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The American Civil War of 2005 as predicted by John Titor

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posted on Jun, 12 2006 @ 11:56 PM
I absolutely can not wait until you grow up. You'll be in for a shock, but you'll understand things better. Right now you're clueless....

I'm tired of this so this will probably be my last time addressing this in this particular TITOR thread.

Originally posted by grimreaper797
1. Things aren't going to simply start over as in back to the stone ages. I mean start over as scrape the system and figure out how to better it. Its obvious this system has failed us.

Why are you so quick to scrape the system. Find out what's wrong and fix it! This "system" was founded on solid principles and quite frankly there isn't a "system" much better.
You don't just give up though in hopes of finding some magical new way, that's almost a sure fire way of failing.

2. How, well for starters we would rebuild the government. Next would be actually sitting down and start solving problems. Actual problems, like for instance corruption. Im not talking about starting over technology wise, Im talking about starting over politically and in a humane kind of sense. Fix this broken system, and maybe be human beings again, not parts to the machine called america.

You're over there yapping about me not saying any solutions when you're doing the same thing.
You can say we need to do this or do that all you want, is cheap, how would you go about doing this or that?

We continue to grow into what? I'd rather stop growing then grow into an empty shell of hate and work ethic. Where nobody cares about anything. We definately haven't grown in the moral department, if anything, weve died.

So, it was ok when slavery was around but now it's bad. It was ok when people were brutally tortured and killed for being a certain religion or race but now it's bad. Right?

do you think if we had let hitler and the nazis live it would have been a better world because all those people didn't die?

We're not talking about the nazis we're talking about millions of innocent people who would die for nothing.

how typical of you. SURE YOU would like to live in this world rather then civil wars and strife because you dont really care at all about the future. If you did, you wouldn't be sitting here talking about how YOU want to live.

Each generation has been better than the last. Unlike you I have faith that I'll raise my kids right. I know they'll be alright, because not only do I want their childhood to be a good one, one without civil wars and strife. I want their future to be like that too, unlike you.

You can do whatever you want, I mean since you obviously dont care about solving ANY of the problems.

I KNOW that I'm doing more than you to solve problems (I know I said I wouldn't respond any more to all this crap your posting but I will go into more details about this tomorrow). What are you doing besides hoping we die out?

I don't see why your even posting, because you aren't trying to prove anything, or propose a way to stop the tragedies happening in this world. What do you have to say thats constructive? anything?

The motto of this site is to Deny Ignorance. I responding to you to help you do that.
btw I have yet to see ONE of your solutions. You keep talking about me...what about you???

hey wait a second, I didn't know this was all about me. Thats all you ever seem to address. You don't address anything the people actually say, just them.

Did you read anything I wrote. I responded to everything you said. WTF are you talking about?

And I talked to you because you made the post.

Tell me, whats your solution. do you have ANYTHING to say that has any solution to it? That can solve anything? that can even provide ANYTHING constructive at all? I bet you don't.

You want a solution?
Well first get rid of everyone like you. You all only make the problem worse, advocating violence as a solution. Ridiculous.
Second you educate the people! You can start over 4000 times, but if the people aren't educated, you'll end up right where you started.
You think things are going to change if you just change the government or change the system? lol
Trust me it won't. Look at histoy.

But hey according to you, every revolution and civil war has only caused pain and suffer and nothing else....o wait...thats what our country was founded on...a revolution.

You're comparing the 17th century to now?
Doesn't work like that. A revolution back then would only cause local damage and affect a small area. Something like that now will have worldwide consequences.
Also, we had a real enemy back then.

I can name all the problems you have endorsed, and that is all of them.

You haven't made one constructive comment about ANY problem in this world, thus you are only endorsing the problem by not trying to change it.

See above and also again, I have yet to see ONE problem you offered a solution to that doesn't involve violence.

Why don't you go take a look at the posts Ive made in other topics. All I've done on this board is debate and try to find solutions with other members. Solutions to corruption, solutions to abuse of power, solutions to stopping the "left-right fight" agenda. You haven't done ANY of that.

Oh yes I have and please show me these posts where you do this? I need a good laugh

You have not addressed any problems as to why a civil war would start.

