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So.. You're thinking about getting into VR

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posted on Dec, 11 2019 @ 10:12 PM

originally posted by: Ahabstar
a reply to: Gothmog

Eve: Echoes is in open beta now and those screenshots and video are pretty on par with what Eve Online was. And it is a MMO as well. But no connects to old accounts. I have seen some pretty convincing ports of older PC and console games as well.

They really have a lot of specs to play with now. If I was going to design, I would stick with single player RPG’s rather than MMO’s just because mobile means sporadic gamers versus hardcore dependable players. A WoW or even EQ level of player base would still end up in PUG’s all too often.

I picked up a MIFI controller and it works well. Not sure why more developers don’t code for it. Because I think it would be leaps and bounds for gaming. Same thing for keyboard controls from either a Bluetooth KB or Apple’s Smart Cover. The resources are there just not utilized. When that changes and maybe the VR equipment will spur it on, mobile gaming will open way up.

Don't do MMOs at all
Not anymore , since DAoC

posted on Dec, 11 2019 @ 10:35 PM
a reply to: Gothmog

Point is that the hardware and graphics are there for an engaging game if a MMO is an option. They did a faithful port of KOTOR and I would say Skyrim would be doable as well, at least a console port. But if modding was a possibility...give me a functional FO3 and the GECK and I would be quite happy.

posted on Dec, 12 2019 @ 03:05 AM

originally posted by: galadofwarthethird
a reply to: Akragon
Ah! To tell the truth.

Looks alright. But none of that makes me want to go out and get a VR set. I think mostly, its an age thing, or likely just because dont play videogames as much anymore. Or maybe, nothing really appealing out there. And the tech has gotten better, but its not there yet.

You know what they need to do? Make all the FPS and the next big call of duty games, on the VR. I see why they dont do it, not that big of a market as it stands, and also the limitations on the hardware. But if there trying to push the new VR stuff, games sell consoles, and they can sell VR gear consoles also.

Just make the new call of duty black ops or whatever for the VR. And finally that whole FPS ie First Person Shooter genera. May actually have some truth to it, and actually be first person, games like that are practically made for VR. May help boost sales as well. But like I said, dont think the technology is there yet with VR to really peak and dazzle the masses interests just yet, maybe next gear and console cycle.

legit... im not trying to sell you on VR

But have you actually tried it?

posted on Dec, 12 2019 @ 09:49 PM
a reply to: Akragon

Nope not yet. Like I said, haven't been any games out there that really would make me want to buy one. In fact even on regular consoles, other then the remake of FF7, cant really think of one game that I am looking forward to. I'm pretty sure VR its cool, but...I think I will wait. And with all the other stuff going on, likely indefinitely.

posted on Dec, 13 2019 @ 08:39 PM
I have an HTC vive and I love it when I use it, though I don't get much time these days.

If I am not mistaken you can get an HTC vive (not pro) for around $500 now.

NoMans Sky is freaking awesome in VR....

posted on Dec, 13 2019 @ 09:09 PM
a reply to: Darkblade71

I just tried the htc vive a few days ago... have you had it for long?

The screen door effect on the one i tried was pretty bad... IF you happen to be looking to upgrade in the future and you have a display port on your system... get a Rift S

Its cheaper, and said screen door effect is practically gone

posted on Dec, 13 2019 @ 11:56 PM
a reply to: Akragon

I've had it for over a year.
I found it was all about the adjustments with the optics to get rid of the screen door effect.
It isn't perfect but I am happy with it. You get the full immersion effect but it is an early system.
Doubt I will upgrade for a while though. It serves it's purpose.

Been looking forward to VR for many years and seriously, if you have the computer system, any headset is good.
VR is one of the coolest things to come along since sliced bread.

Anyone who thoughts they might like it, most likely will love it, no matter what system they use.

posted on Dec, 14 2019 @ 12:23 AM
a reply to: Darkblade71

Cool man... i hear that

One of the reasons i made this thread... its not too pricy, and totally worth the cost

Oculus Go is easily the best thing i've bought in years...

But the Rift S is the jam

posted on Jan, 13 2020 @ 02:44 PM
Hey, interesting topic. Just a question who else experienced Minecraft VR? I wonder if there is possibility to join minecraft servers with VR set.

posted on Jan, 13 2020 @ 04:08 PM
a reply to: RuneKing

yup.. you can play any server in VR that you can on flat screen...

Minecraft is excellent in VR... and its bloody terrifying!!!

Crawling through the underworld caves, and you hear bones rattle... or an arrow flys past your head...

Oh ya, Minecraft VR is awesome!

And you don't even need a Rift to play... works perfectly sideloaded on the GO... and with either version of Minecraft... win10 or Java

edit on 13-1-2020 by Akragon because: (no reason given)

posted on Jan, 14 2020 @ 02:50 AM

originally posted by: Akragon
a reply to: watchitburn
people need to know that VR is HERE...

the more people that know, the more the tech improves... the more incredible games and experiences we get

It truly is here! I just got my first, an Oculus Quest 2 weeks ago. After a few days of adjusting headstrap, getting good headphones online, I think I found my soul mate, V1. The action is so real it makes me laugh at the absurdity of being so profoundly visually entertained by something that is completely fake. It's like, cheech and chong hilarious. I'm hiding behind virtual boxes and even laying on my carpet to avoid bullets with no repercussions.

If you are athletic, you can simply crush your enemies with actual physical dexterity, performing a ballet of death not capable with a mouse, keyboard, or console controller. I can do things I've never dreamed of with standard controllers, my body and the relationship between my head and arms swaying is the real input device, 3 points of relativity to triangulate my inner jedi.

I trained up with glorious Space Pirate Trainer. The first game that won me over was Drop Dead, an amazing zombie game (I don't play zombie games). Then I got Dead & Buried II on a hunch, and it's the most fun I've ever had in a lifetime of vidiot bliss. 3v3 - multiplayer only - instead of a menu, there's a ghost town with other lost players working to figure it out. Perfect cowboy dual-6 shooter combat. Here's my edit for you guys with 0 views:

Oculus Quest - Dead & Buried Action!

posted on Jan, 14 2020 @ 03:21 AM
a reply to: Pylgrym

PokerVR on the quest is awesome...

I loved it on the GO and for some reason its the same on the Rift...

The quest version is just... better!

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