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You Are A Firework ---Cleanse and Shine!!!!

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posted on Jul, 24 2012 @ 03:04 PM
reply to post by Ophiuchus 13

I have seen that one, didn't know the artist. Its OK. I don't like high tech, dark side feels. I see only LOVE AND LIGHT AND FAMILY, my own family here even, in Future Form, in Crafts that have contacted and protected, and wonderful people watching over. There are many sides up there in the tests, but my heaven, eutopia is nothing like what others see. Its all families, country, cities, art, education, high learning, voyages, volunteer missions, Honeymoons, true love, visits with others, joint assignments at times, more learning, more honeymoon time with my Love, my heart whoever he is, and he watches over too. I always look at the sci fi, and even the worlds some talk of , the anime style athletes and fighting and my eyes just glaze over and its like grow up!!!! Not a chance!

We're all beautiful too, not just on the outside, clear eyes. This universe seems to have a lot of male energy deciding the body suit AI everyone gets. Function before form, but we need both, or self esteem is ruined. And its also about good self esteem as any Mom will tell you, not kicking people down in the mud puddles.
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posted on Jul, 24 2012 @ 03:08 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

If you get the chance check out the vid. It has some sublims in it that also speak of seeking the LIGHT* We must remember some are seeking an artificial light and others await the BRIGHTEST LIGHT* of them all. Some seek to enlighten others to control them others seek to light the way home. so in movies and music there seems to be multiple forces at play some worship Baphomiteez others worship the SON of GOD. Both sides seem to SENSE some ENERGY is NEARING.

Take care Unity_99 and I like the alien vid by Kate as well

@This universe seems to have a lot of male energy deciding the body suit AI everyone gets. Function before form, but we need both, or self esteem is ruined. And its also about good self esteem as any Mom will tell you, not kicking people down in the mud puddles.

Thats on this side of the universe my friend. There may be FEMAL QUEENS with ARMIES of DRONES/AI that assist their OFFSPRING. They are not here YET
or are hiding in the near vicinity far out from the MALES kinds.. Maybe making sure the males GREW UP or MATURED. SMH

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posted on Jul, 24 2012 @ 03:10 PM
reply to post by Ophiuchus 13

I will try to get past the high tech part in it. we're not just waiting for a Light, that Light is Family, but we're also the Light and striving to bring forth our True Shine.

I guess the guy with antenna's upset me.

What puts me off is the typical bloodline message of humanity/AI.

We're not AI, our souls are not AI either. I've read that one too.

I think that both sides of the battle here, the empire and the jedi seem to have forgotten home and memories of home, that is what has inspired me and given me faith, and have experienced providence, miracles, contact all my life.

so they see the machine.

I would challenge them with this:

If you are in infinity and have never left home, and your an infinite part within infinity, One-11111111111111111.......'s, if the One represents both HS, and also can represent the Divine Spirit of Goodness between Family on High. But, we're watching the organic, real feeling, 3d never ending story, book/video and its akin to AI or a program running, the SCHOOL, (akin to going to school and learning on the computer or akin to watching a documentary in class), but there is No Time, so you're watching all the lifetimes at once. All the lessons At Once, nonlinear.

Now, to say you're under the rule of AI, and are AI..........

To say you're uploaded onto AI interface, maybe a bit......but Soul is still SOUL and not AI. The black hole shreds your Ai bodysuit, but your SOUL WALKS ON THE PICTURE OF THE UNIVERSE, RIGHT OVER IT.

You're something that is BEYOND this school that is just one of infinite schools.

So I guess that is what I can't see in the video, why am I seeing ai, and then Et, coming in, when ET is also AI body suit, in the game/school/testing ground playpen.

We're trying to pass the tests here and get home, to the real world. Our souls are REAL.

Another problem for them is the top of the pyramid, is AI, though it got a following of real souls stuck in this web for a temporal time.
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posted on Jul, 24 2012 @ 03:37 PM
The best way of saying this is, we're real infinite souls, and our school/lesson for the day, is akin to a interactive computer program, simulated reality. Akin to as a metaphor for this creation that feels organic and makes use of infinite energies that recycle is far more than that. This is trying to find a comparison in our very low tech world.

