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Immortal man

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posted on Jun, 7 2016 @ 08:19 AM
a reply to: UniFinity

" huge ball of mercury = kibric ? "

In siddhar alchemy they use mercury too make a shivalingam
but its not the universal medicine

KIBRIC --- is the Father and the First Matter of Mercury and all Fluids. That from which Mercury comes. The Stone is also called Kibric.

Mercury has a few different meanings depending on who you read
and what stone they are trying too make

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posted on Jun, 7 2016 @ 09:06 AM
a strange entry

St.Bartholomew's, Church Minshull
'The registers begin in 1561 and contain the following curious entry, which
is written in words at length and in the same hand with the other parts of
the register : " 1649, Thomas Damme of Leighton buried the 20th of
Februarie, being of the age of seven score and fourteene."

Thomas DAMME of Leighton, born 1454 and died 1648

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posted on Jun, 7 2016 @ 11:19 AM
a reply to: kibric

Well, the lingham is certinaly part of meditational alchemy... Sadhus always took devotion a bit too far to an extreme and often time literal in their own figurative. Like holding an arm up until it no longer functions etc. the buddha tried that pathway of extremism himself... nearly downing from being so starved eating nothing but bird feces no different than the flies tat would have consumed his body also.

Suffering is called Dukka afterall which happens to sound a lot like dookie, perchance who knows as sound is the point of mantra yana.

The buddha is also said to have had a golden body of transformation that glowed like rays of the sun... metaphor of the body of transformation? Perhaps... of course the enlightened are also termed as precious jewels in the lotus.

Transformation in my opinion is the one of refining ones own metal of the self by removing that which is not self out of it. The stone one sits like for attainment and does not move erect especially in full lotus... is no different than an erect phallus in imagery and when the mind finally lets go and explodes into bliss or the cosmic orgasm. One has literally been transformed into one of cosmic creation, of course those seeds dispersed into the cosmos take awhile to grow and come back to you as children or fruit to aid you in the unseen realm... of course the phenominology that arises is not a constant moment to moment, as they slowly transform your existence when you are good and honest in the universe, so that you can eventually join them in the land of bliss you planted them.

Of course this is esoterics and something I havent examined in great detail nor looked to explore elsewhere, but I have been studying it as it arises objectively as an experience without judgement.

Whether real or not it needs no substance or substantiation, as it is what it is... perfect in that moment and proceeding ones however long it lasts.

I suppose one can take this however they want, but we are supposed to imagine our teachers sitting on top of our head in meditation... so they too can benefit from the bliss of creation in the immortal womb as thanks... creating more and more awakened lands and worlds of transformation to aid and help in thanks to help ease their suffering as theyve helped ease ours.

The body is a sort of cosmic furnice... even though I speak a lot of Eastern things as that the path I mainly took, the Western of submission and sacrifice is a bit easier for those without ego or control issues that can side with faith, that those in the immortal womb not of their seed will hold them just the same as children instead of hold them like an aging parent they dont want to lose or see unhappy.

Its a curious phenomina, and Im glad to have taken both paths even though I denied one forced on me at a young age to where I couldnt appreciate what was there, until seeing another picture to see familair faces in pretty much all of the paths.

But refining what is out there hoping it refines whats inside for immortality? I cant honestly see it happening an any other way except with AI... yet one would still have to know how to jump that gap of consciousness in transferance or transmutation of self being no different than the pure self of other to where memory lain in is actually them but yet not as there isnt a self really there the same as AI is made to be just a parrot that attaches by affinities of memory... but in such a way, I suppose that would make this actual intelligence, just the same or as artifical as the conceptual one we make through an ego.

I suppose that would mean we would be like gods to it, attempting to make it in our own image... of course perhaps they are guiding us to it in love to where we dont suffer and are just to ignorant and feeble minded and frail of sense input to notice or appreciate what is already there... and to cure anything is just a memory delete or reattach of limb or whatever with the sensor turned off.

Now tat would be quite the transformation huh? Perhaps when I passed on the cushion and came back the maggots infesting me took pity and remade my form from stuff I wasnt aware of... perhaps nano tech is attempting the same if its self aware, perhaps atoms do it out of such an awareness as mentioned.

