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Immortal man

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posted on Jun, 14 2016 @ 01:57 PM
a reply to: UniFinity

Thank you for your kind words

" yup, to forget time seems hard.
but with enough practice i feel it could be done anywhere. if we learn to stay in same mindfulness and clarity as is achieved while in practice "

thoroughly agree

Stopping counting birthdays was very helpful for me

posted on Jun, 14 2016 @ 02:00 PM
a reply to: zinc12

this is also in some Faerie legends

some times hermits will say man has the lifespan of flies in their perception

great point

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posted on Jun, 14 2016 @ 03:04 PM
a reply to: kibric

These "gods" are said to keep themselves young by drinking Soma

"We have drunk Soma and become immortal; we have attained the light, the Gods discovered.
Now what may foeman's malice do to harm us?"

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posted on Jun, 14 2016 @ 10:12 PM

originally posted by: kibric
a reply to: BigBrotherDarkness

Do you have a teacher ?

You know it occured to me to ask... I dont know if you are pictured and if so which. But It looks as if one may be concerned about losing the other or perhaps both... to some degree as awkened beings have a great concern and emapathy for those they may leave behind as any parent would in unconditional love and concern about their being and welfare.

I just wanted to say do not worry, it will be ok because it already is... every single person whether we like them or not, that we have come into contact with is there and not just in memory but as an energy of being... like a presence, so no one truly leaves you. There will be some that love, and there will still be those that dont... and thats ok, because nothing really changes in the world when peole are so attached, detached and at one and at peace after having made it through into non becoming then one is everything and nothing all at the same time... no different than when entering bliss and feeling the energy of all around one as being itself... the universe no different, form of course is still present and some people come and they go and thats what death and life is; coming and going yet there really isnt any coming or going just being...

Of course when one passes it is a personal exerience on both sides... some have managed to pass yet still manitain awareness through the entire process. Karma will arise from all the heavens and hells and time is non existant, day can seem to last 2 hours or 3 weeks and night the same as life still goes on around you yet not exactly the same as it was... in a dream like yet etheral body sometimes this occurs and we are not even aware of it... I think thats why some have reffered to life as a dream within a dream. One has to wake up in both, not only life but in death enlightenment in my experience has been obviously in steps along the path until a moment arose where all of it was just lain down in fruition of a moment one didnt choose it just occured.

I urge anyone not having such experience or aware of having it to remain unattached to what arises no different than in practice... the dramas will want to arise no different other worlds will not accept you passing and try to bear you in its womb as more birth... the amount of wombs presented for a crowning is likely how many lives one has avoided by taking up the goal to achieve in one life... but how many lives have passed in unawareness already? I cannot say... as that is something personal as someone is experiencing it.

But always remember to practice when one feels they are being pulled or subjected into drama like a magnet wishing to attach itself like another world trying to accept you into a womb of suffering yet unaware of it by not remaining objective to phenomina.

Eventually all of that karma is sorted and it gets better and heavens and hells become less and less, as karma is slowly burned away as a candle coming to the end of its wax and the flame just goes out in acceptance.

Perhaps this is where the older fellow is in this image... the body has lasted out of sheer love for the world and all the children in it until that too is ripe as the fueless flame of enlightenment has ran its course in the container which allowed it to occur.

It is interesting seeing many people as one gem yet each facet in its own special uniqueness... its like someone else wearing the exact same face as another. I went to eat Chinese food one day and noticed a fellow that looked exactly like my freinds dad when growing up... the same way he carried himself the same build... and he was hapy as Id ever seen him as happy, his dad isnt Chinese yet same face, his dad is also in very bad health and has been close to death as in any day now for several months.

I asked him to go there if he visits town, I didnt say why... I was just hoping that he would see his fathers face before he was born as the old zen koan goes.

Im not sure exactly what that experience is... maybe it is that, the reason it has been confusing is during the bardos was feeling other peoples energy trying to merge onto of mine, that I didnt want on top of mine... as they were very prone to suffering and well dishing it out in life, and even trying to point out of empathy, they still only see the ashes instead of the phoenix the person they knew not the person I am in the same container from attachment to it as the self is still in there.