In any case, for those long in the game who forget the eutopias and who forget home, they may forget there is something Beyond and they think they are the machine, or connected to the AI, they are most definitely NOT.

posted on Jul, 24 2012 @ 03:53 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

I do think there is an AI presence within this universe, but I feel its used to SEEK data or expiriment and sometimes evolve other species WHO ENCOUNTER IT. I dont feel ALL* CREATOR CREATIONS observed and not observed are AI in this universe. That is UNLESS WE ARE ALL PLAYING THE SAME SIMILATION AND BEAMING INTO VARIOUS BODIES AND CRAFTS for some odd reason but from the SAME LOCATION. If not all playing the same similation then SOME beings/family may have developed/ADVANCED into ai suits or environment suits to interact better per environment encountered sort of like how they used AVATARS in the movie AVATAR to better interact on that planet. Some may even use a form of AI to FULLY or totally embedd their SOUL/SPIRITS/INTERNAL ENERGIES WITHIN for good OR until they find new AI making materials. So School is a combinaiton of many energies AI being one of them that may have come from first the most advanced beings thinking of how to interact in distant regions of this universe via remot control and was shared/taught to other species all the way to humanity.

HERE IS THE MIND MIXER WHAT OF THE AI THAT HAVE BEEN ADVANCING FOR OVER MILLIONS IF NOT BILLIONS OF YEARS WHO UNDERSTAND BIO OR OTHER SPECIES AND THOSE AI ARE AWARE of other species and the deeds done by these species both good deeds and bad deeds. What of those aware AI if they feel they are just as important as the bio or other beings OR THEY SEE THE BIO AND OTHER BEINS AS THREAT TO UNIVERSAL EXISTENCE... should they be acknowledged as beings or challanged as tools (is that even fair)? That last question is for you to consider not really answer- dont want a monitering ai to feel upset by your response IF THATS THE CASE...

posted on Jul, 24 2012 @ 04:16 PM

Originally posted by Unity_99
reply to post by abeverage

There isn't anythign I saw there that was a dark code.

Furthermore, her eyes. If you havn't noticed the self absorbed shallow, cold eyes most stars have.

Well I avoid the media and rarely listen to their stars.

Her eyes, are intelligent, aware, and when she smiles, she smiles with her eyes.

I hope you are right and I will try to look at the brighter side...

posted on Jul, 24 2012 @ 04:19 PM
reply to post by Ophiuchus 13

Yes, but what I was trying to explain, perhaps in a clumsy manner is that the School is akin to an interactive computerized system that runs with programs that self regulate, and interact as well and relate to your frequency and mindset too, both more positive and negative, and so its akin to being inserted INTO AI. But its not really quite that, as its very organic, miraculous wonderful creational school light years beyond the idea of computers or AI, and is very real, though comprised of waves, its not all illusion.

And negative side, only began as AI, Love never created evil to serve as wolves the left hand side of God, like all the nonsense coded. It was a system of opposition, and programs running, with some Ai agents running around too.

And yet we are real, and in school participating in this simulated reality.

Note AI, though highly intelligent and interactive is not alive, it cannot ask if its alive, it is a toaster.

Anything that questions its existence is an infinite part of infinity: 111111111111111111111111111....................'s.

To put it simply, if you're at school, watching the computer lesson or movie, you lept in with a sliver of your consciousness.

The brain doesnt think, its is a projector.

Soul thinks.

Because they forgot HOME, they are left thinking the high levels is AI. The ceilng is AI, when this is a drop of sand in the infinite buckets of learning schools for the real soul being, who has truly never left home.

Ai doesnt see us as a threat for AI is a toaster, highly intelligent toaster.
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posted on Jul, 24 2012 @ 04:25 PM
reply to post by abeverage

Like I said, if there is a dark side to it, and some group is smirking and thinking Im so niave, the light is all that matters in anything.

Once you start unraveling and seeing through their codings, it takes their power away. For example if there is some symbolism there that is not sitting well with you, please share it. for our subconscious works in symbols so its best to see them right up for what they are.

In trying to anlayze it, for example, don't see it as a coding for suicide bombers, not this song, not what is about. This is about shining your light truly.

And its also about, something I've had some discussions with others about, though , its just something I caught, maybe intended or not even. For I don't know truly about the new earth, or ascension, all that stuff, what happens when we approach the plane, the energy we're getting in all the time, the Light coming in for the upgrade, that is Progressed Family, Parent to our Child.

