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PROTEST: Suppress Opression

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posted on Jul, 14 2013 @ 04:39 PM
I see there's been little response to this thread. Sad. Since I haven't responded until now, I'm also at fault, so here goes.

Kudos for doing something, which is more than I am doing. In my case it would be futile but this is neither the time nor place to discuss that.

I can't say I agree with all you have said, but who does? I cannot argue with your effort, though. So, to keep it short, keep on keeping on. I'll always applaud someone who is trying, simply because I am not trying to protest or live life.


posted on Jul, 15 2013 @ 09:43 AM
reply to post by TheSpanishArcher

Thank you very much.

You can not please everyone in this world and it will be divided for a long time until the truth is finally revealed.

posted on Jul, 15 2013 @ 04:55 PM
Day 20” 11:55 am till 5:00 pm

Another hot and beautiful day.

I had one old man drive by who yelled either “Go home” or “homo.” First off I am home so I will stay where I am thank you. Secondly he could have been referring to the species of Homo-sapiens or my sexual Orientation. Personally I would have used Gay (Happy) Fag (cigarette) Queer( odd) if he was referring to my orientation or who I sleep with. Which is none of his business.

I have dealt with people my whole life who have misunderstood myself and could only label me as such. Labelling people takes away from the individual. A person is not defined by a handicap or disability. All you do is dehumanize them when you do. I am not saying those who desire to sleep with the same sex are disabled, Im simple trying to prove a point. Love is Love PERIOD

I see the same people drive by who shake their heads or wear that upside down smile.
In this information (spiritual) war, there are only two types of people. Those who know they’re in one and those who do not. Those who do not know, they are the ones those who know, fight over and for.

Those who do know are either for it or against it. Those who are against it can be labeled “conspiracy theorist”. Those for it are spreading lies and deceit through disinformation. What you have to open your mind to, to try and comprehend is that this disinformation is as old as Modern Religion ( Judaism Christianity, Islam)

This world is complicated and because of such, it is extremely difficult to simplify what is going on to you in a way that is relatable to all of those who do not understand.

This excerpt from a speech JKF gave called “The President and the Press” will elaborate how vast this cover up is.

“For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence--on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations.”

Understand his last sentence completely and now try to encompass that into your understand of our past.
I had an old lady drive up and stop and we conversed to which she said I should speak in front of people. This moment is significant because behind her in the next vehicle was Andrea, the lady who read scripture to myself and Gabriel the other day.

I will say this, I have no reservation about doing so for I have nothing to hide. Me, speaking in front of people requires people who want to listen. I stand on this corner day after day and those who make themselves known are choosing a side. For or against Oppression. The majority of those who make themselves know 75% and up support what I am doing. Most people do just drive by and read what the sign says. Those who shake their head no or raise their hand in confusion or give me the finger or tell me to get a job are against the awareness I am trying to bring. And that is okay with me. The support encourages me and gives me strength. The negativity encourages me to keep protesting because I do not want Humanity to lose the gift they were given when consciousness was (True, False) was given to them.

If people want to hear me speak awesome, I like to believe I am well informed and do have something to say, but what I have experienced in my past is that what I have to say, the world, the majority of, is not so understanding of. Which is why I have been trying to establish some form of credibility, with my poetry and such. Because when I started this, not protest but my Life, Destiny , Dream, I knew there was an end date. What mattered is how I got there.

The fate of the world rest in the hands of the individual. Humanities destiny is to be judged. Ask yourself, with the current state of the world and the path that is set before it and if each and every individual were to be judged today, without pleading ignorance, which that plea has been taken of the table, you only have two choses, For(pass) Against(Fail). In a democratic system and society technically you are guilty by association and therefore the majority plus one will always win. So the question then becomes does Humanity pass or fail? Think about it and take action before it becomes too late.

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posted on Jul, 16 2013 @ 05:36 PM
DAY 21: 12:15 pm till 4:4:30 pm

Its hot, hot enough to keep a person up all night. I’m not complaining because you can cool off but unusually hot. Speculate on why, I’m not going to tell you actually I already suggest why, if you have been paying attention.

Greenish Ford explorer BNTX 281 Thank you sir for giving me the finger. Does your wife know?