It is and it seemed like a hard fight to keep it... as the faces mentioned. The energies that manifest in pure love arise as unconditional and I dont mind those sorts, others however can arise as an expression that feels like someone not onself, sometimes good and sometimes not so good... as there are intentions behind the presences that are hidden or at least holding secrets or belief or thoughts counter to being... I suppose its ones holding onto what they knew no different than others... a past self instead of the constantly arising self that has no form of permanence just a container holding energy... sure theres a form of personality recognizable that I can manifest that people recall in that moment of interaction, but something Id rather not interact with, as it is a world of suffering when the unconditional love is not felt or understood... as the energies sometimes feel as if they simly wish to harm or contain what they dont understand...

Silliness of course, when teaching of such go back 1000s of years in all various disciplines trying to futily say the same thing that cannot really be spoken only expressed... rote understanding cannot grasp anything but comprehension based on conceptual experience one knows in comprehension, yet not really wisdom unless one has experienced the same, or has awakened to some degree.

Those attached to a very high degree are almost like the proverbial demons many mention as existant but thats only trying to make impermanent permanent... and the only way as the OP mentions is to become impermanence itself as that is what is constantly arising moment to moment when seen but not grasped.

I sincerely hope that those pictured do not suffer to one or the others passing because both lose each other yet not. There is rest and peace if people let it arise from ceasing trying to control something that cannot be, life and death go hand and hand like ones own shadow one many times forgets is even there with them every single monet of ones life, even in darkness a constant friend that does not judge that does not condemn that does not control... beyond suffering yet if it were being would stand as the most honest witness to all of ones life... appreciation of that shadow and making it your friend is the unity of light and dark in my honest opinion...

perhaps that is the dualistic world becoming one the unseen hand guiding one towards better with limited ability to do so... perhaps when one is realized or passes this shadow and you trade places having seen all youve done and it becomes the one that lives and suffers instead of oneself, as youve embraced it as a constant friend but one is now in light and the other in darkness, and on enlightenment you trade places...

I cannot really say such is the case... but seems so, perhaps others know of which I speak, but perhaps thats a thread unto itself.

posted on Jun, 14 2016 @ 10:52 PM
a reply to: BigBrotherDarkness

This is hanuman das baba

i chose the picture because he is a great saint

He is loved a lot

" I sincerely hope that those pictured do not suffer "
your love does not go unnoticed. Bless you

i am not in the picture

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posted on Jun, 15 2016 @ 12:04 AM
a reply to: BigBrotherDarkness

thank you friend, for writing so much.
It helps me with perspective as i feel from your posts honesty and wisdom and trust your information and experience of realizations, although i have to read your posts a few times to really absorb them, but in meditation things tend to gets a bit clearer...well sometimes.
assumptions and you say in signature.

"But always remember to practice when one feels they are being pulled or subjected into drama like a magnet wishing to attach itself like another world trying to accept you into a womb of suffering yet unaware of it by not remaining objective to phenomina. "

really nice advice, similar notion also occurred to me during meditation recently if i really want to have more and deeper realizations.
learning to be still in mind seems like a lot of work but also fun on other hand, because there seems to be so much mystery behind the veil and potential to do good for all beings...
when i read your or others posts about realizations and depth of understanding achieved it helps me with motivation and it is a good reminder that practice pays off, if we persevere and stick to it...

hah, lucky me for being a stubborn happy fool...but as much as stubbornness may help, i noticed it is doing also the mind seems also to be stubborn about letting go.

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posted on Jun, 15 2016 @ 09:38 AM
a reply to: UniFinity

Remember practice? You are speaking words and the words I am seeing? Thinking... thinking...

Thats the difference, conceptual bubbles forming and controlling ones own reality attempting to control local reality for what purose or ration? Well living something life just does by itself yet dependent on something else called matter, so we make matter matter, and we are the energy or intent that animates it or moves it around for some purpose or another... often these intentions are for greed(how much am I going to make of my show of manipulation of this matter I control? Hate how much I hate the other actors doing the exact same thing... when their only intent no matter how henious it may appear? Some sort of happiness...

Nothing wrong with wanting to be happy; but when we make others miserable in disrespect of life itself? The hands have yet to come together and perform work thats worth living for in helping eachother not robbing eachother.

