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posted on Aug, 16 2019 @ 06:37 PM
JE lawyers not happy with ME conclusions

“We are not satisfied with the conclusion of the medical examiner.”

They intend to conduct their own "independent and complete investigation into the circumstances and cause of JE death" and will release another statement in coming days


posted on Aug, 16 2019 @ 06:42 PM
a reply to: PioneerFigureSkating

It is VERY odd imo

Here's a direct link to the flight data on 7/23

Flight Data

No way it could have flown that entire distance though. Where did it refuel??

ETA: just reading on Reddit about this. Couple of posters who say they are aviation experts (could be true, could be trolls, take with the required amount of salt) say this is just a glitch in the tracking data and flight path would be curved not direct line. Plane did not make this journey.

Could just be more disinfo, from Reddit posters and/or whoever made this log entry on tracking system...

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posted on Aug, 16 2019 @ 06:45 PM
That is the question I find most interesting right now as well.

I hate the search function on ATS, and now anything old is buried under the 100 newer threads and all the mentions in this one.... I wish I’d thought to do this sooner, but I’ve been trying to dig up stuff from pre-2008 on Epstein, just to refresh my memory, just to see what the discussion was like, to see how deep some got down the rabbit hole over a decade ago; just for comparison.... why have we seen all this before and why does it feel so familiar but yet not enough so to definitively source where it came from....

But, I’m afraid as with everything else I try to “revisit” in the present, it will have all been scrubbed. I’ve watched them scrub a tremendous amount of information, even a great deal of old ATS threads, if you explore them today you will see a staggering amount of links shared are now gone....

just seeing what’s gone paints a picture sometimes

need a time machine, 2007-2008 I would be viewing all of it from a different perspective

Retrace the steps of “Q”

What other pieces might there be?

We have more than we know always felt to me like, all of this has already been released and discovered, or leaked... or perhaps some of it “planted” even...

Like in DJTs “this will get him elected” speech....
he talks about the “movement” ..... but it wasn’t his movement, the movement existed before him, but now it’s become indistinguishable from “his base” and that’s the problem I see with it, is people won’t trust the movement to uncover the truth because they refuse to attach it to Trump- if you really wanna get to the nitty gritty- and it’s by no means a jab at the POTUS- it’s just the barrier I see to uniting the masses.

Just calling it like I see it. I expect to rebuttals.

a reply to: cherokeetroy

posted on Aug, 16 2019 @ 06:46 PM
Thought I'd post this since some of ya'll are transfixed on Maxwell & dogs. 🧐😄

On The Net, No One Knows You're a Maxwell

Isabel Maxwell (@IsabelMax;
Anyone remember the early search engine "Magellan"?

She is the twin sister of Christine Maxwell, who sits on the board of trustees for Vint Cerf's Internet Society.

In early 1993, the sisters and their husbands created, a directory with a ratings system - a kind of Michelin guide to the Net - that evolved into the early search engine Magellan.

"Isabel is a hard-charging ultra-entrepreneur," says Jesse Berst, editorial director of ZDNet's AnchorDesk report. "She needs a foldout card to list all the businesses she's in and all the hats she wears."

Part of this I did not know 👇

He escaped through the French Underground at age 16, was put in a British prison camp digging ditches, and got out by volunteering for the British army, which changed his name from Jan Hoch to Robert Maxwell. By D-Day he was a sniper with the rank of sergeant. He led an attack against the 12th SS Panzers, captured a hundred Germans, was awarded the Military Cross, and was then enlisted by British military intelligence.

posted on Aug, 16 2019 @ 06:52 PM
a reply to: PokeyJoe

Epstein's cause of death was determined to be a hanging.


However, combing through multiple news sites, details of his method of hanging are scanty.

There are two ways to accomplish suicide by hanging: 1) The Drop method; and, 2) The Short Drop/Suspension method.

Statistics show that the hanging method in general is, on average, 89.5% lethally effective if done correctly. If not, then damage to the brain usually occurs in survivors.

JE had to have known what he was doing to hang himself successfully.

Method number one can be ruled out immediately; it requires a number of factors that Epstein did not have available to him.

Method number two, Short Drop/Suspension---if JE *really* hung himself---is the more likely of the two methods he used. It requires a drop from between 5 and 9 feet; with a bedsheet around his neck at the proper positioning, throwing himself off the top bunk of his cell could have crushed his hyoid, followed by asphyxiation and rapid death, around seven minutes.

