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Media and Political Cover-Up of "Knockout Game" Rampage Across the U. S.

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posted on Nov, 21 2013 @ 11:33 PM

reply to post by bigman88

Until the "victim" quits getting played, which it sounds like your doing, nothing is going to change. I hope you don't say this when you speak to young black youth.
As a "white guy" in his 40's I've had plenty happen to me that would cause one to have prejudice towards black Americans, but I try my best to follow the rule "judge not by the colors of ones skin but the content of their character".
What you just wrote would give a young impressionable mind that "whitey" was out to get them. Im doing my part, telling them to give everyone respect until they prove differently. Are you? Or do you tell them that the whole system is against them and wants them to fail? Because where im at, that's not the situation at all.
To say they could stop this if they really wanted to is ridiculous. Racial profiling riots would run rampant beause of the fist pounding of Jackson and Sharpton. Thats where we need to come together and have guys like Dr Ben Carson speak, instead of the two biggest racist in the country beating their drums. If you think those two want peace your crazy. They would be out of jobs.

The i highly doubt you have fully comprehended all angles i have intended to demonstrate in my post, Texas.

Besides my mentioning of white society back in the days of segregation, where in my post do i revert to whitey out to get us? Although ruling government is 98% white, i have not and will not just relinquish it to general whitey. That mindset is primarily a product of unchecked emotions, and secondarily a lack of education.

In all i said in my post, is that all you see me as trying to be? The victim? There is a difference between emotional embellishment, and just plain facts.

The first thing i will tell a young black youth is the usual: no drugs, stay in school, listen to your parents, pull your pants up, stop saying nigga, work hard, don't try to fit in with the cool kids, yout don't need those expensive kicks, behave yourself... all that. Then the second thing i will tell a black youth is about our true history that they will make sure to not put in a textbook. The kingdoms, the inventions, the culture, all while Europe was still populated by various tattooed tribes.

Then, i will explain to them the crap this country's government has successfully pulled, and how it has gotten us here. I will tell them they must work hard, and rise above it, be smarter than them, make them look stupid and petty, and evil even though they are already stupid, petty and evil. Show them they aint sh*t, and they can't hold us where they want. They will not get the impression that ALL whites are out to get them, because that will be nowhere in what i tell them. They will be smart enough to know that that random white dude standing over their has nothing to do with trying to screw us over.

The system wants us ALL too fail. Sorry if that sounds a bit doomy. But as i said, they have paid special attention to non-whites, especially blacks.

Al Sharpton? Jesse Jackson? They are puppets. They are part of the system that holds us back. They are the governments subterfuge and infiltration. They care nothing for black welfare at all. They will scream racism at the most retarded subjects or when there is no proof of it, and remain quiet when something truly racist occurs. They profit from racism. It is unfortunate that many blacks do not see this. But many do, gladly.

The fact that i have been aligned with Sharpton and Jackson, playing the victim, and instructing young black youth's on evil whitey when you have no prior information to make these assumptions means that you have a set auto-response to this subject matter. Or hey, maybe i might be jumping to conclusions here

posted on Nov, 21 2013 @ 11:43 PM
These kids should be forced to idolize Sidney Portier instead of Jay-Z or whatever crap...

posted on Nov, 22 2013 @ 12:34 AM
I got a personal story to share with you all. My mom and I were targeted by 3 teens at a wallmart as we were leaving.
My mom and I were on vacation in Texas and went to buy some stuff. As we were leaving there were 3 teens about 18 years old I would guesstamate, standing by the entrance. They all looked at us and started whispering to each other while looking at us. As soon as my mom and I stepped out the door they started to follow us. My mom whispered to me, "We're being followed". So I said out loud so the people behind us could hear, "Yeah I know we're being followed". I then pulled out my knife and flashed it real quick without even looked at them, just kept walking. They stopped, and I swear I heard one of them say "Oh sh**!"

LOL So lesson learned, always be aware about your surroundings, you never know what's gonna happen. And always carry some thing to defend your self with. Stay safe people. =)

posted on Nov, 22 2013 @ 02:35 AM
There could only be one solution to this mess! CREATE more >>>>>J-O-B-S!!!

Gerald Celente said it best! "When people lose everything and have nothing else to lose. They lose it!"

We need a true leader, an independent with conviction to clean house and restore order on this wonderful nation.

p.s. At one point youth respected elders!

posted on Nov, 22 2013 @ 03:08 AM
Maybe as a Non American I can offer an outside the box view...

