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Immortal man

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posted on Jun, 5 2016 @ 09:31 AM

a snippet
Immortality in Taoism

posted on Jun, 5 2016 @ 12:10 PM
a reply to: kibric

hey really cool snippet!!!

anyone interested should really look into what the Taoist's have been doing for thousands of years. They might have some of the largest works on longevity and they have tons of stories and documented people who have become Xian-immortal. Xian can be translated into different ways because of the Chinese language but one of them is elf/fiary/nymph. pretty interesting my favorite Area of alchemy for sure
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posted on Jun, 5 2016 @ 12:32 PM
a reply to: broteinshake


posted on Jun, 5 2016 @ 12:34 PM
Your Alchemic point might as well be linked with cybernetic enhancements or the concept of trans humanism, using the elements of Fire and the Earth, to make their bones, earthly liquids, or oils for their blood and to fuel their cold metal heart, and the wind, and heat having steam exude from their flesh to replace their will or soul to live.

Not only that, the practice is the darkest of magic, one must sacrifice their soul, and many others, no man, woman, or child or animal would be safe from such a bloody practice or study to just spare one using many from the fear of experiencing fragility of the mortal prison.

As for me, I'd like to have an extended youth, being a 100 years old, and having the body of 30 or 40 year old...Then just grow really old, and croak, and keel over in a matter of moments. Albeit, not as long as Yoda croaked in Star Wars.
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posted on Jun, 5 2016 @ 12:47 PM
a reply to: Specimen

You can link alchemy with trans humanism

in truth
you would miss the point in alchemy

the effort to become

what can be simply and naturally be achieved

Alchemy is not about dark magic

posted on Jun, 5 2016 @ 01:06 PM
a reply to: kibric

Magic is a very big word sometimes, with very little definition if none needed.

posted on Jun, 5 2016 @ 01:13 PM
a reply to: kibric

Before the archer considers himself the best, in landing a point... its wise he first be a fletcher before becoming a chandler. However who among us has all not done the same or will continue too at some point?

Becoming is one of the 12 links in the chain of causation that breaks too as freedom is attained although freedom is there... that does not mean becoming ceases unless that link is removed as any others as the collar is finally removed, which means cause for another birth possible yet with the freedom of choice.

Only in absolute freedom does one finally remove the collar itself... shocking? Perhaps, perhaps not.

If none of this makes any sense then perhaps study of the Bhava Cakra or wheel of life that people are wishing to escape will help make the link called becoming clear... as its the last link before death right before one faces te demon of the self or mara or ego that held the entire world in bondage as the lower self... on the otherside of landing in maras deathly jaws as this chain slides infinitely around there is birth... of course understanding becoming intimately that ring of causation can either crack teeth or help sprout them anew.

Perhaps this wasnt an admonisment at all but an excuse to also insert some kinda "way" into this "woo"

posted on Jun, 5 2016 @ 01:32 PM
a reply to: BigBrotherDarkness

" Bhava Cakra or wheel of life that people are wishing to escape "

We transcend this wheel
with eyes full of light
sun and moon

choosing reincarnation a clean slate
can be a blessing or a curse

Alchemy is a natural science
no machine is necessary

posted on Jun, 5 2016 @ 01:48 PM
a reply to: Specimen

What has been will be again
what has been done will be done again
there is nothing new under the sun

Robot ?

posted on Jun, 5 2016 @ 04:22 PM
a reply to: kibric

And Pinocchio's an Artificial Intelligence trying to be a real boy.

Never heard of that story.

posted on Jun, 6 2016 @ 08:00 AM
a reply to: kibric

Thats what occurs on peoples ordinary death... the ego slate wiped but their origional face or pure essence is still there, along with the possibility of awakening yet again and recalling all past lives.

Pick one of the 12 links make a resolve and break it... then one becomes no different than the entire universe of energy or matter that cannot be created or destroyed.

Once one has fully entered nirvana they sustain the same form or consciousness through out all of time past present and into the future, they can look at another being and see who they are in the entire casual nexus and identify who they are in the past or the road not taken in the infinite worlds...

Every single possible iteration of you exists as all the choices not taken, once the chain is broken and enlightenment full beyond death in the base experience of reality all of those other "selves" made from delusion even the future yous that one once dreamed of being as a path not taken start falling apart as the entire thing was just an illusion countless fragments of oneself in a myriad of worlds.

