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You Are A Firework ---Cleanse and Shine!!!!

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posted on Oct, 25 2012 @ 01:26 PM
I'm going to be taking a time out from the potassium idodide, but may add a small amount back in and monitor the results.

But I've had arthritis in my hands, wrists (had to give up spinning and weaving over 10 years ago), and this worsened enormously last year. I've had cortosone shots for this, thought it was osteoarthritis, but early onset due to chronic fatigue and thyroid, but its far worse, and it is actually rheumatoid arthritis, and can hardly walk now, let alone drive my car. My son is also the same as I was a few years ago, with his hands cramping up.

Now, I just read a study where the iodide was given in a treatment for thyroid and the patient immediately developed nodules that disappeared when the idodide was stopped.

That concerns me.

What I am going to take for this is what we tried earlier but were too scared kind of, to continue, but my friend has been taking for half a year now, and that has huge testimonials for the auto immune diseases including rheumatoid arthritis, MMS protocol. Also there is a diet protocol, that includes cutting out wheat and rye, oatmeal. In addition taking lots of omega 3, coconut oil, and 10 vitamin D pills a day, with the K2 and magnesium to prevent stones.

Way too young for this. But at least there are other treatments to try other than the very dangerous medications and side affects.

One of the things I noted while taking the potassium iodide, is that at first it felt like I had light flowing through, bathed in light. But, within a while, had a hard time meditating, going deeply into meditation.

Now, the thought came that perhaps the iodide, in unnaturally large amounts, did more than just detox the pineal, but possibly detoxed the pineal from the natural and needed calcite crystals we have from birth. Its like a radio, we do have crystals in there.

Not to mention our water here is not flouridated and I don't use flouride toothpaste.

Anyway, if the MMS protocol works with the vit D and food changes, I'm going to reintroduce a much smaller amount of iodide, to see what it does, if it makes it worse in smaller dose.

posted on Oct, 25 2012 @ 06:08 PM
The Shadow:

Something to consider with illness, of any kind, or a chronic condition is, what is shadow? How does shadow relate to conditions. For example, recently I had a hard time speaking up, and didnt want to hurt anyones feelings, and was writing a letter to 2 people involved. But then found the courage, having prayed, to flow words that expressed love, dignity and disappointment, and was well spoken, but firm. And that was the only day I had good mobility suddenly, something shifted. I felt it and knew that it was related to my inability to speak up well, and needing to be as conscious a communicator as I can in all situations, even ones that took courage, but still taking care of everyones core being and well being as much as possible.

In one sense its said, we are to go within and work with our inner shadow, make peace, almost as if, reclaim our inner childhood and make peace with every aspect of self that is still there really, for in infinity each snapshot or moment exists forever. In fact never quite knew what someone was meaning about the inner work that way.

Lately its been dawning that this is the Shadow, our DNA, the so called "material" world is the shadow. The light shines in to this realm of distortion, dreamlike, creational, shadow. We need to turn all the shadow within to healing, to love, to peace, to understanding, to compassion, and to LIGHT.

posted on Oct, 25 2012 @ 06:34 PM
Another thought came, kept watching spells in a show, and this show had a lot of clues, annanuki, past, mythology, hidden information, even bringing up or hinting at government conspiracies.

I finally was determined to understand why we are supposedly living in a world where some people believe in secret groups, and mysteries, and spellcasting. Where even our language is coded.

So, I decided to do a quick search before sleep on the science of magic spells, why they work.

Now we can debate if they work, if they work sometimes, if the psychology behind expectation creates some successful spells. I didn't want to get into that too much, more along the lines, of why they believe it works than anything.

Just found one section where it all connected and I understood and was very upset at what some people are doing. I would call that, the Love of Power. I can't even see how "white hats" truly exist for when you broach into this area at all, what you're doing is seeking power. Immediately the choice between LOVE AND POWER, tipped to the other side.

Where I figured it out was when they were talking about associations, ie. an example, if Love is pink, and associated with your heart, then heart shaped leaves of a plant would tie it into an association, or with the color pink, or a gemstone that matched, and the more assocations you could build up, the stronger the magic I believe.

