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Vatican ban on Medjugorje public appearances in USA raises brows

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posted on Nov, 9 2013 @ 02:59 AM
I do not accept the preterist views of old fathers that all of that has already happened. john writes future events not past ones. As far as we accept John is authentic and not changed somehow.

The silence today on apparent extraterrestrial presence on Earth proved by hundreds of science speciaists, show those in charge prepare to present the rapture as "alien abduction and invasion". You may watch NG and other channels with similar films. In a sense they turn the upside down. When the evil ones come, only then they will be welcomed as space brothers.

Should the war in space be so short as let say 3 days or a week? Don't know. But it must be visible in order prophecy to fulfil. No one will believe if it is not visible for the people who then will live on earth. You may write tons of arguments that has already happened. I haven't seen it and I will not believe you (the preterists).

The possibility of a LONGER war that extends to years or decades (still we speak of unimaginable in number and power extraterrestrial forces), leaves the door open for yet another pause in prophecy similar to Daniel's 69th - 70th week. But that is just a suggestion. The Revelation doesn't put timing on the space war that happens between the rapture and the cast down of dragon to earth.

posted on Nov, 9 2013 @ 03:31 AM
That possible pause (parenthesis) in Reveation 12 due to unlimited in time space war that we know very little if anything about it rather than it is fought between armies of extraterrestrials serving God and those serving Satan,..

gives unimaginable opportunity for a pause and peace on planet Earth during the time after the first rapture. Does it mean the rest of mankind will repent after they are seen to be left behind? Does it match with the era of peace of Fatima that doe snot find corresponding period of time in the Bible, unless you assume it happens after the Second Coming? Does it mean today's servants of evil extraterrestrials such as draconians but not only, have the chance to SWITCH SIDES right now before or after the Rapture - First contact and "abduction" of righteous people? If so, and this is just a suggestion, the earth indeed has a chance to postpone the end times once more. Perhaps it depends on the human response. The persecution certainly is not that sought response by God. Fatima children proved it. The persecution can take many various forms and is not limited to the physical imprisonment of someone. The economic crisis the earth is suffering from right now, what if not a persecution on the weakest and poorest ones? The conversion of Russia may play role once more. But everything must be fast enough. Otherwise the last generation will die off. Not if it is raptured and prolonged life if hundreds if not thousands of years. That will fulfil the requirement of the last generation that saw Israel to see also the Second Coming. I do not speak of resurrection but of bodily improvement the way Elijah probably had in his taking into his chariot spaceship.

