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May 13, 2016 completes 99 years since Fatima and starts the 100th year

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posted on Aug, 1 2016 @ 09:32 AM
a reply to: BO XIAN

I believe Virgin Mary appeared, but the messages are totally exchanged. Indeed for non-catholics it seems that the apparitions Virgin Mary are nothing else than ET phenomena. Technically, they are extra-terrestrial, especially when we include the accompanying angels that were not born on earth, as Virgin Mary was.

The problem is the catholics and the world are denied that truth, along with many others. What more to wait now when we approach 100th anniversary, in the year 16th of the 2nd millenium? According to Jewish rabbi that is the year of redemption.

Instead of creating parallel reality, good by itself but not the reality we are living in everyday, the pope could do better to DEFEND the lives and values of the Christians he represents. We don't need the pope to defend the values of the Muslim religion, as he repeatedly does. We need the pope to defend all that we struggled all our lives, some of us to the extend of bloodless martyrdom. Today the reports of the next stabbed priest in Belgium by "asylum seeker who asked for shower", luckily only with injury.
We have to stop and ask, where the current course is leading us, and WHY for God's sake we should preserve in that course. From Fatima to the Gospel to the migrant crisis...We are not angels from another planet to feed on good promises, although it would be good if that would be possible.

Interview with Gyula Màrfi, Archbishop of Veszprém Hungary.

Pope Francis, the Head of the Catholic Church, said recently that Christ is in the cast out immigrant. Isn’t there a contradiction here? Jesus said “be meek as doves”, but he also said “be wise as serpents”. Just because we love wolves inasmuch as they are God’s creation, we don’t let them loose among the sheep, even if they arrive dressed like sheep. The Holy Father ought not state certain things in a strong manner as then the Muslims may take revenge on the Christians of the Middle East.

I will ask the question that may be most of the older citizens of post-Communist Europe ask themselves: why didn't the West (both Europe and USA) accept the Eastern Europeans ON EQUAL TERMS after 1989 instead put barriers higher than the Berlin Wall for years? And why now that same West not only opened its borders for the Muslim migrants from Syria, Middle East, Africa, Afghanistan, but also tries to impose the burden to those countries who never said their societies were ready for that million-wide influx? As Dalai Lama said, Germany must remain Germany, not an Arab country. Mercy to the refuge-seekers, but they are just too many. That is said by the leader of worldwide religion that is concerned of the European problems more than the leaders of Christianity.

Instead of that, we were promised a different future during the years of St John Paul II, promises that made it possible the peoples of Eastern Europe then part of the Soviet block to voluntarily tear down the restrictions in their societies. Those promises were not materialized to great extend. So I am asking what was wrong, Fatima prophecy, its interpretation by Vatican officials, or something else? Because it is clear for everyone thinking with his head that what we witness cannot be any farther from the promised Era of Peace.

I already talked of the possible scenarios how to get out of the deadlock. The problem is no one cares for already 16 years in the new millennium that should have seen all those promises realized, according to influential figures such as Fr Gobi, the mystical adviser of St John Paul II. Someone was wrong, and that someone are not the millions Christians who don't know anymore what it was all about.
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posted on Aug, 1 2016 @ 10:40 AM
a reply to: 2012newstart

Again, I admire the efforts of the popes, starting from St John Paul II, going thru pope-emeritus Benedict, and finally pope Francis, to build up border-free society of cvilization of love, God's kingdom on Earth.
The reality shows those efforts failed for the 27 years post-cold war era. Not so much because Europe failed to integrate the poorer relatives from the East (Kosovo, Serbia, Bosnia, are still excluded from the EU, while many new members do not find their proper place, still). The failure is much bigger than the political project called EU. The Catholic Church is not 70 years old as the oldest EU institutions. It is nearly 2000 years old. It commanded the European Christendom and crowned kings and emperors. Organized holy leagues during the battle of Vienna 17th century. Countless popes and bishops spared no effort to have what we have today as Christian Europe, although at time divided between the Protestant, Catholic and Orthodox. Those centuries old efforts seem to have failed, in the time of a secular society where an independent re-calculation could be possible (one could not possibly criticize the Catholic church in the time of Galileo for not thinking enough of the European citizens...)

Where is the fault? If it was ONLY the Communism in Russia starting from 1917, by now it should be over because now there isn't communism ruling in any country, Russia included (Putin is not a member of the Communist party. United Russia party with PM Medvedev is their adversary).

