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[HOAX] A *NEW* Window of Opportunity: Ask, and ye shall receive.[HOAX]

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posted on Jun, 7 2013 @ 11:19 AM
I'll lend you 45 minutes - as you have so kindly taken time out of your day for us;

As well honed as you are, you should be able to seek me in this time. I'll make myself very findable...

EDIT: Oh wait - it appears that I too am not a Demigod with connections all over the planet. I am not more powerful than the illuminati or whoever wreckons they've got any sort of clout. I cannot in fact dip into some mass consciousness pool and directly link myself to another human...
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posted on Jun, 7 2013 @ 11:22 AM

Originally posted by thedoctorswife
Newer people, please dont bite, hes following the pattern to the tee. Hesn an ordinary person just like us, yet hes an equal of the illuminati bloodlines, and hes going to provide us with answers to the greatest mysteries of of life.... but not yet.
See it all before. Im going now, dont say you werent warned.

ET_MAN and Sleeper are two of ATS's best posters with incredible information. They shared some of the most advanced information about the nature of reality and ufology. I wrote many hours, to ET_MAN, and I never once believed in the event everyone thought he meant on the thread. That time period he spoke of was a very significant time for the signs overhead for their cycle change/hop. NWO means the wind down of one cycle and restructering another. ie. the age of pisces to aquarius. But this isn't about the cycle of a new sungod and a new control system a NWO, for other cycles are in play. Energies are coming in from the galactic center and we're being called to wake up. Its about Spirit and Progression. Not dates. I stuck up for him despite not buying into any of the dates or events, but constantly bringing up HAARP and nazi's on the thread. Because of his information.

So, if this is going to be even close to ET_MAN's info, it will be a good thread.

posted on Jun, 7 2013 @ 11:35 AM
it is both amusing, saddening and curious, why members here rant so sarcastic and furious.
they speak so confident, content and filled with zeal, but each letter of each word the opposite reveals.
if said members would only see this as practice for people they meet in the every day, their lives and the others, in mutual understanding could go a long way.
so lets now open our minds and open our hearts, so that the ideas for true liberation will start~


posted on Jun, 7 2013 @ 11:51 AM
It looks like this will be a long read. But to begin with, I notice there are points when you said you would elaborate on if asked, so if someone hasn't answered them, starting on page, I may.

But I noticed in the OP points made on the Hidden Hand thread, where he was misled, and in error. Would like you to speak on the most important aspects of his distortion. I never liked that thread. Love is LOVING. High Frequency, light as a feather, kind, gentle and helpful. It reveals and assists, it does not conceal and lay traps. It does not take off its white hat, and don a dark or grey hat, for an assignment. That is not LOVE. That is corruption and forgetting home. I know home, what its like. To follow that message further, when he was projecting that Love can harm and still be Love, he was more or less saying there is no right and wrong. You can give in to your material/animal natures and still pass. Well your own Higher Self is the biggest gate keeper on this realm and HS wants to be perfect, all people want to improve, progress, so harming others is not the ticket out of here. It leads to so much pain and suffering and shame over remembering your family and your mission, that anything you can to help and assist another to turn around their lives, is so important, that your soul will regret enormously lost moments.
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posted on Jun, 7 2013 @ 12:22 PM
reply to post by Initiate

BMs are immensely powerful beings, who are strictly speaking non-human. This is a deceptive statement, so I shall clarify: BMs in many cases were former humans (or human-like, depending on which planets/solar systems they attained the Dionysus rank). Some attained it in Atlantis. Others in previous eons of our World History (humans have existed on Terra for at least 21 million years!) They have consciously decided to separate their higher souls from their lower ones (the ego), in order to exercise a sovereign rule over the lower planes (Lower Mental, complete Emotional and Physical planes). They in turn receive their directive (sometimes referred to as 'inspiration') from the Cosmic Left-Hand path adepts, who are many eons more developed than the Earth-bound BMs. I may disclose their motives in another post. Also, I could expound upon this in far greater depth, for those who are interested.

Well I was told there is a war going on, and to me it seems ego over giving into dark side greed and power struggles, and their own ability to blame their victims rather than selves, leads to this Dark Legion force.

But would really appreciate if you could share what you know.

This is particularly alarming.

How much longer are you going to play this fake democratic 'game?'

