carrots, flashing bright lights and ducking quickly around the corner? And if you're so much against those who fill their books with "fodder" why post extremely long texts without ever really getting to the point? Nothing you've said has been clear and direct--- why? Just say it man-- what's happening? Or do you need 200 pages of a book to tell those of us, who've already been down many many roads, what the # is going on?

I admire you because I see you have a very discerning mind and a profound soul. But you needn't beat around the bush. Sure, we'll read your book when we can get it-- why not? But tell us in one or two posts your present vision of reality, without all the trimmings, the potato salad, cole slaw, and the lettuce and tomato.

C'mon-- blow our minds. You know, I've always been a Doors fan. I think they're way beyond "rock music". One writer said the Stones are for blowing your mind. The Doors are for afterward, after your mind is already blown.

Life is boring man.

posted on Apr, 28 2005 @ 07:37 PM
o captain, my captain, focus your forces on good ! don't despair ! the world was supposed to end in the year 1000, and 2000, and we made it ! everything is gonna be allright !

"What this means in reality is if, for whatever reason, an order was given at the beginning of each of these supply and production chains to 'suspend operations until further notice' it would take about 8 weeks before the supermarkets would become aware of this fact and begin to run dry, since there would still be 8 weeks of food in supply and transit 'in the supply chain'."

the old white men would have to come out of thier bentleys, into the open, and pry the twinkies out of my hands !!! you really think they wouldn't notice anything for 8 weeks ???

anyway, very thougt provoking post, what are can we do about it ?

carpe diem dude

posted on Apr, 28 2005 @ 09:02 PM
Amazing thread...

I admire your intensity Capn'.

We must question everything, always.. And in turn destroy the facade.

This is what has interested me for a long time, and I keep coming back to what I think is the fundamental question: What IS reality?

It seems to me that what has been orchestrated has morphed into the very 'hyper-reality' that Baudrillard wrote of.

It is an ingenious plan that has been composed, to negate reality by blurring the distinctions that never existed. It works well in these modern times.

Gurdjieff said 'we are food for the moon'.

You (and Mckenna) say, 'we are food for the gods'.

We are food. But... I think the predator or shadow is much more a part of us by our own lack of WILL. And WILL is something that has to be developed, consciously.

The distinct choice you layed out is just that...distinct. One either wakes up or they don't. What's sad about the path is those who refuse to try.

So a couple of questions for you if you will:

1) Apocalypse - To Unveil. Do you see that the very thing they are trying to fulfill, is exactly what they don't want..?

2) Recurrence. Are you familiar? Pun intended.

3) 'Aliens'... Masks of demi-gods?

Thanks, and Keep Going.

-Be Bold and Mighty Forces Will Come Your Way - Goethe

posted on Apr, 29 2005 @ 05:47 AM
ok - ok - here we go... I will post up in sections- small and abruptly they will stop


There, There little ones …
Tools bred into and borne of man for self-imprisonment and social control.
The first tiny glimpse of the awful truth…

Over the course of our long and bloody history on earth, man has developed more than any number of hammers, chisels, steel mills and ‘robotically automated manufacturing facilities’ the tools, social frameworks and institutions for social control. That is, more specifically, for the control of the mind, the ideas, principles, belief systems, knowledge, social fabrics and piecemeal strands of information that weave together to contribute the informational foundations of the human personality.
There is scattered throughout all the ages of our earth history clear evidence of a tightly knit body of individuals whose institutionalised rule and authority has sought to withhold the keys to enlightenment and the techniques required for individual and mass spiritual evolution to themselves – or at least they have done so until now!

More so, they have purposely corrupted and misdirected the aspirations of ordinary decent people towards a grim an often corrupted ending. In the extreme, they have manipulated us into mass murder or social scenarios that just lead many to die in bloody slaughter for the wars of empire or more sickeningly ‘to preserve our or more correctly their way of life’.

To what ends?

Surely not as George Orwell suggests in ‘1984’ for power’s own sake – is that not a rather futile and self-defeating ambition since such a straight jacketed world with such sterile human aims requires the painstaking removal of intelligence, imagination and ambition from the human psyche –without which we would become hollow shells sustained without any destination or purpose.
Would we not merely become as the Morlocks in H.G Wells ‘The Time Machine. They were literally just apathetic food sustained only for a ‘hidden’ and purportedly higher species.
Furthermore, the sustained, institutionalised and perpetual decay of the human spirit as depicted in ‘1984’ would ultimately leave the ruling ‘authority’ class devoid of any suitably capable or driven individuals willing to run or police the prison. The very engine designed to knock the octane out of the human spirit would find itself starved of human fuel it requires for it’s own survival. And yet this is exactly what they are willing to allow.

Such an impulse to rule regardless of cost must have a higher aim than merely power.

Orwell having captured you early on in the book with his alarming and disturbing insights simply wrote past this point and used the condition of Winston Smith as an individual in isolation to make the point that a man can be broken down by those with sufficient determination – with that we can not argue – but who or what could break the spirits of billions of Winston Smith’s without billions of carefully bred and willing O’Brien’s to administer the process?
Chillingly, perhaps Orwell’s book is in itself a million O’Brien’s.

It seethes with the current of dementia and oppression - the book literally loathes the human race – keep that point in mind for later on you shall understand exactly why the author came to despise humanity. One could almost say it knew too much, and we could even argue that today the book is practically obsolete, it having been victoriously replaced by a billion more O’Brien’s in the form of Television. For Power then? We shall see…

For money?

What greater drive could there be than the intoxicating thrill of unlimited privilege, pleasure, power and position afforded one by wealth?
Again, after a point wealth itself becomes meaningless.
As we nosedive into the information revolution, the ancient hoards of gold are now simply vast lines of numbers on computer screens whose only true value is when they’re used to manipulate and control those without as many numbers on their computer screen. These vast amounts of ‘digital money’ no longer bear any relation to the amount of physical gold stored in vaults, and illustrate more clearly than ever the illusionary value of wealth. Money has surely never been more symbolic than ‘digital numbers’ kept ‘alive’ by electricity. It is merely a symbolic form of energy with no more value than the will to enforce it, politically and militarily. It is the means to an end not the end in itself.
The institutions of royalty, government and the church have only ever considered money as a tool. Since they already posses absolute authority and everything they desire in material form and have done so since at least the reign of the Pharaohs it is clear than money alone could not drive generations of men to war. Added to that we have the generational inertia of inherited wealth. The grandfather did stake it, the father did make it and the son he did break it. Without ceaseless innovation even the greatest wealth is not self-perpetuating.

Consider the American Federal reserve bank, itself a private banking consortium made up of a number of very old banking dynasties, whose currently owned deficit is trillions of dollars. You can see that there is no way they can ever ‘spend’ such a huge electronic total of dollars even if they could call it in, since it represents in paid labour terms nearly two years in the life of each and every American citizen alive.
Exactly when did interest paid on ‘digital wealth’ become worth the future lives of those yet to be born?

How could 8 families ever consume to such an extent the labours of an entire country? To build themselves yet another holiday home, or to buy yet another faster more luxurious automobile?
Such decadence by itself is also a decaying seed since the hedonism of ultimate indulgence leads to stagnation in intellect in the very ruling elect that manages the system. A pretty heiress with an entourage of vapid giggling beauties hardly represents a global powerbase.
Yet, is this not largely what the ruling powerbase does with it’s wealth, such examples are merely to create the illusion of incompetence or innocent facile idiocy. The riches and glamour are there to mesmerically fascinate those without it.
Overall, they use money to simply expand their operations and to sustain ‘empire’. The determination and bloodletting required to rule and retain authority, power and position that has been cleverly and carefully handed down through the ages has been far from driven by the laughable desire to wear fine silk shirts and live in castles.
Ironically again for the future of the world, rarely do good men go in search of gold.

For money then ? We shall see…

posted on Apr, 29 2005 @ 05:48 AM
So to what ends do the ever changing faces in the ever-static ruling establishments perpetuate their own existence? Why have all the institutions of power throughout history continually and forcefully manipulated the world stage to the same net effect? The names change but the game remains the same. The same structures of power always behave in exactly the same manner regardless of their founding intentions or who is currently in the driving seat.

There is an idea written and promulgated through secret doctrines that the mind with it’s ‘magical’ effect on the nature of reality and the ideas contained within the fourth dimensional space we call ‘ourselves’ can exist apart from and separate to the body is found in virtually every cultural record of our entire species.

The idea of a personal soul as an occult concept is perhaps amongst the oldest and most widely accepted ideas which we take for granted without any tangible proof, and yet regardless it has passed down in it’s understanding relatively intact throughout the generations.

The ancient occult ideas, concepts, philosophies and spiritual doctrines reveal an understanding of the universe far more sophisticated and elaborate than anything ever produced by anyone educated in the 20th century.

Today’s philosophers or even the occasional sexually obsessed psychiatrists are increasingly unable to extract their researches from the product driven material age and any attempts at genuinely new information simple ends up eventually revealing itself as a reinvention of an already ancient idea.

The recent works with any tenacity are invariably already traceable in their influence and inspirations to concepts already thousands of years old with origins that seem to pre-date recorded history. The only true ideas of ‘spirituality’ are all borne from the seeds of a far older and greater wisdom and yet we are led to believe that our ancestors were brutes, infidels and savages.
Perhaps it could be stated that, in the way a gardener knows that the correct amounts of sunlight, good soil, and water makes for healthy plants that only the correct cosmological keys, conditions and influences can help guide and unlock the divine capabilities inherent in all conscious, intelligent and sentient life.

I have no doubt whatsoever in stating quite categorically that those keys have all been rounded up many thousands of years ago and have being jealously guarded for countless generations since. This is how an empire of tyranny can be sustained for it appeals to the ego elements – it distils power and wealth as ‘trappings’, but above all of those trivial things it confers – Ultimate Universal Knowledge. It gathers in all seekers – they are like moths that fly irresistibly towards its brilliance.