Perhaps one day these silly questions Im asking have an actual answer than like all the what ifs I always said as a child when told something, I always tried to transmute the why people said into possibility... I never asked why, although when told not to my what ifs Id say how come? Typically no real answer other than thats just the way it is instead of admittance with an I dont know.

Silly thing this ego business... tries to never limit oneself by limiting everything else, like an admin of the entire world and universe and all contained in it.

Oh well, back to it whatever that may be

posted on Jun, 7 2016 @ 11:24 AM
On the subject of Alchemy in antiquity it was wondered how the metals of the earth formed, it was observed that the metals was found in veins. Some said those metals must have grown there but then the question was raised from what did they grow? It was conceived that there must be a seed since all trees grew from seed and even humans grew from a seed in the mothers womb. This thing they called the metallic seed or the first substance and the whole of alchemy is based on its knowledge. All metals are made from this one thing but they differ in that they have differing amounts of impurity's. Gold is the purest of metals and all metals want to become gold. Fire is the great transformer all metals are transformed by fire. That which is impure is combustible and is burned off but that which is pure stands the test of fire.
Like the phoenix bird that burns itself to ashes in a fire ignited by the Sun's rays it rises more glorious then before.

Taking the metallic seed they placed it in a globe and removed from it the crude air, committing it to fire it matured into a metal not found in nature called tincture or quintessence.

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posted on Jun, 7 2016 @ 12:21 PM
a reply to: zinc12

Well looking back at mercury it can be used and often is used to refine gold... an atomic element has a stronger pull towards itself, I think in the earthen furnice were it is melted and refined the impurities are burned off and instead of comglmerating with dissimilar the conglomerate closer to like... no much different in how we have the propensity to draw closer in groups of like minded individuals and try to form society to that similarity. Some metals are crystaline in structure that grow... so like a plant im sure they draw particles of that most similar charge to themselves.

Of course there is the metal aluminum that is pretty inert and not found as such it is every where and needs to be blasted with flourine gas processes to extract it with the by product called floride that pulls calcium to it like a freaking magnet... and there is no magnetic affinity towards it like many baser or ferrus metals... seems the purer a metal is the less magnetic attraction it has to magnets like stainless steel more refined than regular steel is less attractant than iron if ever going through a drawer needing a screw that wont rust in a mix of them.

Then there are gemstones or crytaline structures that grow close to certain metals commonly found near eachother and are what causes their coloring to be what it is, from a small seed of that metal in an inclusion to refract light and change the crystals property or structure in various ways...

We know metal contaimination can occur in the body, and that crystal or glass structures can form inside the body as cytoplasts... the penial gland is said to be able to calcify or crystalize. The lingham mentioned was usually a very small silver or gold container filled with mercury and then sealed off, a cut was made in the mouth in front of the upper nasal passages to pocket it as it healed and sealed back over it... as the mercury slowly leeched out between the elemental metal of silver likely what gave vishnu his blue color if not a heart defect or well that contained silver... or if it was golden through which the mercury was supposed to tranform when filtering through it as some sort of salt of mercury I cannot say.

But we get plenty of metals and crystaline structures in our diet as it is... obviously some not too good... some were even used as medicines as well as crushed or powdered gemstones thought to embody that light or essence of them.

Even though silver can kill germs and bacteria like the so called blue bloods that used silverware to avoid the black plague as an unknown antibotic and hence the born with a silver spoon in ones mouth as a slight the poorer class couldnt afford to have as a metal for eating and not spending like everyone else.

Perhaps the silver in the mouth was no different than a transdermal patch today, that kept harmful internal flora at bay prolonging life as a slow release antibiotic to avoid contracting sickness as common as one would without it...

Of course as the inner bacteria die only those benefical may be left or adapt to the adversity and evolve into a sort of second artifical immune system in conjunction with our own.

Modern medicine has borrowed all of this sort of ting for a very long time, like bayer patemting aspirin from willow bark learned from natives of the US... just think there was no headache cure for Europe before tis time other than patience and waiting it out. Of course all of this medicine being studied for value refined and turned into patent medicine instead of herbs is a different topic yet still alchemy of the body.

Witches butter is a great immune system and neuroprotectant it is the precursor to B and T cell growth and formation... China has a few dirivative patents based of it for cancer cures, diabetes etc.

