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Vatican ban on Medjugorje public appearances in USA raises brows

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posted on Nov, 7 2013 @ 10:27 AM
reply to post by BO XIAN

Bo, I guess you bring more info too. Just check your list of ET.There are some so long that you may find a good one too. You will need him if everything turns bad here!

The best and most logical thing the pope could do is to fire tonight the chairman of CDF, forgot his name. Benedict could fire a dozen pf people but he preferred to fire himself. That slowed down the process with 10 months or more, he had taken his decision already by Christmas 2012 the doomsday. And he started talking of Christmas that the star wasnt a star, May be UFO?
Nothing prevents Francis to just start from where Benedict left. I.e. to start the cleansing of Vatican tonight. Not tomorrow. To bring up new and younger people he knows from Argentine and elsewhere. There are good people and smart people.

If he doesn't do that I am afraid the whole structure will collapse. If he does that, there is still a struggle ahead. Remember there is still a world to save from cataclysm! And we talk of letters dated back. I'd like if Our Lady permitted the kids to say the secrets. Anguera has a lot more. said.

Bo, you are wrong on Mary, we do not worship her. Neither the catholics nor the Orthodox. She is a Mother.

posted on Nov, 7 2013 @ 10:33 AM
reply to post by 2012newstart

The prophecies speak of another probability. St Pius X speaks of a pope who is taken out of Rome, kicked and finally killed.

If pope Francis doesn't act fast, there might be scenario as Dan Brown. Including by close "allies" inside the walls. I thought it would be Benedict the one to suffer. He was not. Let not be Francis either, let the prophecy waits for centuries! Nothing is inside stone. But you see, if he reads these warnings, if he reads St Pius X, if he reads the real Fatima, and he sits down and says, oh I am not worthy, oh I better become martyr, then it is he who chooses. I hope he is not that kind of man for the sake of his flock! Many things have to be done, and the bringing of good ET is just the beginning.

As I said they may prefer to land in Alexandria and pick up the patriarch there along with 30 mln Egyptians and to continue the Church of Jesus thru Peter and Mark on any other planet, while we are dying in flames. I mean thse in Rome.

posted on Nov, 7 2013 @ 10:33 AM

Hmmmm. Have none of the predictions come true . . . or come to their moment in time?

The predictions haven't been made yet. The children know them but aren't allowed to reveal them until a few days (I think it's 9 days, I'm not sure) ahead of the event. So we can't say if they are true or not. We simply don't know what they are and will not until a week or so before the predictions are made public.

In terms of PETROS ROMANUS . . . evidently you didn't check out their tons of references very much at all.

I read it and reread it. I reject the book. Tossed it in the trash and lamented that I spent money on it. I thought it was hoaky and just fodder for people who already hate the Catholic faith. They got a few things wrong as well ... mostly with what they think the Catholic Church believes. It was just plain wrong.

The bulk of the RCC has ENCOURAGED the adoration/veneration/worship of Mary for centuries

Dead wrong. Thats the kind of Jack Chick stuff that is often pushed around by those who
hate the Catholic faith. But it's just dead wrong. Sorry.

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posted on Nov, 7 2013 @ 10:47 AM
reply to post by 2012newstart

What I dont get is why the US bishops and cardinals can be so defiant on other issues when it comes to mandates from Rome, but fall in line on this issue....

Wouldnt it make more sense to defy Rome on this....IF ANYTHING?

SO they rebel against conservative and traditional reforms meant to bring us back to a 2 thousand year standard, but accept a bad ruling against something that is both positive and strengthening for the matter anyones stance on church politics....???!!
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posted on Nov, 7 2013 @ 10:49 AM
The scenario of an invasion army spoken in Anguera is easily achieved because ther eis an army of immigrants from Lybia and elsewhere and nobody knows who is a terrorist and who is a normal refugee. Rome is not defended at all compared to other big cities. The Dolce Vita was too long played. The papal state underestimates the dangers, or better say there might be traitors inside as Anguera speaks of. I posted these messages in this forum. If the pope coming from Argentine is to underestimate all that he will be easily a victim to powers he doesn't know. Lybia is just beyond the sea and once there he might be hidden anywhere on the large African continent. The limbo of his absence will be taken by fakers who would pretend either they rule "instead of" or will pretend he is dead. In fact that scenario was expected to happen with Benedict, but he withdrew himself earlier. SO my best advice - get rid of any dark persons not as John Paul 1 who was late one night only to fire someone who probably killed him in that same night with overdose medicine. Check wikipedia for more. But as the brave John Paul 2 who made history.