Our form of democracy and governments are corrupt, but do you consider the principles of democracy and freedom/sovereignity flawed? Should we not instead aspire to join a more sophisticated world wide benevolent fascist system?

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posted on Jun, 7 2013 @ 12:37 PM
reply to post by Initiate

The stage of development of an animal depends on the magnitude of the members in that group soul. Example: A house fly is a member of a group soul of billions of flies, constituting a single soul, say the "House Fly Soul" A certain species of fish might constitute a Group Soul consisting of millions of said species (this is how information stored in all molecular and atomic kinds is passed on generation after generation and manifests in the physical world as what scientists label 'instinct.') Now, a certain breed of cat, say the common house cat, might be a member of a group soul consisting of thousands or just hundreds of that particular breed of cat. If the cat undergoes the requisite vibrational exchange (between humans and potentially other species) and completes its animal karmic 'record,' it culminates with a transmigration between the animal kingdom and the human kingdom, where as a human, it is isolated (truly isolated, no longer a member of a group soul) and incarnates as a barbarian (or peasant) in terms of its evolutionary development.

I know many believe this in the gnostics, but its very far from the truth. Some people choose, as in Dolores Cannon regression sessions, to experience life in animal form. Some temporarily do, even as enjoyment, and often to assist at the right moment. However, many haven't even spent 21 million years here, or elsewhere, some have left Home to answer a call for help, prefering to develop in Loving and Good ways, not hellish schools. The only real reason to be here is to try to help others who choose to develop their soul in tough love through being distorted, who believe in karma and punishment, and answering a call to help them.

The most important thing to remember whenever someone buys into any belief system, is THOUGHT CREATES. So think in the most positive terms possible.

Family is a term I use for Family of Love and Goodness outside the illusionary material universe (think hologram) tests, who are only Love and only Goodness. Not the world's mismanagement elites here. They're not the family, well they might use that as the mafia do, but its erroneous.

Also, as far as my family grouping? Where does Michael fit into all of this? And Jophiel, Zadkiel, Lailah, the only female angel mentioned in Hebrew writings, for all 3 are connected to Michael. We are all seeds or acorns, to very great Trees. Rather than be ego based statement it should humble us enormously, for we're not doing a good job here, compared to our inspiration above, our Family and the Love they have for us, we're not growing our acorns properly. And the real problem here is so many have forgotten they're Love inside, they are from a wonderful family, and all bent out of shape in this world. We're supposed to care for each other, intrinsically, and work for a world without suffering, and without any form of slavery or forcing someone. All have intrinsic rights to the land and resources, they don't need to work at macdonalds to earn them.

And any things I'm disagreeing with doesn't mean this thread isn't really valuable. Your posts on radiating understanding, remaining neutral in disagreements in order to assist but not dominate another. You don't have to be right, but try to see what is at the root of their problems and draw out problem solving and love in others. Very hard to do, at times. Then you brought up the part about a baby, throwing a tantrum possibly harming others, do you smite them, oh mighty smighter, or love them, even risk your life for a child? Growing up means taking off the retaliation hat, that is immature, and trying to help the children grow up even if we take some blows during this.

So starred and flagged on that post!

Every other post on this entire thread, is just an extra at this point to me, for this post said it all:

Thank you for taking the time to share this thread, much appreciated.
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posted on Jun, 7 2013 @ 01:09 PM
Just one question for now. Is there a finite number of souls than can/will incarnate/reincarnate/exist in the universe(s)? From my reading of this thread (only reached page six thus far) it seems there might be. Oh I guess a followup - from where did they originate?

posted on Jun, 7 2013 @ 01:17 PM
reply to post by Initiate

As this is my first ever post on this forum I thought I’d start by declaring my ignorance. I’ve not read much. An hour long session with the Guardian twice a week is as close to reading as I get.

I was lucky enough to learn a little bit about maths, physics and probability studying engineering at university. But at the time it bored the tears out of me so I dropped out. On the flip side I got an excellent education in Gran Turismo, getting stoned and listening to music.

So in all likelihood I’m probably not the brightest bulb in the pack and I’m fine with that. In fact the one thing I would feel confident in predicting is that I most likely don’t know the first thing about anything.