Why doesn't the catholic church talk about that? Does she want to see Jesus, probably thru her raptured sons in Revelation 12 first, and to celebrate the era of peace on earth in which logically the true church of Christ will triumph together with Mary, in a pause of prophecy? Or is she prepared for the arrival of draconians, Horus, Annunaki, and other malevolent entities on the planet? Are there people within that same oldest structure in the West who secretly have already established ties with the above mentioned races? Or may be with benevolent ones? Let she shows her real face now, before the judgment of history! It is she and no one else who speaks of herself. It is her most prominent figures who speak of themselves and who act this or that way. It is no one else to make it instead. Let we see what we have it. Benedict was a step away to say the things they are, in that Christmas saying the star was not a star. What then, a UFO ship that the wise men followed? The stars and comets do not lighten a path in the desert. The UFOs do if they want to. Benedict stopped sort of saying the things, because he was forced to exit. Let see what the new people will say differently. It is just too much of false expectation. The things could be said and done in 2000. The delay means there are some who do not want that happen, rather they want the scenario in which they are empowered by the above mentioned negative entities. I believe still they are not majority in Rome or among the catholic bishops. Frankly the Orthodox are nowhere near as science and research to take similar decisions. But they are near in grace. Thius the Russian patriarch made bold steps to call we are near the end times and at the same time to say if ET contact should occur it would be a public ET contact, int he means of it would be a positive event. Not in secret as the UFO that he accepts rather negative mostly because of the care of the flock not to believe them nstead Jesus. it is quite elaborated because those who believe UFO are real are in fact quite intelligent people who know the Bible and either have accepted Jesus or have their other type of religion, but are not that stupid to say UFOs are gods. In all I think the church leaders think of the people as sheeple, as those who cannot make conclusions and who have to be told the minimum if at all. This is wrong. Many people today online they have overpasses the official line of minimum knowledge and reason many times over. Even the line set by H-channel Ancient Aliens. In that sense I feel quite angry when someone makes us idiots. As for example someone who made the US bishops feel as sheeple who are told a bit what not to do. Going back to Medjugorje? I see nothing wrong in the last messages, and probably nobody does. Why a peaceful prayerful meeting to be stopped? it is not because the reasons given in that letter. It is because of other reasons untold. Why doesn't the Vatican start finally dealing with the real problems we face everyday? Why doesn't start helping those in need including financially? Curb the luxury? Fire people who have proven they have sinful lifestyle? Wasn't it all on t he agenda on 2013 conclave? Not to silent Medjugorje that will show by its own future messages if it is from God or otherwise. It was just forgotten by many when the crazy decree made it atthe focal point of Christian disputes, not even catholic alone. Was that the purpose? If so, there is only one honorable exit for the Vatican that will make the US bishops not feel like stupid schoolboys. The guilty man no matter how deep inside secrets is, must quit. If not done on time, if other things pike up tomorrow, for ex. ISON comet and US power shutdown next week, perhaps those secrets inside will lead to scenario not in favor of the oldest organization in the West. The Church - that are we all, catholics and other christians. The church is not an order issued by someone in Rome. This is a dictatorship not a church made by Jesus Christ. And let me say the dictatorships in the East were better constructed with more freedom than what we see today still shape RCC. WIl Soviet Union win the moral competition at the end? Wil Russia? Because it is competition for the hearts and minds. See what happened in catholic Poland after she was given all the money? Where are the people in the churches who were there during the bad communism? Seems somethings sucks. Ad that something is not called with communist names, rather with quire clerical ones. Or secret contacts with the entities listed above. One doesn't have to use Illuminati, Masons, or ecclesiastical masonry, they overlap. I don't want to end this post negatively, but it seems that ony forced by the people the CURRENT staff of the Vatican removes errors. As the NWO mandate it was about to grant to the UN. Be carefu, the people are not idiots anymore. One does not need to be catholic to see a NWO mandate is precursor to the antichrist. And people see it and write it. Why did cardinal Bertone wait for the public outcry to remove that NWO document? Oh he didn't know. The things will repeat over and over for newer issues. Not only Medjugorje. Let we stop that now! Let the pope stop it. Or we go down the road of the apocalypse with the only hope the rapture ships to take us before the draconians land. 450 characters left. God bless.

posted on Nov, 9 2013 @ 04:16 AM
just a guess, that you may ignore...
imo one top cardinal papabile has not only read similar topics we discussed in this forum but may be also posted himself or thru appointed person. I will say nothing more not to show his ID that apparently he preferred to be incognito. But I am telling you that no matter the responses are few and the flags, there are important people reading here. Well hope their role will be for the good of all. Not only catholics but the entire world expects new kind of thinking and new kind of ruling from the men who still rule 1/6 or 1/7 of the world population in spiritual terms. Less than the Chinese but closer to God's grace. Are they really?

What if tomorrow ISON or another thing make you incapable to switch internet, and then you see the first ships coming? Will ask the local bishop or priest? After all they have shown. They should change now. Or the history will know of them as the most unsuccessful church of those who Jesus planted on many other planets. The experiment earth will fail and be ended. May be abruptly. Of course there will be survivors, that are we the church. Not church of dictators and secret organizations in collaboration of whoever, but the church that expects Jesus Christ to come for His bride!

posted on Nov, 9 2013 @ 04:41 AM
Did anyone listen to professor Michio Kaku's youtube conference and CNN? He speaks of internet being the planetary telephone system in a space civilization type 1 that we still are to make it trhu. We are zero type. Out of 3 types.
1. planetary
2. solar system (star trek)
3. galactic (star wars)

Let the earth break the chains now! It had the chance to do it in 2000 but it failed to do. Will it fail now after the 2012 doomsday passed? If it fails the extermination is guaranteed.

