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Immortal man

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posted on Jun, 4 2016 @ 03:30 AM
a reply to: kibric

She was contained is perhaps most accurate. I don't know the christian magics the Templars used.

The Tors and earth mounds are said to be located over uranium deposits. That, I understand, has an effect of separating the subtle anatomy. That could cause a vulnerability in a person which could be exploited. But that is speculation on my part.

"Physically or astrally" -- Not physical. I would say "containerless".

But not really simply astral either. Much more then just the conventional occult definition of astral. Unless you include formative forces, aetheric, feelings, mental and more including time. The young lady definitely has a sense of linear time.

posted on Jun, 4 2016 @ 03:33 AM
a reply to: Whatsthisthen

So your saying the Immortal lady will be reincarnated in the future?

By the way is it possible all reincarnated individuals are actually souls of her people?

I mean I believe only a few people reincarnate (The rest of the populace lived once) and that if what your saying is true then it nicely fits with my theory.
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posted on Jun, 4 2016 @ 04:05 AM

originally posted by: cooperton
The body has all the necessary repair mechanisms to maintain youth indefinitely, yet for one main reason, it does not. The patriarchs in the OT lived so long that people simply refuse to believe it. Is there truth to it?

Paul of Tarsus triumphantly wrote:

"The last enemy to be destroyed is death" (1 Cor 15:26)

This isn't a mere fantasy by Paul, in fact, Jesus consistently promised eternal life (without tasting death) such as John 11:25-26, John chapter 4, Matthew 19:16-23, etc. "eternal life" is literally translated as "life age-during". For this life, or this age we are currently participating in, is the first stage of our cosmic development. Death came due to sin - sin simply means to "miss the mark", or in other words, to miss the point of life. Surely a Living God could protect his children from the confines of death - if they so deserved it.

And Jesus said, "Whoever discovers the interpretation of these sayings will not taste death...Those who seek should not stop seeking until they find. When they find, they will be disturbed. When they are disturbed, they will marvel, and will reign over all. [And after they have reigned they will rest.]" Gospel of Thomas

I look forward to further discussion because I have a lot more to say.

Death came due to sin - missing the mark.
Right now there is life - only life. There is no 'you' that 'has' life. So there is no 'you' that can die.
Life is the one - the only one. The belief in a separate 'you' brings fear - this fear is the fear of not being.
Life is eternal but the belief in a separate 'you' is not!

posted on Jun, 4 2016 @ 04:56 AM
a reply to: starwarsisreal

"So your saying the Immortal lady will be reincarnated in the future?"

I believe it is feasible.

"By the way is it possible all reincarnated individuals are actually souls of her people?"

Dunno one way or the other.

"I mean I believe only a few people reincarnate (The rest of the populace lived once) and that if what your saying is true then it nicely fits with my theory."

I have difficulty with the reincarnation doctrine too. Something seems really fishy with the idea. I wouldn't disagree with you . . .

posted on Jun, 4 2016 @ 06:28 AM
another snippet
about method 1 in the main post

“Among the islands of the north side of Hispaniola, about 325 leagues distant, as said by those who have searched for it, is a continual spring of flowing water of such marvellous virtue that the water thereof being drunk, perhaps with some diet, maketh old men young again” - Pietro Martire d’Anghiera

posted on Jun, 4 2016 @ 11:54 AM
a reply to: chr0naut

Sez you and those stuck in conceptual ignorance. That ignorance of concept attachment is the dependency on which you speak of occuring.

You may say well science backs it up... well science backs up the following as well: Particles have charges and swaps all the time, becoming one with all of them including the casual nexus inbetween all of these particles can allow swaps right from thin air and viola constant replication with new particulate by being in harmony with all particulate.

Ya know a couple of decades ago, they figured out all particles of everything were just floating around in thin air unconglomerated right in front of those sighted... my apologies for anyone unsighted as that was not meant as a dig. But, yeah that article was basically talking about Star Trek replicators for food being a possibility because particles that make up chicken are just always floating around and that having the dna code or bindings for chicken could make that work.

