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May 13, 2016 completes 99 years since Fatima and starts the 100th year

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posted on Jul, 10 2016 @ 08:49 AM

Former Soviet Premier Mikhail Gorbachev has accused Nato of preparing for "offensive operations" against Russia. As the Western alliance held a summit in Warsaw, Poland, Mr Gorbachev criticised Nato’s decision to deploy 4,000 more international troops in Eastern Europe. Tensions have been mounting between Russia and Nato member states, in particular the US, as diplomatic spats and military excercises have increased in frequency. Mr Gorbachev, the eighth and last leader of the Soviet Union, said: “Nato has begun preparations for escalating from the Cold War into a hot one. “All the rhetoric in Warsaw just yells of a desire almost to declare war on Russia. They only talk about defence, but actually they are preparing for offensive operations.” 28521.html

You'd better prepare for the worst possibility, rather soon. There won't be 3 day warning as some believe. The nature of the nuclear strike excludes such an option. Whether God will make a rapture, wel it depends whether we are at the end times or not. I don't know the answer. Nobody does. What everyone can see, without being a prophet, is we are at the brink, literally. Already postponement of 16 years.

posted on Jul, 11 2016 @ 09:09 AM

The Archbishop of Westminster has told clergy Mass is 'not the time for priests to exercise personal preference or taste' Cardinal Vincent Nichols has written to priests in Westminster diocese discouraging them from celebrating Mass facing east. He issued the message to clergy days after the Vatican’s liturgy chief Cardinal Robert Sarah invited priests to celebrate Mass ad orientem from Advent

A "black pope" rising? Cardinal Sarah advances as the most pronounced name of a traditionalist within hi ranks of the Vatican. Now with strange ideas to turn the altars (or priests) towards East, against well established norms of mass after Vatican 2 that are the only norms known to the (not so) younger generations. Is that a cover for something more behind scene ongoing in secrecy in Vatican? Having in mind his position about the last Synod and overall anti-reformist attitude? If there will be a strong candidate in a next conclave for the traditionalists, that would be surely Sarah who may become the first "black pope". At least for the minority of fundamental believers.

posted on Jul, 15 2016 @ 03:42 AM
I hate to be the only person writing again in a Fatima thread, after the first few pages seem to exhaust the positions of readers. Having a developing story though, with every next month moving closer to the deadline set forth by the last pope, it is an issue that will only increase its significance. May be pope Francis didn't choose randomly the year of mercy, matching with the 100th year of Fatima already in progress.

That happens on the background of landmark events such as rising terrorism, unprecedented migration waves of Muslims that overflow the once Christendom, mind-blowing unemployment level in traditional catholic countries like Spain and Portugal, (Spain being N8 only a decade ago), and not the last, the controversy with Russia that seem to shape once more the leaders of NATO.

Whether we will have a ET solution, or "only" WW3 and/or planetary cataclysm (as the catholic sites prefer to accent on, sidelining all those ufos as great deception) whatever it is it will decide the fate of humanity for the next thousand years. Not just the Catholic church or the Vatican, as the failed official release of Fatima told us. Multi-world Millenium? Era of Peace? You name it. Because those in position preferred to keep us in dark to the last moment. Only they forget the fact of the information society with sources that outnumber the occasional leaks 30 years ago many many times over. Cardinal Ottaviani's revelations of Neues Europa would be a small leak compared to what indeed concerns Fatima and other prophecies, if we speak not only of planetary upheaval but also of inter-planetary rescue plan. The Catholics make deep mistake that they do not take the lead in that matter, instead waiting somehow the secular sources to forget the issue, may be the next US president not to rush into Area 51. Forgetting that the issue is not brought forth by the will of presidents but by the will of the events that are ultimately controlled by God and His Angels.

The absurd resistance of those fundamental catholic circles who should have taken the lead in prophecy matter, would lead to a kind of deminzation the solution that God will provide sooner than later. I can say more and already said in previous Fatima threads. Not resistance but support and example is what is needed today. One man or 10 cannot do much no matter their positions. We could have seen a historic compensation of the wrongdoings of the Catholic church by active position of its leading members, scholars, and common educated persons. The humanity of tomorrow could be eternally grateful to that Church, cancelling all of its historical debt to past and future generations. With very few examples, such process is not seen today. Practically, all efforts are left to secular institutions and leaders (not necessarily being secular personally). If tomorrow they give some answer (and they will, sooner or later) there is a danger that answer to be demonized by the above mentioned fundamentalists.

If the answer is given by God himself thru direct intervention of angelic forces, then it will be easier for sincere people regardless of their position or belonging to denomination, to choose for that solution. We cannot be sure that will be the case, although I want it and expect it to be.
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posted on Jul, 15 2016 @ 05:04 AM

originally posted by: 2012newstart
If the answer is given by God himself

The church of rome ignores god, especially in their covering up and hiding of pedophile priests!

So why would they listen to a made up story?

posted on Jul, 15 2016 @ 09:04 AM
a reply to: hellobruce

as bad as it seems to be, the sexual sin among the catholic ranks is not the historically biggest trespass.
As far as Fatima is concerned, or any other similar contemporary prophecy after the last book of the Bible, the biggest sin of top clergy is they keep it secret, while it was given to be released at certain year. We don't know how many prophecies they keep secret, and how much data of let say, Planet X and the like. Therefore they keep hostage the entire planet that could be saved to a greater extend should it know in advance.