I watched on H-channel Ancient Aliens about the dinosaurs that probably for millions of years they have developed some sort of intelligence. And probably not asteroid, but they might have been exterminated by ET ships to clear the path for the future homo sapience civilization. Be it true or wrong, it is a suggestion that not all past life on earth was sentient-less. Let alone the Neanderthals. If we are not the first ones sentient on this planet and certainly in the vast universe, we will be not the last ones either. If tomorrow th e experiment earth is reported by the angels to Jesus and God and is decided to cease. Until the appointed time for judging the living and the dead at the end of all ages. It might be that way to, parallel to the 2 other ways I described above. It might not be era of peace ON EARTH but elsewhere, only for the saved people. The Earth might be destroyed by fire, to avoid scenario N1 of literal dragon'slanding and beast rising. Because those events might be reserved for the ends of the ends, for eons of time later. This is a logical possibility, not certainty. But one that is worth to poner about.

In other words, the rapture spaceships may not be the first out of a prolonged End times here, but the last chance for anyone to physically be saved and to bring spirituality elsewhere in the Universe. After that the earth to be given to the fiery sun to consume with fire everything ungodly. After eons of time when the sun will be much smaller, a tiny white dwarf, and a planetary nebula will spread beyond Neptune, only then the life will be restored, the tribes will come back to restore it. And only after another period of time known by God the lawlessness will rise again to give the start of the Apocalypse of John. Don't underestimate that possibility spoken of very briefly by Peter (the first pope so to speak) in his second letter. Examine to see he speaks of an event different from both: the second coming and the start of the great trib./rapture. because the start of the great trib/rapture does not leave behind a flaming earth with everything destroyed on it, as it is what Peter talks about. No it is not the last Judgment Day. Don't be so fast. The last Judgment Day at the end of millennium will come only when the Universe itself with all those trillions of galaxies and stars, and intelligent races, expires its allotted time of existence and comes to be judged and changed. They are not 2 events, one for earth and one for the rest. it is one. If we believe Jesus and God are one for all of them, and not only for the Earth.

In summary we have the chance now to make it thru. All of us, including those in Rome. The more the better.

posted on Nov, 9 2013 @ 05:10 AM
The angels have reported and God have decided about the Earth. The decisions of God are long before they are materialized. Perhaps 40 years as with Noah. God decided to flood the earth 40 years before it happened, not 7 days, and did not expect the repentance of the people until 7 days or weeks. Still if someone repented he could be saved in the ark. Similarly, Medjugorje run for 32 years and is compared to Moses in the desert 40 y and Noah. But may be 40 y are too long for the modern day when paradoxically people live much shorter than Moses and Noah. The Chastisement is scheduled up to the date. How can we know if the seers are silent about dates etc.?
Dont we have signs given? Weren't we warned in 2012 by all kinds of means? Don't we have a comet right now that seems not only one body but seems accompanied and may explode in EMP or whatever? Don't we have even that human sign of USA superpower N1 voluntarily switches off its electricity for a drill? Perhaps connected to all above? Weren't we told of Nibidu passage many times and by different people, far not only the Sumer writings that are as old as the Bible or older? (The 5 books of Moses are written after the Flood and Egypt, not before that). We were told all of that in the last decade. By secular , scientific, witnesses, working inside secret labs. As well as by seers who contradict that shows some are planted agents while others speak the truth.

I would not be surprised at all that 1 year after the proclaimed Dec 2012 the real event befalls the earth. Those who die first know last, said someone in the know. And even if it is not so fast, still it is a pending event. I suggest Medjugorje secrets 1-9 have been shrunk for lack of time. So is any Warning. No other warning than Jonas will be given. The only warning will be at the time of the rapture spaceships. Unfortunately the left behinders will be able to save their souls only, if there isn't a second chance. I don't know. Some say there is. ut lookind at the sun and at the very DELAYED timetable I 'd rather think the second and third chance were also cancelled. For a humanity that only rejects God's prophets and calls. It was not responded to Fatima, to Akita. The humanity grew especially odd in the years after 2000 when everything including genetic manipulations of embryos were permitted. People talk only of abortions but they forget that big evil does not encompass all evil and on the different parts of the planet the evil has different forms. It is not ALL about USA and its catholics. Exactly those same people now put to test with the Medjugorje letter. It is about the whole world those events. If the evl multiplied, and it did, then we cannot await any other warning rather we go directly to the chastisement. And paradoxically we were told similar by purely secular sources of science and new science. When you have CNN speaking of a Brown Dwarf (nibiru) in a CNN blog 2 years ago then it is no more an imagination or how it was called, flushed mind. It is not double seeing the reported second sun seen by many. It is facts that we prefer to deny, to seep quiet. Im asking you and you respond to yourselves, what you will do id the US shutdown doesn't end after 3 days? If Ison makes superflare? Let alone Nibiru. The only chance will be someone to lift us out of here.

