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Archons, Heaven and Reincarnation

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posted on May, 18 2016 @ 10:23 PM

originally posted by: blueman12
Not sure if this is the right area, but here it goes:

Is heaven merly an illusion during the process of the afterlife?

1 thinks there are realms of benevolence where the ETERNAL souls-spirits-internal energies find salvation...

originally posted by: blueman12
There have been many people who have claimed to remember past lives. There have also been many who claimed to have visited heaven. To have seen a beautiful and good-feeling place.

This could all be hallucinations of the mind during high anxiety life-or-death situations. However, maybe some of it could be true...


originally posted by: blueman12
Is it possible that we are being told a lie in the afterlife?

The theory is that when we die, we arrive at a heaven or "afterlife". It is a beautiful place and we are met by an entity(s) that appear very nice.

1 thinks there are regions that would be perceived as HEAVENS and or Regions of benevolence where the Created find salvation as they ASCEND during the phases of life and death within Existence. Karma benevolence energy may play a part in reaching these locations. Sort of like laws of attract but after a life or lives of benevolence you attract to a benevolent realm...

This can go the other way also as far as the laws of attraction with karma negative energy basically attracting the soul-spirit-internal energy to realms that are more malevolent.

At times when reviewing various religious scriptures related to the afterlife and doing astral travels (exploring the meta regions) it appears there are other beings there, just something to consider.
Further are these beings that primarily existed in that afterlife meta form or did they too experience the phases of life and death within existence as more dense existing beings before ascending?

originally posted by: blueman12
They convice us that reincarnation on earth is what we need to do. It's our divine purpose. They or It (in whatever presentation) are God, and knows what is best. We are free willed beings and must CHOOSE this. We are being persuaded into earthy reincarnation.


originally posted by: blueman12
However, this is all a lie. This is for the benifit of _____ entities. Or "archons". They feed off of us in a seemingly negative way. They are the ultimate reason why earth is in a constant flux of suffering and peace. They feed off the pendulum opposing poles. The energetic flux between suffering and relief. Humans will often do this by themselves. However, archons ensure the constant struggle.

They need souls to inhabit their controled environment to feed off of. Souls have free will and cannot be truely forced into enslaved reincarnation. They can only be tricked.

At least, that is the theory.

Any thoughts about this would be nice.

Natas fell & 1/3 went, did LUCIFER fall to destroy what Natas begins

When I think about the fallen Angel data @ times I wonder did some fall or follow the fallen?

OUTTA BOX- did the fallen find a void outside the HEAVENS/LIGHT* and begin to Create Kingdoms of their own?
Maybe each fallen promised that they may rule over all they create or spawn within around their kingdoms.
But all those kingdoms serve Natas kingdom.

Except LUCIFER for the LIGHT* serves THE WHO CREATED the perceived HEAVENS or LIGHT regions of benevolence and the fallen, so that specific fallen proxy of HEAVENS would be more like a army...
That followed the fallen maybe for HEAVENS reconnaissance.
Therefore making all kingdoms designed outside the HEAVENS holding trapped souls-spirits-internal energies potentially questionable due to not being CREATED by THE who Created the HEAVENS and the fallen that created those kingdoms...

What if these fallen kingdoms and their created are part of the universe?
And souls-spirits-internal energies of humans and even non humans had to fall, get trapped or captured and placed here to assist in some higher function unknown by those captured - trapped - brought here from a higher region where the soul-spirit-internal energy form or Higher self primarily exist?
Could these be the professed Archon types?
Are the 2/3 that are said to of remained also ARChons or something else?

Over all OP I think there may be some points referenced that may be extremely relevant why others may be imagination driven.


posted on May, 18 2016 @ 11:37 PM
Quotes are from different sources.

Waiting will not help us and is part of the problem ... Maybe the archons are getting more successful day by day, if there is any truth to them, than they appear to have strong control over global society.

I think it's worth wondering, but then again, they are not the only thing affecting humans. Still, it does seem clear that globally, culturally, we are heading - at a nearly exponential rate - into the fire, so to speak.