Thats the truth behind the philosophers stone... unfortunately intelligence that refuses to cease hate and greed keeping ignorant processes going because delusion is pretty lucrative in corrupt sociopathic hands, ignorance is always applied to slow or put the brakes on progress.

If we didnt have to keep spreading and towing ignorance along called belief in religion or science... but dwelled on known and truth? Beyond the stupidity of fear that that very ignorance causes that keeps getting perpetuated? Like per your post with all those sweet scientific examples exploded like a zit with the ones I gave? A better life, living and equality for all.

Weird thing is some think oh no actual heaven without want err so boring... um no man woman and child... creativity, humor etc goes no where. Theres no joining with some god because no single entity is responsible for all of this, its just energy and matter in a constant flux changing form... of course some forms you can tire of and it would be like well if you believe the garbage youre contantly spreading then go on then lets see that faith in action and well truth is not attached so poof and maybe one day there wont be a memory of that energy when it swings back around and there can be a fresh start... and thats honestly the only benefit of allowing a disolution to ones particle mass.

Its actually humorus that people spread ignorance either ignorantly or intentionally, but the outcome of it on those not intentionally ignorant and trying the best they can with what theyve got? Not fair at all knowing the other side of the coin and of course the balance instead of flipping it playing with lives like coins are infinite, as that is a polarity towards disolution... so negative in nature positive slams into it like a meteorite and theres your tumor etc.

Attachment of love and appreciation that theres charges but the middle of not aligning to either but not tilting to an extreme eventually just occurs out of balance and mutual appreciation that spreads and spreads without trying but just being... like a particle accumilator of awesome, of course some energy is in its own nature and refuses to cease control like cognitive dissonance that wants to cancel waves or positive vibes cause well cause.

Try being beyond cause and then just notice the effects no matter what occurs. Be beyond cause for thought or the very concepts that attach and bind people in those very polarities that pull or vie for a little piece of you... freely given is a trade, and well selling a piece of yourself isnt called selling ones soul or being a sell out for nothing. Oh we like you represent us and our group... but now you gotta be this and that and say this and wear that... um hey whered you go? Um no different than before cause i dont know who or what I am. and pow right in the kisser, doomed from the beginning to the end as a poster child for how not to "life".

posted on Jun, 4 2016 @ 06:05 PM
psychical immortality and or the end of ageing is something i have been really passionate about researching for years. With all the things i have read on concerning the subject there is a lot of ways that one can achieve "immortality" in legend and story but when actually meditating on the subject it gets really frustrating.

Here are some ways i believe are the best paths to immortality

1. Chinese Internal/External Alchemy.
fairy, alchemical Elixir pills and elixirs, food that grants immortality once ingested. internal alchemy. weidan neidan

2. Science/medicine therapies will eventually prolong our lives to the point of not ageing

3. the supernatural or other outside forces.

I believe this is the most frustrating but best way that immortality or eternal youth has been achieved by most earth immortals out there. Curses are one way to go about it. Honestly i think that immortals have received "immortality" by some type of outside force that does not technically exist in our reality. Im thinking the conjuring of entities that give this knowledge or curse. Maybe i will try it one day but i think a group of modern alchemists should conduct experiments in which alchemy is combined with "dark magic" in order to make the impossible possible. this way of attaining physical immortality probably doesn't appeal to most on this thread but i have come to the conclusion that this way,science and the shedding of the physical or returning to the dao is the only ways its possible. it could be possible but i dont think there is a philosophers stone or grand panacea that exists these days or can actually be made.

oh jeez smh this was an awful post bleghhhh

posted on Jun, 4 2016 @ 07:14 PM
a reply to: broteinshake

" oh jeez smh this was an awful post bleghhhh "

- dont be too hard on yourself

" i dont think there is a philosophers stone or grand panacea that exists these days or can actually be made."

- your entitled to your opinion but i know there is one

Thanks for sharing

Any insight is welcome

posted on Jun, 4 2016 @ 08:28 PM
So one could look for an external remedy or an internal remedy.

External would be something you add to the body.

Internal would be the body's own repair mechanism.

Western medicine's so called stem cells research is a beginning. But the drawback there is it is in the hands of external forces (people). And expensive.