Again, what in the world are you talking about? THROUGHOUT this thread I have stated what would cause a civil war in this modern age.

What realistic problems that would cause a civil war haven't I addressed???????

[QUOTE]What solution do you have for government corruption, or does THAT not exist in the "real world" either?
Thinking you can solve government corruption from the outside doesn't exist in the real world. Well yeah it does. People who don't know better think that.
Government corruption will always exist until.....Jesus comes back I guess. What can you do about it? Educate yourself and get into office. Educate the younger generation (strongly emphasising the importance of the government serving and representing the will of the people) and get them into office. Fix the system from within.

We need to restart, and rethink everything weve done, knowing what we have done in the past.

Who's this "we?"

And yet again, you're saying what you think needs to be done but offer no ways on how to do that.

The quality of life, yea maybe where you live.

Name one place anywhere around the world that was better off 100...50....20 years ago.

As technology has advanced Ive seen better ways for gang members to do driveby shootings, and easier ways for dirty politicans to steal money. Better ways for corps like enron to screw the little people (luckily we finally got a couple of those bastards). better ways to watch us and moniter us. Better ways to sell us posioned food with hydrogenated fats. better ways to produce loopholes in the system so they don't have to test the safety of their product, so they aren't liable. Better ways to corrupt the government and get away with it. Better ways to expand to other nations quicker and screw people outside the US. Better ways to expand misinformation through stations like MTV, Fox, CNN, etc.

Oh, please tell me this was a joke!
If not, you're going to be a sad sad person when you grow up.
You see all that and not the millions if not billions of lives that have been saved because of medical advances? You can't see the millions of people around the world who are now able to get an education or access to food and water they otherwise wouldn't have had? You don't see the internet and TV as the number one way to spread real information? You can't see that technology has allowed us to catch these crooks?

Please tell me you're joking because you're making me lose faith in the younger generation.

Better living conditions, since when do living conditions come above living life itself? Sure your alive, but whats it worth if everyday you never go anywhere. Stuck in time till you die off, and then your kids get to go through that, unless they get lucky, then get corrupted by the system too. Nothings gotten "better" just more efficient means to do it.

Dude....what are you talking about? lol

posted on Jun, 13 2006 @ 06:18 AM
Im talking about the fact people die. Its life. It happens one way or another. Medicine isn't saving any lives, just prolonging them so they can die a different way. Your all so afraid of death you will do whatever you can to stop it from ever coming. Ive got news for you, that is destroying us in itself. Your really think we can get away with this. Nature will get us one way or another, hate to see my kids starving because food resources will eventually short out. Look at the path, eventually its got to give, its not a balanced system.

Its pretty much impossible to reach you though. You chose not to read the fact I said look in my other threads for answers to problems which I have address. I even listed problems I have addressed in numerous threads. You ignored that though. You went on to again ask me to provide what problems I have tried to solve, because your desperate to counter the fact that you can't answer a single one of them yourself. Because then you would be doing something constructive and thats just not in your nature is it, to provide something for other people they can actually use.

You want to talk about how innocent people had to die. Under hitler innocent people died. We all went in and tried to stop him. How many millions died because of that war? We went in there because it was worth stopping. We saw it and said "this just cant go on". we did that because it was more important to stop hitler.

Like I said though, your impossible to reach. You confront civil war like Its taboo. Probably because you love your american lifestyle too much to let it go. The idea of a world even remotely like titors scares the crap out of you. You have to help other people, work HARD. I think its more of the fact your afriad to have to work to survive, when you can just sit around and do nothing with your life.

The fact is that the world won't end. Your lazy lifestyle as an american will, but live will go on, and another chance will be started. I could never live in your pretend "real" world because I'd become completely hopeless and hope more for death then anything else just to get out of this little hell hole I am in.

posted on Jun, 13 2006 @ 09:12 AM
Goodness kid. I know there are rules and stuff about talking about the members of this site and strongly questioning their intelligence and/or mental state, so I won't go into anything you just wrote. Except to say, if you were any farther from the truth can't even get further from the truth than all that you just stated. What a waste.

Anyway I did say I would talk about what I did, because I can guarentee you it's more than you. All you do is go to school (are you in high school yet?) and blab on the computer. You still haven't offered any solutions.