I dont really understand your take on reincarnation. If we are shown our lives, given the chance to work on memories / tough experiances, and given the choice to enter reincarnation, why is this world still so chaotic?

Is there anything you said there, that implies it should not be?

The only reason I consider the possibility of "archons" controlling reincarnation is because humans are still in constant war and struggle. We do not remember our past lives, so we cant use previous wisfom in this life.

(In a novel one of my characters called that "the injustice of forgetfulness." Irritating I agree.) But as I perceive it so far the archons do not control anything with humans -- nothing. They are furled up like luggage, and while their energy has a small effect (and their presence has a small but noted effect on the nervous system, which improves a little when they're ejected), they are not influential let alone controlling.

The human identity, which is an emergent property playing CEO-identity, is truly in control -- and truly responsible. I think humans tend to not know what's going on and instead of wanting to learn, they want to dismiss it as black-box and walk away. Because learning is a real bother given all the prerequisites and concomitants that are part of it, few of us are ready to structure our life to fit Truth more than peripherally. And our culture is the opposite of supportive.

One of the most damaging things you can do to an enemy is convince them you're stronger, or you've already won, or that whatever problems they have source from their own (god, government, father, gang leader, whatever). It's tragic when people allow this paradigm in spiritual areas.

posted on May, 18 2016 @ 11:38 PM
Quotes are from different sources.

It just seems more likely, in my perspective, that we are fooled into reincarnation. We are kept dumb and unaware in our lives.

I think of it like kickball. When I was 8 it was tons of fun. My brother who was 15 thought it was for little kids. If I'd been given his perspective I could have been sneering and cynical and too good for kickball like he thought he was. But my good development depended in part on experiencing "being" eight years old -- not being born 82 so I "knew most things already." We are here for the experience, which is primary to the development (the experience is the journey; the development is the destination).

This is our gameworld, our holodeck. We're here because we want to be, not because we have to be. This life and this time cycle in particular is a heck of an adventure. Some part of us probably had to pay bigtime for sold-out tickets. We are not prisoners trapped in a biological cell until we escape. We are gamers allowed to continually remanifest an interface until our time runs out.

Of course we can 'buy' any player philosophy we want including the ones where they wear robes and whip themselves for their religious guilt, or where they wear lab coats and pride themselves on their dismissal of everything that isn't scientifically measurable, or where they wear feathers and skip wide-eyed and careless through the dirty ugly alleyways they're oblivious to, or the ones where they sit around in white clothing singing Kumbaya in harmony together, united in peace against all the warmongers especially those with bad hair ... I mean it's our game, we do what we want with it.

We hope that when time is up and we remember again that it was just a game all along and evaluate our experience, along with our friends who are down here with us (sometimes as our enemies), it'll seem cool and we'll kick around that larger-focus until maybe we do or don't decide to play again.

And if we play again, we get into the game, the way we get into theme park bumper cars or rollercoaster cars, or adopt an MMORPG player ("hhhm, yes. I think I'll be on the dark side. And I'll have horns! Ooh, cool armor. Wait, I want to save up for a dragon this time...") and we're off again. No grand cosmic ha-the-joke's-on-you was part of any of that... nothing bad.

The most destructive thing to the paradigms of any person is a lack of positive connection with the Self-capital-S (or a cultural tendency to dismiss the experience especially over time because culture teaches us to dismiss most things relevant to the spiritual self). Even the tiniest experience with divine light can lead any person to know one thing, if nothing else: that they are fundamentally divine, which is fundamentally Good-capital-G. We are not tortured, fooled, imprisoned, or otherwise harmed by anything that is of divine will. Whatever experience one may have here or anywhere, if there are ever perceived negatives involved (and sometimes that's more our perception than anything), nothing but light comes from the divine.

Any influence that attributes a negative between an individual and the divine is the worst kind of damaging. If, in this game, any agendas didn't want human spiritual-evolution, that's the most effective way of making it a moot point. No worries about anyone getting smarter or stronger in the elements-of-soul that might matter most if you can convince them to not even bother trying because they think God is an SOB and just trying to jerk their chain. You don't even need to worry about them after that, they are already policing themselves into spiritual inertia -- or worse.

posted on May, 18 2016 @ 11:38 PM
Quotes are from different sources.

