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Archons, Heaven and Reincarnation

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posted on Jul, 7 2016 @ 09:02 PM
a reply to: UniFinity

I do study Buddhism but my autodidactic (pseudo)education is in some kind of preliminary stage. I haven't started studying deeply yet.. I'm not really after enlightenment either.. I have some goals in mind but the dakinis may have their own plans for me. I guess I'll see about that. Thanks for the advice.

a reply to: Visitor2012

Because various sages throughout history have described it and made it into a science, Buddhism has a very detailed description of this progress.

Fortunately it does include knowledge of the self, knowledge of the self as a drop of God.

You write as if I don't believe in knowledge of self. I only criticise your very vague descriptions.

This "recognition of the self" doesn't really say much. It may range from simply silently asserting to oneself that they recognise "the observer within" - which won't really do much and is a very mundane activity - to actually experiencing the true self within.. but the latter usually won't be accomplished easily or simply by making assertions. I'm "recognising myself" right now and it hasn't made any real difference as far as I can tell.

That was very silly to say. It's not profound or practical, it's just idiotic. I never said I was after the end of seeking, what I said is that I discovered that which ended the seeking. If you found what you were looking for, why would you continue to seek for it?

Your own advice isn't very practical either, in fact it doesn't amount to much at all. It's a simple mundane act unlikely to really initiate any type of profound change at all.

Are you sure you can't explain this any further as I'm wondering if I'm missing something of great importance here?

posted on Jul, 8 2016 @ 07:29 PM
a reply to: TheLaughingGod

This "recognition of the self" doesn't really say much. It may range from simply silently asserting to oneself that they recognise "the observer within" - which won't really do much and is a very mundane activity -

There's too much room for misinterpretation which is why I typically avoid such discussions. I agree with you. Recognizing the 'observer within' as a kind of phenomenal projection or self portrait still says absolutely nothing about the subject who is perceiving it. I'm pointing to the subject itself, YOU, as opposed to the objects of perception like the self portraits in the mind.

but the latter usually won't be accomplished easily or simply by making assertions.

I agree. Asserting it, will do absolutely nothing. However, this isn't about making assertions to bring about realization. It's about recognizing the obvious.

I'm "recognising myself" right now and it hasn't made any real difference as far as I can tell.

Ah, I see. Well it depends on what you mean when you say 'recognizing yourself'. Because of the fact you say "your" self, it implies duality and a subject which is the owner of the phenomenal object, image or portrait (what you call "myself") being recognized. You're right, that won't shed any light on you.

Your own advice isn't very practical either,

I don't think I've given any advice yet.

Are you sure you can't explain this any further as I'm wondering if I'm missing something of great importance here?

It's not something important, it's something very simple. A crude example would be this: I am not my car, if I was, I would just say "me". I'm not my house, obvious by the use of the word 'my'. If I wrote a book perfectly explaining in concise detail EVERYTHING which you say is "yours", including your body, your brain, your mind, your thought, your ego, your soul, there would be absolutely nothing in there about YOU.

You (generalizing here) may know a lot about the universe, you may have knowledge about your mind and everything else you say is yours including your body, soul, your purpose, your karma or whatever, but the question is have you investigated the subject which is constantly being implied? Know thy self first.

I'm not attempting to evangelize, or convince you of anything. What I'm talking about doesn't require spiritual practice, mysticism or a degree in philosophy to understand. It is the fundamental basis of duality.

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posted on Feb, 6 2017 @ 02:50 PM

Ive read multiple books and videos about afterlife and it seems a bit confuse especially if we read many different authors. I read Michael Newton, Dolores Cannon and saw some videos from Peggy Kane. Michael Newton and Dolores share some common ground but they differ in a couple of things. I am from Greece and I love to read our ancient literature.
differences :
1) Michael Newton - There is soul births in a kind of a bee hive settlements.
Dolores Cannon - We created by Father or the One long long time ago...
Ancient Hellenic literature - We created by Father Zeus long long time ago from the essence that he is... Maybe that implies that essence pre-existed as the thing we call the source.

2) Michael Newton - there is no walkins that continue someone's life and the pre-existed soul in a body just moves along..
Dolores Cannon - Walkins do exist.
Ancient Hellenic literature, there is no such thing
Real scientific evidence - some people after huge comma wake up and they are someone else. So it may happens but its extremely rare.