Therefore, the idea that the humanity is sinful apriori and therefore should be punished by a non-merciful God, is practically invented by those same people and their predecessors who want it happen that way. They do not want the salvation of maximum people (there would be always those who would choose not to be saved). While speaking of salvation of soul thru immense suffering, some hi ranks see in the human suffering tool to manipulate the people. A cardinal that I quoted recently, wrote a book how the poverty should be considered part of Jesus' life and teaching, or something like that. That is, we are sentenced to life in misery, some parts of the world in worse conditions than the 3 star prison-hotels in the West, with vague promises of better afterlife. Why don't those red hats make an effort to describe which galaxy and how exactly the afterlife will look like? Not because they don't know, but because they don't want you to know.

I think those clothed in red and purple have many more tools, if not secret knowledge, to explain in a better way to humanity in 21st century what is all about. Homilies derived from 19th century books do not sound anymore convincing. If they choose not to do so, then they will be the sole responsible for the collapse of the current structure. Let not say, nothing can collapse it because it is created by Jesus. It is not, Jesus never ever gave instructions to build THAT structiure and that behavior of its hi ranks.

It is not a rant against the hi ranks. They'd better grasp the opportunity in the 100th year of Fatima to do what they had to do in 1960. Also those who do not have the original text on their desks.

posted on Jul, 15 2016 @ 09:15 AM
I see a good enough chance the Event to happen during the Olympic games in Rio this August. Of course it may nothing happen, again. Let remember the Event was expected during the 2012 Olympic games in London. Then, Sochi, Russia, Winter games. It does not have to coincide with any human mega event, such as the Olympics. God does not need that. If it coincides though, it would be because we need the authentic broadcast of media in undeniable way to prove before the billions what is going to happen as being authentic. It is unlikely to coincide with any religious feast, because if granted to humanity it will be granted to all, regardless of creed, sex and color. God is not catholic, said cardinal Martini of Milan, who was expected to be the first Jesuit pope should John Paul II resigned on time.

The other option for Fatima fulfillment is a mega disaster to precede any rescue effort of angels. Then, we will be talking of millions saved, not billions. I still hope the warnings of WW3 given freely by world's top politicians in recent months, would not materialize before a last rescue effort on mega scale to be done. We are not talking of 144,000 saved in the blink of an eye during the night. If that was the case, they could be saved any moment, and the world let go where it intends to go, without the need of God to punish anyone because the men would do it. I don't think this is the case for a merciful God. Rather, a larger effort than midnight rapture will be made to give chance for every man, woman and child with good will who want to be saved physically and continue humanity.

The factor Planet X is another one. Because we may say, WW3 can be postponed or averted. We cannot say the same should Planet X or big enough asteroid (or supernova, etc) come towards the Earth. Enough ancient knowledge, better preserved and described in more detail than Genesis, tell us about such option. We don't know time and date. One Jewish rabbi found Bible code about Nibiru with the Jewish year from the creation according to Genesis equal to 2016. I don't know if he is right, if that is a code or coincidence. Others say Planet X may come after 150 years. May be they are those who have the right, and we will have the Era of Peace promised in Fatima between now and 150 years later. Only time can tell. Because the red and purple hats don't want to tell us, rather want to sacrifice as many people as possible for unknown goals. God doesn't want that mega sacrifice! Otherwise Jesus would have told us so.
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posted on Jul, 17 2016 @ 04:23 AM
The pope in Germany made an excellent point. If men were aware of the chastisement they would only wish to know out of sensationalism and curiosity. Since so very few understand what it means when they are told that God resides within and that is where to look to find him what can be done? You tell me that. What can be done? Whom has faith???

But, if the 3rd secret was to be delivered then the church should have had "faith" and given the warning to the people. At least they would have the "chance" to choose although very few would have chosen a more divine path even having known. No matter how dire the circumstance. I see the worst aspects of humanity accelerating on a logarithmic scale. Selfishness, hatred, cruelty, judgement.... It comes harder and quicker by the day.

Be honest, many people "want" the chastisement. If for no other reason than they want off this ride and they don't know any other way for it to stop. We are forced into evil. The choice of good is not a rewarded one. To choose good means to be punished and persecuted. It means to be called foolish and ridiculed. It means the surrender of your life. You have to let go of all things and be unconcerned about preserving yourself.

So many want the light of God in their lives. Whom has faith to be the illumination of God in men. If God said to a spirit in heaven "Here, I send you to be an illumination. Go forth and do my will." the spirit would immediately agree to do so. He would agree because he knows the all encompassing love of God. When he arrives no longer bathed in that love he despairs. He tries to get that love from others and his thirst is not quenched for he had known the love of God. He seeks out the despair of others to make his own seem less. He accuses and persecutes his fellow man for his own dilemma.

In man is the light of God. He only need to look inside.

I am irresponsible in saying these things however. I have tried repeatedly and failed every time. I simply cannot choose to love all of mankind. I find them offensive and increasingly wish only to not witness them anymore.

People visit this forum because they want out. You post this because you want out. Soon enough God will accommodate. The unfortunate part is then we will see our part in the evil in the world and all of the good we failed to do. And it will hurt like hell.

It will all seem so simple then. We just had to love and out of love would have come truth. How simple, but it requires faith...

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posted on Jul, 17 2016 @ 04:57 AM

originally posted by: BlueAjah
Those commenting negatively above may want to research the miracle of Fatima in order to fully understand this OP.

Many of us have read about "the prophecy" and understand it to be a complete farce. There was no "miracle." The event was nothing more than mass delusion by the faithful.

If an omnipotent god wanted to reach out to the world with an important message, why would he only disclose it to one denomination, in a cryptic and unbelievable "miracle?" If it were an issue of global importance, why wouldn't he disclose it universally, for ALL people of the world? Why would god wait 100 years to reveal the contents, except to allow several generations to pass and conceal the failed prediction?