Also, how did you come into this personal experiance that led to knowledge?

Kinda sums up 50 years of life, particularly the last 25, and a pretty extensive amount of confusion that gradually resolved to better understanding. Can't really fit into a forum post, and isn't a religion with a doctrine. So I just have to say, we're talking about stuff unprovable so nobody knows for sure, and I'm just as likely to be a lunatic as anybody else on the internet. And I have had to realize I was wrong and rebuild my paradigms about things repeatedly so I clearly don't know very much at all, given I'm constantly finding I at best misunderstood something and at worst was just completely wrong.

I can make sleep paralysis happen to me on a % of about 20 , and there is no future war been started from the dark side.

I have no idea how the two parts of that sentence are supposed to relate to each other. I'm familiar with sleep paralysis. I don't have a definition for the dark side (aside from Darth Vader) given the whole universe of awareness not all of which agrees with us, but I could assume you just mean 'stuff we consider scary or working against us.' Still I don't know what the first has to do with the second.

Future war (shakes tinfoil hat in anger)

Sounds like you're ready for war if you're angry. I suppose that puts you already on your dark side LOL.

Judeo-Christian philosophy claims we are children of the Most High God.

Well, the Sun's going nova and taking us with him, a feature not a bug (true enlightenment), but we probably don't have to think about that due to the timespan. There are a lot of things in philosophy which, even if so, are cosmology in origin, and so might not have too big an effect on our lifespans now. Even if our now turns out to span a more 'interesting' timeframe than usual in terms of human-and-angelic events. So, I can't comment on that otherwise -- I am not religious in the slightest, only spiritual.

(quoting me) >>> we are merely the pawns in their larger battle.
> If the angels are servants to the Most-High, how would the Most-High's Children be pawns for the servants of the Most-High?

Oh. To be clear I did not mean we were angelic pawns. That was a wording problem, I apologize. I meant the archons use our energy constructs to travel, which renders us pawns from that perspective, in the conflict between them. The angelics are... english lacks a word here but 'pure' and 'power' and 'truth' combined would work. To the extent they notice us (we are each part of one, who does for certain) they are nothing but Good, to a degree we can't even comprehend.

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posted on May, 18 2016 @ 11:39 PM

this world isn't solid.

Agreed, the universe is only dynamics (qualities and inherent-force), there is no such thing as an object. I perceive it that the emergent property which is what we call "energy" in our focus bandwidth, which vibrates and clings together what one might call socially, is filtered by our bodies to be perceived as 'solid.'

Physics says, rocks vibrate more slowly so seem more solid. Gases more rapidly so seem less solid. It's all "compared to our perceptual tools." How bugs and snakes perceive it all is completely different -- many things are non-existent to snakes that we find perceivable but they perceive temperature in a way that gives them a reality we don't have. So, as the sages have always said, everything is symbolic (a dream) and reality is "an illusion."

There is no meaning to it. It's subliminal.

The dichotomy between everything around us either meaning something or nothing is one anybody runs into in philosophy. I got that horribly from 'A Course in Miracles' about 30 years ago. In the book 'Illusions' Richard Bach shows some of it. It eventually seems like if nothing is solid like it seems, so it's not "real" per our cultural definition, that how could anything matter. Yeah, take that far enough and it can really mess with your head -- why would anything matter including school or jobs or other 'goals' one had before realizing everything around them "was fake."

But eventually one gets past that and realizes that like all polarities, it is both. The fact that it's merely symbolic and there is no such thing as concrete (figuratively and literally both I suppose!), means that everything in fact is nothing BUT meaning -- we live in a universe where in fact there is nothing ELSE but 'meaning.' If nothing is real nothing can be un-real either. The whole concept is n/a.

Then you start to see the rather dreamlike fascinating significance in what it took mankind to get to the technology point of even making a modern stop sign; of how sidewalks enclose and protect and guide and help but also constrain us; of the immense complexity of energies and intent that has to get together to make a modern television; of the deeper meaning in a "sliding glass door." You start to realize that it's not just that nothing-means-anything but that everything-means-something.