Have you ever heard of the CAA, the CWA, the OPA, the RCRA, CERCLA, PSRPA, etc.? What do you think happens when those big companies you hate so much violate any one of those?

posted on Jun, 13 2006 @ 10:21 AM
Grim, you've got some serious issues.

I have not read through the thread, but you know what differences I personally make? I write manuals for helicopters, so that some day on TV I might see a black hawk rescuing someone from a flood or a hurricane or something, and know that in some small way, I saved someone's life. Sounds a little far fetched, but thats what I go on when I go to work every day, sit in traffic, wake up @ 7:00 am. That's life. The other part of my life I enjoy is making my future wife as happy as she can be.
You need to find yourself a girl, and learn a thing or two about life.
Purpose of life: Love, Laughter, and Happiness.

NOT the purpose of life: Hate, Anger, and Suffering.

However, how can one know what love, laughter, and happiness is unless there is the opposite? If all of your life, all you saw were fat people, and you were fat, how would you know you are fat unless you experienced someone who is thin?

Same thinking goes for love.

I am sorry that you are depressed (as it seems). seriously, take some yoga classes or something, cause life is a gift, and we should always cherish it.

posted on Jun, 13 2006 @ 10:26 AM

Originally posted by Vitchilo
Yesterday, I was at the Bilderberg meeting and there was people there who were so rich! Bill Gates (65 billions), Queen Beatrix (350 billions), David Rockefeller (125 billions), Rothschild representative (200 billions) and many others, they'll cry if that happens and I hope it happens!

Alot of those people (and others) that are rich donate to charity. Bill Gates, he might have boatloads of money, but at least a good portion of it is put towards good things. are these people still bad?

posted on Jun, 13 2006 @ 01:44 PM
mouth, its not that I'm depressed I just can't look at myself in the mirror because everytime I do its like I got the future looking at me saying why are you just sitting there letting this happen? I feel like we have all just become so damn selfish that its destroying us.

For starters though, you have no idea who I am fully, you have but seen one small little side of me. When I come on this site I get into a mind set of talking about issues, and looking at things happening around us. When I log off, unless Im talking to some one in person about a certain issue, all that is in the back of my mind. I fish a hell of alot, play hackysack, me and my friends go out camping at times. Fish and cook what we catch over a fire. Me living life is hardly the problem.

Its when its time to lay down and reflect on myself that I go wow, look at everything around me. Cause when Im living my life, I see a limited view on things around me. I see friends, family, nature, and just a feeling of right. But my world isnt THEE world. The world we live in as a whole is nothing like that. Its becoming the exact opposite, and very destructive. I never said live would be easy, and I never expected it to be. But life is suppose to be about the ups and downs...and when I look at this world as a whole....Im not seeing the ups anymore.

Theres a serious problem, and it doesnt have to do with me or my life. If my world were anything like this world, I dont think I would even be on this site worrying about this stuff. But its not, so I am worried. I am sorry if you don't see it, but theres lots of bad things ahead. Maybe not as an individual, but as a whole.

Look TJW, you can insult all you want, but I think its plain to see just what needs to be said to put you in a corner. Thats address the issues. You repeatedly post about me and how crazy I am, or how I haven't addressed the issues. I left it upon you to prove to me that you are acting constructively in trying to solve problems, and you have yet to show me anything. So my arguement will continue to be just that. You avoiding the question isn't going to get you out of it. I have already listed issues that I have addressed on this board, and if you want proof, just click on my name and go to a thread. actually here, I have a deal for you TJW. I will prove to you with links the issues I try to solve on this board when you show me proof that you have been on here trying to be constructive in solving problems.

posted on Jun, 13 2006 @ 02:10 PM

Originally posted by grimreaper797
I will prove to you with links the issues I try to solve on this board when you show me proof that you have been on here trying to be constructive in solving problems.

Blind? Just take a look at my previous (long) post.

Find out what's wrong and fix it! This "system" was founded on solid principles and quite frankly there isn't a "system" much better.

You want a solution? Well first get rid of everyone like you.

educate the people! You can start over 4000 times, but if the people aren't educated, you'll end up right where you started.