Every potential Theseus eventually comes to the Minotaur if they follow that same golden thread.

And as long as you guard the gates you guard the outcome of this world.

This is the gift of Lucifer – the light bearer. Inner illumination. And it is the first revelation of this work. Our ‘shepherds’, the wardens of this world are connected to a particular current of energy or thought hidden inside our very being – access all but unattainable without first following the paths of the seeker. The grail is potentially in us all, and that is what they are counting on! It’s what gives them the knowledge to maintain control.

And bizarrely enough, it was no mystery after all - there we have the first of the true goals of mankind.
As originally and openly stated it was the cause for the fall of Adam, man, from the Garden of Eden.

Not money, not power, not lust, but a forbidden hidden secret knowledge and that is the lure which brings forth a never ending supply of fresh blood willing to submit and serve in order to control the masses.

There is of course a far darker possibility which we will discuss in greater detail in Chapter two – and that is that quite simply they have given up their freedoms and are no longer in control of their actions. To put it bluntly they are an acting host for a non-human sentient intelligence that is both malevolent and contemptuous of humanity.

Absolute total knowing is the ultimate system of perpetual control of the lesser and the ignorant. It is the foundation of all the magi systems of initiation. It is how the brotherhood of the serpent has existed and controlled the planet for thousands upon thousands of years. Wealthy families, or those with ‘ancient barbarian bloodlines’ contemptuously claim ownership over the secrets to evolution, but here truly is the foundation of all elitism.

It is why our planet is on her knees since instead of 6 billion wise and dignified divine beings living in perfect spiritual and intellectual harmony, we have a handful of ultra powerful magi guarding, concealing and shielding the truly powerful source of all knowledge. They rejoice in witnessing their fellow brethren splash in the mud gasping for meaning as they jealously guard the mysteries and the protection of their own existence.

They intentionally have to sterilise our dreams and ambitions into the struggle and attachments of materialism and of earthly pleasures. For to release the techniques of knowledge and the dark secret they truly conceal would mean the end to the pyramid of distributed knowledge, control and the seductive granted power. If capitalism and totalitarianism has a collective name then surely it would have to be luciferianism but that is not to say it is what all others have refereed to in the past.

Luciferianism as we will eventually discover is an umberella term for a collection of non-human techniques for connecting a ‘guiding elite’ to a significantly higher and hidden power, for the express purpose of nurturing a weak and needy mankind – so that they maybe prepared for their true purpose. It is the umbrella from under which they all sit and watch the masses get cold and wet as the centuries tick by.

They are all intellectual forms of rule and hence by proxy reveal their very source: Luciferic initiation. And here lies the first of the twin trails and later we shall reveal how it works, manifests and reveals itself. I shall even show you how to find it and pursue it- if that is what you truly desire – for truly they care not who arrives at their gates since arrival automatically constitutes readiness.

However, since the miracle of life, the hidden and eternal cosmic fountain of life is neither understood, controlled or regulated by these very same invisible priests of power it is patently obvious they have no more knowledge about it’s ultimate source or it’s purpose than anyone else. They merely restrict access to it, and behind them you will find the gateway to the second trail, but there are other ways of finding it. In many cases they genuinely believe they have tapped the one true divine godhead, but indeed as we shall see it is most definitely not the god you or I should like to have wandering around inside our minds eye.

Mankind, like the great pyramids of Giza, stands universally alone in defiance of applied reason.
We are a vast impenetrable mystery from beyond recorded history. Each man stands alone, a vessel of the almighty secret, mortally fragile and unable to explain or understand little of his purpose, his higher corpus of knowledge and his origin and yet a brotherhood of seemingly unrelated individuals will perpetually seek to manipulate mankind towards a darker selfish state of being. We are taught by the metaphor of the animal – the survival of the fittest - to be cruel from a young age so that we tolerate the instruments of cruelty used upon us later in life.

Our intellectual peers and their ancestors, on the surface at least, apparently no longer capable of developing or understanding the secrets of the universe spend their time creating an endless variety of speculations to explain mankind’s existence. In the public gaze they have all but given up trying to elevate ordinary men to a better way of life and with the arrival of the industrial age have fully engaged most of mankind into the doctrine of secularism and the self-gratification of pure existence.
A few cranks occasionally throw us a bone or two and trumpet the occasional ‘meaning of life’ book – but they are mere flash effects, sterile empty answers posing more questions than they had before they read the book - designed to momentarily daze the public eyes, and send them more perplexed than ever back to their busy life’s, never to contemplate the ‘mysteries again’. They are told the truth lies in outer space or perhaps in black holes justified by pages of dubious theoretical mathematics understandable only by a mere handful of scientific genius’.

A myriad of camouflaged speculations each more complex than the previous come winging their ways from the presses throughout the world. All sterilising a certain avenue of thought or alternatively carefully laying down golden crumbs for the earnest and trusty grail seeker to plunder in his hapless journey towards the light.

However, as we examine closer the murky underpinnings of this plastic arena of pleasure we now live in, we can begin to unpick the barely visible strands of this most ancient of programmes.
Those associated with it have always referred to the purpose of their lives to be somehow connected to something they elusively call ‘ The Great Work’.

What is this ‘Great Work’ cryptically referred to by the alchemists and magicians of old. Why have these mysterious ancestors of modern science, medicine and religion always been inseparably linked to royalty and the ruling dynasties?

And yet I state this quite clearly now – if you were to think we are controlled because of or by a ruling royal bloodline – you would be very wrong.

Why all the secrecy?

posted on Apr, 29 2005 @ 05:51 AM
If the key’s to the doors of man’s true nature appear well and truly locked and are, as many would have us believe, simply lost why is it so many appear to have tried and even opened them!

What we will find out through the course of this book is that those who have attempted to open them from within, from inner space, have discovered that something else is perhaps living amongst us now - and always has been.

It is how ordinary men, of no previous stature or inheritance can suddenly rise or achieve temporal earthly power. And it would seem that we are now living in an age where the very establishments that rule over us are fuelling a social programme that on the surface of it aims to open all our doors simultaneously, automatically and perhaps not entirely against our very will.

What is also rarely discussed or revealed is what actually lies on the other side of those doors of space and time that exist within our minds. As Edgar Cayce said about the pyramids and the sphinx ‘there will come a time when men will find beneath the Sphinx access to the great hall of records’. Was he speaking literally or alluding to a state of mind? The riddle of the sphinx famously and cryptically refers to ‘the riddle of man’.

Who or what beckons us to unlock and enter into those timeless corridors of our ageless subconscious, and exactly which door will we be opening and what manner of life forms lurks behind? All our associated ideas of the occult, of witches and monsters have been attached to those doors by the very forces that teach and guide or innocent and trusting young minds.

Being thoroughly modern and sophisticated, we tend to think that the ideas and beliefs we hold, repeat to others and live our lives by are separately and uniquely formed over the years by carefully filtering and rejecting ideas or principles that displease us. We firmly believe that somehow we are ‘in control’ of our thoughts and that ‘the little voice in our head’ is still actually part of us.

It is as if Einstein consciously willed into existence the theory of reality and there was no chance of failure, but bear this in mind Einstein was once just a man who failed his basic exams before he suddenly rose to incredible and almost infinite knowledge.

However, the control of knowledge and personality has been with us since the very beginning, perhaps even before language. Iconography and symbolism occurred precisely the moment primitive man first recognised his own footprint in wet clay.

There is no area of the human psyche that is not under constant assault, especially in the modern world where political spin, empty marketing rhetoric and every form of media has literally become a 24 hour onslaught of ‘high level concepts’ designed to buy their way into your mind.
Our mass media is driven to infiltrate our minds with unrelenting efficiency and saturate us with its intoxicating mix of empty throwaway knowledge.
Universities are even awarding degrees in the science of media manipulation.

The techniques of influence are the subject of social experiments and are tortuously reduced to the form and rules of a science by ‘think tanks’ hidden silently and innocuously on the outskirts of sleeping British country villages or verdant American plantations.

What is evident, however, and much to their surprise is that every now and again a golden thread winds it’s way into a particular book, movie or picture that carries far more meaning than perhaps a surface or cursory review would lead one to image. It carries a signal older and more profound than perhaps it’s authors or producers even knew when they assembled the piece. This is one of the results of partial ‘illumination’. The accidental subconscious revelation of aspects related to the ‘Great Work’ to the human race collectively.
There are many cases of such people throughout history who have actually stumbled into or across such areas of information that they would have preferred not to reveal publicly. However, there are far more who are ‘privately’ seeking or are connected to certain organisations of the brotherhood and so the source of their nocturnal ‘astral insights’ can do nothing but that to leak out in their works. Thus perpetuating the mystery and the growth of followers.
These mysterious threads when seen, picked up and followed reveal an entirely different level of understanding; they are the paths of the labyrinth, perhaps even part of a plan to our otherwise utterly irrational planetary carousel.
What we find in the history of man is that certain individuals have left clues for those fortunate, committed enough or somehow otherwise inclined to spot them.
The paths to a vast body of knowledge have been embossed into our planetary landscape like a ‘tromp de oeil’ painting. For many they only see a wall but for others there is door but it is merely painted to look like the wall. The exit signs above such doors wait eternally throughout time –such silent clues are like ochre coloured salamanders basking in the open sunshine on craggy stone walls, then as a stranger, a human, approaches they jump into bushes - quickly automatically changing their skin to a dusky dark green – and probably for good reason.
But, if one searches hard enough the crumbs, like we would hope in the old Hansel and Gretel tale, they promise to guide us out of the dark dangerous woods and into the realms of unimaginable possibility.
However, it seems to spice the game up a little there appears to be two possible outcomes – indeed two paths, two labyrinths that intertwine infinitely. One leads to darkness and one leads to light. And the masters of darkness seemingly plant their own crumbs with such exquisite fineness that our journey is not so much one of hacking our way through man eating Triffids but rather an beautiful lush overgrown garden of rare and exotic flowers.