These things should be talked about by the Churches! Not bans and medieval outdated practices! But may be they serve someone else and actually don't want the people to be saved. They prefer the people die "as martyrs". This is not the way of the Gospel of Life that Jesus taught. "Two will be together one is taken another left".

posted on Nov, 9 2013 @ 06:35 AM
Ic the catholics are just shy or afraid to say what they think. There are hundreds of thousands , millions of people who value Medjugorje, and they are silent now. At least some of them should have read here.
So if any of you have additional questions about the issues discussed please PM me.

I keep saying the order from Vatican is a brute frontal attack and breaks with everything promised and talked to before the conclave. It is a gross provocation for not only the US bishops conference but also for all other bishops. As if they are not invited on a Synod to decide the things together. No matter of Medjugorje (that I favor). The style stinks on inquisition. I will not write more ony to repeat myself. It is unacceptable in 21st century when people are talking of quite many things.

If I say I saw Jesus and He told me this or that, will I be burnt as Giordano bruno or as Ivan - symbolically speaking? Shame! That inquisition office is shame for the entire catholic church that is not consisting only by a handful of people holed up inside the walls of Vatican. Shame! The 3 angelic voices of Revelation 14 will be heard right after the rapture of 144,000.

posted on Nov, 9 2013 @ 06:52 AM
if the things remain as they are, unmoved bureaucrats and their invisible protectors, there are several options:
1. Vatican is indeed Babylon the Great that betayed the marriage with Jesus, therefore becoming the harlot back then in 4th century up until today

2. Worse - Vatican is the (one of the) beast's heads. That needs further elaboration that right now I am not capable of.

3. vatican prepares to die (in coming celestial or man-made cataclysm) and wants to take with itself as many people as possible, thus denying the rescue in spaceships option and instead promoting martyrs of epochs that do not really concern us today. Fatima falsity speaks of that option.

4. others.
It is just incredible! Conspiracy theorists, take that issue and develop it. It deserves your attention. It doesn't matter a bit if you believe Fatima and Medjugorje or not. What we see is playing a 15th century theater in which we see baning (and burning) books that do not fit. We see US citizen banned from having meetings. We see US bishops conference put to knees before administration bureaucracy. We see efforts of other bishops, such as Germans, put on hod and probably never answered positively by those same bureaucrats and their unknown protectors. What stops me to say we see example how ecclesiastical masonry works in broad daylight? And if we exchange that name with malevolent aliens, what will really change in the picture? Nothing! It will only explain it better. Tom Horne has to write another book on that. Also Dan Brown. If we are all alive to read it, something that I realy doubt in terms of what already said.

posted on Nov, 9 2013 @ 06:59 AM
Giordano Bruno
"born Filippo Bruno, was an Italian Dominican friar, philosopher, mathematician, astrologer and astronomer. His cosmological theories went beyond the Copernican model: while supporting its heliocentrism, he also correctly proposed that the Sun was just another star moving in space, and claimed as well that the universe contained an infinite number of inhabited worlds populated by other intelligent beings.[2] The Roman Inquisition found him guilty of heresy and he was burned at the stake.[3] After his death he gained considerable fame, particularly among 19th- and early 20th-century commentators who, focusing on his astronomical beliefs, regarded him as a martyr for free thought and modern scientific ideas."