What can you do about it? Educate yourself and get into office. Educate the younger generation (strongly emphasising the importance of the government serving and representing the will of the people) and get them into office. Fix the system from within.

Anyway, this is a conspiracy site. People here discuss conspiracies and the like. 99.9999% of the stuff here is talking about conspiracies, not solving the world's problems. You want to do that, go to
I have provided tons of accurate information about everything from the 9/11 conspiracies to the weather.

But life is suppose to be about the ups and downs...and when I look at this world as a whole....Im not seeing the ups anymore.

That's because you're choosing not to see it. And yeah that's more than likely a sign of depression.

but theres lots of bad things ahead. Maybe not as an individual, but as a whole.

Based on what? Your gut feeling?
And have you read any history at all? What makes you think this is worse than any other time?

posted on Jun, 13 2006 @ 05:18 PM
If your questioning ME about history then I think you should be very sad at the education system because I know more history then 99% of the Nation Honor Society students. If I don't know my history then that says a hell of alot for all the really "smart" kids I out did with facts about history to prove my point.

saying things like "get rid of all the people like you" is no solution. Even though I personally find your entire view point and attitude completely repulsive, I wouldn't wish to get rid of you. See your responses are just words. theres nothing actually behind them. You say educate everyone... about what? Your "education" and my education are probably much different things. I have a solution to the problem of drop outs from some information and personal things Ive seen that could work. I could also provide information as to why this would be a good idea. I strongly believe in education, so I have some ideas to decreasing the drop out rate. But I doubt you would even read it let alone think about it.

See I have a solution to the world problems too "everyone stop killing eachother" yea well easy enough, now how do you plan to do it? Thats the answers I want to see.

U2U me and tell me how you plan to solve the education system. Just send me a response in u2u that is a solution, some information to better understand why you believe it will work. just do that and I will hear you out. Why should I even consider what you have to say if you just going to make baseless claims.

ok now I will let you continue in attacking me and my character and how Im depressed...really doesnt solve anything though.

posted on Jun, 13 2006 @ 08:48 PM
By the way there is nothing wrong with the system. The system(the one originally installed + making sure EVERYONE is treated equal like it was suppose to be, including the people who werent considered people at that time) is fine. I Doubt I could come up with a better system then the original constitution and bill of rights.

I do think that the changes this country has gone through like the mixing of capitalism and government has destroyed this country. Thats what needs to change. I never once said that the original system was a failure, The people who corrupted it were the failures, and failed us.

My problem is the loop holes that have been exploited and that cannot be changed. Kennedy tried to change the system...dead, MLK tried to change the system, dead. Senator Wellstone, well look at his little mysterious death. In this system, I see alot of the true leader of change dying.

posted on Jun, 14 2006 @ 12:46 AM

Originally posted by grimreaper797
mouth, its not that I'm depressed I just can't look at myself in the mirror because everytime I do its like I got the future looking at me saying why are you just sitting there letting this happen? I feel like we have all just become so damn selfish that its destroying us.

grim you have reached the pinacle of the problem. The world is selfish! Most people are so wraped up in how much money they can make and what they can consume they don't see what is truley going on in the world. Most people I know care little about politics and know less about the world around them.

Unless they have friends or family in the military, they could care less about Iraq. As long as they can afford to put fuel in their gas guzzlers, they could care less about alternative energy. It's like no one cares about what is going on in the world until it touches them personally. They have no foresight. By the time it actually touches them, it will be too late.

posted on Jun, 14 2006 @ 01:06 AM
This thread is 118 pages long, and it's gotten to the point where you're not even talking about John Titor anymore. It's like this turned into a thread which belongs in the General Chit-Chat forum on BTS.

So... there is nothing more to contribute to the John Titor story that hasn't already been contributed, so why keep bumping this thread? You guys are seriously talking about nothing now.

Nothing is happening whatsoever that supports anything Titor said, so why do you keep wasting your time posting in this thread?