The body has the ability to repair itself.

And people lived a long time millennia ago according to legend.

So why doesn't it keep fixing itself?

* Broken?
* Biological programming?
* Someone changed something?

Then there is the idea of Tolkien's elves (Lord of the Rings fame). In the books they lived a thousand years and then got old suddenly and passed on.

I look at animals and they seem to get old quickly towards the end of their lives.

Humans have a more even progress of aging through life.

Personally I don't see anything wrong with humans living like Tolkien's elves until they got tired of life.

Perhaps the secret to long life would be found in the physical/aetheric body (container) rather then the spiritual bodys (contained).

However, if there is time of death preprogramming, then that would, to my thinking, be found in the spiritual bodys rather then the physical.

Hmm, you got me thinking Kibric

posted on Jun, 4 2016 @ 08:41 PM
a reply to: Whatsthisthen

" So one could look for an external remedy or an internal remedy."
- Yes ......there are more methods not mentioned in the main post

" So why doesn't it keep fixing itself? "
- it does not get what it needs

its simple

method 1 is essentially Pure in = Pure out natural living
it does involve a mental application
but physically the rule is Pure in = Pure out

" However, if there is time of death preprogramming, then that would, to my thinking, be found in the spiritual bodys rather then the physical "

physically you could investigate breathing like the yogis do for this death pre programming

spiritually you could investigate Karma in the Siddhar traditions for this death pre programming

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posted on Jun, 4 2016 @ 10:08 PM
a reply to: Whatsthisthen

Ah very good reasoning it appears your logic and ration are very much in balance.

The conceptual programming is the very framework the mind and senses are chained too and being so chained by belief is its own self destruct sequence the opposite of a placebo effect... placebo isnt a fake cure as it obviously works because well the person getting it thinks it so or wills it so.

Of course, theres that whole intention that follows all actions of the body speech and mind. Whats the intent behind all one does when in constant observation?

Heres a neat trick try to focus on 3 or more senses with full attention at once... cant do it but keep trying and it is a short cut to samadi or one pointedness, like sensation of sitting local to one spot or touch, hearing cause unless the organ isnt functioning a sound of some sort is always present, and then staring intently at the back of ones eyelids or into the seeming darkness whether sighted or not... I say seeming because its actually filled with an appearance of inifinite tiny little specks of various lights, in some drugs people see order such as paisleys spinning like multi colored gears or other drugs as whatever appearing out of this void...

Of course you can become one with all of the senses at once but whos though? If there are thoughts its like clouds in a sky just concepts floating along as the mind grabs and grabs and grabs, on touch a sensation the mind takes from those clouds and labels labels labels but none of that is what it is... by losing the very attachment that they are separate from anything else, this is called the void... if you hear a sound why think horn or alarm or foot steps etc? Its just sound leave it as just sound.

But this void... it isnt empty of anything at all except the conceptual reality or illusion the senses try to make persistent via the ego self of attachment as mentioned above... dream self doesnt attach as such as real except when in it as an experiencer and not just an observer... yet is just as real as a so called real self... beyond the dream within a dream encapsulation or bubble within a bubble called total denial of anything one doesnt want to experience or an extreme of being... a lot of people in political extremes exert intention from such positions btw all double bubbled and scared of experience outside of their perfect little egg, but the reality is all tat squirming of avoiding discomfort and growth cracks it with that unseen tooth atop of the bill they refuse to pay called acceptance.

But... that programming aside from te conceptual being cause for self attached disease, that intention one carries out first in thought, then in action via body plants a seed whether that seed is of benefit is to be held in mind. Intion is action... if it is out of greed, hate or ignorant delusions that doing such will become cause for a better outcome... they will be wrong... although, the loophole is forgiveness as others either through good and kind heartedness let it slide or hey dont sweat it for whatever excuse. Pathological people self rationalize their behavior all the time and look for anything or anyone or anything to avoid any personal responsibility for doing ill from an ego base.