This is, you might say, a shift to a path more geared to so-called enlightenment, where you begin to understand the nature of things (and importantly, begin to care about the well-being of smaller things). Both polarities are technically true at the same time.

One can sit in the corner of the holodeck or gameworld and not bother playing because we're too smart to be fooled into thinking it's real so there; or we can realize of course it's not 'real' but it's an incredibly creative artform come to life everywhere, that's much of the fun in fact, and have as much fun as we can while we're in the game.

(Serotonin problems can also contribute to the lack of sense of meaning too, I think.)

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posted on May, 18 2016 @ 11:39 PM
Quotes are from different sources.

You can't have one without the other.

Yes this seems to be so, in the same way male/female, positive/negative, etc. are, but they contain each other as polarities, like a small core inside a sphere (the energetic reality the yin-yang symbol attempts to convey). They do not both have to be manifest (let alone in equal measure) in order to be inherently present in our focus-bandwidth.

Energy (I was shown this) is actually created by the... transition emptiness layer... between the two polarities... this is hard to describe but if you've heard of orgone chambers and the layering of say, metal and wool -- these are like the opposites -- but in terms of spiritual energy, the generation is actually happening 'between' those layers, and moreso the more active/present/implicitly powerful each of those layers are (within their own nature).

This occurs within the structure of souls also, the many different "instances" of a larger energy, the different Aeons, the different chakras (extensions of The Powers), we are incredible power-generating machines, people (and our larger world. Speaking of which, power done badly can also blow up and burn out).

Light is a carrier-wave pulling us forward and if within that will, we will be naturally drawn to wanting to pull anything around us into synchronous-sine also. (Kind of like saying the big clock influences the rythym of the little clocks yes, but as they sync with the big clock, they begin to also add to the influence on the other little clocks as well.) What I mean by that (sometimes this stuff is hard to convey) is that the more one is... in the spirit? the light? all these phrases sound religious and ridiculous so it makes the language problem even more difficult... the more one is going to want to bring-light and heal-dark.

Speaking of dark:

Darkness is not of the Nothingness. It is not the opposite of light, as it only exists within the realm of light itself. Darkness is just something-ness lacking color. The universe is fundamentally of light, and darkness fails to hold dominance and fails to understand why: its nature precludes it: awareness itself makes all identities children of the light.

-- Insight during Authority and Money meditation (mine)

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posted on May, 18 2016 @ 11:40 PM
Quotes are from different sources.

Every parent that lets their child/children join the military is giving their blood to Maloch for a blood sacrifice.

(Trivia: Few parents "let" their child join the military since there is only a tiny sliver of time when one is old enough to join early and not old enough to sign their own permission.) I agree combat is blood sacrifice though.

War is so horrible. I wish whatever 'enlightened' beings existed on this planet could tell us how to get out of the gridlock we have created on this topic. Alas it probably all starts with "people don't want to be at war anymore" but we can only determine our own destinies not everybody else's.

And we likely dialed into this game knowing certain foundations were in place... that'd be one.

One thing I do know: you get what you focus upon, so, focus on being happy and finding the best in things and the result in one's life is very different than focusing on the negative and terrifying.

I am curious about your mythology, basically.

Both enormously simple (since it's just the same pattern at every level) and enormously complex (since everything my culture believes generally contradicts it or is just a separate paradigm entirely). Plus it took my whole life for experience to get me here so I assume it's a relatively individualized thing. At least, I love to assume that. Then every time I have an experience and realize -- usually later, sometimes years later -- that it is exactly something described in some cabala thing, or is literally staring right back at me in symbol from the Thoth tarot deck, I feel like "OMG how could I not have seen this before?!" It's never obvious until after the fact but everything seems so novel to me at the time. I'm really kind of a metaphysical idiot, and I don't do nearly the focus on that my posts like this would make it seem, I think it's just that over time even the little things you can't help learning by accident start to add up.

What do you feel is the overall construct?

It's all cosmology. I find this enormously confusing most the time so that's not what I want to believe, it's just the only info and insight I get when I want to know (and often when I don't). So either that's it, or a larger universe living only inside my head is filled with astronomy freaks.