Question: Have you ever asked yourself which path do you want to be on and is that the path you are actually on?

Remember: Only your actions reveal your true path; not your desires or your perceived self-image. Look back for a moment at your footsteps in time and see where you have been, what you have done and where a continuance of the trend will take you.
Only then shall you be able to identify who you really were and who you are to become as you shake off your acquired personality traits. Only then can you measure any kind of progress. At this moment in history, (and this point in the book), if your making positive, spiritual progress, or intend to, then that is something you should be immensely pleased about – since it puts you in a remarkably rare place on this earth right now.

Perhaps: Ignore getting trapped or hung up on terms like light or darkness, and especially the empire building catchall phrase ‘ the ends justify the means’ and think only in terms of decency, integrity, compassion and empathy.

Think: Beyond your human existence what kind of being do you really want to be? Forget what ‘civilisation’ tells you that people should be and become only what you believe to be pure.

To put the twin trails into perhaps the most eloquent and powerful context I could do no better than to quote in full a lengthy and extended passage from Anthony Roberts ‘The cosmology of the Grail: An Arthurian Study – 1977 in which he uncovers in great details and with fantastic insight the eternal aspects of the grail myths and more specifically that of Parsifal.

“The adventures, both temporal and spiritual, of the Arthurian knight Parsifal are among the most important to any study of Grail Mythology.

The young Knight begins his quest as a very worldly seeker and gradually refines his spirit through a series of what can only be termed thinly disguised alchemical allegories. He is constantly beset by false trails, blind alleys and the insinuatingly hallucinatory deflections of incarnate Evil. But through humility, hard work and fiercely individual spiritual growth, Parsifal wins through a form of harmonic, metaphysical equilibrium, the real achievement of the Grail.

For the spiritual Grail is really the ‘Cosmic Fountainhead’ into which and from which all spirituality flows. It is the matrix of God!.

The earliest extant form of the Parsifal myth appeared in the work Conte Del Graal written down by the French poet Chretien de Troyes in 1180 A.D. But the tale is far older than the 12th century. Just as the ‘Beowulf’ legend is a great deal more ancient than it’s 8th century codification, being based on universal themes of the struggle between good and evil, so the initiatory aspects of ‘Parsifal’ stretch back towards a dim, somewhat shamanistic indo-European ancestry. The story is found throughout all western European cultures.

In Wales the protagonist is known as Peredur. In France Perlesvaus. In England Perceval, etc. In the French version ‘Perlesvaus’, first set down in 1200 A.D, a weird finale has the enlightened seeker visiting an enchanted western island full of incredible sages of vast age and total wisdom, boasting long hair ‘whiter than the new fallen snow’. These sound suspiciously like Druids and the whole conception seems to be a Christianised version of the pagan Celtic ‘other-world’, so well documented in earliest myth.
The tale reaches its apogee of creativity in the German ‘Parzival’, written between 1200 and 1212 by the famous ‘minnesinger’ (troubadour) Wolfram von Eschenbach. Von Eschenbach, an untutored but psychically brilliant Bavarian knight, again gathered up the strands of very old oral traditions and wove them into a glittering mythico-spiritual tapestry. It was this tapestry that so much later inspired Richard Wagner to score his superlative opera. The following collective synopsis of the myth is based on von Eschenbach and his contemporaries, filtered through Wagner’s more particular refinements and clarifications for our modern era.

Parsifal’s father is a grand knight who is killed in battle and the boy goes to live with his mother in wild, mountainous country. He grows kindly but uncouth and after meeting some of King Arthur’s knights leaves his mother’s hearth and journeys to the royal court of Grail knights at Camelot. His mother then dies of a broken heart. The young knight decides (as atonement) to seek the Grail and embarks on a journey of self-discovery that entails many weird magical adventures. He meets giants and overcomes them; then meets mythical beasts and slays them; he encounters demonic entities and beautiful damsels; he kills a huge lion guarding a black castle, etc. He is continuously confronted with terrible wastelands and strangely contoured (geomantic) landscapes. He rides down straight and narrow tracks (leys). He visits the castle of the mysteriously maimed Fisher King and does not ask the right question concerning the Grail. After countless failures and ensuing spiritual refinements Parsifal finally asks the correct question, experiences the Grail and (in some versions) heals and takes over from the Fisher King.

It is in the German account by Wolfram von Eschenbach that some of these motifs (dramatically changed) give indications of the real struggle between good and evil. Von Eschenbach’s ‘Parzival’ opens in the castle of the Guardians of the Grail, built upon the top of the holy mountain, Mount Salvat. The Grail, being the fountainhead of all earthly (and heavenly) good, radiates and aura of benediction and fertility that turns the precincts of the castle into an earthly paradise, a veritable Garden of Eden.
All forms of trees, plants and flowers flourish and all sentient life-forms (including the lower animals) exist side by side in a happy, harmonic balance. The leader of the Grail Knights Anfortas lies grievously wounded after a battle with the black magician Klingsor and no one can alleviate his suffering. This Klingsor is an earthly tool of the Dark Forces, demonic entities who seek to pervert the perfection of God into a hideous reflection of their own twistedly evil ruin. They have fused powers into Klingsor and enabled him to build a blasphemous mockery of the Grail Castle in a nearby valley. The black wizard had converted what was once a poisonous wasteland into a seductive counterfeit of paradise, strongly emphasized towards an earthly, sexual licence of promiscuous self-indulgence. Klingsor’s garden is a sick parody of true perfection, populated by lustful maidens ( succubi) who weave illusory spells to trap the unwary. Many knights have been lured by Klingsor’s garden (and it’s denizens) into forsaking their Higher selves, and wickedly indulging their lower instincts. Anfortas sallied forth to fight Klingsor, carrying the Sacred Lance, the spear that pierced Christ’s side on the cross so releasing his dual essence (blood and ‘water’) into the earth to encompass it’s full physical and spiritual salvation. But by a ruse Klingsor seizes the spear and strikes Anfortas his dolorous blow, wounding him in the groin.
Into this tense situation comes the innocent and questing knight, Parzival. He meets Anfortas, learns of the Grail and then undertakes to regain the Holy Lance and vanquish Klingsor and his evil dupes. Parzival rides to the beautifully disguised Hell and almost succumbs to it’s tempting blandishments. But by a supreme spiritual effort he overcomes his lower self, and, mastering his baser instincts, fuses their energizing potency into his higher spirituality, so becoming invincible. Parzival seizes the spear from Klingsor and makes the sign of the cross. Instantly the black wizard vanished, his false edifice crumbles and the tainted gardens wither and die. The knight, now in a state of grace, rides back to the real Grail Castle. The journey however takes seven years, allowing the development of the travellers soul to encompass it’s various stages of etheric evolution. Finally, Parzival comes back to Mount Salvat and heals the bleeding wound of Anfortas with the tip of the Sacred Lance. The mission is accomplished and the Holy grail ( in this instance described as a magic stone or crystal) blazes in triumph from the mountain-top and gradually spreads it’s divine effulgence over the whole world.

From the foregoing the whole ‘Parsifal’ kaleidoscope can be seen to have it’s roots in elements of universal myth that reach back to the dawn of human spiritual recognizance. There are elements that echo many basic Indo-European hero/initiation tales, such as those of Theseus, Cyrus, Perseus and even Romulus and Remus. There are deeper elements that hint at the Isis/Osiris cult in Epypt and there are strong vegetation God undertones of the Ishtar/Tammuz variety that delve back to the great prehistoric religion of the Goddess. This is proved by the fact that Parsifal has regular dealings with three women, his mother, his wife and the ‘loathly Damsel’ ( in von Eschenbach called Kundrie), all aspects of the great Triple Goddess so assiduously sought by Robert Graves. The crux of the story is that evil can always be overcome by love, fortitude and purity in the order! The horror loosed upon the world by the Dark Forces, using Klingsor as their focus, is a horror that can be removed when it’s empty and illusory nature is divined.
Von Eschenbach makes the telling point that in his early days Klingsor had been caught fornicating with a married lady whose husband had then castrated him, so ensuring that all further sexual pleasures had to be vicarious.
The meaning of this is that the power of Evil is always a sterile power, having no real creativity of it’s own but always being forced to mock (and blaspheme) the true fertilising creativity of God.

The ‘Klingsorian forces’ that seek to entrap humanity through corruption of good and perversion of innocence can be dispelled by recourse to the benignant love of God, crystallized in the spiritual powers that fuse through the Holy Grail, that bridging vessel of High Heaven that works in the world and beyond. It must be emphasized that the quest is a highly individual undertaking and the seeker must never abrogate responsibility to any spurious ‘leader’ or stray from the path of an intense self-discipline leavened by an inner knowledge of the need for spiritual growth.”

As you can see from the telling of that particular myth – the various aspects of our existence have far more depth than merely the concealment of a few secrets. Here we find that myth and magic, good and evil, control, power, and above all illusion are inherently embedded into our earthly experience and the experience of the grail quest is not as certain modern literary establishment figures would have us believe ‘non of our business’ or alternatively ‘ best left in the hands of superior intelligences’.

The pursuit of the Grail and the personal spiritual evolution of the soul is the earthly birthright of every last living being – any authority figure that tells you otherwise is more than likely planning your demise or your absolute corruption.