This brings me to my question. Can you tell me the fundamental truths/axioms on which you base your beliefs (assuming you believe that fundamental truths exist) and how far can you distil these beliefs down? Any seeds for sale, if you like _javascript:icon('

As an example, one of the few that I work from is the commonly held belief that universe behaves in a perfectly logical and rational way. I think this is likely to be true for a number of reasons; patterns in nature, the observation that energy seems to be repeatedly conserved, etc.

And I’d also like to say to anyone who is prepared to offer me an insight into their beliefs… all offers will be greeted with equal gratitude and respect. It’s always nice to find people talking about things I’m interested in and to the originator of this thread; if I hadn’t started reading it I might have drifted away from this forum so thanks!

posted on Jun, 7 2013 @ 01:24 PM

Originally posted by nwtrucker
reply to post by Mizzijr

It seems your the better teacher than the OP. LOL. There's no need to bash any religion, per say, all strive for the same.

I have always had questions about the Bible that always went unanswered, they lead to something unexpected. Even now, I still have questions, we all do. I believe the OP is very profound though. In fact, we all are. I'm sure that everybody here can relay a message and we gather something new from it.

Did it seem like I bashed religion..? I didn't meant to. I guess you can say that, Religion, Politics, and beliefs of all kinds are touchy subjects. It's not hard to offend others.

reply to post by Egyptia

If I have offended you.. I'm sorry. Really. Maybe I did release a little anger there.. That type of vibe just doesn't bode well with me anymore.

But I wanted to point it out.

posted on Jun, 7 2013 @ 02:09 PM
Guys, can you please stop arguing and just let him continue with his info?

You're just being rude at this point. It is like one or two loudmouths in an audience. It is his thread, let him speak. If you disagree or don't like it, then just please leave.

posted on Jun, 7 2013 @ 02:16 PM

Originally posted by gratefulpleb

I was lucky enough to learn a little bit about maths, physics and probability studying engineering at university. But at the time it bored the tears out of me so I dropped out. On the flip side I got an excellent education in Gran Turismo, getting stoned and listening to music.

So in all likelihood I’m probably not the brightest bulb in the pack and I’m fine with that. In fact the one thing I would feel confident in predicting is that I most likely don’t know the first thing about anything.

Except for the university part(I didnt even get that far, I dropped out during A-Level Applied mathematics), what you said applies directly to me.
Welcome friend!!

posted on Jun, 7 2013 @ 02:43 PM

Originally posted by seamus
Now, I know your questions aren't directed at me, but I figure you're asking because you're looking for an answer that resonates with you, so naturally, the more perspectives you hear, the more likely it is to hear one that does resonate with you... If not... hey, at least I'm not debunking


Hi seamus, thanks for your thoughts.

I've heard these theories before and it just doesn't ring true to me.

As for how it all works, you seem pretty certain. I'm curious, how do you know this?

And, how to you account for things like communicating with people that have died and are on the other side, when their consciousness ceases to exist, and enough time has gone by that they should have reincarnated. They would have to be a form of a "recording" that is being communicated with on the other side, then. Which, isn't "them"... Unless they can bein two places at once, which consciousness cannot apparently do. And they will have no memory of it after they reincarnate...? So, any "afterlife communication with the living" never happened to them in their experience while in the afterlife, so they don't exist in the afterlife (any more than a dream that goes forgotten), etc... See the conundrum?

Let me illustrate it in this way:
Last night I dreamed. Science can prove this. We dream every night. But I don't remember the dreams. I could have dreamt that I was a Roman soldier in a battle doing something epic. But since I don't remember it, I don't know this experience occurred. Let's say a scientist could record the dream and said "you were a Roman soldier doing something epic in your dream last night". I would reply, "uh, okay.", but, of course, "I" was NOT a roman soldier doing something epic because I didn't experience it. This is the critical piece of the entire puzzle of our existence. If I don't recall being this Roman soldier, then I was NOT him. I was only "him" if I remember the dream. The soldier ceases to exist when I wake. But since I never even remembered him, he never existed, to me, in the first place. The same logic holds true with our perception of this life vs soul.