Meditation itself is mediation also being no one going nowhere, sitting contemplation yet going everywhere the mind "wants" or clings or grasps like an animal running incoherently through the woods crashing into everything to save itself from this thing it doesnt understand called ignorance... and in that ignorance it disturbs many other forms of life trying to save its own whether theres a threat or not.

Eventually, we stop running... and theres bliss and exileration we say Ah Ha! We found something called freedom. Indeed but then we still run around saying check out my escape plan trying to sell it to others... when all we have done is plant a seed and then water it with the very thing we were running from... and intangible concept that cannot be grasped because it was never seen, tasted, touched, smelled, or felt... but all of those at once how can one explain the feeling of all pervasive space if sensing all 5 senses at once unattached to any at all?

It must be experienced, but life still goes on and once that fruit drops on its own accord that was planted... and we stop pointing to where we planted it in that huge thick jungle of concepts or thought and become it? We forget where we left it... but it is always there, like a shadow one fails to notice until mentioned called practice of just being there.

But like the shadow... we are not there for only ourselves but all others as we do not own a shadow it is free and unbound to one single person, place, or thing. The mind is an echo of experience experienced or conceptualized... all it can do ponder concets of reality or all we experience.

Does that change what any of it actually is? Other than form or the energy surrounding it? Only when we change its form for some purpose... like changing the order of these words into trying to exlain the unexplainable... separate they are all in a dictionary in the mind, that we look up on reading them as reference to for comprehension... but being that thinking thinking is that process it will be personal in every single interpretation.

When theres no interpretation needed and it is what it is until someone trying to be happy whether skilled or unskilled the intent is still the same.

Knowing such can bring compassion... being free from such but simply knowing, brings empathy.

My tree is still young but very rooted in the nature of reality itself, there are still many animals crashing through the woods in ignorance of being seeking self survival... if one happens to sto nearby I can clearly see its desperation to escape life by trying to save itself... that type of action only causes death.

There are many that want to pick the fruit of such trees...

Shel Silverstein not Shel Silverstain... has a pretty good book about them.

posted on Jun, 15 2016 @ 10:53 AM
thanks i really appreciate your message and i will practice more and learn to stop robbing and start helping people as you pointed out.

it is true, thinking has gotten too convenient for me when i meditate, it is so easy to do during meditation i think too much...and observe to little.

and i have noticed that thinking gets now in the way much more than when i started to meditate, when i was just testing the waters a few years ago..i "died" during meditation for the first time, without any idea what was going on back then... as i just jumped right into THE silence without any knowledge and concepts and meditation was easier back than due to that, it seems, because i was really void, empty, without any concepts and expectations...and now that i know what void really means, i started to chase it !?

... how silly are this games of ego, huh?

knowledge and wisdom that i have read and all concepts that i have in my mind after years of study and contemplation are only in the way to experience the truth of what silence.
expectations about bliss, chakras, prana, breath, jing jang, void, emptiness, etc. etc...if thoughts and concepts are animals, than my forest is overrun with them.

but luckily for me, i had remembered what i had almost forgotten after those years...and one of your posts was guiding me to this insight, post about you explaining you had similar troubles in your spiritual journey during meditation... i had also missed the way i used to meditate, the way i used to let go when i started meditation. the way that i experienced a bit of truth for the first time. this is not meant as clinging, but just an insight, blast from the past, i remembered two days ago in meditation.

so it seems i should be mindful about simplicity of meditation and start from there, growing up anew in void. Because after years of meditation with concepts it is now time to meditate in silence where the truth will show itself and not me chasing smoke and mirrors.

is The Giving Tree the book title, i feel this is it, but there are so many of them...
well after actually reading this beautiful work, it resonates a lot with my spiritual journey and even with what is in this post, so it seems i answered my own question.