We either accept Fatima and related apparitions as grossly misunderstood by the hi clergy, or we should conclude the messages were deliberately exchanged with something else. If what is leaked by Martin and others is true, seems the center piece is still kept deep frozen secret and it is many times over our understanding of historical and political processes. Perhaps it is plainly Aliens. If so, let those who know it start explaining to us NOW, not post factum after the event. If that happens, as it happens until now, the denial of the full truth on world meeting after world meeting, then we have reached the end of the era when the Church (Catholic) determined the spiritual (and not only) development of the Christendom. Perhaps new solutions should be sought in that regard, not only of the Muslim defacto invasion, but also of the state of the world's oldest institution. As some other prophecies say, Muslim extremists could find their way to the Vatican as well. CIA warned the pope some time ago. Trump warned, if you will. Putin warned Europe as a whole, not exactly the pope, that the real enemy is the radical Islamist groups. I don't know if they are the devil incarnate. May be the devil is smarter than ISIS. But first we have to know the facts that are still being denied. What good if the Day After some surviving Vatican official would say in newspaper outside Italy: you know what, the Third Secret predicted it btw, so it is true...Damn it, WE DON'T NEED THAT! Let the bishops read and make their voice heard! If the pope is wrong in something that is not ex cathedra if the top cardinals are wrong to deny the full truth, let it be said loudly! We are not going to be burned for that, or are we?

There will be popes after this one, because there will be Christian /Catholic Church after this one. They may opt not to be called popes and to close a number of Vatican offices with dark past. Seems the current establishment in religion is set on course to bear the fruits of all negatives in centuries old history although it is not personally guilty of it. That is their choice that is obvious year after year by their denial of truth. Our choise as fervent Christians (far not only Catholics) is to assure the church of Jesus Christ continues PHYSICALLY its existence beyond the current crisis. If we allow the plans of mass sacrifice to materialize, it would be equal to collaborate in the design to end the christianity for all those centuries that remain before the end of the world. And we don't know how many of them there are. We don't have the right to do that, even if we personally desire to share the reward of the martyrs of the first centuries. Be sure, we already got our reward without shedding blood (then our sufferings would be lesser).

posted on Aug, 1 2016 @ 11:09 AM
a reply to: 2012newstart

I have to say that the new era promised of peace etc is not the era that we are told of, via the ways proven to have failed in history, rather it is the era that is already present in the minds of our youngsters, including via models of good vs evil aliens in a number of movies and games. May be not all of world's children have access to that. Still it is present as information input within the consciousness of the younger humanity. (2 bln are below the age of 10 therefore sinless). This is the future of the planet, humanity, and christianity (or how we will call what Jesus established, not today's version of it). There are catholic modern scholars who explain it much better than me. The information and much more the consciousness field of humanity is higher than the natural existence level (or animal level). The denial of clergy is pointless, more, it leads to denial of that same clergy from a role in the future humanity. Pope speaks of the future humanity, and that is something good! Although for 3.5 years he didn't quite define what it means, apart of sporadic episodes that could be interpreted both ways. It is good to teach Jesus loves us. It is not good not to show what it means in the practice of 21st century when the kids already know more than their parents. Why then the pope will try to ban their computer games and internet? It is not the first time the 79 year old jesuit tries to restrict children's access to internet. It is not a slipped word. It is intentional. And it is not about sexual issues. Because on computer games spread en masse in the developed world, the children get the hidden reality of a world that will manifest it quite soon. The pope could say it a thousand times in every morning mass or evening address since the evening he was elected. He not only failed to do it in a week or month (as I personally expected) he failed to do it all over. Now he speaks he might not be in Panama 2019. Who cares? His policy failed. If he retires tonight, the church won't lose much, only will get a new chance. "the world is not ready". The world is barely kept alive! We cannot bear anymore, both as christian communities, individuals, and secular societies, on a spectrum of issues. What further readiness, or "grace" if the project will fall all over with the failure of its human fragile vessels, as St Paul said. What is demanded from us, is neither christian nor human, it is satanic. Hope the pope and the bishops will realize the course is totally flawed.

posted on Aug, 1 2016 @ 07:10 PM
You probably really should look out for a wormhole "flowering out" like that "dancing Sun" at Fatima, 99 years ago. IMO, its criminal for the RCC to have shaken their faithful out of so much money, and then never came through with the final secrets. But this is only a fifty year cycle, since I had one of these apparitions in Eastern Washington State, exactly 50 years to the day, from the very first vignette at Fatima. I tagged this Heavenly Lady as Paellas Athena, due to the scuzzy grey "Aegis" surrounding it. Later, in 1971 I stumbled onto a little Jewish school girl, on a bus ride between Rabat and Marrakesh, in Morocco, who looked like a junior version of the apparition. She was the daughter of the Sephardic Rabbi of Marrakesh, and that's the closest I ever came to finding a doppelganger, for this 25 to 27 year old, feminine apparition.