posted on Nov, 7 2013 @ 10:50 AM
reply to post by tadaman

You've got a REALLY good point. Medjugorje has been good for the church. They come down and be legalistic with Medjugorje but then let everything else slide. Why? Good conspiracy angle ....

posted on Nov, 7 2013 @ 11:21 AM
the First secret according to the seers' first years interviews, will break the power of Satan over the whole world. It will be a disaster of smaller proportions on a certain place in the world. Smaller compared to the later secrets otherwise big enough. For the 3rd secret the Great Sign and the only Good event, the seers already speak "whoever is alive at that time..."

However in the course of the years and gathering additional info from secular sources, I somehow reach some conclusion that MAY BE the 1-9 secrets are cancelled. It is possible as it is said for the 7th, and advised prayers. Only the 10th cannot be cancelled. Of course it is the same as the Chastisement prophesied by many others. 9th would be nuclear war that could be lessened or even cancelled. But how would shrink 1-9 (or as many as they are) is known only to God. As the Garabandal miracle and warning that never happen. This is a suggestion and please do not interfere it with the interviews of the seers. You can suggest everything based on your own research. But there are steady voices that somehow the pre-chastisement events have been passed by symbolically, spiritually, or cancelled.

I don't want to enter into endless interviews with seers. They have changed a little of their projected timeline in these years. One is sure we are still in pre-chastisement period and NOTHING coming from ANY apparition suggests that Chastisement has been cancelled. It is pending. You may take Akita as a proven apparition that has stil pending "fire from heaven/sky" and I would add "space". Because the word used is one and the same in the ancient books.

If we take 2 Esdras 15 it is the fall of Babylon by enigmatic Death Star called "their own star" of one of the two: dragons of Arabia or Assyrians. You may just read it first.
Don't call it apocrypha, it is both in Latin Vulgate and in the original King James version. Apocrypha should be called the modern translations.

posted on Nov, 7 2013 @ 11:31 AM
reply to post by tadaman

I really have no idea why. You have that observation.
I guess the US bishops leaked the document ASAP to the pop media such as Spiritdaily so thebelievers in Medjugorje could DEFEND it. Hope they are not hiding now under rosaries and candles, but speak out in defence of what they believe so hard! Then the bishops will have the bottom line to stand up for. Bishops without people are generals without army so to speak. I bet the US bishops are greatly angry at Rome's orders and they will take their answer later. As it happened with the US nuns. Because everyone normally reasoning understands it is not only Medjugorje, it is everything we believe. Today Medjugorje, tomorrow some new dogma, after tomorrow you guess what. It is unacceptable the authoritarian regime of communism to enter the church. Just to avoid the time of inquisition, communism is more recent. Still there you had a Politburo composed of a dozen of elderly men who took collective decisions. One-man decision is unacceptable today, not even in the catholic church! If it is the pope it is very bad I hope it is not he. Let no one be offended, but the style goes that direction, and the comparison is in favor of Politburo of KPSS. Their decisions were much more modern and up to date in mid 20 c. in their own fields of course. They didn't decide to consecrate or not, they decided to build or not. And they built quite a lot. What we have here is decisions leading towards the destruction, decisions that go back not 50 years ago but 500 years ago. Prove me wrong! Just don't quote authority, quote sane reason, quote Gospel about the people's kings and the disciples of Jesus that they should not be like them. They are, even worse.

posted on Nov, 7 2013 @ 11:34 AM
reply to post by 2012newstart

Have some more minutes here . . .

I've long been convinced that the globalist oligarchy



1. destroy the RCC


2. infect and subvert it to their ends.

2. is MUCH MORE their style, strategy, custom, habit.

And, I think Horn and Putnam have documented exhaustively that exactly that has happened. Perhaps it's not as thorough a take-over as some say. It's certainly more thorough than many suspect.

And, it's been centuries in the . . . building.

= = =

Re the related sidebar--and I do believe it is VERY related to the OP--because this ilk of behavior and attitude is exactly what the enemy will manipulate toward compliance with the global one world religion.