What we see is attempt by some to repeat darkest pages of history. Forget about Medjugorje, think about what concerns YOU! My concern is ET, and yours it might be connected with intimacy questions. It doesn't matter. The principle applied is just the same. An order from Vatican ruins 32 years efforts and moves thru 200 member bishops' conference of US as knife thru butter (compared as how Hitler moved thru France). If we don't put restrictions of the "NEW POPE's administration" that has nothing new, we risk to see RCC turned into its bloody image back then 5 centuries ago. Even being non catholic at this time, I think this should not be allowed to happen. For the sake of the free thinking humanity.

posted on Nov, 9 2013 @ 07:06 AM
tomorrow those same insane people may justify a nuclear war, to burn more people together. Actually, China already showed how it could work in practice. It remains only one order from Rome. Not to China, to someone who will fulfill that order blindly. Let say agents in Syria, Iran, fire the first nuke. Then stay aside and watch as Nero how Rome burns. Only together with the entire world. That cannot be allowed. That breaks promises given of reforms, that made is possible a JESUIT 76 years old to be elected pope, after first unsuccessful attempt. I doubt it the cardinals will be very happy on that. Not because they necessarily believe Medjugorje. But because it is against the free thought, against everything built in the last 30 years since JP2 came to power. That's why I said before, the Vatican today reprsent much darker image than the Soviet Politburo during Gorbachev. They were not dark ones. They changed the world, together with the other sides of course, together with John Paul, Reagan etc. Now we are going to lose everything of that if we don't react. This is my reaction and I cannot do more than that. God can and will if the people fail. again. Chastisement will start from Rome the great harlot.

posted on Nov, 9 2013 @ 07:23 AM

From Medjugorje Today

With a final decision expected next year, the Vatican Commission on Medjugorje will have their next meeting in two weeks, a major Italian newspaper reports. Il Messaggero confirms previous leaks saying there is neither evidence for recognizing nor for condemning the apparitions.

The Vatican can not confirm as authentic any apparition that is 'ongoing'.
Medjugorje is still ongoing.
The Vatican could condemn it or say it's not authentic while it's still going on.
But the are not expected to do that.
So that's actually good news for those who believe Medjugorje is authentic.

posted on Nov, 9 2013 @ 07:35 AM
reply to post by FlyersFan

It has nothing to do with Medjugorje and Ivan. The new /old Vatican hierarchy breaks thru 20 year old status quo, inflicts damage on US citizen (Uvan) and his right to meet and pray withother people, and by the way, passes thru the US bishops conference as if they are some static personages. The apparitions take place on US territory therefore US conference should decide to allow them or not.

And that comes after months of PAINFUL EXPECTATION of ANY CHANGE that the new pope should have brought. German bishops already started giving Holy Communion to divorsed people. Only to ire the "eternal city". Medjugorje true or not doesn't matter at all here. Although I favor it. It is power grabbing of new and old clerks in the Vatican and ruin of any Synod principle that they promised to the wider church, to be indeed catholic.

Now I think the people who compared Ratzinger to Palpatine might have had right. How about Bergoglio - Palpatine? it is a time to test him. He is not sinless only because he got majority votes. His aid N3 crosses a red line. Will Bergoglio follow the inquisitor or will fix it in the last moment, by kicking the inquisitor out, together with his entire dark office? I doubt it. Let Bergoglio show is he of the Dark side of the force or not. He is a jesuit after all. The first to be on Peter's see in history. it willbe too much if he starts from year 1 to command like emperor. He will be unstoppable at year 3. Until 3.5
Top Ten Senator Palpatine Campaign Slogans
by the readers of TheForce.Net

8. Palpatine: here for a Darker future
6. Vote for me while you still can vote.
3. Why settle for the lesser evil?
10. A vote for Palpatine is a vote to preserve life..... YOURS!
9. Vote for me because freedom sucks.
8. "Tired of thinking for yourself? Wish that someone would make decisions for you and rule over you with an iron fist? Vote Palpatine"
6. Palpatine. 3.8 million clone warriors can't all be wrong.
5. It all depends upon what your definition of "evil" is.
3. Elect someone one with the expirience of age, and a cold black heart.
2. "Don't hate me just because I hate you."
1. Vote for Mr. P... What's the worse that can happen?

posted on Nov, 9 2013 @ 07:54 AM
Besides, Medjugorje is not just any issue. Medjugorje is the belief of millions among the most devote people in that church. The prayer warriors as well as the little children. This man hurts them in the heart of their belief! Doesn't anyone count (besides God and Mother) how many hearts have been hurt these days because of that? Is it also the plan of the great sacrifice that they all faked as to be Fatima 2000? They want people burnt! From inside and from outside. They will not stop here.

