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What bought you to the dance/whats your story?

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posted on Feb, 6 2016 @ 11:21 AM
I've always had an interest in a couple of unexplained/mysterious things in our society (mysterious disappearances, paranormal incidents, cover-ups, and secrets.) I started coming to this forum in 2013-14 before I joined, because like a lot of people on ATS this site came up in many searches that I had ran, on disappearances in national parks, underground bases and buildings, and etc.

When I was younger I used to experience things (Which I believe is from a childhood illness) I would see things but no-one else in my family would. We had to move house because I was terrified of my bedroom. But that was really it, I've not experienced anything else (I am glad about that.) So I came here looking to see if anyone experienced the same thing and realised that this is a big community with some great people.

I enjoy languages both spoken and dead and find ancient civilizations incredible.

Really this site has a lot of things that I find fascinating. And I enjoy coming here.

That's really it, how I found myself here.
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posted on Feb, 6 2016 @ 11:48 AM
Ive always believed in weird things but never looked for a message board till I saw something that nearly 18 years of being in the military couldnt explain... and when I tried to talk to co-workers they just laughed and made jokes.

To this day I still dont know what I saw, I know it wasnt any current flying military airplane, I checked every video of Drones I could find, also didnt fit... for lack of a better term Ive decided to refer to it as a glitch in the Matrix.

posted on Mar, 3 2016 @ 12:35 PM
My childish fear of aliens in my early teenage years brought me here, as my older friend, whom I looked up to, used to send me forum snippets of UFO sightings and encounters as a means of trying to scare me. I should outright say that my fear of aliens most likely came from watching E.T. and Close Encounters of the Third Kind too much as a child, but for as long as I can remember I've watched the skies. When I was about eight or nine I'm pretty sure I saw something. I mean, if I still remember it today, it must have been important to me.

Of course, I was also an avid fan of the X Files (I guess I still am, given my name?), which introduced me to government conspiracies and conspiracy theories. Over the years I've purchased more books about such things, researched more, and acquainted myself with members of the Aerial Phenomena Investigations Team and what they have seen or currently study. I want to believe what I see and read, so I guess I try and take everything with a grain of salt until enough evidence is given.

I love discussing sightings, conspiracies, and ancient civilizations. I love this website and the people here. If you ever need an eager ear, I'm your woman.

posted on Jul, 7 2016 @ 08:39 PM
a reply to: neformore

Well, this is my 2nd (or maybe 3rd) time here.

I was originally Brrexkl... can't figure out which Email I used for that. Then I joined as KillerKell, and it's telling me how many posts have happened since the 'last time you logged on'. So, yeah, confusion there.

A few things lead me here, over a decade about.

For one, I had some... things... about me as a kid. I knew things. Don't get me wrong, I was smart. I was bright. I tested off the charts. But I knew things I had no access to knowing. I attributed a lot of this to "Binky", my 'invisible friend'. Which is weird, because my understanding is people usually only 'create' friends in youth when they are isolated... I had actual friends, so I'm not sure why 'Binky' would have existed.

One thing was a Dinosaur Exhibit I went to. Now I loved Dinos, and I knew a lot about them (likely knew more about them when I was 8 than I do now in my Mid 30's). But I was 8... I had Encyclopedias and maybe the History Channel. I didn't have Internet until I was older... in other words specific information wasn't readily available to me.

So at the Exhibit there was a mistake on a placard. I pointed this out... they had the wrong name for a Dinosaur. I can't remember which it was today, or which they had in it's place... but I was certain it was wrong to the point that I was halting the entire Field Trip.

The lady finally got the Curator, who recognized that indeed the wrong placard was placed and that I had correctly identified the Dinosaur. When they asked me how I knew, it wasn't "I saw that in a book"... it was "Binky told me". Because, despite me KNOWING from reading that Dinosaurs and Cave Men didn't exist together... Binky was still some how illogically my Cave Man Guide to Dinosaurs. Which is even more confounding as they stretched over multiple eras, none coinciding with Mankind.

So some how despite my age I knew this, and I knew that Man and Dinosaurs never existed together... yet some how through all the illogicalness I still believed Binky was (1) real and (2) a Cave Man that some how existed outside of time.

But it was more than just knowing Dinosaurs. Binky was a bit of a 'gift'. My Mom's friend called while we were in the Kitchen. I asked Mom who it was and she told me "Janice". I asked "Why is Janice on the phone when her house is on fire?". Mom asked Janice if the house was on fire, just to calm me, and Janice said no. Until about 10 minutes later when she said she smelled smoke and had to check the house. The lint in her Dryer had caught fire and her basement was now in flames.