I say this this because there was a young couple that passed today as well in a black SUV. As they passed the female passenger’s body was positioned towards me and she pointed in my direction and said something I could hardly make out sounded like I hate you.

Yesterday another young couple passed as well in a silver car. She hit the driver as they passed as if he said something slanderous towards me.

Hate is not limited to race, creed, gender or age. Nor is Love.

You can Love hate and you can hate love. Love is just LOVE You can hate hate but then you are embracing evil thoughts/way of life. Kill them with kindness. Same principle as turn the other check. The perception of EVIL will begot EVIL. Those who hate teach hate and is perceived as evil to those who love. Those who hate love their children do they not? Well to some extent because they do sacrifice their own on multiple levels.
Hate can anger you. Love can anger you. Anger, steams from fear.

Remember trying to convince yourself to make that move to kiss her and how nervous/scared you were. Because you were fearful of the potential rejection of your love?

Love opposes Hate. Love is True. Hate is False. Apply that theory to mathematics like life. Where people get confused is the difference between LOGIC and REASON.

Logic: 1 +1= 2 REASON 1+1=3

What is the Difference? God

There is a GOD for HATE and a GOD for LOVE.

Now let us examine the REASON.

When one MAN and one WOMEN lay together and have a child… 1+1=3 Make sense?

Reason is the GOD factor when all things are circumstantial. Life is also Chaotic. Yes study chaos theory or rather LIFE theory.

Today was another great day. I spent most of my Time talking to individuals who were awaken to the happenings of this world. I love to see the people drive by who shake their head in confusion and do nothing about it as well as the ones who drive by and scratch their heads. I’m getting people to think regardless of how informed you are.

I would like to point out that those who throw the “rock on” hand sign. Its origins were from Ronny James Dio from Black Sabbath. Devil rock and represents Satan. However those how have been conditioned to this, we have the power to change the connotation of it being a devil worship sign to a rock on sign. The power to change a negative to a positive. Like the world today. It’s all within your reach, If you choose to.

Social commentary, if you do choose to you are not alone and will have the support of the majority, 50+1 of the population.

There are those out there who are oblivious but will choose the true side when made aware of the true nature of what is going on. Just a suggestion.

I forgot to add that while conversing with two people I noticed this guy standing across the tree under a tree as if he was waiting for the bus because he was there for a long time. About ten minutes after they left, he walked down Mcdonnel street past the cop shop and got into a yellow Miata with plates blkr 565 it was unusual and worth nothing. There was a female driver

posted on Jul, 17 2013 @ 09:47 AM
So I was down registering at the local food bank this morning and a man wearing black fro head to toe walked in. I am a very observant person, goes with the territory of being awaken and present in every moment. It took me about ten minutes to fully observe him and I noticed a tattoo of BAPHOMET on his upper arm.

I debated with myself as to what I would do. I knew I had to do something, either leave the room or say something so I decided to do both. Wait till my number was called an just ask him if he knew and was aware fully of the meaning. when I thought this out I saw multiple flashes of light. Its my thing. Happens all the Time. So I did. I approached him and asked him if he knew what was on his arm? He replied yes he drew it. To which I said okay and left the room. I stood in the adjacent room across from him and periodically stared in his direction. when we made eyed contact, his eyes were the first to cower. The people in the next room started talking about tattoos. I could make out exactly what was being said.

My protest will be cut short today as I am meeting friends to watch the concert tonight in Peterborough at little lake.

posted on Jul, 17 2013 @ 01:07 PM

Day 22: 11:55 am till 12:45 pm
The wind is more of a nuisance really today but I’m sure there are those who are enjoying it.

lady in the blue intrepid I believe BDFS 916

Im sure you know the symbolism behind the hand gesture you through at me so I will put you on blast until you prove ME wrong.
Yeah it’s a fickle day so instead I’ll just post some articles to read…

posted on Jul, 18 2013 @ 01:49 PM

DAY 22: 11:50 am till 2:20 pm

I am exhausted in more ways than one. The heat, lack of sleep, loneliness and the progress made with this protest.
The possibility has always existed for me to be wrong especially with regards to who I believe I am because that is hinging on those who believe in me. I had a lengthy conversation with Michael today which went relatively well until the end. After touching each other’s heart the conversation continued to where I told him who I believe I was and his demeanour towards me change. Prior to, that moment it was as if we were leaving the conversation on relatively good terms. When I told him at the end he mentioned that I did not say that at the beginning of the conversation. As if I baited indo the discussion.