From what I can see there IS an issue with Black youth in America, web sites like World Star Hip Hop and others delight in posting members video's of predominantly black youth both male and female engaging in both violent and criminal activities, sometimes to the point where the video is truly sickening.

Also on places like Liveleak there's also numerous video's posted of similar behaviour.

Although I cannot gauge just how rampant this situation is I believe its now at quite serious levels and race is being used by the Obama system as a virtual baseball bat to attack others, just look at the disgusting promotion of Oprah this week, she blatantly used the race card and then surprise surprise Obama gives her an award.


Oprah herself has been caught using the race card previously on an innocent person.

From where I sit in the UK it truly looks like the US is on its way back to the Rodney King riots but in a reverse situation, Black youth or Urban youth which is their new PC nick name are more and more involved in racial attacks and all out crime.

I recently watched a video from outside Brixton Underground station in London, Brixton is an area that is historically mostly West Indian / African. In the fight was a black guy and a white man, the white guy was a racist but the fight was unlike anything you saw in the states, the black guy literally bundled the guy to the ground towards the end and held him there until the Police arrived, the crowd of whom were mostly black were calling for the fight to break up and trying to separate the two men but in the end helped the man hold the other one down.

A similar fight type seen 100s of times in America would have a mostly black crowd egging on the violence and screaming abuse, some or many actually joining in to perform unwarranted attacks, people with babies in there arms getting involved.

The difference is stunning, here in the UK we have mixed much better over the years with black folk, there's a closeness that America does not have, I used to work in Brixton, never had the slightest bit of racism towards me as a white person, every one was just getting on with their business, there was no divide unlike the states where I see a massive divide and creeping racism on both sides but a more alarming rise in the violence from black youth.

Here in the UK the issue that worries most is the steady rise in Radical Islam, no longer classed as 'just a few nutters' and a real and increasing fear but as race goes we all mostly get on, there are tensions between Asians and whites in the North of the country but again its not so much race but religion that is causing the problem.

I seriously hope you can control this alarming rise in violence and especially black on white violence by black youth, its not covered much by your controlled media but its there and getting more difficult for the press to side step.

People like me hope it can be solved because as part of a mixed marriage its US that will be targets from both sides...

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posted on Nov, 22 2013 @ 03:57 AM
reply to post by jdub297

That is indeed at the heart of it,the very root:parental guidance,lack of parental guidance and also the Type of parental guidance.

To break it down,in my case,a personal experience,using races of all involved,because it is necessary.

My son was assaulted in Kindergarten at the normal government school.My kid is white,the kid who puched him in the neck with a brick was black.Dangerous injury too,right on the jugular area,he had a huge ugly inflamed-looking scratchmark all down his neck,looked like a bloody werewolf had swiped him one.Had the kid been stronger,or the brick had a sharper edge,my kid could have had a life-threatening injury.

My oldest daughter fetched him from school that day-and I was infuriated and shocked,that the teacher,a white woman btw,did not even have the decency+concern for my child to phone me.My daughter said that all the teacher said to her was:"Its a shame,they bring this attitude from home,you know,a difficult situation"

As any white person in my country knows,that is code for:They get taught at home that white people are bad people,period""

Well after calming down,I phoned this teacher,and let her know in no uncertain terms what I thought of the way she non-handled this situation,and went to the principal of the school the next day,and also gave him some insight into my feelings about the matter,and yanked my child out of that jumped-up excuse for a school.I stressed to him that this was because they basically could not care less about dealing with such a serious matter,in fact,ignored it till I phoned my son's teacher about it-and it was not the first time either.Also that they were obviously not going to assume their responsibilities till they were stuck with the corpse of one of their students on the playground.I left him with plenty of food for thought,let's just leave it at that.

I had reason once before to contact my son's kindergarten teacher,there was a white kid,from very adverse circumstances re homelife,who was also bullying kids,swearing at kids in terms I'm aghast a 5-6yo even knows,beating up on kids,including my own.After I contacted her re this,I assumed the matter would be attended to.When my son told me nothing was done+he and other kids were Still being bullied+pushed around,puched+sworn at by this kid,I wrote her a note telling her that this matter Will Now be attended to, by her+school staff,or else my hubby and I will be coming to the school to sort it out ourselves shortly+bringing some one from the local newspaper with us-only Then was the matter addressed and the violent child started getting help from the school authorities.Even though they were Well aware before the time that the child obviously needed help!