Atomic stuff and celestial stuff and the cellular stuff in our bodies... holographically the same.

How do you feel its connected to the physical body?

There is no difference, I am often told, and I have been shown a few times a whole universe that as it compresses and my perspective gets farther away, eventually ends up -- a human form, mine.

I don't believe that the body, psychology, and spirituality are separate, but this really is a 'belief' and not a knowing because despite decades of reminders I still cannot wrap my brain around that properly. I get a lot of info I just cannot hold. Sometimes I just can't remember it, or can't translate it up into english, but sometimes I just... I get it in the state of mind where I can grok it but then later my logical mind just can't reform itself enough to allow it. So I can "say" that but it is the kind of "belief" that most people have -- an intellectual opinion.

Most my comments are not beliefs from opinion, they are observations from my experience -- there is a difference. Some things though... I can't get past my head. That's one of them.

Do you believe we can gain awareness of the larger system? What kind of interactions exist?That sort of thing. If you'd feel more comfortable with a PM, that's fine too. To some, it may seem disconnected from the topic, but it may be the very core of the topic itself.

Will PM maybe this weekend, thanks.

That is why a lot of ghosts (if you believe in that kind of thing) are still suffering in the nonphysical realms, not because there is matter there, but because they crave material experiences.

I haven't encountered much of this, but a tiny bit. Probably there are a zillion reasons for such things. (By the way "The collected writings of T.C. Lethbridge" compiled by Tom Graves is one of the coolest books EVER and talks about his encountering a shade, and separately a ghoul, and inventing his own unique form of dowsing and more. He was an intelligent guy, worth reading.)

What I encountered seemed stuck here because they had simply had such enormous lower-frequency emotion (negative emotions I mean; lower as in the lower chakras, slower beat pattern) when they died, I think part of them was just sort of trapped in that. Just part. I think the rest of them went on as usual. We are huge conglomerates of energy. The "personality-instance" of them is most of what "stayed." They can be "bridged through" someone (like us) with intent who can connect to them, and an angelic, but you really have to hold the focus super hard and when I did this, I had the slightly terrifying impression that had I screwed up and lost my focus in the middle somewhere it might literally have dumped that fragment of energy into me. Suffice to say not something I'm interested in.

I used to meditate outside my kid's dojo in another town (and I am from another state far away so unfamiliar with the region) and often when sitting calmly I would feel 'approached by' this ... I assumed it was a ghost. It was a little girl about 7 I guess, obviously super poor, super skinny, hair cut like a boy, rag dress and bare feet and dirty, and she was standing in a room that was like a tiny library (that it turned out used to be nearby a decade or so before, a local later told me, but wasn't when I was there). My impression was that she had died unhappy, but loved the library but wanted to talk to me. I didn't really get any great angst from it -- she might have wanted to talk about the weather or a book, who knows. My knee-jerk response was basically "I don't talk to dead people, go away" and that was that. Maybe I'd be different now. I'm not exactly enlightened as I think I've mentioned, alas.

I never liked the paranormal stuff, or the dark side stuff -- I disliked Casteneda's works I read decades ago due to the light/dark polarities. My experience with the archons is only the last few years and is totally new to me, and was actually pretty upsetting for me (still is when I run into it, not often fortunately).

I think this thread is the first time I've ever talked about any of it much in public. I think it sounds like complete lunacy. And although some of this info is semi-present in common places (like the Gnostic Gospels -- though I'd never heard of it until I chanced on it searching for something else. Apparently I missed the videogame revolution because the terms are in one of those too) it's probably best known in the... let's call it "the unique variant" version of Hubbard's Dianetics doctrine... and if it didn't already sound ridiculous, pretty sure that association seals it.

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posted on May, 18 2016 @ 11:41 PM
Quotes are from different sources.

David Icke and others to various degrees and viewpoints, maintain that 1) everything is an illusion, a broadcast, nothing is what it seems.

There is a difference between everything being an illusion *naturally* -- this is a physics and metaphysics truism -- vs. a "broadcast" which intentionally
a) makes it into something mercenary and controlling and
b) forces us to assign all power and authority to bad guys who allegedly control us.