Of course, that turns into enabling and reinforcement in those that have learned to play people or twist them to benefit themselves for whatever ration or reason... those not experienced in such cannot even fathom or really identify with out of rote logic or basically just ignorance, when that occurs its time to slap a label of some abnormal disfunction until whatever phenomina is better understood.

Sort of like how autism is seen as a disorder when it really is a spectrum meaning every single person alive has it in some way shape or form. Not understanding it of course slaps disorder as it doesnt seem to express as the norm... yet it has the quality of pure intention for doing without ulterior motives and it also expresses as not either left brained or right brained but both attempting to work together simulataneously for a sense of wholeness. The effect of which end in pure reason as both logic and ration come into balance... so its an evolution.

Of course seeing anything as a disorder to fix or avoid as a phenomina found in nature brings dis ease or dis comfort of being as a thing in itself or bubble within a bubble.

There was a very and still is a very misguided philosophical belief system at work in te world to cease, prevent, slow down, or stop this sort of evolution of both hemispheres coming into balance... that is close to 30000 years old, found in the Dogon tribe of Africa tat displaced the Red Earth tribe the Australian creation mythos said they arose from which were the pigmies... off the coast of Africa there is an Island of Australasian genotype, so the connections of pangea or a lot of migration occured. Perhaps Pangea wasnt as sudden as thought nor as long ago as seemed and the separation of continents eventually became a gap simply too wide to cross so coast lines were skirted for new routes to continue trade and reconnect.

But anyhoo... sorry kinda got on a tangent but that tribal Dogon system of belief is still being held onto to this day... that says once all people were in unity of a male and female energy and life was great but the Jackal likely a meteorite struck throwing the world into darkness and base survival... and well they decided it was because male and female needed to be separated or logic and emotion needed to be destroyed or devolved out of unity of ones being... and we are still plagued by this belief that such a spiritual union in the physical is a bad thing due to an unavoidable natural event... of course this belief predates the abramic religions of paternal rule but yet it is the root or literal father of them all, as there was a huge round up to try and conglomerate all under one god or deity and separate literally Venus from being an equal within not only ones being but as a place in life to determine male from female by ripping the foreskin off of both males and females for that covenant idea or ideal...

There has not been much lack of such Dogma weird the prefix eh? ever sense... and is it any curiosity that the age called Kali yuga lasts about that long and is currently ending for a golden age, signs and wonders indeed where humanity is trying to evolve and grow out of the patriarch for equality regardless of sexual preference or gender, as we evolve back from that depression of repression back into the golden age of unity or enlightenment?

Some take the destruction literally and want to throw a hail mary pass in te most vile its all going to fall anyway in a sick sort of self fulfilling prophesy when the actual destruction is to those very systems themselves as people keep awakening to reality and even born directly into it as it is an evolution thhat cannot be repressed except via severe control and totalitarianism.

So seeing how all of this current world age came about as its ending and what is arising whether those want it to or not dies... thats just the shell going crack as the earth has rebalanced in alignment. Worship of that damned rock housed in a dome and fighting over that whole area is simply a worship of extremist dualism in the name of monism and denial of the nature or female energy that is the balance or creative force to our very existence.

The systems formed around that system have been falling and declining and hate has been killing hate... and it will continue to do so, as the rest of the world looks on as the new age has become high noon.

Might sound conspiracy but anthropology and study back it up... the odd thing is de-evolution leads there but thats back in caves cause weve destroyed everything, but evolution does too but we actually keep everything.

Repeat history or make it? If you quit dragging it like a club and passing it from cub to cub... one might notice we actually continually make it moment by moment via every single choice of action or intent via body, speech and mind. Benefit or detriment? or belief vs. creative possibility that can lead to advancement? Doesnt mean we cant respect where weve been or what it took sacrifice for us all to get there... but Dogon it aside? It can be better, cause honestly? How could a hell be any worse for the planet and all beings of this world inhabiting it?

Yeah what a huge downer eh? But hey whats that old saying... knowing is half the battle and that age is here and that cusp has eclipsed and theres no turning back no matter the idealism wishing to repress, restrain, or destroy in the name of control power greed and hate, bias is the bitter pill of mortality... simply quit swallowing it.

posted on Jun, 5 2016 @ 02:51 AM
a reply to: kibric

With respect, those considerations can be of value. Yet the yogi does not seem any more long lived then others and a yogi will dedicate his life to it. Karma? I wonder if it is truely so . . .