Is it not possible that the seer's predictions revealed just before their fulfillment could end up like a domino effect shoving millions down the chute to deceived compliance with the satan-worshiping one world religion in frog-in-the-bucket increments?

As a psychologist, I'm used to assessing obsessions . . . co-dependencies etc. I think worship behaviors, attitudes, spirits, mentalities, practices fall within those larger umbrellas.

RC's have no trouble watching Buddhists in Thailand etc. behave in ritualistic ways in front of their idols and labeling such behaviors, accurately, "idol worship." Yet, they seem to have a mind-block or willful blindness regarding their own identical behaviors, attitudes, mentalities.

Sadly, Pentecostals have their own idols--just not so overtly and easily categorized. No group I know of is free from the plague of idol worship. Some idols are just more easily labeled as such.

I just know that idol worship and rebellion are two BIG "no-no's" from The Father's perspective . . . and, actually, from Mary's Heavenly perspective as well. A number of Heavenly visitors have reported her grief over observing such toward her.

Word games and rationalizations won't cut it when we stand before HIM.

I don't believe, personally, that any purported "good ET"/fallen angel will be doing redemptive work in behalf of the saints remaining on earth.

I believe God's unfallen angels WILL be doing great things in behalf of believers of every Christian label and others who genuinely seek God's face. I believe that those who walk routinely as close to God as they know how to--will not have much trouble telling the difference between the deceiving "angels of light" and the authentic angelic warriors on God's side.

I do think that those who are used to LOOKING ANYWHERE ELSE other than the face of The Lord Jesus . . . WILL . . . be at serious risk of believing the "angels of light" are angels of God's light when, in fact, they will be servants of the Grand Deceiver.

Anyway. I much appreciate your tone and spirit in our discussion. God's best to you and those you love.

posted on Nov, 7 2013 @ 11:40 AM
reply to post by FlyersFan

this link has a summery about the secrets

3 of the seers have received all 10 secrets and do not have daily visitations anymore...2 of the seers have 9 of 10 secrets.

days before the end • The third secret will be a lasting sign on Apparition Mountain that will be permanent, indestructible, and beautiful and will appear spontaneously.

all started in 1981

link to video of conchita and the communion wafer appearing on her tongue

edit running backwards was from garabandol not medjugorie

here is a link to scientific studies done on them, I summerized most of it only copied 1 small part about the visual stimulation

some did not blink at all some blinked half as fast, no harm to the eyes or drying out.
eeg showed pronounced state of alpha relaxation that requires much practice,ruled out epilepsy, hallucinations,not asleep,not dreaming.
no reaction to painful stimulation
hearing normal, but an input of 90 decibels (equal to an explosion) caused no reaction

To test visual stimulation further, a 1000 watt light bulb was placed in front of the eyes of the alleged visionaries during the apparition. Not only is a 1000 watt light bulb usually painful to the eye but also it would normally cause increased blinking and influence alpha rhythm. There was no blinking movement of the eyelids to the 1000 watt stimulus. There was an interesting pupillary response. The pupil contracted as one would expect in bright light but there was no change in alpha rhythm to the 1000 watt light. This is scientifically inexplicable and never seen before. FOR THE PUPIL TO RESPOND, THE BRAIN MUST REGISTER THE LIGHT BUT NO BRAIN WAVE CHANGE TOOK PLACE. Additionally, such intense stimulation normally causes a significant cortical response, but none occurred during the apparition period.

when they talk to the vision nobody can hear them, but they are talking , their larynix shuts, which is not possible.

edit, the 2 mentions below about padre pio and the blind man came from garabandal ,not medjugorie so I removed them

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posted on Nov, 7 2013 @ 11:48 AM
The bishops should stop flattering the pope for the sole purpose of getting into archbishop and cardinal positions. The bishop is the sacrament, not the cardinal. It is nowhere found in the Gospel, as many other things are not. The bishops should stand up for what they were anointed.

Good if the bishop of Rome is with them. Let he rid of evildoers that city-state once and for all!

The last heavy attack on Medjugorje that I still am in process to realize it occured, is the last stone to be turned by those evil doers.

They changed Fatima, those same people or their predecessors.

They re-wrote the Gospel in modern versions. Where is the word "world" or "universe" in new catholic translations exchanged with convenient "earth". Where is "because of adultery" exchanged to "because of unlawful marriage".

