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[HOAX] A *NEW* Window of Opportunity: Ask, and ye shall receive.[HOAX]

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posted on Jun, 7 2013 @ 01:27 AM
Greetings Initiate. Thank you for your vast knowledge and your time here.
Please advice about personal spiritual development. What are the efficient means or techniques to achieve higher energy/vibratory levels and mental/consciousness development for average person?
How can one learn to see human auric field?
Pineal gland is third eye. How to decalcify and utilize this gland?
How can be astral/ emotional travel achieved? (I dont remember any of my dreams)
Thank you Brother again for all your work and blessings to you. Mir

posted on Jun, 7 2013 @ 02:50 AM
I am loving that posts this far into the thread...

...written by people who surely must know that the op is overwhelmed with the first few pages...

...are not just asking ONE question, but sending out a laundry list.

we should just shackle him to his desk, don't ya think?

posted on Jun, 7 2013 @ 04:39 AM

Lost my account and somehow I can't get to the mail they are on so I had to make a new account just for this. Though I think I should've done that much earlier. But in case you Initiate ever get to this page without breaking your wrist, here's my question:

Can you explain the soul?
What is it, where does it originate and what is the goal/end/purpose. What is the human body relating to it - meaning can there be a body without a soul? Is there on earth bodies without souls?
I've read a lot about NDE's and past life regressions and in one of them there was a mention that the human body has some low conciousness and souls merge with it (in mutual consent) in pregnancy/birth. Wouldn't that make us parasites

I apologize if this is already asked and if it is, just skip it. There's so much in this thread that I just skimmed for your answers. I got tons to ask, but also I'm sure the questions are already here and some are even answered. I need to go through all this at some point as I have time.

I'm not taking all this as fact, but it is most interesting to read. But it's equally dumb to say it's false as it is to say it's a fact. As you said nothing can be really known unless you experience it yourself.
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posted on Jun, 7 2013 @ 06:29 AM
reply to post by Initiate

i would just like to ask i always felt i have a purpose like im here to do something but never quite figured out what it could be do you have any answers for me? thank you in advance

posted on Jun, 7 2013 @ 08:01 AM
Thank you for caring, thank you for sharing.
The refreshing insights are inspirations of intuitions!
Having only made it to pg28 at the point of writing, a thought arose, seeking expression prior to continuation.
It is likely that the question has arose elsewhere amidst the minds in this thread, or that you may/have touched upon this in further posts beyond this page...though admittedly, your posts are the only ones of interest to me.
We all have free will, and our choices give birth to the lives we live...though we can choose almost anything, though not everything - thus, my it seems my ability to choose, and the choices available could be construed as limitations to free will (though it may be said they are only provided as a consequence of previous choices?..) and humanity's Humanity.
This is progressing to the question of why it seems from your posts, and the general condition of the planet, that the dark ones so easily incarnate, or disincarnate, to influence this planet, while the light ones are (repulsed?) or otherwise averted to such conditions (aside from the disincarnate state of influence?) - and if such choice on their part does not limit the choice of humanity to be Humanity - all things being connected - and themselves?
So if this reasoning is reasonable, would we be more advance if they incarnated more?
Thanks again.


posted on Jun, 7 2013 @ 08:10 AM
reply to post by Initiate

I was waiting to post my next question after things slow down, but every time I get on I see several more pages of questions/comments have been added, so I think I better jump in now before 10 more pages go up.

As you know, after visiting my thread, I have had paranormal experiences all my life. When I was very young (6-14) I had a ghost/demon/evil entity/something, that loved to scare me when I was alone. But all I had to do was ask "God", or my guardian angel to come protect me. As soon as I asked I would feel the presence of a loving being beside me, which comforted me greatly. It always got rid of the "evil" one... until the next time it came back. (Process repeated.)

I even had some kind of creature that, after much research once I acquired the internet, sounded like the description of a New Jersey Devil running past my window at night ( thus my avatar
No one else in the house seemed to hear it, but me. It should have woke everyone up! Did it put them under some kind of "spell" to prevent them from awakening? Are there beings/creatures from other realms that can do that to humans?