All of these boxes and scrodinger cats not knowing alive or dead are wiped away... the reality self is the only one left standing all the bubbles of thought formed selves due to the attachments of greed, hate, and delusional ignorance start popping away and the entire reality transforms into something else, yet it is still the same for all those not yet awake... one out of compassion can take rebirth as there is an empathy knowing exactly how much pain and suffering has being so trapped in such an incarnation to choose a new birth nothing gets wiped away there is full conscious choice to continue the lineage so the worlds do not plunge into darkness and suffering without those willing to stand outside and inside all realms to help all other beings to see the truth beyond impermanence.

As the Daila Lama states not until every blade of grass is liberated... being an incarnation of Chenrizig buddha and as an earthly emanation in form as a bodhisattva of avlokateshva there is a lot of work to be accomplished and the more awakened beings there are to help free others by pointing the way the better for everyone in the entire universe all sentient beings free from bondage and suffering no more slavery and absolute equanimity through out the entire universe that has no beginning nor end.

is it better to take birth in greed, hate, and ignorant delusion only to suffer needlessly over and over? Or become free and never fall into that pit of suffering again helping others? After the disolution of this form there will be no difference between ones body and the entire universe nor the energy that encompasses it, thats when oneness actually occurs until then there are countless forms lost muddled and deluded and helping as many as possible before merging into that oneness in total is basically the goal as long as ones current body holds form... I will exit it at some point in the future for good as it is just a container and there are attachments to this being this self people know not my own, when the karma is ripe for it I will disolve away and be no different than any matter or energy in the universe...

This is something that can already be experienced beyond what is called the void, moment to moment a choice of being of anything in the entire universe... instead of lost and slapped around by it over and over again without choice. This is why I stress pure intention of being or honesty of body speech and mind in all action and deed beyond the ego self of limited attachments to limited fragmented experiences... not doing so is basically like having a present to open that contains all happiness possible and choosing to deny oneself of opening that present. Once opening that present it becomes moment after moment after moment all a beautiful gift or wonder and awe.

We create our own heavens and hells, in those heavens and hells are all of those selves one has created that keep you from this experience, the one that points to the truth is the one saying do not turn away do not deny take personal responsibility because youve created it from countless lives before right now and unless one diligently works for freedom every single moment countless lives into the future.

The bardos can be realized in this very life and escape death but in order to accomplish this one must not grasp anything that arises by the eye, the ear, the nose, the mouth, of touch that could appear before them. Hells are moment to moment heavens moment to moment up and down back and forth now becoming this now becoming that in the cycle of impermanence of experience and grasping it and then holding it as something permanent.

It is what it is until made into something else... by that very process, but not in control of that fashioning by the conceptual of others one becomes a slave of attachment. There is no one to be and nothing to become, the void and experience of the void is the unmade unborn immortal womb, and upon making the void a constant every single moment by moment? One is no longer a slave there are beings far along the path that abuse powers and control others not as far along the path and this is why one needs a firm resolve of practice to escape this cycle.

Its a very painful thing to experience... in empathy almost as much as to oneself once awakened, this pain affliction and suffering people choose to inflict on themselves by inflicting it onto others such existence is suffering and in that existence abused and abuser are in a cycle unto themselves life after life when its like a fire or virus that spreads from one to another... victim becomes abuser rinse repeat, until that cycle is broken as well... it is a very difficult cycle to notice but very easy to see in the human realm and also easy to get caught up in when subject to such drama, in a cant hear the forest for all the fallen trees situation.

Sadly, the only person that can cease all of that is oneself and it comes by choice, making a resolve, and noticing intention of not only oneself but that of others, assumptions and expectations lead to many things that are not truth and many paths in life people dont really want to live or would have chosen, if they didnt live by others expectations or make assumptions about others based on those expectations of what living is, that turns into a downward spiral as seen in the center hub of the bhava cakra based on trying to control others when one hasnt even tamed or subdued themselves leading to nothing but misery of a useless nature thats self chosen by ignorance and delusions that somehow such actions will make things better... even murderers think that live will somehow be better for them than what it would be if they stepped out of the situation as a choice... as thats how one in control of themselves actually displays it.