You can see just a bit of this when you turn off an old style color T.V. and the picture tube shows a primary colors dot, for an instant. Slightly redoing the account in the Gilgamesh epic poem, to say " a cool and breezy oasis garden of precious stones" really nails it. This mythic King lived in a world of sun dried mud bricks, and his description of Tara Spirits is really on the mark. At Fatima, in 1917, they came all the way down to Earth, flowered out, and then retreated to the center of the Milky Way, and their heavenly realm, leaving us to our own devices.

posted on Aug, 3 2016 @ 12:36 PM
Unless a major miracle happens and the pope and hi clergy approve it, I see no chance for the church in today's frames. The Church as God's people will remain, not the frames. One can talk volumes, what is what and what it should be. Fatima was a chance, others do exist. If someone might think that 2 million young (and old) people could make a difference on the next rally, one does not really calculate the problems of the 1 bln church. Or perhaps it is intentional. I will avoid repetition of previous posts. I expect the miracle, for lack of better words. Miracle not made by Rome. Perhaps it will be approved by Rome, who knows.

posted on Aug, 14 2016 @ 01:13 AM
The Jewish top rabbis continue to expect the Messiah every day. The latest info was released by Breaking Israeli News of 200 years old secret scrolls of rabbi Nachman. They detail the personage characteristics of the messiah according to his prophecy. You may see my thread on the topic, with my personal guess of who might be close enough to fit in the cathegory of a young, musician Jew not clothed in rabbi's clothing. I will not repeat the things here. Jewish Messiah personal character revealed in ancient scroll, my best guess of his name

I will only say what I elaborate in length there, that the messiah expected by the Jews is wrongly associated with the antichrist expected by the Christians. Why so, if they follow the Bible prophecies?

What I suggest is, the 144,000 who never were seen on earth, who are Jews, are those sent "in the name of the Lord" as every Sanctus on every catholic (and not only) holy mass proclaims. That is the condition of starting the process of Jesus' own return. Why didn't he say instead, the Jews must say "blessed is Lord Jesus?" Because He will send someone else first! The 144,000, together with their leaders, let say Enoch and Elijah fit here too. Melchisedeck according to the dead sea scrolls will come too.

So let set aside fanaticism and pre-set solutions dating back centuries but not dating back to Jesus or to his words, even in the so much trimmed canonical gospels.

posted on Aug, 19 2016 @ 06:26 PM
53 more days until the last date in the Fatima calendar that constitutes the "less than 20 years" and "second half of the century". Let imagine Our Lady said a date in terms of: "a year from the end of century" that JPII and Ratzinger interpreted as 1999 back then. October 13 is not just apparition, it is a celestial mega show for free to everyone attended. Many later said, sun danced many other places. But the sun never fell towards the Earth as it did in Fatima on Oct 13, 1917.

I advise the honest believers and prayer warriors who expect thsoe dates and keep the world with their prayers, to take all information available, including the one they think as negative and to think in wider frames as what exact salvation God prepared for us. Refuges are doomed to fail. Or may be you choose to go to the refuges of the adversary?

posted on Aug, 21 2016 @ 12:04 PM
a reply to: 2012newstart

UNLESS we are being lied again. It won't be for a first time or for the second time. The whole Fatima gate is a string of lies and misinformation, and leaks that appear against all odds. Or do they appear pre-programmed too? Do we have what we have from Malachi Martin only because he was allowed to see certain document, not necessarily the real one, in order to speak THAT?

I am very pessimistic about the truth in Fatima to be realized THE WAY WE WERE TOLD, even by the so called leaks quoted by me in many threads and posts. Perhaps Fatima concerns something else, and the timing is not right too? I don't know and nobody does. Whoever knows of the hi clergy pretends he doesn't.