Religions have been predicting things for thousands of years, but none of them ever actually happen. This is no different, and over time it'll either be forgotten, or it'll be written off as "god working in strange and mysterious ways."

posted on Jul, 18 2016 @ 03:52 AM
a reply to: ReprobateRaccoon

Mass delusion of 70,000 people estimated by Portugal secular media on Oct 13, 1917?
One may doubt whether that was Virgin Mary or not, but there are facts about that event, as well as the solar miracle.

If we are forewarned of a mega disaster, as multiple leaks speak the biggest of which are Neues Europa and JPII in Fulda, then it is normal to assume Virgin Mary came to tell us exit way, so to speak. Such does not appear in the officially promoted texts.

What exit way could be out of a total nuclear war? Underground bunker cities, or lifting above the atmosphere.
What exit way of planetary disaster of the magnitude seen on films like 2012? Here the bunkers won't help.

So here is another lgical way to reach to what possibly Virgin Mary have told the children and thru them everyone of us. We are going to be air lifted away from the disaster whatever exactly it means.

I always wondered if the pope in the last moment would approve such escape way and thus making the rescue of a billion more people possible. Or he will deny it, thus urging them to become martyrs. As of Francis I believe he would approve it.
Would a number of "newer apparitions" approve in the last moment an escape way, or demonize it? Would the middle level clerics approve it? And if yes, why don't they do it several months in advance?

"Why would god wait 100 years to reveal the contents, except to allow several generations to pass and conceal the failed prediction? " It is not God though. I'm asking the same question. The servants of God must obey what is said to be words of Virgin Mary, that they approved. It was said the secret to be revealed in 1960. Later it was changed to: Lucia said so, not Virgin Mary. But in fact we do not have the full record of what allegedly Virgin Mary told in Fatima. It could be everything, much more mind blowing than my humble suggestions. Why should we have an officially approved apparition, the biggest one in a century, children beatified, if we are not told the truth of it? Because some circle of people don't want us know something crucial, and want possibly to exchange the revelation with their own version of it. No curiosity, as JPII said in Fulda, but the possibility of millions to die from one moment to the next, and the way of escape of those other millions who would choose it.

There will be one day when the world will change. As the top exorcist Fr Amorth said last year about Fatima, God will call and the people will answer. Then that call will be given not to selected individuals but to the whole world.
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If you enter any major alternative outlet, or even some MSM, you will realize the world is on the brink, even without reading a line prophecy. It would be contrary to God's action in history to expect God will punish everyone regardless of good or evil, without giving a way to salvation , as it was given in Noah's time.
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posted on Jul, 21 2016 @ 10:01 AM
Pope Francis will deliver the encyclical The Joy of Love to the World Youth Day in Krakow Poland.

When it was released in April, “The Joy of Love” immediately sparked controversy because it opened the door to civilly remarried Catholics receiving Communion. Church teaching holds that unless these divorced and remarried Catholics obtain an annulment - a church decree that their first marriage was invalid - they cannot receive the sacrament, since they are seen as committing adultery. Francis didn’t create a church-wide pass for these Catholics, but suggested - in vague terms and strategically placed footnotes - that bishops and priests could do so on a case-by-case basis after accompanying them on a spiritual journey of discernment.

Seems the pope finally takes some more concrete steps towards a reform of the Catholic church, although not the reform expected when he was elected 3 years ago. With the enormous resistance by no other but influential cardinals, it is not strange we don't have almost anything done for that period of 3 years. Wonder how long the status quo could be sustained, on the background of changes in society, economy, politics. And who needs to prolong a failed status quo, that is not found in Gospel. If we start talking of Gospels and what morality Jesus preached, we have to take ALL words of Jesus, not only those in the 4 canonical gospels. And to take note that all books are written no earlier than the end of 2nd century, or 100-150 years after the apostles.

posted on Jul, 23 2016 @ 05:09 AM
Medjugorje prayer warrior Sr Emmanuel gives interpretation of recent message with the phrase " to ‘gather the shattered crosses’ and to be apostles of the revelation. " quoting another apparition of Virgin of the Apocalypse in Rome...Good indeed!

But why not all those prayer warriors and knowledge persons in mysticism ask more about what is already approved by the Catholic Church, namely the 6 apparitions and 3 secrets of Fatima 1917? Why for example we will have Malachi Martin saying in 1997 on Coast to Coast AM, that the fearful text of Neues Europa version of 3rd secret does not contain the core element and the real one is much more frightening? And we stay quiet decades, when by words of t least 3 notorious persons (see OP) this year is the last one in the expectation of Fatima event?

I would comment the Art Bell interview of Malachi Martin at the next opportunity and would copy and paste in its entirety. Presumably Malachi knows only what he was exposed to, that may not be the entire texts. Stil, he says quite much more than anyone else, to derive important conclusions, even thru his possible misinformation or misinterpretation. Because we need something as bottom line to step on, even if it is not the full truth. Neues Europa is a good bottom line, that Malachi Martin builds upon.
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posted on Jul, 23 2016 @ 05:44 AM
There are several interviews of Malachi Martin on Coast to Coast AM that are available on youtube, 1996-1998
Below is transcript of one of them where Art Bell reads the Neues Europa version of 3rd secret and Malachi Martin says it is not the full one.


Art Bell: It is my understanding that you have taken a vow of silence or secrecy. You have read the Third Secret. It was shared with you. Is that correct?