What I saw instantly was this, creation, this simulated reality computer program universe. Now aside from binary, there is also sound/harmonics, waves, geometry, (such as the flower of life at the base and part of all other shapes. So its a very artistic creational pattern, or Higher Ups were artists).

But what that means is, for someone hijacking within a shadow realm/creation, I guess one could say the Hackers, they are working with the very basics of creation itself and the universe, with associations, memes, reinforcement, thought/soul energy, waves and geometry.

And we do it all the time, when we speak, our language has not only the word meanings, but the associations with parts of the world, HELLO is HELL or HEL LO, Lo and behold Hel. Hel would have the Hell connotation by sound and whatever other association HEl itself has in mythology.

Our language would have associations with the original word portion that may even, and does, in some cases come from ancient china. As I had researched in my thread on the code in the English language. But its true of all language.

So when we speak we're casting a spell.

When we think positive thoughts, when we speak affirmaitons or positive self talk, "I am a non smoker!" "I am filled with radiant health and energy!" "I transform all negativity to positive easily and effortlessly and radiate health"

Well, all I know is when people are positive, or speak positive or think positive, or use the language, they're just being au naturale, and Love. But most are still unaware of whats around them.

Does this small group of hackers have any real powers against LOVE? Even if Love is unaware? Don't think so. BUT, the concept that people seek power over creation is alarming.

posted on Oct, 27 2012 @ 01:44 PM
So I discovered that I can put rheumatoid arthritis into remission with my natural dessicated thyroid, not the stupid synthroid which never worked, it all got worse last winter, a few months after that stuff). 2 days of taking my old pills at the right dosage and I have a bad knee, hips, but can move better. And red meat. Old fashioned diet. Liver, chicken, red meat, and in the paleo diet they exclude wheat, soya and beans. Well a little chili didn't hurt me, but I don't eat alot of those, except I discovered wholesome organic grains, whole, and crackers too, didn't make it flare up. But I 've never liked starches in large amounts from rice, potatoes to noodles and never el dente.
Starch is possibly the probablem a bit.

So my doctors going to be told I'm going back to the dessicated thryoid and this ordeal with my rhemutaory arthritis becoming chronic over, this chapter is over.

Another thing, I want to write about helping others. And the kind of spirit and openeness, nonjudgmental, open minded approach needed.

Several years ago, Mother spoke in my prayers and said, "To save the children!"

Then that night, it was a full moon, and there were pinkish clouds laying at the base of the moon. Then it was like a gust of wind came, and the clouds all got disturbed and spent a couple minutes reshaping into huge pink angel wings on both sides of the moon. I knew at the time it was a miracle and it was connected to my prayer. It was like that for 5-10 minutes, and then the same energy reshaped it back to the original.

Now, whats happened is our house in around the schools and well positioned. I just got told inside by my Guide, that I'm well positioned Love.

What has occurred is allowing someone to stay, so he wouldn't end up on the streets of Vancouver where his social worker wanted to send him.

And all the troubles that come from this. We're like a drop in center for older teens that are living in group homes for foster kids, and some run aways from that.

Its been fun. But lucky my attitude towards it all, even recognizing the ones more likely to con and try to get their way, who think they're fooling you, (no not fooled, unconditional love but not fooled). Well it came to a crisis, and was resolved with love for the youths. If I have money I'm going to set up a group home, more like an eco farm for teens, but, thats not in my hands currently.

However, one thing noted which shocked me. I have energy recognition, and yet never about me, but this time, I got waves of it, the light frequency and energy raised high in our home. Most odd. Here we were, faulty humans, and me still passive/agressive with nerves that go wonky at times, and yet, the energy just purified around the home for giving love without boundaries, without conditions, bearing with the stuff associated with this and having alot of love for them regardless of rules getting imposed, or rules being broken.

Being a safe home, a drop in center, The Equality.

Raised and purified the energy around me and in me.

And my scent changed, that was odd, it became slightly like, the scent of an old lady, kind of sweeter, can't explain it, but it surprised me completely that I could even pick that up.