I would greatly appreciate your thoughts on why these entities/evil beings targeted me? And who/what do you think it was coming to my aid to run them off?

I am a VERY patient person. As a matter of fact, learning patience is one of the lessons I came to learn in this lifetime. So.... I'll wait for your response; I've already aced the patience exam from other life experiences.

posted on Jun, 7 2013 @ 08:26 AM

Originally posted by Initiate
Some of you might already be aware of the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. That asteroid belt = fragments of a previous planet destroyed by the Lords of the Left-Hand path (who now have taken over Terra). Ponder on this, if you will!

Was quite enjoying this thread until this. You appeared to have a broad knowledge. You failed.
That asteroid belt, in it's entirety, doesn't have enough mass to make a planet. The entire content are equal to about one third of our moon.

Too small to hold onto an atmosphere and thus be too small for life.

I continue reading as you're quite entertaining and I want to see where you go with this but I fear you have shot yourself in the foot.

I find it difficult to accept that someone with great insider knowledge would sit at a desk and type on a human keyboard, for the sake of total strangers.

If your knowledge was true you would have been extinguished by the powers above you. A bit like Seal Team 6...

My question is;

How long is it before you die?

~ CrzayFool
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posted on Jun, 7 2013 @ 08:54 AM
reply to post by egoless

Egoless, when I referred to moral codes, I was referring to psychology and humanists. No, not dogma Christian-wise. Loosely the ten commandments.

As he hasn't posted a moral code that I can see, other than self-assumed responsibilities-that's cool- then, again, an apparent contradiction. I do not see a "moral-code" in psychology or humanists.

Actual practicing Christian who follow/practice their faith and code stand higher in my estimation than those two groups. Yet he holds humanists, generally speaking, higher in enlightenment. There are 10s of thousands, if not 100s of thousands of Christians who involve themselves in charities, even life-long pursuit of helping others. It is they I think of as Christians.

This physical plane does require some co-operation, a moral code, and is connected to the rest, I requested a clarification as a reasonable explanation is possible.

posted on Jun, 7 2013 @ 08:59 AM
reply to post by Mizzijr

It seems your the better teacher than the OP. LOL. There's no need to bash any religion, per say, all strive for the same.

posted on Jun, 7 2013 @ 09:01 AM
reply to post by crzayfool

Hmmm, you omit that not all the mass would have ended up in an orbit/belt, much, if not most would have continued to move outwards and away from the event...

posted on Jun, 7 2013 @ 09:37 AM

Originally posted by EarthCitizen07

Originally posted by subtopia

The asteroid belt does not contain enough matter for a moon let alone a planet destroyed by 'Magi'. FACT

I disgree with your "facts" about this.

Do you relly on NASA for your facts?

It's not even a "Belt" it's an asteroid sphere - forgetting not that we are on 3 dimensions. There are billions upon billions of square miles that the asteroid sphere takes up throughout our solar system too and vaguely guesstimating at how many asteroids there are (some 1cm across and sone maybe 1000miles) still doesn't equate to enough of a planetary mass.

If it were one single planet that were destroyed it would be a 'Belt' with a relatively flat orbit around the Sun. Considering that it's spread thin in a big sphere, though, across a diameter of roughly 1 billion miles indicates that it is not from one source.

Even a planet exploding wouldn't spread that far as we have this massive thing called 'The Sun' attracting all those little bits, as well as the planets in between. There would be evidence everywhere, circling planets like the rings of Saturn.

~ CrzayFool
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posted on Jun, 7 2013 @ 09:58 AM

Originally posted by nwtrucker
reply to post by crzayfool

Hmmm, you omit that not all the mass would have ended up in an orbit/belt, much, if not most would have continued to move outwards and away from the event...

Why does it have to be 'Outward'? How about if they attacked from one side - obliterating it in a general direction.
It sounds to me that you "know" it was blown up from the inside? If blown up at all?
What method did they use to destroy it?