Fr. Martin: Yes, it was given to me to read one morning, early, in February 1960. And of course, before I got it I had to a simple oath you always take of maintaining the secret. So the details of it I cannot communicate – I mean, the actual verbiage and expressions.

Art Bell: If this Third Secret of Fatima were made public, could it be the shock that the public, that the Church, needs?

Fr. Martin: It could be. And that is one reason why it is not published; why it sunk into a limbo; out of which it is not going to come easily. It would be a shock. There’s no doubt about that. It would effect people in different ways though, Art.

Some people would, on being told this is authentically the Third Secret of Fatima, they would get extremely angry.

Art Bell: Oh I understand. Believe me, I understand, father.

Art Bell: The following is a transcription of what is possibly the Third Secret of Fatima as read by Art Bell on 5-14-98 at 34 minutes and 38 seconds into the program. And I began it with this preamble: “All right. I in no way warrant the following as being authentic. I have no way of knowing. All I can tell you is, it feels real. It is alleged to be the Third Secret of Fatima. You decide for yourself. Here we go.

A great plague will befall mankind. No where in the world will there be order. Satan will rule the highest places determining the way of things. He will succeed in seducing the spirits of the great scientists who invent arms, with which it will be possible to destroy a large part of humanity in a few minutes. Satan will have his power. The powerful who command the people will incite them to produce enormous quantities of arms. God will punish man more thoroughly than with the Flood. There will come the times of all times, and the end of all ends. The great and powerful will perish together with the small and weak. Even for the Church, it will be the time of its greatest trial. Cardinals will oppose cardinals. Bishops will oppose bishops. Satan will walk among them. And in Rome, there will be changes. The Church will be darkened and the world will be shaking with terror. One great war will erupt in the second half of the twentieth century. Fire and smoke will fall from the sky. The waters of the oceans will change into steam, and the steam will rise and overflow everything. The waters of the ocean will become mist. Millions and millions of people will die from hour to hour. Whoever remains alive will envy the dead. Everywhere one turns his glance there is going to be anguish and misery, ruins in every country. The time draws nearer. The abyss widens without hope. The good to perish with the bad. The great with the small. The princes of the Church with the faithful. The rulers with their people. There will be death everywhere because of the errors committed by non-believers and crazy followers of Satan, which will then, and only then, take control over the world. At the last, those who survive, will at every chance, newly proclaim God and His glory, and will serve Him as when the world was not so perverted.

Art Bell: That’s it. Fr. Martin?

Fr. Martin: Yes, Art?

Art Bell: Any comments on that?

Fr. Martin: I’ve listened to that, and I suppose the measured response I should give to it is this, in two parts, really, two statements. It is not the text, which was given to me to read in 1960. There are elements in it, which belong in the text.

Art Bell: So, in other words… I’m trying to step as carefully as I can… in other words, you’re suggesting that this is not precisely what you had but there are elements of what you just heard…?

Fr. Martin: Yes, there are elements, which do belong, in the Third Secret. That’s about the most measured response I could give to it.

Art Bell: Okay, that’s fine, and I won’t ask you to say more but bearing in mind what I just read, would you consider the Third Secret to be as traumatic as is suggested in what I read or more so?

Fr. Martin: More so.

Art Bell: More so?

Fr. Martin: More so, yeah. Much more so. The…without…again…you know Art, stepping very carefully, the central element in the Third Secret, is awful. And it’s not in that text.

Art Bell: Its not in the text?

Fr. Martin: No its not, thank God.

posted on Jul, 23 2016 @ 05:46 AM
Art Bell: Now, I guess I would ask this. I understand you have taken an oath, but have you considered that the shock that is required to turn things around, may be this very serious, it may be that … it should be revealed.

Fr. Martin: To your last sentence, I fully assent. It should be revealed, but here is my difficulty, Art. I’m one small little man. I have no public authority to do that. I do not know if that will be the will of God. And since it would have such dire effects on much more than Christians, and many others, I can’t make that decision. Do you understand what I am trying to say?

Art Bell: Father, in what manner were you shown the Third Secret?

Fr. Martin: The cardinal who showed it to me had been present at a meeting held by Pope John XXIII in that year, 1960, to outline, to a certain number of cardinals and prelates what he thought should be done with the Secret. But John XXIII, Pope John XXIII, the pope in 1960, did not think that he should publish the Secret. It would ruin his, at that time, ongoing negotiations with Nikita Kruschev, the boss of all the Russians. And he also had a different outlook on life, which, in two years later, opening the Vatican council, he echoed very succinctly and almost contemptuously in the middle of his speech on October 11, 1962 in St. Peter’s to the assembled bishops who had come to the Vatican council, and the visitors, the place was crowded, huge basilica, he derided, contemptuously, that He was against the people he called “prophets of doom.” And there was no doubt in any of our minds he was talking about the three prophets of Fatima.

Art Bell: There are those within the Church who minimize what is contained in the Third Secret.

Fr. Martin: Absolutely.

Art Bell: And then there are others who don’t minimize it at all.

Fr. Martin: They exaggerate.

Art Bell: They exaggerate. So without minimizing or without exaggerating, you’re telling me what’s in the Third Secret is more horrible than what I just read.

Fr. Martin: Oh yes, Art, it is. Because, what you have just read, essentially, it is the onslaught of natural powers … sure, Satan is walking, etc, like that amongst man…but essentially it is as if nature revolted against the human race. That’s essentially, through all these terrible catastrophes a chastisement, and that’s not the essence of the Third Secret, not the frightening one.

Art Bell: Wufff!

Fr. Martin: Yes. It does stagger the imagination.

