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Help I am concerned...

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posted on Feb, 14 2013 @ 04:59 PM
reply to post by GermanShep

Our bodies have internal clocks that are incredible. Have you ever woken up before you alarm? Even if it's not your usual alarm? Or have you ever put food in the oven or microwave and, without looking at a clock, happened to go out when it's almost finished?

It's the same thing. You put importance on this time, so your body says, "Okay, every hour on the 11s, you got it, chief" and it keeps watch. The cause could be anything. When you're a kid, 11:11 is neat because all the spaces on a digital clock are filled and they're all the same number. After 9/11, 9:11 became a time of note. A major factor is that you're here on ATS where 11:11 is regarded as something important.

If you were already noticing 11s, then that gives it even more importance, because every one else is experiencing it too. But, really, probably, it's just every one feeding everyone else's body clock with information.

As for what to do about it, if it's effecting your life then you might want to see somebody about it. If it's just weirding you out, then just calm down and stop regarding it as anything important. It will take time, but eventually your body clock will re-adjust. Like during summer, when you didn't have school and your body stopped thinking it always had to wake up early.

And, like Druscilla said, we are excellent at picking needles out of haystacks. Consider how many others time you look at a clock. And where is the clock, usually? If it's on your computer, then your peripheral vision is probably picking up on the 11s.
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posted on Feb, 14 2013 @ 05:34 PM
I just want to re-assure the OP that this phenomenon is nothing to fear or "freak out"
about. Consider yourself special, not everyone (apparently) is experiencing it. I don't
believe its the devil or that you are under attack or that anything is wrong with you

I do believe it is a telepathic signal picked up in the sub-conscious mind.

I've been experiencing it since 1996 and nothing bad has happened to me
(except the third eye that appeared one day out of nowhere), no, no, that was a joke,
just kidding (kind of).

Rebel 5

posted on Feb, 14 2013 @ 05:49 PM
Just a question (out of curiosity) for the OP, you didn't happen to have a pre-cognitive dream
just before (or just after) you began to experience this phenomenon, and had you ever heard
of this phenomenon before you began to experience it?

Rebel 5

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posted on Feb, 14 2013 @ 06:00 PM
reply to post by Nightaudit

Actually the movie was "The Number 23" and I believe the movie was an attempt to debunk
the 1111 phenomenon. There is a scene in the movie where Jim Carrey is asleep and his
alarm clock goes off waking him up. He looks over at his clock and it reads 11:11 and then
a moment after he looks at it it flips to 11:12, which of course adds up to 23.
The point is it first clearly read 11:11 and apparently set his alarm to the time of 11:11
for some reason not explained in the show.

I would say if, like in the movie, you're adding up numbers and doing all kinds of things to
try and see the pattern then it probably is some kind of OCD or something, I don't know
I am not a psychiatrist or expert in the field of mental health.

Rebel 5

posted on Feb, 14 2013 @ 07:13 PM

Originally posted by micpsi

Originally posted by SpearMint
I bet you see a lot of others numbers as well, you just notice recognisable ones like 11:11. This happens all the time.

That's a dishonest argument. Firstly, you beg the question by making the assumption without evidence that he sees just as many other numbers yet you ignore the problem for your explanation why he seems to remember only 11:11. It does NOT happen all the time. That is to deny what the OP is claiming. What only happens all the time is his seeing just ONE combination - which is clearly not normal because it defies chance. Of course, you know that and so you had to pretend it is not really happening by proposing that he is obsessed only with ONE number. Which begs the question because it fails to explain why he should focus only on one of the many numbers you fantasize he notices but ignores during the course of each day.


Well firstly, calm the hell down.

Secondly I did not know that, it is not mentioned in the OP.

Thirdly, it does happen all the time, it's a very common phenomena.

Fourthly, if the times are just times ending in 11 then there are 24 chances for that to happen every day. The chances are actually quite good that at some point at least one of these numbers will be seen. In fact as I write this it's 11:11 am. If it's any double digit then it's extremely likely.