His reaction is nothing new. People always said I acted as if I did not care what others thought about me. Which is true to an extent. I lived through the effects of lies deceit betrayal by those close to me and have persevered through such but to deny that they still did not impact my life would disregard my past completely and deny that fact it shaped me into who I am. It’s the amount of stock I put into other opinions of me which reflects y current state. Sure I have support with a sign but what about me as a being?

I understand I perceive the world in a different way than the average “consumer” and in some ways I am doing this because I have to. I want to I need to I cannot deny that therefore I have to.But who truly am I doing this for? Because I Love, because I care. Would the world be in the current state if Love was the accepted norm rather than an illusion? This world became a world of hate a long time ago and it is your responsibility to change it if that is what you desire.

Saw a Kawartha tv and stereo truck today which I haven’t since I blasted Scott Stewart for being a freemason and my sponsor who put an new ad on the wolf too which I heard today. See what money will get you when everyone has a price and it makes the world go around because you are dependent on it to survive this meaningless existence to fill a void left from the disconnection of love/nature to be replaced by cell phones tv multiple jobs to pay for water and heat and a roof over your head to go along with the GMO foods supply your handcuffed to eat because jobs are scares.

But Im crazy, Im delusional. I was in the mental hospital for what I believe and my problem is I think too much. what Ive been educated on is the problems that exist in the world and I want to help I need to help, I have to help, before it becomes too late. Not for me but for mankind. The choice is yours.

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posted on Jul, 19 2013 @ 01:58 PM
DAY 23: 11:45 am till 2:35 pm

AC 80291 was back flipping the bird.

That age old adage “Respect your elders” “Because I said so.“ I’m sure most can relate too, respect is earned if this coward would like to settle our difference as men he knows where I stand and can at any time, discuss verbally what he opposes with the awareness I am trying to bring.

There is this person who has driven by twice with a Shriner licence plate. Both Times acknowledges me with positive energy and feedback. I say this because not all who are associated with This fraternity have been corrupted but we know the source. Illuminati/freemasonsry/Zionist.

The wind was something to deal with today as they are calling for severe thunderstorms and Tornado warning in Bobcaygeon which is why I left a little early today .

There was an enterprise employee who drove by and shook his head at me. Just so happens he was delivering a car four houses behind me. When I saw him slow down and put on his four ways I approached him. He kept his window down and backed into the driveway he was taking the car to. I waited till he got out and asked him if he had a problem with what I am doing. He said no. I said is there a reason he shook his head. He said no. I told him to educate himself and to deny ignorance and walk away.

One way to curb being oblivious is to improve on your observation skills. Education. Learn it.

A couple ladies stopped to have a little chat which was excellent. The one lady in particular drives by almost every day. They gave me their full support and made it known that this is the topic of conversation around town. So keep talking about it and spreading the word and when you’re ready, come get me. You know where I’ll be.

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posted on Jul, 20 2013 @ 03:18 PM
Day: 24 12:05pm till 2:30pm
WHITE BEETLE with blue and green strip on the bottom with a website advertisement. Caucasian female blond. LICENCE PLATE BNTX 527 flipped me off. Mayor Bennett was three vehicles behind. Observation.

Grey Explorer BFFM 991 flipped me off. Canadian and American cross over flag with those family stickers on the back. Other people in the vehicle with him.

Two corvettes swerved in my direction as they passed.

These cowards I thank for making themselves known.

I saw Scott STEWART of Kawartha TV and Stereo pass. So I pointed two finger in the air above my head and stuck out my tongue at him.

I mention the car swerving because of the symbolic nature and its happened before but with todays events it has to be noted.
More positive feedback than negative but I cut it short because I had to post this. I will be back at it tomorrow


posted on Jul, 20 2013 @ 07:05 PM
Being cyber attacked right now. Hi to all who are perpetrating and thanks to those who are helping fight...