The archetypal myth is apparent everywhere and represents the more conscious re-working of a well know and understood initiation myth complex. A more modern telling of the Arthurian story, the Parzival myth is George Lucas’s ‘Star Wars’. All the parts are there, the young knight Parzival (Luke Skywalker), the wise old warrior teacher who falls at the sword of Klingsor (Anfortas, Obi Wan Kenobi and Darth Vader respectively) , the hidden ‘Dark Forces’. Through only the purest spiritual growth of Luke Skywalker can he finally overcome Darth Vader and ultimately the Dark Forces. Of course the thing about myths is that it’s hard to relate them to real life as they can be interpreted in a thousand different ways.
Well, in many ways the myths are psychological weapons and training guides, and we’ll discuss that later in the book, however, what we can begin to see is that such forces or more correctly entities that mask themselves behind the guise of such ‘forces’ have seemingly been manifesting themselves in our world for eons and do inspire both the battles of the dark and light side

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One only has to think of the priesthoods of Egypt and how their varied mix of deity, magic and medicine or the complex inherited theory’s of the afterlife has leaked into nearly all scientific or religion thought to recognise that the sophisticated ruling authority always maintained the illusion of mystery and perpetuated it’s existence by the deliberate masking of information.
Just consider the extremes of ceremony and ritual practiced during the burial of kings! Pyramids and processions abound throughout time.
Consider what Manly P Hall, 33rd degree mason and author of many fine esoteric and ‘illuminated’ books has to say on the subject of pyramids:

“Through the mystic passageways and chambers of the Great pyramid passed the illumined of antiquity. They entered its portals as men; they came forth as gods. It was the place of the ‘second birth’, the ‘womb of the mysteries’ and wisdom dwelt in it as God dwells in the hearts of men. Somewhere in the depths of its recesses there resided an unknown being who was called ‘The initiator’, or ‘The illustrious one’, robed in blue and gold and bearing in his hand the sevenfold key of Eternity. This was the lion faced hierophant, the holy one, the master of masters, who never left the house of Wisdom and whom no man ever saw save he who passed through the gates of preparation and purification. It was in these chambers that Plato- he of the broad brow- came face to face with the wisdom of the ages personified in the Master of the hidden house.”

He goes on to reveal precisely what the master of the hidden house was to reveal…

”The power to know his guardian spirit was revealed to the new initiate; the method of disentangling his material body from his divine vehicle was explained; and to consummate the magnum opus there was revealed the divine name- the secret and unutterable designations of the supreme deity, by the very knowledge of which man and his god are made consciously one. With the giving of the name, the new initiate became himself a pyramid, within the chambers of whose soul numberless other human beings might also receive spiritual enlightenment’
It is also noted that if the coffer in the Kings Chamber be struck, the sound emitted has no counterpart in any known musical scale.

You may want to put a small fold in this page right now because later towards the end of the book when I reveal what the guardians of a new forthcoming world religion has to say about the subject of Initiation you will be literally flabbergasted to see how far through time these ideas have travelled and how they have been re-worked into a modernised techno-savvy variant and yet have lost NONE of their potency or inner meaning.

Finally he adds the following rather profound and prophetic words;

‘Though the modern world may know a million secrets, the ancient world knew one – and that one was greater than the million; for the million secrets breed death, disaster, sorrow, selfishness, lust and avarice, but the one secret confers lights, lights and truth. The time will come when the secret wisdom shall again be the dominating religious and philosophical urge of the world. The day is at hand when the doom of dogma shall be sounded.’.

Sadly, we find that virtually all religion – which one would ordinarily assume to be a universal gift of wisdom and teaching for all, available freely and without cost, appears to be under the control of the same ruling minds that incredulously also control the armies, the money and the laws of this world.
How grand and uplifting the words of Manly P hall sound in our decadent modern age where the quest for none other than fine houses, an inspired career, fancy clothes, fast cars, and some good ‘investment opportunities’ appear to be all that men now aspire to. How many seekers would such words inspire throughout the ages?
The age of the ego is complete and rules the desires and minds of men to their last dying breath.

It is worth at this point outlining the subtle difference between Initiation and Illuminism. Whilst the former can and mostly does indeed lead to the latter we will see that the initiation of Parzival was heralded as one of divine evolution, an alignment of his own personal path with the mystical energies of the divine, whereas persistently we find that time and time again Illuminism is the apparent giving over of oneself to another higher controlling influence. Christina M Stoddart, one time head of an occult group formed from the golden Dawn, states “Illuminism by means of the Astral light; produced by, and leading to hypnotic obsession by, these same Masters”.
This idea of Ascended Masters mirrors perfectly the very institutes and deployment of rule, power and authority both political and religious we have on earth. Are we truly surprised to find that this philosophy of knowledge extends ‘ethereally’? That should be your first clue as to who rules our rulers and is one step towards the true game on earth.
Given that news, I suppose we are expected to gracefully accept the idea that in whatever form of existence we extend our consciousness into be it material or spiritual we will always have to bow down to some form of hierarchical chain of authority. This is an important point to understand because it underlines the universality of certain principles of distributed knowledge and thus power. In order to get to the lake you have to follow the river, and it would appear that universally the banks of the river have their bridges, damns and monstrous ferrymen.
Clearly, then if even something as conceptual as the ‘right to rule’ and the pyramidal ‘source of divine knowledge’ has at it’s core certain elemental laws as ‘know thy place’ or ‘only through an ascended master may you rise’ then it certainly must follow that something as blatant and established as ‘the food chain’ must surely and equally have it’s own universal laws regardless of the species or physical/spiritual constitution of the life-form.

The distinction between the two paths, whilst seemingly clear-cut on the surface, quickly becomes a hammer and anvil for all but the purest of souls. The prize of the Grail being both a reward and purpose are seemingly at conflict. Perhaps this is the ultimate goal at the root of all influence and mystical pursuit.
Von Eschenbachs description of the Grail is of such appeal that few men could deny or resist it’s lure. This is the paradox – to find the Grail to desire the Grail, to desire ensures failure.
It is as T.S Elliot puts it “The last temptation is the greatest treason, to do the right deed for the wrong reason”.
Parzival would so easily have fallen from the righteous path if Elliot’s criteria were applied, knowing the reward to be as Eschenbach say’s;

“a stone of purest kind. If you do not know it, it shall be named to you. It is called Lapsit Exillis. By the power of that stone the phoenix burns to ashes, but the ashes give him life again. Thus does the phoenix moult and change its plumage, which afterwards is bright and shining and as lovely as before. There never was a human so ill but that, if he one day sees that stone, he cannot die within the week that follows. And in looks he will not fade. His appearance will stay the same, be it maid or man, as on the day he saw the stone, the same as when the best years of his life began, and though he should see the stone for two hundred years, it will never change, save that his hair might perhaps turn grey. Such power does the stone give a man that flesh and bones are at once made young again. The stone is also called the Grail”.

Perhaps now we can see the ‘stone from the heavens’ is indeed a powerful seducer. The stakes are indeed high.

Are you still so sure which path your on and why?

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Although we have runic examples of the complex, arcane and secret magical language of the druids, their perplexing initiation ceremonies, their herb craft or even the forgotten or lost, believed magical, techniques of moving and assembling the vast monoliths and megaliths found all over the world it is evident that there is a body of information that was never revealed to the public.
It was and always has been held out of sight by the priesthoods and secret societies and the academics being capable of such extended periods of dry study will always be the torchbearers of profound logic and contemptibly provable reason. What the priesthoods cannot deny the professors will run dry.
In Balbeck, in what was once called Persia – today Iraq – there lies the ruins of an ancient stone temple of which a single terrace stone weighs in at a staggering 20,000 tonnes. Yes, that’s right 20,000 tonnes. Is it surprising then that even today when such feats are virtually beyond our technical, let alone commercially driven economic capability, that such mysteries retain an enigmatic hold over the public’s imagination. Such feats and fantasies are routinely used as part of a cleverly concealed mystique that surrounds the ‘divine right to rule’. No more are they offered to the purest seeker as a guiding lamp of salvation. Now they have been twisted, corrupted by narrow minded historians who have fallen into the trap of flattering the vanity of ancient authority simply because it held power. Their words stand like ‘detour signs’ hastily erected at the gates of knowledge to misguide the genuine seeker. All their efforts are meant to convince us that history is ample evidence and suitable validation to any man that might challenge them that they are and always have been the rightful guardians of power and authority. They are monuments to power and none shall smear their glory.

However, just recently a perspective has evolved which has most convinced that any knowledge from a few thousand years ago is merely old and useless because, for example, next to the workings of the microchip anything ancient can have little or no commercial value.

However, ample evidence exists to suggest that a single ‘occult’ civilisation spawned the Mayan, Egyptian, Greek and Babylonian cultures achieved levels centuries beyond even the 21st century and that it rose and fell many thousands of years ago. That civilisation was Atlantis, and myth or reality whatever secrets Plato’s discourse on it may contain has never yet been realised with any certainty.

It is easy to see, if there was an actual Atlantis and it was destroyed how our slow rise back to a comparable level could be carefully controlled, if the knowledge and techniques previously attained in that previous ‘golden age ‘ by a ‘publicly unacknowledged civilisation’ were hidden and available only to the ruling classes.
How unchallengeable, arrogant and merciless could such an authority become? With such a body of knowledge hidden by initiation from ordinary men, those in possession would assuredly be masters of the world and could drip feed ideas as and when they felt like ‘accelerating’ progress as and when it suited their higher plan. Even today stories abound from the UFO fringe about the secret military ‘black budget’ programmes conducted in the vast deserts of Arizona where designs for aircraft 50 years in advance of anything even remotely hinted at today are frequently glimpsed or hinted at. Could such technology sit hidden in waiting for the next ‘revolution’ or pre-designated turn of the wheel, and at some seemingly random moment a breakthrough will be announced’ just in time’ and naturally will usher in the next civilisation and in exactly the direction desired.

Consider the following fascinating story from within the pages of a book called ‘The Dawn of Magic’ which, if true, illustrates the point precisely and set’s the tone for the whole scenario we are slowly uncovering. The ‘dawn of Magic’ was itself a pre-runner in the style of Chariots of the gods and together with hundreds of other counter-culture anti-establishment ideas formed part of the energising movement of civil liberation known as the ‘swinging 60’s’.

In it a young Jacques Bergier, co-author of the book, was studying nuclear physics under one of Europe’s leading scientists Andre Hellbronner (who was later shot for his great work!).