That's all I'll say here. If anyone wants the link to the data I'm looking at, just PM me.

Bottom line, it's not impossible that JE could have hung himself successfully given the right conditions and opportunity. And I do mean 'given'. In other words, the right conditions and the perfect opportunity may have been provided to him intentionally.

On the other hand, it could have happened because of gross negligence on the part of the people responsible for his life and safety.

We will NEVER know, sadly.

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posted on Aug, 16 2019 @ 06:56 PM

originally posted by: PioneerFigureSkating
Been busy most of the day today, y'all, so apologies if already posted, but I don't think it was.

Someone was looking through the Epstein flight logs and discovered his plane flew to Antarctica while he was in prison. On 7/23. Curious I thought. (ETA: 7/23 was also the day of his first suicide attempt)

That story was proven false AFAIK. Can't remember where I read it but someone also posted here yesterday. It was determined to be a flight data error with Plus no planes fly into Antarctica during the winter months unless dire emergency.

posted on Aug, 16 2019 @ 06:59 PM
a reply to: Observationalist

Those pictures want me to reflect on thatCeyeA Instagram pic

One of the government’s most secretive agencies came out of the cold Thursday morning by joining Instagram. The Central Intelligence Agency posted a photo of a cluttered desk at the spy agency, with the text, “I spy with my little eye…”

Maybe just me LoL such a tease them photos are !
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posted on Aug, 16 2019 @ 07:04 PM
a reply to: MetalThunder

Thought you were on bench warming detail. 😎

Now that you mention it I remember that pic. Yes, I see the similarity.

posted on Aug, 16 2019 @ 07:08 PM
a reply to: SouthernGift

From what I've seen, I think that what will draw the left into this movement for truth and justice is the underlying belief that DJT is implicated in Epstein's crimes. So far, that idea is the driving force. I'm remaining neutral in that regard. I want truth, justice and freedom and I have no emotional attachment to any public figure who may stand between me and my mission
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posted on Aug, 16 2019 @ 07:11 PM
a reply to: EndtheMadnessNow

LoL. ... The fighter in me wins Everytime LoL

It is why I am here.

Always chomping at the bit

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posted on Aug, 16 2019 @ 07:13 PM

originally posted by: CanadianMason
a reply to: PokeyJoe

You might have heard already that NASA has found a second impact crater there under the ice; and, apparently, that's a huge deal for people. I'm thinking there's much more potential there for the mining industry than previously thought. I LIVE inside one of the world's larges impact craters; mining here has been going on since the early/mid 19th century, and it's predicted that there is still at least a hundred more years to go before there's nothing left---and, that's just from one meteor hit. Greenland now has two hits. I wish I could go there and do some prospecting and stake a claim before you guys (America) buy it!

Bet you this one 1s 10 x bigLinky cvid=31ca70f1caad4d1ea5b6d619c7ab857e&qs=LS&nclid=66665A0500F49339CFF70CCCC8945252&ts=1566000534820

posted on Aug, 16 2019 @ 07:15 PM

originally posted by: PioneerFigureSkating
a reply to: combatmaster

Well something is obviously going on down there. Something very important. Important enough for all the world leaders to make regular trips down there and too important for you and me to know about it.

From the NAZIs during and after the war straight on through to the Huma Abedin emails (in one email she seemed thrilled they were going back down to Antarctica), leaders have been down there for a long time now.

Yes... this i know... there is something down there that is very big and not being told to the world.... most probably something that clearly and unequivocally proves something that isnt being told.

However what the lolita express has to go there for is puzzling!

posted on Aug, 16 2019 @ 07:15 PM
a reply to: pianopraze

That Trump Tower/Greenland image made it on FoxNews TV earlier today. They were interviewing the guy who created it.
He was amazed Fox asked him for an interview during prime time (Distraction) instead of covering more important topics.

posted on Aug, 16 2019 @ 07:28 PM
That is precisely what I wish I could dig up.

Any details regarding ties to Epstein from a pre Trump running for president era.

Not just to Trump either

It’s like Epstein is the red herring of himself.

2019 Epstein is the red herring for 2007 Epstein.

Just rambling.

a reply to: cherokeetroy

posted on Aug, 16 2019 @ 07:31 PM
a reply to: SouthernGift

Ummm... You never ramble
seems like that way to me .... A pawn in a larger game... But maybe I am rambling

My theory is this is a delay to impeachment news...msm has to try to control narrative at what they view as advantageous timng ... At least the master does if you follow along... Heads up mister evil master... Timeline is no longer yours to direct ! Godspeed
Back to lurking. Peace.... For now
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posted on Aug, 16 2019 @ 07:32 PM
This is a long article, but worth the read. The lady who wrote it is trying to tie this network and their "proclivities" to the Watergate scandal. A few new names I hadn't heard yet, and this does, IMO, make more sense of the Watergate stuff than the official narrative.