So yes,this school has a history of trying to avoid dealing with serious issues,and I could not see that changing in the foreseeable future.
I them put my son in another school in the area,where All the kids,black and white,are kids that come from houses with decent parents who spend a lot of time with their children,instills decent values,and behavior,and are not guided by racial hatred and prejudice.More expensive than the state school,in fact it downright hurts our pockets,but it is what it is-the alternative is downright untenable.

When I compare the two schools,it does indeed again become very obvious that good parenting,or lack there-of,is what is at the heart of children and young people growing up well-adjusted,decent,productive members of society,or thugs.And good parenting includes not raising one's children with a racist worldview,instilling the qualities of kindness and decency to All people,not just one's own race or culture,in this global meltingpot of races,religions,cultures.Good parenting does not end at providing a roof over their heads,some clothing and food-it is equally important to teach respect for others,All others,and teaching them what is detrimental too,not just to them,but to society in general.And the finer points of getting along with other people,some tips on dealing with people in a diplomatic way,which is absolutely essential,imo.They ARE our future,so we have a most grave responsibility.

Where that responsibility is neglected,the results are always detrimental to the child,and to society as a whole.You cannot plant rotten seed+expect a good+wholesome harvest.
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posted on Nov, 22 2013 @ 03:57 AM
reply to post by seeker1963

Regardless of the color of our skin, the bottom line is that we are all human beings.

Go tell those black "thugs" that and see if they agree with you.

posted on Nov, 22 2013 @ 04:17 AM
Delete post.
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posted on Nov, 22 2013 @ 04:19 AM
reply to post by tinner07

I agree the MSM are desperately trying to avoid another repeat of the 80s, 90s riots that occurred as a race war.

posted on Nov, 22 2013 @ 06:47 AM

reply to post by Spookybelle

I'm curious how the OP found out about it if it's being covered up?

Seems a bit odd.

How can you link to something that isn't being reported?

Imagine if it was the other way around, and young white men were targeting black people specifically for suckerpunches or even worse beatings than that.

Do you think there would be more than one or two stories about it from MSM sources then?

The news is all over the net.

The federal government’s own crime statistics reveal that 90 percent of all violent interracial crimes are committed by blacks on Whites, not the reverse. Given that blacks only constitute about 13 percent of the population, a black person is 50 times more likely than a White person to commit a violent interracial crime.

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posted on Nov, 22 2013 @ 06:50 AM
this needs to stop, as the result is just a reverse and i have friends of both colors who could potentially be hurt as a result. this just needs to stop, right now. at this moment, there's a beautiful young black girl over at my house, visiting my daughter as they are best friends. she calls me mom. if anything happened to her i would freak the heck out. if anything happened to my daughter i would freak the heck out.

these people need to stop this as there is no good end to it.

posted on Nov, 22 2013 @ 06:54 AM
These cases from the source above extremely disturbing.

Philadelphia, PA - 16 year-old White youth Eddie Polec was beaten to death on the front steps of his own church by a roving mob of blacks who had chased and assaulted him and other White kids. This crime drew worldwide headlines due to the fact that dozens of frantic calls for help to (black) 911 operators went unanswered. Eddie bled to death in his girlfriend's arms. This was not investigated as a hate crime.

Cincinnati, OH - Bricks were thrown by black rioters through car windows at the heads of any White drivers unfortunate enough to be in the area. A White woman was dragged from her car and brutally beaten by a black mob. An albino African American woman suffered a similar fate until a voice called out, "she is black." At which point the beating stopped. This was not investigated as a hate crime.

I have dear friends of all races, religions and politics. To ignore these crimes for what they are is wrong.
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posted on Nov, 22 2013 @ 07:04 AM
young blacks and young whites need to band together and denounce this with firmness, so it becomes a social media event of high magnitude, and they need to get it thru the heads of the people doing this, that they do not accept the world these people are trying to create for their future. if you have a loved one of either race, who is young, you need to encourage them to get the word out so that the reality of how many people have loved ones of differing races, finally sinks in. when you hurt a white person, you may be hurting a black person and when you hurt a black person, you may be hurting a white person. these people have friends and loved ones, best friends, buddies, who don't want that kinda crap to be the norm for their future.

stop it now, has to be stopped.

did i mention this has to be stopped?

posted on Nov, 22 2013 @ 07:08 AM
reply to post by undo

I agree completely

More from the above source

Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, SD- A White man is dragged to his death by Indians. Federal officials hesitate to call it a "hate crime". This was not investigated as a hate crime.