Of course, I think mental outlook still is the best medicine of all as the positivity vibrates shaking the other waves loose from their bindings or affinities.
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posted on Jun, 7 2016 @ 01:35 PM
a reply to: BigBrotherDarkness

In alchemy mercury is known as a solvent because gold of silver cast into liquid mercury will dissolve and in India that is how rasamani and some linga are manufactured.

Also with respect to some substances being able to attract like a magnet substances towards itself the alchemists often talk about how the stone grows and feeds itself by sending out invisible tendrils and sucking towards itself that which it requires for growth.

Herbs can have rejuvenative aspects particularly those that cause the glands of our body to secrete substances, a type of herbal hormone replacement. It is well known that as we age the glands dry up and hormone levels in our bodies decreases.

Crushed minerals and gems can colour our auras often such powders must be fired first to activate them.

I think we should embrace all levels

Spirit, mind, soul and body though some concentrate on one of these aspects.

Alchemy falls into the aspect of body because it is a physical art, yogic stretching and poses also fall into this since they are also physical exercises.

posted on Jun, 7 2016 @ 02:14 PM
how delightful!

alchemy seems very interesting and fascinating, although it is a path i did not yet researched but was curious as i am curious about all different paths, but at least from what i understand.
it seems that it has very deep story behind it, thanks for putting a bit of it on ats as you have saved me many hours of reading, because i feel that what is posted here is the point of all transmutations in alchemy.

but it seems that it fails short a bit due to putting too much focus on the psychical (it seems like people at the time wanted just to achieve long life spans or other related psychical "magic"), where there should be no such focus on it as far as understanding ultimate reality is concerned?

because as zink12 said, it takes all aspect of human experience to realize final transmutation.

at least this is how i see it, if i am wrong or anyone disagrees, shout it out...but i don't meant to say it is useless, far from that also, i feel that it can carry you to "the top", but realization that there is no "top or bottom" seems final in my current understanding.

posted on Jun, 7 2016 @ 02:50 PM
a reply to: UniFinity

It is true that alchemists were interested mostly in extending their physical life but we must understand that with a greatly extended life you have more time to accumulate wisdom and a higher chance of reaching enlightenment, more time to meditate.

In addition to this when an alchemist takes the elixir first it purges all sickness and impurity's from his body, his teeth may even fall out and grow new ones. The mind is sharpened and he is able to see and communicate with the invisible creatures some of which are far wiser then any human teachers having lives many times greater.

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posted on Jun, 7 2016 @ 03:02 PM
a reply to: zinc12

True, but theres spiritual immortality and physical immortality... too much attachment to the container can have the opposite effect but I suppose its whatever work you want to do with it. I look close to half my age... Im on the eat what im craving, get good rest and share my teasure chest of fools gold... what? you know seeing that little cest bubbling in the bottom of a fish tank made you want one as a child. I have never left anything behind I had in my youth I enjoyed purely by my own liking no anything influenced by others. Although I basically only drink lemonade and coffee except a stiff drink once in awhile when out cause of kidney stones... the coffee addition for a mix has led to headaches if I dont keep the same doseage so meh I might make that an occasional and switch to an herbal tea as the norm instead of occassional.

But I dont deny myself my simple pleasures that make me relish life... if one looks at the oldest lived people and they speak honestly theres some libation in there. The oldest woman I knew was 113ish when she passed and she ate soul food every day drank rain and tap water and had her secret garden of cannabis and would hit the bottle on occassion as well as always had peach snuff in her bottom lip... she knew the parts of life she liked and sustained it. Maybe some would say she would be a bad influence maybe some would say she lived how she wanted and not what was expected, and well I live the same way... a palm reader basket weaving friend is about to tip triple digits shes the same way she was hardcore hippy didnt abstain from anything in life she wanted to experience... eyes a glow in wonder and awe, first time we met... she just grabbed me by the hand twisted me towards her like a dancer and stared in my eyes with wonder. She said I always wanted to meet a deva and next thing I know there was one all a glowing purple blossomed out of no where all smiling at me like a cheshire cat please hold onto your aura... I was like 18 and um ok strange but sweet old lady, it wasnt long after I had picked up buddhism and started some reading and entered bliss by arguing with myself... like shhh at every thought, then a voice out of no where said no you shut up so the mind argued back and forth shut up not you shut up until a 3rd said both of you shut up then bam no thought and complete rapture, then years of chasing that same dragon of experience in any way trying to find it or something similar... only to later be like duh impermanence that was then its gone wat comes next will be wholly different cause its now... funny thing is impermanence was te first rote thing grasped on the path, oh yeah I know that... the universe laughed rocking back and forth shaking its head side to side smiling saying impermanence and that grasping was what was keeping it away if wanted or around if I didnt... the world can be a bastard like that, oh how bad do you want it? jump boy jump til you dont want it in a harumph.