"In 1972, Rothstein arrested one of the five Watergate burglars, CIA operative Frank Sturgis. During a subsequent two-hour interrogation, he discovered the truth about Watergate. The burglars sought something they nicknamed “The Book” which listed the Democrat and Republican politicians who accessed [redacted so as not to violate the T&C of this thread]"

posted on Aug, 16 2019 @ 07:37 PM
a reply to: EndtheMadnessNow

Thanks for that.

There's so much stuff that comes through these threads it gets hard to know if some stuff has been covered already or not. Sorry all for bringing old news.

posted on Aug, 16 2019 @ 07:37 PM
This may have already been posted but in light of Epstein's "suicide" , I decided to bring it up, again.

Wexner has alleged mob ties and has possible connections to mysterious deaths of 2 (now 3...that are public) people he associated with -- 1) a former lawyer shot and killed in broad daylight; 2) the former owner and founder of Victoria's Secret who committed suicide by jumping off the SF Bridge.

The Wexner War

We can only imagine Limited founder and apparel mag- nate Leslie Wexner’s consternation over the leaking of a document entitled, Wexner Analysis: Israeli Communication Priorities 2003. The report was prepared for the Wexner Foundation and provides insight into Wexner’s relationship with the state of Israel. As the Cleveland Plain Dealer noted, Wexner keeps his personal life “under padlock.” But what has surfaced over the years simply adds to his mystery. In the Shapiro murder file, personally ordered destroyed by Columbus Chief of Police James Jackson, Wexner is listed as an alleged organized crime associate. A December 1995 Architectural Digest article and a follow-up 1996 New York Times report detailed the inner sanctum of Wexner’s former Manhattan townhouse, one of the largest in the city.

“Visitors described a bathroom reminiscent of James Bond movies: hidden beneath a stairway, lined with lead to provide shelter from attack and supplied with closed-circuit television screens and a telephone, both concealed in a cabinet beneath the sink,” wrote the Times. The townhouse is now reportedly owned by Wexner’s even more mysterious protégé, Jeffrey E. Epstein.

The Shapiro Murder File

The ghost of Arthur Shapiro—a prominent local attorney who was slain in a 1985 “mob-style murder”—continues to haunt the City of Columbus. Shapiro’s doomed soul was resurrected recently when the Columbus Division of Police released the controversial—and once believed destroyed—document investigating his death.

Following the sensational mob-style slaying of Shapiro on March 6, 1985, the report noted that “an analytical project” was started “because of the strong similarities between this homicide and a Mafia (L.C.N.) [La Cosa Nostra] ‘hit.’”

The untold truth of Victoria's Secret

Two Prominent Jewish Republican Donors Cut GOP Ties Over Trump

Two prominent Jewish donors to the Republican Party announced over the past days that they are cutting their ties to the GOP because of U.S. President Donald Trump. The two donors, Seth Klarman and Leslie Wexner, have both contributed millions of dollars to Republican groups and candidates in recent years. They are both also known as major Jewish philanthropists and supporters of Israel.[editby ]edit on 16-8-2019 by cherokeetroy because: (no reason given)

posted on Aug, 16 2019 @ 07:40 PM
a reply to: MetalThunder

Good thing I often scroll back up the page otherwise would have missed your late video entry. Extra star for baseball. 🍻

I posted on CloudFail when 8chan was taken down and said I'll bet it has something to do with their perspective IPO filing next month.

Check this tweet out from Rob Monster, CEO of Epik. 🔥

posted on Aug, 16 2019 @ 07:56 PM
Another accused Epstein co-conspirator out shopping. Not in custody.

Time to confess? Epstein 'scheduler' and former model Adriana Ross dodges questions about his sick past as she flees Florida church in tears

A former model named as a possible accomplice of Jeffrey Epstein broke down in tears as challenged her to come clean about his vile sex crimes.

Adriana Ross was one of four women named as 'potential co-conspirators' but granted immunity from prosecution in Epstein's controversial 2008 Floridasweetheart deal. twitter_dailymailus&__twitter_impression=true

Not out shopping, church 🙏
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