Also, regarding the "electric current" comment I made, this becomes a question of perception and consciousness, again.
Take the analogy of a toy and its batteries:
- A toy exists and functions due to the electrical current running through it from the batteries.
- It is a "toy" behaving properly.
- Remove the batteries and it becomes an object, and ceases to function.
- Put the batteries into another toy, and the new toy begins to function.
- At no point was the toy the "electrical current" that was powering it.
- This current has no consciousness of its own - it is an energy that moves, not aware of itself as the electrical current.
- The current can be analogous to our "soul" or "higher self". But, the issue here is the "egoic mind", the part of our consciousness that identifies as "self". THIS is the conundrum. THIS is what must cease to exist. And if it does cease to exist, then we go right back into the argument I outlined in the other post. We, as conscious beings, cannot exist beyond death. We become an electrical current that powers another person, ignorant of its past life, lessons, learnings, and experiences. Everything that person worked to aspire toward is gone. All the great stories, problems, art, etc, all gone.

The capacity, potential, creativity, uniqueness, individuality, expression, and personality, arguably the very THING that makes us MOST HUMAN, is GONE.

This makes me very sad. Religions and spiritual teachers say we "live on". How can that be when "we" have our minds "wiped" and forget it all? Perception and consciousness require a singular vantage point for reference. Without it, we cannot distinguish our "self" from anyone or anything else. As a result, we cannot refer to ourselves as "I".

This is very basic philosophy (read up on Descartes, a very HUMAN philosopher). Without "I", we simply cannot exist. We require a self-reference point to exist in relation to the "other" things, beings, experiences. Therefore, this "electrical current" doesn't exist in any experiential capacity; therefore "we" cannot "be" this electrical current. It just doesn't add up.

There is logic and there are claims. You've made claims, like we all can, but the logic and philosophy just doesn't support them. I'm sorry, because I want to believe otherwise, in something more beautiful and more grand and something that allows "me" to still be a form of "me" and remember this and other lives, the people in them, the beauty, the pain, the experiences, all of it (well, most of it).
But I just can't get past this logic. And it will take more than simple opinion; it requires some application of logic. I just like to think critically about these things, and I appreciate the discourse, so please don't take this the wrong way!

posted on Jun, 7 2013 @ 03:02 PM

Originally posted by Rapha

Originally posted by NightFlight
Why do "aliens" fear nuclear detonations, more so than earth humans?

According to New Age sites that say they are in contact with aliens, a nuke destroys everything that a human has.
Even the spirit is destroyed.

Now aliens are demons and want as many slaves as possible to attack Jesus's army when He returns on Judgement Day.

Nuking sinners lowers Lucifer's chances of victory on that Final Day in the Valley of Megiddo.

Come on @OP. This is basic knowledge. You should already know this. If you had been to M345 in Sheol you would already know this general information.

Nuclear does not affect spirit at all.

This is a real dreamscape. The nuke is an illusion as well.

This planet has been nuked many times throughout history, all souls exist, all souls have already progressed in No time. We're through the other side. This is the past.

No soul can die or be shredded as sleeper or John Lear talk about.

Dark side plans are illusions they are working for insane goals that are not supported by the reality of this being a dream lab, with all souls safe in the end.

The students are what matter. Think of it this way, the Parents built a school to progress the children. Some believe that the school now is godlike universal laws that can shred a failing student. There isn't a brick on the school that ever matters as much as even the lowest soul in the system. No one fails in the end.

Some of the information people are given here is given to terrify them, make them fear based. When they wake up and connect to their soul they will remember that they know the answers to some of this already.

Something else that was said by the author of this thread is that good souls can be regressed, that its more about mastery of the energies.

That is absolute nonsense. There isn't a Higher Up in existence that allows a good or loving soul to regress. Love is ARK/protection. The soul skills are far less important. We already know them. We ARE. We are our infinite souls and always exist. We ALREADY ARE. We're not here to become master magicians. Waking up and becoming yourself is a wonderful thing. If its done in LOVE. That is the inner gnostic positive in the bible. For its all metaphor for inner processes. However, most people are here to overcome flaws, work on areas they need to develop more, like peace and communication skills say, and be there for loved ones.

The part about the bloodlines like the Queen or Rockefellers, is that they are not going to win the prizes they think. The mastery or draco function of taking soul energies or negative emotional energies, only wins temporal.
Really we blow off all the shadow, dirt and grime when we leave here. And we've either shined up the imperfect part of the infinite Oversoul/Higher Self, ie the flaws in the diamond, or we haven't.