I would have thought a transdimensional, godlike, being would have destructered the molecules themselves or whipped up a quick blackhole for us to disappear in to. Why would such knowledgable things leave so much evidence if they are so secret...

Humans have tested thousands of nuclear bombs on Earth and we're still here... They barely scratch the surface.

What method did they use to crack open the planet - considering it must have been roughly 12,000 miles thick? (based on how big Earth is and how it holds down an atmosphere for us to live - there were living things on that other planet right?) Setting off a million nukes still wouldn't do it as all that energy would simply be deflected off into space a wasted.

Maybe they just waved their wands and said Diffindo! lol

This notion of planet destroying is #ing ridiculous. You're telling me that since they did it the last time they've somehow in their divine stated forgotten how to do it and got weaker?

~ CrzayFool

posted on Jun, 7 2013 @ 09:59 AM

off-topic post removed to prevent thread-drift


posted on Jun, 7 2013 @ 10:11 AM
I would just like to give my view on the things below. They dont seem very objective, IMO, and seem to be coming with a lot of bias.

Originally posted by kennyb72

initiate is very good with words and I believe (I am pretty sure he is a he in this incarnation) his understanding of the structure of our cosmos could be fairly accurate, sadly, what betrays him and makes me question his motives are:
[1]his obvious contempt for humanity
[2]his out of proportion ego
[3]his lack of compassion
[4]his obvious respect for the dark arts
[5]his utter disdain for sentimental love (which is a foundation for higher love)
[6]his general demeanor of belonging to a superior, higher order.

1: I dont see it like that at all. I see some frustration, but "contempt" is certainly an extreme.

I said this in a previous post here: "for someone "in the know", about anything, to share complicated knowledge that requires a sturdy foundation in the subject to really appreciate, it can be very difficult to deal with people who know literally nothing but fantasy about the subject who insist at every turn you are wrong."

The fact he is here, now, trying to give people knowledge, would suggest AGAINST a general feeling of "contempt for humanity". So would the vast majority of his posts in this thread. If he did have contempt, he wouldnt be here.

2: "Out of proportion ego"... can I ask what authority you have to judge what is proportional in terms of ego size, and what is not?

Some ego shows, yes... but it seems that 90% of you are holding this person to some godly standard, when hes never claimed to be godly, nor saintly, nor anything but a human, like everyone else.

Holding a person to a standard which they dont claim to represent is not fair nor objective.

BTW, have you read any ATS in the last several years? There are some ENORMOUS egos on this site, that dwarf anything Ive seen from the OP. I could name 5 off the top of my head.

3: I havnt seen any examples where compassion could have been a theme in this thread. How can you accurately quantify his compassion or lack there of?

Again it seems this person is being held to an unreasonable standard that they themselves do not claim to be representative of.

4: I dont understand how this one could be anything but seeing what one wants to see... Ive read the entire thread... I dont see any "obvious respect" for the "dark arts". I would say he heavily leans towards condemning them... not "respecting" them.

I think the OPs posts have been grossly misinterpreted by many.

5: Again, I recall no examples of where he has expressed any opinions towards any kind of love, let alone "utter disdain" for any of it.

6: This is the same as #2.

The rest of the post sounds rather sanctimonious to me, honestly.


Initiate is not being given a fair chance, and thats what Im arguing here. Whether the information is "right" or not, doesnt really matter. It is clear he believes its right, and that he wants to share it, at least in some way, with those who do not know about it.

But unfortunately most people in this thread are approaching it from a position of ego; a position that there must be a winner and loser, and theyll be damn sure its them whose winning.

Just look at Kennyb72s statement here, from the post quoted above: "because I KNOW you are wrong".

"because I KNOW you are wrong"... is either a reaction of fear, or pride.

I dont think the OP has "contempt" for anyone... but is it really a wonder why so many in all these orders, do in fact have contempt for the average joe? They cant even TRY to help and share the information they believe to be correct without catching exorbitant amounts of flak and resistance for it.