In other words, we may have EVERYTHING happening starting from tomorrow and ending not in 2017 but in 2057. Because we are denied the truth.

I believe the truth of God will come from a different source. I already talked of the 144,000 firstfuits to appear and reign in a new era right after Petrus Romanus, because it is premature to expect Second Coming of Jesus in this pontificate. I did that before getting the information of rabbis' expectations of the Jewish Messiah. Pls check the linked thread below. Many of the things I have said before that in many threads, so they are not anything new for my work. Rather they could match with the rabbis views independently! If that is the plan of God there should be no more contradictions.
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posted on Aug, 21 2016 @ 04:30 PM
a reply to: 2012newstart

Did our "older brothers in faith the Jews", as St John Paul II called them, already get a glimpse of coming cataclysm such as Nibiru following their own set of prophecies? We'd better examine what they talk, before saying how much more "right" we are because we know always better being Christians...

posted on Aug, 22 2016 @ 12:36 AM
a reply to: 2012newstart

I advise Fatima fans to start looking from a distance of all that info, and to start considering the other sides as well, not necessarily catholic. We know we are not told everything. We don't know how much they deluded us. The difference between truth and delusion could be very slim, and still as big as to whether you are saved or not. And I mean, physically saved in body. Because as we believe, Jesus saved our souls already. Here I do not discuss that spiritual salvation.

posted on Aug, 30 2016 @ 12:59 PM
Pope showing mercy in practice What was the year of mercy about, I didn't understand. Please refer to my long posts about World Youth Day and the Civilization of Love spoken by Jn Paul II that never arrived in a generation's lifetime.

I agree with some assessment by Spiritdaiy, a influential private Catholic daily news outlet followed by the hardcore of catholic believers. Those same people,many of them retired, who spend their time as holy as they could: attending daily masses, saying 3 rosaries a day at least plus one or more rosary of the Divine Mercy, and so on. Perhaps they are those who give most to the Mother Theresa's congregation or other organizations that care for the REAL POOR. Because frankly the Catholic Church many times helps those whoa re not the really poor, those among its own flock are usually neglected at the expense of the migrants, prostitutes, other faiths and so on. It is true Jesus embraced the sick and the prostitute, but it is not true she was Mary Magdalene. I forgot who of the recent popes said it clearly. The Church of the faithful who never failed away, has been abandoned on itself, while at the same time it is that part of the church that carries "the cross". It is good to win back the prodigal son, but not at the expense of losing the faithful son! I could be more detailed. Why for example the stern contraception bans when the Church would not care for the born children afterwards and thus will condemn them to misery, in some cases all their lives. Why didn't the Church be more active to create better conditions for the already believed Christians in the Third World, including jobs related industries within their own communities (let the red hats prove they are the smartest princes of the church and not something else). The Church cannot convert to Christianity every single pagan, and even if it was the case, then we would arrive with a greater number of unhappy people who once lured to believe due to better hospitals and schools, sooner or later face the brute reality that being Christian doesn't mean living better on earth, rather the opposite. Because of many factors, but also because it is kind of non-dogmatic doctrine that the earth kingdom of God cannot be built in history.

But I didn't intend to write about that. I intended to write that the pope and the cardinals must show more than simple giving alms to the poor and speaking of social justice. They should set their goals a little bit higher than parish priests. They should read the signs of the time and tell us clearly when we are going to meet Jesus if at all in this generation. When will Fatima era of peace finally materialize. Things like that. If they care that to happen. And may be to change the outdated doctrines that are not dogmas, that banned such expectations since 6th century up until the Reformation. The pope might be wrong in that assessment, but it has to be present first. The absence of assessment of end times (or chastisement-era of peace) comes to tell us, all efforts are being done in order to NOT LET PEOPLE KNOW what is coming next. Including by absurd years of mercy and other jubilees that repeat over and over again since John Paul II and brought nothing but bitter disappointment exactly among the most devote part of the Catholics, then young persons who are now in middle age. SO if you have dissent in the Catholic Church, intellectual one, there is reason why it is there. It is corrective of the system, not rejection of the Church (even less - of Jesus Christ!) If that correction is not being accepted, and by now it is not accepted, then...the restrainers might be removed one way or another. Because those suffering people who spared no effort in their youths and continue to bear the burden, those holy people cannot endure forever and sooner or later will present themselves before the Lord at the end of their lives. IF a bigger event than that doesn't happen surprisingly, as said in so many prophecies.