Bergier claims a mysterious stranger visited him one day. He later concluded (incredibly and, in my opinion, quite without foundation) that he had been in the presence of a man called Fulcanelli, a mysterious and legendary figure in the circles of Masonic, Rosicrucian and alchemic histories. What ever he may have been in reality, once in print he becomes nothing less than an archetypal Man in Black figure and so should be treated with such caution as their deviant heritage accords.
This MIB suggested that western science was on the verge of finding the ultimate structure of all matter. The forces, which would then become available, would imperil the whole planet. I would suggest it represents nothing less than a nudge in the right direction rather than a ‘veiled warning’?
This is the exchange of information between Bergier and the ‘mysterious stranger’:

“M Andre Hellbronner, whose assistant I believe you are, is carrying out research on nuclear energy. M Hellbronner has been good enough to keep me informed as to the results of some of his experiments, notably the appearance of radio-activity corresponding to plutonium when a bismuth rod is volatized by an electric discharge in deuterium at high pressure. You are on the brink of success, as indeed are several other of our scientists today. May I be allowed to warn you to be careful? The research in which you and your colleagues are engaged is fraught with terrible dangers, not only for yourselves, but for the whole human race.
The liberation of atomic energy is easier than you think, and the radioactivity artificially produced can poison the atmosphere of our planet in the space of a few years. Moreover, atomic explosives can be produced from a few grammes of metal powerful enough to destroy whole cities. I am telling you this as a fact: the alchemists have known it for a very long time.
I know what you are going to say, but it’s of no interest. The alchemists were ignorant of the structure of the nucleus, knew nothing about electricity and had no means of detection. Therefore they have never been able to perform and transmutation, still less liberate nuclear energy. I shall not attempt to prove to you what I am going to say, but I ask you to repeat it to M Hellbronner: certain geometrical arrangements of highly purified materials are enough to release atomic forces without having recourse to either electricity or vacuum techniques. I will merely read to you a short extract …”
He then picked up Frederick Soddy’s The interpretation of Radium and read as follows: “ I believe that there have been civilisations in the past that were familiar with atomic energy, and that by misusing it they were totally destroyed.”
He then continued: “ I would ask you to believe that certain techniques have partially survived. I would also ask you to remember that the alchemists’ researches were coloured by moral and religious preoccupations, whereas modern physics was created in the 18th century for their amusement by a few aristocrats and wealthy libertines. Science without a conscience…. I have thought it my duty to warn a few research workers here and there, but have no hope of seeing this warning prove effective. For that matter, there is no reason why I should have any hope”.
Bergier has never been able to forget the sound of that precise incisive voice, speaking with such authority.
I ventured to put another question: “If you are an alchemist yourself sir, I cannot believe you spend your time fabricating gold like Dunikovski or Dr Miethe. For the last year I have been trying to get information about alchemy, and find myself surrounded by impostors or hearing what seem to be fantastic interpretations. Now can you, sir, tell me what is the nature of your researches?”
“You ask me to summarize for you in four minutes for thousand years of philosophy and the efforts of a lifetime. Furthermore, you ask me to translate into ordinary language concepts for which such a language is not intended. All the same, I can tell you this much: you are aware that in the official science of today the role of the observer becomes more and more important. Relativity, the principle of indeterminacy, shows the extent to which the observer today intervenes in all these phenomena. The secret of alchemy is this: there is a way of manipulating matter and energy so as to produce what modern scientists call ‘a field of force’. The field acts on the observer and puts him in a privileged position vis-à-vis the universe. From this position he has access to the realities, which are ordinarily hidden from us by time and space, matter and energy. This is what we call ‘The Great Work.”
“But what about the philosophers stone? The fabrication of gold?”
“These are only applications, particular cases. The essential thing is not the transmutation of metals, but that of the experimenter himself. It’s an ancient secret that a few men rediscover once in a century”

According to Masonic and Rosicrucian literature Fulcanelli was a descendant member of a former French royal family the Valois, (no surprise there then), who were kings from 1328 to 1589.
Apparently Fulcanelli succeeded in making the stone when he was 72 in 1928, and at the time of writing ‘the dawn of magic’ in 1974 he was still alive at the age of 118 – but with the appearance of a man of 45!

As remarkable as the legendary tales of Fulcanelli appear to be the acknowledgment that such a figure could have actually existed requires either a direct personal meeting with the man, or an extended state of faith beyond anything normal everyday life would expect of us.
The way the possibility of his achievements, knowledge and existence on our earth is outlined in the story is perhaps yet another clue to the seemingly ‘hidden’ world of the ruling controlling class.
It would also seem to suggest a group of individuals is moving behind the scenes of history that is unbound by our human lifespan.
This story contains all the elements required to maintain and perpetuate the idea of the truly divine almost super-human elect who tirelessly lurk behind the scenes ensuring the progress of mankind stays exactly on their chosen path – they already possesses the hidden knowledge that ‘mortal’ men are only just discovering, they have a paternal guiding wisdom, divine ruling heritage, they mythically link together in the minds of men ‘gold, magic and royalty’, and on top of that it’s just a darn plain good yarn full of mysterious ambiguity. In short they allude to being the kind of very individuals that may well have undergone the initiation in the pyramids outlined by Manly P Hall or have achieved the ultimate attainment in the acquisition of Von Eschenbachs ‘Grail stone’. They are the bridge - neither men nor god. This is critical since it outlines a status ordinarily only afforded to Angels. In short they are no longer human. They are beings that can transcend the limitations of time and space and communicate with ‘a higher force’, alluding to the notion of immortality and that they are charged with a ‘divine task’. These figures are virtually interchangeable with the role of an ascended master.

The book ‘Egyptian Magic’ suggests quite seriously the possibility of such higher states of being:

“There is every reason to suppose that only those who had received some grade of initiation were mummified; for it is certain that, in the eyes of the Egyptians, mummification effectually prevented reincarnation. Reincarnation was necessary to imperfect souls, to those who had failed to pass the tests of initiation; but for those who had the will and the capacity to enter the Secret Adytum, there was seldom necessity for that liberation of the soul, which is said to be effected by the destruction of the body. The body of the initiate was therefore preserved after death as a species of Talisman or material basis for the manifestation of the soul upon earth.”.

Manly P Hall adds, rather unsurprisingly, “During the period of it’s inception mummification was limited to the Pharaoh and such other persons of royal rank as presumably partook of the attributes of the great Osiris, the divine, mummified King of the Egyptian Underworld.”

Where are those Pharaohs now? If they are somehow still, as is suggested, tied to the earth by their talismanic mummified corpses could we find evidence of their never ending rule?

Rather absurdly, if Fulcanelli did not, nor did he ever exist it would actually be equally alarming since it would demonstrate and confirm that the existence of such figures, of which there are dozens scattered throughout the annals of the occult literature, be they figurative representations or based in part on actual physical individuals are nothing more than deliberately embellished anecdotes and therefore self-aggrandisements of an age old manipulative ‘con’ job. They would join in their part of a far darker ‘Great Work’ played out to hold onto control of authority and manipulate the world stage and it’s ‘stock’.

Given that history has established that such aforementioned nuclear research eventually actualised the existence of a nuclear bomb we would have to concede that speculation aside ‘a corpus’ of technologically orientated knowledge sufficiently advanced to achieve the aforementioned goal was quite clearly made available within just a few years of that alleged meeting. Yet again the side of the controlling hierarchy incredibly receives the boon, if you can call it that, of the atomic bomb, and as history as proved such attainments have singularly never reach the minds of the ‘unenlightened peace loving peasants’.

It is not without reason that the guardians of such ancient secrets promote and justify the concealment of their craft with the phrase ‘cast ye not pearls before swine’.

Bergier’s bizarre account also clearly raises another idea that the ‘artificial’ or scientific release/transmutation of energy and power creates poison and toxicity. It would certainly explain the polluted world we seem to be creating today - the Klingsorian counterfeit kingdom desperately masking the toxic decay our technological excess is reaping. What physiological changes are we currently undergoing due to the release of such phenomenal amounts of occult energy into this world?
The implication from alchemy per se is that such ‘mortal endeavours’ are in direct conflict with a more mysterious almost religious form of energy that is obtained by release of magic and alchemy only under the pursuance of a strictly divine plan. The geometric arrangement of certain purified elements he says!
However, the most revelatory statement comes at the end. ‘The Great Work’ of all the ages, of all magic, alchemy and human endeavour is the ‘transmutation’ of man, and with that potentially all of mankind as well, - into what is never disclosed or elaborated on but ‘changed’ never-the-less – and perhaps we shall yet reveal discover in the pages of this very book what it is exactly that the ‘new Atlantean’s’ are really up to!! Perhaps, now we can accept Von Eschenbachs ‘grail’ to be something other than a material reward.
Nor should we consider the ‘undisclosed’ sneaking about throughout history of such wise men with fantastic bodies of knowledge as something to celebrate. The world ‘Transmutation’ could easily be replaced with ‘harvesting’ and given their shadowy conduct, condescending contempt of human ‘swine’ and the illustrious history of bloodshed and war why should we expect anything other than a grand and glorious trap?

Regardless, it would most definitely appear that all authority, wealth and power has derived from the evolution, control and possession of knowledge and it’s spin-off technology. Be that physical, technical or psychological. I think it is clear enough to suggest that at the very least the path towards Black magic is in the control, acquisition and selective distribution of knowledge. In history as in myth it is evident that at many times in our past certain peaks of development have been attained which have been lost, forgotten or withdrawn from the public mind. Atlantis, of course is the principle high water mark in this respect. There are more than enough volumes covering ancient artefacts, lost civilisations and suppressed knowledge to substantiate a ‘no smoke without fire’ conclusion.