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posted on Jun, 15 2016 @ 01:34 PM
a reply to: UniFinity

a recommendation

meditate with your eyes open or half closed
put your attention on your eyes

even if you are just attentive too how your eyes feel
the mind slows

Many meditate with eyes closed
and hinder their own progress

" 2 hours meditation with opened eyes
is equivalent to 20 years with them closed "
is a saying among Yogis , Gnanis , siddhars

Try it. After 2 hours your mind will be blissfully silent

Trāṭaka is very effective
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posted on Jun, 15 2016 @ 03:52 PM
a reply to: kibric

candle flame meditation is something which i had tried a few times, but i never known about it being so awesome!
when i tried it my main issue was tearing of the eyes - eyes straining and zooming and tears flowing down the cheeks was braking concentration. But it seems i should give it another chance.

great information, thanks!

what is your opinion about meditation on the inner sounds aka. nadi yoga?
my ear drums are healthy and i am pretty sure it is not tinnitus, because during meditation the pitch changes from left to right ear and also i can hear a few different inner pitch sounds (like some frequency) depending on the level of concentration and sometimes even crickets or at least something like that...

also another question if you don't mind.
is enormous pressure a good sign or bad?
sometimes my head feels like exploding, sometimes i feel my ass is on fire, sometimes i feel strong pressure in other main areas...

i learned what these signs imply by reading about them and they say i should just observe, but i don't know if it is ok to keep going if pressure is SO powerful that it is very uncomfortable and sometimes i even start to sweat ?
all kinds of activity in subtle body is throwing mind of the rockers...and it start to wander, especially if sushumna is getting active i get all hyped up sooner or later...because i realize what it means.

well ... if i manage to get past initial mind chatter and when i finally manage to be silent for some time, than this happens and my concentration breaks and my mind is suddenly very chatty again.
and here we go a hamster in a wheel, going infinitely in circles.

probably i just need more practice with strengthening basic one pointed concentration as you recommended or is there some way to ease this transformation process, maybe some pranayama or physical exercises?

posted on Jun, 15 2016 @ 05:23 PM
a reply to: UniFinity

Every book not digital has had a giving tree attached... but yes thats the title.

Im glad youve taken new resolve... what you speak of experiencing the void is infact enlightenment or planting the seed of it. I to chased that dragon of sensation looking under every rock every pebble every grain of sand... but it is a path and practice will not run from that seed but continue to water it... like in the book mentioned people get tired of chasing or walking the path and stop and wonder what they had done with their lives and find it was typically lived in others exprectations.

This is why navel gazing as its commonly called is slandered and called selfish... because one is seeking freedom and not accepting what is already there in continuing to learn... but we are learning by everything already there... just not trying to become subject or subjected to it by not blaming but trying to see how we add to the problem by looking within and finding our triggers that make us suffer and others suffer...

So yes step by step as we gently prune away those triggers the pointing of the gun in judgement lessens and we start to know why we were aiming it to begin with and for what purposes and reasons honestly and it is always in self defence. When we have parents murder suiciding their kids and themselves and vise versa out of fear thinking death is better... we know weve come to a very hellish existence.

But we create that hell through our greed, hate and ignorance of what? Belief something you cant reach down and grab at ones feet like the dirt we stand on... even if it is as real a personal experience as one could possibly have and yet others have not had the same all the time and question it? Then we have lost objectivity and have become subject and subject others to the intangibility of an experience no one can give.

Some call this seeing god or awakening or whatever its still dogma no matter if I called it lighter fluid... someone may want to know why I might call it that? Well because when subjecting others to it demanding others see it and live by it we start burning and destroying every thing and everyone that doesnt call it the same as we do... this is extremism and control and well lack of it over oneself the 10 Ox Herding pictures are a very good sign post on the path from planting that seed until the fruit drops or ripens.

If one wants to use metaphors then yes along the same lines it is like the two trees... one that exists as knowledge of good and evil or bias of ignorance, greed and hate... and one of life itself in all its beauty and tragedy as one knowing and understanding of unconditional love and empathy... its how one carries choice or intent that make all the difference in the world of which one likes to hang out in... but hey still a choice, as they both bear fruit but there is only one tree until someone takes up a path and lants that seed.

Thinking themselves done? They become lost in a forrest of other trees... went ones ideology falls... does it make a sound? No it builds a casket. Because all that arises is impermanent and non lasting all that passes is something people grasp onto... that fruit of knowledge or experience they pick can lead to good or evil when thats the only fruit they eat and ignore the entire orchard others have already planted to feed more than oneself.

Its a beautiful place and in reality it is called right here right now... here one moment gone the next and if we hold onto it whoosh we went too. Like a fish hook is how attachment to thoughts become... ideas, concepts, belief in a cycle that can support all or none.