I made a thread about an audio that talks a little about this exact subject... it got hardly any attention at all.

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posted on Jun, 7 2013 @ 10:19 AM

by Argyll

I'm sorry but this is are virtually telling people what questions they should ask! obviously have an agenda to push.

But hey-ho! carry on, there are plenty of people here who will buy into this clap trap

Let me guess.....we just believe that statement blindly? don't have just the slightest crumb of evidence per chance? .....nothing?

How about the fact he has come on here and is telling people what questions they should ask? you think he might be doing that because he's already got his

scripted answers ready?

1) Dear brother,

Never have I told anybody in this thread what to ask. Because of the limited characters allocated to me per post, I was sprinkling hints throughout my responses, so that the members of ATS might feel compelled to ask a question, which would be relevant to their broader understanding of my answers. It is entirely up to you, the reader, by your own divine free volition, to choose what it is you wish to ask. If, for instance, you wish to waste your questions with a missed opportunity, as is the case with you, that too is entirely your prerogative. Remember, I am here to: provoke, stimulate, ennoble, inspire. My provocations have not been of the repulsive kind, but of the attractive. Yes, you can attractively provoke somebody. Let's just call it a cold splash of water, or a gentle jolt in the arm, to awake you from your dogmatic slumber. These are my intentions; ambitions. It is entirely up to ATS to decide how successful I have been in this endeavor; but the success ultimately depends on how my words have affected its individual members. Ponder on these words, dear brother.

2) "Buy into this clap trap."

There's nothing to sell here, dear brother. I have intentionally avoided (as far as reasonably and practically possible) pointing out books, authors, documentaries, movies, magazines, gurus, etc (thusfar, the exception has been the book 'Secret life of plants,' but if you feel this will corrupt your mind and soul [two separate entities!], then by all means, don't fall into my devious traps!).

Further, you have no divine right to attempt to impose yourself and your personal dispositions upon other souls. If you keep up this attitude and behavior, dear brother, we won't be seeing each other for another few eons; and this would greatly sadden me.

3) I have gone out of my way, several times (even prior to you angrily pressing your keys and sending out your grumbling) to implore, beseech the reader of ATS to not take anything I type on faith.

Please note, dear reader: I have not done this, to appear more credible or noble. I have done this, because I would insist you reject my words, unless they resonate with you positively, attractively. If I were to suggest anything else, it would have negative karmic consequences both for myself, and for you, dear reader, which in turn would counteract the entire purpose of this thread.

The last thing I (or my exalted brethren) wish for, is another religion/dogma blindly followed by the masses, who have once more given the keys away to their sacred minds. Your duty on Terra is to develop your own consciousness with your own powers of emotional and mental reasoning; not have others wrest it away from you, as is currently the case with the vacuous and futile political-, economic-, religious-, societal-, academic-, financial-, and legal institutions your slave masters have competently erected. Please ponder on these words, if you will.

4) Having scripted answers would probably have allowed me increased rest and comfort for my back; not to mention demanded from me that I have the gift of exact foresight, which, incidentally, nobody in our cosmos has. Perhaps you'd be wiser to temper your emotions now and ponder on why, exactly, this be so. Thank you, dear brother.

by All Seeing Eye

You mention Illuminati being manipulated by BM. You say you are hear to clarify that which is muddy. Then I offer you the opportunity to clarify the Hollow Earth, and what

role it plays in your view of our reality.

Specifically, why do they hide from us, that being the inhabitants of the hollow, and, why did they hide from us in the first place.

And, do they play any role in manipulating our institutions, our freewill based in honest knowledge.

A non response from you will not translate to "It isn't real". It will simply mean you are not prepared to answer my questions.

You want to enlighten us? Please do.