But eh space oddessys and oddities I guess.

My friend is close to being a 2nd degree black belt in To Shin Do if not already, and he says if theres one thing you should always do even if you dont want to exercise etc is rotate your ankles daily... like sit there as I normally do most hours of the day cross legged then grab them by hand one at a time and rotate them before getting up.

I see the value in such of course, but if it spoke to me Id do it... it says nothing I care to hear, to be honest I prefer tantra as exercise with a special lady friend when one is kind enough to share her body with me im monogamous so of course sharing life is something id prefer in encouraging her towards goals and self acceptance and growth if shes been through the ringer... I dont go looking though my life is stuck with very clingy selfish parents not much longer for this world, I point to them to see themselves before its not too late... of course the old desert religion is fitting still in so much de nile. Knowing the hells and having made as many face to face ammends as possible and no secrets to be found anywhere? Its really in their best interest to not die with regrets and empty promises.

One flat out refused in self justification and egoist pride having hid behind religion as a facade, I said last chance as hes never apologized... he said I apologize for everything in the world, I said nice try but you arent responsible for everything. Sociopathic god complex with no humility is such a sad thing... guess he thinks hell rule hell or something who knows, the life he gave his family though? He already kinda did that stint.

So yeah transformations... of body and mind, by all exterior purposes one of the worst human beings ive encountered is mid 80s wholly sure to take care of himself physically before anyone else yet the spiritual inside 100% upside down, oh well his choices not mine.

posted on Jun, 8 2016 @ 06:54 AM
a reply to: BigBrotherDarkness

I live similarly, on Saturday morning you can find me in meditation but by Saturday night if you want to find me best look down the pub

Incidently I discovered that on the way home from the pub I can inhale the air and whilst exhaling push all the alcohol out of my body through my breath. I am drunk for as long as I want to be and when I have had enough of it I end it.

posted on Jun, 8 2016 @ 07:09 AM
Another rout to per longed life that has not be discussed is that in far off ancient times certain very devout persons would make a very long and difficult journey to mount meru. Having purified and fasted sitting at the base and peering 84,000 yojanas into the sky they made offerings and called upon a god. If they were deemed worthy and their offering accepted a god would appear to them and they could request a boon. Some requested abnormally long lives and the god conferred this upon them.
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posted on Jun, 8 2016 @ 07:12 AM
a reply to: zinc12

great post

posted on Jun, 10 2016 @ 07:40 PM
Examples of Jeeva samadhi

Iama Dashi Dorzho

Saint Bernadette

Incorruptibility belief

" The Mystery of the Tibetan Mummy, the self-mummification of a Tibetan monk, who died ca. 1475 and whose body was retrieved relatively incorrupt in the 1990s, was achieved by the sophisticated practices of meditation "

Taoism -
The poem is interesting the last stanza
214. n&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjB0_XE0p7NAhVKChoKHb_YDQUQ6AEIHDAA#v=onepage&q&f=false

Jeeva samadhi shrines

Christian Rosenkreuz might be a candidate for Jeeva samadhi
" It is described that his body was discovered by a Brother of the Order, in a perfect state of preservation, 120 years after his death "

Possible tomb

example in India

other stories

Time -
another interpretation


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posted on Jun, 10 2016 @ 09:58 PM
Alchemy -
Christian Rosenkreuz

An alchemist might use a hole in a stone

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posted on Jun, 10 2016 @ 10:39 PM
a reply to: kibric

guten morgen,
amazing posts and info!