What if they don't? What if they only wish? If they can convince us they already do, it won't matter.
Maybe Icke is helping them, whether or not he realizes it.

2) our senses offer only a tiny glimpse of all that is.

A simple biology truism, sure.

3) we were manipulated to be this way by these entities, thought forms, eggregore, archons, annunaki and a whole bunch of parasitic entities which for some reason, while being negative, have nevertheless the ability to tinker with dna, interspatial/ dimension travel, time and space manipulation.

Well, creatures are creatures. For all I know, cows have clubs where they talk about abductions and genetic tinkering and it's all our fault.

In the "jungian stew" of the universe we live in, and the insanely long timeframe some form of life has been present on this planet (much longer than mainstream science supports IMO, though it's only my opinion), there's been plenty of time to dirk around with the locals.

The retro-viral destruction of endogenous ascorbic generation is by far the most destructive thing in my view. I once had a "sponsored insight" that this was not merely because it made us all so bloody easy to kill off both individually and en masse, but because it drastically shortened our lifespans. There are certain spiritual capacities that actually only open when one is older (much like children don't get irony until a certain age, the body has certain capacities expand or retract at diff ages; our people don't know much about this yet) so the chances of many people even reaching that, let alone being healthy enough to focus on spirituality and not be medicated in ways likely to affect this as well, are rare. (ref: )

I am not really sure how much I trust highly public sources (e.g. Icke) though. It often seems to me that he has just enough information to have some accuracy, the sort that makes people think there is something to it, and yet it always ends up somewhere else. Like he's allowed to be public because he helps corral certain interest genres and then lead them to look to the side so the underlying sources are even safer.

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posted on May, 18 2016 @ 11:41 PM
Quotes are from different sources.

Nothing, nothing should stop one in the now from being a kind human being to others, loving and caring. I think the rest will take care of itself

Excellent. :-)

Humans all around love for all kind of wrong and despicable reasons.

Worth a thread of its own. I'm tempted to say that humans simply love because they need to love, because this is an energy that needs to flow through and around us, and humans will adapt around whatever their conditions are.

I didn't understand some of the other things you said.

a glimpse of this light you talk of. Love was just a word for a transcendental Force which was the common bond all things shared, what made the world function so greatly and the original blissful state any being should live by.

Maybe unrelated but for some reason I just thought of this: I once fell in love with a tree, as stupid as that sounds. I came home from work to my apt complex and there were trees in curbed in squares in the parking lot. The one by my house was smaller, scrawnier, ever so slightly crooked, and had fewer branches. I had been doing heart chakra and energy work for some time at that point so I'm sure I brought it on myself. Walking from my car, I wasn't paying attention and I looked up toward where I was walking and just for a moment I saw her "as she really was." I perceived that the tree had an identity (like animals and humans have but of her own nature) and it was female.

I felt as if she were throwing her arms up to the Sun in joy of 'His Love coming into her,' at the time I thought of it like "a soul sister singing to Jesus" as I was grinning at myself, but in that instant, I loved her so madly. I never saw the tree the same way again. I would look around furtively to make sure nobody could see me and hug her and tell her how awesome she was at length. (Seriously lucky not to be committed!) I nearly cried when I moved away that I couldn't somehow take her with me.

One of the elements here though is that she didn't change -- my capacity for perceiving her did.

Not sure if this is an overshare or offtopic or un-PC, but I think there is an element in sex related to this. At least for women dunno about men. There is a certain occasional G-spot (not C-spot) experience where for a moment in the high point, there is this rush of a feeling in every body cell I can only call "sweet." This instant, not more than an instant, is what a tiny dose of the angelics feel like -- I recognize them by the incredible powerful feeling of "sweet" -- they live in that frequency. I think it is possible that regular good sex of this kind might open someone's capacity in that regard. (Not a tantric expert so I don't know.)

Also of course, that state of mind where "everything is right with the world," multiplied hugely, is what moments of ... not sure what to call it ("insight?") feel like -- like even a polluted river CHOSE to have that experience on some level -- their character is totally decked out you might say, if it were a gameworld, all things no matter how we perceive them on the surface are the interaction of a vastly larger awareness of "us" (each human) that knows what it's doing.