But hey thats human drama, all too real in the world even though the concepts making such action such as a permanant lasting happiness can arise from such hate or greed... when one knows the opposite is true, if they dont and rationalize or justify their behavior through concepts and ideas of belief instead of the actual reality of taking personal responsibility in action of body, speech and mind? They are truly lost in delusional ignorance of the endless cycle of suffering, until tey choose to see clearly and stop the cycles of their causation freeing not only themselves but the entire world from the harm they could do in it to others.

posted on Jun, 6 2016 @ 09:43 AM
a reply to: BigBrotherDarkness

even if this was posted to kibric...

i am grateful for taking the time to write and share your wisdom. it is a neat trick to find the real resolve to do what you are describing (or also what alchemist are is not so different after all), even if we can or do realize to some extent, what you write about is true.

on one hand we can be awake to reality intellectually and on the other we...or well some of us, still like to enjoy one or more sense pleasures and are clinging to ignorance...a moment of pleasure which soon pases anyways and repeat until...puf sweet life is past and we are old and sick.

For me it is a lot like a snowball effect. it starts slow, but it quickly builds up...i am talking about habitual or ego thinking. for instance, once i eat a candy, it feels great and desire goes away, but after an hour, i want whole candy bar...desire only gets stronger if i only start to indulge for a bit.

best way for me i feel is to cut any such thinking right at the root and with self effort persevere until the fruit is ripe enough to drop...
it seems to me that water fasting should be very helpful for me at this point and try to make myself stable, aware, mindful...

any additional comments or insights are welcome...from all members.
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posted on Jun, 6 2016 @ 11:31 AM
a reply to: UniFinity

well after giving some more thought to this post...

it seems to me that one must have firm understanding of the View and combine that with Practice and Action. In Buddhist terms i am talking about Dharma or Sadhana in Yoga. but even with that in mind it seem i have still a lot of purification and learning and realizations to go because of still to grasping mind.

but purification with water seems one way to do it...this concept is in many religions and even maybe hinted in alchemy in some pictures and texts.

for instance the picture in op has a very interesting motive about head of a swan rising from fire...this symbolizes in my opinion fire purification. which has a process with also water involved and is mentioned in some systems.

well it can also be a natural process in my opinion if we can learn how to do it...without any system.
the keys seems to be practice, learning and perseverance.
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posted on Jun, 6 2016 @ 01:17 PM
a reply to: UniFinity

Youre over thinking my friend... the entire world is pleasure, beauty, and awe inspiring. Its here to relish moment to moment, but as soon as one says I hate this or want this all to myself? They just slit their and the worlds throat to such pleasure and lasting happiness.

I used to not like tomatos raw ones, I limited myself for nearly 15 years nope shoo keep em off. Then once a year Id try it, nope still didnt like it.

This was a personal guage of attachment for myself... I dont avoid the tomato nor anything else in the world that arises moment to moment in experience. It just is and Ive stopped trying to control it and make it something else.

Every sunrise is a new sunrise not oh here comes the sun again falling on my head with chosen emotions Ive dragged from the past like a ghost to where I cant appreciate anything new, cause its all brand new right then and right there, even if it looks the same... there countless atoms floating before you unbound as free as any being wishes to be unattached... meditation transforms where the void is all of that unbound unconglomerated unborn, when this becomes every moment its all perfection, except for of course the beings ignorant of such existence.

Sadly one someone gets their slice of what they think perfection is they typically devour it and leave others to starve... people look at them even if not starving and become hungry in a way of jealousy or greed that can turn into hatred. But its still the exact same heavens and hells no matter the forms or names slapped onto such when the only imperfection in the world is us in our judgement of anything found in reality.

We create a lot of make belief or ideas and concepts to judge to control so we can escape this so called imperfection thats seen out there somewhere, when it really only dwells within with each and everyting we do when so attached.

I think you may be a little too attached to the path in all honesty... you have a path youve created with a family that youve made and are responsible too. I would sincerely hope that you relish each and every precious moment with them you can in utter joy and awe at what you and your spouse have created together.

The path to awakening does not have to be at break neck speed, as you already are awake... youve made youreself purpose with your mate thats your life, thats your path... know the struggles youve had and your spouse have had and attempt better for your children by keeping the magic of experience, they are better teachers than anyone else could ever be... children live in the moment in the now until they start grasping their own path but in such there is no fault.