Conventional occultism and spirituality I have a philosophical difficulty with in that I try to maintain a life-centric perspective. That this world of living Beings is far more important then the world of human spirituality. That is just a self discipline I practice.

Perhaps if one changed one's thinking, and for a while looked at mortality as an illness. Then there would logically be a cure . . .

But my instincts tell me the is more to mortality then meets the eye. We live within the planetary container.

Then there is also the other containers. For instance; a catholic lives within the container of Catholicism. I wonder how much the philosophy of Catholicism can act as laws in life and afterwards.

So much I don't know.

posted on Jun, 5 2016 @ 03:34 AM
a reply to: BigBrotherDarkness

Crikey, BigBrotherDarkness, you guys all talk at once, but why? Abandonment is not really so. Look outside.

"Repeat history or make it?"

I also think we do both, yet the repeat sets us back each time and is not our choice. But if we can see the cycle, we can choose to rebel. For is not even the kali yuga but a construct?

posted on Jun, 5 2016 @ 05:52 AM
a reply to: BigBrotherDarkness

" Worship of that damned rock housed in a dome "


in about a 1000 years it will start turning white

posted on Jun, 5 2016 @ 05:56 AM
a reply to: Whatsthisthen

" Perhaps if one changed one's thinking, and for a while looked at mortality as an illness. Then there would logically be a cure ".

this is what many alchemists and practitioners thought
they found cures by understanding the causes of death
and eliminated those causes from their lives

posted on Jun, 5 2016 @ 06:25 AM
a reply to: kibric

heh, it seems that everything is in place...true and false, within, different for each individual, each "spark of divinity".
we just need to figure out what is false and what true by meditation, contemplation with discrimination and observation and learn to remove false parts...

than only true or truth is what sticks around.

posted on Jun, 5 2016 @ 06:45 AM
a reply to: UniFinity

well said

posted on Jun, 5 2016 @ 08:25 AM

originally posted by: Whatsthisthen
a reply to: BigBrotherDarkness

Crikey, BigBrotherDarkness, you guys all talk at once, but why? Abandonment is not really so. Look outside.

"Repeat history or make it?"

I also think we do both, yet the repeat sets us back each time and is not our choice. But if we can see the cycle, we can choose to rebel. For is not even the kali yuga but a construct?

Im talking about combined human experience as history... of course when going as far back as possible to see what constructs we are currently living in and dragging ahead as a system of life? Terms from then will obviously come up in the now to help fill in the hole we dug for ourselves that we as a human species needed to enter in order to survive.

A long time ago we were in balance for a very very long time with the earth and environment, masters of our domain and knew all we lay eyes on... and in that time of complacent happiness? The unknown struck aka that meteorite that slammed the yucatan pennisula so big it was both in space and at impact at the same time knocking us on our current tilt or wobble wobble off axis or spin in space.

What happened is well kinda evident... it was like a cosmic neuclear winter and since then our various tribes not knowing who or what the cause was that slammed the whole world into survival mode... pointed at those we didnt know or had forgotten over time of the continent break up and blamed them or various gods from our animist past to put a real and human face on the reason.

Of course today we can say every everyone meteorite... not woo woo but at the time? Very woo woo. The first iron etc came from the sky as gifts from these "gods" such as Tuts dagger or Japans legendary sword "that slays all demons" of course thinking these dumbo drops as gifts from gods from te heavens or skies and those lights being them in the sky we couldnt reach unless we closed our eyes and saw similar as within and without as above so below... tinking we all were one and part of them... then a "gift" so large everyone had to see it in coming and boom the earth was never the same.

We're still stuck in survival mode and crawling out of that rubble between all that mythos and modern era the understanding and combining them into a cohesive whole or picture, with respect and understanding as all of one human species or family with various branches where some died out or blended in order to survive as a group of cohesion... but thats turned into domination and schism after schism as we have collectively moved forward... keeping that dominance control and power mindset in order to survive intact, when its not really of any benefit but now an actual detriment all knowing and aware of eachother to various degrees... yet still clinging to barbarism and tribal ways that well are clung to for their preservation survival or way of life.