(A few minutes later)

Art Bell: Father, how much weight do you give to the entire Fatima revelations?

Fr. Martin: I consider it to be the key event in the climbing fortune of the Roman Catholic organization, and the defining event for the near future of the Church in the next millennium, the third millennium. It’s the defining event. And that is why strong men, strong men but I mean…you see, Art, when we speak about strong men, the amazing thing about this state craft, people, people who practice the craft of state, like Casaroli who just died, or Pope John Paul II, its what people always remark about great figure in history, like Napoleon, like Hitler, like Stalin. They had a will of indestructible power! And they could oppose the united wills of millions and make their point of view stick, to a certain degree anyway, until they fell, till they became a cropper, as we say in England. And similarly, in Rome there are men with strong wills. They’re in state craft all their lives. They are engaged in macro-government. Not merely a religion, but in fate. They’re up there amongst the greats. And THEY will not touch this with a large pole.

Art Bell: In what way does the Church have role in what many see coming as a one world government, a one world control point?

Fr. Martin: Two responses to that, Art, very brief responses. One is, the response already chosen by the leaders, by the managers, by the prelates, by the papacy, at the end of this millennium, and then there is what one sometimes thinks will be God’s response. The response of the present moment is this: Beginning with John XXIII, and then with Paul VI, and now with John Paul II, the response is: Let us cooperate. It has joined, as Paul VI said in his famous speech in December 1965: “Let’s cooperate with man to build his habitat.” And John Paul II is an ardent supporter of, the tendency to one world government for geopolitical reasons. He wants to bring in his brand of Christianity, of course, and Catholicism, but he certainly is in favor of it [one world government]. When he addressed the United Nations, in his last big letter to them, he salute was this: “I, John, bishop of Rome, and a member of humanity.” Now this was no longer, let’s say, Pius IX or Pius X. Pius X would have said at the beginning of this century: “I am the vicar of Jesus Christ. If you do not listen to my voice, then you are going to be damned forever. We will not participate in any government behavior, in any government plans that do not recognize the kingship of Christ.” That is completely absent. There now is the policy of cooperation with the formation of the European Union, cooperation with the United Nations, and the Vatican and the Church has entered the list in the struggle amongst the general assembly of the United Nations, and in the non-governmental organizations.

Art Bell: So it is well under way?

Fr. Martin: Well under way! That is the response, and remember, the Vatican has, on Vatican hill, it has about, what, the figure varies, over one hundred and forty ambassadors from the nations. It is an integral part, and has built itself into it over the centuries of our international life. And it has ambassadors and representatives in over ninety countries, including Russia, including Israel, and it has its representative in Beijing, not quite diplomatic status yet, but they will get to that.

Art Bell: Again, Fr. Martin, referring to what I read, which you said had a partial relevance,?
would you imagine that the person who wrote this had been privy in some way to the original text

Fr. Martin: Yes, yes, yes, certainly, at least by word of mouth, not by reading.

Art Bell: I understand.

(later in the program)

Art Bell: All right, here we go. Just a couple of things I want to quickly read, one from a friend in Australia, Father who says, “I had a Jesuit priest tell me more of the Third Secret of Fatima years ago, in Perth. He said among other things, the last pope would be under control of Satan. Pope John fainted, thinking it might be him. We were interrupted before I could hear the rest.” Any comment on that?

Fr. Martin: Yes. It sounds as if they were reading or being told the text of the Third Secret.

Art Bell: Oh my!

posted on Jul, 23 2016 @ 06:16 AM
First of all, I do not believe Francis to be the last sucessor of Peter, there is no time set in the Bible, therefore I do not believe he serves the devil as well. There were large comments of the last pope of Malachi's list.

I would comment the paragrapg of Martin

"Fr. Martin: To your last sentence, I fully assent. It should be revealed, but here is my difficulty, Art. I’m one small little man. I have no public authority to do that. I do not know if that will be the will of God. And since it would have such dire effects on much more than Christians, and many others, I can’t make that decision. Do you understand what I am trying to say?"

How would a Catholic prophecy affect the non Christians, the Buddhists, the Muslims, if it is revealed? Notice, not the event itself when it happens, but the announcement of it beforehand. It is some information that is NOT the possibility of WW3 or planetary cataclysms, since those two are clearly present in the Neues Europa version. It is also not the devil sits in the Vatican among cardinals, because this is also present in essence. Martin is clear the core element is not present whatsoever, and is much more dreadful than those. The idea of antichrist in the Vatican is already too muchspeculated, to be the secret. Frankly, I don't see that many people afraid of such possibility, not the Catholic flock, and why should be afraid the Muslims and the Biddhists.

We have to start it all over with clear mind without ANY prejudices and preconditions. Then the answer will pop up because the answer is already present in the information society we are living in. More than 1997. The answer is not simply "aliens". It should be differentiated between who is who, and who helps whom. The Church has a lot to say since its foundation, because certainly Jesus said more and it was not recorded. I am not going to repeat old posts.

posted on Jul, 23 2016 @ 06:34 AM
a reply to: superman2012

Most likely because it can't be stopped

posted on Jul, 24 2016 @ 06:18 AM
what is it then? if it can affect the life of all people on earth regardless of religion, the announcement of the event long before the event itself. We should rule out purely religious meaning then. Antichrist expectation doesn't work. Planet X is one possibility. Also, it cannot be man made, because you can stop or restrict a man made event such as WW2. For example, Hitler could be stopped sooner, or later.
Malachi Martin is clear that the Neues Europa text envisions natural disaster and that is also not the full event. So we can rule out 3. natural disaster as being the only event.