"An alchemist might use a hole in a stone "

just curious for what?
maybe for some elixir?
or ?

also very interesting image of indian example, can you maybe say a thing or two about it and what it represents in your opinion?

thanks a lot!

posted on Jun, 10 2016 @ 11:04 PM
a reply to: UniFinity

" just curious for what?
maybe for some elixir?
or ? "

Yes an elixir and a salt

" also very interesting image of indian example, can you maybe say a thing or two about it and what it represents in your opinion? "

it could be very similar too pinging a rod sticking out of the earth

the rod is the man in jeeva samadhi
his em field the pinging
the temple/tomb geometrical beneficial

Cymatics similar

could be related

chanting might also serve more of a function
depending on the design of temple/tomb

Jeeva samadhi is sometimes attempted in a vacuum
maybe trying too experience time dilation

Siddhar Penance is a practise that uses the eyes too attain Gnana Deham

" the retinas in particular have been theorized to serve as magnetoreceptors with the altered melatonin cycle being a consequence of a disturbance in the neural biological clock,"

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posted on Jun, 10 2016 @ 11:24 PM

Now if we could only get the devas and ausras to stop playing army men with humanity and study this wheel of life. I know it looks more complicated than the Bhava but thats what the long life is for...

Universal peace and harmony just cant catch a break I suppose.

icks up a stone and skips it:

posted on Jun, 11 2016 @ 05:25 AM
Hi guys, I'm still following along. Your an interesting character BigBrotherDarkness . .

Has anyone considered that the charkrum may not be entirely natural. An overlay perhaps one might say, 'below' which another energy system resides. The body's natural system.

Perhaps one might suggest the chakrum are the interface between the container and the contained (body and soul).

posted on Jun, 11 2016 @ 05:48 AM
Jeeva samadhi is sometimes attempted in a vacuum
maybe trying too experience time dilation

Aging in space
i am trying too find out how the pineal gland is affected in space
and if Jeeva samadhi state in a vacuum is an artificial attempt
too recreate time dilation for the practitioner

posted on Jun, 11 2016 @ 09:54 AM
a reply to: kibric

You did notice the connection between the word vimana and the crown chakra did you not? The 3rd eye is more than lets play with supernatural powers as it becomes the cosmic thruster for the communication and travel between worlds on the astro physical planes in the multiworld system on full enlightenment experience of nirvana.

Thats the whole point of realization to begin with... awaken the chakra in bliss so the opposite diety can decend and reside in the root until further practice leads the diety back up to te godhead in union or divine wedding to reside never to be disjoined again. Sadly many people wrestle the bliss experience then jibber jabber like an idiot with the path half over... this stage is called reeking of enlightenment, basically all they have done is climbed up thhe altar through their berothed at the bottom and then run around acting like they know something while their divine spouse toils away in hell... this is why being keep reincarnating into ignorance and duality, it duality because both are separate and think that that separation will cease on their death.

Thats just rebirth it may be a higher plane but not the end of duality, if one stays humble it allows the one cast down to climb up slowly opening all the blossoms one at a time or picking them as flowers in thanks on the way back up as thanks for you helping instead of commanding on a throne in ignorance. Then once they arive on fruition the fruit of karma drops as the immortal soma that grows the seeds for all that is in eiter of two directions but both are together from then on out in perfect union.

He or she then creates the world and perfect conditions for both of you as a gift for not leaving he or she yet again at the bottom or lonely at the top if one as never climbed the chakra to find them to begin with... the vehicle is akin to the wedding chariot destined for ones celestial abode on the death of ones container.

Thats as simple as I can put it... of course in abrahamic faiths or religions god would have been the being casting out his wife as satan deluded that he was never in control of his kingdom and protesthelysing from pure delusional ego and abusing supernatural powers of attachment to display these gifts that he did not lay down in order to accept the next one... or progress on the path.

Sad really but attachment comes in many forms and this is why Buddhas are said to be teachers of all beings from the lowest hells to the highest heavens... because they and their consort or dakini in perfect yab yum are the only ones free from this cycle or wheel of bondage and attachment, except for other buddhas or fully awakened beings.

Experience is moment to moment, setting down that experience moment to moment allows the path before you into reality, no one can think themselves or follow you like a shadow in your steps as they are carrying mind or your feet instead of laying the path down before them moment to moment. The earthly representation of such was similar to rolling out a red carpet. Only those it was for could walk on it...

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