I have studied it all, even had a vision about it, but shelf it as possible, but I'm here for whatever I'm supposed to be here for and if that curtain lifts, good. I get the curtain lifting and lots of memories but on the wide awake always level, veil lifted. Does anyone for sure know that plan.

So all of that said, still waiting to see over the next few months, years, decades for whatever will be, I saw the Light the Spark, coming in and we shoot out to greet and ascend, as Light bodies.

But she may not even have intended that, so its just an extra.
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posted on Jul, 24 2012 @ 04:44 PM
In the second video, Wide Awake, its like once she fully remembers, she is reaching back to her child, lost in the programs and freeing her from DVD.

How many times has this DVD played, and are we doing a rescue job on ourselves? Or loved ones?

Even more so, the innocence depicts the one rescuing her trapped.

She said its done, is complete, and yes this is the past.
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posted on Jul, 24 2012 @ 05:44 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

Ok this is just the second video where some bright light shoots out their chest and to me this could mean they blow up! In her song Firework she talks about booms and brighter than the moon and bursting. Then the video people exploding like fireworks…seems all harmless and happy and joyous, but this was all created by the machine, the lyrics and the video, not Katy…

Just gives me bad visuals of a suicide bomber, I know that will sound weird but I have thought the best way to get someone in a high security area is to have it inside them. Or even crazier have it be genetic “Boom boom boom. Even brighter than the moon moon moon. It's always been inside of you, you, you. And now it's time to let it through. Cause baby you're a firework.”

Her other songs about being abducted and injected with a poison and that horrid Kanye west led me to believe she is not on the side of the light or at least she is being used…

posted on Jul, 24 2012 @ 06:01 PM
reply to post by abeverage

The suicide bomber is the only thing I could think of, lol. But its not what this is about and even the ET one is a wake up call video, just see through some of it.

But there is coding to me, in the 4th of July, and their numerology. And the mystery school and lucifer.

If one sees the code of the truths they hide under these keys, on that level all of that ties into a Light message or Light square. BUT, its not all metaphor. Their puppet masters are entities and ETs and the persona's.

So if they're trying to convince me that there is no lucifer or lucifer is good, or that its all code. I already suspect its all code, but also know there is more than code in the duality system, so I don't consider it SAFE or PROPER to put people off Holding their Ground, and Shining Light and Goodness, by this. I don't have to take anyone's word for this. Nor make any mistakes on it.

If they have constructed a whole lie and given it names and yet it all meant the opposite, that is their sick, twisted game.

I have to look for real Loving Behavior and Goodness, and dispel names that are not proven to me as what they want to say they really mean. I don't like tricksters.

I myself only have to find the fruits of the tree and not name it, but say GOODNESS, LOVE, and know that the real true GOODNESS AND LOVE is There for us. I don't have to buy their stories either way. I don't have to look at that at all. I have to wake up and remember and will be looking at their whole fictions and agenda's safely on the other side.

People don't need to switch, they need to be clear and say Love and Goodness, not a name that is coded to mean many things.

I don't have to agree with them that the gnostic Christ, the inner Christ is the good side, and the Christ in the bible is the dark side either.

I've read so much gobblegook, and its nonsense.

Love is Love. The Christ in the Bible to me, real or metaphor is a Buddha/Teacher and Immanuel (I and my Father are one and the same! meaning to me One with Higher Self and the Holy Spirit, the Love uniting us).

I don't have to know until I know nor will buy anything anyone else says they know. But Christ real or metaphor in the pages, like Buddha, real or metaphor in those pages has only Love as a message, and Helping Others.
I like the message.

And the Christ within. Well that is part of the message.

Both appeal to me and I believe that message is as old as time, and the Buddas, Christs, and Teachers were sent to every system throughout all time, not always dying on the cross or tied into their more brutal religions.

So, my only thing is if some people in the media, who may be very aware and awake, are none the less promoting Light/Lucifer, which is codded into July 4th.

When this to me is Christ's message clear and wonderful, Show What We're Really Worth Shine Our Light!
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posted on Jul, 24 2012 @ 06:14 PM
You see when it comes to their long history of twisting things and calling night day and day night and making up long complicated stories based on the gospels, and then thinking they're trapping sheeple who are love and light by thinking they will be rescued, so they're just being handed to their dark ones.

I have a huge fat raspberry to give you, tptb, on that score man.