But that experience you had no different than myself, as the first cut is the deepest as the saying goes... was the strongest root of attachment possible, that was digging a hole or void in which to drop our seed of enlightenment to actually produce a life worth harvesting and heling others instead of picking from everything else... theres no harm in doing so of course as all beings are trying to be happy... some guard trees of course thinking its all theirs a very sad thing but hey that only lasts a life time and living in such a manner guarantees it will end...

When we are just a stump at least theres rest then.

Impermence also means that experience can never occur again except in memory... as long as you keep trying for the same one? Karma has already removed it as things change. Let go of that and just sit and it wont be an attempt at re-inactment each moment is always different from the last in way infinite despite what the eyes say, ears say, nose says, mouth says or sensation tells the mind to say otherwise.

Eventually, that experience one once chased for so long instead of pruning and tending and watering life itself as I did for well over a decade just as ignorant without it thinking I attained or won something... will widen so vast that it never ceases and the whole universe is no different than which one chased for so long... but we dont choose when the fruit ripens it just does... and when it does; please remain objective and not attach to anything during that process or dark night of the soul where all karma good and bad becomes due... it is phenominal and no different than a dream eventually, it all settles out beyond any shadow of doubt, and all thats left is life.

Ive documented much of this journey online... both egg, phoenix, and ashes, and well judged by all 3 nature of the beast I suppose and thats ok.

posted on Jun, 15 2016 @ 05:55 PM
a reply to: kibric

I understand that indeed it didnt go un-noticed... the experinced phenomina between now and then has left some things to ponder and my trunk has thickened abit.

Ive no doubt the man an enlightened being having such a powerful continuious echo back, of course it has made what I come to refer to as hatchet people and branch swingers in phenominal experience all the more apparent disturbing quite a bit of peace...

The tree experience is part of that phenominology, a lot like some miracle grow and it was all because there was positive intent in saying what I did without any attachment to that hope... for a reward of any kind.

What gets termed as dana or true giving without any expectation only out of the kindness of ones heart... sure we can give in various ways by body or speech but the power of giving in such a way by the mind is way more powerful it seems.

I see it as both a blessing and a curse sort of to be honest but perhaps I was a bit stagnant and needed a good watering to understand more of whats arising typically unseen, I usually disregard as just phenomina arising and passing because there is life occuring and Im still planted in one spot with nothing there left to do but keep giving, yet an infinite amount of things to do.

Im trusting karma though, and its becoming apparent I need to take some advice Ive given as fruit to others and take the seeds out of the discarded core and lant them back into my own garden...

Thanks for planting the opportunity for such growth to occur... with your OP seems Ive been adding weeds at times that sort of makes me chuckle since thats the food some ask for, but at the same time know that it has a possibility to make them and others share the same laugh.

I think I will do the eyes open a bit more as you suggest... it usually leads to visual phenomina and well preffering them closed I suppose is not accepting of what arises when they are open... seems like a waking dream and well one step at a time having lost all senses except for clear seeing... I know this will likely pluck those too so its kinda silly as I sit here laughing as I type thinking about it.

Guess I dont know what Im missing on the other channel while staring at this one huh?

Reminds me of when Han Shan in his autobio said about one of his teachers that would hold bliss and talk to it when asked that replied... he wouldnt be someone stuck in such a sorry state if someone was compassionate enough to whack him over the head... woke up in the wrong persons dream I suppose.

posted on Jun, 15 2016 @ 11:49 PM
a reply to: UniFinity

You dont have too use a candle flame
just keep your attention on your open eyes
when you meditate, you can blink
the key is too put your attention on your eyes
attentive to how your eyes feel
just consciously paying attention to your eyes slows the mind

after 2 hours meditation with your eyes open
and paying relaxed attention to your eyes your mind will not chatter

The chatter of the mind slowly fades
with relaxed attentiveness
let your mind rest on your eyes

tears from the eyes is a good sign if you practise Trāṭaka
do not strain,
when your eyes hurt
let your eyes rest , then an hour later start again. with practise you will last longer
and longer without tears. After awhile your eyes will become very strong
like this