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Occult information and knowledge has always been highly coveted and vast portions of lore were never written down. They existed only in mind passed on by word of mouth. In many cases the corpus of the work was made gloriously open and sits directly in the public eye as coded allegories, meaningless hieroglyphics, obscure esoteric arts or veiled symbolic literature mockingly crafted to lead the uninitiated astray or allude to a greater and wiser force forever out of the reach of ordinary everyday folk.
It was this transference of knowledge by selection that lead to the origination of most secret societies – most if not all of them with royal patronage, and it is this fact alone that has ensured that the same system of ‘rule by divinity ‘ has never yet been transcended or deposed. They evidently had secrets to hide, and even today most still trace a line right back to those early times – back to those mysterious Egyptian or Babylonian priesthoods and to as we have hinted a civilisation steeped in myth which existed long before those – Atlantis.

And what of the knowledge of the stars carefully guarded and concealed in mysterious stone texts by the early Maya, Inca and other South American tribes. How do we explain such astrological prowess, given modern science won’t even acknowledge the discovery of the telescope until the middle ages!.
In fact even the Inca’s inherited a good deal of their knowledge from an earlier source. The temple builders of Tiahuanaco certainly must have had some wonderful secrets to be able to build such monumental structures so high up in the Andes. Think of the advanced mathematical knowledge concealed in the pyramids and you will see that the information inherently required to attain such an evolution of building technique to even facilitate the construction far surpasses the actual ‘monkey see monkey do’ of physically building a pyramid from basic plans. However magnificent it maybe to see thousands of men hewing stone, the real genius lies in the pure mathematics that are embedded in the form, and of course, the mere creation of it as a temple of initiation amply demonstrates to all ages both the true origins of the builders and their supremacy. Indeed if the symbolism of the pyramids were to be written literally it would be simply that the control and ownership of lesser men is by individuals who’ve been elevated to a greatness, ability, knowledge and power is simply unattainable by ordinary men by their own efforts. An external entity or intervention is required to ‘transmute’ the human and deliver the knowledge.

The pyramid principle perfectly echo’s Fulcanelli’s philosophy to a tee.

True knowledge and understanding by initiation only!

Lurking beneath all this fragmented history we can be sure that someone or something at sometime in history must have know the truth about our species origins, about Adam and Noah and all the other biblical figures, the Egyptians, and the Greek gods that lurk in the dim and twisted up memories of our pre-historical age and that it appears they knew exactly how to ‘interface’ with us as and programme us as we interface and upload new software into our computers of today. Where indeed is that knowledge today and why is it so hard to pin down?

I see it as no coincidence that there exists little in our history that could be taken for the kind of hard evidence our modern courts would demand and the only thing we can be sure of is that the secrets and mysteries perpetuated by the priesthoods, the secret societies and protected royalties, religions, fiefdoms and empires all ultimately led to the establishment of government and eventually to the corporations that control the modern world.
Even if we look back to the Babylonians use of clay seals and their meticulous documentation of crop harvests and the income relating thereof we can see that a seemingly uninvited authority principle was already firmly established and was taking it’s ‘cut’ from the labours of men under the promise of a better tomorrow that clearly history has proven never came.

All of these social entities still exist today but with vastly more concealed influence, control and power than ever, and they still, as always, attempt to manipulate the destiny of every single last living human being on this planet.

Their aims have always been very simple – to induce each and every one of us, individually and as a group, to defer to ‘them’ the responsibility of our lives.
That is to hand over to a tiny few the control of our minds, our society, our physical well-being, spiritual and emotional development and even our very souls.
Is this not the perfect definition of Sheep and Shepard?

One of the most misrepresented ideas that crops us occasionally is the idea that everyone whose ever been born is alive today. Well, that’s not true – only around 6% of all recorded living human beings are alive at the early 21st century. This is really far darker a realisation than you might imagine. Because of the fantastic amount of people that have lived we’ve never had a duplicate!. As I outlined at the beginning of the book not a single human being has ever returned. This means that some life creation system exists to inject ‘ the miracle of life’ into the womb of a woman via the male sperm and that each and every time a perfectly serviceable unique human being is created and when they die they NEVER return. Not very comforting information really is it? Of course, food never does return once it’s been consumed, does it? That would kind of blow the whistle on the whole operation.
Effectively it means that in the course of 2000 years billions upon billions of humans have been born, lived in mostly hard or terrifying conditions and then died – all generally being none the wise. The human corpus of knowledge on the situation has advanced not ONE SINGLE BIT.

What about Christ you say? Well, he clearly falls in the human camp – never has it ever be claimed that he is human and so I really don’t even need to go into his existence at all. At the very least he represented an ascended master and unfortunately left a lot of bloodshed in his wake – much of which is still occurring, irrespective of his testimonial desires, in his name.

Where they have actually gone or are coming from is indeed a rarely and deliberately discussed idea and I’m afraid to blow the lid of any long held ideas but your parents don’t hold the patent on ‘the gift of life’ either.
They bred the body but they had automatically inherited the ‘reproductive systems’ to create life. The ‘pizzazz’ that creates a conscious living intelligent life force is not something we humans can take credit for. They are not the source of your soul or your consciousness. The reproduction and food systems of earth are clearly far beyond our control and will, I guarantee you, remain so forever.

That those in affluent control pursue relentlessly the saturation of the cosmic- inner ‘you’ and are already armed with the very means to programme ‘you’ via the vessel you inhabit during your earthly stay – your genetically inherited if not ‘made on earth’ body – should give us all cause to rise up and control our lives – and yet these techniques are so potent, so subtle and irresistible that they are actually internalised, embraced and accepted unquestioningly by us as part of our ‘culture’. Indeed to billions they are literally invisible components of everyday life.

I’m always amused at the tale of William Wallace and his struggle to ‘free the people of Scotland’. The tale suggest that although he died it was not without meaning since only 100 years later Robert the Bruce rose up and freed the Scottish people from the tyranny of English rule – and furthermore that they have remained free ever since!

Whilst I would agree as a people they exhibit remarkable tenacity in the face of injustice, when faced with the kind of institutionalised ‘empirical authority’ of this new age what exactly are they free to do? Do they not pay taxes to one of three pre-designated parties – to form a single elected government, do they not abide by and submit to the ‘rule of law’ which bridges whichever government ‘wins’, have they not together with the UK been subsumed into the European Union, do they not reside in ‘ royal’ state jails when they commit a crime, did they not fight in World War II, do they not buy and sell everything with a currency ‘proxy note’ issued from the Bank Of England, (the bank of Scotland being in fact a subsidiary). Are they not born into bodies of flesh of which they no nothing about? Do they not receive consciousness and live out their lives like the rest of us in blind ignorance of our future?
The list goes on, but free they certainly are not.
Regardless of the moral questions it is illegal to take your own life – how’s that for total and complete ownership! ‘Property of the state’ is indelibly stamped in invisible ink on the behinds of every newly born human being. Right now your government has a secret service running around the globe fulfilling some hidden agenda all in the name of ‘freedom. In reality they’re probably trying to mop up the scraps of evidence revealing divine knowledge. Show me a war that wasn’t fought for ‘freedom’?

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Our period is unique in the respect that now the tools of control are available to all unlike the past and yet the veil is still drawn on our purpose and future. In our so called age of enlightenment consider that the modern Sunday Paper the average 21st century citizen reads contains more information than the average 18th century man read in his life yet much of it is valueless, repetitive and manipulative garbage but nevertheless our information, gathering and digestion rate has stepped up vastly in recent years and generally assist greatly in spreading confusion and distress to all, but still actual valuable divine knowledge rarely appears in the public arena. The ruling classes are still holding the secrets and most people don’t even know there are any.

The first and oldest tool for social control is the use of drugs. Plants have grown on the earth long before we can insist that man or animals have and as such when ingested some of them create hallucinogenic or mind altering effects. The earliest documented use of them is by the shamanic tribes of the early South Americans. They built elaborate ceremonies around the ingestion of fly agaric mushrooms or the peyote cactus - often claiming actual contact with the gods or citing extreme tales of travelling into what can only be described as aspect of the astral plane. It is this concept, which turns up again and again in all of our history that is intriguing - the idea of gaining contacting with the gods by expanding our consciousness.

In this instance the psychedelic plant was the ‘gateway drug’ to initiation and enlightenment.
Perhaps when the first dose of the drug was taken it may only have been as an accident of ‘grazing’ earth’s natural garden – and not to begin with a deliberate and conscious act with the intent of achieving union with the godhead. At some point either the effects of the drugs actually did open access to ‘something’ which created the first ‘awareness’ of an external conscious being available to the ‘interior mind’ of man or that from somewhere else the idea of an external higher conscious being was introduced and the drugs simply, perhaps coincidentally or by design, were capable of allowing man to peep through the various and previously closed slits in reality.

Since there is virtually no conclusive physical evidence on earth to prove that any kind of visitation to earth by ‘space gods’ ever occurred and despite the raised fists of the Von Daniken generation any such unexplainable anomalies can easily be dismissed as merely circumstantial by the establishment who having controlled all of history will already have the answers locked up in crates deep in the British museum or recesses of the Vatican’s private library. We can only assume then that the ‘access mechanisms’ were already present, somehow embedded, deeply within man’s physiological bodily make up or genetics and that all that was needed to unlock the doors was the conscious techniques, ideological desires and mental key’s to do so. Basically we were born ready to ‘open up’.

However, even though Von Daniken’s’ visionary ideology is itself another in a long line of ‘articles of faith’ it again requires a leap of imagination and once again reveals the long standing in-built human desire to substantiate that we previously had contact with our makers.
It’s very publication and success reveals that modern man still contains the desire to connect with something ‘wiser, greater or more powerful’ than man. History shows Daniken’s work to be a modern reinvention of an ageless and perpetually repeated programme invoking us to kneel down before or seek out a greater and more powerful race of ‘would be kings’ – again we are lead to willingly collar and leash ourselves to a carefully managed ruling class be they kings, ascended masters or spacemen.