It is good the pope to have own drone machine to spread the Gospel of Hope, as Facebook owner wanted to do a gift of service to humanity. The question is, what the pope will do with this drone, to spread message of hope, what exact message? Because the popes have radio waves since before Vatican 2, TV coverage of all major masses since the time of John Paul II, and videos on demand for everyone on the planet who has internet since the death of John Paul II. Now they got twitter etc. The communication channels are open. What is the message we receive? That we are sinners and have to repent? But we already knew that even before the arrival of the electronic age. Is there anything else the Church to tell the people NOW, before the fulfillment of centuries old prophecies?
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posted on Aug, 30 2016 @ 05:30 PM
a reply to: 2012newstart

As the Catholic prophecies and sermons fail on grand scale, so do the protestant. Pastors predicted the 4 blood moons 2014 -15 quite many things to happen by the end of 2015. Nothing happened.

With the absence of a Rapture event, one cannot but doubt all estimations of an antichrist to appear on the world scene. No matter how many preachers predict the Rapture, it just doesn't happen. Harold Camping is the best known example of such failure, but far not the only one.

We could name a dozen or more historical personages with qualifications of being antichrists, Hitler being the last well known. To expect the next one to blame? Isn't it better to PREVENT the rise of the next Nero in the modern democratic societies?

So many talks for example have been said of Mr Obama, who seem to step down peacefully without being anything closer to the antichrist.

Who will say this or that man would be the antichrist? A committee of 8 cardinals or 12 end time pastors? Or some Fatima experts who would claim times and again that the antichrist entered the Vatican in ...1970s because that was the secret text of Fatima that no one of them have read?

Without Biblical fulfillment of end time sequence, it is not serious to make such claims. As we read Revelation chapters before the Beast rise in ch 13, we have 7 trumps and none of them have been fulfilled. No asteroid, no rain of fire, nothing! No locusts (ET invasion?) no 200 mln war, nothing! No precursors Enoch and Elijah, no 144,000 sealed Jews, nothing! How then we are expected to believe someone's talks how we will be thrown in hell because of some man to be called antichrist?

Instead of that, the Churches would do better to tell us how to avoid HELL ON EARTH that becomes more and more real option in a world without economic perspective as of today, with political deadlock, and potential of a number of catastrophes, from new deadly viruses to mega volcanoes. What wil be the way out, even if it is not called a Rapture? Why don't pope and pastors speak about that? What is their way out that God showed them in prayer, so they can offer it to the millions who follow them? I'm still waiting that to happen. Because Jesus said something about the kingdom of God that was never implemented even partially on this planet. Instead we are drawing nearer to the abyss as civilization, without any antichrist of Revelation on the scene.
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posted on Aug, 31 2016 @ 12:46 AM
I believe it is worth writing on the topic although there aren't responses. I do not write for that. I believe there are people on the other side who read although they might not be registered members in ATS.

Let go back to the Fatima dating. Why 99 years? What made pope John Paul II believe that the secret is finished in 2000?

It was announced by Cardinal Angelo Sodano on May 13, 2000, 83 years after the first apparition of the Lady to the children in the Cova da Iria, that the Third Secret would finally be released. In his announcement, Cardinal Sodano implied that the secret was about the 20th century persecution of Christians that culminated in the failed Pope John Paul II assassination attempt on May 13, 1981, the 64th anniversary of the first apparition of the Lady at Fá

Officially it is that explanation. Unofficially, we have the leak of Neues Europa (posted in this thread) that says "in the second half of 20th century". The text was approved as close enough to the real text by then prefect of congregation of doctrine of faith (or holy office) cardinal Ottaviani. It was further posted in Osservatore Romano in the days between the death of John Paul I and election of John Paul II, by mgr Corrado Balducci. So we can take that text as pretty close although not identical with the real one.

In 2000 pope and cardinals believed whatever was prophesied "in the second half of 20th century" was done. History proved otherwise. But what was the REAL PHRASE they believed to be already fulfilled? Obviously it was not "in the second half of 20th century" because otherwise the prophecy failed. It was something else. A date, as some other insiders said to be contained in the real text. What date could be given and in which way, that a person who had read it would be 100% sure it has already passed in year 2000?