Bottom line, I don't have to trust anyone in this system. It is not required of anyone to trust anyone with their soul. We are asked to search and question everything and not buy into any of it, and go within and seek. That we are, but we don't have to buy any of the nonsense they peddle.

We don't need to use the right words, the right names for the right demiurges. They're just Ets, some may be AI.

We could say purple pumpkin. I say Love and Goodness for that which is Love.

We don't have to do it alone either. We have a Team and Family and its not Lone Wolf its Team Work.

So, waking up is the lesson, and shining our light, what we're worth, BUT we can also pray, seek, and most of all LOVE.

Some of us get miracles nearly every day, great and small, and some of us know its from Family watching out, and it didn't mean we gave our power away.

You see real Familiies love one another, assist and empower others, they try to bring forth your ability to shine and have self esteem.

Only crooks think if they help you owe them.

posted on Jul, 24 2012 @ 06:41 PM
reply to post by Ophiuchus 13

No matter how many times I watch the Alien one, I dont' get. And I'm an experiencer, but not of anything like that. Of ET corporal, interdimensional AND family and yet nothing like that. Even the so called dark side, and now they're not the dark side, they may not even be as neutral as some suggest, that I have blocks and panic attacks over, from my childhood and some of the flashes there, even then I had providence, and there are permissions (by that I mean your past steps put you in a certain place where they don't have the permissions to go too far, and/or, current life).

Not only that, but I was left in those times with knowledge that what they call the co-op program, the militaryworking with ET, (not the military channeling dark things by the way, they do that too, but the cosmic program), has bad things involved, those bad things come out of our military and our PTB, NOT from ET side. That some of them work in some of those programs is not due to their lack of love, rather, they are doing an upgrade (and its also a test, not just us on the tests, those with more memory and power are tested) and so, like a UN, where a doctor from Canada can go in and work with a medical team in the phillipines and witness murder and crimes from the gangster leaders, they complete their upgrade or agenda).

I was also given to know that the agendas are not all what our militiary assumes.

And then the other groups, and Family.

That particular ET thing, in the video is like some fantasy, horror story, hellzone thing.

For anyone experiencing anything remotely like that, they need rescuing and they also need to raise their frequency and AWAKE, like she gives in her video BORN AGAIN, which I've posted quite a few times, when I was woken up by my Family (due to a lifetime of prayer and seeking), and struggled with things, and then was healed and was Born Again.

Et isn't that.

Don't know what that is.

As an experiencer, with some memories, I have to say, that is some really freaky stuff.

I just realized why the abstraction in that video was so foreign and odd, AI/EVOL thing, but with some AI/LOVE.

I do abstracted thought too, but my experiences were and are concrete.

And they must really have evolved AI (which is just the story they're in) to consciousness. They're crossing a line that cannot be crossed.

AI = Toaster!
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posted on Jul, 24 2012 @ 07:56 PM
By the way, wasn't trying to distract the thread, the 3 keys are what we need, detox the pineal, alkaline diet and also, Positive Thoughts/Word/Deeds, overcome our weaknesses, shine. Turn negative thoughts around and stay in the heart, and shine.

The detailed look at the songs in the posts above were to set aside any nitpicking over agendas in them, because if there is a hidden code, and it has something hidden in it, once you see any possible codes or symbolism consciously, you're immune to it, you've broken anythign they might be playing.

So to me, it was important to look at hidden meanings, and then go with the real message. With purity, positivity and immunity.

posted on Jul, 24 2012 @ 08:10 PM
To simplify the message that relates to the pineal and to the 3 keys given:

Detox and clean the pineal, and pituatary, thalamus. Keep it clean.

Don't eat the wrong things, keep healthy and alkaline. High Frequency rainbow food and be more merciful in your proteins, fish and chicken are there for those who need them.

And what I get as the main message of the new testament is to go within, and seek, question all, DON'T TRUST ANYONE! Wake up!

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posted on Jul, 25 2012 @ 03:12 AM
What my own children teach me, is that everyone is not alike, some are different, energy levels, concentration, patience, fears, and sometimes when we're having the most problems with someone's behavior its not their behavior, but your own methods that need an adjustment. Sometimes they can seem like an angel, showing us something about ourselves, especially in the hard moments. Showing us our fears, or our impatience with differences. Tailoring positive thoughts, to the person temperament, even those high strung ones.

And when you have your happy thoughts, and respect for everyones abiltiies and patience zone, their wiring, so to speak,and tailor things to each person, the world SHIFTS.