I think there is some imperfect understanding there, though. I've had quite a number of raging arguments with my solar body and HGA about why humans get stuck in the BS here and my opinion on their letting that continue. They always seem to win those debates by showing me insights that make sense, but then later, even though I know they're right, I don't know that I feel ok about it anyway. Sometimes just because something is true doesn't make it what I would prefer.

Anyway. But it all seems to come down to what and how WE perceive -- more than anything itself -- since as noted in previous stuff, there isn't really any 'thing' in our world, just energy, its groupings and symbolic meanings.
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posted on May, 18 2016 @ 11:42 PM
Quotes are from different sources.

the term "archon" is used by the Orthodox Church

What any human religion knows or doesn't or how their doctrine models it, I don't take too seriously.

I have argued the terms given me internally (such as Aeons and Archons) but since it is the interworlds insisting that these are the appropriate terms, I was finally forced to adopt them. They're also used in videogames... what can you do.

I generally don't comment on religious stuff because I am not religious. But there is one comment from a religious guy that I think was very insightful:

Angels transcend every religion, every philosophy, every creed. In fact angels have no religion as we know it... their existence precedes every religious system that has ever existed on earth.

-- St. Thomas Aquinas

Entheogens exist for a reason

I suspect that natural mystics simply get a little natural dose of this stuff. I've had experiences that I considered really mystical and amazing and then later read of someone's experience (for example in some official science trials related to -- er, LDS, as Spock called it in the 4th ST movie, ha!) ("too much" mormonism as an idea made me laugh harder at that than anything) that was so incredibly similar to mine, I had to conclude that my brain just made some groovy chems all on its own.

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posted on May, 19 2016 @ 03:27 AM

originally posted by: Davg80
a reply to: awareness10

so what happens in the 4th dimension?
are 4th dimension beings Gods?
can the manipulate/control atoms at a molecular level through consciousness?
making them creators on this plane?
thus making them Gods?

cheers Dave

There are no dimensions, no gods, only subliminal suggestion by thought forms/egregore who we will cease to see once death comes to us each. Much as a hypnotist tricks an individual into seeing that which is not really there.

posted on May, 19 2016 @ 07:37 AM

originally posted by: RedCairo

Maybe unrelated but for some reason I just thought of this: I once fell in love with a tree, as stupid as that sounds. I came home from work to my apt complex and there were trees in curbed in squares in the parking lot. The one by my house was smaller, scrawnier, ever so slightly crooked, and had fewer branches. I had been doing heart chakra and energy work for some time at that point so I'm sure I brought it on myself. Walking from my car, I wasn't paying attention and I looked up toward where I was walking and just for a moment I saw her "as she really was." I perceived that the tree had an identity (like animals and humans have but of her own nature) and it was female.

I felt as if she were throwing her arms up to the Sun in joy of 'His Love coming into her,' at the time I thought of it like "a soul sister singing to Jesus" as I was grinning at myself, but in that instant, I loved her so madly. I never saw the tree the same way again. I would look around furtively to make sure nobody could see me and hug her and tell her how awesome she was at length. (Seriously lucky not to be committed!) I nearly cried when I moved away that I couldn't somehow take her with me.


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I suspect that natural mystics simply get a little natural dose of dimethyltryptamine. I've had experiences that I considered really mystical and amazing and then later read of someone's experience (for example in some official science trials related to -- er, LDS, as Spock called it in the 4th ST movie, ha!) ("too much" mormonism as an idea made me laugh harder at that than anything) that was so incredibly similar to mine, I had to conclude that my brain just made some groovy chems all on its own.

We ALL have the capability to increase the endogenous (internal, naturally produced) chemicals that are strongly correlated to spiritual experience. I think the teachings of Jesus do exactly that - return your body to its archetypical workings which is a fully-loaded dose of dimethyltryptamine (among other hormones) to go venturing off into the spiritual realm within you. Of course, this is just the neurochemical correlate of this phenomenon, it is actually a grace from God to perceive His World.

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so what will we see after death?