I've done parlor tricks by guessing the color of female's underwear to great success, with no real rhyme or reason to how I do it. This went over great in high school when trying to hook up with a girl. I had no tricks for this, though NOW I've learned there are ways to lead questions and such to get info like that. I'd simply say I bet I could guess, they'd bet I'd be wrong... and a color would pop into my head. Or not... which meant, they weren't wearing any. That one happened twice.

To experiences of Deja Vue. Knowing how a conversation or situation was playing out, and even finishing other peoples parts for them, because I had seen it all happen before.

I also caught more than a few 'Fortune Tellers' that my mother was apt to go to. I could spot a fraud, but not only spot them prove it and call them on it. Except the last one, which my Mother pretty much kept in touch with for the rest of her life. I don't know how, but she pegged me. Mind you, I'm probably 11 at this time. Mom walked in for her cards to be read... and instead she focused on me. Told me I'd try to prove her wrong, and welcomed the challenge. Told me of the other frauds I'd exposed. Then she told me I could spot them because I actually did have the gift.

I've never claimed to have had it, but I did read some cards in College for a friend. He was a very talented Basketball Player at Bevill State CC in Jasper, AL. I was the Team Trainer, which was really just the 'water boy' of the Basketball Team. I read his cards and told him that he would go to a Major College, and THEY would go to the Sweet 16... but he wouldn't go. It would be here his NBA Dreams ended, because of a lie. He'd spend his life chasing the game.

He thought this was rather vague and general and dismissed it, stating he already knew he was going to a Major College and they'd be a great team. He ended up going to St. John's, and they indeed went to the Sweet 16. Grady Reynolds helped get them there, but before the Tournament he was accused of Raped and suspended from the Team. This did indeed end his dreams of the NBA, despite having the Talent and being projected a 2nd Round Pick (they only have two rounds in the NBA) as a Junior. The woman had lied, but it was to late and the damage was done. He got picked up in some Euro Leagues instead, and did very well there being both an All Star MVP and Dunk Contest Winner in the same Season.

Most of this ended around 12 or so, as did "Binky"... but things like the cards with Grady or certain Deja Vue Situations kept occurring from time to time.

But NONE of that brought me HERE. They were just quarks about me that once I got here really endeared ATS to me. Because there were other people who has foreseen things, or some how just knew things in an instance that they shouldn't know.

What brought me here was Ross Perot. And Sadam.

My Step-Father was Jackie T. Jones, and he was both Green Beret and SF over his Career. He was also a Vietnam POW who escaped the camp... with BOTH legs broken. In the part of my life that I knew him he was an abusive alcoholic and out of his mind... but now that I've deployed I can understand why, even as my situation was never even close to as dire as his. It doesn't absolve him from the bad things he did, but I can at least now understand him better.

However, what got me was this... and it didn't start getting pieced together until later in my life.

For some reason Ross Peirot was at our house in Johnson City, TN. I didn't know why he was there or even at that time who he was. I just knew he was rich and important, and some one my Step-Dad seemed to actually respect.

Now here is the funny thing... we are about to have 2 Conspiracies converge here.

Jackie thought he was in a Program, along with others like him, to raise "Super Soldiers". There was no drugs... I mean, I was on Ritalin, but that was before we even knew Jackie. He didn't ever give me drugs. He'd just do things like drive me up into the Mountains about 10 Miles and tell me if I made it home I got to eat Supper. Sort of 'Survival' training. I guess this would fall in some Sleeper Cell/Manchurian kind of category. I've never believed it, I just felt he was off his rocker and this was some delusion of his. I know now that I've left Service I've lost a lot of purpose, and I can see a broken man creating something like that in his head to keep purpose. But that's one... a US Army Program for SF and other OPS to raise 'Super Soldiers' that were not introduced into the Army but used outside of the Army (what, maybe Militia or CIA, who knows) by Handlers later in life. Not my Theory, mind you... that was his. My theory was "Dude is a nutjob, with good reason."

But the 2nd Theory takes us back to Ross and Sadam... and Bush and others.

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posted on Jul, 7 2016 @ 08:43 PM
To disprove God and I failed. :/

posted on Jul, 7 2016 @ 08:46 PM
a reply to: KillerKell

After he died, we'd already left him and Mom divorced him, I was contacted by a Lawyer. There were possessions, some of which had instructions regarding me. I was probably 14 at the time.