After the prelude last months with the seers. I.e. you are with me and you are permitted, but as long as I wish so. If I wish to forbid you I can do so!

He may now permit Medjugorje, you know. he is smart enough, smarter than me, you or anyone else. He will benevoently cancel the order for Christmas and Ivan will meet with his followers.

But the world will never be the same. The catholic church got what was predicted at the end times by no few prophets and saints.

I will change my view only if I see a vigorous and rigorous reform THIS MONTH not in the Spring. By half of vat. staff changed, offices cleansed, secrets shown up.

What we see so far has nothing to do with what Jesus teaches. The smoke of Satan in vatican as Paul 6 dared to say.
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posted on Nov, 9 2013 @ 08:03 AM
Until now I thought it was one inquisitor's job.

Now I put to discernment the character of Bergoglio himself. He could not be uninformed ont he issue. What kind of pope did the catholic church get? Did the cardinals know who they elect, a jesuit 76, and what he will bring to the church? He poses, for certain. But what is hidden behind? How there is no change 9th moth after the election, when everyone talks of change?

Could it be possible what Tom Horn argues in Petrus Romanus when speaking of Fatima too, that the pope after Benedict will be the false prophet?

Until the day before, Bergoglio didn't show anything good or bad. He only promised. The day before the inquisitor showed another completely different face forgotten for decades if not centuries. Not Medjugorje, the catholic church is at stake. The world is.

If he cared even 1 % of the people's concerns, expressed tirelessly in the last DECADES before the internet age in magazines, articles, prayer groups, he would have released the full Fatima secret on October 13 and not playing theater. What did he consecrate exactly, I didn't get it. He doesn't care of the people faithful. They must "sacrifice". May be die as the fake Fatima 2000 "predicted". Then who is it he that he cares of? Perhaps the new leader to come? I cannot name the antichrist and nobody could. The people at that time will know him. He is the biggest deceiver, so it is useless to try to guess it.

Bergoglio did his first BIG FAULT. Perhaps that was premeditated for months. It was not impulsive decision. Much will be required to repair the damage even if that decision is reversed quickly. It is possible to repair but very hard and at the cost of many efforts by Bergoglio and his NEW STAFF. I cannot call him anymore "pope" that means father in Greek. he is just a sinner. Pray he is just a sinner and not the big one.
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posted on Nov, 9 2013 @ 09:40 AM
In fact I am still searching the truth. All above are possibilities open to interpretation and above all, to compare with the new developments.

The scenario of mega fire from the sun that engulfs all the planet, leaves no room for any antichrist for eons. That is from the perspective of those saved on the spaceships. I.e. they will have eons of time and probably will develop Christian communities, probably will have their own apparitions of Jesus and Mary. They will have history dfferent from Earth's from that moment on. The resurrected Lord is not restricted by space and time, as some want to put him only to earth. That is an absurd.

There is however the possibility of different timelines, or to say it simpler, of earth surrounded by time-delaying zone similar to the one witnessed near black holes. If so, inside the earth may indeed pass only the years of the Tribulation or let say several decades until the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. I think I expressed it clearly enough. The phenomenon is presented better in the sci fi books and movies, if someone doesn't understand Einstein he'd better watch them. They are made for that purpose.

I don't know if that would be the case, or if indeed the earth will not be populated for eons. From galactic perspective it is unrealistic to expect any Second Coming and millenium on earth any time soon. Because after that the big end comes for the entire Universe. The galaxies show with nothing it comes soon. They still probably have a billion years more to live. That matches 2 Esdras as well.

So I don't know. What I see is not good. No sane reasonable person would say what he sees on Earth is good. Whether it will be one scenario or another, I don't know. But I definitely would not play someone's scenario for the sake of titles or more sinister agendas.