Should our ‘maker’s ever return or reveal themselves I am quite confident that they will find us amply prepared - both subservient and obedient – and very very grateful.
That I say there is no ‘physical’ evidence of ‘contact with beings from outer space’ is to a degree largely true, however, there is certainly a vast , startling and saturating amount of evidence in our history, folklore, literature, mythology and ‘written and oral human culture’ that when carefully examined reveals conclusively that certain human beings have indeed ‘connected’ with ‘something’ that has shaped our belief systems and ideologies since time began and the stories of shamanic initiations may just be the clue we need to start to track down one of the ‘gateways’ or ‘inter-species’ communication links that they have been using to infuse into our culture and minds the very proof of their existence for millennia.

It is almost like a kind of ‘time & space’ telephone apparatus is already present in that unknown 9/10ths of the human brain. All we need is the right dialling codes and the know how to pick up the receiver and voila – an open line to god/the gods/some unspeakably evil entity etc.
It is interesting that channelling by meditation or drug induced trance states always accompanies both occult and new age revelations, cults and secret societies, even the Christian and catholic prayer based wish fulfilment rituals are a form of individual or group meditation and it is well known that many of their ceremonies and annual festivals take their origins from ancient pagan rituals. There are many documented examples of such ‘ inter-dimensional telephone calls’ which we will cover later in the book when we come to detail and reveal what I call ‘the ultimate gateway’ – which, surprisingly enough, is readily available to those who seek it out and lays behind virtually all occult and religious path working techniques. ‘Seek and ye shall find’ – it is truly a path open to all. Never let it be said that our hosts discriminate. All are welcome – to the darkest path of all.

It is only in recent years , perhaps the past two centuries, directly after the British government successfully suppressed the entire landmass of far eastern Asia or more specifically China with the smuggling and importation of manufactured opium that the use of drugs has changed from a personal natural chance encounter to a more deliberately artificial and managed program of social control. Its early origins always lay within religion, altered states and the search for higher meaning and there was clearly a distinctive conscious intent in the user to find something of religious value when they used them. Yet its use today has become undeniably corrupt or at least it’s imbibers no longer walk with caution down the corridors of the mind.
Modern drugs are designed, trademarked, marketed and delivered with the same, if not considering the stealth even greater efficiency as the food in your supermarket. Opium, first generation marijuana, cactus and most other pure though increasingly scarce and expensive natural derivatives seem almost tame and self governing in comparison to the new wave of modern commercially and scientifically developed laboratory drugs of the post-Huxlian age.

Aldous Huxley, remembered for his remarkable and frighteningly prophetic novel Brave New World is notable here since he was quite clearly a figure of the modern British intellectual hierarchy when Brave New World was published, circa 1930. The concepts and ideas within it must have appeared so utterly absurd, rare and hard to grasp way back then that the average man in the street must have had little conception of what on earth he was even talking about. This is a clear example of one of those many drip-drip releases of seemingly enlightened knowledge that periodically appears ready made into our history and public consciousness.
In reading Brave New World one is immediately struck by the depth of scientific knowledge that underpins the breeding programmes, the Pavlovian conditioning of infants and the long term future use of promiscuity and drugs as tools for mass social control. The entire book is a blueprint treatise and something of a ‘gauntlet’ challenge to any suitably advanced controlling hierarchy to create the perfect scientifically predictable human society. And it’s all the more chilling since virtually everyone in the book is conditioned to be completely satisfied, even ‘bred’ happy, with the state of affairs.
Sadly the only way out of this for those who reject this sterile world is by suicide or to live in the wilderness as a ‘savage’ without any of the luxuries of modern technological progress. This ‘all or nothing’ dilemma - the triviality, manner and technological extent of society in which one is forced to live is one, which I’m sure many a modern reader can relate to. The seemingly contrived lack of choice even today leads many to question the extremes of our artificial hedonistic society.
To give an example of the uncanny ‘insights’ of the book take for example when the Director of the London Hatcheries is clearly discussing the fertilisation of eggs, the separation, the distillation, the growth cycle and fertilisation process, irradiating the eggs to stunt the growth and the intellect of the future human being to control the social caste it would belong to. In this day and age of test tube babies, in-vitro fertilisation and irradiated lab facilities we can clearly understand the terminology, the social and technical ramifications of what he is talking about but in 1930 this must have been akin to Shakespeare writing about mechanised air warfare in Henry IV. ‘My Kingdom for a Spitfire’ – it really would have made no sense to anyone other than Huxley’s peers. Science fiction is one thing – this was quite clearly a privileged insight into the shape of things to come. And yet such knowledge existed in the highest circles and was filtered into the mainstream by a ‘sensational’ little book that even today is maintained in the public’s perception as a probable textbook to tomorrow’s world. One thing the book doesn’t really solve is why humanity would endeavour to reduce itself to the status of a ‘well engineered scientifically controlled crop resource’ serving no other ends than existence for it’s own sake.
If you are in any doubt as to the existence of these ‘insiders’ then compare Brave New world to Orwell’s 1984, which though bleak, reveals an uncanny degree of post war political planning in much the same way as perhaps Machiavelli’s The Prince revealed technique and political practice of the medieval court, and although as we shall see later it can clearly be argued that Orwell certainly found his way onto the blueprint of a future plan if not in actuality certainly in principle, they both outline a future of purposeless artificially perpetuated humanity – I would say both are seemingly touched by Luciferic insight.
Similarly with 1984, it was not simply science that made Huxley’s book alarming and somewhat groundbreaking – it was in the very marriage of psychiatric and physiological human conditioning that it’s danger lay subtly and innocently revealed. That both physical and mental manipulation of the individual and the society was capable of such heights when delivered in a composite blend was either revealing a future ideology or would, at the very least, form part of an ensemble of works and programmes slowly released over time to change the very mindsets of those in power in order to become self-fulfilling. It literally provided the gun, bullets and targeted them at the human race – all the establishment had to do was find the courage or imagination to dare pull the trigger – and pull it they did. If you put 1984 and Brave New World in a ‘magi mix book blender’ you’d probably have something rather similar to our current situation!

It was Huxley’s depiction and detailed analysis of the drug Soma that is his masterwork and perhaps the most illuminating aspect of Brave New World. The drug was clearly defined in his novel as being something that would have no long term physical after effects and yet gave the consumer such feelings of worth, glory, community and oneness with his fellow man and even, it is suggested by Huxley, with the divine - that the society built around it becomes submissive, trivial and promiscuously self-involved.

Soma is clearly a ‘gateway drug’ – but a gateway to what? What is odd about this is that he then later worked with a number of mysterious and genius Swiss chemists to develop what can only be described as chemical facsimiles of the Peyote Cactus and those other early shamanic drugs which claimed to unite the imbiber with the divine. The exception being that the modern laboratory variant was indeed stillborn or more specifically crafted to be a neutered hit, a clean psychotropic blast of semi-synthetic pseudo-divine relief for the modern masses which ultimately lead them into a false alley.
As we have already witnessed from Fulcanelli’s statements – those in the know ‘know’ that an artificial variant is if not a poisonous bastardisation of a pure naturally occurring form then it can at least be very carefully governed to deliver exactly what they require it to deliver.
The antecedents of Huxley’s experimentations, and subsequent promotion of his findings, eventually went through many stages of development, and it’s path eventually stumbles it’s way towards the development of '___' which was manufactured by a Swiss company SANDOZ and mostly paid for and funded by the CIA.

Today, coincidentally enough, we find that most of the world has at it’s disposable a seemingly endless supply of cheap and relatively harmless clean dose ‘ happy pills’ namely one of the many but ever evolving ‘ecstasy variants’ whose origins come directly from those early developments.

It can not have escaped the attention of any socially aware individual that an entire generation of young people have embraced the intoxicating marriage of electronic ‘ritualistic’ dance music and cheap ‘ecstasy’ pills to form a sub-culture which if not parallels Huxley’s promiscuous and politically inert society then it is certainly the forbearer for the generation to come. Anyone reading the description of Soma parties will immediately see the relation between modern raves and festivals. It is the ingenious targeting of the 15 to 30 years olds that has been achieved – for as in Brave New World – the audience has willingly taken ownership of their own control system – and is literally ‘ecstatic’ about it. It cleverly lurks just below the surface of modern life and has a cleverly 'anti-establishment 'forbidden happiness' element that naturally causes all rebellious teenagers to want to try it in age old parental defiance and to a mild extent any form of overbearing judicial authority.

That such an idea was in planning a long time ago can also be cross referenced to another one of the 20th century’s leading ‘illuminated’ figures who in around 1940 wrote a book called ‘New World Order – an Open Conspiracy’ – the author was H.G Wells, author of ‘The Time Machine’, ‘The shape of things to come’, ‘The War of the Worlds’ of course, and other such ‘notable’ literary intrigues. Wells was himself a member of the Fabian society and a number of other secret societies of the establishment and mixed in similar circles as Huxley, Bertrand Russell, and many other ‘leading lights’.
In 'Open Conspiracy' one of the key problems he details facing the human race is what to do with the ‘army of angry young men’ that will, in a future of highly mechanised labour and increased intellect, have a strong desire for personal social satisfaction and progress but will be left with little or no place to vent their immense endless turbulent energies and frustrations.
The French revolution shows exactly what extremes of behaviour ordinary people are capable of when the high level political and ‘courtly’ playing fields are manipulated sufficiently enough to create a downward wave of motivated and channelled energy. They will in most cases simply stand by and watch the wheels of authority, the army or the police, simply grind and chew their way mindlessly through whatever they have been pointed at or else blindly assume ‘mob mentality’ and run into the streets like raging bulls. Simply wound up and released. Orwell held that war would be sufficient to waste the labours of men and machines but as the population grows war itself can not be sufficiently scaled up to be used as a ‘device’ for the control and wastage of billions of hours of human labour because as technology advances the extremes of war will either be poised between ultimate annihilation or minor relatively brief surgical geo-political corrections. The best war can continue to achieve is to waste vast quantities of excess money as demonstrated amply by ‘the cold war’. That money of course is ingeniously tapped from the labours of billions of human workers in the form of tax and that not one single individual can ‘withhold’ tax payment in protest of war without ending up in jail is, you have to admit, sufficient evidence that you do indeed live in, for the time being anyway, a state of ‘soft’ totalitarianism. After all Big Brother really does care about us – doesn’t he?