Some are here to help them. They need help, they're the prodigal sons and daughters lost in some very heavy distortions. It all works in their minds, intelligent abstract principles that stack, so to speak, coordinate. Heiroglyphs and cymatic codes. Things that they consider higher and perfect. Its all a trap. Only Love and helping others count.

Humanity may very well be suffering under the weight of lower frequency, willingly forgetting and even being overtaken by lower vibrations in the temporal, just to reach them. Sometimes I think we're doing this to get them out.
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posted on Jun, 7 2013 @ 03:10 PM


I'm not trying to derail this thread! That is not my intention - so let that be known to all.
I find your writings to be entertaining, at the very least, and I am here to learn as much as the rest of ATS.
I already know my "purpose". Ask what is, if you will, and I shall answer.

I think what you have created here is a great thread and would definitely like to help you expand upon it.
What we have to be absolutely clear on, though, is where you gather your information... that should have been number one on your list - as others have vaguely touched upon already.

In an earlier reply to myself you wanted to direct me to Professor Michael Ovenden, the Canadian Astrophysicist in an attempt to explain how the asteroid belt between Mars & Jupiter came into existence.

Why do you wish to direct me to someone else's findings when you stated that;

'...Esoterics is superior to science...' and you have '...with my own consciousness (I have experienced interactions with genuine Black Magicians'.

I could read a book (and have done
) and direct you to it as fact! I don't get it...

I can't understand how you can direct me to the findings of an Earth dweller when you only need to state that through your own personal interactions with BM's and other trans-dimensional beings that you have found this to be true. You have no need for Science of any kind if you have truly touched upon the Astral planes...

I'll stick with my original question too and will await your reply and I am not taking the piss! I am genuine when I ask you the following;

How long will it be before you die?

I ask this as you stated that the physical is not as important as the mental, there are numerous incarnations that we all progress through - when is your next one due? There should be no reason to fear this death or not supply an answer as you know damn well that you're coming back at some point.

~ CrzayFool

posted on Jun, 7 2013 @ 03:14 PM
Hahaha i see this thread has been hijacked by unity 99 ! ET_Man biggest disciple! Talking about metaphor metaphor metaphor! ET_Man was a fraud and a liar who contradicted himself through out his whole thread and i exposed him as private e-mails completely contradicted posts on this site. You brought into it hook line and sinker and still do apparently. Can't take anything you say seriously backing that cult leader clown.

posted on Jun, 7 2013 @ 03:14 PM
Double post
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posted on Jun, 7 2013 @ 03:22 PM
reply to post by TheDude99

As I stated in a previous post several pages back, for those who would like to read only what the OP has to say, and avoid all the bickering here (it does tend to get on a person's nerves after so long), you can pull down the menus under the avatar and hit the "posts in thread" link to read only the OPs posts.

Leave the stress of the immature bickering behind.

Asking them to stop is like banging your head against the wall. :bnghd:

posted on Jun, 7 2013 @ 05:35 PM

Originally posted by sled735
reply to post by Initiate

I even had some kind of creature that, after much research once I acquired the internet, sounded like the description of a New Jersey Devil running past my window at night ( thus my avatar
No one else in the house seemed to hear it, but me. It should have woke everyone up! Did it put them under some kind of "spell" to prevent them from awakening? Are there beings/creatures from other realms that can do that to humans?

My uncle swears he was harrassed for many years by the New Jersey Devil and even tattoo himself with how he seen him. Best I understand the whole incident with the NJ Devil turned him into the sick person he is today.

posted on Jun, 7 2013 @ 05:37 PM
One more question. Are planets growing? Is Pangea just former shape of much smaller planet that expanded over time and continents stretched all over the ocean?

posted on Jun, 7 2013 @ 05:39 PM
Initiate, why are you feeding and responding to the trolls ???

There are people who have asked legitimate questions 15 or so pages ago that have received no responses yet you are taking the time to address and respond to troll posts ???

Why are you taking the time to scold and correct troll posts when they, as you put it, do not matter in the grand scheme of things. It seems very counterintuitive to your entire philosophy.

what does it matter what the trolls say when the people who are really interested in what you have to say are asking you questions, yet you take the time to skip their seeking of knowledge to address trolls ...

why ??
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