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You Are A Firework ---Cleanse and Shine!!!!

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posted on Jul, 24 2012 @ 11:02 AM
We have clues all around us? Hidden in our religions also. We should question everything.

3 Keys I learnt from someone else, but make more sense than any of the programs we get told, and alike to what I've written in the past and posts.

Iodide, detox all impurities and even parasites, and clean the pineal and the pituitary gland, thalamus.

Alkaline diet, the light code for 777 is 7.77. Lots of fruit and only fish/chicken, use your inner guidance too! Sometimes we need to make sure we're getting the fatty vitamins for our teeth and bones, such as those found in liver and organic eggs, unpasterized milk, so really search out what is right and what is kind.

All creatures great and small are our brothers and sisters too, the animals are our little brothers and sisters, though whales could consider us asleep really, so there is some room for stretching between little and big there, but how we treat others, with love and respect and consideration, certainly makes their own progress healthy or traumatized.

And lastly, be of Good heart. Think positive thoughts. Think and Do, Speak and Act positively.

Then do what The Real Christ Consciousness Message was all along, off planet even, older than the old testament and Romes' Media and Book of Tricks and Lies and Smiting and Gore, and War, but truly the oldest of all,

If thine eye be single.....!!!!!

And then shine.

Katy Perry - Firework

This is the test, always has been and always will be. Wake up and shine. Earth's shield needs us, to hold it up high.

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posted on Jul, 24 2012 @ 11:04 AM
If you count back on the Bible, 666 chapters and then on psalm 46, count down 46 words, and also do the same counting up from the bottom 46 words, but leave out the selah What do you get? And why?

Is history rewritten?

The old is newer than the new, for the new was a tale as old as time.

Word 46 (down) ______ + Word 46 (up) ____ = ???
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posted on Jul, 24 2012 @ 11:05 AM

Katy Perry - Wide Awake

posted on Jul, 24 2012 @ 11:14 AM
With all the dark codes in the bible and their symbols and designs, well after the colorado incident and the 777 and its darker meanings, all along, well there is a LIGHT CODE to everything, do we sink in frequency or rise in positivity.

I'm reclaiming all numbers as good. The PH test should read 7. 77.


Turn it all to LOVE and LIGHT!

posted on Jul, 24 2012 @ 11:54 AM

Good info.

I personally think Iodide is important, but extreme caution needs to be exercised when taking this as a supplement.

I have a past thread on Iodide, the difference/uses and foods containing naturally occurring traces



posted on Jul, 24 2012 @ 11:56 AM
Katy Perry's videos are part of an Agenda I want no part of...

posted on Jul, 24 2012 @ 12:42 PM
reply to post by abeverage

Agenda? Don't know, as on earth, we have as major players, therefore they're the ones who get the media out, the Empire and the Jedi's, and so of course, there can be agenda.

Then there is going BEYOND all of it and the squabbles. BEYOND to the Higher Levels of Love We Came From.

And so, in the ocean of songs and ideas, those 2 reflect what we need to do, and retell the Christ message, a tale as old as time, wake up and shine your light, remember and wake up. Be good, shine the True Light and Love and Goodness into the world.

That is it, in a nutshell.

Don't know what the sides here would use her songs for.

But if they are, I reclaim that and make the song shine then!

posted on Jul, 24 2012 @ 12:45 PM
reply to post by Realtruth

The amounts he gave, for the pure crystals, which I've ordered, was to start with 1/32 level tsp, and then go to 1/8 tsp in about a couple months and stay for 5 or so months and then just daily amount. That is the detox amount. Not just pineal, but whole body detox. Plus you have to cleanse the liver, and naturally is best, for all the contaminants will go to the kidneys and liver in that time period.

Your thread is really good. The trophic iodine I was taking was in mcgs, so its really not enough. And the most common pill form is 50 mgs. Which is very expensive if you're sharing with a big family, considering the price.

So your information is very good. What I'm planning on is to go to the detox level of 1/8 level tsp crystals, which I've ordered, my birthday present to the family. and then after 7 months, drop back to 1/32 or whatever works out roughly at around 50m mgs.

I also have, just in case its needed, directions for taking commercial animal grade iodide, and making pure crystals.
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posted on Jul, 24 2012 @ 01:06 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

Ok I am a little lost at what you are saying. I have been trying to open my mind more to the alternative. All I know is the song says one thing but videos convey another.

posted on Jul, 24 2012 @ 01:17 PM
reply to post by abeverage

The song says what?

The wide awake one says this: things arent what they seem. I was falling with an open heart. Which to me means, she thought all was rosy and sweet, had things worked out, the way the media portrays good and evil, and the religions, all programming to war, obedience and slavery by the way, not to inner searches, the kingdom is within.

And gravity hurts. Yup. I remember home, gravity pain, murder, anger, fights hurts.

Then, she wakes up, the right door opens, and she sees its all corrupt.

Even the horned guys, the little girls faces them without fear. Size doesnt matter. Right makes might, and they get out of there, to find themsevles in another maze, and some fairy tale guy, or maybe he's a good et comes up and she punches him out, she sees through the maze/the matrix, and is going home.

The only thing that could be argued against the video is this:

We're not supposed to punch them out! We need to not harm anyone.

But then he probably wasnt even real. Are they ever real.

And was she really saying, I don't need a white knight to rescue, sorry. You're just another piece of candy, another poisoned apple to take my power away?

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posted on Jul, 24 2012 @ 01:22 PM
Now lets look at the other song, I love it. The Fireworks. This is the message of Christ, that they distorted in the Bible. They made it obey a church.