Whatever it comes, I hope the first ET contact /rapture/ rescue is around the corner. Then the saved ones will know the truth.

posted on Nov, 9 2013 @ 09:54 AM
After reviewing again, I don't think Tom Horn is right in Petrus Romanus book. I don't think Francis is fit to play the role of the false prophet, whatever the other reasons of the author is.

There was someone online to say, the antichrist will be the resurrected Alexander the Great )resurected by the devil or evil incarnate with other words). I don't believe it with the presence of so many antichrists alive. But, who knows.

On the other side, sure it is possible for the Lord to resurrect Peter or any other apostle, if needed in body to make anew ordination and apostolic succession that is broken. Some nowadays prophets said that Peter would appoint the next pope (it should be this one, so it didn't happen). The idea of Peter and Paul to come back to earth to restore the fallen away papacy is nothing new. There were saints who spoke of that.

The fact is we don't have the names' lineage of each episcopal ordination back to Peter or to Andrew (Orthodox). What we have are the names of the successors but they are rarely ordained by the previous pope or patriarch. They may be ordained by any other bishop. If remember it is preserved back to ...16th century in the catholic church to a cardinal named Rebiba. Other churches have different succession lines to some time. None has it back to the apostles. Still it is believed whoever ordained whoever that the successors are validly ordained.

posted on Nov, 9 2013 @ 10:09 AM
there are others who believe the see of Peter is empty and that no pope after Pius XII is legit. Still others believe Paul VI had a double decoy personage so he did not rule as pope. What to say about that. If any of this is true, how many ordinations of bishops would be invalid either. And their ordinations of priests. The mass validity is yet another issue. The consecration of various sacraments is disputed too. It depends on the point of view. If for the catholic church the changed ordination formula of the Anglican church means non valid ordinations, the Anglican church can say the same for the Catholic church because the ordination formula does not date back to the time of the apostles, it is much newer. I am not expert on all that, just point it out.

Let alone the entire canon law that is neither in the Gospel nor in the early Christian communities. Not before Constantine. Cardinals are created later too.

In other words, the entire structure is temporal serving particular needs. Perhaps it should be so in 10th century when every country was a monarchy too, the pope to be a grand monarch. Perhaps it shouldn't be so in 19, 20 centuries and as we see the papacy gradually lost power over kings and over lands. Will that process continue? Perhaps that is not in the taste of many within the hierarchy who hope for the "good old time" when they were equal to or higher than princes. The history cannot be returned unless you have a time machine (an issue I would rather not discuss because it requires quite a brainstorming. If you want you may PM me but only reasonable PM will be answered).

Perhaps Christianity should return to its roots. Not exactly sitting on the grass and singing songs. But may be something of the sort on the new planets. The earthly history and structures will remain on earth. And if the earth is burned (see above) than little chance of anything of the sort to pass thru the space-time barrier controlled by God's angels.

Perhaps many in the hierarchies of all mainstream churches are never meant to pass thru that barrier. Therefore their minds are blinded so they do not turn to be saved. They are of the old days and will remain on earth. Otherwise we will have a repetition of this situation let say on Sirius A. Nobody needs that, neither the saved people nor the Sirius people. Nobody needs that distorted image of Jesus Christ and his followers calling themselves "christians" or "catholics". It has nothing to do with what the Son of God taught during His days on planet Earth. It has nothing to do with what He probably ALREADY REVEALED TO OTHER PLANETS in apparitions with His resurrected body. Or Mother Mary. That cannot be stopped as some would like to stop an apparition on earth. Those will never pass on the other side in the ANGELS' CONTROLLED UNIVERSE. Instead, they may go to the other side of the fallen ones controlled part. I will not discuss that topic in length here. It is not worth the efforts and hours spent, even if few people will silently congratulate me. I am not supposed to say more.

You know some ET experts say the Earth is under planetary quarantine because we are too dangerous for the others, and because others should not intervene until the appointed time. Some said that time was 2012. Hope so.

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posted on Nov, 9 2013 @ 10:28 AM
The Medjugorje declaration seems more like a powerless anger of a dying mighty one, rather than the rise of a new powerful one.