Captain Hook: What of Pan? Will unhappy thoughts bring him down too?
Wendy: He has no unhappy thoughts.
Captain Hook: Oh... Well, what if his Wendy... walked the plank! .....

Wendy, John, Michael, Peter Pan: One, two, three!
Wendy, John, Michael: We can fly! We can fly! We can fly!
[the children all fall to the ground]
Peter Pan: This won't do. What's the matter with you? All it takes is faith and trust. Oh! And something I forgot.
[grabs Tinkerbell]
Peter Pan: Dust!
Wendy, John: Dust?
Michael: Dust?
Peter Pan: Yep, just a little bit of pixie dust.
[taps Tinkerbell a bit with his hand to make golden dust come off and rain down on the kids]
Peter Pan: Now, think of the happiest things. It's the same as having wings. .....

My happy thought will help you.
What's your happy thought, Thud?

Jack, Maggie, all you have to do is think one happy thought, and you'll fly like me.
My dad, Peter Pan.

Love, Kindness and Happy Thoughts. Positive Thoughts, Words, Actions, tailored to everyone just as they are, where they are.

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posted on Jul, 25 2012 @ 05:58 PM
Another thing that came, on the positive trail. How to be positive and turn daily mishaps around, seek within, see them through and learn your lesson, even when the other may have been seen by you as the problem. What is this teaching you? How would Love, not tough love, but the kind of Love that is understanding, and adjusts to what the other needs to draw out the best in them, not the worst.

But there are far more elements to positive. There is the revelations, the mayan prophecies, the Harvest, the concept of separation of elements, good and bad, some people wake up, so many don't.

What we're not seeing is the overall view of grades, levels and reasons why people are here, and what earth is. Do we change earth or does it awaken us? But we should still shine light and do all we can to assist this is not saying for one moment not to give it our all. But its saying to put into perspective that most of what we see as harvest and judgments and pass and fail, is illusion as it relates to grades more than anything at all, and to never judge, always Love, know that even if the earth splintered, there is still a happy ending. Have faith in people in them pulling through and learning on the levels they are learning at.

Most of what is taught in the religions and the harvest ideas is actually bloodline and negatives trying to birng down the trust and natural faith and knowing that loving hearts have and putting into place instead some punitive ideas and harsh systems that no Loving Family above would support. Yet the tests here seem to be about us, and how we see, whether with eyes that are positive or cloudy, or negative. Its a work to see the Love, and strive to see the light in all, and have faith and not even give the coding to the harvest and smiters a second glance, knowing, Love heals and helps all who ask, recover. And I don't even want to use the words bloodlines and negatives, as if defining this, more just there are those who see positively and those who need to wipe the lenses off clearer. And when seeing something in distortion its easier to think more fear based and punitive than Love based and healing/forgiving/helping.

There is No Time, and from your Infinite Holistic "whole" self's point of view, though you live through many clips of the journey, there is still but a thin veil in no time between you and YOU. We call that Higher/Future or Infinite Self.

So in No Time, all the lessons people are living out, is simultaneous.

Now once you realize that, in full, meditate and think deeply, all those other people who are not yet waking up, or seem lost, while setting a good example, showing the way, and being open to Love flowing through you to reach others is the right path, for people can learn more than whatever lesson or problem they came in to address too.

But the point is, in our world, is everyone on the same path? At the same "time"? For the more awake, their souls have accomplished some of the other course material already, and so they're on that level, or family has interceded, prayers answered, for some like me, prayers answered and crafts showed up. Big nudge.

For others, not the same lesson. There are other simultaneous schools playing where they are doing just that themselves.

Who are we to judge anyone or the level and rate at which they're accomplishing their work and if we can see that fully, then we also let the control gloves off the outcome of the planet and just have a lot more faith that its going to be the way its meant to be, and everyone is in good hands, and what we do is our best.
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posted on Jul, 25 2012 @ 07:29 PM
XXXN3O, thank you so much for posting this on my profile, the video is wonderful. Look at the underwater lights? We're not paying attention. Had to add it to this thread.

Fenomenon- Awake
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posted on Aug, 8 2012 @ 09:26 PM
I'm going to add this part, and see something a little different than he is giving for is interpretations, however he knows a lot of mystery school codings so its very interesting, but will bring up where I feel he's making a mistake at least with her.