Therefore, we are talking of event that is not
1. religious,
2. man made,
3. only natural cataclysm

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posted on Jul, 31 2016 @ 09:19 AM
Grand final mass at the 5 day marathon of World Youth Day. Pope Francis in the steps of John Paul II in Poland 25 years after WYD in Chenstohowa. Did the world change since then for better? Perhaps, in some theological scholastic view, the world received more grace in that quarter century. On another point of view, more political if you like, the world got closer to nuclear war that seemed very far away at the end of the Cold War. Plus woes unthinkable at that time, as international terrorism, and the plague of mass unemployment inside the Developed world instead of the expected almost the Kingdom of God and "Civilization of Love" to arrive on earth after the fall of Communism. Where is the materialization of those promises given by St John Paul II in Poland's first WYD 25 years ago? An entire generation or two passed thru that time and didn't see the fulfillment of the exellent spiritual lectures of the now saint JPII.

Let read what pope Francis told the youths.

“…In life there is another, even more dangerous, kind of paralysis…[It] comes from confusing happiness with a sofa. ‘Sofa-happiness!’ A sofa that promises us hours of comfort so we can escape to the world of videogames and spend all kinds of time in front of a computer screen,” Pope Francis told the crowds on Saturday.

Happiness can't be downloaded like an app, Pope tells teens

The times we live in do not call for young “couch potatoes”, but for young people with shoes, or better, boots laced. The times we live in require only active players on the field, and there is no room for those who sit on the bench,” he said.

Francis is right of course, for a generation that learned to find everything on internet and to live a parallel reality. But the big question is, what other reality the pope offers to young and old, in a world that they see only misery and unfulfilled good desires or plans in life. Where is the way he offers the young and not so young to walk with those shoes, as he said? The Gospel quote "I am the way..." do not suffice to explain it all today. Not that Jesus didn't say it clearly enough, but the Church failed to materialize it for nearly 2000 years in practice. In centuries it had more influence and power over the life in society. What makes the pope think that now it is different? And if it is the case, why? Isn't it paradoxical, that the demands of the world as he says, call for active people with shoes to walk, while in the real life it proves just the opposite to be the case? People who dedicate their lives from young age to fulfill spiritual values, fail to materialize in most cases the purely human happiness even without bigger plans in life. And the people who followed the world's trends practically got it, although not so saintly, if I may say that way. I'm sure Francis knwos that quite well, although he doesn't speak with such terms to discourage millions of young followers, rather he accents on the positive to keep them stayng on course. Course to what, dear pope Francis? Name it, please, finally! We know the goal is Jesus, and we know it for some 2000 years, so you don't really say anything new. Do you have words f practical value to find that way, or your words will continue to circle around religious paradigm and model that seem to have exhausted themselves being the "only" interpretation of the Gospels?

One could expect the Jesuit pope, the last one in Malachi's list, after 3.5 years and multiple rallies with millions of visitors, two of which being the WYDs, to offer more RADICAL and PRACTICAL advises to his followers. The moral lectures, as good as they are for today's youths and elders, do not necessarily give the answer what to do next, in order to avoid exactly those spiritual dangers the pope points our attention at. The fact that millions gather to listen the pope, does not deny another fact that a great percentage of those millions young people tomorrow won't find solution of their problems in their everyday life, pretty much opposite of what they were told by the pope, or by their Sunday preachers.

It would be good if after his remarkable encyclical on Climate change followed by his UN address, the Jesuit pope continued in that direction hammering out a new way for the youth and for the world. He said important social messages as well. And everything stopped there, followed by no action by hi clergy or catholic politicians. One may wonder, why that marathon on words, if they would remain words. Isn't it after all one grand scheme of buying time. If the answers are persistently not being given in the peaceful time when we have enough time to sit down and reason (may be not on a sofa but on a hard chair, may be not watching computer games but watching exactly the Pope speaking thru all the modern technology) how then we could expect the answers to be given in a situation when events will happen from one moment to the other with little or no prewarning? How could we expect those young people to leave their electronic games and start listening to the pope Then, and not to an answer much closer to the electronic games themselves? Yes I'm talking of the Extraterrestrial option, that is already given as such via films and games to the young generation. In a sense, they already know the answer of our problems, projected some 10 years in the future or less. In that view, perhaps WYD in Krakow will line up behind other multi-million rallies with great expectations and "grace" that failed to produce concrete answers and to name the things as they are. The pope had 3 full years and a half to call the reality that we don't see *the ET in first place) with their real names. He barely mentioned it in 2 homilies and gave green light to Jesuit priests of several more interviews and one scientific conference. Good but not good enough for a world that spread the news with the speed of light thanks to the electronics the pope criticizes. Everyone knows the gadgets are not healthy, if not for the spirit then for the body, for the eyes etc. That doesn't change the need of their usage today in an increasingly dependent and connected world that lives as one, thanks to the modern communications. If the pope would have named the Aliens with more specifics than to say he would baptize green Martians, the news would have been spread by now, several hours after WYD closing mass. The world would have been different by now. Francis chose not to go that way, again. Then let he not be surprised when the new generation follows another teachers when they finally appear. Not against Jesus. No one can monopolize the knowledge of God and Jesus, not even the Roman pope. He still has a time to make difference, but that time expires with every major opportunity like WYD 2016 that is being missed in the name of moral lectures that are true but that do not name the main issue. The core issue of Fatima as Malachi Martin speaks of , if you like.
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If you think I am too harsh towards the pope who gathers millions, it may turn I am actually too soft, not mentioning a number of questions that could be rightfully asked. The millions crowds are nothing new since the time of John Paul II who gathered 1 million in WYD Chenstohowa and 4 million in WYD Manila. Benedict gathered similar numbers, although his style of expression was different than that of the Polish pope. Having that in mind, Francis gathers similar crowds but not as a surprise rather as a well established tradition for that quarter century. It is not only WYDs every 3 or 2 years. it is also the multiple visits to Nations, as the US visit or the Philippines visit, that gather not smaller number of people. As how much young the crowds are, I would say that: WYD knows both young and not so young people. So are the national visits. To endure 3 h papal mass preceded usually by night-long vigil, one has to have physical strength, either young or old. Otherwise, one could sit infront of the TV and get even better picture and sound of what the pope pronounces on the mass. So much of the young enthusiasm, that seems sleeping bags and trashed food all over the field of the event. That is unavoidable of course, but that does not prove the spiritual part. Instead, the spiritual value is measured in other terms.