How about a phrase "in the year before the end of the century". If it was "in the end of the century" then pope and cardinals would have expected year 2000 to pass first, before they release any text. Therefore they were sure the date had already passed in the years before 2000.

Why not in year 1981 or 1991? Because, that would make period of time longer than one year. The "century" was not 20th century but the century from the start of the apparitions. (Indeed it would be strange Virgin Mary to name "20th century" having in mind that the birth of Jesus didn't occur in year 1.) Now we have only one year left to the end of century of the apparitions themselves. If it was any time period longer than 1 year, it should have already passed in those 16 years after 2000. Assuming the prophecy is authentic and didn't fail.

Could it be the real phrase to contain words "in a month before the end of the century"? I don't think so. Looking at the 2000 release, it was first announced in May and then the full text followed on June 26, 2000. A fixed month is a too small period for a prophecy stretched over a century.

Lucia's nuns published a book speaking of a pole shift. Is it the important part of the secret? And how about the rescue way?

Or we will have the phenomenon of the Biblical Jonas repeated over and over again, even if we deal with 100% authentic apparitions. But then, isn't it better to believe someone else than the seers? The entire spiritual construction of the Church is based on prophecy. The prophecy of the Second Coming of Jesus, and so on. Strange why, the Old Testament prophets did not see the Church in any of their prophecies. Interpretation wrong, or what? If the Church(es) fail in big matters over and over again, for nearly 2000 years after Jesus Christ (1987 to be precise) it means something in their foundation was set very wrong.

Perhaps, not only Fatima texts but also ancient texts must be opened to the believing people, before not after any events, be they cataclysmic or spiritual. The impact on credibility of Church would be just too big if that doesn't happen and the events happen to humanity 1/3 of which is Christian, without being forewarned by the servants of God who were appointed to do that. I can't imagine a future of such kind of church who practically betrayed humanity in its most important moment after the Flood. If that is the case, perhaps God will give others to serve Him in the post cataclysmic period, those who did not fail to act on His words once receiving them.

And if there isn't such thing as pole shift and secret events, then what it was all about? A century of failed hopes for reaching Era of peace, and 20 centuries failed hopes of reaching God's kingdom on Earth? Sometimes appearing to be more terrible than the pre-Christian period? When did they lie to us, then or now? I want to see the gospel fulfilled, not after another 2000 years when Jesus might come or he might not even then. Enough of empty promises for humanity that was ruled in its most advanced part for 15 centuries unchallenged by one religious institution in the name of Jesus. Perhaps Jesus would be the first one to disagree with it.

In a sense, the spiritual impact of such mega non-event as the failed Fatima prophecy (and failed great number of other prophecies as well) will be even bigger for a world who already doesn't believe as it did before. Why to pay attention to ANY further prophecy and teaching of such (as the teaching of the Revelation for example) if what is being said simply doesn't fulfill, anytime, in 2,000 years or in one's own lifetime? Where is the point to continue THAT course of the community of believers called after the Greek word "church"?

Indeed, the pope could deliver message thru drone, only what the message will be. I am eager to hear it first.
I'd like to ask again the simple question: who comes after pope Francis? After the reformer who might indeed be such (still there is a time)? After the list of Malachi and failed Fatima? If there are more people to come as successors of Peter, we should review ALL not only one failed prophecy.
How about the 144,000 and later the manchild, who are not Jesus or the apostles or the Catholic priesthood for obvious reasons? (Jesus was never taken to heaven as newborn baby for example). We need reread and fix of every theory and doctrine, that are not dogmas. The sooner we start it the better for all. Let it be pope Francis to start it, not waiting several more years when he would ultimately retire. It is easy to talk like preachers that End times start with Blood moons, etc improvable suggestions. It is easy to say the antichrist comes because...always in history. It is difficult to make the things better.

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posted on Sep, 2 2016 @ 07:50 PM
a reply to: 2012newstart

strangely why, alleged "apparitions" continue speaking of even more "pain and sacrifice" and do not share the view of John Paul and Francis of new era to come, be it era of love or new humanity. The difference is so big, that one may wonder is it one and the same "our lady" in all those "apparitions" and how far it/they are from a modern church view of human life as such. One may also wonder where are the words of Jesus (canonical trimmed gospels) to build up a society (kingdom) of peace, love and sharing, i.e. to start experiencing the goodness of the Lord while we are still on this earth. And not to wait our death for that. The difference between such gospel of love and life, and theological works thru centuries who saw only suffering and sacrifice as remedy, is more than obvious. Unfortunately modern "apparitions" pour water into that mill, that practically denied the kingdom of love for all those 1900 centuries since it was preached (not preached by Jesus though).