Karma is no different than destiny... I chased it long and suffered caused others suffering in my selfish chase to be free, it is as if one commits suicide no one else has a say. I loved the path so much that I was actually pissed off that it ended... it felt like a dirty trick and it was... but it was only because it was a trick I was playing on myself. The fruit drops and ripens on its own... I had nothing to do with it, although resolve and knowledge of the suffering I was causing grew my awareness to lessen it to a comfortable middle and not go to extremes inch by inch until it just occured...

I had always thought the middle way was one middle, that it took a giant leap from one side to another... massive change all at once, all that does is turn lives including ones own upside down... step by step little by little. One cant grow an actual garden on thought alone... we must say hey I want to grow a garden, then procure the seeds, til the soil, prepare the soil, plant the seeds, water the seeds, weed out problems to it as we wait patiently then all that time it seemed to take in impatience? One runs around like a chicken with their head cut off with a bounty too large to even eat at once...

Im not saying you dont tend the garden of your family, just reminding you the weeds that might be growing in it are also practice and actually the very best kind to grow from... perhaps even faster tan sitting for hours daily shutting everything out hoping our garden gets tended. In a monastery its fun to play statues and a lot can be learned of te pat and the way, but thats like college... life out here in the wild is hands on thrown into the very ocean where learning to swim means a lot of drowning and grabbing onto anything or anyone else to stay afloat until we say hey maybe drowning isnt so bad if I cant learn to swim and accept that lot we find ourselves in.

Isnt that sort of what people are always doing? The only thing different is that acceptance... not every board or nail can be a house but together they make one.

The universe is no different when it becomes our house just because its the larger picture doesnt mean it isnt already... when I speak to the down trodden homeless and give them a little oasis or island in their drowning... and they mention homelessness, I say homeless? The whole city is your living room, youre just walking about the house. Any idea how much that brightens their day... its literally night becomes day as they become all a glow and renewed that if thats the bottom? Where the whole city or even world is then their house?

They are renewed from sitting in the embers of the old house they built that collapsed around them, and leap into making a fresh start... having been there I can empathize and understand, because its those choices... even people living in million dollar mansions can feel homeless many celebrities living on set years at a time... in a dinky ol trailer because their work is their passion, to present perspectives of life to others someone may not have concidered.

Sometimes of course the best perspective in life, the the one weve already made but focus elsewhere and make others lives miserable because were bored and complacent with nothing else to do but pick a side and start slinging rocks... if thats actually living? I wouldnt know.

posted on Jun, 6 2016 @ 02:44 PM
a reply to: BigBrotherDarkness

hah, if i will happen to get together with some lucky lady and manage to have even children also, that would be great and i could learn to enjoy family life, but as things stand at the present, this seems very far away. But who knows...although to be honest i have no desire for a spouse or family this moment, but who knows how life will turn out.

for now i would like to try spiritual life in solitude at some point, sooner than later and learn if it is even for me and learn a bit more about BEing and how deep i can pierce through reality, but i have attachments issues to sort out...i am sorta new to this and as you mentioned in some other thread male and female impressions and personalities are pushing me a bit around it seems and recently i am building up resolve to face myself with myself and let go of some stuff which should be peace of cake, but somehow i eventually get right back on the starting line...but i will not give up easily. they say only difference between a real saint and us is that they didn't or don't give up.

yes, otherwise, there are some family issues and i wish i can help everyone to not get heated up and hate each other, as some members are not getting along due to some money and land issues. Really silly stuff. And i would like for everyone to get along before i go my own way, although i am not sure if this is still possible. this is also a bit bumming me out as i don't know what to say to make thing better between them, i wish i will get wise enough to ease their suffering and make them realize how bad and destructive hate is for them or others around.
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posted on Jun, 6 2016 @ 03:01 PM
a reply to: UniFinity

my apologies so many screen names and such poor memory... although if that is a future youd desire for yourself and possible family then I hope it does come to pass, at least theres some too future advice right here right now for it eh if and when it occurs as something you wish to choose or attend too... if the forest gets too thick over time among other things.

Hell, Im in a rainforest cutting huge swaths just sitting here, twidding my thumbs no different than I loved to do as a very very small child except the twiddle is mental and not actual... I suppose Ive spent about the same amount of time on both then and now.