Fifthly, I don't believe for a second that these are the only times that OP sees, it doesn't make sense. What if OP consciously decides to look at a clock a minute after seeing 3:11, it's going to be different. If that's not that case then THAT defies chance.

sixthly, clocks tell different times, clocks don't have some mystical link with time, which makes any time that appears to be significant quite insignificant. Even if OP saw one of these numbers every time they looked at a clock it wouldn't mean anything,

Read the information between the OP and my reply, I cannot see in to the future and read information that has not been posted yet. I think you are the one that has failed.

posted on Feb, 16 2013 @ 07:08 AM
reply to post by rebelv

Hi Rebel, I do appreciate our conversation as well.

You said that you wanted to address the subconscious before yet you didn´t. And you didn´t address it in this post either.

You say that the phenomenon is real and I agree. To you it is as real as the ground beneath your feet. That is because you made it real. Pattern recognition through the subconscious is an explanation of it, it doesn´t mean the phenomenon is less real to you because of that.

But let us consider that it is real for a second. We are not the first beings on this planet and the internet is a wonderful resource f information. Maybe you could try to find someone who had the phenomenon in the 60s or 70s already? Maybe they grew up to find a meaning? Or to find it meaningless?

That would be a point to start.

I have to fully expect that the answer you hope for won´t come. As we have seen the numerology approach countless times already. And I do know that I am using the term numerology quite generously here, but it all ties together.

The point is that our brains can do amazing things. Would you not agree that religious extremists live in a world that they have created for themselves to a degree? That they are afraid of things that are very real to them (homosexuals and the westboro baptist church for example) but normal to the rest of us.

I do not want to compare you to that, do not get me wrong. But what I want to say is that humans are able to fully and wholeheartedly believe in something that is not really there.

And when we understand why and through what mechanisms that happens, we can understand a little how our own conscious mind is put together. And conditioning and pattern recognition is a big part of that.

I do not want to say that there aren´t any unexplained mysteries in the world either, but I do not think that we should hang on to false ones to enforce our beliefs.

I think the true wonders in this world and the reflection of "god" if you will, is in the relationships we build over our lifetime. Friends, loved ones and family. That is what every dying soul worries about.

So, I think we should be open for new ideas, but most important of all we have to acknowledge or own imperfections. It took me a while to get rid of a few ideas that I had buried myself into. But it is worth it to gain a rational perspective.

In life it is almost always the middle way that is the right one.

Anyway, I certainly do not know everything, and I can´t say for sure that there is no special meaning in your case. But considering all the others who have claimed the same in the past and then paddled back or went silent....

I have to doubt it.

posted on Feb, 16 2013 @ 07:17 AM
You are most likely fixated on those numbers. We pass road signs all the time and they only register in our subconcious. We never turn our heads to read then unless they interest us. For instance, A lot of laundrymat signs are installed upside down. This forces us to turn our heads and read it as it does not register unless we do. If you are fixated on something, you look for it. You most certainly are fixated on those numbers. Fixate on naked super models on trampolines. A much more enjoyable fixation.

posted on Feb, 16 2013 @ 07:20 AM
reply to post by rebelv

Well, you are on the right track already. OCD can be compared with number obsessions like yourselves.

Even the thought that the movie could have been written, financed, casted, produced, marketed and released as an attempt to debunk the 11:11 thing it SO far off the mark and reality that you should start to worry a little.

Let´s see this from a rational point of view, ok?

Let´s say you walk through a typical american city and ask 100 people if they have heard of the "11:11 phenomenon", how many people do you think would know about it? And really try to be realistic here, you are asking everybody. Kids, older people, housewives, business man, students, cabdrivers and simply everyone else who walks around.

Now, how many do you think have heard of it? One? Two maybe? I think it would be more like 1 in 1000 or something.

the point is, that only a very small percentage of the population in the developed countries believes in this. So few that it wouldn´t really justify an 8 figure movie to deal with it.

How many TV specials have you seen about it? How many news articles?

Let´s be honest. There aren´t that many people who believe in this. It is just that most of them who DO are members here...
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posted on Feb, 17 2013 @ 06:10 PM
reply to post by Nightaudit

Thanks Nightaudit (I hope I got that right)

Yes, I didn't address it in my reply, but I did address it in another post,
about the sub-conscious;

I believe it is a telepathic transmission that is received by
the sub-conscious mind. I have no idea how to explain it.

Somehow, they transmit it to you, and then you just experience it
through the day, almost as if you are given a post-hypnotic
suggestion to see the number.