I cant access my protest page on facebook the nsa prism tool. the five eyes are watching..... and I have so much more to say and do too
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posted on Jul, 21 2013 @ 03:42 PM
Day 25: 11:55 am till 3:30 pm


So here is the story. Scott Stewart of Kawartha TV and Stereo Passed by again so I threw up my fingers again above my head and shock it. Shortly after a lady approached me and wanted to know what I the sign meant. I’m not 100% sure but I believe she was South American. Anyways as a true CHRISTIAN that she says she is, we discussed different forms of oppression. She brought up Hilary CLINTON who is an Occultist WITCH and we discussed the anti-Christ as well.

Eventually she brought up homosexuality and how it’s a chemical problem in the brain and that there is a cure in accepting Christ in your heart. Which definitely irritated me. I have befriended many men and women who desire the company of the same sex and she is just spewing out indoctrinated misinformation. It is funny how CHRISTIANS follow the teaching of Pope’s and Priest who tell you Homosexuality is a sin and wrong yet how many scandals with little children do we hear of and no the Pope decries it a cri to report sex crimes. This is closest to God you could pick as your spiritual leader?

Science will try to explain how it’s a chemical imbalance or that its freedom of choice. What about hermaphrodites? You are born the way you are. When it comes to sexuality you either desire both as partners or one. There are times when traumatic head damage can change the orientation of the individual. It is documented and I can even attest to this as someone whom I was in the hospital with suffered such an experience.

We debated and as passionate as I am it got to the point where I called her an the BS she was spewing and started walking backwards putting on my headphones and wishing her a good day God bless and carry on.

Well she did not get the hint as she stayed there for a good five minutes calling me a fag and a homo crazy etc. So I lifted up my sign to show her my shirt that I was wearing. It is JESUS as a goalie stopping a puck that says JESUS SAVES. I did this for 45 seconds and when I lowered my sign she was playing with my water bottle beside my bag rambling on. So I walked towards her and she backed off. Dumped out the water as I was not sure if she just flipped the bottle or spit in it and I did not want to take the chance.

As she was spewing more hatred this guy in a car passed with the licence plate above. With 666 go figure right? And he too flipped me off and told me to go F.or U.nlawful C.arnal K.nowledge myself.

What was great about this is as she was across the street still hating away he circled around and was stopped at the intersection so I approached him. I told him he was pretty tough sitting in a car and lifted up my sign to show him my shirt. He said nothing so I took the sign off and said read buddy read.

He drove by and said more stuff like get a F job he works 5 days a week. I work 7 days a week educating those who pay my current salary until I go back to school to further my education and career path of working with children.

The lady went into the police station to report me. She came out about 10 minutes later on the opposite side of the road, still spewing hate. She eventually stopped and motioned with her hand across her throat to me a while also looping her hand as if I was crazy.

Two pedestrians caught up to her and talked to her for a while. I am not sure as to what was exactly said but the problem subsided.
Andrea paid me a visit and we shared another lovely conversation. She is a Jehovah witness and as far as I am concerned, they seem to have the true grasp of the teaching of Christ.

When we departed I received a sign of sorts regarding my Love Life aspirations and if she is reading I will give credit where it is due however consequences have repercussions regardless of their intentions. This is not coded. FIX your problem/error. For I am doing what you wanted me to because I could not play by your rules. And that’s it.

Hate will always use the veil of truth to disguise its nature or intention. Unless those who follow such a belief or path are fully aware and comprehend what they’re doing.

In this world we live in, you see this all around us. How those who desire Hatefulness try to convince the rest of us with this veil of disinformation to disguise the true nature of what they wish to fulfill, using LOVE as a tool for the purpose of humanities demise.

I understand that it may sound obscured but ask yourself. If love was the ruler of this world that we currently live in , would it look the same? Would our past be the same? What, Where, When, Why, How, did it all go wrong?

SATAN/BAPHOMET/LUCIFER/YAHWEH he has so many names. That is WHO

Love however will always be just LOVE.

posted on Jul, 22 2013 @ 03:35 PM
DAY 25: 11:55am till 4:05pm

BLVY 456 Silver car (pon. or chev) Male WITH other passengers

926 5ZL White s10 like truck Two kids

Thanks for making your presence known by flipping e off.