John Titor: HOAX

Who's next?

posted on Jun, 14 2006 @ 03:05 AM
Maybe grim reaper should make a thread about how depressing and horrible this world is and how the world should start over and create a new world order free of murders, crime, wars , and drugs. Sorry grimreaper but there will never be a such thing as starting over. But seriously this thread reeks of BS. If everyone wants to make their own predictions, please make another thread. Remember we are talking about a civil war as predicted by john titor as the tread name implies. We are not talking about ww3 , tawain conflict, or korea unification, or any of that nonsense. Lets try to stay on topic and stop with the ranting. And didnt someone predicted that the US was goin to nuke Iran by the end of march. I wonder whatever happend to that. Geez im still wondering whutever happen to the American civil of 2005 as predicted by john titor as all should be discussing.

posted on Jun, 14 2006 @ 06:11 AM
I dont want a new world order. I still want the same system, just some changes. We slipped up some where. That some where was businesses. It was the corporate lifestyle. They turned ourlives in free of actual work. This got a lazy and gave us all this free time to blow. Somewhere between 1900-1920's we lost our country to consumerism.

Republic is the government system we are suppose to be under I thought, not capitalism.

posted on Jun, 14 2006 @ 09:01 AM

Originally posted by grimreaper797
Republic is the government system we are suppose to be under I thought, not capitalism.

The founders were more interested in capitalism than republicanism. The Republic was a way in which capitalism could be preserved.

posted on Jun, 14 2006 @ 09:14 AM
So then the way to a better world is to break away from Capitalism?

Honestly Im not a idiot i see the way our world is today, its NOT gonna go on much further this way.

i understand you remove the footstool of Republic ideals trying to preserve captial ways you will run into a PoorBomb,

But what more do we need then the ground under our feet, the air in our lungs, an nature at be to protect us an keep us warm an alive.

Not saying to revolt, but i am saying this is a ship heading for the end my friend......

Im just an upset soul becomming aware in a world were soul cant speak.

"This is the End, Beautiful friend, the end, This is the End, My Only Friend, The End."

[edit on 14-6-2006 by Tranceopticalinclined]

posted on Jun, 14 2006 @ 11:36 AM

Originally posted by Nygdan
The founders were more interested in capitalism than republicanism. The Republic was a way in which capitalism could be preserved.

In completely honesty, not in a insulting way, I really look foward to you explaining this. I really want to know how you came about this conclusion. SHOW ME EVIDENCE lol. I seriously dont think I could believe that the founding father original intent was to have an unrestricted business looking out for itself, because thats about what capitialism is now. I have no problem with private business, but capitalism isnt private business really anymore. Its the exact opposite, its public business with private majority owners who make the decisions. They pretty much bought out everything. That was not what I remember the original founders intent was.

posted on Jun, 14 2006 @ 01:44 PM
Here's a good read grim
9 myths about Capitalism

Also, what would you rather have? Communism? Yeah, that'll work

posted on Jun, 14 2006 @ 03:49 PM
capitalism, at its heart is no better then communism, no worse. They are both just systems on a piece of paper. Communism I think is also worthless because the government and business have affiliation with eachother.

Capitalism looks great because of its system in general. Hell even I look at it and think on the piece of paper that it could have been very great. Its too bad that the people controlling the system are the problem. Human Beings are the problem of the system, just like always.

I believe the only real way to stop the corruption is to extremely minimize the government power to the point business interests in the government dont really exist anymore. With the government expanding powers, you get more topics to make money off of. Businesses get more and more interested with the profit that can be made.

The reason capitalism is worse now, is because the government is becoming more of a profit maker. We either need to think up a better system them capitalism, or end the affiliation between government and capitalism. Its not that capitalism is evil...its a system it cant be evil. Communism is the same, its just a different system.

In reality I think it would be pretty stupid to think we can limit capitalism directly. You cant limit capitalism without limiting rights of citizens, so thats out the window. If you try to, you will end up restricting a person from growing their business, which is completely unfair. Thats like communism like, thus not going to work. But people are inherently greedy it seems, hungry for money and power. So how do we stop them from eating the government powers up and making them their own?

Kill the interests in government. Make everything localized. Like this:
Instead of having the federal government take care of business, let the local government take care of its community. For instance, a business can grow as big as it wants, but it cant start to spread to other communities. That doesnt really limit the company at all because it can just keep making products then trade whatever he doesnt need and sell the traded products hes gained.