1) Nothing I have experienced in this present incarnation, suggests the Earth be hollow in either the positive or the negative. I will not be sitting for hours, reading/watching literature that may clarify this, because if I so choose, I could find out by simply traveling there. Never have I felt the urge to do so, because it is unimportant. I promise you, the Earth is not governed from that realm, but from the supra-physical planes.


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posted on Jun, 7 2013 @ 10:19 AM
Continuation of my response to All Seeing Eye:

The high-level Illuminati contact agents as well as rarely the actual BMs in certain ritualistic gatherings beyond the public view/consciousness (this doesn't occur at Bohemian Grove or other low-level geographical locations your worshipful gurus proselytize). The ones you read about in Icke's books or Svali's/O'brien's/etc 'revelations' are all low-level, if even that. Many of them are simply ensnared politicians and other public figures, pathetically deceived and promised great fruits to come (which never come). They pick out their true leaders based solely on spiritual merit. Anybody who claims otherwise, is deceiving you. They are not stupid enough to waste time on superficial attributes like family 'name,' 'reputation,' 'bloodline,' etc.

It doesn't work that way, despite many false prophet's insistence that it does. Do you honestly believe that the Dark Brotherhood, who have willingly abjured their humanity, and are in some cases eons ahead of mankind in development (albeit the repulsive kind), would waste an iota of consciousness energy on something as primitive as one's biological heritage?

That type of underestimation will do you no good. The enemies of evolution are far more cunning than this, dear reader.

As I have tried to make abundantly clear before: people need to stop getting bogged down with meaningless details. They serve to further distract you from your principal responsibilities, all the while injecting a merry penny into the pockets of the fear-mongers. This world is not about 'them-vs-us,' despite appearances (please ponder on my essays on "the cult of appearances/the cult of personality/the cult of speculation" again, if you will). You're wasting time by entertaining yourselves with petty amusements not very unlike the ones stimulating the very same repulsive emotional molecules propounded by your media establishments.

It is another form of entertainment, disguised as pseudo-profundity. These entertainments do not ennoble, but stimulate repulsions, which serve the purposes of both the Illuminati, and their masters. This is why they still exist. This is why, your captains of society continue to allow their publications.

People think they are 'awake,' and 'in-the-know' as they lustfully pick up their latest copy of Nexus magazine, or Icke's latest newsletter, or New Dawn, Dot Connector,..., or watch the latest youtube conspiracy video, or tune in to Alex Jone's latest rants, etc.

Please do not misunderstand: those periodicals do indeed contain some useful information, but how much longer is humanity going to pile up information upon its dusty book shelves, drawers, pamphlet holders, all the while its fellow brothers on Terra continue to be subjugated, dispossessed and thrown by the wayside?

How much longer shall you procrastinate? Another 50 thousand incarnations of suffering? Let me tell you: there is no limit as to the amount of incarnations any being may go through in this cosmos. The 'limit' entirely depends on you, the reader. Procrastinating your divine duties by entertaining yourselves with gossip, fear, elite conspiracies and the like, will merely entail many more insufferable incarnations to come; I promise you.

Ponder on these words, dear ATS, and my time here will have served an important purpose.

I can tell you that my brothers have published literature, centuries ago, which would suggest a hollow Earth along with its inhabitants. Personally, this has never fascinated me, because I know that while extensive underground establishments exist, they are ultimately powerless in the grand scheme of things.

If humanity were to join together right this moment in emotional and mindful unity, I promise you, no BM, no Illuminati member and its henchmen, would be able to do a single harmful thing to this Earth and its people. Not even the slightest thing. The physical world is nothing, compared to the power of the higher realms embracing this planet. The divine law is real and it can never be breached. The BMs know this. The Illuminati know this. Many of their henchmen know this. This is also why, they continue to pump your undisciplined minds with fear.

It has proven most fertile ground for their evil machinations hitherto. My mission here is to insist that this is not so; that you have been deceived by the cult of appearances. There is more to this world, than what your faintly conscious eyes will permit to glimpse.

by JoeP2247

Let me say -I think you are really funny...............

And I am impressed you actually got any responses - how much is your "newsletter".....?