Today was very symbolic in nature

Because of the glare of the sun I was not sure if the man driving MILLAGE Plumbing truck used both hands to flip me off or what he was gesturing but I have seen him drive by a couple times and not to mention I use to serve a Mr. and Mrs. Millage who docked their boat at Gannon’s Narrows Marina where I held a summer job for 5 years. I wonder if they are related or not?

I had an older man drive by with his false teeth stuck out as he looked at me.

A newer BLACK car turning right from mcdonnel to water st which 99% of the cars take the inside lane, he choose to take the outside lane which meant a wider turn at my direction. His plate was like MOSAMO5 or something. At the Time I never put any stock into it although it as unusual which is why I noted it.

Not soon after this an older couple with a Shriner plate drove really slowly past me holding up traffic behind them.

Mix into this was the two bird flippers.

Then not soon after an ugly box ford suv with plate EH CAM was stopped at the intersection with no other cars. Before he drove through he had changed lanes and when I looked back he was pulling over to the other side of the road. But when I looked back again less than 10 seconds later he never stopped but made it appear as to pull over. Also was not driving alone.

Then a G4S truck stopped and a guy got out. I was nervous because they pack a gun. He came up and wanted to discuss what I was doing and after a conversation I had his support.

So I was kind of on edge for a while then at the church a group of preteens had started playing games just near me which set myself at ease and as well stopped the negativity that was being thrown my way. I was getting hateful looks. Of course mixed with all the positive support, which is still tremendous and makes my day great and all have been.

Alex who works for the city approached me and wanted to be informed about what I am doing. She too left me with a sense that I had her support.

Then Bill a born again Christian stopped and talked because he has witnessed me for the past month and finally wanted to know exactly what I am doing. We both see eye to eye and heart to heart.

I should add that a Kawartha TV stereo truck drove by and he acknowledged me in a positive way.

I should also add too that I have noticed this one particular funeral home van drive by and it just so happened it did TWICE today. Just for the record if that is a possibility then at least those who are paying attention will know how right I was.

posted on Jul, 23 2013 @ 03:01 PM
DAY 26: 11:45 AM till 2:20pm

There were a lot of farmer plates today. Justin drove by this Time so I through him the two fingers above my head to show him I see him. There was a young lady walking towards me and this made her smile.

When you open your mind, spirituality becomes a part of you. The knowledge and existence of God and all the glory associated with and how you, each individual express such perceived glory in what you believe in. What you perpetrate in your life. Love (positive, true) or Hate (negative, false) and the neutrality that exist (ie. the uneducated heard caught in the middle and fought over by the opposing forces of Love and Hate)

I had a conversation with God through a squirrel. Yes that’s right, me Mr. Doctor Dolittle, the Rex Harrison version let us not insult good movies here. Put it this way, it is not hard to “read” peoples mind when you observe their actions. The eyes will never lie and are the gateway to the soul. When one person’s actions contradict their words, well, interpret their desires and intentions.

I’m trying to keep this complex situation of showing you how my life works so that you may be able to fine tune yourself, adapt to your surroundings, and evolve into what these few elitist have tried to deconstruct from the beginning to separate themselves from you to control you, to become GODS themselves.

So as I was standing on the sidewalk, this squirrel ran from a tree behind me to one that was to the right of me but it stopped short of climbing it which brought it to my attention. As it stopped and wiggled its head. I was invited back for a deeper conversation.
So it ran to the tree behind me and I followed walking backwards until I was under the same tree.

This conversation was about Love and the women, rather woman I desire to have in my life. I was given a sign to remind me of her and to think about my reality and the sub sequential choice (s) I must make.

You personally would have to be there to attest to the squirrel’s movements that coincide with the conversation that was taking place in my head to understand the relativity of how Life speaks to each individual through signs. When one truly opens up their heart and mind you will be aware of the language of Life that communicates to each individual specifically. Opening your pineal gland is a must.

So I walked to where I was before this little conversation because what you must comprehend is that the women I desire to be with, the future that I saw that involved her, has no business living in the real world. It rests in my imagination and fantasy. Although in the spiritual realm I like to believe this person does communicate with me through meditation. It has no business in reality because at the Time, she did not want what I wanted and it tortured me just to be around her and having to be just her friend.