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Both Wells and Huxley and a few other notable Anglo-American literati were virtually 100 years ahead of the game in their predictions that the industrialisation of society would lead to a mass population explosion and a hedonistic society built around leisure so it should not seem so remarkable in our age that we find the ‘energies’ of ‘well’s angry young men and women’ the 16-30 year olds have finally been quelled for all time.
It is this same age group in the 60’s who were used to trial the first hotbed of social drugs and pop music, somewhat crudely with '___', pot and the Beatles but nevertheless the principle was proved across the globe. What came from that saturation of cheap drugs was the philosophy of ‘free love’ – an entire generation ‘dropped out’ and the future of Huxley’s Brave New World was clearly assured in part. After the experiment was deemed a success naturally the supply of '___' was withdrawn from public availability, criminalised and the findings analysed by such notable institutes as the Tavistock institute and the American Rand think Tanks. Scientific papers were released and the mysterious Swiss mountain laboratories of Ex -IG Farben and Beyer who manufactured '___' under license for the CIA turned their sights elsewhere and more controllable, predictable and commercial variants of Huxley’s Soma were curiously brought to market. Guerrilla laboratories were devised and the revolution became self-perpetuating.

Today that stream of cheap drugs has been evolved to a supply and demand operation that boggles the mind, and just like ancient China’s opium story, the availability is assured and guaranteed for anyone who seeks them out and is ‘smuggled’ in we are to believe right under the noses of governments. The newspaper and media glamorise them to create demand in the minds of the impressionable youths and are given an underground twist to ensure they are embraced.
The technology driven music of the synthetic machine driven dance music linked to a hi-octane frenetic synthetic drug creates an almost orgiastic festival experience. It produces such an intoxicating wave of energy that hardly anyone with a pulse and the ‘boundless devil-may-care’ energy’ of youth can resist.
The tragedy is that they who are at their most vulnerable and potentially activistic when they have ‘nothing to hold them from revolution’ are lead by an almost invisible thread to find ‘solace’, ‘meaning’ or just plain ‘release’ in the pseudo-divine and ingeniously self-adopted ecstasies’ exactly as per the establishments planned some 60 years ago.
And if you think 6 million carefully mass manufactured pills a day are smuggled in to the UK alone, one of the most bureaucratic and policed countries in the modern world then I think you’ll agree this ‘state of affairs’ is a tolerated if not secretly endorsed ‘crime wave’, especially when you remember it’s also the most lucrative cash crop on earth next to the oil industry.

Of course you don’t need to ingest your drug for it to have the desired effects. Once your suitably mortgaged and ‘in the family way’ your energies are focused on accumulating personal empire and any desire to rise up and create ‘change’ becomes virtually non-existent – indeed quite the opposite it’s human nature to resist upheaval if it threatens the stability of the family unit – not that there is anything specifically wrong with the family unit per se – it’s just that the materialistic web is so effective that it wraps the entire parental energies up in a ‘life-cycle’ that leaves most with little or no time, money or intellectual energy left to present any kind of socially disruptive threat.

What you do develop however is a more internalised form of social resistance and so the shaping of society is handed over, in part to another form of modern mind control – the TV and the irrepressibility of ‘couch resistance’.
The most powerfully addictive substance in most homes is actually a form of radiated light. As a mind altering substance the medium of moving pictures is altogether far too identical to the medium of dreams for our own good and appears to also have arrived just in time, so to speak, to ensure that the modern mind satiating for social and cultural integration and unity would have almost unlimited, if not carefully controlled, access to every progressive cultural movement in the world.
In fact just like the telephone the TV was itself being simultaneously ‘developed’ by two or three people that we know of - perhaps even hundreds had the idea – enough to ensure its ‘discovery’ anyway!
The incredible component of the TV is actually the least discussed and that is the use of selenium as the natural substance that converts light into electricity – without this there would be no TV and it’s discovery and application that came to so many minds at the same time must constitute as one of earth’s greater minor mysteries. It similarly demonstrates how little we know about the television and just how much we trust it.

What is little considered about the moving picture is that it is literally indistinguishable to the subconscious mind from your dreams and if that disturbs you it should. The fact that the moving image is so akin to dreams and in particular the ability to reduce the viewer against his will into a passive receiver is immediately verifiable by your own personal comparisons with your ‘closed eyes’ interior mental ‘big screen’ fantasies.
However, what was discovered in the late 1960’s has never previously been, as far as I’m concerned, brought to a wide enough public audience. In a series of tests a number of children were sat in front of the television and asked to concentrate on the images presented before them. An alpha-beta wave sensor was attached to each of the children’s frontal lobe areas and set to trigger the TV to turn off if the children lapsed into a trance state. Not one of the children was able to keep the TV on for more than 30 seconds.
This isn’t just a problem for the children either. Next time your sat at home watching a great TV show or movie with your friends or family just spend a moment looking at their faces – what you’ll see will possibly shock you. The first time I did it and saw the wide open mouths, the glaring vacant eyes I would have sworn that everyone in the room had been literally hypnotised - they were entering or at least slipping in and out of a deep trance state - and to a degree, just as if they’d taken a dose of ‘Soma’ they were tranquilised yet contented and just ever so more slightly receptive to the suggestions being beamed out of the screen.
Once the human mind has lapsed into a trance state it no longer censors the content coming in and whilst TV does not induce a completely submissive state it can flip you in and out of such states ‘momentarily’ until a certain external event or conscious thought flips you back out i.e. an inharmonious image or suggestion, or some external event catches your mind and pops you back into full beta sentience.
Once you are aware that this is happening you will recognise it and begin to see the archetypal ideas presented on the TV thick and fast. The genius of what I call ‘transitory trance states’ begins to reveal itself. This quite simply stated is that portions of content in a TV show or movie can be reliably, if not scientifically, constructed to pass directly by the conscious sensor and into the subconscious primitive brain where the more ingeniously symbolic visual imagery begins to weave it’s virtual magic on the identity and ego of the individual receiving.

It literally is another ‘gateway drug’ – a waking trance – a fully conscious lucid dream state – it literally attempts to open up the doors inside your mind, only this time less ominously it merely prepares you into wanting the doors to be opened.

Your probably sitting there reasoning, shouting and pondering the things your watch on TV or at the movies and believing that you are in control of the outcome of your considerations - but you must remember there are two components – the visual imagery fired towards the right hand hemisphere and the intellectual more literal framework imagery constructed in the left hand conscious part of your brain from the words and the story. The literary, intellectual component you may well reject and sensor but the visual imagery, I’m afraid to tell you, is quite beyond censorship or removal especially when a cinematic rhythm is built up. Like a sine wave it can literally rise up and seep into your subconscious mind on the peaks and then as it falls down the slope disappear as if it never existed into the troughs with only key ideas or key ideas getting invisibly passed through on the high’s. The use of focus, artificially altered perspective and the ingenious seamless digital transitions from one totally unrelated scene to another via some linking sweeping ‘cut-less’ scene are often the places where your subconscious minds receive archetypal symbolism.
Orson Welles first introduced this idea to the mainstream audience in Citizen Kane when he took the viewer ‘out of their body’ when he panned between the floors of the theatre. Again similarly this dislocation of the mind via the camera was perfected by him in ‘A Touch of Evil’ when he panned across a small Mexican town, through a neon sign, up to a glass window, through it and down into the table. So elegantly conceived was it that the viewer does not even consider that they have literally just had an ‘out of body’ experience by proxy. Literally the viewer is being taught to fly without flesh. Incredible, you may laugh, but only because you are so utterly comfortable with the idea – you have been brought up with it from an early age. Such concepts pose no threat to you and are welcome ‘flights of fancy’, the camera melts out of awareness and you are embedded into the scene –no longer truly conscious of your physical reality for a few moments.

If you edited out all the material that your mind caught ‘consciously’ as it attempted entry and just played those that your mind let slip through you’d probably end up from a 2 hour movie with a 5 minute string of images that viewed in isolation presents a rather disturbing and unexpected picture. And while you may still feel you can censor even the images consider that once the image is fired into the visual cortex – it’s there to stay and will bubble back up from the depths of the subconscious in it’s own good time. Many of the visual tricks used in cinema are identical to the ‘first person’ perspectives you are familiar with in your dreams. They are symbiotic.

Of course we all know that TV and movies contain vast amounts of deliberate, consciously developed ‘idea manipulation’ written in purposely and as part of the storyline, or as blatant political propaganda. We know that contemporary social ideas become embedded in any form of art and are clearly and intellectually visible, often as literal reflections of their times. However, the previously mentioned ‘trance wave’ insertion patterns and so called ‘accidental’ archetypal inserts constitute a higher form of ‘suggestion’. Often the darkest are rarely practised consciously by TV producers or moviemakers, and as indicated earlier merely represent a subconscious emergence of unconscious motifs.

These incidents throughout the history or literature, TV, movies, art and human culture are what Philip K Dick called ‘ ZEBRA’.
His conclusion after many years of study is that information virtually invisible to the minds eye is literally illuminating you and that there are TWO distinctly separate supernatural intelligences apparently trying to ‘connect’ with you. The first intelligence as we’ve detailed previously is well connected to the message of the occult mysteries promoted by the ruling classes – the stories of Fulcanelli – deliberately implanted to control by inference of divine right. It comes as no surprise to me that this ‘intelligence’ would invisibly manifest itself in the highly technological mix of electricity and light we call the TV.
The second is the far more mysterious and random form and will be well covered in a later chapter since it may well hold the key to our ‘escape’.

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