Old monk habits are hard to break life to life

posted on Jun, 6 2016 @ 04:33 PM
a reply to: BigBrotherDarkness

it is okey, i did not mind. but i did have a thought there is a slight chance you were using metaphors. Milarepa's wonderful songs has taught me a bit about "spiritual family" and consorts and also because i have sometimes a weird lucid dream experience involving small baby and defending it from monsters or predators...
but i am probably just overthinking again. is a sound advice about garden and weeds in any case and worth remembering not just in case of family but also in case of other people and relationships which i may come across if i will maybe go traveling someday and let intuition guide me around the world to spiritual places...

one of my favorites destinations is mountain Kailash, maybe i get a chance to meditate there for some time, to learn and absorb what is at that holy place.
hmmm who knows...maybe in the future i come to india to Meru (if you mean mountain Meru in your location) and if you would wish to learn me a thing or two about cutting swaths...

don't worry i am only half kidding.

the part i was not kidding was about meeting a final teacher or spiritual father, that could guide me to truth within. This is most precious of all of gifts one can receive in this life if a person is very lucky in my opinion.
but i don't know how to go about finding one or if he or she will find me. well when or if the time comes i should know as intuition is my dear friend i learned to rely on quite a bit and i am still learning...
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posted on Jun, 7 2016 @ 01:57 AM
a reply to: UniFinity

Then look no further than the infinite mirror, beyond all the fragments the fist of karma has shattered over time... the baby you see is you. Protecting that primordial and perfection of wisdom in a self of absolute purity from all the faces of yours you do not recognize in the other shards.

The universe? No different like a huge ball of mercury dropped onto a surface each weight pulling towards a larger center back into a cohesiveness or whole, yet its durface reflects everything around it the same as the mirror... all of them perfectly the same as the one unified whole in roundness and the only difference? Form or size or appearances from the very atomic sizes not seen to the largest one so vast the universe could be a grain of sand to the drop...

yet without beginning or end like an infinite loop of inhaling and exhaling or turning a shirt inside out on and off its still a shirt and its still just what it is... some of these mirrors are simply inside projecting or reflecting light outside and some of them flipped outside shinning a light inside but thats just duality in action as the true self returns to the whole or has open arms waiting to catch.

Always something larger than ourselves no matter how big we think we are, making that a purpose sometimes misses the smaller purposes that all of it has some value to be learned from... repeated is the suffering itself until wisdom grows so sometimes compassion has to be there for oneself and sometimes someone compassionate for you says hey... your fly is open. Shouldnt be cause for embarassment as that was you protecting your baby when not in the dream. Concideration goes a long way even when its cause is sometimes prevention... memory tries to zip it but its mindfulness and awareness that actually does.

Well thanks for the time... and my apologies to the OP and any others for stepping off topic into the living part of immortality.

Something we all are already anyway

posted on Jun, 7 2016 @ 02:31 AM
a reply to: BigBrotherDarkness

nice, i had similar feelings about the baby in meditation, as you mentioned and am happy that this seems to be the case also in your opinion.

okey, i promise to myself to do my best to learn and let it have inspired me and deepened my resolve, this was a nice post for morning read, you have my gratitude!

... and to everyone i wish a nice and pleasent day, it is sunny in more ways than one around me and i wish the same for others!

huge ball of mercury = kibric ?
just to bring the thread back to alchemy, the name of the OP has a nice meaning and a good insight, imho!

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posted on Jun, 7 2016 @ 07:56 AM
There are two types of time chronological is the number of times you have been around the Sun, how many orbits/cycles old are you. The other type of time is biological which is how old does your body say it is. Is your biological age older then your chronological age (do you look older then you are) or is your biological age less then your chronological age (do you look younger then your chronological age).

As you will see how many cycles old you are is not the important factor. If you were 1000 years old but had the body of a 25 year old that is how people will treat you.

I never really celebrated my birthdays, I never really count time or years. I am moving through this, I am not part of this.

I continuously remind myself of the phoenix and its ability to regenerate, actually I carry a gold phoenix around my neck.

What is Man ?

Answer Man is Spirit, Mind, Soul and body

How can man renew himself

Answer, Spirit, mind, soul and body

Spirit, you must connect your spirit to the spirit of the Universe, the Ātmā and Paramātmā must become one.
Mind, you must chose a phrase and live it, continually repeat it in your mind until it transforms your mind.
Soul, you must breath and fill yourself with the breath of life and balance the yin breath with the yang breath.
Body, you must exercise, eliminate toxins and eat a diet that is conducive to long life.

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