3) Michael Newton - angels demons jesus, etc... are just thoughts (Jesus as a name may mean nothing, but humans related the name of Jesus with a higher force/power)
Dolores Cannon - angels/demons are thoughts.. Jesus is real and all jewish prophets...
Ancient Hellenic literature, historically Jesus does not exist, but all christian books burned/destroyed and they re-wrote them at the 3rd and 4th century. Original christianity didnt have judaism, Yahbeh was not included or considered as anything and supported reincarnation. It was more like a philosophical idea, like ancient philosophy. As for people like Jesus, history is filled with souls who reflect the light of the source directly, so these souls are more progressed and in times they come to help humanity. So there is many "jesus" across the man history on earth.
Peggy Kane - there is no jesus - just pleiadians and the reptilians and the purgatory.

4th) Michael Newton - There is several planes of existence and it starts from what we call as purgatory / personal hells.
Dolores Cannon - the same as above.
Ancient Hellenic literature - the same as above
Peggy Kane - There is the purgatory and some higher planes but she has no access to those.

5) Michael Newton - Human souls are separate from animal souls, but human souls do some creationism.
Dolores Cannon - Human souls can be anything including animals, simple matter as foliage/stones, etc.
Ancient Hellenic literature - Human souls are separate from animal spirit kingdom and plant kingdoms. Human should help the lower kingdoms to progress along with them (thats why ancients loved nature, it was spiritual, not paganism).
I will also add a last one
About the reptile thing and alien thing..

6th) Michael Newton - there is universal souls who actually exist move into other universes as well or human souls can also move into other specific and more simplified solar systems.
Dolores Canon the same as above and more expanded...
Ancient Hellenic literature. We are all aliens, we come from the same source and ended here on Earth. Earth was invaded 13000 ago by draco/arcturians and a part of the central government forces which is part of pleiadians, Andromeda's, Syrians also rebelled and they allowed the invasion on earth. Then the remaining forces of earth, started a war against the invaders and rebels. A part of the earth government at that time also left to the central government in Sirius star system B, to inform about the invasion and the solar system guarded since. The war was victorious by the good forces but draco forces caused severe damage to the solar system and earth (atlantis and middle earth sunk), most of the invaders captured into a different plane of existence called as Hades but some of them remained in the surface of earth or underground. Now we expect the return and collection of the convicts who are trapped in this solar system. The rebel alliance (like star wars reversed) is part of arcturians, draco, Hercules star system, orion, pleiadians, some andromedans and sysrians. This is also why our memories are wiped of before reincarnation in order to trap us into the Karma infinity cycle. Also the human universes are 8 not just 3rd/4th/5th dimension and this is why humans/governments which are control by draco are experimenting with cern type of things in order to open Hades and release them. Because its the time of the return of the ancient gods and they are in a rush. (sources are Plutarch, Lucian, Hesiod and other ancient philosophers, including some historical texts from the 15th century).

Peggy Kane - She is a pleiadian and reptiles eat the spirits of humans in the purgatory and pleiadians just help human spirits (some syrians involved).

Verdict about all. There is similarities between Michael Newton, Dolores Cannon and a part of the ancient Hellenic literature. Michael Newton supports soul birth and its scary, also controversial and it sounds very reptilian and not clarified very well, his subjects only say "I dont know" . Dolores Cannon supports that we pre-existed there is no such as soul birth in the spirit world. We created by the one but she lost it in some historical issues. Maybe her subjects used some imagination as well, but fingers are crossed. Pegy Kane is a newager preparing food for the snake, she is a pleiadian after all or she had access only in a plane of existence that is closer to earth and thats all she got. But her attitude also is similar to the ancient Hellenic literature about the net and reptiles... It disagrees in the pleiadian thing (thats the reason I added Peggy Kane from the first place in my comment).

many questions arise from it like the imprinting thing, some souls are given imprints from other souls (akasic records) and these lifes are part of their existence too. When we die and we meet our relatives, are they imprints or the real ones. Which star systems can we migrate and have a life there, why hypnotists cannot get that info out... Do evil rebels shed the awareness/spirit from soul when we die and they keep the soul in a higher plane and ditch the spirit in purgatory for the reptiles to feed? I ve also read about how the rescue is be done by good forces. They use time loops (more like travel to the past in the most critical moment before a soul/spirit dies and they grab you from that point - or something similar. But the ancients knew so much!

A very critical question arise as well, if all these things happening and souls/spirits are lost/eaten as a drug or similar, why Father allows it. We have a promise by father written in our books, that those souls on earth at the end will be honored with heavenly lives.. that means father will create a tremendous huge time loop and pull them all out and clean the atrocities? Who knows.

The pleiadian and some andromedans and sirians story for us is more like the human story, they got trapped and there is a relation with Isis goddess or the mourning lady, in ancient greece was Aphrodite planet and the mourning planet. They got trapped and dracos used them as luckies... Because they can reside in higher planes they can act as angels and elders who actually work in coop with the dracos... the angels and demons and the karma in the middle (thats a speculation nothing more).
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