Its like the whole 'Is being gay a choice are are you born that way?'

I guess you have to start experiencing it for yourself, to actually know
that the explanation you are giving (which I'm sure explains a lot of
mental phenomenon) does not apply in this case.

I never decided to start seeing the number, it just started happening.

I am not aware of anyone seeing 1111 before the early nineties.

I could be wrong. And I also don't believe in numerology.

I believe they are E.T. telepathic transmissions to the sub-conscious

That's the only sense I can make of it.

Either that or the government is trying to target people and
drive them crazy, like in the movie THE NUMBER 23 (the guy
is crazy in the movie, but not from the government)

Either way, it's not making me crazy, but others might think

I'm just trying to make sense of a phenomenon that I

In a previous analogy somebody compared it to buying a car
and then suddenly seeing that same car all over the place when
you hadn't before-- well, I certainly have experienced that, and
was aware of the phenomenon as soon as it was occurring.

The correct analogy (I believe) in this case is that for no
reason at all that you can tell, you start to notice Yellow
Camero's even though you have never owned one nor have
you ever known anyone who owned one, and yet suddenly
one day you start seeing them all over the place, well
beyond chance or coincidence.

The number 1111 is insignificant to me, and has no meaning
to me, other than I have been experiencing the phenomenon.

Sorry if I didn't address other questions.

Rebel 5

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edit on 17-2-2013 by rebelv because: syntax

posted on Feb, 17 2013 @ 06:38 PM

Here is a little fact for you: Everybody of us sees these numbers from time to time, it is a statistical inevitability. Some people don´t think any of it, and some few people start to think about it. And then pattern recognition starts and then posts like yours are produced.

Here's another little fact: sometimes things happen that defy rational explanations (which isn't even surprising, considering how severely limited our little computer, the ratio, is).

Selective attention and memory definitely is the first thing that comes to mind. It probably explains considerably more than 90 % of such cases.
But sometimes it doesn't.

The underlying assumption seems to be that all people are never aware of their thoughts and attention flow. Wrong. Some people are acutely aware of their thought processes as a rule. Yet things like this still happen to them.

I've had periods when I looked at the PC clock maybe six times a day - I have the luxury of not having to live by clocks and watches - and every time I saw a duplicate number only: 22:22, 23:23, 16:16, 13:13 and so on.
It wasn't that I didn't register or remember the other ones; I only saw those numbers.

Even more strangely, a close relative of mine (who doesn't live in the same household) experienced the same during the same short period of time, which we only found out later.
(So, no - we weren't "weirdos" feeding off each other. I'll refrain from speaking about myself, but the only "weird" thing about that relative I am referring to are her staggering IQ and introspection.)

I am sure selective attention is the most likely answer to the OP's case.
But it's not the only answer.
And it's OK not to have an answer to everything.

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posted on Feb, 17 2013 @ 06:54 PM
reply to post by Nightaudit

Thanks for that last poster.

I just wanted to address a couple of other points you made in another post.

I have never been and am not obsessed with numbers.

And to address another point, I'll give you an example of a recent event.

I got a phone call from number 1111111111 on the 2nd of February.

It was just one example of the many ways the phenomenon expresses itself.

The last point I wanted to address is an anecdote:

I started experiencing the phenomenon in 1996. I only spoke about it with one
other person, someone hosting an AOL chat room unrelated to the subject
but she claimed she was psychic so I told her what I was experiencing
and asked her what she could tell me about it.
She told me that she and her husband had been experiencing seeing
1111, since 1992 and she had no explanation to give me beyond that.

In 2002, I was in a van. The person driving the van was a friend of a good
friend of mine. I mentioned that I was experiencing the 1111 thing to my friend,
when this guy, who was just an acquaintance, literally slammed on his brakes,
brought the van to a stop, turned around to look at me sitting behind him
and exclaimed "You're seeing it too! I thought I was the only one."

Since then, I have had similar experiences with others regarding
this phenomenon.

Rebel 5

posted on Feb, 17 2013 @ 07:23 PM
I see 333 everywhere, I always look at a clock at 3.33 and generally see it in my gaming scores, written in places and it just pops up when I'm not expecting.

It's weird.

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