It is not only Fatima and Medjugorje, it is the Word of God that has been changed and banned. By particular persons and their spiritual descendants. Get rid of them, or better start the church from scratch. And if we don't do it, the good ET will do it with the elect ones who will continue the way over there.

It is too easy to sacrifice Rome, as those people are posed to do for their own ends. It is too difficult to continue the Christianity in authentic way. Who will do it, the bishop of Rome or someone else. I don't have the answer. Seems it is predestined.

But don't forget that Daniel's "pause or parenthesis" lasted some 2000 years, more than his entire fulfilled prophecy of 69 weeks! So don't be so fast to see everything fulfilled. There coul dbe more pauses in prophecy.
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posted on Nov, 7 2013 @ 11:53 AM
reply to post by 2012newstart

I don't know much about Medjugorie (did I spell that right?), but I have seen it on billboards in Ohio along the highway.

I don't know about relics either, it seems that a lot of those can be hoaxes as well, I mean, how does one know the true piece of the cross actually really was from the cross?

But a lot of people have faith that they are. And people buy pendants of saints to wear or tiny statues for their cars. I never understood that either. But, I'm not Catholic so I will leave Catholics to their faith. I am just saying that I don't understand why.

If you came to my house, you would be surprised at my lack of decoration and the only quasi-religious item is a plastic music box of a fiddler on the roof that plays Sunrise, Sunset. The only picture I have is a reproduction of a matador. But the Pieta is my favorite artwork. That tells a whole story. I can see in that, Mary's love for her son.

But does it surprise you that as a non-Catholic, I still think Mary is not as honored as she should be? Protestants have missed out on knowing her.

posted on Nov, 7 2013 @ 12:00 PM

link to video of conchita and the communion wafer appearing on her tongue
many things happened, when they got the internal signal to go to mary they would run backwards up the hilly terrain really fast, not something that could normally be done.
on the other side, they told Padre Pio that he would see "THE SIGN" of the end but he died about 5 years later, but he claimed he did see it in a vision.

That's all garabandal .. not medjugorje.
I am of the opinion Garbandal is DEMONIC.
That running backwards and grotesque poses .... YIKES!
And the girls themselves admitted they hoaxed the 'apparition'.
Conchita admitted she stole the eucharist to fake the miracle.

a well known man was told he would soon receive his sight back, he spent 30 years and still no sight, I am not sure if he is still alive at this point.

Joey Lomangino was told by the girls of Garbandal that he'd get 'new eyes' and eyesight. He's now in his 80s and has dementia. He hasn't gotten 'new eyes' or eyesight and has wasted his life waiting on a miracle that never came. Even if he were to get it now he's an old man in a nursing home suffering from dementia. That would make God a very cruel God.

At any rate ... Garbandal is an admitted hoax.
Medjugorje is a differen't 'apparition' site.

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posted on Nov, 7 2013 @ 12:02 PM
reply to post by FlyersFan

you are right, I really appreciate your post so I am not spreading wrong info! I got my stuff mixed up, will fix my post, Just corrected it, took out the running backwards as well, everything else is correct and about medjugorie.

thanks , research100

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posted on Nov, 7 2013 @ 12:16 PM
reply to post by research100

No problem. It's all good.

There are a bunch of them out there so they can get confusing at times.

posted on Nov, 7 2013 @ 12:24 PM
Please allow me that comparison on the day of the October revolution anniversary.

The Politburo of secretary general Gorbachev was much better and wiser than today's leading catholic church body, whatever the name. I don't know their names but everyone can see what this and that team did. Those people on the video decided to stop the cold war and not to annihilate the West including Rome, at the time they were put to corner by dirty economic war called Reaganomics. Today's churchmen do not withstand the comparison. They are much worse and do not care for the flock the way the soviets did. They care only for themselves. No they don't have to build factories and create jobs. Whatever they have to do, they don't. Today they attacked Medjugorje in a massive attack on the entire US territory, not one parish or diocese. They attacked the continuation of Fatima, according to the words of the saint John Paul 2. It is worse than a physical war. Let they bear the consequences! History will never forget.

posted on Nov, 7 2013 @ 12:50 PM
the psychotronic war started today. It started today by the Vatican that fired heavily unknown yet weapons on the entire territory of the United States of America. It has for a purpose both the physical ban of Medjugorje meetings, and the spiritual blindness of those who might have believed it. As well as to cease the financial help of the seers since Americans are the most generous and capable in that. This is attack against the woman in the desert Mary, but also attack on America in spiritual sense. A full attack on the woman in the desert will come only after the rapture of the manchild that hasn't occurred yet not even on a mini scale. Only after the war in heaven-space the real dragon will be cast down and persecute the woman.