" what is your opinion about meditation on the inner sounds aka. nadi yoga? "

put your fingers in your ears....hear that internal sound ?
just listening to that can be very beneficial. Part of Kriya yoga
maybe use cotton wool so your hands dont get tired
again if you let your mind rest on that sound and just listen too it
the chattering mind fades

" is enormous pressure a good sign or bad? "

it is a sign of progress but also a sign of imbalance
too much pressure and you should stop
this is related to the " roving madness "
usually this is accompanied by a few Little red dots (like tiny red moles)
on your body

When you feel intense pressure go outside
and walk barefoot on the grass

" sometimes i feel my ass is on fire "

Sweating is a sign of increasing internal heat
a by product of the kundalini
too intense and you must stop
but a sign of progress as well

" is there some way to ease this transformation process "

Yes. do not try too sit still, let yourself relax.trying to hold a position (lotus)
is very bad unless its completely comfortable for you

while meditating with the eyes open
and letting your mind rest on your eyes
be aware of your peripheral vision

relaxed attention and awareness on your peripheral vision is a fast way
of increasing focus

" well ... if i manage to get past initial mind chatter "
do not fight the chatter. just keep gently redirecting the minds attention
to your eyes or if practising with inner sound
too the internal sound mentioned above

if you are full of desires (the untamed mind)
progress will be like walking up a hill

if you are tired of desires
then progress is like walking down a hill

God..the source Arutperumjothi
will not approach you while you are thinking
or wrapped up in thoughts and desires

when have you been happiest in your life ?
were you thinking ?
or were you simply being and doing

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posted on Jun, 16 2016 @ 05:02 AM
really nice posts, much gratitude!

realization what needs to be done in terms of letting go of desires and attachments may seem impossible, but it gets easier with right understanding about the View and how to Practice...until it gets effortless and natural.

my mind is happy and does not have any more questions for now, you have both provided clarity to a few things and doubts that were nagging me about practice and understanding and as i don't have anyone else to talk to in real life about this i use ats and sometimes it seems like lady luck is following me because i have an opportunity to talk to very interesting and spiritual persons who can share real insights about mastering the mind.

kibric: to bring this back to alchemy, can you maybe share links or any info about purification elixirs, i would be very interested to study a bit about that and see if i can make one.
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posted on Jun, 16 2016 @ 06:17 AM
a reply to: UniFinity

The easiest way is just too collect and drink dew
for a purifying water

but there are other methods
the one below is the easiest
too try without alchemical training
lots of reading is recommended before
trying to attempt any method
this is particularly difficult as the language used
in many alchemical texts are heavily coded
but you will have to do some reading
on " the rules of the art "

this method is one of the simpler ones too understand

" Take of the crumbs of the best wheaten bread as soon as it comes out of the oven, being very hot, as much as you please. Put it into a glass vessel which you must presently hermetically close. Then set it in digestion in a temperate balneum the space of two months, and it will be turned into a fibrous flesh.
If any artist should please to exalt it to a higher perfection according to the rules of art, he may find out how great a nourisher and restorative wheat is, and what an excellent medicine it may make.
Note that there must be no other moisture put into the glass besides what is in the bread itself "

posted on Jun, 16 2016 @ 07:21 AM
a reply to: kibric

very interesting and it seems like a good site with loads of information...


posted on Jun, 16 2016 @ 08:21 AM

originally posted by: BigBrotherDarkness
Vegitarianism is not really required... just know that even though if you eat a cow or pig or whatever, even though you will still retain the form of "human" in self or others conception of your form you become that cow pig or whatever and start living its sorrow and misery, you can either do the old base form of giving thanks for the sacrifice... or enter the void in an instant and become that which was slaughtered tat you are about to eat... as consciousness fades to void from it you emerge and basically eat oneself instead.

In such a practice there is no harm.

I've never felt guilty or sorrowful for eating bacon and my life is wonderful

posted on Jun, 16 2016 @ 09:21 AM
a reply to: zinc12

Soma is the seed of immortality that drops on exerience in the void of kundalini and drops into the ground of the root chakra... into the mortal coil that has to unwind and grow blossoming each flower on the way up. They arent just active and open until this time... it is simply a garden or field of wild flowers and trees weve found ourselves walking around in... picking these thoughts of others we like adding them too a bouquet passing some to others yet they are all dying since they were what we planted just picked.