I'd rather assume fast approval of fake apparitions and unification with old rite catholics if the purpose was one world religion, something that we don't see happening. Orthodox will never bow before such set conditions.

The euphoria of the election of the "last pope" in Malachi's list passed fast. The people would care what is served on the table, and for now there isn't much on the spiritual table, nothing much different from what Benedict offered. I don't say he didn't try to do it. He legalized the book of Enoch that was his single biggest contribution to the Christian doctrine.

May be Medjugorje will get a statute but may be other events will foreshadow that "grand decision". As it happened with Fatima. So many books and speeches, people who dedicated their entire lives. Russia was never consecrated still USSR fell down and contemporary Russia is still the biggest and most armed country in this planet. The events of the real life moved forward and left behind the prophetic line that even if true, did not materialize in the real life. One may use more technical language using timelines. It just failed to happen. It is not Biblical too. Inded the sun moved so it is true. But failed or never told the truth. Perhaps Russia wasn't mentioned at all, or mentioned for a completely different job. As we discussed in other threads.

What is important now is WHEN the Chastisement comes. it will be big and total. And of course how we survive. I already said it many times. In that, no papal decision and no commission will help, unless you find your way with your angels to the Lord.

posted on Nov, 9 2013 @ 11:17 AM
the whole idea that a bishop should approve apparition in 3D body of Jesus or Mother Mary is absurd. Is he above them? Can he stop them? Let them go, if they are true they will prove true. If they are false they will prove false by false dates etc. Even Fatima failed in the date "before the end of the century".
The church who is supposed to be the bride (and that is already big doubts of that), is not above the bridegroom Jesus Christ who acts as He wills so, as well as His Mother. The orthodox churches have as a head Jesus. So are the evangelicals. The catholics have as a head the pope. Someone said, the prophecy in the ctaholic church stopped in 5th century when the bishops took that "function". The apparition is not a function of a committee.

Pius X had a vision about a future pope who would die a cruel death. Did he asked for permission his local bishop? Vatican commission? Oh he was pope, I forgot! So that makes the difference! The power position. Then go and believe Pius X about the last pope on Malachi's list, another prophet that was not judged by humans. The two of them Pius X and Malachi if seen true, prove this pope can't be the false prophet. He will be killed may be for others' transgressions, while the false one is not killed he is thrown in the lake of fire alive.

posted on Nov, 9 2013 @ 11:35 AM
How about Jesus walking in resurrected body on another planet, preaching the true gospel, and appointing disciples? Perhaps those in Vatican will die of envy. And that is just as normal to assume if Jesus is already 1970+ years resurrected. Remember Thomas touched him as normally as if he is in non-resurrected state. Still He could go thru the wall. And he doesn't need a spaceship to move thru space and time. How many things we don't know! I admit I don't know them.
Vatican commissions know everything. Even what happens in the other world. They command even there, who to appear and what to say. Not so much, sirs! You are all mortal and subject to judgment too. You don't control the heavens, not even the earth, if you look around you will realize you don't control it anymore. But many of you don't bother to look around.
May be this is Vatican's last drop of error that will turn the scales. May be Putin won't send any armies - he went personally. May be others will do the dirty job as another apparition that in Anguera said about the Muslims.

posted on Nov, 9 2013 @ 11:47 AM
If we assume Jesus decided so, ( instead of sitting 1980 years on one place at the throne of the Father, (what a theology do we inherit from all those centuries!!!)
He could have visited one planet each year. Or each six months. May be in different galaxies. 1980 new planets who would be evangelized by Jesus himself! 1980 new congregations of faithful that don't need the unpleasant to pronounce greek derived word "church". 1980 new popes! No I doubt Jesus would appoint any, after the experience on Earth.

What if any of today's seers have seen or been told anything like that? The Vaticans should be crazy by now, fearing their power goes as sand between fingers. The moment the angels come, they are gone! They will do everything to stop that happen. Or, they will turn towards the other spectrum. It is as logical. Because 1/3 of the Universe doesn't listen to Jesus.

In all, seems there is a lot of time and things to do after the Chastisement. From whichever side one chooses to stand, if still alive.

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