The example of Mother Theresa shows another way is possible, despite the fact she observed most strictly al the rules of the Catholic teaching. I don't know what more is waited for by top hierarchy to proclaim a new doctrine (and if needed, a new dogma). Ad to tell the world clearly if they know of cataclysm to come what is the escape way different from suffering and death. Because humanity is not created to be sacrificed en masse in 21st century after 19 centuries of increased suffering that had nothing in common with the gospel of Jesus Christ (even in the trimmed version we have at our disposal now).

I said it before and will repeat it, the idea of some shadow groupings to present Fatima as blood sacrifice required by "heaven" is ill conceived and nears satanism. If a celestial cleansing comes similar to the Flood, then let we know it along with the escape way of contemporary Noahs. Anything else short of it is serving the one "who hated the man from the beginning" whose goal is nothing else than stopping the bloodline of humanity, the bloodline of Jesus Christ (that I advocate in this and other threads) and the unquestionable bloodline of Abraham to become as many as the stars in heaven. Because God is faithful to His own words and promises, such exit way will be given to embattled humanity and to all who personally will decide in favor of it. May be not thru the current churches though. It depends on them on which side they will line up. May be the escape way will be given exactly thru the God's chosen people of old who will have the promises of God fulfilled. Not in an imaginary afterlife that no one came back to tell us what it is, but in the lifeframe created by God in our bodies, that is not sinful apriori rather desired by God because He created it in first place. And if there is something beyond that as human fulfillment, to be sought in the resurrection of the body, more than the mere death, as fulfillment of human destiny, both personal and as society called to existence and WANTED to exist by God the giver of life. We are told the death is temporal, and the fulfillment of our destiny is in the resurrection. Why isn't that preached more, instead of all those ideas of ever increased suffering and sacrifice? The difference is as big as between God and satan.

Saying that, I am not against Fatima apparitions but against their interpretations that envision the silent acceptance of suffering and death as "the plan of God". If it was so, Our Lady wouldn't command the 1960 release of the secret, that should have contained not only description of soon to come chastisement but also the rescue way out of it. The most recent publication of Lucia's nuns about a vision of a pole shift, come to tell us what is envisioned by Lucia (a vision not words of Our Lady) as chastisement. We arestill to be told of the escape way of such planetary upheaval. All modern "apparitions" that deny such way out, should be considered therefore false and produced by God's adversary, be it straightforward the devil or his many servants among the stars, someone intelligent enough and beautiful in appearance enough to play out virgins and jesuses, from the 1/3 of universe that we know will side with satan in the war in heaven Revelation 12. We can read that much in 21st century, and woe to those church leaders who continue keeping us blind. Willingly or unwillingly, they play into the script of those 1/3 extraterrestrials whose priority is to eliminate the God-given life of humanity on earth. The topic of galactic perspective of humanity and cristianity is developed by me in other threads, here I just mention it in connection that many alleged "apparitions" might be nothing else than manifestations of such "beautiful" personages of ETs who do not have human best interests in mind while pretending to speak in the name of God. That is to tell us, there are enough among the 2/3 ET who side with God and archangel Michael's armies, who would provide rescue way for humanity described in symbols in Revelation 12. That, and not the death path, should be sought by today's servants of God for humanity. And if they opt not to choose it, as their predecessors in history showed they were capable of doing it, then the humanity has the undeniable right and free will to choose God-given salvation. As I said here and elsewhere, it seems it is coming over the horizon from exactly the same God-chosen nation that brought to the world the Holy Bible along with the unfailing promises of the Creator of humanity.
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posted on Sep, 3 2016 @ 11:27 AM
Mother Theresa's canonization tomorrow!

Tomorrow pope Francis will canonize as saint Mother Theresa. One doesn't need to explain whether she was saintly in her life on earth. Everyone, from Christian to Buddhist to Muslim all over the world knew about her. There wasn't a hot spot of conflict where she and her missionaries of mercy weren't there too.