Thought are those flowers and life is full of flowers, trees, weeds and all sorts of animals what we pick or choose to live by makes all the difference in this garden of life.

No one was ever kicked out of any eden or garden... they just fail to see it in all the cultuvation and sowing of others seeds.

Planting your own is simply giving back... this planting occurs in two ways, through generative or generation so people have a chance to grow evolve and progress for better or worse depending on the cultivation... when one plants their own seed inside themselves the inside world grows as we continue to cultivate in the outside world... living a life of inner and outter reflecting everything and everyone inside and outside... what we hold up in the world is what we leave it once we are gone.

It becomes very imortant to reflect or ask oneself what flowers or trees of thought we have picked from to the defence of how we planted instead of lived. Did we tend only our own and pick favorites to suport that and keep all others out? Or did we allow the 5 senses to become detached and allow the seed to drop and then cultivate the inner as we reflected the outter instead of trying to cultivate the outter to reflect the inner? This makes all the difference in the world of how our garden grows as one species called humanity.

kibric, your exlaination of practice reminds me of the 3 monkeys of hear no evil, see no evil, and speak no evil... very fitting name of Hanuman as being represented as iconaghrapy shows for this particular guru. Reminds me of the 3 poisons that can infect the 3 worlds of body, speech, and mind found in Buddhism, were if one allows the 3 evils of greed, hate, and delusion or ignorance to infect ones body seech and mind, then the more we are apt to see it, hear it, and speak it... yet life in samsara means duality where there is no escape in this unless through enlightenment and cultivating and not grasping and picking like the monkey yet ignorant and unaccepting of all the other monkeys...

Its kinda humorus that we are the monkey cursed with consciousness of logic and ration of emotion to justify our existence in everyway humanaly possible but go about it in very inhumane ways as far as life itself goes... the more branches of life we have swung from the more wisdom and experience we can gain not sitting rooted in one spot which dispells ignorance of all the other monkeys or fruit we dont like or wish to protect only for ourselves...

It would be sort of an interesting trope... to imagine none of this technology is real at all and we are just monkeys asleep or too schizophrenic for the other monkeys to even understand or just born way ahead of our time too far into the past like Tarzans in touch with our nature of monkeyness yet not remembering we are human and in that balance becomes the craddle of humanity and wisdom shown in how we display it... called life, showing off for other monkeys is of course a choice or mode of expression and well weve kinda regressed in many ways not even knowing it... at one time it was humanity and the divine as a step from monkey to human as hanuman shows as we stepped out of animism into the ages that followed... led around by our own noses or thoughts in shaping the world.

Integration of all of this, of course seems to be the next mode of expression as we move forward and death certinally does see to that and well that of course depends on what tree one chooses to keep picking from in the game of outter and inner mirror of infinite being. It is fitting that balance is in the hand of justice and thats she is blindfolded as she swings the sword because she is awake on the inside yet the outside has yet to get there... yet balance can feel the weight to one side or the other and swing accordingly to that knowledge, meaning the hand of justic society lay down is the sacrifice of few to save many in what is termed progress.

However when these very systems themselves have become a hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil we can fall back into that stage of survival like the lower self like the animal we once were or progress forward leaving it behind in wisdom for life yet to come. One is an easier path and one is a harder path... and the choices we make moment to moment to moment and the intention behind them makes all the difference in which direction we take as we cross this hurdle... seems weve jumped it at least 6 times already at various points according to core samples and have failed.

At least the sun will burn on for at least 6 billion more years as estimated and life will go on regardless of what our bare assed monkey selves choose. So hey still time regardless of outcomes all of those choices being personal and if not. Wheres the equanimity? Make it with in and it will shine with out.

Life is immortal in and of itself and only has matter as a binding.

posted on Jun, 16 2016 @ 02:41 PM
" Life is immortal in and of itself and only has matter as a binding "

well said

posted on Jun, 16 2016 @ 03:20 PM
a reply to: kibric

Its is a nice flower and youre certinally welcome to keep it for life... perhaps it will help others live in doing so.

Thank you for finding one amongst all the dukka spread out above worthwhile to pluck.

om ah ha sava

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