One of those possessions was what I can only say was a memoir/journal/directive. It was Jackie writing to me, and for some reason telling me that we, the United States, had put Power into the Middle East. But not the Government... Private America. He put some things in about Private Details for Powerful People, one of which was Perot. Sadam's boss was sick, his group was going out of power, so they funded Sadam and Corporate Americans were now in the Middle East Oil. Obviously the biggest family there was the Bush Family, but the concept was that none of it was outright down through Politics.

I wasn't allowed to keep anything, the Will said it was all to go back to the trust of the Lawyer, but that I had access at this one time to review the materials.

The only TRUTH I know is he must have known Perot because I'd met the man myself in our own house. Anything beyond that... from Super Soldiers to Private America funding Sadam with out American Government... I have nothing to support. His entire Journal could have been a mad mind in it's final days.

So I found my way here, looking for some Truth... and some cool stuff on the Mason's and Illuminati while I was here.

posted on Jul, 11 2016 @ 09:53 PM
Sorry for the necro thread, but I thought I'd share.

For me it started with working on my 'spirituality' in Oct. 1994. I was 24 years old. My father, who worked for Lockheed-Martin in the Skunkworks, had undergone 2 brain surgeries after a arteriole veinous malformation burst. He was in ICU for an entire year. During this time an uncle, who is a very interesting guy, started 'counseling' me about life and my general sadness. He was a Baptist minister for most of his life, but in his 40's felt that it really offered no truths. So he turned to the paranormal and started doing ghost hunting and hypnotherapy counseling for past life regression, amongst his dabbling in eastern religions. He started to open my mind a bit that things aren't always as they seem. He's an amazing person and I'll always be grateful for what he did for me.

Around this same time I met an older gentleman at my work that claimed to be a 33rd degree Freemason. BUT...he told me after some inquiry that he was part of a group of Masons that was working to expose the cabal and take Masonry back to its pure and positive roots. I knew nothing about Masonry, but we talked quite a bit for months when i was on my breaks and he told me of some wild conspiracies both from history and that were occurring. He seemed completely sane and composed every time we spoke, very matter of factly. One day he told me that I should check out a certain spiritual book store for more info, since I was fascinated.

I went to the bookstore (The Spiral Staircase on Topanga Cyn Rd in the hills of L.A.) and was looking around. The lady that worked there asked if she could help, and I said no, just that a friend had sent me. She asked who and I told her. She knew who he was and asked me what I was looking for. I told her that I wanted to know more about the UFO cover up. She walked straight over to a cheaply made, office type bound set of books called The Matrix. She handed me book #1 and said 'Start here'. So I bought the book, and later the rest of The Matrix books, and have been reading about the subject off and on ever since. It's been 22 years now, and some of the best info about UFO's and alien/human interaction has come out in the last 10 years or so, mostly due to the imediate transfer of ino via tha interwebz.

Over the years, I've been called dumb, stupid, gullible, a tin foil hat wearing conspiracy nut, etc. But when I hear those things these days I just feel sorry for them for allowing themselves to be so easily lead by such obvious propaganda outlets. So mostly these days I don't talk about any of it with anyone, my crazy political conspiracy and human origin theories. It invariably leads to ridicule and, much like the Abrahamic religions, relies entirely on faith since I have no way of proving my beliefs.

Oh well. I like this forum. Lots of interesting stuff. Cheers!

posted on Jul, 12 2016 @ 05:59 AM
a reply to: KillerKell

Your post is interesting. When you get back to it, would you please explain what SF means?

posted on Jul, 12 2016 @ 06:10 AM

originally posted by: ClownFish
a reply to: KillerKell

Your post is interesting. When you get back to it, would you please explain what SF means?

My step father was Special Forces. That's the SF.

While I do believe there are Black Operations that utilize SF and other Military Elite, I am not sold that my Step Father was actually in any Black Ops. It would explain his connection with Ross Perot, but so would a great many other things.

His name was Jackie T. Jones (never knew what the T was for) and he Retired as a Master Sergeant.

posted on Jul, 12 2016 @ 10:53 AM
a reply to: KillerKell

Thanks for the explanation.

I figured it would be something that had a "duh" factor, but no one in my family or circle of friends has been in the military, so I had not way of knowing but to ask. It is both cool and irritating to have such mysteries in one's distant or immediate family. I found it somewhat suspicious or curious that your father has left things in a Trust for his lawyer? That sounds rather illogically convenient to me, but the world is odder than I ever suspected. Still, it leaves me wondering what the motive was.

Glad you posted here. Every once in a while this thread, "What Brought You to the Dance" gets a hit, and it's always interesting to take a peek at. It seems a variation or extension of the Intro's but not everyone has bothered with the Intro's so this is a great place to say something about why you're here.

[Hint, hint, to the rest of you]


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