That is also a chance for the Catholic Church to get on a new track. To recognize the needs of the time, the way Mother Theresa did against the current many times. The mainstream current for the Catholic Church is more its own tradition and ill understood doctrines than anything else from outside. It is a time the leaders of the oldest organization in the western world to finally turn towards the demands of the time and respond adequately. It is not a single issue, to say, look the pope spoke well of the climate change. It is a combination of issues, some of which we don't even know clearly (such as the existence of other worlds than earth).

As this thread is about Fatima, it is a time we are finally told whether there is apocalyptic planetary event, and if yes, what are our options to survive. Much will depend on it, if the world's biggest religious organization says it with a clear and convincing voice what is the salvation of not only the 1.2 bln catholics but also of the willing humanity. I am eager to hear the words of pope Francis, who already lost too much time for those 3.5 years, saying indeed many things but saying them half a way. We don't have another 3.5 years to wait and see, or do we? Perhaps this televised event over the world is the best and the last chance to finally say the things straight before whatever comes.
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posted on Sep, 4 2016 @ 06:34 AM
a reply to: 2012newstart

A grandiose non-event. It could be called the magnificent canonization that saw no concrete words of engagement by the church and pope of any things discussed in this thread. Indeed good homily, good words, as in every similar ceremony, from the world youth days in Poland and Rio to the pastoral visits in Korea and Philippines. I don't know what else should happen for the catholic church to be moved to a different pace of change. Apparently the change won't come from the world's biggest church despite all wordings. If one after another good occasions are lost, how could one keep confidence in anything new to come? From now on, I give up any illusion and will count not words anymore but deeds alone. By pope, by cardinals, by everyone. As Mother Theresa did acts of mercy not words of mercy.

posted on Sep, 17 2016 @ 05:27 AM
Fr Gabrielle Amorth, the chief exorcist of Rome diocese, dies today.
Let remember he predicted Fatima secrets fulfillment to happen in November 2015. When it failed, he said he was not a prophet but the fulfillment would be anyway "soon".

posted on Sep, 18 2016 @ 12:15 PM

originally posted by: ReprobateRaccoon

originally posted by: BlueAjah
Those commenting negatively above may want to research the miracle of Fatima in order to fully understand this OP.

Many of us have read about "the prophecy" and understand it to be a complete farce. There was no "miracle." The event was nothing more than mass delusion by the faithful.

If an omnipotent god wanted to reach out to the world with an important message, why would he only disclose it to one denomination, in a cryptic and unbelievable "miracle?" If it were an issue of global importance, why wouldn't he disclose it universally, for ALL people of the world? Why would god wait 100 years to reveal the contents, except to allow several generations to pass and conceal the failed prediction?

Religions have been predicting things for thousands of years, but none of them ever actually happen. This is no different, and over time it'll either be forgotten, or it'll be written off as "god working in strange and mysterious ways."

No you're wrong! Something happened at Fatima, it wasn't mass hysteria by the estimated crowd of 30 - 60 thousand, it was also watched by people many kilometres away and it was photographed and documented by journalists. More importantly it was done by appointment the time and date was known before the event. What it was is another matter but it may be the case it was hijacked by the Catholic Church. It's interesting that the events occurred between 1916/1917 yet nothing was written down till the 40's. Again possibly to suit the Catholic church's narrative at the time whatever it was the church seem to have a heads up hence the observatory on mount Graham. I wouldn't be surprised if the three secrets were made up by the CC at the time as a means of recruitment but as time goes by its getting past its sell by date.

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posted on Sep, 24 2016 @ 06:18 AM
13 October is not that far away!

posted on Oct, 5 2016 @ 05:51 AM
a reply to: 2012newstart

Date setting is never correct. Just passed the loudly proclaimed Jewish Year 5776 and the Messiah they expect is not here. Of course other holidays such as Yom Kippur close in. A code set 3500 years ago may divert with a month or more.

How about Fatima's 100th anniversary expectation? Will it be literal?

As we speak, the Russians are doing a major drill of population protection involving reportedly some 40 million people. One of a kind. Will they exit the bunkers at all, or we should pack our bags and expect the events to happen without any further notice in a week time? I am not a prophet and do not set dates.

Fr Amorth set date last year that time, and failed. Everyone until now failed, no matter how holy or informed. God's ways are not our ways.

And still, once it will happen. And when it does, it won't be announced first on CNN.

Rumors have it, that a director of NASA branch have said, NASA doesn't need to discover aliens, no one should expect such revelation, because aliens will discover us first. That statement is not proven one, however it circulates internet for some time.

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