Why didn't the world change after the Rio grand mass of pope Francis 3 years ago? Now we are going to meet the Olympics on that same Copacabana beach. Why didn't the world change after pope Benedict's visit in Brazil with enthusiasm compared to none other papal meeting? Or the less emotional and more intellectual gatherings in Germany and elsewhere? What is it that the Church still misses ina ll those grandiose and GOOD mega activities, if the world continues year by year in a dead end road, and our lives pass by without seeing anything fulfilled we were told by previous popes on similar gatherings?

"Civilization of Love" was the main idea of Saint John Paul II to substitute the current civilization or culture of death. Good words indeed, repeated in Krakow 2016. What includes a Civilization of Love, if we don't talk of the physical love at the moment? Does it mean a better world with no social or other woes, no terrorism, no poor countries, but more medicines for curable illnesses, more jobs, more family happiness for those who have decided to follow ALL PRESCRIPTIONS of the Church regarding family life? If yes, why don't we see it after putting all efforts generation after generation since it was first announced by John Paul II? One may go back to Second Vatican Council that was called to be a Second Pentecost by Saint John 23rd. Words repeated by Saint John Paul II in 1991 Chenstohowa WYD. Where is their fulfillment?

Or we are offered again a hard cross to bear all our lives, only under different wording more appropriate for 20-21st centuries? Is it the truth of the unending Christian suffering the driving motivation behind all those rallies? Said in other words, do the Church leaders want to prepare the next generation martyrs, that ultimately will have to die (Fatima 3 official) or to carry their "crosses" their entire lifespan? That is not said, except for selected homilies around Easter. Where is the solution the Church offers that is different from unending sacrifice of generation after generation, in the name of ill defined verses of the Gospels dating back centuries, although clothed in velvet words today?

oes the Catholic Church have something better to offer than that? The pope doesn't read internet (despite being the most broadcasted or streamed person in the world) So I do not expect him to answer any of these questions. But perhaps many bishops who might read here and elsewhere, would automatically answer, the Church always spread the message of Jesus that is the message of the Cross. Well, that is proven in 19 centuries history after Pentecost when the Church(es) fail to produce solution to society problems, despite the kings were called Christian from one point in history. Isn't it strange that today when the Churches are stripped from their political power and partly from their economic, they try to find a new dimension of spiritual message to reach the world? That is good indeed. I favor the efforts of pope Francis and many others to make a difference. Only the pace is TOO SLOW. We don't have two lives to spend one on that. Perhaps a new reread of the Gospel and new interpretation different from the Medieval one is needed ASAP without any further delay. Jesus died on the cross so we can live, said St Paul. Jesus died once and for all and does not die anymore. Resurrection, not the Death, is the cornerstone of the Christian teaching, or it should be. Words that we listen every Easter, but words that are not implemented in day to day practice of the Church. Not in the 21st century frames.

I expected much more radical message of pope Francis today, and 3 years ago in Rio, and in Philippines before 6 mln people, and in Korea...It failed to happen. How long are we supposed to wait for the miracle to happen? Perhaps it won't come from a pope at all. God is known to speak in history thru both saved, consecrated people, and thru people we would call today pagans, or unsaved ones, or whatever. I mean Nebuchadnezzar's dream that Daniel interpreted for millenia in the future. The king of Babylon didn't belong to God's saved people of Israel. And now, I hear how Jewish Rabbi acknowledge the ancient texts of Babylonians/Sumers as bearing historic and scientific significance, besides the Holy Bible. Perhaps Christians deviated from the roots just too much over all those centuries. Not because of Jesus! Let remember what Mahatma Gandhi said about: 'I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.' That may give an indirect answer to the multiple unanswered questions that everyone critically thinking Catholic and Christian should start asking himself today. Because we are living in an Information Age, no matter whether the pope likes it or not. What was privilege to clergy sealed in monasteries in Middle Ages, is now to great extend available upon the click. And there are people who use internet time wiser than playing computer games. A

nd after all, if a father tries to understand what is going on in the computer games world, he would discover his kids much more proficient in a parallel reality that deals with issues such as good and evil aliens, battles on the rings of Saturn, that are still a TABOO for a Church and society that pretends to live in 21st century after the salvation granted by Jesus Christ. Salvation that does not require OUR sacrifice, as some fundamental circles try to convince us. Salvation that took only one supreme sacrifice, once and for all, that of the Son of God Jesus.

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I will continue more connected to the Fatima apparitions that marked spiritually the 20th century in Catholicism. Let say again, I am NOT against pope Francis' policy, I only think it is too little, too late. Whether there are still weeks and may be months for doing things different, it is not I to say. They have all those dates and secret messages, not I or anyone else who reasons critically on internet.