And from a google search, "white youths beat black man" I found this site (video)

On a recent Sunday morning just before dawn, two carloads of white teenagers drove to Jackson, Mississippi, on what the county district attorney says was a mission of hate: to find and hurt a black person.

In a parking lot on the western side of town they found their victim.

James Craig Anderson, a 49-year-old auto plant worker, was standing in a parking lot, near his car. The teens allegedly beat Anderson repeatedly, yelled racial epithets, including "White Power!" according to witnesses.

It IS investigated as a hate crime.

It isn't just the youth that need to be educated, the world needs to be educated!
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posted on Nov, 22 2013 @ 07:56 AM
this guy has a bit of a speech impediment but makes many very good points. watch all of it.

posted on Nov, 22 2013 @ 08:01 AM
This whole situation is the fault of its victims. White people, which IAm one of, and proudly so. not that any of us choose what we are born to be. This whole mess was started by American fore fathers. Evil men who couldn't or wouldnt get legitimate employees and workers to accomplish goals. they sought out a people to enslave. free labor. The natives, which huge props to the native Americans for fighting for themselves. they fought to the death instead of submitting. Didn't work out well for them but at least they had honor they weren't having any of this so they ended up using black people.The problem only grew when after they were needed. the en slavers once again not wanting to part with their riches earned off of the backs of others, would not pay to send them back to Africa the other option would have been to be the stand up people that history says they were and fully educate and incorporate them into our society. .
And now we have this problem which is not going to be solved by government. white people will once again be the cowards they truly are and not take the action they know they should. because they are too scared of government or afraid of the fear of god that has been instilled in them by religion. so whitey once again will cower and do nothing about its out of control black population. I have to say I am a chl holder and is this were done to me and I get back up there will be dead black people. Take responsibility whitey or just continue to be the cowards you are. hell you're even crippled by being called racist.

posted on Nov, 22 2013 @ 08:15 AM
reply to post by AGENTJa

dude it took us years to get white racism under control. you do not want to let that out of pandora's box again. are you an american? if not, refrain from telling us what to do. when riots and civil wars start, everybody gets hurt, even people in foreign countries, visitors from foreign countries, and so on. what this type of racist behavior is doing is creating a future of hate for children of all colors.

if you encourage white racist response, oh man. you just don't know what you're asking for.

posted on Nov, 22 2013 @ 08:17 AM

reply to post by jdub297

That is indeed at the heart of it,the very root:parental guidance,lack of parental guidance and also the Type of parental guidance.

You cannot plant rotten seed+expect a good+wholesome harvest.
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Not ignoring your personal account, but wanted to focus on your last words here, along with your first lines.

Parenting is a large factor, but people do not realize that kids will go the way they want despite the family's most valiant effort, especially in toxic environments, and negative popular culture. Unfortunately, these are factors that dominate the very vicinity that youth stand in. Think about it. How much time will children in city's spend away from the home? Most of it. Parents in this country typically work LONG hours, while the kids are at school, and then get out of there with more free time while their parents continue to work. How strong can the family's value's which are implemented and reinforced in limited bursts of time on weeknights and some weekends, be compared to children being outside with all the negative media and advertising, pull of money through crime, sex, violence, pack mentality, nice clothe, cars, drugs, all that bad stuff? Even worse, is the home even safe for moral and family values in american households, when all of these negative vices come blaring into a kids face, right through the TV, radio, and computer? ESPECIALLY when the parents themselves have been surrounded by it growing up, to a point where they themselves are not able to recognize the negative influence it has on the children, and how much more through and VARIED in it's teachings it is; utilizing the science of advertising, group psychology and social engineering, than parental guidance and moral foundations?

Are you saying that bad parenting is the rotten seed? Because there was a time not so long ago that parents were the good seed, and produced wonderful harvests in the most harshest, concrete of soil.

So where did all the bad seed come from? Why have so many parents dropped the ball? Where did the hill slope downwards?

Or did those parents just up and turn bad?

posted on Nov, 22 2013 @ 08:19 AM
reply to post by AGENTJa

That's the farthest your mind goes?

posted on Nov, 22 2013 @ 09:00 AM
This is no game! it is downright criminal assault , attempted murder , whoever engages in this cowardly and deadly sport if you can call it that, deserves whatever happens to them , whether it is jail if caught or possibly a potential victim or bystander does the right thing , intervenes with either lethal force or actually gives them a taste of their own medicine by knocking them out!

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