So under this other tree while debating whether it should be me who , once again, tries to bring her back into my life, facing that fear of rejection again and again, I came to the conclusion that this is what I am trying to accomplish by proving the majority of those out there, unawake, wrong. That what I am doing is changing other people’s perception of reality. It is the responsibility of those around me or not, who need to change my perspective of how they perceive the world now.

To which my little buddy cam racing back to the tree I was now under. Climbed up on a branch, bobbed his head back and forth, which happened in the previous conversation. I smiled and I laughed and eventually the squirrel took off running. Not soon after an osprey flying low, started circling around the church I stand beside and made it way ever higher and eventually glided away.

This is not the first Time I have had experiences like this but what does it mean? Especially when it pertains to my Love life (wife/mother of our children) because it will take a certain type of women to be the queen of my world. I have always been confident enough in my belief that I deserved the best from all that Life and Love has to offer. There will only be one woman who will be my wife but the big question is who is that going to be?
Having said that I have always known exactly what I was looking for and WHEN I found it, at that Time, I was not good enough for it or her. At this current juncture what has changed or better yet what needs to be changed and by whom?

I have an appointment tomorrow at 2:30 pm so I will have to cut short standing outside and I will be visiting a family friend on Thursday and Sunday I should be in Toronto so I will not be out on the streets as much but pumping as much information on FB for you to educate yourself on.

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posted on Jul, 24 2013 @ 02:42 PM

I am taking the day off outside but I did have a meeting for Social Assistance and could possibly made an impact on my case worker.

Because of my devotion to the protest I forgot this month to submit my status claim so it was a good thing I had this appointment made for me last month.

We got into a discussion of whether or not me spending as much Time as I have been on this could have been put to better use looking for a job or even working for a company that outsources jobs. We disagreed due to perspective.

I said the people are paying my "wages" so I am technically working for them trying to inform them of what is happening to them. I was countered with the subsidy of 60-40% of Social Assistance from federal and provincial.

I countered with taxes. They get it from taxing the people.

Corporations rely on consumers to buy their products. Consumers pay taxes on the goods and services provided to them. PLus taxes on their income which support the GOVT. ALL GOVT funding is from taxation.

My passion swayed my social worker enough to research the Trans Pacific Partnership because it would effect their job in a way where their work load, dealing with people depended on the GOVT for financial assistance would exponentially increase with the passing of such a document that CANADA is already signed on to. It just has to become legal.

Hopefully the thought that was invoked in this person will lead to action. Talking to coworkers family and friends is all the action that is needed. For the truth will prevail when the accepted norm of deceit become unveiled.

posted on Jul, 25 2013 @ 04:14 PM
DAY 28: 11:55am till 4:05 pm

Today felt like a neutral day.

Which could mean the calm before the storm, variably dependent on your individualistic perspective of matters, and rather spoon feed you purely speculative probabilities that potentially become a possibility when the evolution of an idea takes life, I will simply say it was an overall good day.

I finished the day off with a great conversation. Any expressed opinions were positive in nature but it did seem less vocal today.

Half the battle relies on knowing what is going on. The other half is what you are going to do about it. The choice is yours alone, to make you, motivate yourself to change, while life around you evolves, to your surroundings.

posted on Jul, 26 2013 @ 03:57 PM
Day 29: 11:50am till 3:05pm

AC 80291 has not changed his opinion or hate in his heart but I can solidify the prefix to what he gets off of. (hell-o????)

When life imitates art and art imitates life, it will become evidently apparent that you must speak in poetic verse as to sign with the birds so that the rhythm you dance to will match the beat of your feats.

This will be the last mention for those in Mercedes or SUV’s, who shake their head or throw their looks, or are negatively confused as to embrace your ignorant ways and convince yourself you're too busy for education. You, teaching me something new or me teaching you. It works both ways.

A well informed conversation was had by me and to other individuals. They both left deep in thought and gracious of the steps taken to inform those like themselves of things not yet adventured upon.
It is perspective.

posted on Jul, 28 2013 @ 09:53 PM

This being the first night I have gone out since starting my protest and really indulging in a face to face conversation with those who know me, this was going to be a test as to see where those stand and or comprehend what I am doing.

Last night was a simple testament to how Life really works.