Dear brother, I'd prefer to be enlightening, than funny. I sell no newsletter. In fact, I have already warned against such stupidities and mindless distractions in my previous posts. Please read them, dear brother.

posted on Jun, 7 2013 @ 10:42 AM

Originally posted by crzayfool

Originally posted by Initiate
Some of you might already be aware of the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. That asteroid belt = fragments of a previous planet destroyed by the Lords of the Left-Hand path (who now have taken over Terra). Ponder on this, if you will!

Was quite enjoying this thread until this. You appeared to have a broad knowledge. You failed.
That asteroid belt, in it's entirety, doesn't have enough mass to make a planet. The entire content are equal to about one third of our moon.

Too small to hold onto an atmosphere and thus be too small for life.

I continue reading as you're quite entertaining and I want to see where you go with this but I fear you have shot yourself in the foot.

I find it difficult to accept that someone with great insider knowledge would sit at a desk and type on a human keyboard, for the sake of total strangers.

If your knowledge was true you would have been extinguished by the powers above you. A bit like Seal Team 6...

~ CrzayFool
edit on 7-6-2013 by crzayfool because: Clarity - because it is enough, even when you're not divine

I have temporarily skipped ahead in the questions, just to quickly respond to this user, who seems to enjoy disrupting the flow of communication, with his erroneous beliefs.

Dear brother, please study the research conducted by Canadian Astrophysicist, Professor Michael Ovenden. What you claim is a pure fiction. Large chunks of that destroyed planet were blown beyond solar orbit.

It is completely false, to presume that the current mass-energy of the Asteroid belt is the only mass-energy that ever lingered in that region.

Please re-read my essays on the cult of appearances and the cult of speculation, ere you further clutter this thread with blatant falsehoods and accusations as to my person.

Cease your intellectual laziness, if you will, and try to exercise due 'patience,' along with suspended judgment; that which I have expressed in the past to be: a working hypothesis.

Thank you dear brother.

I ask that other members in this forum stop cluttering the thread with their "Eureka!" moments, so that I may be permitted to aptly address their queries in due course, with all due respect to the other members, who have exercised their patience and diligence thus far. Please, dear ATS, let us prove to the world, that we are a little above the barbarian stage of development; if only to attract others to study this discourse and apply their own powers of comprehension, without accusing one another of wrongdoing. Thank you.

posted on Jun, 7 2013 @ 10:42 AM

Do you think you can stop me?

I have not given up the "Dark Path" as you call it (I hate that it is called that, it sounds so repulsive) and will continue to walk it. There is much more a free-flow of information and no selfishness from others who think that what they hide now will not be uncovered and will benefit them in the future, somehow.
My Brothers and Sisters and the inbetween mingle and we share information as to empower eachother and fight for supremacy - what is success if there was no competition to get you there? If you failed to be at the top you were too weak this time round. We all know this will never end and we can all be at the top - we all become more powerful and there is no ultimate ruler! You preach submissiveness!

Your path, there will always be one to answer to. It is what you strive for! To be "Good" you must prove to others, and to prove to others, above or below, means that you are under control.

Come visit me and we'll discuss this further. You, know where to find me.

posted on Jun, 7 2013 @ 11:16 AM

I have temporarily skipped ahead in the questions, just to quickly respond to this user, who seems to enjoy disrupting the flow of communication, with his erroneous beliefs.

I have temporarily stopped reading the rest of this thread, just to quickly respond to this user, who seems to enjoy disrupting the flow of communication, with his erroneous beliefs.

You ask me to study the research conducted by one Canadian Astrophysicist, Professor Michael Ovenden? 

One guy to support your proposed explanation for a phenomenon. DAFUQ!

You break your chronology to reply to A user to try and halt information that will break your argument?
Are you, maybe, clambering at the sides because your well thought masterpiece isn't going the way you wanted it to...

It's ok! You were too weak this time round! There will another go to catch up.