No, it was wake up, go within, be Kind and STO and Postiive and awaken your pineal, the rivers of water, Genesis 32 30 ,the city Jacob met God In, the Single Eye, that brings light to your whole body and to the world, the whole reason we're here. Go within and connect to your Source/Soul, and question everything, including your religions, what the minister says, what the leaders say, what the media says, what the history books say, and look deeply.

Wake up and shine Love and help others.

And in the video she makes, about doing just that, she chooses the persecuted the ones the UN have agendas against, the overweight, the gays, and then you see the cancer victim and the children affected by the abuse.

And she says, your one of a kind, SHINE. Empowerment, individuality, no two snowflakes alike.

I can even go one step further and combine her song with this, Do It Your Way, Shine Your Unique Ray and Light in, its the master test:

Kung fu panda Tigress - I did it my way

posted on Jul, 24 2012 @ 01:29 PM
I'll give a little bit on this , SHINE and also I DID IT MY WAY, and the TESTS, we're all Infinite Parts of Infinity.

There are no thrones and worship the king. There is Equality and Love and yes Levels or Grades, that we all walk through, sometimes with stumbles and falls and what feels like long regressions, but we turn it around.

Lets turn it around! Shine our lights into this dark world and make a difference. Show them what we're made of.
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posted on Jul, 24 2012 @ 02:18 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

Please let me know the results. I am very curious to know how well this works and if you experience any problematic symptoms.

posted on Jul, 24 2012 @ 02:34 PM
reply to post by Realtruth

Yes, I will. Just something I would like to report though already. We do take the iodine drops off and on, and my sons have apraxia. Now my 12 year old just got out of the special courses into regular and into middle school. He was sick alot since Fukushima and also struggling to adjust, and missed alot of school. He and the youngest fight. So I get them to meditate, hemisync types for the rewiring potential of the hemipsheres to overcome the neurology short they have. And iodide. And also work on reminding them they are the light, and to be positive, and kind to each other.

So either the iodide or the binaurals or BOTH, resulted in my 12 year old in summer school math, getting nearly everything right, getting 95.3 when the class is in the 80's it said in the mid report, and 36/35 on his quiz, the only one to get that his teacher said, ie. bonus question was given hence the extra mark. And he said he looked at the new material today and right away it was like 1 2 3 to him, plus he was bored picking out video games, he found them boring.

His score is basically 100% because he has super comprehension, and only rushed to get out of class a few days, but all his recent work is 100% and done quickly too.

I told him, we'll go for a science project next birthday, eh?

We're going to get him into electronics, wiring, sautering, and even building ham radio like his uncle sometime soonish. Money matters too of course.
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posted on Jul, 24 2012 @ 02:35 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

Yes the song is great as are many these days but the video flips it and makes it something darker. It is duelism at its finest.

posted on Jul, 24 2012 @ 02:42 PM
reply to post by abeverage

I don't see the dark code in it. Its all light to me.

It shows the ugly matrix this world really is.

In fact, after the UN gun control goals and then this recent shoot out on a very coded date, with black jack 777, or 21, in it and 9/11.

I thought, yeah right. Well the Light is shining, and that is already going to be turned to correct the code. That is the PH we all need.

What creeps and liars and distorters of truth they all are.

And behind the door with the Serpent or Goddess, or KGB conman, or Fool, (all the ancient knowledge, OR, all the current crop of truthers we all disregard and are taught to laugh at, in ufology, in alternative media, etc etc)
Is the Truth, or Light Squares, only they aren't even full, they're just slivers of truth and distorted info.

Don't look over there, just obey.

Its all about Love and Goodness and keeping our temples in good repair, including our Thalamus, Pituatary, and Pineal, and really shining in our individual lights.

There isn't anythign I saw there that was a dark code.

Furthermore, her eyes. If you havn't noticed the self absorbed shallow, cold eyes most stars have.

Well I avoid the media and rarely listen to their stars.

Her eyes, are intelligent, aware, and when she smiles, she smiles with her eyes.

posted on Jul, 24 2012 @ 02:49 PM
this is what I pick up from this song Unity_99

feeling hopless

charge up your energy
and shine

shine high and bright for many to see you
as they would see a firework (see or feel your vibes)

don't feel lost or useless
pick yourself up and RISE

(dont let life dull you down to where you feel like you dont matter)

THE DARKNESS HAS NO CHOICE BUT TO HIDE OR EVADE YOU and those shining bright with you

MAY = SOMETHING WILL BRIGHTEN UP THE SKIES POSSIBLY or saying to shine bright in the darkness like the moon does at nite

to me she is sending uplifting vibes to her music audiance NOT TO GIVE UP IF IT GETS HARD ON THEM OR (VIBRATE ON AS POSITIVE LEVEL AS THEY CAN IN ORDER TO SHINE)


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posted on Jul, 24 2012 @ 02:53 PM
reply to post by Ophiuchus 13

She's doing more, its connected to her song I'm Awake! She is telling them the real knowledge that anyone who is awake knows, to reach inside, for the truth, and we're all unique wonderful rays and we're needed. Show them what you're made of, light up the sky, SHINE SHINE SHINE. We're all meant to be Christ/Budda. What they hide i the religions. And that is the Old Knowledge, A Tale Older Than Time. The New Testament Older Than the Old, which has portions written in the middle ages even.

That is the TEST.
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posted on Jul, 24 2012 @ 02:56 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

I understand that. How do you feel about her Alien song, not to derail also?

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posted on Jul, 24 2012 @ 02:59 PM
reply to post by Ophiuchus 13

I just discovered her. Never heard it yet, will check it out. But for the theme of what I wrote, based on someone who posts elsewhere, and also connecting to my own posts up until now of being positive STO to open your insight on the right frequency and my posts on the iodide information, I've found So his information just synchronized it all. I owe this to him but can't link him on this thread.

But the ideas put here belong to everyone and its my wording. No one owns it.

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