What was the good thing brought by the Fatima consecration that we didn't see it? How is it 27 years after the Fall of Communism we got a world times more insecure with woes never expected during the height of the Cold War? See what happens in Germany! It resembles the struggle during the Berlin wall. Only this time it is not against a totalitarian externa enemy, it is against enemy infiltrated inside. Nothing personal for the thousands, may be hundreds thousands honest immigrants who flee for the life of their families! But what happens with the seeded agents of ISIS, Al Qaeda and God knows how many other unknown structures, is beyond wildest imagination! It was not what everyone f us expected when Gorbachev, Reagan and others put the end of the Cold War. Let alone a number of other crises, from North Korea to Middle East to Africa. Let alone the economic apocalypse that endangers the very foundations of the Western democratic society. Is there ONE country in the West that is spared by the economic downfall? Or China is the only prosperous economically nation in the last decade?

Why should Our Lady ask for THAT to happen named to be God's grace, or as Lucia said, the final grace given to the mankind? How many final graces there are? Today we saw the giant image of the Divine Mercy Jesus portrayed behind the altar stage in Krakow. Good! If we revert back to St Faustina's diary, there she said Jesus said that was also the last grace to the world, his mercy. I do not object THAT. Although there are number of past and current apparitions that all of them say similar words. Including the embattled Medjugorje that first was named to be the last apparition of Virgin Mary ON EARTH, and then the seers themselves changed their wordings, blaming the "incorrect books". As if those authors dreamed the words they wrote in at the time the seers were children! Something is wrong, not just with this or that apparition, but with the entire sequence of events. Why for example the year 2000 that was designated as Great Jubilee by Saint pope John Paul II didn't bring the expected kingdom of God or civilization of love? A number of prophecies, Fatima included (leaked) envisioned exactly YEAR 2000 as the landmark date provided by God. It failed and failed big. To the extend to have 9/11 and followed nightmare, that by Divine intervention still holds to be turned into hot nuclear war. A number of politicians and generals from all sides, Putin and Gorbachev included, unceasingly warn about that increased possibility.

What good did Fatima prophecy so far? I do not discuss how true the consecration of Russia in 1984 were, were Russia converted, or were those requirements given by Our Lady at all. If they were, perhaps the clergy should fulfill their obligations after receiving life-long material assurances of their well being?

Why didn't pope Francis start his reform with cleansing the ranks inside? Not just sexual, come on the sexual sins were present during all the history exactly among the consecrated and secluded societies. What reform did he do without any change of important people? We see the reform of structure practically failed or better say, never started. It was loudly promised in the first months of his pontificate, that would not be "cosmetic" or small, if remember correctly.

When did they lie to us, when they released the first time Fatima message in 1941 (wrongly assumed it was released before the crowds in 1917 Sun miracle, it WAS NOT!) Or when they repeatedly "tried" to consecrate Russia and always "failed"? Or when they proclaimed the Fatima secret is over in year 2000 with the incomplete text of Lucia vision? Or now when rumors continue of new parts of the secret, including the published book of Lucia's nuns, speaking of another vision of an angel who changes the spin or axis of the Earth? When did they lie to us and were there moments they were honest?

if that is the case, an ungoing lie or at best, hiding the important part of the truth, we should ask ourselves could there be any credibility in the future as well.

That could easily be transferred to Gospel texts. How is it possible a number of books more than the canonical 4 gospels, to speak of Jesus being married, and they all to be forgery? People didn't lie about that in those centuries, not the outcast monks branded heretics who were persecuted and sometimes brutally killed or even burned. What profit to lie about that and to keep forgery books?

If the Church wants to open a new page, it should not only mention by John Paul II that Evolution could have been responsible for the physical creation of man, and then to forget the whole issue. The Church should start speaking constantly on those issues, all Sundays by all bishops! There could not be excuse anymore, when internet is ful of that information and the Church fables grow increasingly irrelevant.

I don't want to criticize pope's fine homily today. But...weren't we already told about Zacchaeus, that God loved his inner self,despite his stature? Good to hear it again, something that we heard from the mouth of every parish priest, not necessarily having the education the first Jesuit pope has. Many people me included expected much more from Francis Bergoglio when he was elected 3.5 years ago in that night. Unexpectedly, instead of other worthy cardinals. God's choice or men's choice, it is a history now. And many catholics and non catholics continue to expect more from Francis. Or from his successor, if Francis reached the limit of his human capabilities. Unfortunately the time is so short that we may have to live with the current pope under the change that is expected by all. None the least, by the smart enough Jewish rabbies who do not throw their words in the air as so many catholic bishops do in their preaching of well known gospel texts. What I mean, is the Year of fulfillment according to Rabbies whom I would not name, not to bring any personal negative influence on their work. It is well published on internet available upon the click.

The Catholic and other Churches don't grasp that when al TV speak in native language of the historic archaeological and other truths about pre-flood time and artifacts, they cannot have anymore the luxury to forget the issue. It already exists in the information space. To be demonized instead, as some pastors do, would be the worst service of the church of Jesus Christ on planet earth.

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Fatima has been documented by thorough researchers to have been a series of UFO incidents, start to finish.

Therefore what, remains to be seen.

It was clearly NOT as the RCC claimed and claims it to be.

The UFO "lady" pesonage appears to have colluded with and/or triggered deliberately the RCC morphing the whole phenomena into what we know of it today.

It appears that increasingly overtly and stridently the Pope is also morphing the RCC toward a UFO themed 'reality.'

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