I ran into the brother of my older brother’s ex-girlfriend which was as sweet as the conversation and memories shared.

Those who were truly concerned and cared as to what I am trying to accomplish respected my choice in doing so. I am going back to school in a month and the worst thing that can happen is I make a few more enemies. Those are not the intentions of a man who wishes for people to educate themselves. Sacrifices have to be made. That’s the game in which life is played. Since April I have focused, devoted, expended my Time exponentially on helping the globally efforts in exposing the corruption that has evolved, enslaved over Time into what it has become today, in the present of NWO, in GOVTS.

99% of what has been offered for review is documented proof, what you choose to believe becomes real, when common knowledge is shared and widely accepted as normal. The basic principle of having an open mind and heart is perspective.

When you break all Life down to its simplest matter an atom and understand this concept you will know understand HOW God works. Its everything. It is Chaos Quantified. And best represented in the yin yang.
Balance being a successful key in life understanding the positive, negative, and neutral forces that work in these cosmos, understanding this and using this knowledge will collectively give those the power to weld it to their advantage. Too much of one thing can be accomplished with separation by containment.

The adventure continued today at Mid Evil Times. What a Time period in who’s story? Beuller …. HIStory and those were some Dark Ages. It was great. I have always wanted to go and was it well worth the wait. I had to think of what it would feel like to be water boarded while walking through the torture exhibit.
It’s as simple as this I am doing what I have to do its your choice whether or not you believe what I am saying but you cannot dispute the facts given on the bases of what the messenger believes He is, can you?

Separation by control or balanced growth?

The many or none?

Ignorance is out the door.


posted on Jul, 29 2013 @ 02:03 PM
DAY 30: 11:50am till 1:40pm

She is windy and my sign is getting old and beat up so I did not want to push it.

Patience is a virtue exhibited by those with tremendous power. There for it must be expelled by those who the message implies to “wake the f@ck up.”

If people could just real size the strength they have collectively as one, individually you would not feel so small.

The choice is yours and the power is within yourself to do what is perceived as true, and then take some form of compliance.

17 million Canadians have the opportunity to voice their displeasure of the fraudulent claims in regards to the 2011 Federal Election where the HARPER GOVT was victorious: men, women, No children under 5 or comprehensible knowledge of what they would be agreeing to. That’s at least 51% of the Canadian population and a voice to be recognised.

Is that too much to ask?

posted on Jul, 29 2013 @ 03:11 PM

posted on Jul, 30 2013 @ 04:37 PM
DAY 34: 11:55 am till 4:05 pm

Overall it was a great day. It appears as if more people are aware of me now. The positive feedback is there, not sure if there is negative feedback at Times, it just a matter of Time till you either sh!t or get off the pot. I’m tired of shovelling through it.

I do not know how more simple I can be with this that the only credit I am willing to take is that something had to be done and it may just so be the that I lead the way in some certain aspects. But make no mistake about it I do NOT desire followers. I desire leaders. This cannot be successful without numbers. Enough people who think this is wrong and feel something should be done about that.

There was this moment right out of American Beauty with the plastic bag in the breeze. I noticed it from the right side by the church starting to blow in the wind. I pondered for brief second and began to slowly walk over as it circled in the air until I approached where it laid there on the ground for me to pick up.

It truly is a matter of the heart. IS there HATE or is there LOVE? What drives you? An Intelligent individual would logically presume that the distinct possibility of humanity awakening to this mass mind #, is highly unlikely and matter of survival becomes Life or Death.

It truly is the many or the few because the 1% control the worlds wealth has a paper trail of incrimination. We’re all guilty of something once in our lives, in a corrupt ignorant misguided system of control based on fear. Did you in any way profit from death such as war profiteering?

I have always been a sucker for the underdog, and 22 years ago this September month the world was told about a NWO and eventually lead to believe that they will be successful. That failure was not an option for these elite few.

In your hands, is the ability to change your world. Your reality. You just have to grasp it.

I would not be standing on that corner if I did not believe I had firm enough ground to stand on to voice my opinion of what is happening in the world around us. That if enough people woke up and took action they could save the world for each other, for themselves, for their family. Because Time is of the essence occupying the space between your next action.

Prioritize your existence.


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