Thank you dear brother. 
(Please refrain from calling me that again. You are not). 

posted on Jun, 7 2013 @ 11:17 AM
Now, I know your questions aren't directed at me, but I figure you're asking because you're looking for an answer that resonates with you, so naturally, the more perspectives you hear, the more likely it is to hear one that does resonate with you... If not... hey, at least I'm not debunking

Originally posted by TheDude99[...]
- why do/did the White Brotherhood "leave" us sometimes, like you mentioned? Doesn't love mean sticking it out even through the tough times?
Sometimes 'sticking it out' translates to leaving a stubborn loved one to their own devices for a while such that the universe has the opportunity to give them enough pain to get their attention. Some of us are quite reluctant to grow, and pain is the best attention-getter we have at this level of development.

- why are the BMs doing so well and the WMs apparently sucking so badly?
That could be a POV that is particular to you. Do some reading in the human potential movement and I think you'll find that there are a lot of people who are attempting to spread a message of empowerment.

[...]- can you give us some hope? All your knowledge hasn't filled me with much, frankly

You can't mess this up. You're experiencing a pre-recorded message. Within the construct we call 'life' we do not have 'free will' to do anything that would take us off our track, and you would be surprised at the level of micro-management built into your plan. You have free will at the level of being outside of this 'simulation', if you will, to choose what life you want to live, but once living it, you are pretty much stuck with it. Just like watching a DVD.

- Regarding reincarnation... This is a big one for me:
The logic doesn't add-up, and this has taken a great deal of thought, but hear me out, please:
1 - we live, then die, and apparently experience an afterlife.
2 - we hang out "over there" feeling great (or bad) for awhile, learn some stuff, life-review maybe, etc.
3 - then, we choose to "come back" to Earth (Terra) at some point.
It's very important to note that you don't necessarily come back to the same or later point in time. On the 'other side', time as we know it does not exist. You could very well come back next to live in Catal Huyuk as a "Bee Queen Priestess".

4 - our mind gets wiped, and we cannot remember anything before our most recent birth.
That is only our egoic mind, and that does not need to be wiped, as each lifetime has its own egoic mind that goes with it (think of it as a mask). Who you really are, the divine facet, does not forget, but part of the ride here on earth is for us to 'agree to forget' our 'soul past' except under certain extreme circumstances (such as NDEs or certain kinds of regression)

NOW - if this is true, then it is analogous to a dream that we don't remember. It happened, but we cannot recall it. Therefore, experientially speaking, it didn't actually exist. What is not remembered is not experienced.
please note my last comment on 'agreeing to forget'.

- The dream didn't exist if it isn't remembered.
- The past life didn't exist... if it isn't remembered.
Therefore, there is no "consciousness" that continues on. "We" as we know it, cease to exist.
the egoic mind goes back into 'storage'. You may some day 'play it again' if it's a favorite.

But some sort of "electrical current" may continue on.
That is who you really are, and it's a lot more than electric current.

- The only exception is the case of a sort of great "hard drive in the sky" that records everything, [...] Like a movie.
that you can watch at will.

[...] How can we perceive another consciousness as ourselves?
Mirror, mirror, on the wall.

WE as individuals, our "conscious" selves, do NOT live on, according to this logic. Which is tremendously sad to me. We cannot remember experiencing the afterlife, therefore it doesn't exist. No matter how you argue it, a wiped mind recalls nothing before its birth, therefore, even if we float around in heaven (or "hell") for 80-300 years, we are never going to remember it, therefore, it doesn't exist. [...]
I trust my information has clarified that

AND, if you were to follow this logic further, it leads to this:
- we are each incarnating as "another", "new", and "different" person.
- we could incarnate many, many times.
- and, if we can transcend time between incarnations, we can theoretically incarnate as every single person that has ever existed / or ever will exist. We quite literally ARE every single person, given enough time to reincarnate. Since we don't remember it, it may as well be infinite.
- this is only further proof of unity, that we all are truly "one".
What are your thoughts on this?

Thanks for being me!

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