The bigger something becomes (more area it controls) the harder it is to manage, the easier it is to corrupt. I have a feeling TJW that you are republican, so you would agree that the federal government should have as limited power as possible. Now as Ive always said, I do have conservative views in me, and one of them is to pretty much downsize the federal power as much as possible. I believe everything should be handled locally. I think that a business contained to a certain area can be very beneficial to the entire system while still maintaining capitalism at its core.

My belief that this could ever happen though is practically gone. The profits I don't think would compare to that of a globalized business. You don't have to restrict a businesses size, but rather its distribution. The more areas it can reach, the more in can monopolize on other businesses in the community. The more it can do that, the more power it can have over the community. It quickly balls up from a snowball to an avalache. When it distributes through every community it takes away that business from the community. That makes less businesses of that business in all the communities in general. By doing that you can limit the business a community can buy from. It turns into a monopoly per say.

but again Its not capitalism, but the loopholes the rich can exploit to destroy it. A monopoly can form in more then one way. The first way was the businesses to get together and conspire. The new way is for a big business to simply expand into a super business, make rock bottem prices, making life great for some time doing so. But guess what, eventually the monopoly starts to kick in. I feel thats what we have been seeing lately (past couple decades). See when creating this type of monopoly you have to make the customer put the other businesses out of business. While doing this things are great. we have rock bottem prices, low cost of living, but that business is getting bigger now. Smaller business are going out of business. Those other business arent around to compete anymore. Eventually youve got this super business. And the main reason this super business was able to succeed wasnt its growth at all. In fact it had nothing to do with making the other businesses go out of business like I originally thought. This monopoly works because while they are in the process of monopolizing and selling at rock bottem prices, the cost of living goes way down.

What that means is that when the cost of living goes down, the poor are in fact doing better. As the business spreads it has that control over more communities and places. Eventually its everywhere. Thats when something strange happens. The cost of living doesnt rise at all actually. It stays the same...forever. The huge company keeps the cost of living low enough where two things happen. People can survive, and other businesses cant break through. The reason being is the peoples wages went down. The cost of living went down, so wages and pay go down. When that happens, people can no longer afford the smaller businesses. Its too expensive.

That makes a monopoly. Now that system wouldn't be bad. The poor are at living quality, and it isnt going to get worse. They will survive alright, and the rich will get more rich.
In a sense the phrase goes more like this
"the rich get richer, the poor never change"

Now I cant say that would be the worst system out there because its pretty stable. They cant raise the cost of living too much for fear they will lose their monopoly. They are greedy, but not overly as to lose their monopoly. That would work alright as long as the standard of living wasnt too low. Unfortunately the real greed comes into play. The greed isn't with money now, but power. The community is at the grips of this monopoly now because its well, a monopoly. Now its free to dictate the rules however it wants. We are seeing that as well now. Business are starting to control the government. This is profitable because they can push laws to make it easier to make profit and further their monopoly so that they can make even more money without losing the monopoly in the first place.

All in all, its not capitalism, but the holes in the system that have been severely exploited. I think we are a bit too late to change this low. If your page is correct and the standard has been set since the 1970s we are too late. We are a bit too far in the game to change the system before it completely takes over. I think the people corrupting the loopholes of capitalism have hijacked the system, but in a way even I didn't think of till just now.

posted on Jun, 14 2006 @ 03:53 PM
also no I dont believe in communism, to me that system is just as corruptable as capitalism is.

It is something though. The new way I see why capitalism is what it is now. Thanks for the PDF though, it kind of helped me along the way to see just how the system has been exploited. It was done in such a clever and deceiving way Im almost attracted to the fact they could pull it off.

Ever hear the phrase "too good to be true" well I think that this is it. The type of life was too good to be true, there was a catch. It was the second form of a monopoly.

posted on Jun, 14 2006 @ 09:01 PM
I finally found out the problem between grimpreaper/me and TJW. TJW is from the local happiness point of view, and we are from the internationnal happiness point of view. In fact, we are both doing the good thing, it's just that we don't understand each other. The local one doesn't understand the need to protect the internationnal happiness because they are doing fine locally and we understand the viewpoint of the local one but try to do the same thing as him but internationnally.

Did you understood?

Anyway, I did.

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