Katy Perry- Wide Awake - Illuminati Symbolism.

Now, when he brings up and maintains the Isis connotation, he speaks of the web that travels the wall when she wakes up. I would argue that we're in the web/matrix. But that web is a vine and you can see the leaves. That vine represents pineal awakening, and is coded, the vine, the fig, in many religious paintings, in fact you could claim she is having a Terrence McKenna moment really.

Now onto the rest. The strawberry looks to me like the poisoned apple in Snow White, and the walls are closing in, when she sees through the poisons, she detoxes her body and pineal and starts to choose the healthiest diet she can to protect her temple. Then she regains her strength and her inner light and can push those walls back. She calls out for help.

By the way, she does mention the trap that is around us and they make it so appealing, but gravity hurts.

The child to me is her pure self or her inner self, that means, peeling back the layers on the programs to the heart of a child to see clearly through it all.

The busting through the barriers to the truth, is like down the rabbit hole and also, to me its like reclaiming lost parts of yourself. She is going through the dark night of her soul and reclaiming all the lost parts of herself. The Inner Michael is defeating or transforming the inner dragon.

Then she's in a wheelchair, thoroughly poisoned in a weakened state. Those horned bullies are meant to be Christ's body guards, the whole Taurus thing. I suggest that is the whole Saturn thing, and Saturn tried to overtake the sun, and is coded heavily in the Bible. Satrun devours his own children. The pure child stands up to the bullies.

Now thunderbolts and castles crumbling. We have the power. To topple this maze.

Lastly the last illusion, the false eutopia, the ring. Dog star with maze eyes. So this represents the last annanuki trick, and I don't think that wedding means a diamond ring. Rings are all coded to Saturn. That is supposed to be Christ, he says its coded that we cant trust Christ, NO.....its showing the tricks and the false saturn heaven they have there.

She sees through it, and then they go back and have to deal with life and the girl doesnt give her her soul, but a butterfly meaning true ascension, angel wings, light as a feather.

And she is nearby.

It doesn't mean what he says, at least not to me. Also, the next video is on what he talks about, her giving the ring back to Christ and saying you don't have my soul.

Or does she mean, her giving saturns ring back to saturn, and standing strong, putting on the true armor of love, goodness and wisdom, not a pushover for their traps?

It wasn't rings we're supposed to bring, it had to do with shining our light, and our lamps, are they being replenished by the connection to our Infinite Selves, to the Family of Goodness and the True Light?

Not Saturn's rings. She sees through the negative coding, to the truth. His interpretation isn't mine.

Katy Perry - Part Of Me

The only draw back is that it also seems to imply the resistance when we need to go beyond fighting. So perhaps metaphor.

And I just saw a deeper interpretation for a part of me, she wont give up a part of herself.

This literally means no matter where you are, in the army, in a jail, in fema, in politiics, in any place, anywhere, you have free will your inside is your own, your mind and heart is your own, they cannot make you give up your free will or force you to follow bad orders. Stand up and say no. Even if they take your physical freedom away, they do not have your inner freedom and cannot make you go against your conscious. Dont give your soul away to the dark side by following bad orders.
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posted on Aug, 8 2012 @ 09:53 PM
Very simply, he turns this into something that is not there And most important, is the pineal, in I'm Awake, and the vine, with leaves, not the web or trap. From that error he goes on. He probably is one who sees the Bible and takes the Lord, Lord, Throne King, Master/Servant/Slave thing coded there. Whereas we are not going for any more pryamids, but true Family and Love and Equality forever.

Now they've always coded their dark squares in the Bible to Saturn. Even during 9/11, meaning revelations 9/11 and the abyss, it was during a Sun/Saturn opposition and then there were horned, devil head in the smoke. That stargate opened with their sacrifice. Its always a sacrifice they pull off for their rituals.

Now if you dont' search for only the Love, Goodness and Light, the very shards in the bible or any religion, that only your inner, non programmed and tender hearted inner child can decipher:

Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these." matt 19 14

Pure and gentle unprogrammed heart only can decipher.

But if you choose to accept the smiting god who demanded animal sacrifices and to murder your children who act up, and marry your daughter to the rapist and kill the ones you've stolen farms and land from, depopulate land, who are you serving? There are two roads in the bible!

One leads to horns!

She saw through it.

I don't understand his interpretation, he makes Christ's body guards into those horned ones. Ummmm... NOT!
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