The other are speculations of people who have preset enemies and wants to screw the Revelation to fit their contemporary political agendas. As to demonize USSR at that time.

Isn't it true that Rome never fell in history? The Goth Odoaker didn't slaughter Rome he invaded Ravenna. Isn't it true Rome continued unaccounted for quite a long time to rule the Christendom? By inquisition and religius wars? Think about that you end time scholars. I did my work.

Medjugorje is under heavy attack but not yet the full scale when we will have to flee physically. It may happen tomorrow, our rapture.

If the pope is not involved in Medjugorje attack, let he make what is necessary and he knows it. Let the guilty ones be kicked out of the Vatican. The whole world knew of the affairs of those unscrupulous people who eat US faithful's money, mostly. Let they give an account instead of attacking the US holiest movement.

it might turn at one moment that the old enemies are now friends. We shal see where the ET will land first. I bet it is Moscow, and the Russian church will be the first church to spread Gospel beyond planet Earth. Exo Vaticana is a bad attempt to make Rome important once more, even by the evil. ROme fell spirituaally. It will soon fall physically unless a miracle happens. I don't see a such on October 17, 2013 the anniversary of the October revolution. I see no spiritual revival and reform as promised, but unimaginable attack directed by main channels of Vatican diplomacy. Let the guilty ones go and start it all over.
Do you sleep Medjugorjeans? Almost everything depends now on you. Speak in your churches, speak online, defend our Lady. It is your last chance to avoid further persecution, by fleeing together with the woman in the desert. That may be not on this planet at al, or under ground. Who cares.
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posted on Nov, 7 2013 @ 01:39 PM
reply to post by WarminIndy

you wlll find the catholics are much more diverse. Good luck. The next is the rapture.

posted on Nov, 7 2013 @ 01:47 PM
reply to post by BO XIAN

Bo it is very hard all that to be proven and systematic. Also we have quite different backgrounds and systems of estimation.
What is important now is to get rid of the worst, and in some case that means only running. I think we are still not in these days but they may come any day incluing Sundays and in Winter time. Great Trib? I don't know names anymore. What I see is unbelievable, for so many decades I never imagined it would ever happen. I always believed USSR is the big enemy and the Vatcian is the big helper. Now the things are changed 180 degrees. As I explain above. In such a situation one should be ready for the worst, and if better comes, good. In this case tis is a rapture like situation where we have to literally flee the incoming bigger forces. Now only spiritually. Soon physically. Of course we will be provided with wings as Revelation says. Can it be stopped still? I don't believe anything anymore. Let those responsible first prove they are not those end time images. What they did with Medjugorje today proves the vice versus. I don't think simple apology will be enough. Heads must be removed. Course must be changed. Otherwise, we have litera example of the WOman Mary hiding into the desert. Only one thing stops the dragon yet and that is the lack of birth of manchild. Once it will happen. May be as we speak. Stop speculating how it was Jesus. Revelation was written at 90-100 AD when Jesus ws long resurrected and not baby in the desert! This is again a delusion prepared for ROme for those end timesrs to be deluded as much as possible. Examine the text by yourselves it is several verses logically and chronologically connected one after another. You don't need Bachelor degree to do so.

Bo, you put a lot of things that hope someone smarter than me will research. Why not you yoursef? See here everyone is quite individual. I appreciate your participation too. God bles everyone.
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posted on Nov, 7 2013 @ 04:41 PM
reply to post by 2012newstart

Might I just point out here a minor correction...the USSR doesn't exist any more. It is now Russia and the former Soviet States.

People probably aren't aware of what those states were, so here they are. Russia, Armenia, Moldova, Georgia. Estonia, Lithuania, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzebekistan, Tajikistan,Kyrgystan, Latvia, Belarus and the Ukraine. They are all now independent.

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