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Symbology, a rarely recognized system of language is innocently unseen, heavily questioned & utterly bring doubt.

If you this be of any truth of the spiritual realm then consider yourself armed.

Your voice will echo,
Into the black.
Eyes unblinking brought sudden curiosity.
At the border to
witness what the real is.

That tunnel....that feeling of being lighter than air.
That pencil like scribbling of a stick figure..

In the middle of the street.
......returning my eyes back to the force that attracted me,
"I am not finished."
That echo.....that force, like the pressing of a button.
....The EMT drew back in shock. Hours had passed, pain took 3 minutes to notice.

Perhaps I didn't make it that far to notice any other spirits. After all, I was in my own tunnel.
- Personal Experience

Gnostic Jesus spoke of the (5)five trees of paradise. Do we not use these trees everyday?
What we are seeing is the result of that because we all agreed to it.

Independent thinkers are free.
We've been given power, yet struggle to wield it wisely.

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You will know, granted you not be caught separated. Leave the flesh and all its needs and wants but leave with your spirit and soul(consciousness) intact. It is best.

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"Is karma just the eastern equivelant of Heaven and Hell? A religious way of encouraging good behavior. "

User said-_----------
Yeeeeahhh...I guess its sort of like that, to me at least. However, its real.

"Why choose to live a life with karma? Why would we carry baggage to a new life? "

We don't have a choice, we have to carry our baggage

No. No karma. Just the subconscious outward manifestation of perceived justice brought on by either guilt, or unity consciousness (love).
Your "karma" is basically a handy guidebook for navigating that mechanism, but in reality it augments extra steps to the whole thing.
Unity or Christ consciousness makes your karma default to good though.
This is what old Anubis really meant when he said "Keep you heart lighter than a feather."
Sure, you could argue that good will just makes you act better thus improving your karma, but then, look around at all the crappy people who are more successful than you. We all like to think that people get what they deserve, but the reality is, people get what they deep down FEEL they deserve.

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so what will we see after death?

Depends on whether you played along.
If you did: an illusory heaven or a comfortable reincarnation. If you realized the illusion and said "Wait a minute, hold up G" then Idk. Case by case basis if I had to guess.

But one thing I happen to know:
The Archons can be beaten...
But it's not easy.

All the major events in our lives are pre-agreed to.
Deviation from the plan tips them off that you've remembered, and may be a problem.

Easiest theoretical way I could ever devise, involves utilizing precognition to know what's coming, and then doing just what you're fated to do at the right time, but in a very subtly, slightly different way such as to invoke a minutely different result... That way they think all is going according to plan, but you've covertly introduced a wildcard they might not be able to allocate.

The trick is, one step too far and they've got you.
You'd have to be seriously crazy like a fox.

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Interesting thoughts.

I have read hundreds of NDE's in the last few years, a lot recently actually and for some reason started reading into the question of "Is the light a trick".

A few NDE's I read said they felt like they were being tricked into returning to this life. It is interesting.

Ok years ago I asked myself the question "What Happens when we die". I asked this question before I went to sleep and still clearly remember the dream I had.

I was in a plane and I remember we were going down I remember seeing mountains and snow briefly and as we crashed there was a blinding white light then nothing. When I woke up I had the feeling that when we die we go straight into another life.

What is odd though about that plane crash dream is from the age of maybe 6 or 7 I had sooooo many plane crash dreams for years and years, not the same plane crash dreams always different but when I went on a plane for the first time I was 12 and I was travelling abroad to see my friend who had moved to Cyprus.

Anyway after 4 weeks of getting scorched to death ( it was 100) I was on the plane coming back into Heathrow I think we may have been 40 mins or so away from airport and all of a sudden the plane suddenly and quite violently turned to the right people fell over and it was a bit scary, the pilot came on the intercom to say we had just had a near miss with another plane WTF.

My first ever holiday and the plane nearly hits another one not far from home. So were all those plane crash dreams a warning that on my first plane trip we would nearly crash or did I die in a plane crash in another life or is it both I have no idea.

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im not trying to downplay reincarnation but I do believe that our real home is somewhere else and being forced to come to this world over and over again is, in a way, punishment.

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