With the huge looming threat of our own home grown meteorite from advancement or further domination of our world and environment and knowledge of it.

The extremes are easy to see of course... the way to achieve balance of course? Trying to stop one sided greed that benefits the few that craves power and glory from battle as the conquerors write the history and become the new gods of legend... which is a very hateful thing when looked at with pure reason, simply because all of the worlds culture is all of our human heritage as one as we move forward and all of it can be known understood and respected and used to dispell ignorance and move forward with grace as a species towards better.

Not saying we dont do this intuitively as a collective whole already... its just when those systems of survival get turned into the very system of destruction they were designed to survive against turn into the very thing to survive against who wins? No one we all lose.

Of course the great divide is now all of those arguing and dividing and making reasons as propaganda and war to continue into that downward spiral. The money spent on this new war on terror world wide could have already solved world hunger and homelessness.

Ignorance and thinking it is anything different by those in the know is pure delusion or sociopathology that doesnt really care about any life but their own.

The world and its peoples is a beautiful wonderful awe inspiring thing and all of it has value some of the crap we cling to or create to survive building oneself as a capital or island unto oneself is the same as the break up of the continents... it will eventually become war on the individual which if we look at the US? Its already there... comment after comment attacking eachother by tiny little fragmented boxes that do not show a full view of someone and never could.

The disease that causes this dis ease of everyone is painfully aparent or a parent that wishes to protect only ideals because thats what theyve known and keep passing along not only in solo but in entire groups polarizing and pointing fingers as the world enmass keep trying to evolve for better.

But eh such is life...

Even the ugly has its beauty within proper perspective, that perspective can be found in a wonderful concept called wabi sabi, and with each slice of that legendary blade against dispelling ignorance for knowledge and understanding? Another demon falls.

posted on Jun, 5 2016 @ 08:42 AM
a reply to: BigBrotherDarkness

We're getting somewhat off topic here within Kibric's thread BigBrotherDarkness. We should stay within the topic.

posted on Jun, 5 2016 @ 09:25 AM
a reply to: Whatsthisthen

Not really as science is right on the edge in ability to forge immortality... but in order to do so? It requires the ancient knowledge of doing so to help lay that foundation on solid ground.

The Pyramids were the only structure that allowed such a house when one was built on sand... no need to fill an hour glass with those ancients in te desert only to become lost in time and darkness yet again.

Rinse repeat is a shower, rinse once is a baptism into humanity... each a cog spinning its accumilated karma as one entire string of life that once one becomes attuned too? Strikes a chord with all the rest in sheer harmony.

Tuning ones instrument is simply stretching out that long mass of grey matter out from ones nose and allowing the universe to humm the vibration to the tune of all being.

Once the plectorum strikes your note in the universe it cant be unstruck...

Then its simply a matter of waiting...

From forming the instruments to finally sitting in appreciation as the next generations dance around middle C instead of being lost in a sea without purpose or reason.

We all orchestraite things in our own special way... as we carve out out own instruments etching out an inner voice to all which we resonate. Then sit and trying and learn that tune we hummed, only to find the instrument has its own voice you must attune too before becomeing one where it will also sing your tune. Of course strumming me me me is a meme of ego attachment or a one person band... such family will applaud until they dont like the lyrics, but theres some appreciation to be found, even if its at the effort to start carving until one has grown enough to cease playing and turn to appreciation and encouragment for all those trying no matter the progress... this always takes place as the first seat from ones 1st person point of view.

Getting swept up in the notes others have struck and we have struck, often ignores the purity the next generations are trying to sing. Smashing their instrument in various ways is not an appreciation of the unstruck note of immortality and wisdom that flows on its own chord if we are studious enough to quiet down and just listen.

Perhaps this strikes a note or is simply dischord to your noodle... perhaps not, but leaving the possibility open... allows for a future of your own choosing.

Ding... the triangle is actually a very complicated instument as every spot struck is a different note.

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