Love is always the answer. And its not easy stuff, but the harder stuff and it takes a really open mind. That means, alot of rules, fasicst control ideas, go out the window.

posted on Oct, 27 2012 @ 02:04 PM
Basically, everyone's system of programming, wrongs and rights, judgments, police state attitude from their families ethics/politics and religions, all prevents them from really helping those in need who were not guided by Loving Parents Who Problem Solved Well, but are damaged by the system and lacking in insight directions.

What a person needs to be to help is totally non judgmental. Not caring what the neighbors think. But striving to be responsible too, solve problems, not out of control. And then turn a blind eye to so called faults, and work with the person, speaking and showing, what love does, the spiritual truths here, that we are the light in the system, walking in this shadow, to wake up and be the heros of this play/movie. To look up, meditate, lucid dream. You have to reach them where they are, and be encouragement and demonstrate choices, developing talents, skills, to try and ensure they don't fall through the cracks.

I asked myself, what are they going to work at. I heard horror stories of BC foster homes and porn being done by the government and also, one spoke of occult things. I already knew this.

These kids are sometimes in alternative school, sometimes acted up so they cant even be placed in school. What are they supposed to do when they become so called adults.

Well if I have my way, they will have learnt honor and helping others, not judgment but more responsible use of substances, more problem solving skills, and we'd have some businesses going where they can learn to accomplish skills from woodworking, to electronics, to a little bit of mechnics, to art, music, photography, just learning skills and learning how to make money that is not black market. Finding ways to ensure this changes. And if the money comes, land and eco farms, for those in need, especially the youth.

You cannot go into this situation with rigid ideas.

Because of the way they program people, this problem only mushrooms, hundreds/thousands of foster kids hit the streets untrained as adults.

Just what are they doing to society? Its all been BY DESIGN, by the dark hats here too by the way. Not doign the right thing, with an open heart an an open mind and not sweating the issues and baggage that comes with it.

We're all supposed to be PHD's in love on the other side, but we kind of got off track here, I'd say.

Time wake up and change that.

Its time we deprive TPTB of their black ops and black market minions, which is how they use these children. Sorry guys, you lost. These children are no longer in your hands, and shame on you, how dare you touch one hair on one child's head. I am here to ensure they become LOVE and WHITE KNIGHTS.

I bet all the trauma, pain and suffering and hurt you pour into these kids/youths, costs you guys(I'm talking to the gov and the controllers) a hell of a lot of money and involves many occult families.

Well you lost and it really looks good on you.

I'm planning on writing books about this and how to really help people, how turn your crapola around. And the eco farms and maybe with more awareness, we can pass the hat around in our communities and start getting this going.

Good luck with your conquer the world dark side plans.

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posted on Oct, 27 2012 @ 02:37 PM
I realized by asking questions, like the kids in the Ministry, in the group homes, the kids running away from the group homes, what on earth are these kids going to do in a few years? How will they, who have gone through so much harm and rejection to their CORES, and overburdened with abuse, sexual abuse and occult things from TPTB themselves and the ministry, from what I've been told, how are they with no real schooling and substance abuse, and black market skills contribute?

Well I guess I found the primal pulse. This is the way, TPTB control the world. These are their future workers, black market profiteers, trauma causers.

It costs them alot to run these programs.

PLEASE, do all you can to rescue the children. Without judgement. Now I have kids so this became a sitaution that occurred on its own, but a person could even take in someone, and then start to provide an open house to their friends, and go to the source, the group homes themselves, where you can a real difference, without judgment on anyone. If you aren't jumping through the hoops good enough and they take them away, and htey come back, let them stay. They're old enough in a court of law past 12 to decide for themselves, let alone at 15, 16, 17 and 18.

Think out of the box.

Save the children, save the world. Its one and the same thing, it undoes their future control and black operations.

El Creepos at the top: STAY AWAY FROM THE CHILDREN!

edit to add: It matters not their past steps, what gates you open, and where some of them come from. No one is the same yesterday, than they are today, nor will be the same tomorrow as now. I'm sorry you are losing this one, because I saw them in their Future Selves, updated versions of who they are now. You have Lost! So come along peacefully this is a citizens arrest!
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